The following information is a copy of JK Stokes data on Mount Barker as contained in her Rootsweb ( Genealogy Website  and has been included here with permission.  No alterations or additions may be made to her information without further permission, although relevant comments and/or additions are welcome to be added at the bottom of each page.  (copied July 2014)

Mt Barker People in 1889

In the year 1889 when the SA Directory was produced there were 1000 people living in the town and there were 260 houses.  In comparing the statistics for the years 1885 and 1889, the population had only grown by 48 in 4 years, and only 10 more houses had been erected in that time.

Town Officials

Post Master William Rossi
Stipendiary Magistrate H.C. Swan
Clerk of Courts O. Skipper
Court Bailiff J. Chapman
Resident Justices of the Peace Thomas Paltridge,  Octavius Weld, F.C. Smith,  A.W. Richardson,  T.H. Shepherdson,  L.Von Doussa
Church Ministers Rev. J.L. Lumsdon (Christ Church);  Rev. P. Landy & Rev. J. Martin (St Francis de Sales Catholic);  Rev. T.M. Rowe (Dunn Memorial Wesleyan);  Rev. J. Price (Baptist);  Rev. H. Hartely (Primitive Methodist);  Rev. Alexander M. Lawson (Presbyterian)
Bank Managers William Bray (National); H.P. Moore (Australasia)
Hotel Keepers W. Weidemann (Hotel Barker);  W.Ritson (Gray's Inn)
Institute Secretary F.R. Smith

Local Residents & their Occupations & Addresses

Addison, L. - bank clerk

Alexander, Thomas - farmer

Allen, Thomas - laborer, Walker Street

Anderson Bros. - sawyers, Exhibition Road

Anderson, M - carter, Exhibition Road

Andrews, Richard - no occupation, Tobias Street

Atkinson, William - butcher, Gawler Street


Baker, H. - blacksmith, no address

Balls, Miss Ellen - farmer, Echunga Road

Barker, L.L. - laborer, no address

Barker, Sophia - draper, Gawler Street

Barnes, N. - no occupation, Dutton Place

Beavis, T snr - blacksmith, Adelaide Road

Bell, Allan - farmer

Bickle, L.W. - surgeon, Commercial Road

Blight, F - laborer, no address

Blight, Richard - laborer, no address

Bollen, W.H. - overseer at Teakletown

Bowman, William - no occupation, no address

Buermann, Carl jnr - cabinet maker, Gawler Street

Buermann, Carl  - no occupation, Gawler Street

Bugg, G.H. - blacksmith, The Flat

Bugg, H. - laborer, no address


Cameron, D. - blacksmith, Wistow Road

Cameron, D. - carter, Walker Street

Cameron, D. jnr - no occupation or address

Cameron, George - blacksmith, Hamden Road

Cameron, Miss J - no occupation, Gawler Street

Cameron, Mrs snr - no occupation, The Flat

Cameron, Simon - agent, Teakletown

Cameron, Peter - painter, Teakletown

Carr, L.W. - store keeper, Gawler Street

Carr, William - carpenter and undertaker, no address

Carey, Mrs - no occupation, no address

Carey, Peter - butcher, no address

Carey, Timothy - baker, no address

Champion, A. - no occupation, Champion Terrace

Chapman, Alexander - laborer, Dutton Place

Chapman, F.H. - store keeper's assistant, Gawler Street

Chapman, William - corn dealer and seedsman, Cameron Street (now Cameron Road)

Chapman, John R. - no occupation, Teakletown

Charlton, Charles - laborer, no address

Cleggett, James - farmer, Echunga Road

Clode, T. - sergeant of police, Gawler Street

Clough, C.F. - resident engineer, address is Richmond

Cockburn, Dr. J.A. - medical practitioner, Teakletown

Coleman, Edward A. - apiarist, Fairfield apiary

Coleman, Mrs. L. - sheep farmer, no address

Cook, John - printer, Exhibition Road

Cook, Arthur - boot maker, Exhibition Road

Cope, Mrs L. - no occupation, Dutton Place

Cope, Sydney - tailor, Cameron Street (now Cameron Road)

Cornelius, Ada - store keeper, Gawler Street

Cornelius & Williams - auctioneers, Gawler Street

Cornelius, F.T. - auctioneer, Stephen Street

Cornelius, W. - wheelwright, Wistow Road

Craig, George - farmer, Wistow Road

Crick, James - laborer, no address

Crompton, John - dairyman, Adelaide Road


Daniels, Richard "Dickie" - blacksmith & Wesleyan Church elder, Adelaide Road

Davis, Daniel - carter, no address

Davis, J.E. - carter, no address

Davies, W. - farmer, no address

Davies, W.C. - mason, Teakletown

Daw, Alfred C. - butcher, Gawler Street

Dishon, J.L. - miller with Dunn & Co, Cameron Street

Doorne, F. - laborer, Dutton Place

Doyle, Mrs Mary - no occupation, Walker Street

Dumas, Charles M.R. - proprietor "Mt Barker Courier" newspaper, Mann Street

Duncan, David - currier, no address

Dunn, John - Justice of the Peace, miller at Jno. Dunn & Co., Cameron Street & "The Laurels"

