The following information is a copy of JK Stokes data on Mount Barker as contained in her Rootsweb ( Genealogy Website  and has been included here with permission.  No alterations or additions may be made to her information without further permission, although relevant comments and/or additions are welcome to be added at the bottom of each page.  (copied July 2014)

Marriages in Mt Barker pre 1900

These are marriages that are actually recorded in Mt Barker, but do not include those which were solemnized at St James' Anglican Church at Blakiston, Wistow, or Mt Barker Springs

Husband Wife Date Location
Tonkin, Absolom Fuller, Charlotte 11/9/1855 Residence of Benjamin Fuller
Renfrey, Richard Shepherdson, Susan Craike 22/10/1855 Wesleyan Chapel
Jordan, Terence Maher, Ellen 31/10/1855 no specific location
Sanders, William May, Elizabeth 14/11/1855 Society of Friends Meeting House
Dodd, William Jabez Champion, Elizabeth 7/12/1855 Wesleyan Chapel
Champion, Richard Musson, Sarah 24/12/1855 Residence of Richard Champion
Slattery, John Kelly, Mary 30/12/1855 no specific location
Ferors, John Neylan, Anne 14/1/1856 no specific location
May, William Cotton, Mary 6/2/1856 Society of Friends Meeting House
Arnold, Daniel Buffon, Hannah 7/2/1856 Wesleyan Chapel
Peake, Richard Hart, Bridget 11/3/1856 no specific location
Green, Robert Molloy, Mary 6/4/1856 no specific location
Mackie, Frederick May, Rachel Ann 9/4/1856 Society of Friends Meeting House
Miners, Thomas Edwards, Ursula 26/4/1856 Wesleyan Chapel
Weinert, John Collison, Bridget 28/8/1856 Catholic Church
McEachen, John McDonald, Catlorne 31/10/1856 Catholic Church
Muir, James B C Bulger, Johanah 27/11/1856 Catholic Church
Enright, James Leary, Ellen 31/1/1857 Catholic Church
Redmond, Patrick Hagen, Pheobe 15/2/1857 Catholic Church
Keane, Thomas Houlahan, Margaret 24/2/1857 Catholic Church
Philp, John Langley, Mary 23/3/1857 Wesleyan Chapel
Cuthbord, James Ronayne, Bridget 26/4/1857 Catholic Church
Ryan, John Kennedy, Honora 7/5/1857 Catholic Church
Salmon, Manus Vaughan, Ellen 3/6/1857 Catholic Church
Thomson, John Chandler, Jane 14/7/1857 Residence of John Thomson, Western Flat
Callaghan, Richard O'Loughlin, Margaret 19/7/1857 Catholic Church
Kinnair, John Nester, Bridget 19/8/1857 Catholic Church
Natt, Frederick Hender, Ann 27/8/1857 Residence of Mr Hender, Underhill
Walsh, Andrew Kavanagh, Sarah 29/8/1857 Catholic Church
Leary, Michael O'Brien, Bridget 4/9/1857 Catholic Church
Taylor, William David Monaghan, Rose Hannah 20/9/1857 Catholic Church
O'Connor, John Ryan, Mary 7/11/1857 Catholic Church
Mitchell, Joseph Steveson, Anne 19/12/1857 Catholic Church
Mara, Thomas Sabey, Elizabeth 24/12/1857 Catholic Church
Thomas, Benjamin Gibson, Mary Ann 23/1/1858 Registry Office, Mt Barker
Passfield, Charles Edwards, Harriet 2/2/1858 Wesleyan Chapel
Leahy, Cornelius Manely, Margaret 10/3/1858 Catholic Church
O'Neill, Nicholas McManamie, Margaret 17/3/1857 Catholic Church
Hazlewood, George Monaghan, Jane 19/3/1858 Registry Office, Mt Barker
Werrett, William Fane McKenna, Mary Maria Robe 18/4/1858 Residence of Rev. Whitefield
Boots, Thomas Kennedy, Mary 24/5/1858 Catholic Church
Green, Thomas Costello, Bridget 26/5/1858 Catholic Church
Walsh, James Harkin, Catherine 6/6/1858 Catholic Church
Philips, John Allen, Julia 6/6/1858 Catholic Church
McKenna, Patrick Hodges, Eliza 20/6/1858 Catholic Church
Myles, William McCormack, Johanah 26/6/1858 Catholic Church
McMahon, Michael Tracey, Mary Anne 1/7/1858 Catholic Church
Rogers, John Kennedy, Elizabeth 15/7/1858 Catholic Church
Lahiff, Patrick Walsh, Margaret 4/8/1858 Catholic Church
Johnson, Benjamin Donovan, Bridget Frances 15/8/1858 Catholic Church
Moore, Joseph O'Loughlin, Bridget 20/8/1858 Catholic Church
Cleggett, Michael Ryan, Mary 26/8/1858 Catholic Church
Beane, Patrick Lloyd, Mary 4/9/1858 Catholic Church
Attwill, Andrew Lucette, Catherine Maria 25/9/1858 Wesleyan Chapel
McMahon, John McInerney, Anne 3/10/1858 Catholic Church
Pearson, John Frankpitt, Elizabeth 7/10/1858 Wesleyan Chapel
Howel, Thomas Collis, Bridget 12/11/1858 Catholic Church
Burgess, John Condren, Eliza 24/11/1858 Catholic Church
Houghton, Stephen Childs Coppin, Ann 4/12/1858 Wesleyan Chapel
Coleman, Arthur May, Lucy 8/12/1858 Society of Friends Meeting House
Stephenson, William Dawson Dick, Elizabeth Mason 10/1/1859 The Manse, Mt Barker
Ryan, Peter Hughes, Mary 3/2/1859 no specific location
Critchley, Patrick Quinn, Catherine 8/2/1859 Catholic Church
Cunningham, Patrick Brady, Mary 14/2/1859 Catholic Church
Mitchell, Richard Tracy, Sarah 1/3/1859 Catholic Church
Ryan, William Cartwright, Mary Jane 1/3/1859 Catholic Church
Golding, Reuben Allen, Susan 28/3/1859 Wesleyan Chapel
McKenzie, William O'Brien, Mary 24/4/1859 Catholic Church
McKenzie, Roderick Paltridge, Mary 19/5/1859 Residence of Thomas Paltridge
Culliney, Patrick Commane, Mary 25/5/1859 Catholic Church
Linthwaite, William Watts, Mary 26/5/1859 Wesleyan Chapel
Thompson, John Little Low, Jemima 21/6/1859 Residence of Charles Low
Bottin, Edwin Callaghan, Eliza 21/8/1859 Catholic Church
Hayes, John Houlahan, Ellen 1/11/1859 Catholic Church
Tiller, Richard Tucker, Sarah 3/11/1859 Wesleyan Chapel
Webb, Arthur Charles Ryan, Elizabeth 27/12/1859 Catholic Church
Paxton, John Foster, Mary 3/2/1860 Residence of John Paxton
Kennedy, Denis Coghlan, Catherine 5/2/1860 Catholic Church
Clezy, John Stockham, Jean 15/2/1860 Presbyterian Manse
