The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Smith

SMITH, Aaron butcher Kooringa 1852[-1855] Memorial 9/48

No 1

SMITH, Adam sheep farmer Broadmeadows 1863. Mosquito Plains Presbyterian Church trustee Application 4031

SMITH, Adam stockholder Broad Meadows near Narracoorte 1871 Memorial 181/255

SMITH, Adam the Elder sheep farmer Hynam, died 1874-1876. His wife, Jane Smith, to live in his home in Hynam and have £1,000 a year income for life out of the estate - Kadnook Station in Victoria and Telegara and North Telegara (Tallegard?) Stations in Vic. Complicated arrangements and trusts for the children to inherit their share of the estate - Robert Smith sheep farmer Kadnook Vic, Thomas Smith sheep farmer Kadnook Vic, Sarah CATTANACH wife of Harry James Goodriche Cattanach sheep farmer Tallegard Vic, Gideon Smith sheep farmer Tallegard/Telegara?? Vic, and William Smith, Adam Smith the Younger, John Smith, Mary Jane Smith and Andrew Smith of Hynam Memorials 20 & 21/292

SMITH, AE auctioneer Pt Augusta 1886 Memorial 93/380

SMITH, Albert Edward labourer Pt Elliot 1920 Memorial 164/481

No 1

SMITH, Alexander clerk Yankalilla 1857 Memorial 301/121

SMITH, Alexander storeman Yankalilla 1859 Application 999

SMITH, Alexander clerk to the Yankalilla District Council 1864 Memorial 214/200

SMITH, Alexander storekeeper Yankalilla 1871 Application 11818

No 2

SMITH, Alexander gardener Rostrevor near Magill 1887 Application 21182

SMITH, Alexander Robert farmer Strathalbyn 1930 Application 27821.

No 1

SMITH, Alfred engineer Kensington 1851 Memorial 223/82

SMITH, Alfred engineer formerly of Kensington but now of Bungbong near Avoca Vic 1880 Memorial 213/326

SMITH, Alfred engineer and contractor Bungbong near Avoca Vic, power of attorney to William WHITTAM gentleman North Kensington, to manage his SA business affairs and sell his real estate 1883 Application 19686

SMITH, Alfred formerly of Kensington but now of parts beyond the sea 1884 Application 20108

No 2

SMITH, Alfred farmer Yankalilla 1853[-1860] Memorial 236/94

No 3

SMITH, Alfred carpenter Nairne 1857[-1858] Memorial 214/130

SMITH, Alfred carpenter Nairne 1864 Application 5790

SMITH, Alfred Alexander medical practitioner Clare about to leave SA for a time, linked with Quinton Stow Smitgh merchant Adelaide 1907 Memorial 163/456

SMITH, Alfred Benjamin farmer Hundred of Minburra 1885 Memorial 232/370

SMITH, Alfred Westerman and Richard Caspar Smith both farmers Golden Grove 1882[-1890] Memorial 96/344

SMITH, Alfred Westerman and SMITH, Richard Caspar farmers Golden Grove 1908 Application 25462

No 1 - likely to be the same person

SMITH, Alfred William of Blyth St, Adelaide 1857 Memorial 91/132

SMITH, Alfred William clerk to Messrs F CLARK & Sons of Adelaide 1859 Memorial 30/151

No 1

SMITH, Alfred William Gresswell printer Kent Town 1916 Memorial 17/508

SMITH, Alfred William Gresswell printer 22 College Road, Kent Town 1943 Memorial 133/517

No 1

SMITH, Alice Jane of Alberton 1858 Memorial 170/139

SMITH, Alice Jane spinster Alberton 1863 Memorial 152/191

SMITH, Alison widow Goodwood Park 1881 Memorial 85/335

SMITH, Allen Keith licensed land broker 34 Windermere Ave, St James Park 1965 Application 29514

SMITH, Amy spinster Kent Town 1901[-1904] Memorial 66/444

No 1 - possibly the same person

SMITH, Andrew farmer Tam O'Shanter Plains 1863 Memorial 117/192

SMITH, Andrew farmer Hindmarsh Valley. He could neither read nor write 1865[-1871] Memorial 97/203

SMITH, Andrew farmer Hindmarsh Valley 1886 Application 21078

SMITH, Ann widow Truro mother of Edwin Simon Smith no description 1859 Memorial 223/157

No 1

SMITH, Anthony farmer District of Adelaide 1841 Application 1437

No 2 - perhaps a continuation of No 1

SMITH, Anthony yeoman Adelaide 1848 Memorial 441/12

SMITH, Anthony miller Black Forest. Wesleyan Methodist Church trustee for land on South Road 1849 Memorial 279/15

SMITH, Anthony Section 142 The Sturt 1852 Memorial 95/41

SMITH, Anthony farmer Black Forest 1853 Memorial 300/56

SMITH, Anthony of Brighton 1853 Memorial 442/57

SMITH, Anthony farmer Brighton and Charlotte Elizabeth Smith his wife daughter of William COLLINS gentleman Brighton 1853 Memorial 225/55

SMITH, Anthony farmer Clarendon 1854 Memorial 175/69

SMITH, Charlotte Elizabeth of Browns near Ballarat Vic 1862 Application 3052

SMITH, Anthony of Ballarat Vic and Charlotte Elizabeth Smith his wife, daughter of William COLLINS gentleman Brighton 1863 Application 3890

No 3

SMITH, Anthony water carrier Adelaide 1846 Memorial 155/7 Carrier of Unley 1845[-1848] Memorial 297/5 Unley Wesleyan Methodist Chapel foundation trustee 1850 Memorial 108/23

No 4 - perhaps a continuation of No 3

SMITH, Anthony farmer Pt Elliot 1851[-1853] Memorial 198/38

No 1

SMITH, Archibald labourer Magill 1847 Memorial 404/8 Farmer Magill by 1848 Memorial 135/12

SMITH, Archibald farmer Payneham 1851[-1853] Memorial 470/35

No 2 - perhaps a continuation of No 1

SMITH, Archibald farmer Kensington 1856 Memorial 60/145

SMITH, Archibald farmer formerly of North Kensington 1856 but now of Mt Gambier 1878 Application 16832

SMITH, Archibald farmer Grove Hill Square Mile near Mt Gambier. His wife, Margaret Smith, died 8/4/1889, of 13 hour apoplexy, aged 73 Application 23350

SMITH, Archibald Cleator vigneron near Angaston 1907 Memorial 118/458

SMITH, Archibald John accountant Adelaide 1914 Memorial 182/472

SMITH, A blacksmith Meadows 1882 Memorial 31/347

No 1

SMITH, Arnold Roy butcher Echunga 1936 Memorial 88/510

SMITH, Arnold Roy butcher Echunga 1956 Application 29193

No 1

SMITH, Arthur wool sorter Hindmarsh 1879 Memorial 9/319

No 2

SMITH, Arthur dentist Gawler 1922 Memorial 66/485

SMITH, Arthur surgeon and dentist Gawler. St George's Gawler trustee 1915[-1926] Memorial 166/498

SMITH, Arthur dentist Gawler 1927 Application 27562

No 1

SMITH, Arthur Gordon mechanic Kingston S-E 1920 Memorial 137/480

SMITH, Arthur Gordon motor mechanic Kingston S-E 1922 Memorial 101/485

SMITH, Arthur Gordon mechanic Kingston S-E 1936 Application 28020

SMITH, Arthur Henry surveyor formerly of Adelaide but now of Perth WA 1907[-1909] Memorial 144/456

No 1 - likely to be the same person

SMITH, AJ clerk to Messrs GWYNNE & LAWRENCE solicitors Adelaide 1849 Memorial 139/19

SMITH, Arthur Jennings Esquire 1849. He bought 8 allotments in Beaumont near the Beaumont Pleasure Grounds and Captain Finnis’s mill. Memorial 229/16 Likely to be a son of Matthew Smith 1850 Memorial 39/27

SMITH, Arthur Jennings gentleman Adelaide (Hindley St) 1851 Memorial 279/28

SMITH, Arthur Jennings Esquire formerly of Adelaide 1849 but now of Geelong Vic 1866 Application 7238

No 1

SMITH, Arthur William surgeon Auburn 1876 Memorial 235/288

SMITH, Arthur William surgeon Auburn, died intestate no date given. His widow called Elizabeth Susan Smith 1881 Memorial 137/334

No 1

SMITH, Benjamin carpenter Adelaide (Waymouth St) 1838. Likely a family link with SMITH, Reuben labourer Adelaide 1838 Application 1380

SMITH, Benjamin farmer Section 5532 [probably Hundred of Yatala] known as WARREN's Paddock after a former occupier called Mr Warren. James HALL and William Hall miner no description also previously associated with the land 1852 Memorial 190/83

SMITH, Benjamin farmer Section 5494 Hundred of Yatala near Houghton 1861 Memorial 223/178

SMITH, Benjamin formerly farmer Houghton but now storekeeper Hundred of Barossa 1876 Memorial 208/292

No 2

SMITH, Benjamin engineer Adelaide (Hindley St) 1859 Memorial 23/161

No 3

SMITH, Benjamin farmer The Stockyards Rapid Bay 1860 Memorial 160/164

No 4

SMITH, Benjamin farmer Hundred of Minlacowie 1885[-1889] Memorial 106/372

No 1 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, Berry of Woodchester 1859 Application 502

SMITH, Berry storekeeper Woodchester 1868 Memorial 138/229

SMITH, Berry of Woodchester Clerk of the Onaunga District Council 1874[-1880] Memorial 33/273

SMITH, Berry the Elder gentleman Strathalbyn, died 26/6/1902. Husband of Mary Smith. Father of Berry Smith the Younger agent Unley Memorial 180/446

SMITH, Berry the Elder gentleman Strathalbyn, died 26/6/1902. Husband of Mary Smith. Father of Berry Smith the Younger and Phillip Harry Smith. Estate worth £5,500. Berry Smith [formerly the Younger] accountant Cambridge Tce, New Parkside, died 30/8/1910 Hill's private hospital, Wakefield St, Adelaide, of a fractured skull, aged 52. Born at Woodchester. Married at 27. 2 sons and 1 daughter. Memorials 130 & 131/477

SMITH, Berry the Elder gentleman Strathalbyn, died 26/6/1902. Estate worth £5,500. Berry Smith the Younger was a trustee. He left his personal estate and some of his real estate to his wife, Mary Smith, absolutely. Sections 2549 and 2714 to his wife for life, then to his son, Philip Harry Smith absolutely in remainder expectant. By 1930, Mary Smith lived at 10 Salisbury St, North Unley Application 27800

SMITH, Mary widow formerly of Strathalbyn but now of Middleton 1917 Memorial 172/475

SMITH, Mary widow formerly of Strathalbyn but now of Middleton, relict of the late Berry Smith formerly of Strathalbyn now deceeased 1918 Memorial 170/477

SMITH, Mary widow (relict of the late Berry Smith) formerly of Strathalbyn but now of 49 Rose Tce, Wayville 1924 Memorial 48/490

SMITH, Berry the Younger storekeeper Wolseley 1884 Memorial 102/355

SMITH, Berry the Younger accountant Cambridge Tce, New Parkside, died 30/8/1910 Hill's private hospita Wakefield St Adelaide, of a fractured skull, aged 52. Born at Woodchester, he married at 27 and had 2 sons and 1 daughter living at the time of his death Application 25960

No 1 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, Caleb labourer Munno Para 1865 Application 6167

SMITH, Caleb farmer Gawler Hills 1883 Memorial 1/352

SMITH, Caleb and Elisha farmers Balaklava 1885 Memorial 65/416

SMITH, Caleb Ernest retired 23 Collins St, Enfield 1970 declared that his unnamed mother operated a dairy and milk round in Enfield from before 1937 until 1941 when he began to supervise the leasing of the business until his mother sold the round in 1946. She died 2 years later. One of the grazing paddocks, in Collins St, Enfield, surrounded by a broken down fence and boxthorn hedge, became a wood yard, poultry run and garden supplies business which Rowland Arthur Howard PARKER second hand dealer formerly of 325 Main North Road, Enfield late of 6 Plymouth St, Enfield operated after 1946. CE Smith's wife was called Ruby Jane Smith. RAH Parker's wife was called Edna Dorothy May Parker Application 28495

No 1

SMITH, Caroline widow Grünthal 1876 Memorial 239/293

SMITH, Caroline widow Grünthal 1880. Emma PEACOCK of Oakbank witnessed her signature Memorial 120/327

SMITH, Caroline Martha spinster Onkaparinga 1857 Memorial 11/132

SMITH, Cecil Edwin farmer Littlehampton 1938 Memorial 108/512

No 1

SMITH, Charles farmer formerly of Adelaide 1839 but now of Victoria in New Zealand 1842 Application 8188

SMITH, Charles police constable Adelaide August 1851 Hutt River Special Survey land purchase Memorial 226/47 [This man resigned from the Police Department on 30/11/1851. No further trace in the GRO records] RPA Search 774

No 2

SMITH, Charles shoemaker Stepney 1851 Memorial 439/29

No 3

SMITH, Charles farmer Morphett Vale 1851[-1854] Memorial 281/34

SMITH, Charles farmer Morphett Vale 1859 Application 198

SMITH, Charles farmer Morphett Vale and Sophia Smith his wife linked with Robert Smith farmer O'Halloran Hill 1866 Memorial 82/261

No 4

SMITH, Charles mariner Pt Adelaide 1852 Memorial 17/39

No 5

SMITH, Charles innkeeper [Joseph CURNOW's hotel] Adelaide (Rundle St) 1853 Hundred of Onkaparinga land purchase Memorial 482/54

SMITH, Charles gentleman Adelaide (Rundle St) 1854 Memorial 393/61

No 6 - perhaps a continuation of No 5

SMITH, Charles formerly gold digger Forest Creek Vic but now labourer Geelong Vic 1854 Memorial 313/74

SMITH, Charles formerly gold digger Forest Creek later labourer Geelong Vic 1854 now farmer New Tiers 1864. He could not write. C Smith inherited Section 8a Hundred of Onkaparinga from William COLEMAN formerly labourer Tusmore 1851 late gold digger Forest Creek Vic, who died 2/3/1853 at Forest Creek. He had bought the land for £77 from George Smith farmer New Tiers in 1851. [How were Charles and George Smith related?] Coleman's executor, Henry MELVILLE storekeeper Forest Creek, transferred the land to C Smith in July 1854 Application 4986

No 7 - likely to be the same person

SMITH, Charles farmer District of Adelaide 1853 Memorial 277/57

SMITH, Charles farmer Hurtle Vale 1857 Memorial 160/127

No 8

SMITH, Charles farmer Dry Creek 1853 Memorial 265/60

SMITH, Charles farmer Upper Dry Creek 1854 Memorial 373/71

SMITH, Charles farmer Seven Oaks Upper Dry Creek 1859 Memorial 316/156

SMITH, Charles farmer Seven Oaks Upper Dry Creek linked with Jane Smith of Section 2142 Upper Dry Creek and John Smith farmer near Golden Grove 1867 Memorial 208/218

No 9 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, Charles farmer Victoria Creek 1854 Memorial 172/78

SMITH, Charles farmer Hundred of Barossa 1859 Memorial 181/151

No 10

SMITH, Charles yeoman Mt Gambier 1855[-1860] Memorial 398/89

No 11

SMITH, Charles farmer Castle Range near Pt Elliot 1857 Memorial 327/128

SMITH, Charles farmer Castle Range near Goolwa 1865 Memorial 10/210

No 12

SMITH, Charles chandler Norwood 1858 Memorial 323/144

No 13

SMITH, Charles labourer Oakbank 1858 Memorial 148/134

SMITH, Charles labourer lot 9 Oakbank, died 10/10/1907. He left his real estate in trust for his wife, Elizabeth Smith, to use for her lifetime, then to his son, Charles Edward Smith labourer Oakbank, in remainder expectant. Estate worth £200. The executors were John Disher JOHNSTON and Andrew Deans Johnston brewers Oakbank. However, Elizabeth Rebecca Smith, wife of Charles Smith labourer Oakbank, had already died 17/10/1901, of senile decay, aged 74 Application 25465

No 14

SMITH, Charles licensed victualler Robe 1862 Memorial 201/183

SMITH, Charles licensed victualler Robe and Rebecca Smith his wife 1864 Memorial 120/197

No 15

SMITH, Charles greengrocer Adelaide 1864 Application 5400.

No 16 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, Charles butcher Strathalbyn 1868 Memorial 249/229

SMITH, Charles butcher Greens Plains 1873 Memorial 198/270

SMITH, Charles the Younger and Thomas Richard Smith butchers Minlaton 1886 Memorial 161/375

No 17

SMITH, Charles harness maker Adelaide 1876 Memorial 143/293

No 18

SMITH, Charles and George Thomas of Skillogolee Creek 1881 Memorial 60/335

No 19 - perhaps a mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, Charles farmer formerly of Fifth Creek but now of near Pt Pirie 1883 Memorial 209/353

SMITH, Charles dealer Adelaide 1885 Memorial 195/364

SMITH, Charles the Elder farmer Hundred of Pirie 1889 Memorial 244/398

No 20 - perhaps a continuation of No 19

SMITH, Charles the Younger livery stable keeper Adelaide (Waymouth St) 1887 Memorial 161/382

SMITH, Charles the Younger mail contractor Adelaide trading under the style or firm of C Smith & Co 1891 Memorial 244/408

SMITH, Charles the Younger livery stable keeper Adelaide trading under the style or firm of C Smith & Co 1902 Memorial 187/446

No 21

SMITH, Charles of Salisbury, died 19/6/1890. Husband of Sarah Ann Smith Memorial 175/404

SMITH, Charles died 19/6/1890. His widow, Sarah Ann Smith, still lived at Salisbury in 1910 Memorial 85/463
SMITH, Charles labourer Salisbury, died 19/6/1890. He left his entire estate to his wife, Sarah Ann Smith Application 28162

No 22

SMITH, Charles tinsmith New Glenelg 1913 Application 26222

No 1

SMITH, Charles Algernon of Norwood 1864 Application 5567

SMITH, Charles Algernon machinist Adelaide (Stephens Place) 1870 Memorial 67/250

SMITH, Charles Algernon engineer Adelaide (off Chancery Lane) 1888 Memorial 46/395

No 1

SMITH, Charles Allen publican Adelaide took out a 5-year lease at £104 a year of the Kenton Arms at Gumeracha from Henry DAWSON gentleman St Peters 1889 Memorial 225/396

SMITH, Charles Allen licensed victualler Kenton Arms Gumeracha 1891 Memorial 13/408

No 1

SMITH, Charles Andrew the Younger engineer Adelaide 1896[-1897] Memorial 31/429

SMITH, Charles Andrew the Younger, engineer formerly of Adelaide but now of Norwood 1906 Application 25342

No 1

SMITH, Charles Frederick farmer Macclesfield 1852[-1854] Memorial 256/43

SMITH, Charles Frederick farmer Watergate near Macclesfield 1873 Memorial 133/265

SMITH, Charles Frederick labourer Bowden-on-the-Hill, died 16/6/1891 Parkside Lunatic Asylum, aged 70 Application 23275.

No 1

SMITH, Charles Henry clerk to Messrs STOW & BRUCE solicitors Adelaide 1865 Memorial 288/207

No 2

SMITH, Charles Henry labourer Thorndon 1884 Application 20060.

