SIDS and Kids Fundraising  -  Hahndorf Red Nose Event

This Barkerwiki page has been created for the fundraising activities for 'SIDS and Kids' within the Hahndorf community.  Further details of past events, achievements, and research concerning SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) will be incorporated  as the information becomes available.
Every dollar raised in Hahndorf contributes towards saving a baby's life 'somewhere'.  Hahndorf's 'Celebration of Lives Saved' highlights the need for continued research, ongoing support for the RTR program,and the SIDS and Kids education campaign.

"We Need Your Help!"
For further information, please contact Lita Los Angeles, Hahndorf SIDS & Kids Fundraising Coordinator. Phone: (08) 8388 1934

Sids and Kids Milestones

Milestones in the Successful Achievements of 'SIDS & Kids'

From Lita Los Angeles: Hahndorf 'SIDS & Kids' Fundraising CoordinatorMilestones in the Successful Achievements of 'SIDS & Kids'

Since 1988 South Australian’s have supported Red Nose Day.

The graph clearly reveals positive changes.

1991: RTR (Reduce The Risk).educational program created a reduction in deaths from SIDS

1997: Kids and SIDS campaign created another dramatic decline in infant mortality

2002: SIDS & Kids Safe Sleeping education program introduced.

Extracts from a Recent Flyer to Supporters

by Maxine Weber, Executive Director of SIDS & Kids

  • "Over 5000 Australian children are alive because of our safe sleeping program which we introduced which we have funded since 1990.

  • Nearly 1000 of those children lie in South Australia.

  • Last year we supported 79 families whose babies and children died suddenly. This support included individual counseling, provision of group meetings, newsletters and the support of others who have been through a similar experience.

  • We trained and educated over 1000 health professionals, critical response personnel and care givers.

  • 1,360 new parents called our information line for details around safe infant care practice.

  • We provided printed material to the parents and caregivers of the 18,000 babies born on how to reduce the risk of SIDS and prevent sleeping accidents."

"All this was achieved without any government funding, but with 3.6 staff, 4 fantastic office volunteers, a number of community volunteers and YOU"

Previous Fundraising Events

The following are typical images of the SIDS and Kids Red Nose Days held at Hahndorf on the last Friday of June each year. 
The Main Street traders and others decorate their shops and buildings with red balloons, red noses and other decorations to raise awareness of and collect funds for SIDS and Kids.  (left click on image to obtain larger image if desired)

2008 Red Nose Event 

'Kids Plus Us' and the 'Hahndorf Puppet Shop' 'Birkenstock in the Hills' and 'Storisons" Busking Teddy outside 'Blackberry Nursery & Giftware'

2007 Red Nose Event 'Kids Plus Us' and the 'Hahndorf Puppet Shop'​

Amanda Egg Fundraising Family at 'Indiras' 'Humbugs' and 'Hahndorf Newsagency' 'Misty Hollow Fantasy Cave'

2006 Red Nose Event

Giant SID Teddy busking for donations Barn Owl Brittania Antiques

2005 Red Nose Event

Happy Red Nose Band beside 'Indiras' 'Hahndorf Sweet's and 'Butterfly Creations' Happy Buskers at 'The Roastery'

2004 Red Nose Event

Anderson's Family Red Car
Tourists 'To B Sure' band beside 'Indira's'