Dunn, Jno. & Co - flour millers, Cameron Street

Dutch, Charles - machinist, Adelaide Road

Dutch, J. - machinist, Adelaide Road

Dutch, William - machinist, Adelaide Road


Easlea, George F. - laborer, no address

Easlea, Walter - laborer, Teakletown

Ellis, M - laborer, no address

Ellis, W - laborer, no address

Ekers, W.L. - telegraph assistant, no address

Eyles, John - no occupation, Adelaide Road


Fergusson, J.C. - chemist, Gawler Street

Fitzgerald, T - overseer, Adelaide Road

Fitzgerald, W - carter, Adelaide Road

Follett, John - farmer, Adelaide Road

Follett, M. - no occupation, Dutton Place

Foster, F. - laborer, no address

Foster, Jesse - laborer, no address

Frampton, G. - ganger, no address but likely Railway Terrace

Freeman, Henry - blacksmith, Tobias Street

Freeman, S. - farmer, no address

French, George - wheelwright, no address

Fry, George - carrier, no address

Fry, John - coachman, no address


Gasson, W. - currier, no address

Gilbert, Thomas - blacksmith, Adelaide Road

Gow, John C.E. - Crow's Nest (above the town behind Gilbert's garage)

Gray, William - manager National Bank, Gawler Street

Gray, William B. - no occupation, no address

Gryst, E.F. - fitter, no address


Hall, Thomas - laborer, Adelaide Road

Hallawell, Thomas - farmer, Echunga Road

Harrington, Thomas B. - bank clerk, no address

Harrison, G.F. - journalist, no address

Harrison, Robert. - teacher, Gawler Street

Hayman, F.E. - draughtsman, no address

Hayman, H. - draughtsman, no address

Hayman, H.W. - no occupation, no address

Hedges, William N. - builder, address is given as Richmond

Hill, Mrs William, no occupation, Crow's Nest

Houlston, Thomas - butcher, no address

Hudson, John - laborer, no address

Hunt, H.C. - laborer, no address

Hunt, Henry - mason, Adelaide Road

Hurley, Lawrence - tanner, no address

Hurley, W. - tanner, no address


Johnston, James - saddler, Tobias Street

Jones, Mrs Sarah - no occupation, Champion Street

Jones, Thomas - farmer


Kessner, A. - tailor, no address

Kitson, H. - farmer, no address


Landy, Rev. P - Catholic priest

Laver, J.R. - draper's assistant, Gawler Street

Lawson, Alexander M.A. - Presbyterian Minister

Leanery, A.E. - railway clerk, Teakletown

Lee, Charles - teacher, no address

Leibelt, C. - wood carter, no address

Leibling, F. T. - saddler, Gawler Street

Lumsden, Rev. J.L. - Christ Church minister

Lyon, Alexander D. - blacksmith, Adelaide Road


Macarty, William jnr - hawker, Teakletown

MacFarlane, Lachlan - farmer, Adelaide Road

McFarlane, Hugh - tanner, The Flat

McFarlane, Mrs M. - no occupation, Victoria Crescent

Marks, E.A. - hairdresser, Gawler Street

Martin, Rev. James - Catholic priest

May, Frederick - Justice of the Peace and apiarist, Uplands apiary on the Echunga Road (formerly Fairfield)

McEwen, John - dairyman, Cameron Street

McEwen, W. - auctioneer's clerk, Gawler Street

McKenzie, Roderick - storekeeper, Gawler Street

Meadows, Mrs M. - no occupation, no address

Milne, George - carpenter, Mill Lane

Milne, D. - carpenter, Mill Land

Mitchell, J. - laborer, Exhibition Road

Moore, H.P. - manager Bank of Australasia, Gawler Street

Morris, Mrs - nurse, Victoria Crescent

Muldoon, J. - baker's assistant, Tobias Street

Murray, Mrs Jessie - no occupation, Commercial Road

Murray, M. - laborer, Morphett Street


Neate, P. - plasterer, Dutton Place

Neate, Ralph - plasterer, Gawler Street

Neate, Mrs T. - no occupation, Cameron Road


Oborn, David - farmer, no address

Oborn, Samuel - laborer, The Flat

Oborn, William - laborer, The Flat

O'Leary, James - laborer, Hamden Road

O'Loughlin, T. - tanner, no address

O'Toole, John - railway packer, no address (probably Railway Terrace)