SMITH, Charles Henry of Campbelltown 1894 Memorial 59/421

No 1

SMITH, Charles T clerk Pt Adelaide 1878 Memorial 204/306

SMITH, Charles Trafford agent Pt Adelaide 1886[-1892] Memorial 71/378, Application 22300

SMITH, Charles William farmer Morphett Vale 1859 Application 199

SMITH, Charles William farmer Stockport on the Gilbert 1891[-1894] Memorial 94/411, Application 22780

SMITH, Charles William farmer Stockport, eldest son and Henry Smith farmer Morphett Vale, sons of the late Charles Smith farmer Morphett Vale and his wife, Sophia Smith. William Smith farmer Warner Town was another son 1897 Applications 23369/23370

No 1

SMITH, Christopher Grabham miller Strathalbyn 1853 Memorial 362/59 Farmer Strathalbyn 1854 Memorial 121/71

SMITH, Christopher Grabham miller formerly of Strathalbyn but now of Mt Gambier 1864 Memorial 193/197

SMITH, Christopher Grabham farmer Woodland Farm near Mt Gambier 1860 Memorial 54/166

SMITH, Christopher Grabham farmer Woodlands Farm Mt Gambier and Mary Smith his wife 1877 Memorial 7/376

SMITH, Christopher Grabham farmer Mt Gambier, died 14/12/1885 Memorial 146/381

SMITH, Mary widow of the late Christopher Smith farmer Mt Gambier, died 25/3/1913, of pylorus cancer, aged 78. She was born in an unknown Scottish town and had emigrated to SA 62 years previously. Married at 19 years. 3 sons and 4 daughters living. 1 daughter deceased 1913 Application 26232

SMITH, Clarence Herbert of Ardrossan 1886[-1888] Memorial 3/378

SMITH, Clement James Drummond MP of Kingston S-E and Elma Joyce Smith his wife 1939 Application 28185

SMITH, Clive sharebroker Adelaide 1897 Memorial 131/433

SMITH, Cooper labourer New Hamburgh 1875 Application 14681

No 1

SMITH, Daniel shoemaker Hindmarsh 1856[-1867] Memorial 43/110

No 2 - likely to be a continuation of No 1; dates clash.

SMITH, Daniel cordwainer Gawler 1859 Memorial 292/158

SMITH, Daniel shoemaker Gawler South 1865 Application 6214

No 1

SMITH, David of Bowden 1840 Application 6704

No 2 - likely to be a continuation of No 1

SMITH, David of Hindmarsh 1842 Memorial 495/1

SMITH, David yeoman Hope Valley 1843 Memorial 217/198

SMITH, David labourer Thebarton 1846 Memorial 209/281

SMITH, David carpenter Hindmarsh 1847[-1848] Memorial 49/304

SMITH, David plaisterer Hindmarsh 1847[-1857] Memorial 185/347

SMITH, David farm labourer Hindmarsh 1850 Memorial 454/23

MITH, David plasterer Hindmarsh 1851 Memorial 369/33

SMITH, David formerly of Thebarton but now plasterer Hindmarsh 1854[-1855] Memorial 318/62

SMITH, David plasterer Hindmarsh and Sarah Smith his wife 1856 Memorial 99/180

SMITH, David plasterer Hindmarsh 1862 Application 2994

SMITH, David formerly yeoman Hope Valley 1843 then plasterer Hindmarsh died c1861. His widow, Sarah Smith, died 24/10/1863 Hindmarsh. Their daughter, Mary Smith, married John HUGHES plasterer Hindmarsh Application 12714

SMITH, David formerly yeoman Hope Valley then plasterer Hindmarsh but now deceased. Husband of Sarah Smith now widow Hindmarsh 1862 Memorial 124/185

No 3 - perhaps the same family

SMITH, David plasterer Pt Adelaide 1851 Memorial 116/37

SMITH, Sarah widow Pt Adelaide 1867 Application 8314

No 4

SMITH, David and William farmers O'Halloran Hill 1857 Memorial 55/118

No 5

SMITH, David commercial traveller Adelaide 1858 Memorial 169/143

SMITH, David storekeeper Gawler 1859 Memorial 304/157

SMITH, David Graham storekeeper Gawler 1859[-1860] Memorial 308/155

No 6

SMITH, David District Council clerk Auburn 1896[-1902] Memorial 127/427, Application 23114

SMITH, David auctioneer Auburn linked with EA Smith storekeeper Auburn 1907 Memorial 5/458

SMITH, David auctioneer Auburn 1907 Application 26153.

SMITH, Donald Edward labourer and SMITH, Marguerite home duties both of Mt Gambier, aged 48 and 41 respectively in 1947, declared that they had lived in Mt Gambier for 48 and 30 years respectively Application 28490

SMITH, Duncan labourer Inman Valley 1881 Memorial 167/329

SMITH, EA storekeeper Auburn 1907 Application 26153

SMITH, Edis farmer The Vallies Nairne. He rented land from the Smillie Estate 1882 Application 19038

SMITH, Edmund Edmonds gentleman Adelaide 1887 Memorial 214/387

No 1

SMITH, Edmund of Keyneton 1864 Memorial 164/199

SMITH, Edmund H of Keyneton 1866 Memorial 304/209

No 2 - perhaps a continuation of No 1

SMITH, Edmund Hanson Esquire Silverton Park 1875 Memorial 179/283

SMITH, Edmund Hanson farmer formerly of Findon but now of Bullaparinga near Rapid Bay 1877 Memorial 27/305

SMITH, Edmund Hanson of Adelaide 1878 Memorial 6/313

No 1

SMITH, Edward shoemaker Fullarton 1853[-1855] Memorial 375/57

No 2 - perhaps a continuation of No 1

SMITH, Edward shoemaker Goolwa 1856[-1859] Memorial 179/108

SMITH, Edward bootmaker Goolwa, died 27/6/1907. His estate worth £160. His personal estate to his wife, Martha Smith. His real estate to his natural son, Frank Maurice BEDFORD motor launch proprietor Goolwa by 1934 Application 27914

SMITH, Edward bootmaker Goolwa, died before 1933. Husband of Martha Smith. He had a natural son called Frank Maurice BEDFORD motor launch proprietor Goolwa. Executors; Walter Frederick NEWELL farmer Goolwa (probably a relative of Hilda Beatrice Newell widow Goolwa) and Charles Mansfield OSBORNE bootmaker Goolwa Memorials 191 & 192/506

No 3

SMITH, Edward storekeeper Pt Adelaide 1854 Memorial 270/79

No 4 - likely to be a continuation of No 3

SMITH, Edward grocer Pt Adelaide 1855[-1856] Memorial 279/89

SMITH, Edward gentleman Crafers 1857[-1869] Memorial 187/129

SMITH, Edward gentleman Crafers 1862 Application 2784.

SMITH, Edward formerly grocer Pt Adelaide 1857 but now gentleman near Crafers 1866 Application 7479

SMITH, Edward teacher Crafers 1870 Memorial 1/251

SMITH, Edward teacher Crafers 1875 Application 14285

SMITH, Edward licensed teacher Crafers 1878[-1884] Memorial 148/312, Applications 16570,18278

SMITH, Edward schoolmaster formerly of Crafers but now of Fulham, and Jane Smith his wife 1883 Memorial 249/375

No 5

SMITH, Edward farmer Humphrey Springs 1859[-1865] Memorial 31/157

No 6

SMITH, Edward licensed victualler Strathalbyn 1859 14-year lease at £4 a week for the Traveller's Rest Inn, Hundred of Clare, owned by Archibald MCDIARMID gentleman Clare Memorial 207/150

SMITH, Edward publican Clare 1867[-1876] Memorial 73/222

No 7

SMITH, Edward engraver Adelaide and Eliza Smith his wife formerly Eliza WYATT. She appeared to have links with William Wyatt chemist Hindmarsh 1883 Memorial 150/427

No 8

SMITH, Edward Commercial Bank of Australasia Ltd Manager Adelaide 1887 Application 21314

No 9

SMITH, Edward wheelwright Payneham 1898[-1899] Memorial 220/433

SMITH, Edward wheelwright formerly of Payneham but now of Elliston 1907 Memorial 72/457

SMITH, Edward Chesworth and Joseph machinists Two Wells became bankrupts in 1878 Memorial 95/309

SMITH, Edward Rowland teacher Fife Ave, Torrens Park . St Michael's Mitcham trustee 1941 Memorial 106/515

SMITH, Edward Walter gardener Glen Osmond 1941, linked with Emily Smith typiste Glen Osmond, Alice Smith home duties Somerton and Margaret Adeline SNOW married woman Glen Osmond Application 28301

No 1

SMITH, Edwin gardener Port Road 1851 Memorial 17/38

SMITH, Edwin gardener Leawood Glen Osmond. He leased the estate, of 40 acres with garden, paddock and 'together with all houses' from George John William STEVENSON Esquire Adelaide for 21 years from 1875 at £5 a year for the first 10 years and £7/10/- a year for the remainder. William LUCAS had just given up occupancy of the property Memorial 149/288

SMITH, Edwin Mitchell valuator Medindie 1919[-1924] Memorial 77/478, Application 27158

No 1

SMITH, Edwin Simon no description son of Ann Smith widow Truro 1859 Memorial 223/157

SMITH, Edwin Simon labourer Truro 1874, son of Ann Smith widow Truro Application 13485

SMITH, Edwin Simon sheep farmer Frankton 1883 Memorial 95/348

No 1

SMITH, Edwin Thomas merchant Adelaide 1858 Memorial 48/140

SMITH, Edwin Thomas brewer Kent Town, power of attorney to Talbot Baines BRUCE gentleman Adelaide, to represent his interests in the estate of John Albert BRUCE gentleman Kapunda 30/3/1870 Application 10827

SMITH, Edwin Thomas KCMG Kensington linked with Elizabeth Smith The Acacias Kensington, Sarah COOK of Rose Park, Mary HAIGH of Angas St, Adelaide and Ellen PETERSWALD of North Adelaide 1898 Memorial 57/435

SMITH, Eileen Edith married woman Kingston S-E 1937 Application 28078

SMITH, Elford miner near Moonta 1867 Memorial 159/218

SMITH, Elford FC chemist Kapunda 1943 Memorial 28/531

SMITH, Eli farmer Yorke Peninsula 1876 Application 15533

No 1

SMITH, Elijah tailor Adelaide 1857 Memorial 99/129

SMITH, Elijah tailor and innkeeper Adelaide 1861 Memorial 258/176

No 1

SMITH, Elizabeth widow Adelaide 1865 Application 6576

No 2

SMITH, Elizabeth widow Thebarton 1887 Application 21284

SMITH, Ellen Priscilla spinster Medindie 1863 Memorial 193/187

SMITH, EM government surveyor Kent Town 1874 Memorial 118/276

SMITH, Emma Louisa widow Parkside now in parts beyond the seas 1898 Memorial 136/436

No 1

SMITH, Enoch Horace dealer Macclesfield 1890 Memorial 244/404

SMITH, Enoch Horace farmer Macclesfield 1927 Application 27610.

SMITH, EP stockholder Yabmana near Franklin Harbour (perpetual lease 4951D) 1918 Application 26636

SMITH, Ernest Alfred machinist Mt Barker 1884 Memorial 187/359

SMITH, FA blacksmith Beyer St, Norwood 1919 Application 26763

SMITH, Frances Ann widow Prospect 1906[-1907] Memorial 128/455

No 1

SMITH, Francis livery stable keeper Adelaide 1850 Memorial 368/20

SMITH, Francis livery stable keeper Adelaide (Rundle St) 1853[-1854] Memorial 250/57

SMITH, Francis coach proprietor Adelaide 1856 Memorial 16/106

No 2

SMITH, Francis of Clifton Chambers, Adelaide 1885 Memorial 54/368

No 1

SMITH, Francis Grey general manager of the Bank of SA formerly known as the SA Banking Company Adelaide 1870 Application 10732

SMITH, Francis Grey Inspector of the Bank of SA Adelaide 1870[-1871] Memorial 213/244

No 1

SMITH, Francis Isaac gingerbeer manufacturer Mt Barker linked with Frederick Charles Smith ironmonger Kooringa 1861 Memorial 234/170

SMITH, Francis Isaac accountant Mt Barker (Father: William Smith) married Sarah WRAIGHT of Littlehampton widow of Moses Wraight Little Totness (Father: Thomas SEAGER) on 20/10/1877 at St Paul’s Pulteney St, Adelaide. Minister: F Slaney POOLE. Witnesses: Thomas William LANE painter Adelaide and Sarah Lane Adelaide 1881 Application 18931

No 1

SMITH, Francis Stringer of Orroroo 1889 Memorial 98/411

SMITH, Francis Stringer HM civil service Orroroo linked with Robert Smith wire machinist formerly of Adelaide but now of Carlton Vic 1892 Memorial 201/413

SMITH, Francis Stringer HM civil service formerly of Orroroo but now of East Adelaide linked with Robert Smith machinist formerly of Adelaide but now of Carlton Vic 1896 Memorial 214/428

SMITH, Francis Stringer civil servant formerly of Orroroo but now of East Adelaide 1900[-1901] Memorial 32/440

No 1

SMITH, Frank overseer formerly of Panaramatee Station but now of Paratoo 1889 Memorial 109/397

SMITH, Frank overseer Paratoo 1894 Memorial 240/422

SMITH, Frank merchant The Broadway, Glenelg linked with Reginald Kenneth Denny Smith formerly draper but now merchant Rutland Ave, Unley Park 1932 Memorial 111/505

No 2

SMITH, Frank secretary Adelaide 1931, Secretary of the Synod of the Church of England in the Diocese of Adelaide Application 27841

No 3

SMITH, Frank farmer Melrose, aged 62 in 1950, declared that he had lived in Melrose all his life Application 28734

SMITH, Frank Benjamin farmer Spring Farm near Melrose linked with Frederick Freeman Smith farmer via Narrogin WA 1937 Memorial 132/510

No 1

SMITH, Frederick groom Adelaide 1849 Memorial 406/13

SMITH, Frederick [formerly groom Adelaide but now] drayman North Adelaide 1853 Memorial 365/60

No 2

SMITH, Frederic bank manager Quorn 1887[-1893] Memorial 64/384

SMITH, Frederick Alexander clerk Adelaide 1930 Memorial 16/504

No 1

SMITH, Frederick Charles ironmonger Kooringa 1861 Memorial 92/176

SMITH, Frederick Charles estate agent Mt Barker, died 12/6/1910. Husband of Eliza Ina Smith. Father of Selina Abi Prudence THOMSON married woman Woodside and Seth Shephateah Smith farmer formerly of Spalding but now of Broken Hill NSW Memorial 162/463

No 1

SMITH, Frederick Freeman gardener Melrose 1906 Memorial 249/455

SMITH, Frederick Freeman formerly gardener Melrose but now farmer Narrogin WA 1925 Memorial 179/493

No 1

SMITH, Frederick George labourer Magill 1844 Memorial 31/125

SMITH, Frederick George labourer Magill 1844 Application 22596

SMITH, Frederick George labourer formerly of Magill but now of Adelaide 1847 Memorial 61/8

SMITH, Frederick Thomas Cockerill railway station master Saddleworth 1894 Application 22660.

No 1

SMITH, Frederick Tarver bricklayer Norwood 1850 Memorial 41/21 SMITH, Frederick Tarver builder Norwood 1850 Application 13113

SMITH, Frederick Tarver bricklayer Norwood 1851 He laid out the village of Cranbourne on Section 288 Survey B Memorials 69/34 & 255/34

SMITH, Frederick Tarver builder Norwood 1851 Memorial 191/31

SMITH, Frederick William farmer Willyara. Willyara Primitive Methodist Chapel trustee 1865 Memorial 214/206

SMITH, G wheelwright and blacksmith Hindmarsh 1900 Application 24114

No 1

SMITH, George labourer Adelaide 1843 Memorial 300/3

SMITH, George yeoman Adelaide 1846 Memorial 7/7

SMITH, George gardener Adelaide 1851[-1852] Memorial 123/34

No 2

SMITH, George farmer New Tiers 1851 Memorial 44/34

No 3

SMITH, George yeoman Brompton 1850[-1853] Memorial 219/26

SMITH, George yeoman Brompton 1886 Memorial 10/376

No 4 - blacksmith and wheelwright

SMITH, George blacksmith Brompton 1850[-1865] Memorial 150/245

SMITH, George wheelwright Brompton 1860[-1862] Memorial 198/162

SMITH, George gentleman Brompton 1864 Memorial 24/194

SMITH, George blacksmith Brompton 1880 Application 18078

SMITH, George gentleman Brompton 1886 Application 21124

SMITH, George blacksmith Port Road 1893 Memorial 131/419

SMITH, George blacksmith Brompton 1898 Application 23627

SMITH, George formerly wheelwright Brompton but then out of business Hindmarsh, died 28/10/1900. Husband of Matilda Smith Memorial 198/441

SMITH, George formerly blacksmith Brompton, died 28/10/1900. Husband of Matilda Smith. Father of James Smith builder Brompton and Eliza Smith spinster Brompton Memorial 11/445

SMITH, George formerly wheelwright Brompton late out of business Hindmarsh, died 28/10/1900. Estate worth £1,465. His whole estate which did not consist of money to be sold and the money invested in freehold mortgages. His wife, Matilda Smith, to get a quarter of the income from these investments for the rest of her life, except if she remarried, then she would receive 1/6th of the income. Upon her death, their children to inherit the fund in equal shares. Executors: Rev'd John SMITH priest Adelaide and John NOLAN tailor Adelaide. The real estate was sold by auction on 7/10/1901. The children who inherited the funds were James Smith builder Brompton and Eliza Smith spinster Brompton, also Mary Ann SHINNICK, Elija Smith, George Smith, John Henry Smith, Francis Gould Smith, James Smith and Florence WHITELAW 1902 Application 24453

No 5

SMITH, George carpenter Brompton 1856[-1880] Memorial 238/117

SMITH, George carpenter formerly of Brompton but now of Croydon 1877[-1879] Memorial 231/298

SMITH, George carpenter Croydon 1885 Application 20758

SSMITH, George carpenter Brompton and SMITH, William bricklayer Croydon 1885 They owed adjacent allotments in Princes St, Croydon Application 20454

No 6 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, George blacksmith Hindmarsh 1861 Memorial 39/173

SMITH, George gentleman Hindmarsh 1890 Application 21809

SMITH, George blacksmith Hindmarsh 1892 Application 22284

No 7 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, George gardener Norwood 1854 Memorial 354/78

SMITH, George nurseryman Norwood 1856 Memorial 464/100

SMITH, George gardener First Creek 1862 Memorial 84/185

SMITH, George nurseryman Norwood 1866 Application 7063

No 8 - likely to be the same person

SMITH, George shoemaker Robe 1856 Memorial 230/101

SMITH, George carrier Lordston 1857 Memorial 315/126

SMITH, George carrier Robe, died c1867. Executors and sole beneficiaries; James STANWAY carpenter Robe and Grace Stanway his wife Memorial 167/232

No 9

SMITH, George nurseryman Walkerville 1857 Memorial 215/127

No 10 - perhaps a continuation of No 9

SMITH, George wheelwright Walkerville 1871 Memorial 103/252

SMITH, George wheelwright North Eastern Road, Walkerville, died 27/9/1925. His estate worth £880. His estate in trust for his wife, Clara Smith, to enjoy the income for life or during her widowhood. The whole estate to be sold after her death and the proceeds divided equally amongst the children - Emma Carrie JENKINS, Samuel Smith Federal officer Hyde Park, Mary O'CONNOR, Annie MATHEWS, Fred Smith and Emily Smith spinster North Eastern Road, Walkerville (later Emily MILTON married woman Toorak). Clara Smith died 14/1/1927 Olive St, Prospect, of heat apoplexy and 3 days' cardiac failure aged 86. Born in Oxbridge, Somerset, she emigrated to SA 71 years previously. Married aged 22; 2 sons and 4 daughters living; 1 daughter deceased Application 27603

No 11

SMITH, George cooper Gawler 1853[-1857] Memorial 66/47

No 12

SMITH, George carrier Little Para 1854 Memorial 34/79

No 13

SMITH, George farmer Gawler Plains 1859 Memorial 175/148

SMITH, George farmer Gawler Plains 1882[-1890], died 24/2/1895. Husband of Mary Smith who died 18/1/1908 Memorial 108/459

