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Kathryn SCHMEISS Collection

Rare Documents

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This collection of rare documents which are now preserved in archival safe sleeves includes

  • 3 confirmation certificates
    • Anna Bertha LIEBELT b1867
      • The youngest of 11 children to Johanna Caroline LUBASCH & Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT.
      • married 1895 Carl Reinhold KRAMM
      • They inherited her parents property off Echunga Rd
    • Carl Reinhold KRAMM b1865
      • The eldest  child of Christians Emile GERLACH & Heinrich Friedrich KRAMM.
      • married 1895 Anna Bertha LIEBELT 
    • Hermine Pauline Bertha KRAMM 1867
      • The youngest child of Christians Emile GERLACH & Heinrich Friedrich KRAMM.
      • A younger sister to Carl Reinhold KRAMM
  • 1  Certificate of Oath of Allegiance Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT 1849, 'A native of Silesia in Prussia'.
    • Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT 1823-1893 married Johann Caroline LUBASCH 1827-1902
    • On 'Zebra' from Brandenburg, not Silesia.
    • Eldest child of the 2nd son of Anna Elisabeth STEINBORN & Johann Christoph LIEBELT Snr.
    • Parents were Maria Elisabeth KUCHEL & Johann Christian LIEBELT.
    • In 1849 Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT had been married for 2 years, had 2 children, was a squatter at Friedrichstadt.
  • 3 rare documents from 1856, 1869 & 1870.  



The family names that are mentioned in this article:





Anna Bertha LIEBELT born 30 July 1867, signed A STREMPEL


Confirmed 1880

Carl Reinhold KRAMM b 21 January 1865, signed A STREMPEL


Confirmed 1878

Hermine Pauline Bertha KRAMM b 20 May 1867, signed A STREMPEL

Confirmed 1880

T.T. FINNIS 1807-1893, 1st Premier of South Australia serving from 1856-1857

"Certificate if Oath of Allegiance 

Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT"

Signed by Boyle Travers FINNIS Esquire, Acting Registrar Germans, of the Province of South Australia, do, by virtue of the power given to me in this behalf of the Ordinary....on the Twenty-eighty day of July, One thousand Eight Hundred & Forty-six [No. 7], "To amend the Laws relating to Aliens" hereby certify, that Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT a native of Silesia in Prussia but now residing at Hahndorf did this day take and subscribe before me the oath prescribed by the saith Ordinance.  Give under my hand this fifth day of February One Hundred & 49."    Wikipedia.

Rare Prussian documents dated 1856, 1869 & 1870.  

4 December 2023,  Dr Lois ZWECK, historian, author, translator  "One of these documents is KRAMM's Gesellen / Journeyman exam, even more rare his enrolment as a citizen by the town council [Magistrat] - as a cloth maker & house owner.  This his emigration permit / dismissal, together with the whole family."  Documents will be transcribed & translated during 2024.