Downs, John Prior, Miriam 28/2/1860 Wesleyan Chapel
Manton, George Miller, Ann 14/3/1860 Presbyterian Manse
Johnston, John Sabin Sutherland, Isabella 19/4/1860 Presbyterian Manse
Egan, Edward Compton, Emma 26/4/1860 Catholic Church
Hageney,Thomas Ronayne, Sarah 6/5/1860 Catholic Church
Denahy, John Lennane, Anne 13/5/1860 Catholic Church
McNamara, James Stanley, Catherine 13/5/1860 Catholic Church
Wylde, Charles Parkins, Hannah Evans 24/5/1860 Residence of John Parkins
Saddler, Edmund Colyer, Sally 12/6/1860 Wesleyan Chapel
Sculley, Michael Walsh, Ellen 22/7/1860 Catholic Church
Cotton, Tilney Allen, Annie Giblette 30/4/1860 Registry Office, Mt Barker
Von Dittmer, Herman Mannix, Alice 6/8/1860 Catholic Church
Shearman, Thomas Morgan, Bridget 19/8/1860 Catholic Church
McLoughlin, John Ford, Mary 6/9/1860 Catholic Church
Horsell, William Dillane, Johannah 8/10/1860 Catholic Church
Hall, Thomas Houlahan, Mary 8/10/1860 Catholic Church
Hughes, Michael Kelly, Isabella 1/11/1860 Catholic Church
Wiltshire, William Penhall, Elizabeth Anna 17/11/1860 Wesleyan Mission House
Barton, Pearce Polhill, Victoria 22/11/1860 Presbyterian Church
Cousin, John Mills, Martha 10/12/1860 Presbyterian Manse
Fitzgerald, Thomas Sullivan, Ellen 5/5/1861 Catholic Church
Hogan, Patrick Clancy, Johannah 19/1/1861 Catholic Church
Saunders, Thomas Shepherdson, Elizabeth 26/1/1861 Residence of George Shepherdson
O'Neill, Arthur Critchley, Esther 12/2/1861 Catholic Church
Williamson, George Maher, Johannah 12/2/1861 Catholic Church
Hill, Thomas Bailey, Harriet 6/3/1861 Residence of Thomas Bailey
Anderson, Thomas Natt, Sophia 14/3/1861 Presbyterian Church
Sherwood, William Nisbit, Jane 14/3/1861 Primitive Methodist Chapel
Pearce, John Foster, Jane 23/3/1861 Residence of John Paxton
McCourt, Thomas Widdison, Ellen 2/4/1861 Catholic Church
Hayes, James Kearney, Catherine 7/4/1861 Catholic Church
Keane, Michael Kerins, Catherine 11/4/1861 Catholic Church
McGann, John Morgan, Margaret 13/4/1861 Catholic Church
Critchley, Henry Pengilly, Jane 17/4/1861 Catholic Church
Farrely, Thomas Mannix, Catherine 27/4/1861 Catholic Church
Barham, William Charlton, Mary 29/4/1861 Residence of W Barham
Manton, John Greig, Mary 1/5/1861 Residence of John Standrin
Chandler, Charles Darmody, Mary 2/5/1861 Catholic Church
Cornelius, Thomas Sladden, Ellen 1/6/1861 Residence of Mr Manton
Davis, Charles Henry Sadler, Catherine 22/6/1861 Residence of Mr Knight
McMahon, Patrick Flanigan, Honora 5/7/1861 Catholic Church
Leigh, Michael O'Loughlin, Mary 13/7/1861 Catholic Church
Tracey, William Henry, Anne 25/7/1861 Catholic Church
Waters, John Smith, Eliza 8/8/1861 Primitive Methodist Chapel
Mullins, John Spain, Maria 18/8/1861 Catholic Church
Malone, Martin Kerins, Bridget 3/9/1861 no specific location
O'Connor, Daniel O'Sullivan, Honora 8/10/1861 Catholic Church
Kempster, Caleb Spruhan, Catherine 28/10/1861 Catholic Church
Bodger, Ephraim Adams, Emma 29/11/1861 Presbyterian Church
Agar, George Henry Paris, Jane 18/12/1861 Presbyterian Manse
O'Neill, James McCourt, Martha 30/12/1861 Catholic Church
Spargo, Stephen Critchley, Mary 4/1/1862 Catholic Church
Stewart, William Kavanagh, Bridget 1/3/1862 Catholic Church
Critchley, Michael Nolan, Catherine 1/3/8162 Catholic Church
Higgins, John Fitzpatrick, Ellen 4/3/1862 Catholic Church
Cooper, Charles Whaland, Ann 1/3/1862 Primitive Methodist Chapel
Opie, William McCourt, Ellen 17/3/1862 Catholic Church
Harmer, Elias Champion, Louisa Eunice 22/3/1862 Residence of Jabez Dodd
Jarvis, John Duffield Sherwood, Harriet 27/3/1862 Primitive Methodist Chapel
Humpsch, Carl Deimel, Cornelia 3/4/1862 Wesleyan Mission House
Grady, Michael O'Louglin, Mary 21/4/1862 Catholic Church
Grady, Patick Fitzgerald, Mary 26/4/1862 Catholic Church
Browne, James Curran, Mary 22/5/1862 Catholic Church
Stephens, William Hynes, Alice 1/6/1862 Catholic Church
Hooper, Jacob Dodd, Elizabeth 21/7/1862 Residence of William Dodd
O'Loughlin, Patrick O'Flaherty, Catherine 26/7/1862 Catholic Church
Guerins, John Nolan, Johannah 26/7/1862 Catholic Church
Kelly, Austin Connolly, Bridget 12/8/1862 Catholic Church
Treloar, William O'Brien, Mary 6/10/1862 Registry Office, Mt Barker
Burgess, Albert Buffen, Maria 30/10/1862 Residence of Mrs Buffen
Walsh, James O'Loughlin, Margaret 13/12/1862 Catholic Church
Cock, Thomas Riddle, Eliza 23/12/1862 Residence of John Weight
Platt, George Seary, Anne 25/12/1862 no specific location
Farmilo, Worthey Kerins, Jane 27/12/1862 Catholic Church
Monaghan, John Fahey, Bridget 3/2/1863 Catholic Church
Kilmarten, Michael Enright, Catherine 3/2/1863 Catholic Church
Ahearn, John Lawless, Mary 9/2/1863 Catholic Church
Cleggett, Friend Harvey, Julia 25/2/1863 Wesleyan Chapel
Coppin, Thomas Gibbs, Margaret 26/2/1863 Primitive Methodist Chapel
Hall, John Miller, Eliza 22/4/1863 Maryfield House, Mt Barker
O'Brien, James Enright, Anne 30/7/1863 Catholic Church
Hender, Thomas Natt, Ruth 29/10/1863 Wesleyan Chapel
Plunkett, John Ambrose Gillett, Emma 2/11/1863 Catholic Church
Harrip, Arthur Mitchell, Elizabeth Alice 19/11/1863 Wesleyan Chapel
Paltridge, Samuel Cornelius, Mary Jane 19/11/1863 Residence of Mr Cornelius
Le Pelly, Walter Rendall, Elizabeth 7/12/1863 Residence of Mr Rendall
Callaghan, Darby Dougherty, Anne 14/12/1863 Catholic Church
McNamara, Michael Brogan, Catherine 26/12/1863 Catholic Church
Martin, Cosworth William Prisk, Elizabeth Jane 21/1/1864 Residence of Rev. JG Wright
