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Section 3917 & 3918

Hd Kuitpo


Portions of section 3912, 3916, 3917 & 3918


Pioneers of Hahndorf 1839, A Wittwer

'Section 3918 [72 acres] purchased by Christian PAECH of Hahndorf at fixed price of 144 pound on 27 September 1849

 Section 3913, 3916, 3917 purchased by Johann Christian PAECH of Friedrichstadt.

Sections 3915, 3916, 3917 make up what is now known as Paechtown.  

Johann George PAECH became part owner of Section 3915 on 26 September 1856.'











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Table of Contents

1.    Authors Note

2.   1848 & 1849 Christian PAECH

3.   1871 Portions of section 3912, 3916, 3917 & 3918 to Gottlob PAECH

4.   Genealogy

  • 1912 Gottlob PAECH dies

5.    1962 Certificate of Title 3094/139


1.    Authors Note


2.   1848 & 1849 Christian PAECH

Summary of Title 153/119 Hd Kuitpo

  • 1848       On 20 December 1848 Christian PAECH was granted Section 3917 & on 5 October 1849 was granted Section 3918.
  • 1871.       6 blocks of land on Sections 3912, 3916, 3917 & 3918 were sold to his brother Gottlob PAECH
    • These parcels of land, 127 acres were passed down through the daughter of Gottlob PAECH & Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ to the MÜLLER family & ultimately to Hilda MUELLER & her son John [the owner of the John MUELLER Photographic & Other Archival Materials Collection] who sold it in ...................... & moved into Hahndorf.  

    • This land had been in the PAECH family for over 100 years.......

Details of Title 153/119, Hd Kuitpo.

1848 / 1849 Christian PAECH granted Sections:

  • Section 3917 in 1840 &

  • Section 3918 in 1849

At the bottom of this Certificate of Title above see:  "granted Sections 3912 and 3916 on the 24 day of December 1840 under the hand and seal of George Gawler Esquire Resident Commissioner and Governor of the said province to John Barton Hack and Sections 3917 on the 20 day of December 1848 and 3918 on the 5th day of October 1849 under the hand and seal of Sir Henry Edward FOX YOUNG Lieutenant Governor of the said province to Christian PAECH."


3.    1871, 28 April, on the same Certificate of Title above

Gottlob PAECH was granted Hd Kuitpo certain blocks in the Sections of 3912, 3916, 3917 & 3918:

  • Block 2 containing 38 acres, 3 roods

  • Block 3 containing 19 acres 3 roods & 20 perches

  • Block 7 containing 12 acres 1 rood & 34 perches

  • Block 9 containing 8 acres 1 rood

  • Block 13 containing 11 acres 2 roods 24 perches

  • Block 15 containing 39 acres 3 roods 25 perches

  • Total Acres = 127 acres, 12 roods, [1 acre to 160 square roods.] 103 perches [1 acre to 160 perches]

At the top of this Certificate of Title above & below is reads Gottlob PAECH of Friedrichstadt, near Hahndorf, farmer, is now seized of an estate in fee simple subject nevertheless to such encumbrances liens and interest as are notified by memorial underwritten or endorsed hereon in Those pieces of land situated in the Hundred of Kuitpo ​County of Adelaide being the Blocks 2 containing thirty-eight acres three roods or thereabouts 3 containing nineteen acres three roods and twenty perches or thereabouts 7 containing twelve acres one rood and thirty four perches or thereabouts 9 containing eight acres and one rood or thereabouts 13 containing eleven acres two roods and twenty four perches or thereabout and 15 containing thirty nine acres three roods and twenty five perches or thereabouts of the Sections 3912, 3916, 3917 and 3918 and bounded as appears in the plan deposited in the Lands Titles Registration Office No 293 and in the plan in the margin hereof and therein coloured green Together with a right of way and passage with or without horses, cattle, carts & other vehicles laden or unlade into through upon & over the private road as shown 

[1871] SAILIS CT Vol 153 Folio 119in the said reposted plan & also with a right of way for the owners & occupiers of the said blocks, 9, 13 & 15 to & from the water pools situated & being on section 3903 for the purpose of using & carrying water from the said pools Which said sections are delineated in the public map of the said Hundred deposited in the Office of the Surveyor General and were originally granted sections 3912 and 3916 on the 24 day of December1840 under the hand and seal of George GAWLER Esquire Resident Commissioner and Governor of the said province to John Barton HACK & sections 3917 on the 20 day of December 1848 & 3918 on the 5 day of October 1849 under hand & seal of Sir Henry Edward Fox Young Lieutenant Governor of the said province to Christian PAECH”


