The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Ricketts

BARQUE ELIZA - 2 cabin, 92 adult and 63 children steerage passengers 14/5/1840

MANN, Captain John

!DYER, Enos Senr (21/8/1803-13/6/1867) Born Minchinhampton, Glos, England. Died Peachey Belt SA. Farmer; Hindmarsh, Islington, Peachey Belt. Methodist. m 18/11/1824 Horsley, Glos.

!DYER, Mrs Enos nee Frances Clayfield [Was this her maiden name or a former married name?] (c1800-3/2/1880) Died Hindmarsh SA. Her daughter Jane came from another father.

!CLAYFIELD, Jane (//c1822-7/6/1897) Died Adelaide SA (of Hindmarsh), in the Adelaide Hospital, as a result of injuries received opposite the York Hotel, Rundle St. Step-daughter of Enos Dyer. Lived; Hindmarsh both marriages but no family. m (1) 22/1/1844 St John’s Adelaide, Henry George Beaumont. m (2) 3/9/1875 St Bartholomew’s Norwood, John Chew (//c1831-11/2/1899) Died Hundred of Dalkey SA. Father; Joseph.

!DYER, Mary Ann (//1825-26/8/1894) Died Monbulla nr Penola SA, her son Henry Ricketts’ residence. Servant to Cornelius Birdseye, Hindley St, Adelaide. m 25/3/1844 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Henry Ricketts.

!DYER, Edwin/Edmund (//c1828-//) Settled; Brompton. Not yet identified. m 22/5/1850 Christ Church North Adelaide, Mary nee YEO

!DYER, Charles (//c1829-//) Not yet identified. Perhaps Settled; Adelaide. m (1) DNR perhaps Lydia nee EVANS m (2) 6/12/1896 Mr Kemp’s residence Currency Creek, Mrs Richard Pomery nee Elizabeth Carruth (nb)

!DYER, William (4/7/1830-19/1/1884) Died Balaklava SA. Farmer; Hindmarsh, Islington, Peachey Belt, Balaklava. m 12/12/1854 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Harriet nee Jessop.

!DYER, Daniel (3/2/1832-5/5/1904) Died Balaklava SA. Prospector; Hindmarsh, Islington, Balaklava, Flinders Ranges. Unmarried.

!DYER, Eliza (//1834-//1897) Not yet identified.

!DYER, Enos Junr (//1836-//) Not yet identified.

BARQUE FAIRLIE - 9 cabin, 266 Commissioners’ passengers from London 7/7/1840

GARRETT, Captain Edward RN Dinner in his honour Fordham’s Hotel 28/7/1840 SA 31/7/1840 p205e

!RICKETTS, John (//c1806-//) Death details not known; could be confusion with Rickards. Weaver and labourer from Forest Green nr Nailsworth, Glos, England. Labourer; Adelaide, Islington, Hindmarsh. At Bendigo goldfields 1853 Observer 10/9/1858 p294c.

!RICKETTS, Mrs John nee Sarah ? (//c1806-27/7/1865) Died Hindmarsh SA.

!RICKETTS, Henry (//c1825-22/11/1874) Died Hindmarsh SA. Labourer; Adelaide, North Adelaide then Malster; Hindmarsh then Farmer; Peachey Belt, Nairne then Bricklayer, malster; Hindmarsh. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871. m 25/3/1844 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Mary Ann nee Dyer.

SHIP ROYAL ADMIRAL - 4 cabin + 142 steerage passengers (146 passengers) from London, England 13/12/1840

MARTIN, Captain David

!RICKETTS, Samuel (//c1802-26/6/1883) Died Saddleworth SA. Ag labourer from Horsley, Glos, England. Farmer; Adelaide, Hampstead, The Pinery, High Grove Saddleworth.

!RICKETTS, Mrs Samuel nee Maria GAZARD (//c1810-//) DNR. Perhaps sister to fellow passenger Samuel Gazard. Not yet identified.

!RICKETTS, Richard (//c1825-//) Labourer from Horsley. Not yet identified.

!RICKETTS, son (//c1826-//) Not yet identified.

!RICKETTS, daughter (//c1827-//) Not yet identified.

!RICKETTS, son (//c1829-//) Not yet identified.

!RICKETTS, daughter (//c1833-//) Not yet identified.

!RICKETTS, Thomas (//c1836-//) Not yet identified. m 19/11/1873 Bride’s father’s residence Shelford, Eliza nee BROMLEY (//c1847-//)

!RICKETTS, William (//c1838-//) Farmer; Saddleworth. m 9/4/1863 Matthew Howe residence Willyara, Elizabeth, nee Howe. (//c1844-//) Father; Samuel. Not yet identified.

!RICKETTS, daughter (//c1839-//) Not yet identified.

BARQUE RESOURCE - c211 passengers from London 23/1/1839

BOYLE, Captain William

!LEGGETT, William Senr (//c1808-12/10/1881) Died Fordwich Farm Hay Valley. Labourer and gardener from Fordwich, Kent, England. Farmer; Woodside, Fordwich Farm Hay Valley. Primitive Methodist.

!LEGGETT, Mrs William nee Ann ? (?/5/1803-26/12/1898) Died East Wellington SA.

!LEGGETT, William Junr (//c1829-//) m 22/7/1856 place not recorded Strathalbyn, Catherine nee MCTOMNEY (//c1837-//) Father; Anthony. Not yet identified.

!LEGGETT, daughter (//c1830-//) m ? Not yet identified.

!LEGGETT, daughter (//c1832-//) Not yet identified.

!LEGGETT, Mark (//c1835-15/6/1915) Died Moorak SA. m 21/7/1884 John DYKE residence Attamurra, Mrs Cameron nee Mary CAMERON (//c1837-//) Father; John. Not yet identified.

!LEGGETT, son (//c1837-//)

Is the above son to be identified as:

!LEGGETT, Edward (//c1840-//) m 20/3/1861 Groom’s father’s residence Hay Valley, Mary nee Mills (nb).

Or was Edward Leggett born in SA?

Letter dated 30 July 2003

Dear Heather

Thank you for any help you may be able to give in completing the Ricketts and Leggett families further. It is extremely fiddly and slow work identifying passengers on these lists.

I hope that the details are not confusing. Where marriage partner surnames are underlined, that means that I have not found a ship for those persons.

What we are prepared to do to extend the bounds of knowledge.

Kind regards