SMITH, George farmer Gawler Plains, died 24/2/1895. His widow, Mary Smith, died 18/1/1908. Mother of adopted daughter, Mary Jane HYMER, who died 1/10/1950 Memorial 200/525

SMITH, George farmer Gawler Plains, died 24/2/1895. He left his entire estate to his wife, Mary Smith, for life, then to his adopted daughter, Mary Jane Smith, also known as Mary Jane HYMER, absolutely in remainder expectant. Mary Jane Smith also inherited £300 when she turned 21; in the meantime that money earned interest in trust in the bank and also invested in shares. Mary Smith died 18/1/1908. Mary Jane Smith spinster 9 Hampton St, Goodwood, died 29/9/1950 Royal Adelaide Hospital, of cerebral embolism, myocardial infarction, and hypostatic pneumonia, aged 79. She was cremated in the West Tce Crematorium on 3/10/1950 Application 28851

SMITH, Mary widow Gawler Plains 1905 Memorial 112/453

SMITH, Mary widow near Smithfield, died 18/1/1908 (relict of the late George Smith, who died 24/2/1895). Executors; Joseph BLAKE machinist Smithfield and William Gilbert PAYNE hay merchant Gawler South Memorial 250/459 & RPA Search 1970

No 14 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, George brewer Adelaide 1861 Application 2024

SMITH, George brewer Kent Town 1871 Memorial 34/251

SMITH, George brewer Parkside 1887 Application 21153

No 15

SMITH, George labourer Kent Town 1864 Memorial 350/199

No 16

SMITH, George gentleman Gumeracha, died in Gumeracha 1871. He left his entire estate to Ann Smith spinster Adelaide his daughter Memorial 232/254

No 17

SMITH, George grazier Kingston S-E 1921 Memorial 120/482

SMITH, George grazier Kingston S-E, died 23/10/1934. Husband of Harriet Smith Memorial 127/508

SMITH, George died c1925. Husband of Clara Smith. Father of Emma Carrie JENKINS, Samuel Smith, Mary O'CONNOR, Annie MATHEWS, Fred Smith and Emily Smith Memorial 115/494

No 18

SMITH, George farmer Stockport 1929 Application 27751

SMITH, George Benjamin no description associated with Thomas BRANDON's Mine at Spring Creek (Sections 458, 1417, 1418, 1422, 1426 Hundred of Gregory) 1861. He apparently had links with Mt Remarkable in 1862 Memorials 208/178, 307/182, 33/187

No 1

SMITH, George FA grazier Kingston S-E 1945 Memorial 140/519

SMITH, George Frederick Albert grazier Kingston S-E 1947 Application 28515

No 1

SMITH, George Frederick Douglas Nepean grazier Thistlebeds Co Burra 1893 Memorial 194/416

SMITH, George Frederick Douglas Nepean grazier Thistlebeds near Kersbrook 1896 Memorials 249/427 & 1/428

SMITH, George Frederick Douglas Nepean fruitgrower near Kersbrook 1909 Memorial 14/462

SMITH, George Frederic Douglas Nepean grazier formerly of near Kersbrook but now of Unley, and Pauline Nepean Smith his wife 1916 Memorial 175/473

No 1

SMITH, George Henry storeman Stepney 1877 Memorial 168/304

SMITH, George Henry formerly storeman but now labourer Stepney 1912 Application 26123

SMITH, George James tinsmith Mintaro 1900[-1905] Memorial 93/440

SMITH, George Manby printer, bookseller and stationer Chipping Norton, Oxon, England, died c1854-1855. He left his estate to his wife, Mary Ann Smith, and his three children Deborah Manby Smith, Sarah Purdy Smith and George Bloomfield Smith, as tenants in common. His widow died c1861. She left her household goods and wearing apparel to her two daughters to be divided equally between them; and the real estate and the rest of the personal effects in equal shares as tenants in common to her three children. The family sold their father’s land in the Barossa Valley to Gottlieb STEICKE in 1861. The Rev’d George STONEHOUSE was the Smiths’ local attorney. Application 6037

No 1

SMITH, George Nixon labourer Pt Adelaide 1858 Memorial 91/147

SMITH, George Nixon probably of Yatala township died in the Adelaide Hospital 1865. He left his entire estate to his wife, Nancy Smith, who was a widow at Yatala township in 1869 Memorials 56 & 57/240

SMITH, George Nixon labourer Pt Adelaide, died 8/10/1865 Adelaide Hospital. He left his estate to his wife, Nancy Smith Application 10665

SMITH, George P bookseller Narracoorte 1898 Memorial 129/435

SMITH, George Samuel machinist Thebarton 1876[- 1877] Memorial 10/287

No 1 - perhaps the Elder

SMITH, George Warren shipping agent Pt Adelaide leased 'the two front rooms on the right front side of the entrance to the building known as Central Chambers in Lipson St'. 1877 Memorial 3/302

SMITH, George W licensed land agent Pt Adelaide 1878 Application 16777

SMITH, George W licensed land agent Lipson St, Pt Adelaide 1883 Application 19893

SMITH, George Warren agent Pt Adelaide 1884[-1884] Memorial 26/359

SMITH, George Warren customs agent Pt Adelaide 1885[-1892] Memorial 226/370

SMITH, George Warren Acting Secretary to the Pt Adelaide Permanent Land, Building and Investment Association 1885 Application 20789

SMITH, GW secretary Pt Adelaide Permanent Land Building and Investment Association Inc 1893 Memorial 32/418

SMITH, George Warren agent Pt Adelaide 1893 Application 22459

SMITH, GW agent Pt Adelaide 1894 Memorial 178/422

SMITH, George Warren licensed land broker Pt Adelaide 1896 Application 23217

SMITH, George Warren agent Pt Adelaide 1896[-1900] Memorial 180/427

SMITH, George Warren land agent Pt Adelaide 1896 Memorial 215/429

SMITH, George Warren shipping agent Pt Adelaide 1900[-1914] Memorial 9/441

SMITH, George Warren shipping agent Pt Adelaide 1915 Application 26416.

SMITH, George Warren agent Pt Adelaide 1921 Application 27007

No 2 - perhaps the Younger

SMITH, George Warren of 22 Waymouth St, Adelaide 1891 Application 21990

SMITH, George Warren solicitor Ocean Chambers, King William St, Adelaide 1910 Application 25771

SMITH, G Wearing medical practitioner 143 Wellington Square, North Adelaide 1929 Memorial 163/501

No 1

SMITH, Gideon sheep farmer Hynam 1875 Memorial 54/283

SMITH, Gideon sheep farmer Binnum 1878 Memorial 214/306

SMITH, Gideon stockholder Binnum 1881 Memorial 193/334

No 1

SMITH, Grieve farmer Para Plains 1850 Memorial 81/27

SMITH, Grieve yeoman Clare 1854[-1857] Memorial 234/73

SMITH, Grieve farmer formerly of the Para Plains but now of Spring Side Farm near Clare 1855 Memorial 421/85

SMITH, Grieve farmer Hutt River and Clare 1857 Memorial 91/132

SMITH, Grieve yeoman Clare, died c1857 He left his estate to his brother, Henry Edward Smith school inspector Beaumont, to administer in trust Memorial 167/136

SMITH, Grieve yeoman Clare, died c1857. Husband of Mary Jane SMITH. 2020His real estate to go into trust, and all the rents paid to his wife to 2020maintain their children during their minority. When the children have all 2020come of age, or the widow remarried, the trustees to pay her an income of 2020£52 a year free of any interference from any future husband. The children 2020to receive the rest of the income in equal shares. After her death, the children to receive the estate in equal shares absolutely in remainder expectant Application 15905

SMITH, Guy Talbot grazier Woodside 1915 Application 26466

SMITH, HB law clerk Adelaide (Eagle Chambers) 1891 Memorial 229/428

SMITH, Harold Edmund of Farina 1890 Memorial 40/402

SMITH, Harold Law merchant Adelaide 1907 Memorial 47/458

SMITH, Harry eatinghouse keeper Parnaroo 1890 Memorial 52/402

SMITH, Harold Ryan licensed victualler Ford's Hotel Clare 1918[-1919] Memorial 171/476

No 1

SMITH, Henry wheelwright Thebarton 1839 Application 18136

SMITH, Henry wheelwright Thebarton 1846 Memorial 498/6

SMITH, Henry wheelwright Adelaide 1847 Memorial 491/8

No 2

SMITH, Henry baker Adelaide 1850[-1853] Memorial 99/20

No 3 - perhaps the same person; a long shot

SMITH, Henry farmer Athelstone 1862[-1867] Memorial 268/186

SMITH, Henry carpenter Athelstone and Mary Ann Smith his wife 1874 Application 13684

No 4

SMITH, Henry yeoman Brompton 1850 Memorial 133/27

SMITH, Henry fruiterer Port Road 1856 Memorial 279/106

SMITH, Henry fruiterer Hindmarsh 1856 Memorial 290/111

SMITH, Henry fruiterer Hindmarsh 1861 Application 2362

SMITH, Henry greengrocer Hindmarsh 1866 Memorial 165/214

No 5

SMITH, Henry labourer Queenstown 1857 Memorial 235/130

SMITH, Henry formerly labourer 1857 later miner Queenstown, died c1861 Application 5654

SMITH, Henry miner Queenstown, died c1861. He left real estate to his sons, Henry Jacob Smith and John Smith Memorial 252/181

No 6

SMITH, Henry wheelwright Kincraig 1861 Memorial 129/171

SMITH, Henry and AGAR, Thomas formerly wheelwrights 1861 but now contractors Kincraig 1870 Application 10632

No 7

SMITH, Henry of Pt Adelaide purchased land in Bridgwater Le Fevre Peninsula 1862 Memorial 215/192

SMITH, Henry labourer Le Fevre Peninsula [Bridgwater] 1882 Application 19536

SMITH, Henry gentleman Mt Gambier linked with Henry John Smith railway porter Wolseley 1890 Application 21921

No 8

SMITH, Henry licensed victualler Traveller's Rest Stirling near Pt Augusta 1863 Memorial 175/192

No 9

SMITH, Henry farmer Stockport 1863 Memorial 84/192

No 10

SMITH, Henry farmer King's Belt near Sheaoak Log 1865 Application 5938

No 11

SMITH, Henry cooper Greenock 1865 Application 6055

SMITH, Henry cooper Greenock 1865[-1870] Memorial 182/202

SMITH, Henry cooper Mt Crawford 1868 Application 9431

SMITH, Henry of Fullarton 1891 Memorial 4/408

SMITH, Henry cooper Fullarton and Anne Smith his wife 1891 Memorial 90/410

No 12

SMITH, Henry merchant's clerk Pt MacDonnell 1869 Memorial 22/240

SMITH, Henry shipping clerk Pt MacDonnell 1877 Memorial 193/298

SMITH, Henry shipping agent Beachport 1880 Memorial 175/320

No 13

SMITH, Henry draper Adelaide (Rundle St) 1870 Memorial 188/248

SMITH, Henry formerly draper Adelaide (Rundle St) but now storekeeper Pt Wakefield 1879 Memorial 77/317

SMITH, Henry storekeeper Pt Wakefield 1876[-1881] Memorial 200/288

SMITH, Henry and MOORE, William storekeepers Pt Wakefield 1876 Application 14977

SMITH, Henry draper Pt Wakefield 1878 Application 16708

No 14

SMITH, Henry farmer formerly of Minlacowie but now of Goodwood 1878[-1880] Memorial 223/309

No 15

SMITH, Henry JP SM Narracoorte 1878 Memorial 186/309

No 16

SMITH, Henry labourer Hamilton on the Light 1879 Memorial 242/318

SMITH, Henry labourer Hamilton on the Light, died 17/10/1878 Kapunda intestate. Letters of administration to his widow, Eliza Smith of Kapunda by 1889, to settle his estate Memorial 235/395

No 17 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, H clerk Morphett Vale 1871 Memorial 37/256

SMITH, Henry farmer Morphett Vale 1886 Application 20951

SMITH, Henry farmer Morphett Vale 1886[-1908] Memorial 25/379

SMITH, Henry farmer Morphett Vale Cemetery trustee 1892 Enrolment 50/54

SMITH, Henry farmer Morphett Vale 1913 Memorial 141/469

SMITH, Henry sheep farmer Morphett Vale 1913 Application 26219

SMITH, Henry out of business 31 Hughes St, Mile End, died 12/8/1929. Husband of Elizabeth Smith. Uncle to Robert William Smith. Cousin to the late William HEAD - his children included Sarah Head, Ada HOARE and Elizabeth STEGGEMANN. Other nephews and nieces mentioned but not named. H Smith owned land near both Morphett Vale and Noarlunga Memorial 131/502

No 18

SMITH, Henry of Wall St, Norwood 1882[-1888] Memorial 168/338

SMITH, Henry agent Wall St, Norwood linked with Thomas Smith farmer Telowie 1887 Memorial 184/382

No 19

SMITH, Henry warehouseman Kent Town about to leave the province for a time 1887 Memorial 65/382

No 20

SMITH, Henry farmer Riverton 1894 Memorial 155/422

No 1

SMITH, Henry Charles labourer Glanville 1875 Memorial 96/285

SMITH, Henry Charles stevedore Glanville 1900. Husband of Annie Smith Application 24120

SMITH, Henry Edward gentleman Adelaide, died 14/7/1860 congestion of 2323the brain, aged 34. He was an Inspector of Schools Beaumont, when his 23brother, Grieve Smith yeoman Clare died c1857 Application 15905

No 1

SMITH, Henry George labourer formerly of Magill, but now of Adelaide 1847 Memorial 61/8

No 2

SMITH, Henry George and George GURNER merchants Adelaide (Waymouth St) trading under the style or firm of Smith and Gurner ironmongers, about to move to a rented stone building on pt TA 50 Hindley St with a back entrance to Blyth St. This property belonged to Edward PLAYFORD of Mitcham 1887 Memorial 156/387

SMITH, Henry George of Fulham 1888 Memorial 125/391

SMITH, Henry George merchant formerly of Waymouth St, but now of Hindley St, Adelaide 1890 Memorial 86/406

No 1

SMITH, Henry James clerk to Matthew Smith attorney at law Adelaide (Gawler Place) 1842 Memorial 291/1

SMITH, Henry James Esquire Towalla near Pt Lincoln son of Matthew Smith Esquire Highgate 1857 Memorial 329/126

SMITH, Henry J stockholder Pt Lincoln 1858 Memorial 120/142

SMITH, Henry James sheepfarmer Pt Lincoln 1863 Memorial 317/187

SMITH, Henry James sheepfarmer Pt Lincoln was the only son of the late Matthew Smith formerly of Pt Lincoln but then deceased by 1864. HJ Smith was a first cousin to John Smith publican Ship Inn Pt Adelaide Application 5291

SMITH, Henry James stipendiary magistrate Pt Lincoln 1865[-1869] Memorial 29/204

SMITH, Henry James SM formerly of Pt Lincoln but now of Pt Augusta 1871 Memorial 152/306

SMITH, Henry James SM of Pt Augusta 1871[-1872] Memorial 52/269

SMITH, Henry James SM formerly of Pt Lincoln but now of Narracoorte 1876 Memorial 7/293

SMITH, Henry James SM of Narracoorte 1875[-1886] Memorial 44/316

SMITH, Henry J JP SM of Narracoorte 1876 Memorial 212/292

No 1

SMITH, Henry Martyn JP of Gulnare 1872 Memorial 127/262

SMITH, Henry Martyn gentleman Woodbourne Willabara 1876 Memorial 132/295

SMITH, Henry Tarver builder Norwood 1850 Memorial 299/22

SMITH, Hilda Grace married woman Mintaro 1913 Application 26236

No 1

SMITH, Hugh carpenter Norwood 1852[-1861] Memorial 33/42

SMITH, Hugh yeoman Randallsea 1860 Memorial 222/164

SMITH, Hugh police constable Stawell Vic owned land at Norwood 1872[-1874] Memorial 134/260, Application 13424

SMITH, Hugh blacksmith Yankalilla 1867 Application 8853

No 2

SMITH, Hugh hawker Adelaide 1869 Memorial 102/267

SMITH, Hugh labourer Adelaide 1876 Memorial 225/291

SMITH, Elizabeth Mary infant daughter of Hugh and Matilda Smith of Adelaide 1875 Application 14794

SMITH, Hugh dealer South Tce, Adelaide 1909 Application 25711

SMITH, Hurtle James blacksmith Echunga 1956 Application 29193

No 1 - perhaps the same person; perhaps the Elder and the Younger??

SMITH, Isaac brickmaker Glenelg 1854[-1856] Memorial 178/70

SMITH, Isaac brickmaker The Meadows 1863 Application 4409

SMITH, Isaac brickmaker Brighton 1878[-1883] Memorial 30/308

SMITH, Isaac brickmaker Brighton 1885 Application 20725

SMITH, J law clerk Gawler 1894 Memorial 215/423

No 1

SMITH, Jabez stockholder Murray Flats 1860 Memorial 126/172

SMITH, Jabez and Jesse stockholders Princess Royal Estate near Kooringa 1861 Memorial 127/172

SMITH, Jabez and Jesse cattleowners Princess Royal Estate near Kooringa 1861[-1862] Memorial 179/182

SMITH, Jack George Leslie packing shed manager Kingston upon Murray 1940 Application 28277

No 1

SMITH, Jacob Robert of Woodside 1881 Memorial 206/334

SMITH, Jacob Robert agent Woodside 1885[-1888] Memorial 174/364

No 1

SMITH, Jacob William master mariner Adelaide 1849 Memorial 39/17

SMITH, Jacob William gentleman Adelaide 1853[-1854] Hundred of Gilbert land grant Memorial 474/60

SMITH, Jacob William Esquire Woodville 1857 Memorial 53/121

SMITH, Jacob William merchant Pt Adelaide 1860[-1881] Memorial 93/171, Application 1713

SMITH, Jacob William gentleman formerly of Adelaide 1853 but now of Pt Adelaide 1876[-1878] Applications 15357, 16636

No 1

SMITH, James farmer Hurtle Vale 1842 Memorial 342/2

No 2

SMITH, James gentleman Adelaide (then or late in the employ of Messrs August COOKE & Co) 1843 Memorial 440/71

SMITH, James Esquire Angaston 1849[-1850] Memorials 64/14 & 358/22

SMITH, James accountant Adelaide 1851[-1854]. Executor for the will of WRS COOKE merchant Adelaide. Could he have been a relative of Mr Cooke? Enrolment 57/12

SMITH, James gentleman Walkerville 1854 Memorial 265/78

SMITH, James merchant Adelaide (Waymouth St) 1855[-1895] Memorial 260/92

SMITH, James Esquire of the firm of GILES & Smith of Adelaide 1857 Memorial 261/130, Application 2074

SMITH, James merchant Greenhills near Adelaide 1860 Memorial 109/182

SMITH, James merchant Beaumont 1869 Memorial 139/240

SMITH, James and Augusta Smith no description had an interest in the Pembroke Consols (Sections 406,413 and 414 near Truro) 1878 Memorial 249/311

SMITH, James merchant Adelaide 1880[-1895] Applications 18316, 21316, 23013

SMITH, James merchant Adelaide and Augusta Smith his wife linked with HA Smith out of business Adelaide and JA Smith branch bank manager Hindmarsh 1892 Memorial 15/414

SMITH, James, Clement GILES and Henry BOWEN merchants Adelaide (Waymouth St), trading under the style or firm of Giles & Smith 1895 Memorial 238/425

SMITH, James merchant Barton Tce East, North Adelaide, died 22/11/1900, of an intestinal obstruction, aged 80. By 1907, his widow, Augusta Smith, was apparently very sick herself, as she had a trained nurse, Evangeline HODGE, to witness some business papers Memorial 204/457 & Application 25368

No 3

SMITH, James farmer Cowandilla 1844[-1849] Memorial 358/3

SMITH, James of Cowandilla 1846 Memorial 73/7

SMITH, James labourer Cowandilla 1847[-1857] He sold land to Frederick SMITH groom Adelaide Memorial 220/8

No 4

SMITH, James formerly sawyer Pt Adelaide, but now schoolmaster Pt Phillip Vic 1846 Memorial 182/7, Application 19170

SMITH, James sawyer formerly of Pt Phillip Vic but now of Adelaide 1853 Memorial 143/61

No 5

SMITH, James gardener Fullarton 1852[-1853] Memorial 210/44

No 6

SMITH, James labourer Goodwood 1852[-1854] Memorial 498/44

SMITH, James formerly labourer Goodwood 1852 but now farmer Lower Mitcham 1867 Application 8218.

