LOCATION:  74 Main Street, Hahndorf  [Opposite the Post office]

Ph 8388 1396  Open 7.30am—10.00pm



The Random Shopper - Ann Haines:  Hahndorf Village Voice, Issue No 43, 2015

Richard and Guiliana Del Col spent considerable time preparing the premises inside and out, before opening to the public in April.  Richard extended the menu and meals gradually, thus ensuring that quality and service was manageable.

My first visit took in hot chocolate, with melted chocolate around the rim of the cup!  Since then, overseas grandchildren have declared this to be the best hot chocolate ever ! The delights continue through the day, with varied tasty and well priced generous breakfasts, or healthy lunch and dinner options, such as foccacias, wraps, burgers, fish and chips and, of course, the renowned Copenhagen icecreams.  The opportunity to be a tiny bit wicked lingers. Richard employs 22 young local people, six of whom are multi-tasking and learning the mysteries of cooking or kitchen duties. When I asked Richard what he wants most to do, his response was "To make people smile".  Yum.