Lists of South Australian Publicans

The following are alphabetical lists of early South Australian Publicans compiled over many years by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian). 

The data is incomplete but includes certain additional information.  It has been taken 'as is' directly from his computer files (2015). 

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----  List of Names 'E' to 'F'  ----

Names Beginning 'E'

EAGLE, Alfred M (//-//)

1881-1883 Saltia Hotel Saltia Creek

1883-1884 Gordon Hotel Gordon

EAMES, William Davis (//-//)

1940-1941 Alma Hotel Norwood

EARL, William Henry (//-//)

1869-1869 Windsor Castle Inn Franklin St

EARLE, Charles Harvey (//-//)

1849-1853 Sussex Arms Inn Walkerville

1854-1855 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

1859-1860 Reedbeds Inn near Henley Beach Hotel closer

EARLEY, Stanley Henry (//-//)

1945-1946 Napoleon Hotel King William St .

1946-1948 Napoleon Hotel King William St .

EASOM, John Francis (//-//)

1892-1892 Belair Hotel Belair

Wife - publican Maria Urquhart nee THOMSON

EASOM, Mrs JF nee Maria Urquhart THOMSON (//c1860-24/6/1925)

Died Adelaide SA (of Hyde Park)

1893-1894 Commercial Hotel Clare

EAST, Samuel (//-//)

1840-1840 Cross Knights Inn Pt Adelaide with G Mildred

EAST, WH (//-//)

1880-1880 District Hotel Auburn

EASTERBROOK, William (//-//)

1884-1884 Worlds End Hotel Magill

EASTHER, Charles Henry (//c1836-19/9/1901)

Born Middlesex, England. Died Orroroo SA.

1883-1884 Eurelia Hotel Eurelia

Parents – Alfred Easther & Sarah nee NEWMAN

To SA 1850 Stag with parents and siblings

Lived; Pekina by 1870 Orroroo by 1877 Eurelia by 1884 Adelaide by 1889 Orroroo by 1890

m 6/4/1869 Bride father residence Pekina, Elizabeth Ann nee HUDDLESTON (//c1849-4/2/1919) Died Norwood SA (of Kent Town). Parents – William Huddleston &

EASTHER, Edward (//c1823-27/12/1886)

Born Middlesex, England. Died Unley SA (of Belair).

1881-1884 Belair Hotel Belair

1884-1885 Avoca Hotel Clarence Gardens

To SA 1847 Mariner

Lived Adelaide by 1850 Unley by 1857 Unley Park by 1861 Pt Gawler by 1868

m Mary nee BRYANT (//c1826-2/10/1894)

Died Unley SA.

 The Easther brothers – William Easther to SA 1837 Katherine Stewart Forbes, Edward Easther to SA 1847 Mariner, Alfred Easther to SA 1850 Stag, Henry Easther to SA 1855 Coromandel

EASTHER, Frederick (5/10/1854-10/2/1934)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Colonel Light Gardens).

1894-1898 Waukaringa Hotel Waukaringa

1898-1898 Nillinghoo Hotel Nillinghoo Goldfields Only publican

1903-1904 Rochester Hotel Rochester

1904-1905 Narridy Hotel Narridy

Parents – publican Edward Easther & Mary nee Bryant

Barman, laboourer; Truro wife Mary Ann nee Dansie Callington by 1885 Elizabeth nee HUTSON Petersburg by 1888 Waukaringa by 1888 Narridy by 1901

m (1) 19/10/1871 Bride father residence Truro, Mary Ann nee DANSIE (//c1850-//) Born Pockthorpe near Norwich, Suffolk, England. Parents – William Dansie & Eliza nee ADAMS. She m (2) 2/7/1878 Congregational Manse Angaston, Peter WILSON (//c1850-//) Parents – John Wilson &

A real problem with this identification – no death registered for him for his wife Mary Ann Easther nee Dansie to remarry as a widow in 1878 – was there a divorce, and then a remarriage?