Davis, George Bailey, Amelia Caroline 30/1/1864 Wesleyan Chapel
Daley, Michael Brennon, Margaret 8/2/1864 Catholic Church
Comac, John Powell, Elizabeth Ann 15/3/1864 Primitive Methodist Chapel
Parish, Walter Charles Harmer, Charlotte 19/3/1864 private house
O'Brien, John Delacey, Catherine 30/4/1864 Catholic Church
Ryan, Timothy Ryan, Sarah 16/5/1864 Catholic Church
Patterson, Alexander Lyon, Sarah 86/1864 Presbyterian Manse
Bray, William Penhall, Harriet 4/7/1864 Wesleyan Mission House
Shanahan, John Commane, Margaret 7/8/1864 Catholic Church
Harris, Thomas Eglinton, Catherine Scott 10/11/1864 Residence of Andrew Eglinton
McLeod, Alexander Morrison, Marion 6/12/1864 Residence of Mrs Neil Morrison
Lloyd, Thomas Mincham, Louisa Centenary 1/1/1865 Wesleyan Chapel
Watts, Alfred John Walters, Amelia Ann 2/1/1865 Residence of James Long
Rowe, Thomas Hoskins, Mary Jane 27/1/865 no specific location
Begley, Dennis Corrigan, Bridget 5/2/1865 Catholic Church
Webb, Henry Enos Sladden, Mary Ann 14/2/1865 Residence of Mrs Sladden
Fleet, Thomas Burls, Sarah 14/2/1865 no specific location
Le Ray, John Holland, Elizabeth 7/5/1865 Catholic Church
Beatty, William Hall, Mary 15/5/1865 Catholic Church
Tydeman, William Godfrey Jones, Charlotte 29/5/1865 Presbyterian Manse
Farnon, Patrick Bigmore, Sarah 2/6/1865 Catholic Church
Dunbar, Thomas Gormly, Anne 5/8/1865 Catholic Church
Cobbin, George Henry Thomas, Emmeline 26/8/1865 Residence of Adam W Richardson
Rundle, John Collins, Betsey 11/10/1865 Residence of Miss Betsey Collins
Cornelius, Richard Manton, Jane 23/12/1865 Residence of Mr Manton
Blight, Francis Oborn, Ann 21/1/1866 Wesleyan Chapel
Rowe, William Ramsay, Elizabeth 10/2/1866 Residence of James G Ramsay
Conlin, Murt Morrissey, Margaret 5/3/1866 no specific location
Ritter, Henry August William Champion, Lydia Ann 23/3/1866 Primitive Methodist Chapel
Shields, Mark Jones, Sarah 1/4/1866 Catholic Church
Murphy, Patrick Begley, Susanah 4/4/1866 Catholic Church
Lyon, Alexander Whitehead, Mary Ann 17/4/1866 Residence of Alexander Lyon
Williams, Arthur Simper, Charlotte 5/5/1866 Wesleyan Chapel
Burke, Patrick Burns, Jane 1/7/1866 St Francis de Sales
White, George Penney, Elizabeth 20/8/1866 Christ Church
Mills, George Francis Bungay, Sarah 22/8/1866 Wesleyan Chapel
Corcoran, Thomas O'Brien, Mary 29/11/1866 Catholic Church
Willis, James Hutton, Agnes 13/12/1866 Presbyterian Church
Campbell, John O'Gready, Bridget 24/12/1866 no specific location
Penney, John Cooper, Sarah 25/12/1866 Christ Church
Hamlyn, Aaron Curtis, Louisa 7/2/1866 Residence of John Raison
Wright, George Chandler, Harriett 27/2/1867 Residence of Benjamin Calloway
Cameron, Donald Cameron, Mary 11/4/1867 Residence of Mrs Peter Cameron
Bartlett, Thomas Monighan, Catherine 20/5/1867 no specific location
Byrne, John Fennell, Catherine 29/5/1867 no specific location
Yelland, George Gratwick, Elizabeth 16/7/1867 Wesleyan Chapel
Dougall, William Waddell, Caroline 30/7/1867 Residence of Mr Waddell
Baulderstone, William Stevens, Mary Ann 24/9/1867 Wesleyan Chapel
Frantgard, Joseph Grady, Anne 2/11/1867 no specific location
Collingridge, William Whelack, Paulina Augusta 16/12/1867 Christ Church
Marshall, William Cooper, Elizabeth Angel 30/12/1867 Wesleyan Chapel
McMahon, Patrick McMahon, Elizabeth 14/2/1868 no specific location
Malone, Darby O'Leary, Margaret 22/2/1868 no specific location
Carey, Bartholomew O'Brien, Honora 17/3/1868 no specific location
Naylon, Anthony Mahon, Bridget 13/4/1868 no specific location
McMahon, Patrick Francis, Catherine 22/4/1868 no specific location
Wood, William Alfred Rendall, Emma Jane 7/5/1868 Residence of Mrs Wood
Gasquoine, Henry MacDonald Wood, Emily 7/5/1868 Residence of Mrs Wood
O'Malley, Michael Nestor, Eliza 16/5/1868 no specific location
Robinson, James Mills, Eliza 21/5/1868 Christ Church
O'Connors, John Leonard, Margaret 24/5/1868 no specific location
Hines, John Reardon, Margaret 9/6/1868 no specific location
Kain, Peter Kain, Mary 13/6/1868 no specific location
Michael, James Bartlett, Isabella 16/7/1868 Wesleyan Mission House
McMahon, Terrence Birmingham, Bridget 12/8/1868 St Francis de Sales
Appleton, Artemas Graber, Henriette 24/9/1868 Residence of Henry Appleton
Hunt, Henry Moseley, Eliza 11/1/1868 Christ Church
Walsh, Martin Sweeny, Bridget 12/1/1869 St Francis de Sales
Lampard, Robert Warland, Ellen 25/2/1869 Primitive Methodist Mission House
Langley, Edward Davis, Mary Ann 7/4/1869 Residence of Henry Bugg
Ryder, Charles Critchley, Margaret 28/4/1869 St Francis de Sales
O'Brien, Patrick Tumell, Anne 1/6/1869 St Francis de Sales
Carter, Jabez Forrest, Elizabeth 2/7/1869 Presbyterian Manse
Borrett, John Cleggett, Fanny 22/7/1869 Residence of Mr Cleggett
Hone, William Tonkin, Harriett 29/7/1869 no specific location
Reid, George Vivian, Elizabeth 23/8/1869 Wesleyan Chapel
McKenzie, John Turner, Sophia 30/9/1869 Residence of Mr Turner
Casey, Patrick McNamara, Mary 18/10/1869 St Francis de Sales
Barlow, William Sladden, Emily 2/12/1869 Residence of Isaac Sladden
Goodliffe, William Edmund Tonkin, Mary Jane 28/12/1869 Residence of William Tonkin
Wilson, James Tonkin, Elizabeth Ann 28/12/1869 Residence of William Tonkin
Hall, Frederick James Tilbrook, Eliza 9/1/1870 Primitive Methodist Chapel
Russell, Thomas Duffield, Hannah 7/3/1870 Residence of W Duffield
Adams, Henry Hooper Tippett, Mary Jane 10/5/1870 Wesleyan Chapel
