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John MUELLER Collection

Rudolph Richard Edmund DIEDERICH part 2

Photographer of Hamburg, Brandenburg, Prussia and Hahndorf, South Australia

A comparative study of available photographs taken by R.R.E. DIEDERICH

married Johanna Elizabeth KUCHEL.



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To view part 1. Anna Elizabeth Kuchel (1854-1932) this article provides information about Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL, their children & then Edmund DIEDERICH's timeline of when he worked with photographers,  & Co., & W.H. HAMMER. There is an interesting fire in Goodwood in 1883, some self portraits, the land they purchased on Tischler Road, the house they built, including discussion of the building technique and the interior design by Heritage Consultant, Lothar BRASSE, and finally DIEDERICH's obituary.  


Summary part 2.

This article makes a comparison study of all the original known DIEDERICH photographs & stamps, made available to the author, with those held in the State Library of South Australia.  Only photographs from the 'John MUELLER Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material' which include the 'DIEDERICH' business stamp are considered for inclusion in this article.


The family names that are mentioned in this article:



Aim of this Article

Display the 'John MUELLER  Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material'  known to be taken by photographer, R.R.E. DIEDERICH

Compare these photographs with those found on the Art Gallery of SA website & known to be taken by DIEDERICH.

Identify the photographic subjects:

I spent a year [during Covid pandemic] identifying the families and their relationships.

Many of the subjects are relatives of Edmund's wife, Elizabeth KUCHEL.


Table of Contents

1.    Introduction


3.   Examples of  DIEDERICH's business stamps

4.    DIEDERICH photographs 1-41 with business stamps on the reverse

5.    Glass plate negatives held by the Art Gallery of South Australia.

6.   DIEDERICH photographs of the Kaysher PAECH - WALLENT home, Rentschener PAECH - KRAMM home, & the LIEBELT - LUBASCH home in the Friedrichstadt / Paechtown district.


1.    Introduction


Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL is the author's 1C4R

Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL is John MUELLERs great great Aunt and her daughter Ida and son, Wilhelm, are John's first cousin twice removed [1C2R].  



Photographs below




6.1     DIEDERICH's

6.2    William & Bertha COLLINS

6.3.   Grandfather KUCHEL & sisters

6.4.   Grandmother KUCHEL

6.5.   Christoph BRAENDLER & Florrie LIEBELT

6.6.   EO MUELLER Wedding

6.7.   Venie & Hulda THIELE

6.8.   Emma KUCHEL & Herb COLLINS

6.9.   Hermann THIELE

6.10.  Gustav KUCHEL

6.11.   J.C. THIELE Wedding 

6.12.  Gottlieb GREGOR Wedding

6.13.  Grandmother KUCHEL

6:14.  F B BRAENDLER nee LIEBELT Tillie

6:15.  At MUELLERS, Paechtown

6:16.  Emma & Hulda KUCHEL

6:17.  EO MUELLER  & Hulda KUCHEL

6:18.  Julius RODERT & Selma BRAENDLER  

6:19.  Ben BRAENDLER

6:20.  BRAENDLER Wedding  

6:21.   Druite

6:22.  Amalia GRELL, Bertha HEYER

6:23.  W A MUELLER 

6:24.  4 KUCHEL Sisters 

6:25.  E O Mueller.

6:26.  Alf PAECH  Albert EY. Bill KUCHEL

6:27.  Pastor BRAUN

6:28.  MUELLER

6:29.   unidentified.

6:30.  F W WITTWER

6:31.   No information.

6:32    No information.

6:33.   G Martin

6:34   No information.

6:35.  MUELLER  (Paechtown)

6:36. Christoph BRAENDLER, Florentine nee LIEBELT

6:37.  Samuel KUCHEL

6:38.  Gustav KUCHEL

6:39.  Bertha KUCHEL


6:41   No information





Edmund arrived on the 'Catania' in July 1881.

Courtesy Unley History Museum volunteers.

Photo from the State Library of South Australia [SLSA]

Photo from State Library of South Australia [SLSA]

Author's note: Edmund DIEDERICH with wife Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL & their first child Ida Clara Auguste b12 October 1889








Photo 1892ca.  'DIEDERICH'

This photo on the left is from the 'John MUELLER Photo Collection'. It shows Edmund DIEDERICH with his first child, Ida Clara b1889.  The stamp on rear of photo is shown on the right.

