The following information is a copy of JK Stokes data on Mount Barker as contained in her Rootsweb ( Genealogy Website  and has been included here with permission.  No alterations or additions may be made to her information without further permission, although relevant comments and/or additions are welcome to be added at the bottom of each page.  (copied July 2014)


This page from JK Stokes website has been modified from the original as noted to allow certain of her pages and information regarding people to be now included within the Adelaide Hills - Local Identities page/s on the LocalWiki site.

This has the effect of deleting the People information contained within the original page and non-inclusion of the following linked pages:

  • 'The Little People - biographies of local families'
  • 'More Mt Barker Identities'

The remaining linked pages as shown below have been included as original.

- Tony Finnis

The People of Early Mt Barker District

The following is intended to list some of the families living in the Mt Barker area last century.  This is by no means a complete list. I will endeavour to add  more as I come across them.  I have also tried to indicate where in the area, these families lived.  If you know of a family that lived in the area that is not listed here, please let me know by E-mail.  There are hundreds of names I could list here, and eventually will add more - they don't have to be the rich and famous either - in fact, I would prefer they were just the ordinary people who went quietly about their lives without really raising a fuss.  I have recently added a new section containing short biographies of the lesser known people of the District - the Little People - those that the histories of the town forgot.

1839 - 1900

(The subsequent People information included in the the original page is now deleted on this page)


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