Trooper; Callington at the time of his marriage in 1885

m (2) 5/1/1885 St James Blakiston, Elizabeth nee HUTSON (1/6/1864-7/4/1945) Born Hahndorf SA. Died Colonel Light Gardens SA. Parents – Charles Hutson & Eliza nee DARLEY.

HUTSON, Charles (//c1831-8/7/1901) - Died Hartley SA. Lived Mt Barker by 1858 Hahndorf by 1859 Finniss Flat by 1867 near Hartley by 1869 near Woodchester by 1871 near Hartley by 1874

HUTSON, Mrs Charles nee Eliza DARLEY (//c1841-5/2/1880) - Born likely SA. Died Hartley SA, at her residence on the Callington road.

Parents – likely John Darley & Mary nee MOULDEN To SA 1840 Lysander.

EASTON, Frederick (//-//)

1840-1841 Farmers Arms Hotel Kermode St North Adelaide.

EASTWOOD, Thelma J (//-//)

1928-1930 St Kilda Hotel St Kilda Beach

EBERLI, Ulrich (//c1850-14/10/1914)

Died Adelaide SA.

1886-1886 The Rose Inn Sturt St

1889-1890 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

1901-1903 Crafers Hotel Crafers

EBSWORTH, Thomas (//-//)

1884-1894 Highbury Hotel Highbury

ECKERT, Carl Charles Wilhelm Philipp (//c1865-19/8/1941)

Died Prospect SA.

1901-1905 Point Pass Hotel Point Pass

1905-1906 Burton Hotel Manoora

1907-1912 Marrabel Hotel Marrabel

1912-1915 Point Pass Hotel Point Pass

1922-1923 Railway Family Hotel Gawler West [Bassett Town]

1924-1925 Gulnare Hotel Gulnare

m publican Johanne Pauline nee Marschall.

At Point Pass, Eudunda before Marrabel.

ECKERT, Mrs CWP nee Johanne Pauline MARSCHALL (//c18881-1/12/1953)

Died Woodville SA (of Prospect).

1915-1921 Point Pass Hotel Point Pass

ECKERT, Charlotte Emilie (//c1835-20/4/1924)

Died Tothill Creek SA.

1900-1901 Point Pass Hotel Point Pass

ECKERT, Elizabeth Emily (//-//)

1915-1916 Bedford Arms Woodside

ECKHOLD, Friedrich Theodor (//-//)

1860-1860 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

ECKHOLD-SIMPSON, Murray (//-//)

1946-1946 Hoyleton Hotel Hoyleton

ECKHOLM, Heinrich Henry (//-//)

1855-1856 Squatters Arms Hotel Lowrie Hill near Robe

The only publican

EDDY, Andrew (//c1853-28/5/1927)

Died Burnside SA.

1897-1897 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

EDE, John Joseph (//c1846-5/10/1918)

Died Rosewater SA.

1885-1889 Globe Hotel Pt Adelaide

EDGE, Henry (//-//)

1893-1894 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

EDGECUMBE, Henry W (//-//)

1895-1899 Middleton Hotel Middleton

EDGAR, William Neil (//-//)

1949-1951 Commercial Hotel became Astor Hotel Gawler Place with Myra Eleanor Edgar

EDGELOE, William (//-//)

1886-1888 Pt Vincent Hotel Pt Vincent

1888-1897 District Hotel Nairne

1897-1905 Great Eastern Hote Littlehampton

To SA 1854 Steadfast.

m 5/12/1874 Tothill Creek

His wife, Frances Edgeloe nee SMITH, died 2/2/1893 ‘after five weeks’ illness’, aged 54, leaving a husband and son. Buried St James Blakiston.

EDMEADE, Henry (//-//)

1882-1882 Pt Vincent Hotel Pt Vincent

EDMONDS, Horace John Bartlett (//c1874-8/4/1959)

Died Lower Mitcham SA.