4.    Genealogy

In 1871 when Gottlob PAECH purchased Blocks 2,3,7,9,13 & 15 :

  • Johann Gottlob PAECH 1824-1912 was 47 years of age

  • he had been married for 25 years [m 1846] to Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ from Paechtown house no 3,

  • had 4 daughters, & their ages were:

    • J Caroline Louise 23 years was married to Guido BRAENDLER no children

    • J Eleanora 20 years did not marry for another 7 years [married MUELLER]

    • Martha 17 years married in 1874 to Paul BRAENDLER, had none of their 7 children. 

  • Probably 2 of his daughters were still living at home & his wife Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ was 46 years of age.

In December 1848 when Marianne WALLENT & Christian PAECH [Gottlob’s brother] initially purchased this land:

  • Johann Christian PAECH 1821-1905 was 27 years of age
    • had been married for 10 months [married in March 1848, Hahndorf]
    • to Marianne WALLENT who was 20 years of age
    • none of their 3 children had been born.

In April 1871, when Marianne WALLENT & PAECH  sold just over 127 acres of this land to his brother:

  • their eldest child, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm August PAECH was 20 years of age, & when he married 15 years later he settled on 'PAECH land on Windmill Hill'. A College in the Wattles by Reg BUTLER page 400.
  • Louise PAECH was 16 years of age, is not mentioned in the 'A College in the Wattles'.
  • Christian August Johann PAECH was 11 years of age and he 'inherited his father's Paechtown property & remained in the home of his birth for the rest of his life'. A College in the Wattles by Reg BUTLER page 399.

In 1848 the time of the initial transaction

  • Christian was newly married, Gottlob had been married 2 years & had 1 of their 4 children.
    • These 2 brothers  also had  3 other siblings. the elder of them all Johann Gottfried PAECH, Johann George [22 years old] a sister Johanne Louise [18 years of age].
    • Their father, Johann George PAECH [Kaysher PAECH] born in 1793 was 55 years of age
    • Their mother Johann Karaline KLENKE had died in Prussia after mid 1830 and before 1834.
  • Their 4 individual homes [one for each brother & their father] in the area now known as PAECHTOWN had not been built
  • Their father & his second wife, Hannah Rosina RICHTER, had another 2 children [Maria Elisabeth 14 years, Johann Friedrich 12 years] in Prussia.
    • Another 3 children [Johann August 7 years, Johann Wilhelm 4 years & Johanna Luise Karoline 2 years of age] were born in South Australia by 1848 when this land was purchased
    • And another 2 children were born in 1849 & 1851.
  • The PAECH’s had been in South Australia for 9 years, after arriving on the ‘Zebra’ in 1839. 
  • Why was it that the eldest son made this initial transaction, & in his own name, and was it financed with the father’s assets?
  • 10 years after arrival, in 1848 Johann Christian PAECH, the eldest son in South Australia,  purchases Section 3917, 3918 Hd Kuitpo.
  • He or the family farms this land until 1871 and sells just over 127 acres of these sections to his brother Gottlob.


The PAECH's employ a master carpenter to build their individual homes on each side of  'FAEHRMANN Rd.'

In the late 1850’s Gottlob PAECH & Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ’s house no 3 is built on the south side of the road.

  • 1948 Daughter no 1 born ‘nr Hahndorf’.
  • 1851  Daughter no 2 born ‘nr Hahndorf’.
  • 1854  Daughter no 3 born ‘Adelaide’.
  • 1857  Daughter no 4 born ‘Friedrichstadt’
    • 1859   Daughter no 4 dies ‘nr Hahndorf’, 2 years old.
  • 1869   Daughter no 1 married Guido BRAENDLER
  • 1874   Daughter no 3 marries Paul BRAENDLER
  • 1879   Daughter no 2 marries Ferdinand MÜLLER & remains living in house no 3 with husband & parents.
    • 1879  Grandson, William Alfred MÜLLER born ‘Friedrichstadt’ lives house no 3 with parents & grandparents.
    • 1882  Grandson, Edward Otto MÜLLER born ‘Friedrichstadt’ lives in house no 3, with his parents, grandparents & wife [married in 1913]
      • Edward Otto marries Pauline Hulda KUCHEL whose ancestors were on 'The Zebra' and  the 'Herjeebhoy Rustonjee Patel'.
      • His 4 children are born there
      • he dies there in 1954, 72 years later.
  • 1897  Gottlob PAECH’s wife Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ dies, 72 years of age
    • Eleonore SCHULZ has been living in her house, no 3, for about 43 years.  
    • Her grandchildren William & Edward MÜLLER are 18 & 15 years of age.
  • 1897-1912.  For another 15 years Gottlob continues to live in his PAECHTOWN house no 3 with his daughter & son in law & 2 adult grandsons.