Smith, John Henley, Sarah 17/5/1870 Wesleyan Parsonage
Guest, James Henry Neate, Susan 25/5/1870 Residence of Thomas Neate
Considine, Michael Casey, Johanna 31/5/1870 St Francis de Sales
Moore, Thomas Walsh, Eliza 1/6/1870 St Francis de Sales
Francis, Michael Green, Ellen 22/6/1870 St Francis de Sales
Wickham, John Hogan, Mary 9/7/1870 St Francis de Sales
Casey, William Vaughan, Margaret 11/8/1870 St Francis de Sales
Lee, John Pople, Emma 24/9/1870 St Francis de Sales
Daniels, William Dorly, Bridget 1/10/1870 St Francis de Sales
Cornelius, William Trewartha Walker, Elizabeth 22/11/1870 Primitive Methodist Chapel
Pollard, Joseph Walker, Susan 29/11/1870 Residence of John Walker, Western Flat
Tracy, Samuel Coyne, Margaret 14/1/1871 St Francis de Sales
Clarke, Michael Simons, Margaret 20/2/1871 St Francis de Sales
Butler, John McMahon, Ellen 11/4/1871 St Francis de Sales
Conlin, James Hearn, Honora 17/5/1871 St Francis de Sales
Kavanagh, John Sheehan, Mary 12/8/1871 St Francis de Sales
Lewis, Peter Burton, Esther 18/11/1871 Wesleyan Chapel
Walsh, Edward Murphy, Margaret 27/11/1871 St Francis de Sales
Malley, John Murray, Mary 20/12/1871 St Francis de Sales
Potts, Frank Flood, Anne 24/1/1872 St Francis de Sales
Hill, Thomas Cleggett, Mary Ann 5/3/1872 Wesleyan Chapel
Conlin, John Kennedy, Mary Anne 25/4/1872 St Francis de Sales
Pope, Alfred Caleb Fergusson, Isabella 30/4/1872 Weslyean Chapel
O'Donnell, Michael Conlin, Catherine 4/6/1872 Catholic Church
Jackson, William Samuel Norton, Mary 10/8/1872 Primitive Methodist Parsonage
Samwell, Henry Kay, Elizabeth Ann 5/2/1873 Christ Church
Tonkin, Richard Champion, Rachel Ann 27/3/1873 Residence of Alfred Champion
Hellvey, Valentine Shoemaker, Mary 6/4/1873 Primitive Methodist Parsonage
McGough, Henry Kain, Honorah 3/5/1873 St Francis de Sales
Holness, James Francis, Naomi Eleanor 6/6/1873 Wesleyan Parsonage
Freeman, William Moseley, Mary Ann 14/7/1873 Christ Church
Schoolar, Alexander Bollen, Harriet Rebekah 23/7/1873 Residence of George Bollen
Tierny, John Kain, Mary 25/9/1873 Catholic Church
Walsh, Patrick O'Neill, Anastasia 22/10/1873 St Francis de Sales
O'Brien, John Naughton, Bridget 14/1/1874 St Francis de Sales
Thomas, Henry Tillett, Ellen Elizabeth 22/1/1874 Wesleyan Mission House
Prior, William Bennett, Mary 7/2/1874 St Francis de Sales
O'Neill, Thomas Kain, Jane 16/2/1874 St Francis de Sales
McNamara, Denis Anderson, Sarah 29/4/1874 no specific location
Sincock, Samuel Brooksby, Isabella 28/5/1874 Primitive Methodist Parsonage
Conlin, John Murphy, Catherine 22/7/1874 no specific location
Morriss, Harry Kitson, Bridget 3/8/1874 no specific location
Considine, Martin O'Connor, Margaret 25/8/1874 no specific location
Blight, James Marks, Mary Ann 31/10/1874 Primitive Methodist Parsonage
Daniel, William S Tonkin, Rebecca 4/11/1874 Residence of William Tonkin
Brown, William Simpson, Emmiline 21/11/1874 Wesleyan Chapel
Kelly, Patrick McMahon, Sarah 10/12/1874 no specific location
Slade, William John Green, Jane 24/12/1874 Wesleyan Church
Tonkin, Absolom Lang, Ann 12/1/1875 Residence of John Lang
Murphy, John Guerin, Anne 27/1/1875 St Francis de Sales
Wirth, Franz Kuchel, Louisa 1/2/1875 Primitive Methodist Manse
Addison, John Charles Kay, Emily Ann 16/3/1875 Christ Church
Richards, Tobias John Martin Freeman, Matilda Emily 31/3/1875 Christ Church
Remnant, Charles Thompson, Elizabeth 11/4/1875 Wesleyan Church
Williams, James William Hall, Isabella 17/6/1875 Presbyterian Manse
Truman, John Clark, Mary Ann 20/7/1875 Christ Church
Paterson, Charles Champion, Margaret Jane 21/8/1875 Residence of Alfred Champion
Byrne, Norman Bartram, Alice 5/9/1875 Residence of George Bartram
Langcake, John Adams, Elizabeth Ann 6/9/1875 Residence of SJ Nicholls
Walsh, James Conlin, Catherine 2/11/1875 St Francis de Sales
Bourke, Rodger Ryan, Ellen 6/11/1875 no specific location
Kennedy, John Kelly, Margaret 11/11/1875 no specific location
Millar, John Cotter, Catherine 13/12/1875 no specific location
Edwards, Joseph Gratz, Elisabeth 25/1/1876 Wesleyan Parsonage
Linklater, James MacFarlan, Louisa 3/2/1876 Residence of Lachlan MacFarlan
Douglas, John Leonard, Kate 28/2/1876 no specific location
Dreschler, Henry Harmer, Sarah 9/3/1876 Wesleyan Parsonage
Holmesby, Albert Edmund Stephens, Sarah Jane 17/4/1876 Presbyterian Manse
Brady, John James O'Neill, Mary Ann 17/5/1876 no specific location
Considine, Andrew O'Loughlin, Louisa Maria 21/5/1876 no specific location
Martin, Samuel Walkom, Philippa Vivian 24/5/1876 Residence of William Walkom
Stubbs, Arthur William Possingham, Mary Ellen 3/7/1876 Christ Church
Lugg, John George Condley, Elizabeth 5/9/1876 no specific location
Western, Jonathon Ryan, Margaret Alice 14/10/1876 no specific location
Mullins, Patrick Turner, Elizabeth 21/11/1876 no specific location
Simper, James Edward James, Martha Matilda 25/12/1876 Wesleyan Church
Fitzgerald, William Marriott, Anne 10/1/1877 no specific location
Bowles, Richard Enright, Mary Ann 22/1/1877 Christ Church
Langley, Charles Freeman, Alice Maria 1/2/1877 Christ Church
O'Neill, Patrick Critchley, Elizabeth 6/2/1877 no specific location
Walsh, John Willis, Sarah 13/2/1877 Baptist Church
Kavanagh, James Hagen, Margaret 24/2/1877 no specific location
Stacey, Richard Henry Riseborough, Alice 15/4/1877 Residence of William Atkinson
Webber, John Harrison, Margaret Lucy 19/5/1877 private house