SMITH, James formerly labourer Goodwood 1854 but now farmer West Mitcham 1867. He could not write Application 8855

No 7 - likely to be the same person

SMITH, James tanner Kilkenny 1853 Memorial 412/47

SMITH, James farmer Kilkenny sold land to the company for the construction of the Adelaide City and Port railway' 1854 Memorial 486/75

SMITH, James carrier Port Road and Mary Smith his wife 1855 Memorial 219/93

SMITH, James carrier Port Road 1858 Memorial 115/132

No 7

SMITH, James publican Hilton 1850 Memorial 230/25

SMITH, James licensed victualler formerly of Hilton but now of Thebarton 1856 Memorial 283/105

No 8 - perhaps a continuation of No 7

SMITH, James licensed victualler Adelaide (Saracen's Head Carrington St), died 12/3/1883 intestate. Husband of Mary Smith Memorial 244/352

No 9

SMITH, James engineer Hindmarsh 1853 Memorial 203/69

SMITH, James formerly engineer Hindmarsh but now of Bendigo Vic 1856[-1862] Memorial 117/110, Application 3445

No 10

SMITH, James ploughman Yankalilla 1853 Memorial 440/75

SMITH, James farmer Yankalilla 1854[-1860] Memorial 188/76

SMITH, James farmer Yankalilla 1862 Memorial 341/186 Loyal Yankalilla Oddfellow Lodge trustee 1862 Memorial 341/186

SMITH, James formerly ploughman 1852 but now farmer Yankalilla 1864 Application 5209

SMITH, James farmer Yankalilla 1893 Application 22600

SMITH, James farmer Yankalilla, died 26/10/1905. Husband of Caroline Thurza Smith. Father of Samuel William Smith, James Neil Smith farmer Maitland, William Neil Smith of Farina, Mary Neil FOGGO wife of William Foggo farmer Dowlingville, and Margaret SOMERVILLE wife of James Somerville of Broken Hill NSW Memorial 164/454

SMITH, James farmer Yankalilla, died 1905. All his real estate not given to his children to go into trust to provide an income for his widow, Caroline Thurza Smith during her widowhood. Then the land to be sold and the funds divided equally amongst the children - William Neil Smith police constable Meningie, Mary Neil FOGGO wife of William Foggo farmer Dowlingville Yorke Peninsula, and Margaret SOMERVILLE wife of James Somerville labourer Broken Hill NSW 1909 Application 25694

No 11

SMITH, James storekeeper Yankalilla 1855 Memorial 356/84

No 12

SMITH, James farmer Gawler Plains 1854[-1855] Memorial 2/67

SMITH, James farmer Munno Para 1860 Memorial 35/163

No 13

SMITH, James farmer Myponga 1854 Memorial 259/65

No 14 - possibly the same person

SMITH, James farmer Section 74 Currency Creek 1854 Memorial 145/62

SMITH, James farmer Goolwa 1855 Memorial 163/106

No 14 - probably a mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, James farmer Mt Gambier 1855 Memorial 226/102

SMITH, James of Mt Gambier and Christina Smith his wife. Mother of Duncan STEWART gentleman Mt Gambier 1855 Memorial 45/95

SMITH, James farmer Mt Gambier 1859, died before 1865. He left his estate under various trusts for the benefit of his wife, Christiana Smith and his unnamed children. His son, JGW Smith, to inherit a house called Bonney Memorial 210/203

SMITH, James farmer Mt Gambier, died 4/1/1860. Husband of Christina Smith. Father of James Gersham Smith farmer Mt Gambier, his eldest son Memorial 129/211

SMITH, James farmer Mt Gambier 1876 Memorial 237/295

SMITH, James farmer near Mt Gambier 1900 Application 24012

SMITH, Christina widow Mt Gambier relict of the late James Smith formerly farmer Mt Gambier but now deceased 1866[-1876] Memorial 129/211

No 15

SMITH, James waterman Lower Finniss 1856 Memorial 53/108

No 16

SMITH, James blacksmith Pt Elliot 1858 Memorial 202/133

No 17

SMITH, James storekeeper Hundred of Grace 1858 Memorial 238/138

No 18

SMITH, James farmer Brookside linked with John Smith farmer Yankalilla 1859 Memorial 100/164

No 20

SMITH, James farmer Lower Mitcham 1861[-1864] Memorial 192/178

No 21

SMITH, James farmer and contractor Kingston S-E 1868 Memorial 147/234

No 22

SMITH, James farmer Echunga 1869 Memorial 11/240

No 23

SMITH, James accountant Adelaide 1871 Memorial 41/256

No 24

SMITH, James schoolmaster Navan 1873[-1877] Memorial 79/270

No 25

SMITH, James farmer Dry Creek 1875[-1876] Memorial 245/284

No 26

SMITH, James farmer New Glenelg 1874 Application 13905

SMITH, James farmer New Glenelg 1874 Application 13900

SMITH, James and Emma Smith married before they left England for SA. Children of the marriage - Frederick William Smith, Edward Smith, Stephen Smith, Henry Smith, James Smith, George Smith, Martha SHARP wife of William Sharp saddler Glen Osmond and Emily FLIGHT wife of Albert Enoch Flight carriage builder Mile End. By 1924, Frederick, Stephen, James and George Smith had died. Edward Smith lived in an unknown place in NSW. Henry John Smith was a packer on Brighton Road, New Glenelg. The two daughters also had still survived by that date and gave the family information. James Smith the Elder farmer New Glenelg, died 13/12/1897 intestate, of a malignant tumor, aged 69. His widow, Emma Smith, died 9/7/1922 Application 26777

SMITH, James farmer New Glenelg, died 13/12/1897 of a malignant tumor, aged 69. His widow, Emma Smith, continued to live there until her death c1913 or afterwards. Her will mentions family as Henry Smith, Edward Smith, James Smith, Emma FLIGHT, Martha SHARP, nephew Harry Smith and his wife, Florrie, and a Mrs Lydia Smith, widow of the late Fred Smith. Application 26777

No 27

SMITH, James merchant Pt Adelaide and Elizabeth Hooper Smith his wife 1877 Application 16012

No 28

SMITH, James gardener Athelstone 1882 Application 19406

No 29

SMITH, James foreman to W SALTER & Son of Angaston 1884 Memorial 209/360

No 28

SMITH, James farmer Pt Elliot 1887 Application 21137

No 29

SMITH, James farmer Hundred of Pirie 1899 Memorial 178/439

No 30

SMITH, James agent Adelaide trustee for the estate of the late Philip SANTO [perhaps to be identified as James Viner Smith??] 1890[-1894] Memorial 210/422, Application 22722

No 31

SMITH, James blacksmith Echunga 1895 Application 22875

No 32

SMITH, James articled clerk Adelaide 1902 Memorial 31/447

SMITH, James articled law clerk to William POPE solicitor Eagle Chambers, Adelaide 1904 Application 24769

No 33

SMITH, James miner and Lawrence labourer both of Birkenhead Le Fevre Peninsula, and Elizabeth Smith wife of Lawrence Smith 1906 Memorial 166/455

No 34

SMITH, James builder Brompton 1908 Memorial 126/459

SMITH, James builder Brompton linked with Cornelius Michael Smith cabinetmaker North Adelaide and Eliza Marian Smith his wife 1910 Memorial 38/463

SMITH, James Albert sharebroker Adelaide (Currie St) 1898 Memorial 65/434

SMITH, James Bell formerly of Pt Willunga but now out of business Henley Beach, changed his name to James BELL-SMITH 1932 Memorial 140/505

SMITH, James Braid farmer Yankalilla 1854[-1858] Memorial 34/77

No 1

SMITH, James Churchill cattle drover Dalhousie Springs Far North, but presently residing in Adelaide 1878 Memorial 143/327

SMITH, James Churchill stockowner Dalhousie Springs Far North 1884 Memorial 188/358

No 1

SMITH, James Fletcher carter Pt Elliot linked with Alice Jackson Smith widow Pt Elliot 1929 Memorial 164/501

SMITH, James Fletcher carter Pt Elliot 1933 Memorial 151/506

SMITH, James Gersham livery stable keeper Mt Gambier 1869 Memorial 64/237

No 1

SMITH, James Greenslade farmer Horsham Vic son of the late Christopher Grantham Smith formerly farmer Mt Gambier now deceased 1888 Memorial 103/391

SMITH, James Greenslade farmer Greenland Dams Kalkee near Horsham Vic son of the late Christopher Gratham St farmer Mt Gambier now deceased 1891 Memorial 151/409

No 1

SMITH, James John yeoman Queenstown 1852[-1855] Memorial 451/45

SMITH, James John storekeeper Queenstown 1855[-1856] Memorial 403/88

SMITH, James John storekeeper Pt Adelaide 1854 Memorial 407/71

SMITH, James Lea farmer Noarlunga 1843 Memorial 264/3

SMITH, James Neil farmer Maitland son of James Smith farmer Yankalilla 1885 Memorial 62/370

No 1 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, James Neilson farmer Smithfield 1860 Memorial 211/175

SMITH, James Neilson farmer Fords linked with John Smith the Younger farmer Smithfield 1869 Memorial 11/241

SMITH, James Neilson farmer Fords near Kapunda 1875[-1895] Memorial 156/282, Applications 22217 & 18685

SMITH, James Neilson JP farmer Fords Crossing, and Annie Smith his wife formerly Annie GREENSHIELDS widow of the late Alexander Harvey Greenshields formerly draper Kapunda now deceased 1901 Memorial 230/444

SMITH, James Neilson the Elder farmer Fords, died 13/5/1925. Father of James Neilson Smith the Younger, Melville Gordon Smith, Howard Briden Smith, William Davidson Sanderson Smith, Ruby Isabella WEAVER, and Annie Jane LEWIS Memorial 13/494

SMITH, James Neilson the Elder farmer Fords, died 13/5/1925. Father of Howard Briden Smith and William Davidson Smith farmers Arrino WA; James Neilson Smith the Younger farmer Jabuk Memorials 37 & 38/494

No 1

SMITH, James Nicholson draper Adelaide 1861 Application 2167.

SMITH, James Nicholson draper Mitcham 1855[-1884] Memorial 46/89, Application 15571

SMITH, James Nicholson gentleman Mitcham and Mary Jane Smith his wife 1893 Memorial 240/417

No 2 - likely to be the business address of No 1

SMITH, James Nicholson draper Adelaide 1857 Memorial 218/229

No 1
SMITH, James agent Adelaide trustee for the estate of the late Philip SANTO [perhaps to be identified as James Viner Smith??] 1890[-1894] Memorial 210/422, Application 22722

SMITH, James Viner formerly accountant but now land and estate agent Adelaide 1894 Application 22715

SMITH, James Viner land and estate agent Adelaide (Franklin St) 1900[-1908] Memorial 48/441, Application 25684

SMITH, James Viner died 11/5/1914 Unley Park. Executors; Cuthbert Viner Smith accountant Adelaide and Arthur Benjamin LLOYD minister of the gospel formerly of Pt Wakefield but now of St Peters Memorial 198/476

SMITH, Hannah widow Unley Park relict of the late James Viner Smith land and estate agent formerly of Burwood Fullarton but then of Unley Park. Family; Ida Gwendoline LLOYD wife of the Rev'd Arthur Benjamin Lloyd of Pt Pirie, Blanche Marguerite Smith, Cutherbert Viner Smith formerly warehouseman Fullarton but now accountant Rose Park and Alice Irene Smith 1923 Memorial 50/488

No 1

SMITH, James William yeoman Bowden 1854[-1856] Memorial 69/70

No 2

SMITH, James William carpenter Pt Augusta 1874 Memorial 92/276

No 1

SMITH, James Wing baker Bowden 1850[-1859] Memorial 399/22, Application 187 Baker Brompton 1851 Memorial 293/28 Hundred of Goolwa land grant 1854 Memorial 281/64

SMITH, James Wing yeoman Bowden 1852 Memorial 246/42

SMITH, Jane Sarah spinster Palmer Place, North Adelaide 1897 Application 23501

SMITH, Jeanie Haldane spinster formerly of Brighton but now of London, Middlesex, England 1873[-1878] Memorial 7/268

No 1

SMITH, Jeremiah William cabinetmaker Adelaide (Pt TA 46 King William St) 1847[-1849]. He assigned the lease in 1849 to Christian Philipp EYMER perfumer Adelaide (King William St) for £76/10/-. [Perhaps JW Smith removed his cabinetmaking business to Freeman St?] Memorials 203/10, 321/17

SMITH, Jeremiah William cabinetmaker Adelaide leased Pt TA 143 between Freeman St and Featherstone Place from Michael Featherstone of Brighton for 21 years at £20 a quarter. Smith erected an inn called The Young Queen Inn 'with stable, outhouses and buildings' facing Freeman St (probably with money raised by mortgage of the building site to Thomas NEILL accountant Adelaide for £200], which he sub-leased to William KIRBY 1849[-1850]. Memorials 322/15, 28/17, 442/19

SMITH, Jesse licensed victualler Sevenhill took a 7-year lease of the Devonshire Hotel at Mintaro at £3 per week from John Smith the Elder farmer and millowner Mintaro 1868 Memorial 228/235

No 1

SMITH, John labourer Plympton Hamlets 1841 Application 9062

SMITH, John labourer formerly of Plympton Hamlets but now of Coromandel Valley 1846 Memorial 240/227, Application 9062

No 2

SMITH, John brickmaker Hindmarsh 1847[-1851] Memorial 112/8

SMITH, John plasterer Hindmarsh 1853[-1855] Memorial 118/48

No 3

SMITH, John labourer Adelaide 1838 Application 10159

SMITH, John formerly labourer but now carpenter Adelaide, and Sarah Smith his wife 1848 Memorial 431/28

SMITH, John carpenter Adelaide (Rundle St) 1848[-1850] Memorial 262/13

SMITH, John carpenter Rundle St, Adelaide 1850 Memorial 322/27

SMITH, John formerly labourer 1838 but now carpenter Adelaide 1869 Application 10160

No 4 -perhaps a continuation of No 3

SMITH, John carpenter Adelaide (Angas St) 1849 Memorial 224/17

SMITH, John formerly carpenter Adelaide (Angas St) 1849 but now gentleman Kensington Tce, Norwood 1877 Application 16465

No 5

SMITH, John baker Adeladie 1840 Application 154373232

No 6

SMITH, John farmer Dry Creek 1847[-1849] Memorial 416/10

No 7

SMITH, John surgeon Blakiston 1849 Memorial 32/19

SMITH, John doctor Littlehampton at present residing in Vic 1852[-1853] Memorial 134/41 Surgeon formerly of Littlehampton 1853 Memorial 498/47

No 8

SMITH, John sawyer Payneham 1850[-1851] Memorial 1/20

No 9 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, John farmer & licensed victualler Smith’s Creek Gawler Plains 1850[-1853] Memorial 481/24

SMITH, John farmer Gawler Plains 1851 Memorial 319/36

SMITH, John publican Gawler Plains 1851 Memorial 37/41

SMITH, John licensed victualler Smithfield 1857 Memorial 222/131

SMITH, John gentleman Smithfield purchased the Gawler Belt Inn for £1,350 from the mortgaged deceased estate of Hermann GROTEGUT 1868 Memorial 216/232

SMITH, John Esquire Smithfield owned the Globe Inn at Gawler 1869 Memorial 134/240

SMITH, John the Elder Esquire Smithfield, died 11/11/1877. Very complicated will with trusts to benefit his widow, Ann Smith, and his children - Anne Jane Smith, John Smith the Younger, Margaret Roberts wife of Richard Roberts farmer Blyth Plains, William Smith and Andrew Smith. Assets included the Smith Creek Hotel, Globe Hotel at Gawler, the Gawler Belt Inn, allotments in Smithfield township and many sections of land in the Hundred of Munno Para. Executors-Ann Smith widow, James Nielson Smith and Richard Roberts Memorial 111/307

SMITH, John the Elder Esquire Smithfield, died 11/11/1877. By 1881, his family was disposed thus: his widow Ann Smith was at Smithfield; children - James Nielson Smith farmer Fords; John Smith the Younger farmer Yakandanda Clare; Alexander Smith farmer Blyth Plains; Andrew Valance Smith farmer Willow Ponds near Gladstone; William Smith farmer Smithfield; Anne Jane Smith spinster Smithfield; Margaret ROBERTS wife of Richard Roberts farmer Blyth Plains; Marian BLAKE wife of Walter Blake machinist Balaklava; Memorial 111/337

SMITH, John Esquire Smithfield, died 11/11/1877. His widow Ann Smith inherited his personal estate and some of his real estate absolutely and the rest of his real estate for life. Their daughter, Margaret ROBERTS wife of Richard Roberts farmer Kybunga near Blyth, to enjoy certain property for life, then to her children in equal shares in remainder expectant. Amongst the properties for her life interest included the Gawler Belt Inn on pt Section 916 Hundred of Nuriootpa. If Mrs Roberts left no heirs, then she had the right to nominate how the estate would be left. Other daughters with similar arrangements included Marian Smith, and Anne Jane Smith (She got the Union Hotel, Gawler, for life, then to be sold ad the money divided equally amongst her children). Sons of the marriage by 1899 included James Nielson Smith farmer Fords and John Smith farmer Rochester Application 23823

SMITH, Ann widow of John Smith gentleman Smithfield, had a life interest in his real estate, then to their son, William Smith farmer Smithfield 1886 Application 20952

SMITH, Ann widow Smithfield 1887 Application 21201

SMITH, Ann widow Smithfield relict of the late John Smith formerly Esquire Smithfield but now deceased mother of James Nielson Smith farmer Fords and Margaret ROBERTS wife of Richard Roberts farmer Blyth Plains 1892 Memorial 135/412

SMITH, Ann widow of John Smith the Elder farmer Smithfield, died 18/11/1890. Sons John Smith the Younger farmer Yackandanda Vic, Alexander Smith farmer Broken Hill and William Smith farmer Smithfield received various cash and shares bequests. Her daughter, Marion BLAKE wife of Walter Blake machinist Smithfield, got the Smith Creek Hotel absolutely. The Criterion Hotel at Bassett Town to be sold and the proceeds divided equally amongst her grandchildren. Amongst the Sections of land which her daughter, Mrs Roberts, inherited was Section 251 Hundred of Dalkey. By error, Mrs Smith gave an acre of this section (the south-eastern corner) to the Education Department to build the Wakefield school, instead of land from another section, on 18/7/1888. The school was never built here, but on another site which Mrs Roberts also gave. Mrs Roberts could get the land back, provided she paid the transfer fees. William Henry HANCOCK farmer Woods bought the property on 19/7/1907 for £2,080/17/6 by a direct transfer from the Education Department 1907 Application 25341

No 10

SMITH, John shoemaker Stepney 1851 Memorial 438/29

SMITH, John and William shoemakers Stepney 1856 Memorial 135/95

No 11 - perhaps a mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, John stockholder Wildoto Co Burra linked with Aaron Smith butcher Kooringa 1852 Memorial 5/48

SMITH, John stockholder Noora Marie Burra Creek 1854 Memorial 131/231

SMITH, John sheep farmer The Princess Royal Kooringa. [He had considerable dealings with Mintaro real estate] 1857[-1858] Memorial 346/118