5.     1912, Gottlob PAECH dies

[1912] SAILIS CT Vol 153 Folio 119The first change to this Certificate of Title is to document the death of Gottlob PAECH   

Executor of Gottlob PAECH’s Will,  [dated 10 May 1909] 'is Friedrich Traugott LIEBING, saddler of Mt Barker.'

Gottlob PAECH dies 4 March, 1912

He has had the land for 41 years




[1912] SAILIS CT Vol 153 Folio 119On 26 July 1912. Gottlob PAECH & Eleonore SCHULZ's 2nd daughter [Johanna Eleonora MÜELLER [sic] who has been living in the same house with them since a child, inherits the property on C-T 153/119.

Title is transferred  'from F.T. LIEBING to Eleonore MUELLER wife of Ferdinand MUELLER, Friedrichstadt,  farmer, during her life & to Wilhelm Alfred MUELLER & Edward Otto MUELLER both of Friedrichstadt





By 1912 when Gottlob PAECH died.

  • Eldest daughter: Johanne Caroline Louise PAECH 1848-1924, m Guido BRAENDLER, has had all of her 8 children &  is 64 years of age.
  • Middle daughter: Johanne Eleanora PAECH 1851-1939, m MUELLER 1879, has lived in the family home since it was built, was 61 years of age.  
  • 2 children:
  • Wilhelm Alfred 33 years [married for 11 years to Wilhelmine Caroline Dorothea MEYER]
  • Edward Otto 30 years [unmarried] living at home with parents: Johanne Eleonora PAECH & Johann Carl Ferdinand MUELLER both were 61 years of age
  • Youngest daughter: Martha PAECH 1854-1939, m BRAENDLER in 1874, 7 children & is 58 years of age.

1913  10 April  Edward Otto MUELLER marries Pauline Hulda KUCHEL

  • With his wife & his parents he continues to live in Paechtown house no 3.
  • They have 4 children
    • One child dies as an infant
    • none of the 3 siblings every marry.  
  • 1914 Edwin Carl born ‘Nr Hahndorf'.
  • 1918  Clarence born ‘Nr Ambleside'.
  • 1923 Ronald born ‘Ambleside'.
  • 1925  Hilda born ‘Ambleside'.

1928 30 December, Johann Carl Ferdinand MÜLLER died.

  • His wife [J Eleonore PAECH], their son Edward, his wife Pauline KUCHEL & their 3 children [Edwin 14 years, Clarence 10 years, Hilda 3 years old] continue to live in house no 3 PAECHTOWN.
  • J Eleonora PAECH lives for another 11 years.

1939 20 May, Johanna Eleonora MUELLER died

[1940]  SAILIS CT Vol 153 Folio 119[1940]  SAILIS CT Vol 153 Folio 119Land was transferred between the brothers: from William Alfred to Edward Otto MUELLER who had always lived in that home


William Alfred MUELLER was 61 years of age & their 6 children being 36 year old to 18 years old, not living in Paechtown.  

Edward Otto was 58 years of age and their [now] 3 children being 25 years old to 14 years of age, all living in house no 3.

  • 1945  Hilda MUELLER has a relationship with an Italian Prisoner of War, Francesco NATALIE, working on their Paechtown property since being captured in Libya.
  • Although they wish to marry this is denied to them.  
  • Their son John MUELLER is born [1945] & he grows up living in house no 3 with his mother Hilda, and her two older unmarried brothers [Edwin & Clarence MUELLER] as well as their parents [Edward Otto MUELLER & Pauline Hulda KUCHEL]for the next 9 years.


 1954    2March Edward Otto MUELLER dies aged 72

SAILIS CT Vol 153 Folio 119SAILIS CT Vol 153 Folio 119            SAILIS CT Vol 153 Folio 119                   

1955 'Eric Wittwer, accountant of Uraidla' is the Executor of the Will of Edward Otto MUELLER who died 26 [sic] March 1954

Authors Note: SAGHS birth data base '25 March 1954'


1958 The Title is transferred to [2 of his sons not the daughter Hilda,]  'Edwin Carl MUELLER & Clarence MUELLER both of Hahndorf, farmers.'