Gurr, Henry James, Hannah 1/6/1877 Wesleyan Church
Vaughan, Matthew O'Grady, Bridget 5/6/1877 no specific location
Bell, John Lugg, Ellen 20/6/1877 no specific location
Hurst, Thomas Murphy, Mary 19/9/1877 no specific location
Monaghan, Peter Clark, Mary Anne 4/10/1877 no specific location
McNamara, Thomas Hoben, Mary 6/11/1877 no specific location
Hunt, George Courtney Walkom, Elizabeth Rowe 15/11/1877 Residence of William Walkom
McNamara, James Kain, Bridget 24/11/1877 no specific location
Stevens, Charles Henry Alexander, Jane Ann 18/12/1877 Christ Church
Phillips, William Richard Wakeham, Mary Ann 24/2/1878 Primitive Methodist Manse
Corcoran, John Duerick, Anne 29/1/1878 no specific location
Cocker, John Selby Dineen, Jane Agnes 30/1/1878 no specific location
Fahey, Gregory Emison, Lavinia 30/1/1878 no specific location
Teakle, Isaac Tilbrook, Elizabeth 142/1878 Residence of David Teakle
Masterson, John Salmon, Mary Teresa 4/3/1878 no specific location
Flynn, Daniel Lang, Margaret 23/4/1878 no specific location
Green, William Sheridan, Catherine 30/6/1878 Primitive Methodist Manse
Wooley, John Brown, Sarah 10/7/1878 Primitive Methodist Manse
Hannaford, William George Cleggett, Alice 6/8/1878 Residence of Caroline Cleggett
Schutz, Louis Koskee, Johanne Francisca 10/9/1878 Residence of Louis Schutz
Orchard, William Henry Gartrell, Elizabeth 17/9/1878 Primitive Methodist Manse
Oswald, William John Cooper Reid, Jane 25/12/1878 Residence of John Pope
Wedd, John Sisson, Elizabeth Annie 26/12/1878 Residence of Thomas Sisson
Taylor, Charles Lewis Fry, Julia Ann 1/1/1879 Primitive Methodist Manse
Bagley, Peter Casey, Catherine 29/1/1879 no specific location
Howard, Cornelius Morris, Mary 10/2/1879 Residence of John Howard
Dillon, Patrick Kitson, Mary 22/2/1879 no specific location
Champion, Alfred Amos Weller, Elizabeth 23/3/1879 Residence of Mr Paterson
Floyd, James Henry Pearson, Mary Elizabeth 4/5/1879 Wesleyan Church
Bugg, Henry George O'Loughlin, Bridget Agnes 22/5/1879 Residence of Jane Bugg
Paterson, Charles Anthony Paltridge, Lucy 5/6/1879 Christ Church
Monks, George Smith, Ina Eliza 24/6/1879 private house
Jones, Maurice Byrth, Mary 30/7/1879 no specific location
Love, Arthur Trowse, Martha Ann 16/10/1879 private house
Schuetze, Frederick Edward Beurmann, Minnie 20/11/1879 Christ Church
Allen, Job Martin, Mary 27/11/1/79 Primitive Methodist Manse
Muldoon, John Peake, Mary Jane 27/11/1879 no specific location
Cameron, Simon Champion, Pheobe Ellen 11/12/1879 Residence of Alfred Champion
Daw, Alfred Compson McKenzie, Clara Eizabeth 22/1/1880 Residence of Roderick McKenzie
Hodgson, Aaron Kehoe, Esther Anne 31/1/1880 no specific location
Penrose, William Guinessy, Catheine 10/2/1880 no specific location
O'Neill, Michael O'Leary, Mary 102/1880 no specific location
Keleher, Cornelius Francis Droste, Antonia Rosalie 17/3/1880 no specific location
Mills, John Thomas Lugg, Maria 31/3/1880 Catholic Presbytery
Murray, Thaddeus Conlon, Maria 31/3/1880 Catholic Church
Bannon, Francis Awege, Auguste 17/4/1880 no specific location
Nottage, Charles Frederick Hollamby, Elizabeth 25/5/1880 Primitive Methodist Parsonage
Victory, James McVarish, Anne 2/6/1880 St Francis de Sales
Walsh, Thomas Keane, Mary 8/6/1880 St Francis de Sales
Hayes, Michael Cavanagh, Esther 15/6/1880 St Francis de Sales
Simcock, Edward Meadows, Bertha 24/6/1880 Primitive Methodist Manse
Oborn, David Craig, Agnes 8/9/1880 Residence of George Craig
Nestor, Patrick Hennessey, Mary Ann 24/11/1880 Catholic Church
Perkins, William Plush, Clara 13/1/1881 Wesleyan Church
Anderson, Samuel McGuire, Margaret 25/2/1881 Catholic Church
Walkom, Thomas Beavis, Harriette Sophia 17/3/1881 Residence of Thomas Beavis
Fitzgerald, William Myles, Anne 28/3/1881 St Francis de Sales
Kain, Martin Jacobs, Martha 21/4/1881 Catholic Church
Taylor, Henry MacFarlane, Caroline Stewart 1/6/1881 private house
Clancey, John Kelly, Margaret 21/7/1881 St Francis de Sales
Cook, Arthur Floyd Taylor, Tabitha Jane 30/7/1881 private house
Burnard, John Marks, Elizabeth 13/8/1881 private house
Cope, Henry Samuel Lawrence, Jessie 27/8/1881 Wesleyan Parsonage
Kitson, William Warren, Mary 8/9/1881 no specific location
Harris, Walter Creasy Malcolm, Mary 21/9/1881 Residence of JT Williams
Hall, Edward Chapman, Ada Catherine 3/11/1881 Christ Church
Woodland, John  Potter, Mary Ann 9/11/1881 Residence of Mr Price
Hiscock, John  Coad, Sarah Jane 30/11/1881 Primitive Methodist Church
Wright, Joseph Carr, Alice Jane 20/12/1881 Christ Church
Morrissey, Martin Haysett, Mary 12/1/1882 St Francis de Sales
Carey, John Clancey, Annie 30/1/1882 no specific location
Taylor, William Bonnett, Phoebe 4/2/1882 St Francis de Sales
Gray, William McEwen, Elizabeth 22/2/1882 Residence of John McEwen
Foster, Francis Freeman, Caroline Alexandra 14/3/1882 Christ Church
Williams, Thomas MacFarlan, Caroline 15/3/1882 Christ Church
Lugg, John Collins, Mary 11/4/1882 St Francis de Sales
Smith, Ernest Alfred Monks, Editha 7/6/1882 Residence of FC Smith
Thomson, John Ramsay Smith, Selina Abi Prudence 7/7/1882 Residence of FC Smith
O'Neill, Arthur Kain, Bridget 18/7/1882 no specific location
Markham, George Gamlin, Elizabeth 24/10/1882 Primitive Methodist Manse
Morcom, James Pfieffer, Florenthena 10/11/1882 Wesleyan Parsonage
Hollow, William Edmonds, Hannah 15/11/1882 St Francis de Sales
Johnston, Robert Hall, Bridget 29/11/1882 St Francis de Sales
