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John MUELLER Photographic Collection


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This Collection is regarding:  Descendants of Daniel KUCHEL, Johann George KUCHEL & Anna Dorothea SEIFFERT, Anne Elizabeth STEINBORN & Johann Christian LIEBELT, Anna Dorothea GREISER & Johann Gottfried LUBASCH and covers the arrival in South Australia & the descendants of Philippine PIETSCH & Johann Joseph BRAENDLER. 

The family names mentioned in this article include:


Aim of this Article

Display the 'John MUELLER  Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material' connected to the PAECH's of Paechtown and the PAECH's of Friedrichstadt.

Through family tree analysis identify the individuals captured by the camera.

Through record and documentation research identify their early land acquisitions and possibly farm/home sites


Table of Contents

 1.    Author's Note

2.    Kaysher PAECH's

3,    Paechtown


1.    Author's Note



2.    Kaysher PAECH's

Reverse 'Gottlob PAECH'

Johann George PAECH (1793-1875) married 1st wife, Johanna Karoline KLENKE (1793-1831) in Brandenburg, Prussia, 1815ca.

Their 3rd son was Gottlob, [photo left] who was 15 years of age on the 'Zebra' in 1838.  He married 10 December 1846 in the schoolroom at Hahndorf to Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ (1825-1897).  

Eleonore  was twelve years of age on the Zebra, in 1838.  Her parents are Dorothea Elizabeth PAECH b1796 and Johann SCHULZ .

Aldine History 1890: 'Guttler PAECH was born in Germany in 1824, and educated at his native place.  In 1837 he sailed for Australia, landing at Adelaide; he went to Hahndorf and followed various employments there for some time.  Mr PAECH then started farming at Frederickstadt, near Hahndorf, and has been on his present farm since 1861, meeting with good success; he has 400 acres of rich land, and now living retired.  Mr PAECH was married in 1846, his wife being a native of Germany, and has three daughters in family.  In politics he is a Protectinist.'  In 1890 Gottlob PAECH was 66 years of age.







The PAECH/KLENKE/RICHTER family where among ten families on the Zebra to come from a village in Brandenburg known as Kay.  This village is now in Poland and named Kije, 6kms west of Sulechów. (Schubert D)

There were several other families with the surname of PAECH who were also on the Zebra. They came from the village of Nickern (now in Poland and named Niekarzyn, 9kms NW of Sulechów) and Rentschen (now in Poland and named Radoszyn, 5kms NW of Nickern).  (Schubert D, 'Kavel's People page).  Hence the PAECH family from Kay  became known around Hahndorf as the Kaysher PAECH'S.  

I believe that almost all of these PAECH families were related, but that is another story.

Within 15 years (1854) of arriving in the Adelaide Hills this KLENKE/RICHTER/PAECH family built their homes in an area, near Hahndorf, that became known as 'Paechtown'.  Four individual houses/barns and farms, on both sides of the road, within easy walking of each other made up 'Paechtown'.  

This road was named Paechtown Road in 1964, prior to that date it was called Faehrmann's Road  (Reg Butler, From Byways highways). More information on Paechtown pending.

House No 3 built c1850 - Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ & Johann Gottlob PAECH photo c1912

W. IWAN Because of their Beliefs, pge 79 regarding immigration in 1838 "A dispute arose between the government and the guardianship tribunal over the children of PAECH by his first marriage, whether permission regarding guardianship was necessary.  The government demanded it, while the tribunal pronounced it to be not necessary as the children were under paternal authority.  There were also negotiations with the military authorities concerning the eldest on, since he had been discharged from the army after nine months because, according to one report, he had not been confirmed, or, according to another report, not confirmed by a minister.  Probably the confirmation was not recognised because it had not been pqrmored by a union church minister.  Both cases were settled in favour of emigration.

However the eldest of these children Gottfried, did not join them on the 'Zebra' and his whereabouts are mentioned by David SCHUBERT in the book he authored as well as the book he edited:  David SCHUBERT, Kavel's People pge 166 "The eldest son of the first marriage, Johann Gottfried, came out in 1841, having had military service difficulties."