SMITH, John stockholder Mintaro 1860[-1861] Memorial 132/231

SMITH, John licensed victualler Mintaro 1862 Memorial 183/187

SMITH, John farmer Mintaro linked with Thomas Smith butcher Mintaro 1865 Memorial 118/207

SMITH, John the Elder land owner Mintaro 1869 Application 10134

SMITH, John farmer Mintaro 1873 Memorial 90/267

SMITH, John died 4/5/1876. Husband of Mary Smith. Father of Aaron Moses Smith, Sarah Jabus Smith, Jessie Smith and David John Smith LTO Search 794

SMITH, Mary widow Mintaro 1880 Application 18362

No 12

SMITH, John publican Pt Adelaide 1853[-1866] Memorial 441/47

SMITH, John [apparently the Elder] of the Ship Inn Pt Adelaide 6/7/1864 declared that he was a first cousin to William Smith and Matthew Smith of Pt Lincoln. John Smith claimed that he had the will of William Smith, witnessed by only a Thomas KING of Tower Shadwell (in England??) in 1831. William Smith left all his property to John Smith and his brothers, one of whom, Thomas Smith, still lived in England. Matthew Smith [apparently the Younger] claimed that the will was mere waste paper. Matthew Smith’s [the Younger] only son by his first wife, Henry James Smith gentleman Pt Lincoln, supplied dates of birth and death - William Smith born 23/9/1793 died 30/3/1848 Pt Lincoln; Matthew Smith [apparently the Elder] born 19/8/1795 died 18/11/1858; John Smith [apparently the Elder the informant] born 11/12/1796. Confused data. Application 5291

SMITH, John the Younger licensed victualler Ship Inn Pt Adelaide about to marry Eliza JOHNSTON spinster Adelaide. Already father of Mary Elizabeth Margaret Smith, Annie Smith and John Smith the Third 1879. Apparently, Annie Smith had married John ROWLANDS accountant Parkes NSW by 1906 Memorials 187/315, 250/455

SMITH, John the Younger licensed victualler Ship Inn Pt Adelaide, died 3/1/1884 Memorial 143/357

SMITH, Eliza widow Pt Adelaide owned the Ship Inn at Pt Adelaide 1884[-1899] Memorial 143/357 She lived in North Adelaide by 1904 Memorial 65/416

No 13

SMITH, John shoemaker Gawler 1853[-1860] Memorial 372/48

No 14

SMITH, John sawyer Norwood 1853 Memorial 428/51

No 15

SMITH, John gardener Walkerville 1853 Memorial 177/51

No 16

SMITH, John blacksmith Adelaide 1854 Memorial 329/73

SMITH, John blacksmith Melrose 1854[-1860] Memorial 414/73

SMITH, John blacksmith Mt Remarkable 1861 Memorial 122/176

SMITH, John blacksmith formerly of Melrose 1854 but now of Yadlamalka Western Plains Far North 1863 Application 3900

No 17

SMITH, John miller formerly of Perth WA but now of Nairne. He went into partnership with William WEDD for erecting a flourmill in Mt Barker but the firm went bankrupt 1855 Memorial 221/91, Application 6901

No 18

SMITH, John yeoman Oakbank 1855 Memorial 303/94

SMITH, John yeoman Oakbank, died 5/11/1873 intestate. His widow, Mary Smith, died 25/3/1881. Letters of administration to Jabez Smith hostler and yeoman Mt Pleasant, one of their children. Estate worth £60. Another child apparently Sarah Ann Smith spinster Oakbank who married James HARRIS turnkey at the Stockade (Father: John Harris) on 2/12/1863 private residence of the Rev’d John GARDNER corner of North & East Tce, Adelaide. Witnesses J MCLACHLAN gentleman Norwood and Mary Smith of Oakbank. The John Smiths arrived in Oakbank c1855 Application 19774

No 19

SMITH, John storekeeper Queenstown 1855 Memorial 258/85

No 20

SMITH, John farmer Woodville 1855 Memorial 357/90

No 21

SMITH, John butcher Yankalilla. Bible Christian Chapel Yankalilla foundation trustee 1856 Memorial 130/120

SMITH, John poundkeeper Yankalilla, died 17/5/1871, of paralysis, aged 71 35Application 18343

No 22

SMITH, John farmer Enfield 1859 Memorial 241/160

SMITH, John farmer formerly of Enfield 1859 but now of Coleraine Vic 1863. He could not write Application 3779

No 23

SMITH, John settler Sheaoak Range Co Grey 1859 Memorial 279/152

SMITH, John settler formerly of Sheaoak Range Co Grey but now of Penola 1859 Memorial 233/158

No 24

SMITH, John labourer Queen's Court, off Currie St, Adelaide, died 16/2/1869. Estate worth £170. Husband of Catherine Smith, who still lived at this address in 1907. The children in 1907 included; Michael John Smith painter Adelaide (Philip St), John Joseph Smith plumber Adelaide (King William St), Martha Smith spinster, Francis Smith labourer (both of Queen's Court) and Mary Ann Smith spinster Adelaide (Rundle St) Memorials 148 & 149/457

No 25

SMITH, John, Richard the Elder and Richard the Younger farmers Dry Creek 1857 Memorial 224/113

SMITH, John [formerly farmer Dry Creek but then] carpenter Golden Grove, died 1/6/1876 intestate and a bachelor. His parents had died, but he had 3 brothers and 2 sisters - Richard Smith, Charles Smith, Francis Scafield Smith, Sara ROBERTS wife of William Roberts and Ruth HALL a widow. Letters of administration to his brother, Richard Smith farmer Golden Grove, to settle the estate. Alfred Westerman Smith and Richard Caspar Smith farmers Golden Grove 1914 were sons of Richard Smith. It appears that a Richard Smith farmer Upper Dry Creek, who died 1867, was the ancestor of this family Application 26310

No 26

SMITH, John full age bachelor married Ellen DUNNE full age spinster on 26/4 /1856 Adelaide. Minister: John E PALLHUTER. The Smiths kept cows on vacant allotments in Semaphore. John Smith dairy farmer [and carter] Weymouth near Semaphore, died 27/8/1883, of malignant ulceration of the back, aged 65. He went to live in Weymouth in 1861. John Smith was a Swede and was sometimes described as John SCHMIDT. Ellen Smith died c1873. The Smiths had two daughters. Daughter 1 Helena Margaret Smith born 22/2/1857. Margaret Smith 18 Pt Adelaide (Father: John Smith) married Robert Fitzallen LONG 21 clerk Pt Adelaide [later licensed victualler Adelaide] (Father: John J Long) on 12/9/1874 Pt Adelaide Roman Catholic presbytery. Miniser: Michae O'CONNOR. Witnesses: John Smith labourer Pt Adelaide (he could not write) and MA ANDERSON spinster Pt Adelaide. Mrs Long died 5/12/1891. Daughter 2 Annie Maria Smith born 24/2/1865 Le Fevre Peninsula. She married Thomas Rumming SMITH 19 cabinetmaker Collingwood [Born Adelaide son of Thomas Stevens Smith labourer and Jane TOTNES?] on 14/11/1882 Fitzroy registry office 146 Gore St, Fitzroy Vic. By 1904, Thomas Rumming Smith was a carriage builder of Williamstown Vic. Elizabeth JARROLD widow Exeter was a sister of Mrs Ellen SMITH. Mrs Jarrold came to live at Exeter in 1864 Application 24769

SMITH, John labourer Pt Adelaide and Ellen Smith his wife 1861 Memorial 348/189

SMITH, John labourer Le Fevre Peninsula and Eleanor Smith his wife 1863 Memorial 6/189

SMITH, John milkman Le Fevre Peninsula. His wife, Eleanor Smith, died 30/10/1873 intestate. Her estate worth £100 Application 15975

SMITH, John dairyman and labourer Weymouth, Le Fevre Peninsula 1877 Applications 15681, 15835

SMITH, John (formerly known as Johann SCHMIDT) formerly mariner Pt Adelaide 1856 but now milkman Le Fevre Peninsula 1878. He could not write Application 16891

SMITH, John out of business Weymouth township Le Fevre Peninsula, died 1883. Executor; George FREER butcher Semaphore Memorial 100/354

No 27

SMITH, John farmer Woodside 1860 Application 1596

No 28

SMITH, John the Younger clerk to the Australian Trust Company Adelaide (50 King William St) 1866 Memorial 67/213

No 29

SMITH, John labourer Bowden 1864 Application 5568

No 30

SMITH, John labourer Kensington 1866[-1883] Memorial 147/216

SMITH, John labourer Kensington linked with Mary Smith spinster Kensington 1867 Memorial 225/227, Application 20005

No 31

SMITH, John farmer Tothill Creek 1867 Memorial 203/222

No 32 - perhaps the same person; a long shot.

SMITH, John shipwright Portland Estate 1874[-1875] Memorial 78/271, Application 18432

SMITH, John contractor Portland Ward 1888 Application 21324

No 33

SMITH, John storekeeper Hindmarsh 1871[-1886] Memorial 47/258

SMITH, John hawker Bowden, died 2/12/1888. He left his whole estate in trust to his wife, Susan Mary Smith, for life, then one each of three houses absolutely in remainder expectant to his son William Smith and his stepsons Henry COLWELL and John Colwell. Trustee: Henry HUNWICK storekeeper Hindmarsh. Susan Mary Smith widow of the late John Smith greengrocer Brompton Park, died 13/4/1904, of locomotor ataxia and senility, aged 79 Application 24785

No 34

SMITH, John farmer Inman Valley 1876[-1888] Memorial 198/289

SMITH, John farmer Inman Valley linked with Samuel George Smith Esquire of 1 Lombard St, London 1887 Memorial 229/383

No 35

SMITH, John the Elder farmer Napperby, died 15/3/1881 Warnertown. Husband of Sarah Jane Smith. Executors: William Smith farmer Stockport and William Clement HAWKINS farmer Napperby. In 1899, the children listed - William Smith farmer Napperby, Charles Henley Smith farmer Warnertown, Sidney George Smith farmer Warnertown, John Smith the Younger farmer Warnertown. Charles William Smith farmer Stockport, and Henry Smith farmer Morphett Vale associaed with this family. John Smith's widow still lived in Warnertown. John Smith the Elder owned Section 583 Hundred of Noarlunga Memorials 142-144/437

SMITH, John the Elder farmer near Warnertown, died 15/3/1881. He left his estate in trust for his wife, Sarah Jane Smith, for life or during her widowhood, then to his children, Charles Henry Smith, Sydney George Smith and John Smith the Younger, in equal shares in remainder expectant. Estate worth £250. Trustees: William Clement HAWKINS farmer Napperby and Charles William Smith farmer Stockport. John Smith the Elder was the son of Charles Smith farmer Morphett Vale, who died 25/6/1872. He left his estate, also in trust, to his wife, Sophie Smith, for life or during her widowhood, then to his sons, William, Charles, Joseph, John, Alfred, Henry, and Edward Smith, as the will directed. This estate worth £179 Application 26358

No 36

SMITH, John tailor Adelaide 1882 Memorial 71/341

No 37

SMITH, John licensed victualler Burra Hotel Kooringa 1892 Memorial 198/413

No 38

SMITH, John clerk Mt Gambier 1892 Memorial 115/414

No 39

SMITH, John farmer Hamilton 1883 Application 19558

SMITH, John of Hamilton on the Light 1899 Memorial 94/437

SMITH, John farmer Hamilton on the Light 1901 Memorial 131/442

SMITH, John farmer Hamilton 1901 Application 24133

No 40

SMITH, John labourer Mitcham 1906 Memorial 104/456

SMITH, John pensioner 32 Maitland St, Mitcham, died 6/3/1948. He left his personal estate absolutely, and his real estate for life, to his wife, Julia Smith, then to his son, Carl Sidney Vanguard Smith formerly storeman late plastering contractor now contract plasterer 34 Maitland St, Mitcham, absolutely provided he pay £100 each to his brother, William Frederick Carlton Smith auctioneer Barnes Rd, Payneham, and his sisters Evelyn Alberta MUNDY and Edna May EVICKSON Application 29643.

No 41

SMITH, John out of business Woodville, died 28/8/1923. Executor: Walter MORTESS clerk Woodville. Bequests to John WALKER of Guilup Lake Osborne Park, James WALKER of 6 West Tce, Thebarton, his niece Mary Emily BLAZEY married woman 1 Margaret St, Brynoch, near Neath, South Glamorganshire, his niece Annie BACK of 34 Bulmershe Road Reading, Berks, and also Louisa Mortess married woman Woodville. Estate worth £4,200 1924 Application 27294

No 42 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, John farmer Smithfield 1927 Application 27591

SMITH, John farmer formerly of Smithfield but now of Culburra 1948 Memorial 2/523

No 1

SMITH, John Charles cab proprietor Adelaide (Grote St) and Martha Smith his wife 1888 Memorial 95/394

No 2

SMITH, John Charles labourer Kingston S-E and Mary Ann Smith his wife 1935[-1936] Memorial 2/509, Application 28031

SMITH, John Denison farmer near Narracoorte 1891[-1900] Memorial 29/409

SMITH, John Edward farmer Strathalbyn 1855 Memorial 9/87

SMITH, John George stonemason Redruth 1857 Memorial 20/124

SMITH, John Hamblin storeman Adelaide (King William St) 1858 Memorial 274/132

No 1

SMITH, John Hamilton of Maitland 1885 Memorial 160/368

SMITH, John Hamilton farmer formerly of Yankalilla but now of Maitland 1889 Memorial 19/400

No 1

SMITH, John Henry wheelwright Lacepede Bay and Nelson Smith blacksmith Lacepede Bay 1860 Memorial 68/181

SMITH, John Henry blacksmith Kingston 1871 Application 11715

No 2

SMITH, John Henry mail driver Kooringa 1901 Memorial 176/442

SMITH, John Henry formerly mail driver but now retired Kooringa 1940 Memorial 144/514

SMITH, John James farmer Hundred of Nackara linked with Catherine Smith spinster Hundred of Nackara 1887 Memorial 195/386

No 1

SMITH, John Luckhurst accountant Penwortham 1867 Memorial 197/220

SMITH, John Luckhurst auctioneer and town clerk Clare 1896[-1901] Memorials 52 & 96/429

SMITH, John Luckhurst Town Clerk Clare 1916 Application 26552

SMITH, John Matthew solicitor Moorabbin Vic 1887[-1888] Memorial 14/386

SMITH, John Richard farmer Peachey Belt 1863 Application 4730

SMITH, John Robert survey teamster North Norwood , and Alice Ann Smith his wife 1920 Application 26860

No 1

SMITH, John Ross carpenter Adelaide 1850 Memorial 472/19 Timber merchant Kensington 1850. He was one of the trustees for the marriage settlement between John DALTON accountant Adelaide and Emma BLAKELEY spinster Adelaide Memorial 11/23

No 2

SMITH, John Ross foreman docker Adelaide (28 Whitmore Square) and Philippa June Smith his wife 1957 Memorial 19/532

SMITH, John Ross foreman docker and Philippa June Smith his wife formerly of 28 Whitmore Square, Adelaide but now of Hope Valley 1957 Application 29276

SMITH, J Villineuve clerk to WV Smith solicitor Adelaide (Selborne Chambers, Pirie St) 1884 Memorial 72/362

SMITH, John Will probably of Kooringa SA Supreme Court Case 17/1876 Aaron John Smith, Aarah Smith, Thomas Smith, Jessie Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Rosabell Smith, Sarah Jane BATH nee Smith, John Smith, Thirza Smith and Elizabeth Jessie Smith infants under the age of 21 years by Thomas Bath their next friend versus Thompson Priest Jabez Smith, David John Smith and Mary Smith Application 19650

SMITH, John William farmer Quorn 1900 Memorial 205/440

SMITH, Jonathan yeoman Murray River 1858 Memorial 269/142

No 1

SMITH, Joseph [seafaring man then publican 1839] Adelaide formerly of Morland, Westmoreland, England married Mary FENNELL spinster Adelaide 4040late of Rathkeal, Co Limerick, Ireland on 8/1/1839 Holy Trinity 4040Adelaide. Witnesses William and Mary WILSON. Their eldest son and heir at law, William Smith, born 22/8/1839 Currie St, Adelaide (J Smith still a 4040seafaring man). Joseph Smith publican South Road, died 24/5/1868 4040intestate, disease of the heart, aged 62. His eldest son William Smith inherited his estate as heir at law. Edwin BAYFIELD publican Gilles Plains 40said that he had known the Smith family well 1878 Application 17166

No 2

SMITH, Joseph labourer Goodwood 1850 Memorial 136/25

No 3

SMITH, Joseph labourer Hindmarsh 1852[-1855] Memorial 329/40

No 4

SMITH, Joseph farmer Currency Creek 1854 Memorial 52/70

No 5 - perhaps a continuation of No 4

SMITH, Joseph yeoman Strathalbyn 1854 Memorial 434/72

SMITH, Joseph yeoman New Hamburgh near Strathalbyn 1866 Memorial 249/212

No 6

SMITH, Joseph farmer Adelaide 1855 Memorial 387/80

No 7

SMITH, Joseph carpenter Hahndorf 1856 Memorial 297/112

No 8

SMITH, Joseph farmer Mt Barker. Land purchase near Mt Gambier 1856 Memorial 369/99

SMITH, Joseph farmer Mt Barker left for Mt Gambier in 1856 Application 24811

SMITH, Joseph farmer Mt Gambier 1859[-1904] Application 827

No 9

SMITH, Joseph farmer Edwardstown 1858 Edwardstown Wesleyan Methodist Chapel trustee Memorial 220/138

No 10

SMITH, Joseph labourer Happy Valley 1858 Memorial 334/147

No 11

SMITH, Joseph butcher Morphett Vale 1861 Application 2536

SMITH, Joseph butcher Morphett Vale 1865 Memorial 219/201

SMITH, Joseph formerly butcher Morphett Vale but now farmer Stockport 1912 Application 26140

SMITH, Joseph the Elder farmer Stockport 1916, declared that he had lived in the area for the last 50 years Application 26479

No 12

SMITH, Joseph limeburner Brompton and Jane Smith his wife 1876 Application 14812

No 13

SMITH, Joseph farmer Curramulka 1888 Memorial 200/389

No 14

SMITH, Joseph of Black Rock Plain 1889 Memorial 116/398

No 15

SMITH, Joseph labourer Thebarton, died 5/8/1871. Husband of Elizabeth Smith. Father of Robert and William Smith labourers Thebarton. By 1892, Robert Smith had been committed to the Parkside Lunatic Asylum Memorials 127-129/415

No 16

SMITH, Joseph storekeeper Leicester St, Parkside 1906 Memorial 219/455

SMITH, Joseph Blake farmer Smithfield 1951, born 24/10/1889 Smithfield, a son of William Smith farmer, who died 28/4/1912. JB Smith declared that he had lived in the district since his birth Application 28849

SMITH, Joseph Edward farmer Curramulka 1885 Memorial 246/371

SMITH, Joseph Hastings cook Adelaide 1850 Memorial 44/27 Yeoman Adelaide late 1850 Memorial 163/27 Farmer Adelaide 1851 Memorial 240/33

No 1

SMITH, Joseph Henry storekeeper's assistant Kingston S-E 1900 Memorial 207/441 

SMITH, Joseph Henry baker Kingston S-E 1914 Memorial 75/470

SMITH, Joseph Henry formerly storekeeper's assistant 1900 then baker 1914 but now farmer Kingston S-E 1939 Application 28187

SMITH, Joseph James railway employee Stockport 1902[-1916] Memorial 26/446

SMITH, Joseph Japhet butcher Echunga and Elizabeth Smith his wife 1901 Application 24204

SMITH, Joseph Moncrief land owner Bungaree 1857 Memorial 46/116

SMITH, Joseph Thomas stockholder Mt Monster Run 1871[-1873] Memorial 106/253

SMITH, Joseph Wing baker formerly of Bowden 1857 but now of Wallaroo 1864 Application 4840

