The following information is a copy of JK Stokes data on Mount Barker as contained in her Rootsweb ( Genealogy Website  and has been included here with permission.  No alterations or additions may be made to her information without further permission, although relevant comments and/or additions are welcome to be added at the bottom of each page.  (copied July 2014)

Mt Barker People in 1885

 In the year 1885 when the SA Directory was produced there were 952 people living in the town and there were 250 houses.

Town Officials

Post Master William Rossi
Stipendiary Magistrate T.J.S. O'Halloran
Clerk of Courts O. Skipper
Court Bailiff J. Chapman
Resident Justices of the Peace F. May, Thomas Paltridge,  Octavius Weld,  Hon. J.G. Ramsay (MLC),  A.W. Richardson,  T.H. Shepherdson,  J.T. Williams
Church Ministers Rev. J.W. Gower (Christ Church);  Rev. W. O'Neill & Rev. S. Harrigan (St Francis de Sales Catholic);  Rev. P.C. Thomas (Dunn Memorial Wesleyan);  Rev. J. Price (Baptist);  Rev. W. Cook (Primitive Methodist)
Bank Managers William Bray (National);  M. Pasco (Australasia);  H.A. Howison (Commercial Bank of SA)
Hotel Keepers W. Weidemann (Hotel Barker);  W.Ritson (Gray's Inn);  W. Gregory (Temperance Hotel)
Institute Secretary W.F. Cook

Local Residents & their Occupations

Acraman, M.A. - solicitor

Alexander, Thomas - farmer

Anderson Bros. - lawyers

Andrews, Richard - landholder

Atkinson, William - butcher


Bailey, Sydney F. - farmer

Balls, Ellen - farmer

Barker, William - draper

Battle, John - boot maker

Bell, Allan - farmer

Besley, Annie - storekeeper

Blight, James jnr - sheep farmer

Blunden, M. - storekeeper

Buermann, Carl - cabinet maker


Calaby, Thomas - butcher

Cameron, Donald - blacksmith

Champion, Alfred - carrier

Chapman, William - corn dealer and seedsman

Chapman, John - bailiff of the Local Court

Charlton, Charles - farmer

Cleggett, John - farmer

Cook, Walter Fuller - accountant

Cook, A. F. - boot maker

Cooke, Rev. W. - Methodist Minister

Cope, Henry - tailor

Cope, Sydney - tailor

Cornelius & Williams - auctioneers

Cornelius, Frank - of Cornelius & Williams auctioneers

Craig, George - farmer

Craig, J.G. - assistant engineer


Daniels, Richard "Dickie" - shoeingsmith & Wesleyan Church elder

Daw, Alfred C. - butcher

Deane, Charles M. - medical practitioner

Dumas, Charles M.R. - proprietor "Mt Barker Courier" newspaper

Dunn, John - Justice of the Peace, miller at Jno. Dunn & Co.

Dunn, Jno. & Co - flour millers

Dutch, Charles - mechanical engineer


Easler, George F. - district ranger


Fergusson, Andrew - teacher

Fergusson, J.C. - chemist

Follett, John - farmer

Freeman, Henry - shoeingsmith

Frome, John - farmer [I believe this should be Frame rather that Frome]


Gibbes, G.E. - watch maker

Gray, William - manager National Bank

Gregory, W. - sergeant of police


Hargreaves, W. - painter

Harrison, R. - teacher

Hedges, W.N. - contractor

Hender, Edward snr. - farmer

Henry, Mrs. - boardinghouse keeper

Hill, John - farmer

Hill, W.J. - accountant at the National Bank

Hourigan, Rev. F. - priest at Catholic Church [this probably should be Harrigan]

Hines, J. - mason

Howel, Mary - hat cleaner

Howison, H.A. - manager of Commercial Bank of SA


Jennings, Rev. James jnr - minister at Presbyterian Church

Jones, T. - farmer


Knight, James - cooper


Lang, Samuel - farmer

Leibelt, Gottlieb jnr - farmer

Leibling, Frederick - saddler

Little, Archibald - farmer

Love, James - brick maker


Macarty, William jnr - store keeper

MacFarlane, Lachlan - farmer

Martin, G.A. - wheelwright

May, Frederick - Justice of the Peace

McEwen, John - dairyman

McGregor, John - stone dresser

McKenzie, Roderick - saddler and grocer

Milling, James - bank clerk

Milne, James - of Milne & Sons - builders

Milne, James jnr - of Milne & Sons - builders

Milne, John - of Milne & Sons

Minard, John - farmer - builders


Oborn, Samuel - lime burner

O'Halloran, S.J. - law clerk

O'Neill, Rev. W. - Catholic priest at St Francis de Sales


Page, Robert - mason

Palch, John William - farmer [I believe this should be PAECH]

Paltridge, H. - surveyor

Paltridge, John - auctioneer

Paltridge, Thomas - Justice of the Peace and farmer

Paltridge, R.C. - tanner

Paltridge, Samuel - tanner

Pasco, M. - manager of Bank of Australasia

Pascoe, (name unknown) - police trooper

Peake, William - carrier

Pellew, John - unspecified occupation

Pitt, David - saddler

Pope, Charles - carrier

Pope, Reuben - landholder

Potter, Caleb - tinsmith

Power, W.J. - station master

Price, Miss - dress maker

Price, Rev. John - Baptist minister

Pritchard, James - draper and grocer

Pryne, John - mounted constable


Ramsay, Hon. James G  - Member of Legislative Council

Ramsay, J.G. & Co - machinists

Ramsay, John - machinist

Reddie, Francis - stone dresser

Richardson, Adam W. - Justice of the Peace and chemist

Ritson, William - hotelier - Gray's Inn

Robson, Mrs B. - store keeper

Rogers, George V. - telegraph operator

Rossi, William - post and telegraph master

Rowe, John - blacksmith

Rowe, William - landholder

Ruge, William - farmer

Rundle, James - farmer


Sexton, Alfred - boot maker

Shaw, John - assistant engineer

Skipper, M.J. - law clerk

Skipper, Ovtavius - clerk of the local court

Slee, Walter - boot maker

Smith, Frederick Charles - machinist

Smith, Francis Isaac - clerk of the District Council

Stanford, James - farmer

Stephenson, Thomas H. - ironmonger & Justice of the Peace

Stephens, Alfred - store keeper's assistant

Stone, F.H. - auctioneer


Teakle, David - farmer

Teakle, Edward - farmer

Teakle, George Henry - farmer

Tear, Edward - store keeper [I believe this name should be TEARE]

Thomas, Rev. P.C. - Wesleyan minister

Thompson, Theodore Horatio - farmer near Wistow

Thybell, Charles - gardener

Tilbrook, Charles - farmer

Turner, John - store keeper's assistant


Von Doussa, Louis - solicitor


Wallace, Miss - dress maker

Walker, Thomas - railway contractor

Walkom, William - carpenter (and occasionally undertaker)

Walters, Thomas - teacher at the Government school

Weld, Octavius - Justice of the Peace and medical practitioner

Weidemann, William - hotelier - Hotel Barker

Williams, James T. - Justice of the Peace and commercial agent

Welch, Johanna - store keeper

Williams, James W. - store keeper

Wilson, W. - farmer

Wilton, C.R. - editor at "Mt Barker Courier" newspaper

Wood, John - carpenter