1901-1903 Duke of York Hotel Currie St

1903-1905 Lady Daly Hotel Hindmarsh

1905-1905 General Gordon Hotel Grenfell St .

1906-1908 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

1908-1909 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

1935-1935 Yongala Hotel Yongala

Parents – John Hopkin Edmonds &

m 17/1/1/1900 St Paul Adelaide, publican Florence Sarah nee Lean

EDMONDS, Mrs HJB nee Florence Sarah LEAN (29/5/1875-3/10/1941)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Parkside SA.

1921-1922 The Rose Inn Sturt St

1931-1932 Hotel Grenfell Grenfell St .

Parents – William Edmund Lean & Elizabeth nee GORDON

EDMONDS, Reginald Clifford (//-//)

1976-1977 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

EDMONDS, Mrs RC nee Texie Joan ? (//-//)

1976-1977 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

EDMONDS, Joseph (//c1865-//)

1896-1902 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

Parents – Samuel Edmonds &

m 9/11/1894 PM Manse Kadina, publican Mrs Brown nee Marion Broch

EDMONDS, William John (//c1858-7/5/1944)

Died Malvern SA.

1912-1913 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

1913-1917 Brecknock Hotel King William St South

1917-1917 Areas Hotel Georgetown

Parents – William Edmonds &

m (1) 6/6/1883 Mrs Baker residence Adelaide, Emma nee BATES (//c1862-//) Parents – John Bates & Had Emma Bates father died and her moter remarried to Baker?

m (2) 30/10/1911 J Edmonds residence Southwark, Mrs William FISK nee Ellen Elizabeth THOMAS (//c1864-//) Parents – Frederick Thomas & m (1) 16/5/1884 Bride father Frederick Thomas residence Hackney, William FISK (//c1853-29/9/1940) Died North Adelaide SA (of Glenelg). Parents- William Fisk &

EDMUNDS, Dean & Sandra (//-//)

1982-1988 Palmer Hotel Palmer

EDMUNDS, Elizabeth (//-//)

1889-1890 Orient Hotel Wakefield St

EDMUNDS, Joseph (//-//)

1859-1862 Vintage Shades Inn Norwood Hotel founder

EDSON, Clarence Eggers (10/8/1890-//)

Born Lyndoch SA.

1919-1920 Meadows Hotel Meadows

Parents – Alfred Charles Edson & Auguste Therese nee EGGERS

EDSON, Margaret N (//-//)

1920-1921 Meadows Hotel Meadows

EDWARDS, Albert Bert Augustine (5/11/1888-/8/1963)

Born Adelaide SA, in the West End.

1915-1924 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1924-1925 Newmarket Hotel North Tce

1926-1931 Newmarket Hotel North Tce

1928-1930 Hotel Victor Victor Harbor DATE clash

1937-1939 Castle Inn Hindley St

1941-1946 Black Lion Hotel Hindmarsh

Formed a regular red-and black colour team from the front bar patrons of the Duke of Brunswick Hotel to play on Saturdays against a host of other teams throughout the metropolitan area – often also a fall-back team for players and officials who no longer played SANFL matches. Brunswick won the Premiership in 1947 and disbanded c1951-1952. Other West End hotels played each other in illlegal Sunday afternoon matches in the South and West Parklands – Queen’s Arms, Cumberland Arms, Launceston, Elephant & Castle, Prince Albert Hotels Adelaide Review Issue 338 April 2008 p37.