W. Iwan 'Because of their Beliefs, Emigration from Prussia to Australia, page 83 it says: "From Kay."  "Gottfried PAECH, 24, coach driver. [Concerning him it was reported that his parents had already been in Australia for three years, that all of his friends and relations were taking part in this immigration, and that the group had already left Züllichau on 6 May].

Gottfried PAECH was born in 1817ca making him 21 years of age when he said goodbye to his family in 1838.  

Lotha Brasse (heritage architect, author, researcher) numbered these 4 homes No 1-4.  George PAECH Snr & Hanna RICHTER No 1, right on the bend on the left of the road, George Jnr on the right, No 2, Gottlob No 3 on the right and Christian No 4 on the left as you head east.

House No 3 after alterations c1977 - Photo by owner & renovator Ron ROWEIn 1850 four (of the five) children from the first marriage were aged; Johann Christian 29yrs, Johann Gottlob 26yrs, Johann George 24yrs and Johanne Louise 20yrs of age.  

 In the mid 1850's these three sons built their homes and established their farms on land alongside each other and near their father and step mother & their half siblings, 2 of whom were born in Prussia & 5 more born in South Australia.

Johanne Louise had married (1851) during this time (1850-1860) and had the first four of her 8 children born in 1852, 1853, 1856 and 1859.  Of her brothers Christian had married (1848) and had children in 1851, 1855 and the last in 1860, Gottlob had married first (1846) and had his daughters in 1848, 1851, 1854 and 1857. George junior had married (1850) and had five of his seven children, 1850, 1851, 1854, 1856 and 1859 although two did not live long.

All of the homes were variations of each other and all were fächwerk, with brick infill, half hipped roofing and stringy bark shingles.   It was  this home/farm No 3, that the son Gottlob & his wife Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ  (who he married in 1846),  established.  This is the home that John MUELLER was born into, almost 100yrs later.

Some of the ancestors & cousins who lived in or visited Paechtown, could have  included these names::  Altmann, Braendler, Bretag, Braun, Clark, Cook, Collins, Dahl, Diederich, Everett, Ey, Faehrmann, Fishlock, Gallasch Galpin, Gierke, Gogel, Gregor, Gust, Herbig, Hillebrand, Holland,  Jäensch, Kranz, Koenig, Kramm, KorberKuchel, Kubern, Lubasch, Liebelt, MacFarlan, Martin, Menzel, Meyer, Minkwitz, Müller, Nelson, Nitschke, Paech, Pfennig, Pfeiffer, Rodert, Sawade, Schaefer, Schmeiss, Schubert, Schultz, Seidel, Stevens, Thiele, van der Molen, Wakefield, White, Wittwer & Zilm & the relationships go on and on.  

The surnames in bold above, have identifiable photographs in John's collection and many of them are in this article.









PAECH sisters


Mr & Mrs Christian August & Hermann PAECH





W. IWAN, Because of their Beliefs, Emigration from Prussia to Australia, Pge 74, discussing those who were emigrating from the Klemzig parish in 1838.

"From these we see that Elenore KLUGE, a widow and a day-labourer, was not given permission because support and accommodation had not been provided for her two young children who were remaining behind; the guardianship authorities also denied permission to another woman, A Mrs SCHULZ nee PAECH, with two children."


Son of George PAECH

Aldine History 1890: 'John W. PAECH was born in South Australia in 1851, and educated in his native place.  After leaving school he worked on his father's farm until the age of twenty two years, when he started on his own account about two miles from Mount Barker; he selected 120 acres of land, which he uses for agricultural purposes; he cultivates 40 acres, and runs cattle, horses etc.  Mr PAECH married in 1875, his wife being a native of the district, and has six children.  He is a believer in the Protectionist policy.'

Photos from other collections are named where appropriate, otherwise all photos from the 'John MUELLER  Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material'