Ross, John Wright, Julia 25/12/1882 Christ Church
Thompson, Edwin Henry Lacey, Annie 30/12/1882 Wesleyan Parsonage
Chamberlain, David Harris, Ann 20/3/1883 Primitive Methodist Manse
Wilson, George Carey, Margaret 31/3/1883 St Francis de Sales
McBurnie, George Raison, Elizabeth 11/4/1883 Wesleyan Church
Fennell, William Frederick Coleman, Hannah Fowler 12/4/1883 Society of Friends Meeting House
Davis, Joseph Lawrence, Annie 19/4/1883 Wesleyan Mission House
Kingstreet, Samuel Henry Athorne, Isabella 25/4/1883 Presbyterian Manse
Rittner, August Chandler, Ellen 27/4/1883 St Francis de Sales
Collaghan, Andrew Carey, Mary 28/4/1883 St Francis de Sales
Miels, Charles Chapman, Eva Amelia 30/4/1883 Primitive Methodist Manse
Howland, Solomon George Bartlett, Mary Ann 22/5/1883 Primitive Methodist Manse
Curtis, Thomas Ludlam, Elma Annie 6/6/1883 Primitive Methodist Manse
Cocking, John Frederick McEntee, Annie 16/6/1883 Wesleyan Parsonage
Langley, Frederick Benjamin Putland, Ada 19/6/1883 Residence of Edward Langley, Western Flat
Critchley, James Pall, Rosina 25/7/1883 Roman Catholic Church
Carruthers, James Brooks, Ann 28/7/1883 Residence of Mrs Brooks
Dumas, Charles Morris Russell Paltridge, Amellia 1/8/1883 Residence of John Paltridge
Keeffe, Patrick Leonard, Mary Anne 22/8/1883 Roman Catholic Church
Fry, Edward Le Mar, Sara Ellen 6/9/1883 Wesleyan Church
Cameron, Alexander Donald Cameron, Catherine 19/8/1883 Residence of Peter Cameron
Pollock, Andrew Haines, Ellen 20/10/1883 Primitive Methodist Manse
Meeham, James Skully, Elizabeth 25/10/1883 Primitive Methodist Church
Lindsey, Edward Kirby, Elizabeth 20/11/1883 Baptist Church
Chaplin, Charles Albert Dunstan, Eliza Jane 25/12/1883 Residence of James Dunstan
Wadrop, William Stanley Edwin Brown Green, Sarah Jane 1/1/1884 Residence of Mr Dorn
Marshall, Philip Gregson Johns, Eliza Sauger 23/1/1884 Residence of Mr Toll
McRae, Donald Laidlaw, Margaret Ann Gollan 10/3/1884 Presbyterian Manse
Sleader, Frederick Hynes, Annie 17/3/1884 Catholic Presbytery
Millar, George Brady, Bridget 23/4/1884 Catholic Church
Thompson, Benjamin Taggett, Louisa 28/4/1884 Residence of William Cooke
Hopkins, Henry William Donnithorne, Catherine 29/4/1884 Roman Catholic Presbytery
Currie, John Donovan, Mary 30/4/1884 Roman Catholic Church
Beavis, Thomas Arthur Moss, Emily Annie 8/5/1884 Residence of Thomas Beavis
Clancy, James Green, Catherine 14/5/1884 Roman Catholic Church
Jones, Jasper James, Emma 26/5/1884 Residence of IH Simper
Marks, James Fitzgerald, Mary Anne 29/5/1884 Roman Catholic Church
Gilbert, Osmer Thomas Chapman, Alice Jane 2/7/1884 Christ Church
Wilson, Joseph Henry Egan, Ann 28/7/1884 Roman Catholic Church
Fleming, Michael Critchley, Anastasia 28/8/1884 Roman Catholic Church
O'Neill, Patrick Sommer, Elizabeth May 16/9/1884 St Francis de Sales
Trenbath, Richard Adams, Margaret 27/9/1884 Residence of Mr Wood
McMahon, Bernard McCarthy, Catherine 2/10/1884 St Francis de Sales
Green, John Cotter, Honorah 11/10/1884 St Francis de Sales
Cameron, Peter Minard, Elizabeth 22/11/1884 Residence of John Minard
Brown, William Johnston, Helen 4/12/1884 Presbyterian Manse
Milburn, Henry Haines, Martha 13/21/1884 Residence of William Haines
Nottage, William Lang, Betsy Elliott 25/12/1884 Wesleyan Church
Brown, James Moss, Mary Goodwin Sargent 25/12/1884 Wesleyan Church
Lawson, Andrew Jordan, Kate 2/1/1885 St Francis de Sales
Chapman, Alexander Woodland, Mary Ann 8/1/1885 Wesleyan Church
Fitzgerald, Thomas Francis Kain, Catherine 22/1/1885 Roman Catholic Church
McDonnell, Dan Smith, Mary Ann 18/5/1885 Wesleyan Church
Slaven, James Bunnett, Eliza Eveline Emma 18/3/1885 Residence of Joseph Mitchell
Cook, John O'Connor, Mary Gertrude 19/3/1885 Residence of Walter F Cook
Smith, Finlay Richard Oates,  Adelaide Louisa 2/4/1885 Residence of Frederick Charles Smith
Pearce, Elijah Rundle, Ellen Lavinia 7/4/1885 Residence of Mr Rundle
Bond, William Gill, Margaret 8/4/1885 Catholic Presbytery
Kain, Thomas Edwards, Catherine M 8/4/1885 Roman Catholic Church
Williams, Alfred May, Charlotte Emma 30/4/1885 Wesleyan Church
Carr, Lawrence Wright Pope, Emma 14/5/1885 Wesleyan Church
Stevens, George Alexander, Ellen 25/6/1885 Residence of Thomas Alexander
Allen, Thomas Sheehan, Ellen 4/7/1885 Roman Catholic Church
Marra, John Dalton, Lizzie 8/7/1885 Roman Catholic Church
Onley, Henry Simmion Spicknell, Annie 11/7/1885 Residence of Thomas Spence
Coppin, Henry Wooley, Fanny Sophia 22/7/1885 Wesleyan Church
Munro, James O'Keefe, Annie 23/7/1885 Roman Catholic Church
Arthur, Benjamin James Green, Mary Clara 17/8/1885 Roman Catholic Church
Reardon, John O'Neill, Honorah 22/8/1885 Roman Catholic Church
Eddens, William Henry Arnold, Rachel Hannah 17/9/1885 Residence of Daniel Arnold
O'Brien, John Henry, Sarah 2/11/1885 Roman Catholic Church
Earls, Michael Critchley, Ellen 24/11/1885 St Francis de Sales
Spry, James Guerin, Catherine 6/1/1886 St Francis de Sales
Sladdin, Thomas Simper, Eliza Alice 3/3/1886 Wesleyan Church
Dunne, John Ephraim Eddy, Lucy Emily 28/4/1886 Christ Church
Lyall, James Boyle, Mary Anne 11/10/1886 St Francis de Sales
Trethewey, William Dunstan, Mary Hooper 9/11/1886 Residence of James Dunstan
Walkom, John William Champion, Evangeline Esther 9/12/1886 Residence of Alfred Champion
Peters, Richard Luke Simpson, Ellen 28/12/1886 Residence of Mary Ann Simpson
Martin, John MacFarlane, Jeanie Stewart 5/1/1887 Residence of Henry Taylor