1958   The new title holders are Edwin Carl is 40 years & his brother Clarence MUELLER is 36 years of age.


5.     1962,  6 August, Section 3912, Block no 15,  Certificate of Title 3094/139 transferred to:

SAILIS CT Vol 3094 Folio 139 Block 15SAILIS CT Vol 3094 Folio 139'Herbert Martin NOSKE of Hahndorf, Butcher & Emma Mildred NOSKE his wife'

'Block 15, Hd of Kuitpo, 39 acres, 2 roods of Section 3912, right of way to water pools on Section 3903'

See new CT 3679/ 130


1969    25 August Edwin Carl MUELLER, bachelor, dies aged 54 years.


1962     6 August, Blocks in Section 3912,  Certificate of Title 3094/140 transferred to Edwin Carl MUELLER & brother Clarence MUELLER both of Hahndorf, farmers.

SAILIS CT Vol 3094 Folio 140SAILIS CT Vol 3094 Folio 140'Blocks 2,3,7,9 & 13 of the subdivision of Section 3912 & other land together with a free and unrestricted right of way over the New Road Private Road and Right of Way ....from the water pools situated & being on Section 3903 for the purpose of carrying water form the said pools appurtenant only to the said Block 9 & 13....'  

1963   1 August   See above CT.   Blocks on Section 3912  'Blocks 2,3,7,9 & 13 of the subdivision of Section 3912'  to Stanley Lewis HOFFMANN & Eileen Eleanore HOFFMANN

1970   25 December brother Clarence MUELLER, bachelor, dies aged 52 years

1970   30 January Barker Development Proprietary Ltd of Mt Barker Stirling Hd Kuitpo.


SAILIS CT 3679/130

SAILIS CT Vol FolioSAILIS CT Vol.  Folio'Land containing 9 acres, 3 roods & 10 perches Hd Kuitpo, portion of Allotment 15 in the subdivision of Section 3912, being portion of Allotment 15 of the subdivision of Section 3912....'


1985  29 April CT 4244/268

SAILIS CT Vol 4244 Folio 268SAILIS CT Vol 4244 Folio 268                                                                                        










Hahndorf Survey Volume 1 page 187



Hd Kuitpo & Onkaparinga, Sections 3918 & 4232.


No 2.   1871.  Summary of the journey of this Certificate of Title 157/49

Friedrich Wilhelm WITTWER of Hahndorf, Miller owned this land before August 1871 but this is not documented on this Title.  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm WITTWER Snr [aged 38 years on the 'Zebra' died in 1864, so he is not the owner indicated in this Title.  This WITTWER Snr & his wife had 3 children & the eldest was Johann Friedrich Wilhelm August WITTWER [9 years of age on the [Zebra] who in 1871 was 42 years of age married with 7 of their 8 children having been born.  He was married to Johanne Luise PAECH  [8 years of age on the 'Zebra'.]  and is the younger sister of Christian PAECH who this land was sold to in 1877.  However this PAECH/WITTWER marriage also produced a son named Frederick William WITTWER who was 19 years of age in 1871 & who could be discounted because of his age as having been the owner referred to in this title.    This means that the PAECH/WITTWER couple were almost certainly the 'Friedrich Wilhelm WITTWER' owner of this land in & before 1871.  WITTWER sells to Christian PAECH in 1877 & after his death it went to his youngest son, Johann August PAECH.

All details of this SAILIS Certificate of Title 744/178 Hd Kuitpo & Onkaparinga.

1871 Friedrich Wilhelm WITTWER, Miller of Hahndorf, had 1 rood & 30 perches of his land on Section 4232 on the other side of the road from the remaining land which straddles the Hd of Kuitpo & the Hd of Onkaparinga taken from his by the direction of the Governor & the Local Court of Mount Barker.



At the top of the C of T:  'I Arthur Blyth, Commissioner of Crown Lands of this Province, Pursuant to the direction of His Excellency the Governor published in the Government Gazette of the third day of August 1871 in confirming a Road order made by the Local Court of Mount Barker, Full Jurisdiction therein referred to dated the third day of July 1871.  Do hereby certify that Friedrich Wilhelm WITTWER of Hahndorf, Miller is now seised of an estate ..... piece of land containing one rood & thirty perches ..... being portion of the road closed by order herein referred to intersecting Section 4232 in the Hd of Onkaparinga.'   15 August 1871.