'R DIEDERICH, Australian Photograph, Portraits taken in any weather'


3.    Examples of DIEDERICH's business stamps

The following are examples of stamps used by R.R.E. DIEDERICH, each has been found on the reverse of the photos in the 'John MUELLER Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material'.















3.   Diederich Photographs from the 'John MUELLER Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material.’

None of the following photos are found in the ‘Edmund DIEDERICH glass plate negative photo collection of the State Library of South Australia’ or the Art Gallery of South Australia.   All of the following have the 'DIEDERICH Stamp' on the reverse.  They are numbered 1-37 but are are in no particular order.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
23 24
25 26 27 28
29 30 31 32
33 34 35



4.   Glass Plate Negatives belonging to the Art Gallery of SA or the State Library of SA

alongside an identical photo from the 'John MUELLER  Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material' 

do not have a 'DIEDERICH Stamp' on them. 

State Library of SA negative              'John MUELLER Photo Collection' 

  State Library of SA negative             'John MUELLER Photo Collection'


No 38  Johanne Eleonore LIEBELT and husband Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL No 39 Louise Johanne LIEBELT, Gottlieb KUCHEL, Emma KUCHEL, Harriet EVERATT, KUCHEL.



No 40 Gustav KUCHEL & his family. No 41  Gottlob PAECH




No 42  Gustav KUCHEL and his family   No 43. Interior of St Michael's  Church, Hahndorf. 




No 44  Johanne LIEBELT, Gottlieb KUCHEL their 4 daughters & 3 sons.                            

black and white horse photo






No 45



No 46




No 47





No 48



5. Three historic Prussian homes near Hahndorf.  Two are still standing and one was destroyed by fire. 

The 'John MUELLER Photo Collection' does not hold copies of these photographs. These homes are from the 'Kaysher' PAECH and WALLENT family, the LIEBELT and LUBASCH family and on the far right the home of 'Rentschener' PAECH and KRAMM


No 48


No 49 No 50

This home was in Paechtown & was burnt to the ground during the .... bushfire. It had been built in the mid 1850's by Johann Christian PAECH 1821-1905 & Marianne WALLENT 1828-1893. Christian and his brothers & father were known as the the 'Kaysher' PAECH'S because they came on the ‘Zebra’ from Kay, Prussia [now Kije, Poland].


Christian is John MUELLER's ggg Uncle.

This home is off Echunga Rd, Hahndorf, not visible from the road. It was

built by Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT  1823-1893 & Johanne Karoline LUBASCH 1827 1902. E.A. WITTWER  said it was ‘one of the first in the

Hahndorf area to be built entirely of brick'.


Gottlieb & Karoline are John MUELLER's gg grandparents 

Gottlieb is the authors' ggg Uncle and  Karoline is my half gggg Aunt.

This home is off Darby Rd, Hahndorf, not visible from the road.  It was built by Johann Friedrich PAECH in mid 1850's.  J.F. PAECH 1800-1870, was known as  'Rentschener' PAECH as he came on the ‘Zebra’ from Rentschen, Prussia [now Radoszyn, Poland].


Johann Friedrich is John MUELLER's  gggg Uncle.


No 51








6. Identification of people & places in DIEDERICH’s  photographs

Diederich Photographs with business stamp on reverse 1-41


No 1


Photo: 1895ca

Edmund DIEDERICH [37yrs of age] married on 19 April 1891, Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL [37yrs of age] b1854 in S.A. Their first child Ida Clara Auguste was born in 1889 followed by a son Wilhelm Paul in 1895.  


In this photograph Elizabeth is holding Wilhelm and young Ida is in the foreground.


No 2

'William & Bertha COLLINS'

Photo: 1903ca 

Anna Bertha KUCHEL b1872 married William Charles COLLINS 13 September 1899.  


Their first 3 children were:  Harry b1900, Anna b1901 & Alfred b1903.