Mitchell, Andrew McDonald, Isabella 11/1/1887 Primitive Methodist Parsonage
Leonard, Patrick Byrth, Margaret 2/2/1887 St Francis de Sales
Westley, Joseph Besanko, Elizabeth Grace 10/4/1887 Residence of Joseph Westley
Lavery, Charles Stevens, Sarah Harriet 23/4/1887 Baptist Church
Rockliffe, Henry Barker, Louisa Caroline 22/6/1887 Baptist Church
Paterson, Walter Watson, Elizabeth Esther 26/6/1887 Scotch Manse
Earls, John Rundle, Lily 10/8/1887 St Francis de Sales
Summers, Edward Saltmarsh, Edith 26/9/1887 Wesleyan Church
Cullen, Thomas O'Niell, Mary 25/10/1887 St Francis de Sales
McGann, Terence Maher, Catherine 26/10/1887 St Francis de Sales
Debridge, Levi Cosgrave, Elizabeth 9/11/1887 St Francis de Sales
Cleggett, George Frampton, Elizabeth Susan 24/11/1887 Christ Church
Downs, Alfred O'Loughlin, Elizabeth 11/1/1888 Catholic Church
Knight, Hugh Paterson Wilson, Ada Mary 16/3/1888 Residence of Mrs Wilson, Westbrook
Hopgood, George Henry Cross, Elizabeth 2/4/1888 Primitive Methodist Parsonage
Woodland, William Gregor, Mary Louisa 4/4/1888 Primitive Methodist Church
Eckert, John Bowden, Matha Lydia 4/4/1888 St Francis de Sales
Milne, George Louis Kennedy Willis, Amy Amelia 3/5/1888 Residence of Martha Crisp
Cavanagh, James Mitchell, Marcilla 20/6/1888 St Francis de Sales
Kohler, John Henry Theodore Fritz Axtill, Mary Ann 14/7/1888 Residence of John HT Kohler
Alexander, Thomas Burtt, Wemyssie 18/7/1888 Residence of Thomas Alexander
Murray, Hugh Hopking Brooks, Isabella 19/7/1888 Residence of Anne Brooks
Buermann, Charles Paltridge, Eva 25/7/1888 Christ Church
Neate, Ralph Walkom, Ada Jane 16/8/1888 Residence of Mrs Walkom
Ryan, Michael Joseph Johnston, Margaret Mary 11/9/1888 St Francis de Sales
Samwell, Frederick William Richardson, Marion Watson 2/10/1888 Christ Church
Watson, Alfred George Love, Caroline 11/10/1888 Residence of James Love
Watson, Edmund Sternham Love, Eliza 11/10/1888 Residence of James Love
Jacquier, John Henry Possingham, Amy Geraldine 1/12/1888 Christ Church
Woolman, John Henry Possingham, Alice Edith 11/12/1888 Christ Church
Mills, Richard Mollerus, Anne 16/1/1889 Residence of Anne Mollerus
Byrne, Edward Kennedy, Annie 18/1/1889 St Francis de Sales
Duncan, David McEwen, Mary Jane 30/1/1889 Residence of John McEwen
Illert, August Theodore Cooper, Sarah Jane 31/1/1889 Residence of John Cooper
Duncan, Alexander Harry Livingstone Wooley, Alice 28/3/1889 Wesleyan Church
Craig, Alexander Mould, Harriette 28/3/1889 Residence of George Craig
Hubbard, Joseph Henry Cook, Elizabeth Jane 2/7/1889 Residence of Walter F Cook
May, Francis Coleman Hubbe, Isabella Christiana 9/7/1889 Residence of Ulrich Hubbe
Possingham, Albert Edward Gamlin, Ellen Jane 7/10/1889 Christ Church
Fry, George Ernest Masters, Catherine Mary 19/10/1889 Residence of John Raison
O'Neill, John Neagle, Bridget 30/10/1889 St Francis de Sales
Coleman, Edward Arthur Sanders, Margaret Ann 16/12/1889 Society of Friends Meeting House
Love, Fred Thompson, Josephine 16/12/1889 Residence of James Love
Thomson, John William Stuart, Julia 18/12/1889 Christ Church
Pyne, John Aloysius Skipper, Jane 15/1/1890 St Francis de Sales
Laughton, William Thomas Harrip, Eveline Sarah Ruth 20/1/1890 Residence of Joseph Mitchell
Baker, Henry Harding Walker, Mary 8/3/1890 Presbyterian Church
Goodfellow, Charles Lewis Beavis, Alice 15/3/1890 Residence of Thomas Beavis
Ashby, Edwin Coleman, Esther Maria 6/5/1890 Society of Friends Meeting House
Andrews, Richard Smith, Martha 21/5/1890 Residence of Mr Barker
Childs, James Alfred Lewis, Amy 6/8/1890 Wesleyan Parsonage
Carlson, Carl John Brockhoff, Helena 8/10/1890 Wesleyan Church
Hughes, Joseph Ryder Chapman, Jane Elliott 15/10/1890 Residence of John R Chapman
Milnes, Joseph Reardon, Mary 5/12/1890 St Francis de Sales
Creek, John Walter Cullen, Emily Teresa 7/1/1891 St Francis de Sales
Smith, William Bezor, Lydia 7/2/1891 Baptist Vestry
Davis, John Eli Webber, Elizabeth 26/2/1891 Residence of Robert H Webber
Murphy, John Nestor, Bridget 5/5/1891 St Francis de Sales
Chapman, John Reuben Follett, Alice Mary 27/5/1891 Residence of John Follett
Hurley, Laurence Hall, Margaret 3/6/1891 St Francis de Sales
Easlea, Walter Freeman Crompton, Ellen Alice 15/6/1891 Residence of Michael Murphy
Fry, Alfred Joel Tonkin, Edith Isabella 9/7/1891 residence of A Tonkin
Eckert, Henry Albert Bowden, Mary Ann 12/8/1891 St Francis de Sales
Neagle, James Gill, Ellen 10/10/1891 St Francis de Sales
Jordan, Patrick Chidzey, Mary Ann 27/10/1891 St Francis de Sales
Brennan, Joseph Casey, Catherine 12/1/1892 St Francis de Sales
Kain, Martin Nicholas Guthrie, Mary 13/1/1892 St Francis de Sales
Uncle, Joseph Meadows, Alice 15/2/1892 Residence of Mrs David Meadows
Davis, Daniel Mitchell, Maud Loveday Edith Adelaide 17/2/1892 Residence of Joseph Mitchell
Pope, Henry Price, Bertha Mary 3/2/1892 Baptist Church
Higgins, Charles Camac, Jane 5/3/1892 Primitive Methodist Church
Pascoe, Henry James Gilbert, Florence Lillian 30/3/1892 Dunn Memorial Church
O'Louglin, Thomas Thomson, Margaret 20/4/1892 St Francis de Sales
Kain, John McCabe, Mary 26/4/1892 St Francis de Sales
Stevens, Charles Henry Morley, Mary Ann 3/8/1892 Residence of Mrs Thomas G Morley
Holmes, Henry French, Hannah 11/8/1892 Residence of George French
Pudney, Thomas Matthews, Elizabeth Jane 22/8/1892 Society of Friends Meeting House
O'Donnell, Thomas Dunbar, Clara 24/8/1892 St Francis de Sales
