LOCATION:   23 Victoria Street, Hahndorf

SHR 11588 – confirmed as a State Heritage Place 1 September 1983

Schneemilch Barn

The barn, constructed c1840s by J.H.F. Schneemilch, is an example of early German barn structures, with the loft initially serving as a family dwelling.  As with similar buildings along Victoria Street, this structure dates to the earliest period of Hahndorf's settlement, and reflects the original small house/farm blocks that comprised the town.

The house is a popular colonial-German style, with a central entry/kitchen and one room off each side.

This barn was constructed in early settlement days by JHF Schneemilch.  The slab structure is an example of an early German barn, with the loft used as the family dwelling until such time as the house was built.

Early Ownership 

Information from The Hahndorf Allotments Database compiled by Reg Butler.

Old Lot No. New Lot No. Street No. Street Name
54  House N.H. 8 23 Victoria Street
Year Sold New Owner Occupation Owner's Home Personal
1839 Gottfried Wundke day labourer Hahndorf Later farmer.
1853 Friedrich Schneemilch senior carpenter & yeoman Hahndorf Died 1868.
1868a Hermann Schneemilch farmer Hahndorf Executor.
1868b Sophie Schneemilch widow of F Schneemilch Hahndorf Life interest.  Died 1871.
1871a Hermann Schneemilch farmer Hahndorf Executor.
1871b Friedrich Schneemilch junior carpenter & farmer Hahndorf Son of F & S Schneemilch.  Died 1916.
1916 Adolph Schneemilch senior out of work Alberton Executor.  LTO title.
1928 Adolph Schneemilch junior labourer Hahndorf Died 1955.

Jack Chapman *

Leonard Schneemilch
Richard Schneemilch

business manager
Mt Barker

George Raymond Schneemilch and
Dorothy, his wife (Van de Nadort)

Trevor Dean Schneemilch (son)

Raymond Ashley Schneemilch (son)


married woman

Never Married

Married 4.4.1970 divorced 2001


18.4.1923 to 11.9.2010

5.3.1925 to 5.2.2013




  • 1862 AA Light's resurvey amalgamated House 54 with House 1, 2, 3 to form NH 8..
  • 1871 LTO title, through H Schneemilch, after S Schneemilch died.
  • * with Richard Schneemilch farmer Macclesfield; Leonard Schneemilch farmer Bridgewater     
  • 4013/843 Metric title.  No 25-31 Victoria Street included in this title.  No 25 is also laid out on former House 54.