Other Properties of Historical Interest Within Hahndorf

Other miscellaneous locations of Historic Properties apart from Main Street and Victoria Street are listed below.

Location Property Reference Name and Link Database Ref. SA Heritage ID Local Heritage NR
Aldgate-Strathalbyn Rd fr Biggs Flat-Echunga School     16250
59 Auricht Road fr Lubasch House     18497
18 Church Street St Michaels Lutheran Church NH30 SHR 21249 26049
21 Church Street fr Strempel House NH61   18500
24 Church Street St Michael's Lutheran School NH102   18498
35 Church Street House NH132   18377
37 Church Street House NH133   18378
39 Church Street House NH134   18378
Darby Road fr JF Paech House   SHR 22797  
Echunga Road Hahndorf Cemetery     18380
16 English Street St Paul's Anglican Church NH217   18381
Heysen Road The Cedars, Hans Heysen's Property      
Liebelt Summer Track Oakside Park Stud   SHR 22790  
Mt Barker Road Nixon's Windmill   16183  
Mt Barker Road Sacred Oak     18382
121 Mt Barker Road House     18383
Mt Barker Road Taringa Park   SHR 22795  
Paechtown Road Barn   SHR 10494  
Paechtown Road Dwelling   SHR 10496  
Pain Road Cottage & Slab Barn     18385
Pine Avenue The German Cake Shop      
River Road Willow Cottage, fr Wittwer House     18386
Princess Highway Beerenberg Barn (fr Pfeiffer's)   SHR 10488  
Schroeder Road Mooney (fr Reimann) Barnhouse   SHR 10992  
Various Hahndorf Old Barns      
Windsor Avenue Avenue of Oak Trees     18389
Windsor Avenue Mooney Farmhouse & Barn     18390
Windsor Avenue House & Cottage     18391
5 Windsor Avenue Louise Flierl Mission Museum NH239   18392

Sources and Further Information

Additional information regarding the creation and evolution of Hahndorf's streetscape can be obtained from Reg Butler's publication - 'From Byways to Highways - Hahndorf's Changing Streetscape'.

Please note that information sources for all properties referenced include:

  • The Hahndorf Allotments Database, by Reg Butler

  • The publication-'HAHNDORF, A Journey Through the Village and its History', by Anni Luur Fox

  • Other publications and sources including personal anecdotal information, newspaper reports and letters.