Shinnick, William Joseph McCarthy, Julia 24/8/1892 St Francis de Sales
Martin, William Charles Shakes, Alice Jessica 12/10/1892 Wesleyan Parsonage
Smith, Francis Frederick Murray, Elizabeth Ann 12/10/1892 Dunn Memorial Church
Lee, Patrick Dailey, Mary 9/11/1892 St Francis de Sales
Charles, Edwyn Cooper, Martha Mary Ann 10/12/1892 Wesleyan Parsonage
Evans, William McKenzie, Ellen Mary 21/12/1892 "Uplands"
Oliver, David Abbey Kerslake, Fanny Gertrude 1/3/1893 Catholic Presbytery
Kent, Joseph Magin, Annie 10/4/1893 St Francis de Sales
Hussey, George Charles Champion, Louisa Emma 11/4/1893 Residence of Alfred Champion
Kain, Patrick Guthrie, Catherine 26/4/1893 St Francis de Sales
Fitzgerald, Michael Earls, Mary Agnes 25/5/1893 St Francis de Sales
Anderson, Alexander Oborn, Harriett 15/6/1893 Wesleyan Church
Nicholson, James Frampton, Adelaide Augusta 31/8/1893 Christ Church
Fallon, James Patrick Hynes, Catherine 28/11/1893 St Francis de Sales
Geraghty, Miles O'Donnell, Margret 8/1/1894 St Francis de Sales
Potts, Henry McDonnell, Margaret 5/2/1894 Catholic Presbytery
Dunn, James Henry York, Margaret Ann 18/2/1894 Residence of WH York
Pollard, George Joseph Shepherdson, Julia Elizabeth Ann 14/4/1894 Wesleyan Parsonage
Hawke, William James McKenzie, Julia 25/4/1894 Christ Church
Neagle, Patrick Carey, Kate 30/4/1894 St Francis de Sales
Pawelski, Thomas Joseph Nestor, Catherine Elizabeth 30/5/1894 St Francis de Sales
Shepley, Frank Thomas Richards, Emily Gertrude 4/7/1894 Baptist Church
Hawthorne, Horace Charles Boyle, Sarah Agnes 23/8/1894 Catholic Presbytery
Jordan, James Andrew O'Louglin, Mary Cecilia 5/9/1894 St Francis de Sales
Williams, John Teakle, Sarah Hannah 10/10/1894 Residence of David Teakle
Griffin, Mark Haines, Ann Elizabeth 18/10/1894 Residence of William Haines
Greig, William Arthur Bell, Helena 5/3/1895 Registry Office, Mt Barker
Brown, Joseph Langrehr, Catherine Ann 15/4/1895 Catholic Presbytery
Conole, Patrick Joseph Terrace, Mary Adelaide 15/5/1895 Catholic Presbytery
Chudleigh, Walter James Woodland, Charlotte Louise 27/5/1895 Dunn Memorial Church
Ellis, George Edgar Mould, Edith Emma 27/5/1895 Dunn Memorial Church
Dixon, James Brooks, Lizzy 27/5/1895 Christ Church
Carmody, Thomas McCormick, Kate 24/6/1895 St Francis de Sales
Combe, Arthur John O'Louglin, Agnes Millicent 10/7/1895 St Francis de Sales
Skinner, Samuel Leonard, Mary Teresa 1/9/1895 Catholic Presbytery
McDonnell, Alfred Chapple O'Loughlin, Maggie Ethel 29/10/1895 Catholic Presbytery
Ekers, William Lawrence Cornelius, Ada Gertrude Alice Maude Walker 7/11/1895 Dunn Memorial Church
Clifford, William Charles O'Brien Mary Anne 11/11/1895 St Francis de Sales
Farrell, Patrick Conlin, Elizabeth Mary 13/2/1896 St Francis de Sales
Kitson, Henry Bernard O'Dea, Mary 18/2/1896 St Francis de Sales
Ellis, Frederick William Anderson, Mary Eliza 26/3/1896 Dunn Memorial Church
Kennedy, John Glanville, Mary Jane 5/4/1896 St Francis de Sales
Miller, Francis Henry McKenzie, Catherine Paltridge 22/4/1896 Christ Church
Lacey, Allan Pope, Florence Ellen 16/6/1896 Wesleyan Church
Lockett, William Burgess Westley, Mary Ann Elizabeth 12/8/1896 Wesleyan Church
Le Mar, George Thomas Nestor, Mary Agnes 25/2/1897 Roman Catholic
Murphy, Michael Gray, Hannah Jane 21/4/1897 St Francis de Sales
Bell, Thomas Byrth, Elizabeth 24/4/4897 St Francis de Sales
Wyatt, Charles Luther Augustine Richardson, Elizabeth Barbara Robson 28/4/1897 Christ Church
Hunt, Henry Charles Strange, Jemima 10/6/1897 Christ Church
Glover, George Edward Hoobin, Bridget H G 25/8/1897 Catholic Presbytery
Stevenson, William Driver, Elizabeth 20/9/1897 Registry Office, Mt Barker
Harrison, George Frederick Rollison, Alice Isabel 16/10/1897 Residence of William Rollison
Brennan, William Fitzgerald, Annie 19/10/1897 St Francis de Sales
Ellis, George James Russell, Jessie 24/11/1897 Wesleyan Parsonage
Carroll, Richard Denis Gray, Mary Ann 9/2/1898 St Francis de Sales
Mitchell, Frederick Monks, Emmeline 17/2/1898 Residence of Henry Appleton Monks
McFarlane, James Andrew Jordan, Nellie 20/4/1898 St Francis de Sales
Byrth, Thomas Rayson, Sarah 5/8/1898 St Francis de Sales
Michelmore, Thomas Stevens, Susanna Matilda 29/9/1898 Richmond Villa
Tinks, Edward James Walsh, Theresa Annie 1/11/1898 Catholic Presbytery
Wylie, Robert Bezor, Martha 31/1/1899 Residence of S Bezor
Wytken, John August Bott, Mary Rebecca 14/2/1899 St Francis de Sales
Cockburn, Peirs Alexander Paltridge, Faith Julia Elizabeth 22/3/1899 Christ Church
Craig, Thomas Pope, Henrietta Emma 12/4/1899 Dunn Memorial Church
O'Neill, Arthur Joseph Colman, Winifread 8/5/1899 St Francis de Sales
Guthrie, John Joseph Baker, Ellen 10/5/1899 Catholic Church
Kerr, John Henry Kelly, Ellen 17/6/1899 St Francis de Sales
Davey, Alfred Arnold, Alice Maude 26/6/1899 Residence of Daniel Arnold
Patterson, Robert Evans, Janet 26/6/1899 Dunn Memorial Church
Daniel, Harold Rowland Monteith Ellis, Helen Marr 20/7/1899 Residence of W Ellis
Wilson, Charles Henry Gommers, Jane 29/7/1899 St Francis de Sales
Tresize, John Collins Maddern Noble, Margaret Jane 30/8/1899 Wesleyan Parsonage
Monks, Percival Edwin Crago, Cordelia Jane 14/10/1899 Presbyterian Manse
Chapman, Albert James Earnest Wyld, Euphemia Elizabeth Campbell 27/12/1899 Presbyterian Church
Welsh, Godfrey Maurice James McCarty, Linda Rebekah Nairne 28/1/1899 Residence of William McCarty
Pollard, William Jarvis Natt, Sarah Jane 28/1/1899 Residence of Thomas Natt