No 3

'Grandfather KUCHEL & Sisters'

Photo: before 1922ca

Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL b1846 d1923 at 77yrs of age, and his 3 sisters:  Johanna Louise b1840 d1922 at 80 yrs of age, (married E GREGOR),  Johanna Dorothea b1842 d1926 at 84yrs of age, [married Johann Wilhelm GUST] and Anna Elizabeth b1854 d1932 at 78yrs of age, [married Edmund DIEDERICH].


No 4

'Grandmother KUCHEL'

Photo: before 1895ca  

Johanne Dorothea Elisabeth KUCHEL b1811 d1895


No 5

'Christoph BRAENDLER & Florrie LIEBELT'

Photo: 7 October 1909

Florentine Gertrude LIEBELT b1889, married Gottlieb Christoph BRAENDLER b1881.
See also No 36, same wedding.

Home is still standing at    Echunga Rd, Meadows.

No 6

'EO MUELLER Wedding'

Photo: 10 April 1913

Pauline Hulda KUCHEL b1883, married Edward Otto MUELLER b1882.


No 7

'Venie & Hulda THIELE'

Photo: 1884ca  

Possibly: Olive Emma Hulda THIELE b1878 [married Thomas ROLLINES] and her sister Alwine Auguste Emma THIELE b1880 [married Claude BRUCE].


No 8


Photo: 13 June 1900

This photo is taken on the wedding day of Edith Mary COLLINS b1880 who married Gottlieb Eduard GREGOR b1872.  
Herbert 'Herb' Richard COLLINS b1883, on the left, is the younger brother of Edith COLLINS.  Emma KUCHEL is Maria Emma KUCHEL b1881 and the 1st cousin of the groom, Gottlieb GREGOR.  


Emma was 19yrs when this photo was taken & 12 yrs later she married Wilhelm EY. Herb was 17yrs in this photo & in 1903 he married Rebecca Jamesena YOUNG.
See No 32, same wedding


No 9

'Hermann THIELE'. Photo: Unidentified wedding


No 10

'Gustav KUCHEL'

Photo: 6 August 1903

Louis Martha BRAENDLER b1879, married Gustav Adolph KUCHEL b1873.


No 11

'J.C. THIELE Wedding'. Photo: Unidentified wedding


No 12


’Gottlieb GREGOR Wedding’


Photo: 13 June 1900 

Edith Mary COLLINS b1880 married Gottlieb Eduard GREGOR b1872.

See No 8 & 32, same wedding.

No 13
‘Grandmother KUCHEL’


Photo: Unidentified.



No 14



Photo: 22 May 1913

Ottilie Hulda 'Tilly' LIEBELT  b1893 married Friedrich Benjamin BRAENDLER b1887. 

See No 19, same wedding.

No 15

‘At MUELLERS, Paechtown’




Photo: 1912ca

Ferdinand MUELLER and family in front of his home, same home & same folk as in No 28. 

[NOT CORRECT} This black and white photograph is from the Art Gallery of SA's website.   For confirmation of the subjects see my article on Localwiki 'John MÜLLER 1 of 5'.

front left: Ferdinand MUELLER, (above) Alfred (?) and right Edward Otto (John's grandfather).


No 16

‘Emma & Hulda KUCHEL’


Photo: unknown date.

Maria Emma KUCHEL b1881 & Pauline Hulda KUCHEL b1883.  

For confirmation of the subjects see my article on Localwiki 'John MÜLLER 1 of 5'.  

See No 22.




Photo: 6 May 1909

Emilie Selma BRAENDLER b1881 married Alfred Robert Julius RODERT b1881.


Photo: 10 April 1913

Pauline Hulda KUCHEL b1883 married Edward Otto MUELLER b1882


No 19


Photo: 22 May 1913

Ottilie Hulda 'Tilly' LIEBELT b1893 married Friedrich Benjamin BRAENDLER b1887


No 20

‘BRAENDLER wedding’

Photo: Unidentified 





Photo: Unidentified




No 21

‘Amalia GRELL, Bertha HEYER’



Veronica Agnes Amalie GRELL 1886-1961 married Oswald Friedrich FAEHRMANN 1883 -1975ca known as ‘Ossie’. Mother Johanne Caroline HIRTE 1852-1920, father August Friedrich Dedlef GRELL 1851-1908.

Bertha HEYER b1868ca  d 12 Dec 1927, husband George Henry HEYER b1861, father Heinrich Zaharias HEYER and mother, Louisa Caroline Wilhelmina FULLGRAVE.







