LOCATION:   13-15 Main Street, Hahndorf

Owner:  Melanie and Sikko   Website:  http://www.sikkos.com.au

Open:   Friday - 6pm till 9pm   Saturday - 10am till 9pm   Sunday - 10am till 4pm

Telephone:  (08) 8388 7428     eMail:  info@sikkos.com.au

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The Random Shopper - Gail Vort-Ronald:  Hahndorf Village Voice, Autumn Issue No 38, 2014

Sikko’s Pannekoekn Huis is a fully licensed restaurant located at 13-15 Main Street, Hahndorf (Next to the IGA Supermarket).

Although the name implies Dutch heritage and pancakes they also specialize in Singaporean food.  The owners, Melanie and Sikko (hence the name), have lived in Singapore for many years and Melanie is from Singapore.

Besides the traditional 13” Dutch pancakes, they serve a variety of well-known pancake recipes from around the world which is the trade mark of the restaurant.  Recently they have included a range of sandwiches and for a quick bite to eat, their spring rolls, samosas and tasting platter are a good choice.

I enjoyed their lovely Singaporean Roti Prata which, at $13.50, was a good choice; spicy with an authentic Singaporean taste and an interesting roti.  There is a full wine list together with a range of beers and soft drinks.  They also have a good range of vegetarian food for those wanting an option for vegetarians.  The opening times vary and you can find more information on the web site together with a full menu and contact details.

Melanie and Sikko have a young daughter, Saskia, with health issues so from time to time they need to care for her during her treatment which means they cannot always open the restaurant, so it pays to check the web site or the Facebook page.

Sikko’s restaurant is distinctly different from most of the fare in the village and well worth a visit.  I am sure you will find a pancake to delight or an authentic
Singaporean curry to tempt you.

A lovely well presented restaurant with friendly staff – just the place for a quick meal or to take visitors for a special treat.