No 1

SMITH, Josiah farmer Springfield Hundred of Barossa 1850 Memorial 457/24

SMITH, Josiah farmer Springfield near Williamstown 1871 Memorial 115/256

SMITH, Josiah farmer Newbrook, died 1872. He left his entire estate to his wife, Wilmot Smith Memorial 37/261

SMITH, Josiah the Elder farmer Newbrook [probably near Williamstown] and Wilmot Smith his wife 1872. By 1901, Josiah Smith the Elder and also his son, Josiah Smith the Younger, had died. Josiah Smith the Elder's widow, Wilmot Smith of Williamstown, died 1901. Mother of John Cundy Smith, Eleanor Smith and and Wilmot Smith. Executors and trustees - Hon John WARREN stockholder Springfield, and Robert ROSS of Glen Gillian (He took the place of Lydia Warren spinster Springfield who had died)  Memorial 100/444

SMITH, Wilmot widow Newbrook relict of the late Josiah Smith now deceased 1875 Memorial 165/279

No 1

SMITH, Josiah Thomas bricklayer Hindmarsh 1850[-1861] Memorial 137/22

SMITH, Josiah Thomas mason Hindmarsh 1852 Memorial 262/42

SMITH, Josiah Thomas plasterer Hindmarsh 1856 Memorial 41/97

SMITH, Josiah Thomas mason Hindmarsh 1862 Application 2790

No 1

SMITH, Kenneth gardener Clare 1920 Application 26916

SMITH, Kenneth gardener Clare, aged 67 in 1955, declared that he had been born in Clare Application 29116

No 1

SMITH, Lawrence labourer Le Fevre Peninsula 1854 Memorial 213/73

SMITH, Lawrence labourer Pt Adelaide 1855 Memorial 386/88

SMITH, Lawrence labourer Le Fevre Peninsula 1882 Application 19367

SMITH, Lawrence labourer Birkenhead 1897 Application 23355

SMITH, Lawrence labourer formerly of Pt Adelaide but now of Birkenhead Le Fevre Peninsula 1906 Memorial 167/455

SMITH, Lawrence labourer Birkenhead, died. His widow, Elizabeth Smith, still lived at Birkenhead in 1910. John Smith engineer Birkenhead mentioned Memorial 179/462

SMITH, Elizabeth wife of the late Lawrence Smith labourer formerly of Pt Adelaide then of Fletcher Rd, Birkenhead, died 6/2/1924. She left her entire estate, apart from some gifts of furniture, to her son, Malcolm Halcrow Smith by 1942 out of business Fletcher Rd, Birkenhead [Joseph Hervey CLOUSTON retired civil servant 18 Fletcher Rd, Birkenhead, declared that the Smiths were the first family to occupy a new sub-division called Bridgewater (lot 72 in pt Sections 700, 701, 703 Hundred of Pt Adelaide c1855]

SMITH, Elizabeth widow Fletcher Road, Birkenhead, died 6/2/1924. Members of her family - John Smith engineer Birkenhead, James Magnus Smith of Birkenhead and Malcolm Habrow Smith. Peter Henderson JAMESON customs agent Largs was an executor. John Smith died 8/12/1936 Memorial 123/491, Application 28315

No 1

SMITH, Lewis Esquire Van Diemen’s Land 1839 He bought blocks in Bowden Application 6704.

SMITH, Lewis Esquire formerly of Van Diemen's Land 1839 but now of Adelaide 1854 Application 6704.

SMITH, Lewis Esquire Adelaide 1839/ Perhaps a relative of Matthew Smith 43Esquire Adelaide Application 14444

SMITH, Lewis of Adelaide 1840 Memorial 455/66

SMITH, Lewis Esquire Adelaide 1854 Memorial 21/70

SMITH, Lewis and Philip Esquires Sydal near Ross VDL 1855 Memorial 245/98

SMITH, Lucena spinster Brighton 1841. Gawler Special Survey land grant Memorial 92/9

SMITH, Lucy spinster Adelaide 1850 Memorial 350/23

SMITH, Luke coachmaker Gawler 1865[-1867] Memorial 140/294

SMITH, MA of Adelaide 1849 Memorial 136/14

No 1

SMITH, Manning farmer Peachey Belt 1856 Memorial 327/101

SMITH, Manning farmer Spring Creek near the Light River 1859 Memorial 157/158

No 1

SMITH, Margaret widow Pt Elliot 1871 Application 11722

SMITH, Margaret widow Waterport near Pt Elliot 1876 Memorial 35/287

SMITH, Marie ida married woman 202 Main North Rd, Prospect 1950 Application 28732

Miscellaneous - may be linked with further research

SMITH, Mark labourer Gawler 1854 Memorial 89/62

SMITH, Mark labourer Hilton 1874 Memorial 107/276

No 1

SMITH, Mary spinster Kensington 1882[-1883] Memorial 137/342

SMITH, Mary spinster Kensington 1883. Probably a relative to John Smith labourer Kensington Application 19909

No 2

SMITH, Mary spinster Hundred of Cavenagh 1887 Memorial 76/384

No 3

SMITH, Mary publican Royal Admiral Hotel, Adelaide (Hindley St) m Henry Charles PLOENGES blacksmith Adelaide on 25/8/1902 Memorial 195/456

No 4

SMITH, Mary widow Hamilton on the Light 1901 Application 24133

No 5

SMITH, Mary widow Mt Gambier 1930, linked with Peter Smith, James Smith and Charles McArthur Smith all of near Mt Gambier Application 27809

SMITH, Mary Ann widow Bordertown 1938, born 24/5/1862, declared that she had lived in the town since 1862 Application 28120

SMITH, Mary I home duties Angaston 1921 Memorial 58/484

SMITH, Mary Jane widow Mitcham 1896 Memorial 229/427

No 1

SMITH, Matthew Esquire Adelaide (North Tce) 1839 Application 22917

SMITH, Matthew Esquire Albert Tce, Pt Lincoln 1841 Memorial 297/1 Esquire Gawler Place, Adelaide & Director Greenock Creek Mining Company 1847 Memorial 14/9

SMITH, Matthew Esquire Adelaide (King William St) 1849 Memorial 85/15

SMITH, Matthew Esquire Adelaide 1854 Memorial 407/67

No 2 - possibly a continuation of No 1

SMITH, Matthew Esquire Highgate near Bowden 1856 Memorial 154/100

SMITH, Matthew Esquire Highgate 1858 Memorial 102/137

No 3

SMITH, Matthew wheelwright Adelaide (Crowther St), died 3/8/1897. Husband of Margaret Smith. Mrs Smith had moved to Grattan St, Adelaide by 1901 Memorials 161 & 162/442

No 4

SMITH, Matthew farmer Hundred of Morgan 1889 Memorial 150/397

No 1

SMITH, Melville Galbraith farmer Smithfield linked with Mary Robertson Smith spinster Glenelg 1898 Memorial 181/434

SMITH, Melville Galbraith farmer Smithfield 1924 Application 27232

SMITH, Melville Galbraith farmer formerly of O'Halloran Hill but now of Smithfield 1928 Application 27716

SMITH, Melville Galbraith farmer formerly of O'Halloran Hill but now of Henley Beach 1932 Memorial 45/505

SMITH, Melville Galbraith formerly farmer Craigmore Smithfield but then out of business Henley Beach, died 29/3/1934. Husband of Edith Elizabeth Smith. Brother to William Smith out of business Strathalbyn. Estate worth £6,199 Memorial 129/507

SMITH, Edith Elizabeth widow formerly of Henley Beach Road, but now of 20 Oxford St, New Parkside 1953 Memorial 118/528

SMITH, Melville Gordon farmer Fords 1927 Memorial 155/497

SMITH, Mervyn agent Kingscote KI 1922 Memorial 186/486

No 1

SMITH, Michael storekeeper Pt Adelaide 1872 Application 12053

No 2

SMITH, Michael of William St, Norwood and Ellen Smith his wife 1874 Application 13655

No 3

SMITH, Michael farmer Hundred of Cavenagh 1890 Memorial 62/406

SMITH, Montgomery Charles farmer Morphett Vale 1853 Memorial 150/55

SMITH, Morris Stapleton grazier Eden Valley 1940 Memorial 34/515

SMITH, Moses farmer Mintaro 1877 Memorial 175/298

SMITH, MR teacher Angaston 1916 Memorial 101/474

No 1

SMITH, Nancy widow Rosewater 1866 Application 7782

SMITH, Nancy widow Yatala 1869 Memorial 57/240

SMITH, Nicholas Murray signal master West Tce signal station Adelaide 1846 Memorial 400/6 Now farmer Dry Creek 1847 Memorial 107/10 Late Government signal station keeper Adelaide but now of New Zealand 1850 Memorial 46/25

SMITH, NS telegraph stationmaster Overland Corner 1876 Memorial 190/287

SMITH, Otto Wien doctor Clare 1926 Memorial 128/494

No 1 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, Owen carpenter Adelaide (Pt TA 607 King William St) 1850[-1853] Memorial 290/24

SMITH, Owen builder Kalkabury 1880 Memorial 201/323

SMITH, Paul Teesdale solicitor Eagle Chambers, Pirie St, Adelaide 1956, declared that he was a sealholder of the Adelaide Polo Club Application 29368

No 1

SMITH, Percival Wood gentleman Adelaide (Hindley St) 1840 Application 14276

SMITH, Percival Wood clerk to Matthew SMITH solicitor Gawler Place, Adelaide 1842[-1843] Memorial 241/2

SMITH, Percival Wood gentleman Adelaide (South Tce) 1843 Memorial 496/2

SMITH, Percival Wood clerk to George Frederick SHIPSTER Esquire Kensington House near Adelaide 1844 Memorial 453/3

SMITH, Percival Wood clerk to George MORPHETT solicitor Adelaide 1844[-1846] Memorial 56/4

SMITH, Percival Wood share broker Adelaide 1848 Memorial 292/12

SMITH, Percival Wood wine merchant Adelaide 1851 Memorial 76/34

SMITH, PW of Williamstown Vic visited SA in Jan 1856 Memorial 178/96

No 1

SMITH, Peter carpenter Adelaide 1851 Memorial 31/38

SMITH, Peter carpenter Encounter Bay 1854 Memorial 436/73

SMITH, Peter carpenter formerly of Adelaide but now of Encounter Bay 1856 Memorial 10/105

No 2

SMITH, Peter innkeeper Adelaide and his wife Charlotte Smith, had children 4646called Margaret, Thomas and Barbara Smith by 1849. Thomas POWELL auctioneer Adelaide was a family friend Application 17448

SMITH, Peter licensed victualler Adelaide (Rob Roy Halifax St) 1853 Memorial 330/59

SMITH, Charlotte widow Adelaide relict of the late Peter Smith who died c1856 Memorial 164/132

No 3

SMITH, Peter mariner Le Fevre Peninsula 1857 Memorial 222/130

SMITH, Peter 27 waterman Le Fevre Peninsula (Father: Ivend Smith) married Emma LIPSCOMBE 20 Le Fevre Peninsula (Father; Robert Lipscombe) on 25/6/1857 Holy Trinity North Tce Adelaide. Witnesses; Ambrosi Sieber waterman Le Fevre Peninsula and Elizabeth GRIFFITHS of Le Fevre Peninsula. Peter Smith publican Pt Adelaide, died 12/5/1865 intestate, of accidental drowning, aged 36. He was buried in the Alberton Cemetery. His eldest son, Henry William Smith (born 20/3/1862) carpenter Exeter 1883, inherited his father's estate as heir at law Application 19936

SMITH, Peter licensed victualler Le Fevre Peninsula 1864 Memorial 4/197

No 4

SMITH, Peter of Pt Broughton 1878 Memorial 103/310

No 1

SMITH, Philip farmer Riverton 1857[-1870] Memorial 230/128

No 2

SMITH, Philip farmer Appleton 1867 Memorial 94/220

No 3

SMITH, Philip farmer Weepowie. Margaret Smith mentioned but not described 1899 Memorial 29/439

SMITH, Philip Henry farmer Inman Valley 1910[-1919] Memorial 223/462

No 1

SMITH, Pierce baker Magill 1858 Memorial 404/147

SMITH, Pierce baker Magill, died in March 1861. Estate worth £20. He left his personal estate absolutely to his wife, Ellen Smith, and his real estate in SA and England to his wife in trust for her lifetime. Then the real estate absolutely in remainder expectant to his daughter, Ann Smith, who married Philip LYNCH on 26/9/1868 at St Patrick's Church, Grote St, Adelaide. Mrs Smith and Samuel CAMPAIGN of Magill named as the executors of Pierce Smith's will Memorial 23/186 & Application 23549

SMITH, Priscilla no description Morphett Vale 1886 Memorial 23/379

No 1

SMITH, Q Stow clerk Adelaide (Franklin St) 1884[-1887] Memorial 179/360

SMITH, Q Stow clerk to FW BULLOCK land agent Adelaide 1885 Memorial 2/371

SMITH, Quinton Stow sharebroker Adelaide 1901[-1909] Memorial 47/462, Application 25711

SMITH, Qunton Stow accountant Adelaide 1910 Memorial 221/462

SMITH, Quinton Stow formerly accountant but now timber merchant Adelaide 1911[-1930] Memorials 118/465 43/504

SMITH, Quinton Stow timber merchant Adelaide 1931 sole surviving trustee of the Angaston Baptist Church, oversaw the sale of the church and grounds 'together with the old Baptist Church and other buildings erected thereon and with all furniture in or about the said pemises except the two organs and organ seat library and books, Mr JOHNSON's chair and clock and crockery for the sum of £360' to Gotthold Nathaniel DALLWITZ builder Angaston Application 27834

SMITH, Ralph surgeon Yankalilla 1856 Memorial 135/109

SMITH, Rebecca widow Belle Vue Villa Robe 1867 Memorial 118/218

No 1

SMITH, Reuben labourer Adelaide 1842[-1843] Memorial 423/1

SMITH, Reuben limeburner Hindmarsh 1846 Memorial 25/63

SMITH, Reuben formerly labourer but now carrier Hindmarsh 1848 Application 14039

SMITH, Reuben farmer formerly of Hindmarsh but now of the Light River, and Mary Smith his wife 1851 Memorial 464/35

SMITH, Reuben farmer Hundred of Waterloo 1856 Memorial 132/120

SMITH, RH painter Pt Adelaide 1915 Application 26416

SMITH, RH Bristow clerk Pt Elliot District Council 1948 Memorial 43/523

SMITH, Rhoda spinster Eden Valley 1911 Application 25996

No 1

SMITH, Richard labourer formerly of Adelaide, but now of Auckland New Zealand 1846 Memorial 108/12

No 2

SMITH, Richard labourer Hindmarsh 1849 Memorial 305/13

SMITH, Richard labourer Hindmarsh left SA in 1856 for Victoria. Brother to Ann MUGRIDGE to whom he left his real estate upon departure Memorial 26/414

SMITH, Richard labourer Hindmarsh was in the habit of visiting the Victorian gold fields rather frequently. Before he left again for the gold fields in July 1856, he left the deeds of his home at Hindmarsh with his sister-in-law, Ann MUGRIDGE formerly PRIDEAUX (widow of Thomas Prideaux farmer Hindmarsh) nee HARRIS wife of George MUGRIDGE brickmaker Hindmarsh. Her sister, Jane Harris, had married Richard Smith. He said that if he did not return from his latest trip, Mrs Mugridge should give the deeds to her daughter, Jane Janey Smith PRIDEAUX, as a gift. Richard Smith committed suicide by hanging himself in the stable of his employer, Samuel PRIESTLEY, of Wattlegrove near Moonambel Vic, on 25/4/1867 intestate and a widower without issue. Jane Smith Prideaux married Frederick George REEVES nurseryman Hindmarsh on 3/2/1870 and her mother gave her the deeds to the house shortly after the marriage. Mrs Reeves died 26/7/1889 Application 23342

No 3 - probably the same person

SMITH, Richard agent Adelaide 1849[-1850] Memorial 359/16

SMITH, Richard commission agent Adelaide 1856 Memorial 243/110

SMITH, Richard stock agent Adelaide 1859 Application 1006

No 4 - perhaps a continuation of No 3

SMITH, Richard merchant Adelaide 1886 Memorial 10/380

SMITH, Richard merchant Adelaide (Gawler Place) 1874[-1906] Memorial 143/278

No 5 - perhaps a continuation of No 4

SMITH, Richard salesman North Adelaide 1871[-1873] Memorial 196/250

SMITH, Richard gentleman North Adelaide (Palmer Place), died 1875. He left his entire estate to his wife, Susannah Smith Memorial 96/282

No 6

SMITH, Richard butcher Torrens River near Adelaide 1851 Memorial 271/36

SMITH, Richard farmer Torrens River 1853 Memorial 50/53

SMITH, Richard cattle salesman Section 490 on the Torrens River 1854[-1856] Memorial 361/63

SMITH, Richard stockholder The Torrens 1855 Memorial 388/91

SMITH, Richard cattle salesman The Torrens 1855[-1858] Memorial 435/91

SMITH, Richard cattle dealer The Torrens 1856[-1867] Memorial 258/101

SMITH, Richard Esquire of the Torrens River 1864 Memorial 83/194

SMITH, Richard formerly cattle salesman of the Torrens but now bankrupt Adelaide 1867 Memorial 131/225

No 7 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, Richard farmer Dry Creek 1853[-1854] Memorial 194/60

SMITH, Richard farmer Upper Dry Creek 1850[-1863] Memorial 52/20, Application 3039

SMITH, Richard the Elder farmer Dry Creek 1856 Memorial 138/98

SMITH, Richard farmer Upper Dry Creek, died 23/11/1863. His wife, Charlotte Smith, died 21/9/1873. Executor Robert HALL artist Adelaide (Hindley St) son in law of Richard and Charlotte Smith (husband of their eldest daughter), died 18/8/1866. In 1874, the sons in the family included John Smith farmer Upper Dry Creek, Richard Smith farmer Golden Grove, Charles Smith butcher Green's Plains and Francis Scholefield Smith farmer Greens Plains. Daughters included Ruth HALL widow formerly of Adelaide but now of Pt Lincoln and Sarah ROBERTS wife of William Roberts farmer Golden Grove Memorial 166/221 and Deposit 147/1874

SMITH, Richard farmer Section 2141 Hundred of Yatala Golden Grove on the Dry Creek and Anna Smith his wife parents of Henrietta Smith spinster. Probably also parents of Alfred Westerman Smith and Richard Caspar Smith farmers Golden Grove, who were taking over the management of R Smith's real and personal estate 'on account of his age and growing infirmities' 1890 Memorial 3/405

No 8

SMITH, Richard farmer Section 553 Hundred of Nuriootpa 1855 Memorial 212/80

No 9

SMITH, Richard gentleman Glenelg 1879[-1911] Memorial 69/316

SMITH, Richard gentleman Glenelg 1880 Application 18036

SMITH, Richard merchant Glenelg 1901 Application 24138

No 10

SMITH, Richard JP of Yudnapinnie 1903 Memorial 8/449

No 11

SMITH, Richard merchant Gawler Place, Adelaide 1906 Application 25133

No 1

SMITH, Richard Bowyer machinist Pt Wakefield 1872[-1874] Application 11961, Memorial 225/277

SMITH, Richard Bowyer machinist Kalkabury 1877 Application 16141

SMITH, Richard B farmer's friend Arthurton 1880 Memorial 201/323

SMITH, Richard B farmer Cunliff 1882 Memorial 108/338

SMITH, Richard Bowyer farmer Tiparra 1883 Memorial 30/352

No 1

SMITH, Richard Casper farmer Golden Grove 1882 Memorial 96/344

SMITH, Richard Casper formerly farmer Golden Grove but now out of business Mile End 1928 Memorial 50/499

No 1

SMITH, Richard Frederick farmer Melrose 1893[-1916] Memorial 217/418, Application 22582

