The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Rumpf (Rump) Family

Ship Susanne - passengers from Hamburg 7/10/1851

Müller, Captain JCH

RUMPF, Johann Heinrich (//c1816-20/12/1884) Born Zahrensdorf, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Died Gnadenfrei SA. Kudmacher from Zahrensdorf. Settled; Greenock, Gnadenfrei. Lutheran. m 24/2/1854 poss JHW Blücher residence Neu Mecklenburg, Maria nee Meincke.

Ship Cesar Godeffroy - passengers from Hamburg 2/1/1854

MEYER, Captain 11 passengers died - 6 adults, 5 children - 1 dropsy, 7 dysentery, 1 consumption, 2 cramp Observer 7/1/1854 p5b.

MEINCKE, Catharine Maria (//c1833-//) Died prob SA – death not registered. From Zahrensdorf, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Daughter of Johann Meincke. m (1) 24/2/1854 (poss JHW) Blücher residence Neu Mecklenburg, Johann Rumpf m (2) 6/8/1885 Bride’s residence Gnadenfrei, August Schaller.


Wilhelmine Maria Helene Rump b c1855 date not registered m 27/4/1877 St Michael’s Lutheran Church Gnadenfrei, Johann Wilhelm Dohnt.

Dorothea Maria Henriette Rump b 4/6/1857 Greenock d 25/1/1865 Greenock.

Carl Christian Martin Rump b 17/8/1860 Gnadenfrei. m 8/12/1889 Bride’s father Moses Hutchinson’s residence Duffield Town nr Hamley Bridge, Sarah Mary nee Hutchinson b c1870 – not one child of Moses Hutchinson registered as born in SA. Moses Hutchinson b c1832 Co Donegal, Ireland emigrated to SA South Sea 1855 as a single man. Marriage not registered. Remarriage registered – m 10/12/1884 St Barnabas Clare, Mrs John JAFFER/JEFFER nee Margaret DUNN/DUNNE (//c1835-//) daughter of Richard Dunne. In SA by 1853. Settled; Mt Crawford, Gawler.

Johann Benno Rump b 21/11/1890 Gnadenfrei.

Johannes Bernhard Rump b c1891 m 3/2/1914 Pastor J Meier’s residence Light Pass, Clara Louise Linda nee KEIL (//c1897-//) Father; Johann Carl Keil.

August Wihelm Rump b 27/7/1892 Gnadenfrei. m 16/4/1914 St Paul’s Lutheran Church Eudunda, Florence Louise nee BOCKMANN (26/1/1897-//) Born Daveyston SA. Parents; Hermann Friedrich Carl Bockmann 25 – native born and Pauline Mathilde nee Grossmann 19 – native born. m 29/10/1896 St John’s Lutheran Church Daveyston.

Friedrich Theodor Rump b 14/3/1894 Gnadenfrei.

Adelaide Meta Rump b 14/1/1897 Greenock.

Christian Gustav Rump b 28/3/1900 Greenock.

Albert George Rump b 28/3/1903 Greenock.

Christian Gustav Rump b 28/3/1903.