Mount Barker Township Allotment Details

The following information gives details of the early ownership of the individual allotments created for the township of Mount Barker in South Australia. 

This information is based on material researched and compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian) over a considerable period of time, with some later modifications and additions by Tony Finnis.  The modifications and additional information was obtained as a result of permission being granted by the Dutton family legal representative for access to certain 'Dutton' data related to the Mount Barker Special Survey which clarified many aspects concerning the Dutton/Macfarlane/Finnis partnership.  (For additional information related to this, please refer to the Mount Barker Special Survey - NTSA Talk)


Mount Barker Special Survey

The Mount Barker Special Survey Land Grant was given to William Hampden Dutton under the hands and seal of George Gawler, Commissioner of Public Lands for the Colony of South Australia on 3 July 1840.  This Deed, after reciting the Authority of the Commissioner, set out that a sum of £4,000 had been paid in advance to the Treasurer on 11 January 1839.  The Land Grant was originally held by William Hampden Dutton on behalf of the partnership of himself, Duncan Macfarlane and John Finnis


Township of Mount Barker

Mount Barker Original Allotment Layout - Special Survey Sections 4467, 4472, 4473 and 4477.Sections 4467, 4473, 4472, and 4477 of the Special Survey had been designated for the new Township of Mount Barker and under instruction from the Partners these Sections were surveyed and laid out into 169 town allotments and 41 suburban allotments of various sizes, setting aside sufficient provisions for public roads and ways.


The allotments have been listed in groups which can be accessed from the links shown below:

  • Original Township  -  Special Survey Sections:  4467, 4472, 4473, 4477
  • Mount Barker North  (additional extension)  -  Special Survey Section: 4478
    • Allotment Numbers:   [ 1 to 58 ]

'RPA' prior to the relevant details indicates that by this time the respective allotment ownership was recorded under the Torrens Title property management system, SA Real Property Act 1858.


When an Allotment Number group above is accessed the details of these allotments will be attached to the bottom of this header.