The following information is a copy of JK Stokes data on Mount Barker as contained in her Rootsweb ( Genealogy Website  and has been included here with permission.  No alterations or additions may be made to her information without further permission, although relevant comments and/or additions are welcome to be added at the bottom of each page.  (copied July 2014)

Marriages Near Mt Barker pre 1900

These are marriages that are recorded in close proximity to Mt Barker, but do not include those which were solemnized at St James' Anglican Church at Blakiston, or Mt Barker township, but do include Littlehampton, Wistow and Mt Barker Springs

Husband Wife Date Location
Blight, William Pedler, Mary 30/10/1856 Residence of James Blight, Mt Barker Springs
Thomson, John Chandler, Jane 14/7/1857 Residence of John Thomson, Western Flat
Berry, James Simpson, Sarah 1/3/1858 Residence of Walter Simpson, White Peg Gully, Wistow
Berry, Joseph Barclay Simpson, Mary Ann 1/3/1858 Residence of Walter Simpson, White Peg Gully, Wistow
Lang, Samuel Carsley Coumbe, Mary 24/2/1858 Residence of Henry Coumbe, Mt Barker Springs
Tierney, Peter O'Dea, Bridget 27/7/1858 Bugle Ranges
Duffield, Robert Smith, Sarah Ann 20/10/1858 Residence of John Abbs, Wistow
Duffield, Joseph Weller, Elizabeth 20/7/1859 Residence of John Abbs, Wistow
Burgess, Aaron Duffield, Martha 10/7/1860 Residence of Aaron Burgess, Bugle Ranges
Niewand, Heinrich Fleischer, Ernestina 6/8/1860 Residence of Heinrich Niewand, Bugle Ranges
Browne, James Keane, Elizabeth 17/9/1860 Little Dublin
Patterson, George Lyon, Janet 13/6/1861 Residence of Mr Lyon, Littlehampton
Lockett, John Burgess, Mary Ann 25/7/1861 Residence of Mary Ann Burgess, Bugle Ranges
Edwards, Frances Bairstow, Margaret 25/10/1861 Residence of RH Moulton, Mt Barker Springs
Lang, James Waters, Amelia Ann 6/12/1862 Methodist Chapel, Mt Barker Springs
Bunnett, Thomas Harrip, Elizabeth Ann 1/12/1864 Lord Nelson Public House, Wistow
Ryder, John Kain, Susanah 12/1/1865 Little Dublin
Prosser, John Coppin, Charlotte 27/9/1866 Wesleyan Chapel, Littlehampton
Prosser, Aaron Lyon, Elizabeth 27/12/1866 Residence of Alexander Lyon, Littlehampton
Neate, Ralph Hannaford, Susannah Harriet 18/3/1868 Residence of William Hannaford, Little Totness
Ballwin, John Penney, Susannah 27/6/1868 Residence of Susannah Penney, Wistow
Chambers, John Brinkley, Ann 20/7/1869 Residence of Ann Brinkley, Littlehampton
Duffield, Francis Henry Mattinson, Emily Elizabeth 12/3/1870 Residence of SE Mattinson, Wistow
Pollard, Joseph Walker, Susan 29/11/1870 Residence of John Walker, Western Flat
Moulton, Richard James Pearce, Rhoda 28/2/1872 Residence of James Pearce, Mt Barker Springs
Bolts, George Edward Coppin, Amelia 13/3/1878 Residence of Mrs Coppin, Littlehampton
Walker, John Thomas Eddy, Mary 20/8/1878 Residence of Mrs Eddy, Wistow
Cornelius, Thomas Natt, Emma 30/10/1878 Residence of F Natt, Wistow
Webber, Thomas Robert Underwood, Sarah Emily 1/1/1874 Residence of Mrs S Mathinson, Zion Hill, Wistow
Harris, Francis Collins, Margaret 17/3/1875 Residence of Mrs Collins, Mt Barker Springs
Monks, Aquila Snooke, Mary Jane 28/3/1875 Residence of Mrs Snooke, Littlehampton
Charlton, John Squires, Elizabeth Boothby 5/5/1875 Wesleyan Church, Littlehampton
Haines, Edward William Patrick, Mary Eliza 19/8/1875 Residence of NJ Bott, Wistow
Peck, William Beard, Hannah Matilda 16/8/1875 Residence of Mr Beard, Littlehampton
Fidler, Joseph Sheppard Lewis, Margaret 15/11/1875 Residence of William Fidler, Wistow
Treloar, Jeremiah Rundle, Rebecca Ann 31/1/1876 Residence of Mrs Snooke, Littlehampton
Wyld, Arthur Thomas Lyon, Euphemia Willox 13/2/1877 Residence of Alexander Lyon, Littlehampton
Squiers, William Prosser, Priscilla 20/2/1877 Residence of T Prosser, Littlehampton
Squiers, John Lyon, Christina Agnes 21/5/1877 Residence of Alexander Lyon, Littlehampton
Calaby, Thomas Henry Miller, Jane 9/8/1877 Residence of Mrs Eliza Hall, Mt Barker Springs