1871  August 15.   Land owned by Friedrich Wilhelm WITTWER, but was purchased earlier than 1871.

  • He was married to Johann

1877  December 6   land transferred:

  • from Friedrich Wilhelm WITTWER to Christian PAECH of Friedrichstadt, farmer of the within land.

1898  September 3  Christian PAECH / Johann Christian PAECH dated his will.

1905  May 1  Christian PAECH dies aged 83 years & his executor is Johann Friedrich Wilhelm August PAECH of near Hahndorf, farmer.

  • Johann Friedrich Wilhelm August PAECH is 54 years of age & is the eldest son of Christian PAECH & his wife Marianne WALLENT.
    • This son has been married for 19 years to Emma Wilhelmine Elizabeth NITSCHKE
      • Emma NITSCHKE is the 6th of 14 children to Annie Elizabeth SEIDEL & Johann Karl NITSCHKE.
    • By 1905 Emma NITSCHKE & J.F.W.A. PAECH had birthed all of their 3 daughters.
  • They farmed near 'Windmill Hill'  [A College in the Wattles, page 401]

1905 August 24. Land transferred from the eldest brother [the Executor] to the youngest son Johann August PAECH of Friedrichstadt, near Hahndorf, farmer. 

'Cancelled & a New Certificate of Title issued Vol 744 For 178'  [see below]. 

WHERE THIS LAND NOW INCLUDES SECTION 3918 but is only a portion of 3918 and only a portion of 4232


No 3.   1906:  Summary of the journey Certificate of Title 744/178 [from Vol 157/49 see above]

The first time the author has seen the word 'Tangari' written is on the second line in this Certificate of Title.   In 1906 August PAECH was the owner of a portion of Section 3918, & also a portion of Section 4232. The above Title which is a precursor to this title indicates that his father Christian PAECH purchased Section 4232 from Friedrich Wilhelm WITTWER [owned Section 4232 prior to 1871] from in 1877. August transferred this land to his 6th child,  Christian Herman PAECH & apparently it then went to his son Grant PAECH of Beerenberg Farm [this is not documented one this title].

All details of this SAILIS Certificate of Title 744/178 Hd Kuitpo & Onkaparinga.

1906 August PAECH granted 34 acres, a portion of Section 3918 Hd Kuitpo, & 83 acres, a portion of Section 4232, Hd Kuitpo & Onkaparinga.



At the top of the C of T:    'Tangari' 'Johann August PAECH of Friedrichstadt near Hahndorf farmer is the proprietor ....... of those pieces of land situated in the County of Adelaide being Firstly portion of Section 3918 containing thirty four acres and one rood .... in the Hundred of Kuitpo and secondly portion of Section 4232 containing together eighty three acres ... situated in the Hundred of Kuitpo & Onkaparinga & thirdly closed road / containing one rood & thirty perches .... in the Hundred of Onkaparinga.'

  • 34 acres 1 rood Section 3918 Hd Kuitpo
  • 83 acres Section 4232 Hd Kuitpo & Onkaparinga.
  • 1 rood, 30 perches Section 4232, Hd Onkaparinga.
  • Total Acres = 117 acres , 2 rood, 30 perches.


In March 1906  Johann August PAECH was 46 years of age as was his wife.

  • August was the youngest of 3 children to Marianne WALLENT [died in 1893] & Christian PAECH
  • August PAECH was living in Paechtown house No 4.????
  • Christian PAECH died in May 1905
  • August had married in 1887 to Auguste Wilhelmine WIESE
  • Auguste Wilhelmine was 1 of 7 children to parents Anna Elisabeth SCHACH & Peter Claus Niagian WIESE
  • August & Auguste had birthed 6 of their 7 children.
  • The children were aged 17 years - 3 years of age.

In January 1933 Johann August PAECH died

  • August's wife, Auguste Wilhelmine WIESE outlived him by 20 years.

In February 1933 the land on Section 3918 & 4232 was transferred to their son Herman [registered at birth as Christian Herman] PAECH

  • Hermann PAECH is the 6th of their 7 siblings. 
  • Hermann was 30 years of age, and an unmarried farmer.
  • Hermann married in 1934 to Alexandra May BATES & had 3 children.
  • Their youngest child is Grant PAECH, founding family of Beerenburg Farm on Section 4232.



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