SMITH, Richard Frederick formerly farmer Spring Farm near Melrose but then out of business, died 10/4/1920. Executor; Lewis GEORGE commission agent Melrose. Father of Frederick Freeman farmer via Narrogin WA and Frank Benjamin Smith farmer Melrose 1920 Memorials 107 & 108/480 & RPA Search 907

No 1

SMITH, Richard Hettle plumber Pt Adelaide 1913 Application 26179

SMITH, Richard Hettle painter Commercial Rd, Pt Adelaide 1914 Application 26385

No 1

SMITH, Robert blacksmith Adelaide 1841 Application 17420

No 2

SMITH, Robert shepherd FS Dutton's Wellington Gap Station 1844 Memorial 381/3

No 3

SMITH, Robert fencer Cowandilla 1845 Application 17949 50

SMITH, Robert farmer Cowandilla 1848 Memorial 230/10

SMITH, Robert [formerly fencer but now] farmer Cowandilla 1848 Application 17949

No 4 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger; perhaps a continuation of No 3

SMITH, Robert farmer Black Forest purchased land in the Hundred of Noarlunga 1847 Memorial 318/9

SMITH, Robert farmer O’Halloran Hill 1850[-1858] Memorial 114/24 Likely linked with William Smith the Younger farmer O'Halloran Hill 1855 Memorial 242/84

SMITH, Robert Esquire O'Halloran Hill 1869 Application 10224

SMITH, Robert [the Elder] farmer Bath Bank near O'Halloran Hill 1856[-1876] Memorial 463/96

SMITH, Robert [the Elder] farmer Bath Bank near O'Halloran Hill son of the late William and Margaret Smith of O'Halloran Hill 1889 Memorial 156/395, Application 20038

SMITH, Robert farmer O’Halloran Hill 1884 Application 20038

SMITH, Robert [the Elder] gentleman Bath Bank O'Halloran Hill, died 3/8/1892. Husband of Margaret Smith. Father of William Smith of Bath Bank, O'Halloran Hill and Robert Smith [the Younger] farmer Fairy Knowe O'Halloran Hill. MG Smith farmer O'Halloran Hill also mentioned Memorial 167/415

SMITH, Robert [formerly the Younger] farmer Fairyknowe O'Halloran Hill linked with William Smith farmer Bathbank O'Halloran Hill 1897 Memorial 57/430

SMITH, Robert [formerly the Younger] Fairy Knowe and William Bathbank farmers O'Halloran Hill 1906, executors under the will of the late Robert Smith the Elder formerly gentleman Bathbank O'Halloran Hill now deceased Memorials 14 & 19/456

SMITH, Robert farmer Fairy Knowe O'Halloran Hill 1915 Memorial 20/472

SMITH, Robert farmer Fairyknowe (pt Section 481 Hundred of Noarlunga) O'Halloran Hill, died 24/7/1926. Husband of Isabella Smith. Father of Robert Gordon Smith grazier O'Halloran Hill. Brother to William Smith formerly grazier O'Halloran Hill but now out of business Gilberton, and Melville Galbraith Smith grazier Smithfield Memorials 25 & 119/496

No 5

SMITH, Robert bricklayer Pt Adelaide 1850[-1854] Memorial 34/28

No 6

SMITH, Robert farmer Chain of Ponds 1850[-1852] Memorial 386/22

SMITH, Robert farmer Angaston 1852 Memorial 299/40

SMITH, Robert farmer Hundred of Moorooroo 1853 Memorial 81/94

SMITH, Robert farmer Hundred of Gilbert 1856 Memorial 60/103

No 7

SMITH, Robert farmer Little Para 1850 Memorial 71/26

SMITH, Robert yeoman Willaston 1853 Memorial 69/50

SMITH, Robert of Bertha 1854 Memorial 224/103

SMITH, Robert farmer One Tree Hill 1856 Memorial 225/99

SMITH, Robert [formerly of Bertha but] now absent from SA 1858 Memorial 222/134

No 8 - perhaps a continuation of No 7

SMITH, Robert farmer Hundred of Mudla Wirra 1869 Memorial 167/257

No 9

SMITH, Robert farmer Underdale 1856 Memorial 270/106

SMITH, Robert labourer Underdale 1857 Memorial 160/125

No 10 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, Robert carpenter Black Springs 1873 Memorial 13/268

SMITH, Robert undertaker Auburn 1887 Application 26741

No 11 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, Robert draper Norwood 1878 Application 16576

SMITH, Robert of Norwood 1904 Memorial 43/452

No 12

SMITH, Robert butcher Copperhouse 1881[-1884] Memorial 107/333

No 13

SMITH, Robert farmer Nantawarra 1885[-1887] Memorial 37/385

No 14

SMITH, Robert labourer Thebarton, now an inmate of the Parkside Lunatic Asylum 1892. Linked with the late William Smith formerly labourer Thebarton but now deceased, and Elizabeth Smith the executrix of his will Application 22396

No 15

SMITH, Robert gardener Magill and Patience Smith his wife 1893[-1897] Memorial 158/418, Application 23442

No 16

SMITH, Robert blacksmith Narracoorte 1897 Application 23688

No 17

SMITH, Robert wire machinist formerly of Adelaide but now of Melbourne Vic 1901 Memorial 236/442

SMITH, Robert wire machinist formerly of Adelaide but now of 66 Morah St, Parkville Vic 1912 Memorials 236 & 237/465

No 15

SMITH, Robert farmer Mt Gambier 1913 Application 26232

SMITH, Robert Barr the Younger clerk Adelaide (Currie St) [perhaps to JA Hele accountant??] 1917 Memorial 69/479

SMITH, Robert Colton clerk Laura 1889 Memorial 172/400

SMITH, Robert Gordon farmer O'Halloran Hill, died 30/12/1929. Husband of Elizabeth Rosalind Smith, who had then moved from O'Halloran Hill to North Adelaide by April 1930. Estate worth £4,861 Memorial 49/503

No 1

SMITH, Robert Henry labourer Milang 1907 Memorial 71/458

SMITH, Robert Henry labourer formerly of Milang but now of Murray Bridge 1920 Memorial 52/480

SMITH, Robert John gardener Third St, Gawler South, died 24/8/ 1943 Joslin. Father of Myrtle May GWYNNE and Grace Maud Gwynne married women Gawler South Memorial 160/517

SMITH, Robert Stephen motor salesman Brighton 1932 Memorial 17/506

SMITH, Ruthven Frederic Ruthven gentleman of Mount Cottage Sinningdale, Berks, England but now temporarily residing in Adelaide 1901 Memorial 151/444

SMITH, RW accountant Blackwood 1885 Memorial 11/373

SMITH, Robert William labourer Maitland 1930 Memorial 99/503

No 1

SMITH, Samuel yeoman Adelaide 1846 Memorial 7/7

SMITH, Samuel [formerly yeoman Adelaide but now] labourer Enfield near Adelaide 1849 Memorial 391/17

No 2

SMITH, Samuel sawyer Bowden 1849[-1858] Memorial 208/18

SMITH, Samuel formerly sawyer but now carpenter Bowden 1871 Application 113110

No 3

SMITH, Samuel mariner Alberton 1853 Memorial 9/51

No 4 - possibly the same person

SMITH, Samuel farmer Gawler Plains 1851[-1861] Memorial 328/35

SMITH, Samuel farmer Munno Para 1853[-1855] Memorial 157/55

SMITH, Samuel farmer Virginia 1866 Applications 8026, 7430

SMITH, Samuel farmer formerly of Munno Para 1855 but now of Virginia 1873 [Probably the same address] Application 12727

SMITH, Samuel farmer Virginia 1874 Memorial 46/276

No 5

SMITH, Samuel labourer Marion 1854 Memorial 306/68

No 6

SMITH, Samuel farmer Section 845 Hundred of Yatala 1857[-1865] Memorial 334/113

No 7

SMITH, Samuel mason Gawler 1857 Memorial 224/118

SMITH, Samuel mason Undalya 1859 Memorial 122/157

SMITH, Samuel mason Sheaoak Log 1861 Application 2249

SMITH, Samuel mason King's Belt near Sheaoak Log 1861[-1864] Memorial 42/174

SMITH, Samuel poundkeeper Sheaoak Log 1862 Memorial 1/183

SMITH, Samuel poundkeeper Whitwarta 1864 Memorial 224/198

SMITH, Samuel formerly mason Gawler 1857 but now poundkeeper Whitwartha 1865 Application 6736

SMITH, Samuel formerly poundkeeper Whitwarta 1864 now mason King's Belt near Sheaoak Log 1867 Application 8593

No 8

SMITH, Samuel labourer New Hamburg near Strathalbyn 1864 Application 5334

No 9

SMITH, Samuel butcher Auburn 1867[-1869] Memorial 36/226

SMITH, Samuel farmer Hoyles Plains and Elizabeth Smith his wife formerly Elizabeth BROOKS widow of the late Joseph Brooks formerly farmer Upper Wakefied but now deceased 1872 Memorial 22/260

No 10

SMITH, Samuel chemist and druggist Adelaide 1875 Memorial 162/283

No 11

SMITH, Samuel machinist Thebarton 1876 Memorial 10/287

No 12

SMITH, Samuel of Angaston 1879 Memorial 41/320

SMITH, Samuel contractor Clare 1881 Memorial 151/331

No 13

SMITH, Samuel gardener near Montacute 1881 Memorial 110/334

SMITH, Samuel gardener near Montacute 1883 Application 19840

No 14

SMITH, Samuel retired blacksmith Meadows 1951, declared that he had been born in 1870 and had lived in the area all his life Application 28813

SMITH, Sarah a minor Brighton 1850 Memorial 242/24

SMITH, Sarah Alice home duties 10 Eighth St, Gawler South, aged 79 in 1953, declared that she had lived in the area for 48 years Application 28754

SMITH, Shephateah turner Broken Hill NSW and Nellie MCFARLANE wife of James Andrew McFarlane labourer Mt Barker linked with Eliza Ina Smith widow Mt Barker 1937 Memorial 7/511

No 1

SMITH, Sidney publican Bordertown, died c1865. He left his entire estate to his wife, Mary Smith Memorial 138/202

No 1

SMITH, Sidney farmer Sellick Hill 1898 Memorial 118/435

No 1

SMITH, Simon waterman Thebarton 1851 Memorial 96/29

No 2

SMITH, Simon gentleman Adelaide and Mary Smith his wife 1853 Memorial 385/62

No 3

SMITH, Simon of Truro 1881 Memorial 180/338

No 1

SMITH, Smith Owen carpenter Adelaide 1839[-1848] Memorial 172/103, Application 12781, Application 151825454

SMITH, Smith Owen formerly Esquire Adelaide 1839 but now carpenter Adelaide 1845 Application 4791

SMITH, Spencer William and SMITH, Arthur James labourers Goolwa 1888 Application 21477

No 1

SMITH, Stephen farmer Glenelg about to marry Charlotte JUNE widow Glenelg 1850 Memorial 25/23

SMITH, Stephen farmer Glenelg 1850[-1855] Memorial 397/27

SMITH, Stephen farmer Section 213 District B 1851 Memorial 248/33

SMITH, Stephen farmer Sturt Road near Adelaide 1852 Memorial 320/39

SMITH, Stephen farmer Bay Road 1855 Memorial 74/86

SMITH, Stephen farmer Section 213 Survey B Glenelg, died c1856. He left his estate in trust to his wife, Charlotte Smith, for life, and then to his children in equal shares absolutely Memorial 274/103

SMITH, Stephen farmer Glenelg, died 21/6/1856. He left his estate in trust to his 5555wife, Charlotte Smith, for life, and then to his children in equal shares absolutely in remainder expectant. 55Charlotte Smith widow Bay Road died 17/6/1867, without issue Application 13900, Memorial 200/109

SMITH, Stephen Elford of Moonta 1880 Memorial 219/322

No 1

SMITH, Sydney farmer Tatiara District 1854 Memorial 113/66

No 2

SMITH, Sydney carpenter Adelaide 1867 Application 8416

No 3

SMITH, Sydney blacksmith Ardrossan 1882 Memorial 94/339

No 4

SMITH, Sydney farmer Sellick Hill 1883 Application 19798

SMITH, Sydney farmer Sellicks Hill 1890[-1920] Memorial 60/402

SMITH, Sydney Eric railway porter Goolwa 1947 Application 28551

No 1

SMITH, S Talbot solicitor Adelaide 1888[-1913] Memorial 171/389

SMITH, Sydney Talbot solicitor Adelaide and Florence Oliver Smith his wife 1893 Memorial 177/416

SMITH, Sydney Talbot solicitor Kensingto Park and Florence Oliver Smith his wife 1895 Memorial 85/425

SMITH, TG farmer Quarry Farm Redruth 1863 Memorial 30/188

No 1

SMITH, Thomas labourer Tanunda 1850[-1855] Memorial 201/22

SMITH, Thomas formerly labourer but now yeoman Tanunda 1863. He could not write Application 4418

SMITH, Thomas farmer Tanunda 1864 Memorial 234/198

SMITH, Thomas farmer Tanunda 1864, died 1872. Husband of Ann Smith Memorial 179/315 Ann Smith widow Kent Town 1879 Memorial 180/315

SMITH, Thomas farmer Tanunda [Section 1792 Hundred of Nuriootpa], died 8/8/1872. His widow, Ann Smith, remarried 13/12/1885, to William DOCKETT farmer Payneham. By 1886, the Smith family stood thus: Jane Ann LAMPIT wife of Jesse Lampit labourer Nailsworth, and Keziah Elizabeth VINCENT wife of Harry Vincent general dealer Stepney Memorial 112/376

SMITH, Thomas labourer Tanunda 1851 gentleman Tanunda died c1872. His wife, Ann Smith, inherited his real estate for life, then to his daughters, Keziah Elizabeth VINCENT wife of Harry Vincent confectioner Adelaide and Jane Ann LAMPIT wife of Jesse Lampit labourer North Adelaide 1883 Application 19724

SMITH, Thomas farmer Section 1792 Hundred of Nuriootpa near Tanunda, died c1872. His widow, Ann Smith (Father: John CORDER) 58 Adelaide, remarried to William DOCKETT 58 widower gardener Payneham (Father: Robert Dockert), on 13/12/1885 Holy Trinity North Tce Adelaide. Witnesses: Edward WRIGLEY farmer Wells Creek, Louisa WILLIAMS of Adelaide. Daughter Jane Ann Smith 18 Tanunda married Jesse LAMPIT 30 bachelor labourer Tanunda (Father: John Lampit) on 1/1/1876 Mrs Smith’s home. Minister: JH TREVORROW. Witnesses: John S TROTTER blacksmith Tanunda, Susan ROBERTS of Hoyleton. Daughter - Keziah Elizabeth Smith 17 spinster married Harry VINCENT 22 baker Adelaide (Father: John Vincent) on 13/10/1878 Harry Vincent residence Norwood (this does not make sense - perhaps Smith residence??). Minister: Thomas Jefferson GORE. Witnesses: James KERSLAKE of Adelaide, John HAWE storeman Adelaide, Deborah VINCENT of Adelaide Application 20974

No 2

SMITH, Thomas merchant Adelaide 1842. He moved to Vic. Thomas Smith gentleman Richmond Vic, died 22/5/1862. He left his estate to his wife, Alison Smith. Estate worth £100. Mrs Smith was living at Goodwood Park in 1881 Application 24072

No 3

SMITH, Thomas stockholder Redruth 1851 Memorial 355/37

SMITH, Thomas tailor Adelaide 1852 Memorial 267/45

No 4

SMITH, Thomas labourer Little Para 1853[-1854] Memorial 387/49

SMITH, Thomas farmer Little Para 1854 Memorial 87/75

SMITH, Thomas farmer Peachey Belt 1853 Memorial 120/62

SMITH, Thomas farmer Munno Para 1858 Memorial 176/135

SMITH, Thomas farmer Munno Para and Mary Smith his wife 1883 Application 19772

No 5

SMITH, Thomas farmer Angaston 1854 Hundred of North Rhine land grant Memorial 137/76 Farmer North Rhine 1854[-1861] Memorial 138/76, Application 2031

No 6

SMITH, Thomas carrier Penola 1855 Application 25174

SMITH, Thomas carrier formerly of Penola late of Drumbery near Heywood Vic, died 26/9/1857 intestate. He left two children; the eldest, John Thomas Smith by 1906 labourer Hay NSW, as heir at law, and William Henry Smith farmer Sea Lake Vic, by 1906 Application 25174

No 5

SMITH, Thomas baker Glen Osmond 1856[-1870] Memorial 272/109

SMITH, Thomas farmer Burton 1857 Memorial 206/121

SMITH, Thomas farmer Rapid Bay 1857[-1862] Memorial 141/124

No 6

SMITH, Thomas carpenter Adelaide (Grote St) 1859[-1860] Memorial 50/152

SMITH, Thomas carpenter Adelaide (Knox St) 1862[-1866] Memorial 202/183, Application 4299

SMITH, Thomas carpenter Adelaide 1871 Memorial 202/251

No 7 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, Thomas farmer Bremer 1859 Memorial 300/161

SMITH, Thomas farmer Harrogate 1873 Application 12631

SMITH, Thomas of Harrogate 1881 Memorial 161/328

SMITH, Thomas farmer Harrogate 1886 Memorial 130/379

No 8

SMITH, Thomas sawyer New Tiers 1861 Deposit 149/1856

SMITH, Mary Ann widow New Tiers 1864, relict of Thomas Smith sawyer New Tiers 1861 Application 5352

No 9 - likely to be the same person

SMITH, Thomas auctioneer Mintaro 1865 Memorial 193/236

SMITH, Thomas butcher Mintaro 1870[-1883] Memorial 93/251

SMITH, Thomas of Mintaro, died 22/6/1894 intestate. By 1911, his family was disposed thus - His widow, Ellen Smith, lived at Boolaroo NSW. Children included - James Stewart Smith farmer Boggy Flat, Thomas Henry Smith miner Boulder WA, Henrietta HOGAN wife of Thomas Hogan warder Sydney NSW and Ellen Elizabeth PANNELL wife of George Pannell foreman smelter Boolaroo NSW Memorial 214/466, Application 27706

SMITH, Ellen widow Boolaroo NSW had links with Mintaro 1908 Memorial 192/459

SMITH, Mrs Ellen (who owned land at Mintaro) was in the care of George PANNEL of Boolaroo NSW 1910 Application 25779

No 10

SMITH, Thomas carpenter Milang 1876 Application 15148

No 11

SMITH, Thomas sheep farmer Eastern Plains 1877 Memorial 160/301

No 12

SMITH, Thomas farmer Crystal Brook linked with William Smith of Crystal Brook 1878 Memorial 170/312

No 13

SMITH, Thomas of Norwood worked for Messrs WHITE & COUNSEL Currie 57St, Adelaide 1879 Application 17448

No 14

SMITH, Thomas undertaker Pt Wakefield 1880 Application 22138

No 15

SMITH, Thomas baker Stockport 1881 Memorial 246/334

SMITH, Thomas baker Stockport 1885[-1897] Husband of Theresia Smith Application 20699, Application 23472

No 16

SMITH, Thomas accountant Pt Adelaide 1882 Application 19199

No 17

SMITH, Thomas farmer Telowie 1892 Memorial 80/413

SMITH, Thomas farmer Telowie linked with Henry Smith of Hall St, Norwood 1905 Memorial 228/452

No 18

SMITH, Thomas farmer Pt Lincoln 1909 Memorial 50/461

No 19

SMITH, Thomas grazier Wattle Park near Kingston S-E, died c1933. Husband of Elizabeth Catherine Smith. Father of George Frederick Smith and Clement James Drummond Smith graziers Kingston; also Annie Smith, Sarah Jane Petrel Smith and Alexander Robert Smith no description Memorial 152/506

SMITH, Thomas grazier Kingston S-E, died 22/2/1933. He left his estate in trust to his wife, Elizabeth Catherine Smith, during her lifetime, then an equal division absolutely in remainder expectant of the estate between his son, Alexander Robert Smith and his daughter, Annie Sarah Jane Petrel Smith. Two other sons, George Frederick Albert Smith and Clement James Drummond Smith graziers Kingston were trustees 1939 Application 28144