Webber, Robert Henry Underwood, Louisa Jane 27/9/1877 Residence of Sarah Elizabeth Mattinson, Wistow
Mills, Charles Mattinson, Georgina 27/9/1877 Residence of Sarah Elizabeth Mattinson, Wistow
Baldwin, John Lacey, Jane 29/1/878 Residence of Edward Lacey, Wistow
Lugg, Frederick Fry, Fanny 27/2/1878 Residence of Jonas Fry, Wistow
Lacey, George Joseph Wait, Mary Ann 18/3/1878 Residence of Edward Lacey, Wistow
Ferguson, John Charles Bell, Eliza 8/5/1878 Residence of Allan Bell, Dalmeney Park
Blight, James Frame, Sarah 26/6/1878 Residence of Thomas Hamlyn, Mt Barker Springs
Blight, Richard Mitchell, Sarah Adelaide 14/8/1878 Residence of Jacob Mitchell, Wistow
Squiers, Joseph Blight, Sarah 5/6/1879 Residence of William Squiers, Littlehampton
Gray, Alexander Mills, Mary 16/10/1879 Residence of Edwin Mills, Wistow
Gregory, Charles William Burgess, Maria 10/11/1879 Residence of Edward Nealy, Wistow
Williams, John Thomas Watts, Ellen Maria 28/7/1881 Residence of John Watts, Littlehampton
Johnson, William  Henry Simper, Annie Marie 6/10/1881 private house, Littlehampton
Stokes, Frederick Joseph Clifford, Sarah Ann 14/10/1882 Residence of Mrs Anne Clifford, Wistow
Ramsay, John William Thomson, Elizabeth 22/12/1882 Residence of James Garden Ramsay, Wistow
Salisbury, James Beard, Mary Harriet 7/6/1883 Residence of Mrs H Beard, Littlehampton
Langley, Frederick Benjamin Putland, Ada 19/6/1883 Residence of Edward Langley, Western Flat
Ingles, Charles Bunnett, Elizabeth 6/9/1883 Residence of Mrs Anne Clifford, Wistow
Marushke, Wilhelm Leonard, Margaret 27/7/1883 Residence of John Leonard, Little Totness
Marriott, Samuel James Curnow, Mary Jane 8/10/1883 Residence of S Marsh, Littlehampton
Duffield, Richard Watson, Ellen Emma 17/10/1883 Residence of J Watson, Wistow
Shepherdson, Joseph Gamlin, Pamela Rosena 23/10/1883 Residence of Thomas Gamlin, Littlehampton
Hamilton, John Lewis, Elizabeth 5/6/1884 Residence of Benjamin Lewis, Littlehampton
Love, Edwin McCall, Mary 30/10/1884 Residence of James McCall, Bugle Ranges
Shillabeer, Andrew William Rundle, Fanny Elizabeth 12/5/1885 Residence of James Rundle, Mt Barker Springs
Hedges, William Noah Paterson, Elizabeth 4/4/1885 Greenhill Farm, Wistow
Wright,  George William Dunn, Catherine 11/6/1885 Residence of Charles Dunn, Mt Barker Springs
Duffield, Thomas Blight, Elizabeth 22/6/1886 Residence of James Blight, Mt Barker Springs
Burns, Patrick Kain, Catherine 28/7/1886 Residence of Mrs Kain, Little Dublin
Jury, William Joseph Squiers, Mary Ann 26/12/1887 Wesleyan Church, Littlehampton
Hammond, Joseph Graetz, Sarah Jane 11/1/1888 Residence of Mrs Clark, Littlehampton
Hillman, Charles Frederick Knight, Mary Jane 28/6/1888 Residence of Mrs Knight, Littlehampton
Richards, Frederick Anderson, Harriett 13/3/1889 Residence of Thomas Anderson, Bugle Ranges
Cameron, Donald Paterson, Annie 24/4/1889 Residence of Walter Paterson, Yunkunga, near Mt Barker
Clothier, John Henry Anderson, Rosina Agnes 20/8/1890 Residence of Thomas Anderson, Bugle Ranges
Blight, Charles Rundle, Julia Mary 3/9/1890 Residence of James Rundle, Mt Barker Springs
Turner, Frederick Oborn, Betsey 17/9/1890 Residence of Frederick Turner, Littlehampton
Durdin, David Vaughton, Mary Jane 1/11/1890 Residence of Thomas G Vaughton, Littlehampton
Harper, Abel Ingles, Isabella 3/6/1891 Residence of Charles Harper, Mt Barker Springs
Yates, Edward Shepley, Alice 11/5/1893 Residence of Abel Shepley, Bugle Ranges
Appleton, Reuben Squiers, Naomi 21/2/1894 Residence of William Squiers, Littlehampton
Anderson, John Frederick Harrip, Emily Adelaide Ida 18/7/1895 Residence of Arthur James Harrip, Wistow
Gardner, Fred Klaebsch, Maria Augusta Bertha 16/10/1895 Residence of Johann Christian Klaebsch, Bugle Ranges
Cleggett, George Yates, Margaret Jessie 23/4/1896 Morning Star Hotel, Wistow
Lewis, Benjamin Thomas, Florence Naomi 23/6/1897 Residence of Mrs T Sladden, Littlehampton
Howard, Amos William Davies, Harriet Elizabeth 8/3/1898 Residence of James Davies, Littlehampton