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Paechtown house 2 

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From 'Historical Australian Towns'



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Hahndorf Survey Volume 1 pge 177





Hahndorf Survey Volume 1 page 182





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1.    Author's Note





1.    Authors Note







Kaysher PAECH's

Johann George PAECH (1793-1875) married 1st wife, Johanna Karoline KLENKE (1793-1831) in Brandenburg, Prussia, 1815ca.

Their 3rd son was Johann Gottlob PAECH, who was 15 years of age on the 'Zebra' in 1838.  He married 10 December 1846 in the schoolroom at Hahndorf to Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ [1825-1897].  

Eleonore  was twelve years of age on the Zebra, in 1838.  Her parents are Dorothea Elizabeth PAECH b1796 and Johann SCHULZ .


Within 15 years [1854] of arriving in the Adelaide Hills this KLENKE/RICHTER/PAECH family built their homes in an area, near Hahndorf, that became known as 'Paechtown'.  Four individual houses/barns and farms, on both sides of the road, within easy walking of each other made up 'Paechtown'.  This road was named Paechtown Road in 1964, prior to that date it was called Faehrmann's Road  [Reg BUTLER, From Byways highways].

Lotha BRASSE  [heritage architect, author, researcher] numbered these 4 homes No 1-4.  

  • No 1.   Parents:    George PAECH Snr & Hanna RICHTER right on the bend on the left of the road
  • No 2.   4th son:   George Jnr on the right, 
  • No 3.   3rd son:   Gottlob on the right 
  • No 4.   2nd son:  Christian on the left as you head east.
  • 5th child:   Johanne Louise PAECH.  Louise had married [1851] during this time [1850-1860] and had the first four of her 8 children born in 1852, 1853, 1856 and 1859.  

Of her brothers Christian had married [1848] and had children in 1851, 1855 and the last in 1860

Gottlob had married first [1846] and had his daughters in 1848, 1851, 1854 and 1857.  

George junior had married [1850] and had five of his seven children, 1850, 1851, 1854, 1856 and 1859 although two did not live long.

All of the homes were variations of each other and all were fächwerk, with brick infill, half hipped roofing and stringy bark shingles.   


4th son Johann George PAECH & Johanne Karaline HARTMANN

Their children were born in  1850, 1851, 1854, 1856, 1859, 1862 & 1867, 5 sons & 2 daughters.

Child No 6.

Johann Auguste PAECH b1862 took over the running of the farm & house no 2.

  • Nickname was 'George's August', or 'Red August'.
  • He married April 1894 to Johanne Auguste SCHMIDTKE

Their 6 children were born in 1895, 1897, [12 months later their grandmother died] 1900, 1901, 1902 & 1908 [3 months after her grandfather died]

  • Friedrich Oswald PAECH b1895
  • Hugo Reinhold PAECH b1897
  • Johann Edmund PAECH b1900 married 1934 Daphne Jean PETTY
  • Alwine Alma PAECH b1901
  • Edwin Theodor PAECH b1902
  • Ottielie Clara PAECH b1908 married in 1932 Charles PETTY 

His parents died in 1908 & 1898.

The children were aged 13, 11, 8, 7, 6, unborn when their grandfather died in 1908.

Two of their children married PETTY siblings they are numbered No 1 & No 2 below.

No 1.   Their 3rd child was Johann Edmund PAECH b1900 who in 1934 married  Daphne Jean PETTY b1914

November 2023, Heather PETTY said this is where my 'Auntie Daphne & Uncle Adey used to live'.

There children were:  Kevin Edmund PAECH b1939,  Gordon Norman PAECH b1942, Geoffrey Dean PAECH b1946, Jennifer Daphne PAECH b1950

November 2023, Heather PETTY said my 'grandfather Robert PETTY built this shed & the bakehouse on the other side of PAECH's house.'

  No 2.  Their youngest [6th child] was Ottielie Clara PAECH b1908, who in 1932 aged 23 years married 24 year old Charles PETTY b1907.

They had 5 children 

  • Marjory Ella PETTY b1932
  • Alan PETTY b1933
  • Bety Dawn PETTY b 1940
  • Malcolm Charles PETTY b1946
  • Lynette Fay PETTY b1952

The parents of these two, Charles & Daphne Jean PETTY have 8 siblings.

Their parents are: Robert Thomas PETTY & Camilla Erikka Mathilda HENNINGSEN

Paechtown house 1

Charles PETTY lived in Paechtown house 1 with wife Ottielie Clara PAECH

Paechtown house 2

His sister Daphne Jean PETTY lived in Paechtown house 2 with husband Johann Edmund PAECH



Hahndorf Survey Volume 1 page 183