No 1

SMITH, Thomas Forsyth licensed victualler Pt Adelaide. He took out a 21-year lease of the Britannia Hotel at Pt Adelaide at £520 a year from 1850[-1855] Memorial 395/59

SMITH, Thomas Forsyth licensed victualler formerly of Pt Adelaide but now residing in England 1857 Memorial 87/117

SMITH, Thomas Forsyth gentleman 14 Hornton St, Kensington, Middlesex, England, did 21/5/1879. Husband of Eleanor Smith. Brother-in-law to Eliza Potts spinster Kensington and Emma POTTS spinster Barnby on Don, Yorks, England Memorial 32/360

SMITH, Thomas George draper Pt Adelaide 1894 Application 22725

SMITH, Thomas Pye Stephenson farmer Mt Gambier 1876 Memorial 167/291

SMITH, TM clerk SA Railways Kingston S-E 1878 Memorial 99/309

No 1

SMITH, Thomas Richard butcher Minlaton. Charles Smithe the Younger mentioned but not described 1886 Memorial 172/379

No 2

SMITH, Thomas Richard gentleman Glenelg 1911 Memorial 123/464

SMITH, Ulysses James farmer Kingswood 1893 Memorial 59/419

SMITH, Vernon Spatswood clerk Pt Adelaide 1913 Application 26248

No 1

SMITH, Villeneuve F articled clerk Adelaide (Waymouth St) 1878 Memorial 207/310

SMITH, Villeneuve F solicitor Pt Augusta 1885[-1890] Memorial 41/373

No 1

SMITH, Walter builder Pt Adelaide 1848[-1849] Memorial 455/51

SMITH, Walter carpenter Pt Adelaide 1850 Memorial 298/25

SMITH, Walter builder Pt Adelaide 1852[-1859] Memorial 159/44 House builder Pt Adelaide 1854 Memorial 98/70

SMITH, Walter timber merchant and steam saw miller Lot 221 between Leadenhall St and Tam O’Shanter Creek, Pt Adelaide 1859[-1860]. Owed money to the Union Bank of Australia Enrolment 31/45

SMITH, Walter timber merchant formerly of Pt Adelaide but now in parts beyond the seas 1866 Memorial 23/211

SMITH, Walter builder now or late of Pt Adelaide 1875 Memorial 126/285

SMITH, Walter builder formerly of Pt Adelaide 1858 but now of Maryborough Qld 1876. He used to own a flour mill at Pt Adelaide which burnt down in 1859 Application 14817

No 2

SMITH, Walter gold miner Blumberg 1882 Memorial 130/337

No 3
SMITH, Walter gardener Athelstone, and Irene Mary Smith his wife 1935 Memorial 95/508

SMITH, Walter gardener Athelstone. His wife, Irene Mary Smith, died 26/8/1936 Adelaide Memorial 154/510

SMITH, Walter Grandy vigneron Angaston 1909 Memorial 65/462

SMITH, Walter Henry Law merchant Adelaide 1915 Memorial 196/472

SMITH, Walter John formerly hotelkeeper but now agent Burra 1948 Memorial 10/523

No 1

SMITH, William saddler Adelaide 1839 Application 25963

SMITH, William saddler Adelaide 1842. He let out money on mortgage 59Application 14956

SMITH, William saddler Adelaide 1842. He bought 10 acres of Section 53 Survey B Memorial 312/2

SMITH, William saddler formerly of Adelaide but now of The Hollow Tree Richmond District VDL 1846 Memorial 202/254

No 2 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, William farmer formerly of Adelaide but now of Hartfield 1843[-1847] Memorial 117/20

SMITH, William farmer Hartfield near Adelaide and Margaret Smith his wife 1844 Application 19515

SMITH, William farmer Section 54 Survey B. Husband of Margaret Smith, his wife 1844 Memorial 101/4 Farmer Black Forest 1847 Memorial 218/9 Farmer Adelaide 1849 Memorial 279/17

SMITH, William farmer Black Forest Hundred of Noarlunga land grant 1848 Memorial 77/292

SMITH, William farmer Spring Vale O’Halloran Hill 1850[-1853] Memorial 417/42

SMITH, William the Younger farmer O'Halloran Hill 1855 Memorial 242/84

SMITH, William the Elder farmer O'Halloran Hill, died 27/5/1860. Husband of Margaret Smith. Probably father of David Smith, Robert Smith and William Smith the Younger farmers O'Halloran Hill Memorial 106/410

SMITH, William [formerly the Younger] farmer Bath Bank O'Halloran Hill 1892 Memorial 114/418

SMITH, William [formerly the Younger] farmer Bathbank O'Halloran Hill at present temporarily residing at Campbell Estate Lion Mill WA 1906 Memorial 87/455

SMITH, Margaret widow Springvale 1867 Memorial 61/222

SMITH, Margaret widow Springvale linked with William Smith of O'Halloran Hill 1874 Memorial 215/274

SMITH, Margaret widow O'Halloran Hill 1881[-1882] relict of the late William Smith farmer O'Halloran Hill who died 27/5/1860 Memorials 1 & 2/337

No 3 - likely to be the same person

SMITH, William Corporal Royal Sappers and Miners Corps Adelaide 1845 Memorial 234/12

SMITH, William town surveyor Adelaide 1849 Memorial 279/17

SMITH, William land surveyor Adelaide (Hindley St) 1852 Memorial 271/41

SMITH, W surveyor Enfield 1885 Application 20784

SMITH, William formerly land surveyor Adelaide (Hindley St) 1852 but now farmer Reeves Plains 1863 Application 4325

No 4

SMITH, William Esquire Pt Lincoln 1847. [Was he a relative to Matthew SMITH of the same place?? ] Memorial 337/8

No 5

SMITH, William labourer Cowandilla 1849[-1852] Memorial 334/15

No 6

SMITH, William labourer Gawler 1849[-1850] Memorial 260/14

No 7

SMITH, William storekeeper Kensington 1850 Memorial 436/25

No 8 - likely to be the same person

SMITH, William farmer Hindmarsh 1850 Memorial 313/26

SMITH, William yeoman Hindmarsh 1851 Memorial 265/34

No 9

SMITH, William shepherd Tanunda 1851 Memorial 391/36

SMITH, William farmer Tanunda 1854 Memorial 422/63

No 10 - perhaps a continuation of No 9

SMITH, William shepherd Truro 1855 Memorial 173/88

SMITH, William shepherd near Truro 1860 Application 1518

SMITH, William shepherd Truro 1868. Linked with Mary Smith spinster Truro Application 9571

SMITH, William gentleman Truro, died 4/2/1883. Husband of Sarah Smith, who died 26/9/1914 Truro. Father of Henry Smith labourer Round Flat Murray River 1883, who died 23/12/1884 near Morgan. Father of James Smith labourer Truro 1915. Perhaps father of Thomas Benjamin Smith labourer Round Flat Murray River 1883 who died Cobar NSW on 21/1/1914. Memorial 138/474

SMITH, William the Elder shepherd Truro, died 4/2/1883. His estate worth £130. He left his wife, Sarah Smith nee RUSSELL, all of his personal estate and allotments in Truro. Most of his other real estate in trust for his wife, for her life and during her widowhood, his son Henry Smith labourer Round Flat Murray River, and his daughter Sarah MCFARLANE wife of John McFarlane boundary rider Round Flat, Murray River, during their lifetimes, then to his sons William Smith, Thomas Benjamin Smith and James Smith as tenants in common and in equal shares. [The will laid down procedures for dividing the land] The three brothers also received certain real estate of their own absolutely when their father died. William Smith's widow, Sarah Smith, died 26/9/1914 Truro, of carcinomatous ulcer on the knee joint, aged 85. Born in Somersetshire, England. To SA aged 12 years. Married aged 19 years. 2 sons and 4 daughters alive; 3 sons and 2 daughters deceased. Son Henry Smith labourer Overland Corner, died 17/12/1884 near Weston Flat near Morgan Murray River, by drowning from a steamer, aged 36. Sarah McFarlane widow of John McFarlane Murray River steamer captain Morgan, died 15/12/1930 Tarrawatta near Angaston, of myocardial failure and cardiac failure, aged 76. Born at Truro. Married aged 19 years. 4 sons and 4 daughters alive; 1 son and 3 daughters deceased. Her husband John McFarlane engineer Morgan, had died 11/1/1915 Kapunda intestate. He left a £20 estate. His son, Thomas Benjamin Smith 43 labourer Clare married Mary Ethel FITZPATRICK 25 domestic Melton Grove Balranald NSW (Born at Hatfield Balranald. Parents: James Fitzpatrick selector and Bridget Anne QUINN) on 7/5/1913 at Melton Grove D Hennessy RC priest. By 1914 when their son John Thomas Smith was born at Paramatta, TB Smith was a grazier at Cobar NSW. He died there 23/6/1914 intestate, leaving an estate of £525. By 1936, John Thomas Smith was a clerk of 16 Cathedral Place, East Melbourne Vic. Mary Ethel Smith remarried to Donald MCINTYRE 37 bachelor Truro (Born Truro; Father: John McIntyre) on 17/11/1919 RC Presbytery Kapunda. Witnesses: Benjamin Bambrick RUSSELL contractor Truro and Dorothy Eileen Russell home duties Truro [were they related to ME Smith's mother-in-law, Sarah Smith nee RUSSELL??] For several years, the Donald McIntyres lived at Truro, where he was a greengrocer. By 1922, the family had moved to 508 Wolfram Lane Broken Hill NSW, where Donald McIntyre was a labourer. Nurse MURRAY attended the birth of one of their children [Was she formerly at Mt Pleasant?] Mary Ethel McIntyre died 16/11/1922 587 Wolfram Lane Broken Hill intestate, of shock from burns wilfully inflicted by herself whilst in a state of temporary insanity by pouring kerosene over her clothing and setting fire to herself (Inquest 18/11/1922). She left her husband and two sons - Leo 2 years and Donald 4 months. His only surviving child, William Smith the Younger, was a farmer at Truro in 1937. His brother James Smith labourer Morgan 1927 not yet accounted for, William Smith the Younger's son, William Benjamin Smith was a motor salesman at Truro in 1935 then a registered bookmaker at Streaky Bay Application 28093

No 11

SMITH, William labourer Bowden 1853 Memorial 39/48

SMITH, William labourer Bowden 1857 Hundred of Alexandrina land grant Memorial 131/113

SMITH, William formerly labourer Bowden but now farmer Lacepede Bay 1863 Memorial 276/191

No 12

SMITH, William of Kooringa 1853 Memorial 168/57

No 13 - perhaps the same person

SMITH, William butcher Adelaide 1854 Memorial 466/61

SMITH, William butcher Morphett Vale 1867 Application 8460

No 14

SMITH, William servant to James Hamilton Esquire Adelaide 1854 Memorial 40/265

No 15

SMITH, William labourer Hilton 1854[-1859] Memorial 163/67

SMITH, William farmer Hilton 1856 West Torrens Land, Building and Investment Society member Memorial 102/103

SMITH, William labourer Hilton 1862[-1874] Memorial 59/184

No 16

SMITH, William butcher Pt Adelaide 1854[-1856] Memorial 339/68

SMITH, William butcher Pt Adelaide 1883 Application 19726

No 17

SMITH, William merchant Pt Adelaide 1856 Memorial 143/112

No 18

SMITH, William farmer Windsor 1855 Memorial 262/92

SMITH, William shoemaker Windsor 1861 Application 2496

SMITH, William shoemaker Windsor 1865 Memorial 306/201

SMITH, William storekeeper Hope Valley 1874 Memorial 80/275

No 19

SMITH, William the Elder mason Penola 1864[-1878] Memorial 208/199

No 20

SMITH, William labourer Pt Adelaide 1865[-1867] Memorial 257/201

No 21

SMITH, William bricklayer Croydon 1867 Application 8752.

SMITH, William mason Croydon 1869 Memorial 10/237

SMITH, William brickmaker Croydon 1872 Memorial 18/263

SMITH, William builder William St, Croydon and Mary Ann Smith nee HARDY his wife. She was a sister to Emily Rose HARDY and Caroline Sarah Hardy spinsters Battersea, Surrey, England 1889 Application 21687

SMITH, William formerly bricklayer but then out of business Croydon, died 7/5/1913. Husband of Mary Ann Smith. Father of Elizabeth ENDERSBY (wife of William Endersby farmer Ardrossan) and Mary Ann Smith Memorial 19/469

SMITH, William bricklayer Croydon, died 7/5/1913. Estate worth £700. His first wife died when his daughter, Mary Ann Smith, was 7 years old (60 in 1923). His second wife called Mary Ann Smith. Two daughters - Elizabeth ENDERSBY wife of William Endersby, and Mary Ann Smith spinster formerly of Croydon, now of Norwood 1920. William Endersby died 3/5/1919 Application 26884

No 22

SMITH, William carter Pt Adelaide 1864 Application 5415

No 23

SMITH, William farmer Macedonia near Rhynie 1868 Application 9284

No 24 - perhaps a continuation of No 23

SMITH, William carter Le Fevre Peninsula 1870 Memorial 51/244

SMITH, William carter formerly of Le Fevre Peninsula but now of Richmond Vic 1871 Memorial 12/255

No 25

SMITH, William cabinetmaker Talbot Vic owned land in Parkside 1874 Memorial 217/277

No 26

SMITH, William farmer Smith Creek near Smithfield 1876[-1910] Memorial 209/293, Application 19195

SMITH, William the Elder farmer Smithfield, died 28/4/1912. Husband of Margaret Smith. Father of John Smith farmer Smithfield; also William Smith the Younger, Joseph Blake Smith, Margaret Oliver Smith, Anne Jane Smith, and Jessie Smith. Brother to James Nielson Smith farmer Fords Memorial 133/492

SMITH, William farmer Smithfield, died 28/4/1912. His son, John Smith, helped his father until his death in 1912. John Smith continued to live at Smithfield until 1943, when he moved to Culburra Application 28849

No 27

SMITH, William hawker Watervale 1876 Memorial 130/289

No 28

SMITH, William bus proprietor Norwood 1877 Memorial 158/297

SMITH, William formerly cab proprietor Norwood 1871 but now farmer Balaklava 1878 Application 16796

No 29

SMITH, William surveyor Adelaide eldest son and heir at law of Joseph Smith of Allotment 247 Thebarton 1877. Joseph Smith publican Adelaide had bought the land in 1839. J Smith publican South Road died 24/5/1868 of heart disease aged 62 Memorial 206/312

No 30

SMITH, William gardener Norton Summit 1878 Application 16609

No 31

SMITH, William doctor Auburn 1879 Memorial 154/335

No 32

SMITH William labourer Queenstown 1880 Application 18277

No 33

SMITH, William farmer Narracoorte 1884 Memorial 246/360

No 34

SMITH, William of Isis Downs Qld and Jessie Smith his wife formerly Jessie LAWSON. Mrs Smith had an interest in land situated in the Hundred of Glen Roy 1887 Memorial 120/388

No 35 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, William farmer Warnertown 1892 Memorial 140/412

SMITH, William the Younger farmer Warnertown 1892 Memorial 83/413

No 36

SMITH, William of Ovingham 1894 Memorial 10/423

SMITH, William packer Ovingham 1895 Memorial 244/424

SMITH, William out of business formerly of Ovingham but now of Alberton 1902 Application 24348

No 37

SMITH, William farmer Nantawarra 1901 Memorial 121/443

No 38

SMITH, William gas stoker Bowden 1904 Application 24786

No 39

SMITH, William miller Mt Gambier 1913 Application 26232

No 40

SMITH, William farmer formerly of O'Halloran Hill then of Grong Grong NSW but now of near Two Wells 1922[-1922] Memorial 35/486

No 41

SMITH, William engineer Dulwich 1923 Memorial 30/489

No 1

SMITH, William Bacon farmer Lake Plains 1876 Memorial 119/289

SMITH, William Bacon farmer Lake Plains, died c1876. He left his estate under trust for the benefit of his wife, Ellen Smith, and his two children, William and Frances Smith. His wife and his brother-in-law, Richard Shaw DURBRIDGE, to be the trustees Memorial 24/294

SMITH, William George farmer Kingston S-E 1927 Memorial 42/498

Miscellaneous - may be linked with further research

SMITH, William Henry formerly of the Burra Burra Mines Kooringa but now of the Main Road Ballarat Vic 1857 Memorial 111/119

SMITH, William Henry restaurant keeper Adelaide (Rundle St) AND Louisa Smith his wife 1894 Memorial 194/422

SMITH, WH JP of Cowell 1888 Memorial 97/395

SMITH, William Howard & Sons Pty Ltd of King William St, Adelaide. Director; WG SPRIGG Secretary: JK LOTHERINGTON 1900 Memorial 163/441

No 1

SMITH, William James farmer Lake Plains 1888 Memorial 221/390

SMITH, William James farmer Milang 1927 Memorial 191/497

SMITH, William James farmer Lake Plains father of William James Warren Smith farmer Milang 1935 Memorial 164/508

SMITH, William James formerly of Milang but then out of business Lockleys, died 23/6/1941. Father of William James Warren Smith farmer Milang, Gladys Christiana HOARE and Hazel Catherine BIRCH Memorial 172/515

SMITH, William John farmer Melrose 1911 Memorial 225/464

SMITH, William Merdue teacher Undalya 1864 Memorial 55/195

SMITH, William Morris storekeeper Hindmarsh 1901, declared that he was 42 years old and had lived in the district all his life. He acted as an agent for various people, including Florence MOLONEY spinster Enfield who owned lot 12 at Brompton, her grandfather Eli JONES' former land Application 24271

No 1

SMITH, William Potter yeoman New Hamburgh near Strathalbyn 1855[-1862] Memorial 24/82, Application 3583

No 1

SMITH, William Stephen Elford of Moonta 1880 Memorial 219/322

SMITH, William Stephen Elford gentleman formerly of the Moonta Mines but then of 6 Grosvenor St, Stepney, died 14/2/1882. Executors and trustees: his brothers, Francis Isaac Smith accountant Mt Barker and Frederick Charles Smith machinist Mt Barkker Memorial 68/341

No 1

SMITH, William Thomas master mariner Pt Adelaide 1878 Memorial 40/308

SMITH, William Thomas mariner Le Fevre Peninsula, died 23/10/1881 His entire estate to his wife, Ann Simonds Smith, absolutely. Her son [probaby by a prior marriage] called George KIRM. By 1883, Mrs Smith was living at Kew Vic Memorials 125 & 178 & 250/347

No 2

SMITH, William Thomas storekeeper Langhorne Creek 1885[-1890] Application 20672

SMITH, WT JP of Langhorne Creek 1890 Memorial 238/400

No 1

SMITH, WR managing clerk for Messrs SYMON, ROUNSEVELL & SYMON solicitors Adelaide 1914 Memorial 84/471

SMITH, WR managing clerk to Messrs SYMON, BROWNE, SYMON & POVEY solicitors Adelaide 1920 Memorial 16/480

No 1 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger

SMITH, William Walter baker Kingston S-E 1900[-1906] Memorial 212/441

SMITH, William Walter storekeeper Kensington, died 10/9/1931. Husband of Ann Smith Memorial 39/505

SMITH, William Walter storekeeper Kingston, died 10/9/1931 intestate. His estate worth £6,120. The whole estate to his wife, Ann Smith 1931 Application 27896

SMITH, William Walter grazier Kingston Lacepede Bay Institute trustee 1939 Application 28146

SMITH, William Wilson hotelkeeper Kensington 1882 Memorial 95/344

No 1

SMITH, William Wood farmer Encounter Bay 1877 Memorial 216/297

SMITH, William Wood farmer Encounter Bay 1877 Application 15789.

SMITH, William Wood formerly farmer now out of business Encounter Bay 1918 Application 26719