Photo: 1909ca

Wilhelm Alfred MUELLER b1879 m1903, Wilhelmine Caroline Dorothea MEYER b1883. Their first child was Dora b1904 followed by Alfreda b1907.

This black and white photograph is from the Art Gallery of SA's website. 


No 22

‘4 KUCHEL Sisters’



Anna Bertha KUCHEL b1872, Maria Emma KUCHEL b1881, Pauline Hulda KUCHEL b1883, Johanne Louise KUCHEL b1888.    

See No 16. 


No 23




Edward Otto MUELLER b1882, on left.




6:26.  'Alf PAECH  Albert EY. Bill KUCHEL'

PHOTO  unknown date.  -  ? Edmund Alfred PAECH b1889,  Wilhelm Albert EY b1883,   Johann Friedrich Wilhelm KUCHEL b1891


This black and white photograph is from the Art Gallery of SA's website. 





No 24

‘Pastor BRAUN’



Pastor BRAUN, wife and 3 children outside of their home, St Paul's Manse, Hahndorf.




6:28.  'MUELLER'




Photo: 1912ca

Ferdinand MUELLER and family in front of his home, same home & same folk as in No 15.  

See No 35, same home.



No 25



Photo:  Unidentified


No 26



Possibly Johann Friedrich Wilhelm August WITTWER 1829-1904 married 1851 by Pastor KAVEL, Johanne Louise PAECH 1830-1910.

No 27


Photo: Unidentified



No 28

Photo: 13 June 1900

This photo is taken on the wedding day of Edith Mary COLLINS b1880 who married Gottlieb Eduard GREGOR b1872.  

Front left sitting groom, Gottlieb GREGOR.

See No 8 & 12


No 29


Photo: Unidentified




Photo: 23 April 1914.  

Johanne Louise  KUCHEL b1888, married Ernest NELSON b1892.


No 31

‘MUELLER [Paechtown]’


Photo: prior to 1912

Johann Gottlob PAECH in front of his home in Paechtown & 4 other unknown adult males.

See No 28, same home.


No 32


‘Christoph BRAENDLER Florentine née LIEBELT’


Photo:  7 October 1909.  -  Florentine Gertrude LIEBELT b1889 married Gottlieb Christoph BRAENDLER b1881. 

See also No 5 same wedding. 

This black and white photograph is from the Art Gallery of SA's website, featuring their collection of plate glass images found in DIEDERICH's home many years after he died. For confirmation of the subjects see my article on Localwiki 'John MÜLLER 1 of 5'


No 33

‘Samuel KUCHEL’


Photo: before February 1900

Johann Samuel KUCHEL 1815-1900, married 1839 Johanna Dorothea KLENKE 1817-1891. 


No 34

‘Gustav KUCHEL’



Gustav Adolph KUCHEL 1873-1931, married 1903 Louise Martha BRAENDLER 1879-1944.


No 35


‘Bertha KUCHEL’




Anna Bertha KUCHEL 1872-1938 married 1899 William Charles COLLINS 1872-1942







No 36


Photo: 1887ca

Edmund DIEDERICH 1854-1923 and his first born child Ida Clara 1889-1978, he married Ida’s mother, Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL 1854-1932, in 1891.

No 37




‘No notes’


'​From about 1892, when his daughter was two years old, to abut 1894, Diederich toured the mid-northern towns, and is known to have called at Port Wakefield, Balaklava, Snowtown, Redhill, Port Germein, Wirrbara, Appila, Booleroo Centre, Georgetown, Melrose and Yongala.'

'About 1895 Diederich completed his tour and settled on twenty-acre section near Hahndorf where he erected a small two room slab cottage.  From here he combined photography and life as a small farmer, photographing people and placed in the neighbouring districts.  Edmund Diederich died on 24 April 1923, and in 1966 some of his half-plate glass negatives were recovered from above the ceiling of his old cottage at Hahndorf'

For more information see Localwiki 'John MUELLER 1 of 5' See Gottlieb KUCHEL b1846 also in photo 1a above.







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NOTE:  Photos from other collections are named where appropriate, otherwise all photo from the 'John MUELLER Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material'.

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