Paltridge, Frederick - auctioneer's clerk, Gawler Street

Paltridge, Harry - surveyor, Tobias Street

Paltridge, John - auctioneer, Gawler Street

Paltridge, Thomas C. - boot maker, Gawler Street

Paltridge, T. - currier, no address

Paltridge, Richard C. - tanner, Gawler Street

Paltridge, Samuel - tanner, Richmond

Peake, Robert - carrier, The Flat

Peake, William - store keeper, The Flat

Pellew, John - unspecified occupation, Dutton Place

Pollard, J. - driver, Hamden Road

Pollard, William - blacksmith, The Flat

Pope, Charles - carter, no address

Pope, J. - carter, no address

Pope, John - carter, no address

Pope, Reuben - no occupation, no address

Potter, A. - tinsmith, Gawler Street

Power, William J. - station master, Station house, Railway Terrace

Price, Miss - dress maker, Tobias Street

Price, Miss B. - teacher, no address

Price, Rev. John - Baptist minister, Tobias Street

Prisk, John - school master, no address

Pritchard, James - draper and grocer, Gawler Street


Raison, C - carter, Victoria Crescent

Raison, J. - laborer, Victoria Crescent

Raison, Thomas - blacksmith, Victoria Crescent

Ramsay, James S - Mt Barker Dairy Co

Ramsay, J.G. & Co - machinists, no address

Ramsay, R.G. - grazier, no address

Rice, Robert - farmer, no address

Richardson, Adam W. - Justice of the Peace and chemist, Gawler Street

Riddle, C. - laborer, Morphett Street

Ritson, William - hotelier, Gray's Inn, Gawler Street

Robson, Mrs B. - store keeper, Tobias Street

Rollison, W. - no occupation, "The Briars"

Rose, James - banker, no address (probably Gawler Street)

Ross, Mrs D. - no occupation, Gawler Street

Rossi, William - post and telegraph master, Gawler Street

Rowe, Rev. T.M. - Wesleyan Minister, no address

Ryder, W.C - constable, Gawler Street


Salmon, W. - blacksmith, The Flat

Sanders, B - no occupation, address is given as Netley

Sexton, Alfred - boot maker, Gawler Street

Simmonds, Miss M. - no occupation, Adelaide Road

Simpson, Mrs W. - no occupation, Tobias Street

Sisson, Thomas - no occupation, Mill Lane

Skipper, M.J. - law clerk, Gawler Street

Skipper, Ovtavius - clerk of the local court, Hamden Road

Skully, M. - laborer, Victoria Crescent

Skully, M - laborer, The Flat

Smith, Frederick Charles - machinist, Adelaide Road

Smith, Francis Isaac - clerk of the District Council, no address

Smith, E.A. - machinist, Walker Street

Smith, F.F. - Singer's agent, Gawler Street

Smith, F.R. - ranger, no address

Smith R. Barr - no occupation, "Auchendarroch", Adelaide Road

Stephenson, Thomas H. - farmer, "Brookbank", Echunga Road

Sullivan, M. - barman, no address


Taylor, C.E. - printer, The Flat

Taylor, Henry - no occupation, Morphett Street

Teakle, David - no occupation, Teakletown

Tear, Edward - store keeper, Dutton Place [I believe this name should be TEARE]

Thomas, John - printer, Gawler Street

Thompson, Theodore Horatio - farmer,  Wistow Road

Thomson, J.R. - machinist, Commercial Road

Thomson, W.R. - foreman builder, no address

Thybell, Charles - gardener, no address

Tonkin, A - no occupation, The Flat

Trigg, E. - carpenter, no address

Turner, W.A. - painter, no address

Tyrie, A. - currier, address given as Richmond

Tyrie, Miss F. - school teacher, Gawler Street

Tyrell, Mrs - no occupation, Hamden Road


Von Doussa, Louis - solicitor, address is given as Thornton


Walker, Miss - teacher, no address

Walker, Mrs M.C. - no occupation, Dutton Place

Walkom, William - carpenter (and occasionally undertaker), Commercial Road

Wallace, J. - laborer, Gawler Street

Wallace, Miss - dress maker, Gawler Street

Wallace, Mrs - no occupation, Gawler Street

Wandke, William - farmer, no address

Webber, John - mason, no address

Webber, T. - mason, Exhibition Road

Wedd, John - carrier, no address

Welch, Johanna - no occupation, no address

Weld, Octavius - Justice of the Peace and medical practitioner, Tobias Street

Weidemann, William - hotelier - Hotel Barker, Gawler Street

Whitby, G.C. - bank clerk, Gawler Street

Whitley, A. - railway porter, no address (probably Railway Terrace)

Williams, C. - railway porter, no address (probably Railway Terrace)

Williams, James W. - road contractor, Hamden Road

Wilson, W. - farmer, "Westbrook"

Wishart, Mrs - no occupation, Gawler Street

Wood, John - wheelwright, Adelaide Road

Woodland, H. - laborer, RailwayPark

Woodland, John - no occupation, no address

Wren, Charles - carrier, no address

Wright, Mrs - no occupation, Dutton Place

Wylie, A.T. - coach painter, Adelaide Road

Wylie, A. - blacksmith, no address