EDWARDS, Albert James (//c1841-//)

1862-1866 Prince of Wales Hotel Penola

1867-1879 Prince of Wales Hotel Penola

Son of James Edwards

Son-in-law of the previous publican John Bowden

m 10/1/1863 Prince of Wales Hotel Penola

EDWARDS, Alice Annis nee HOLWELL (//-//)

1922-1924 Family Hotel Glenelg

Mrs William John Edwards – the family lived Pt Pirie by 1898

EDWARDS, Andrew Hopkins (//-//)

1922-1924 Scotch Thistle Hotel Kermode St

1924-1928 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

EDWARDS, Arthur (//-//)

1933-1937 Castle Inn Hindley St

EDWARDS, Mrs AH nee Olive Mary MOUNTAIN (//c1882-11/11/1955)

Died Prosp;ect SA (of Normanville).

1920-1921 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

1936-1941 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

EDWARDS, Mrs AJ nee Catherine Jane BOWDEN (//c1845-//)

1866-1867 Prince of Wales Hotel Penola – perhaps as Mrs E Edwards

1879-1882 Prince of Wales Hotel Penola

EDWARDS, Mrs E perhaps Mrs AJ Edwards (//-//)

1866-1867 Prince of Wales Hotel Penola – very young to be a publican

EDWARDS, Charles (//-//)

1850-1851 Freshwater Springs Hotel Tam O’Shanter Belt [Woodville North] Hotel founder

EDWARDS, George (//-//)

1885-1888 Caltowie Hotel Caltowie

EDWARDS, George (//-//)

1886-1887 Royal Hotel Moonta

EDWARDS, George James (//-//)

1928-1930 Hotel Victor Victor Harbor

EDWARDS, Henry (//-//)

1877-1883 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully

1883-1890 Marryatville Hotel Marryatville

1893-1897 Hampstead Hotel Hampstead

His wife, Eliza Edwards, died 11/12/1889, at her residence the Marryatville Hotel, aged 46. Born in SA.

EDWARDS, HE perhaps Herbert Edgar (//c1887-21/1/1947)

Died Adelaide SA (of Semaphore).

1943-1943 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria with E Wilson

 EDWARDS, Henry (//-//)

1854-1856 Australian Arms Hotel Hindley St

On TA 66

EDWARDS, Herbert John (//-//)

1904-1905 White Hart Hotel Hindley St

1920-1920 Grange Family Hotel Grange

Perhaps Lived New Glenelg by 1899

Perhaps m Annie nee O’DONNELL (//-//)

EDWARDS, Jeremiah (19/1/1850-25/2/1922)

Born Adelaide SA.

1871-1873 Manoora Hotel Manoora

Parents – publicans Thomas Edwards & Ellen nee Nunan

Publican; Manoora then Farmer; Yacka. CE.

m 16/7/1874 Riverton, Jane nee BLAND (11/7/1857-15/12/1933) Born Port Road SA. Died Jamestown SA. Parents – Abraham Bland & Mary Ann nee CAPLE

EDWARDS, John Jack (//c1830-15/6/1895)

Died Carrieton SA.

1873-1874 Black Bull Inn Hindley St

1875-1881 Belalie Hotel Jamestown

1882-1894 The House that Jack Built Stanley Flat

1894-1895 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

A genial host

Biog N Robinson Change on change p125

EDWARDS, John Henry (//-//)

1895-1896 Mt Freeling Hotel Mt Freeling Hotel closer

1897-1913 Lyndhurst Hotel Lyndhurst Siding

1915-1920 Lyndhurst Siding Hotel Lyndhurst Siding

 JH Edwards brought his hotel from Mt Freeling and re-erected it at Lyndhurst Siding Observer 9/12/1899 p1200c

Lived Conway Town Davenport by 1900 East Park Davenport by 1902 Pt Augusta by 1906

m Agnes Jane nee CARTER (//-//)

EDWARDS, John W (//-//)

1922-1923 Bedford Hotel Woodside

1923-1924 Horseshoe Hotel Noarlunga

1924-1930 Railway Hotel Salisbury

1932-1933 Railway Hotel Salisbury

EDWARDS, Mary J (//-//)

1921-1921 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

EDWARDS, Michael Leo (//-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1916-1917 Flinders Family Hotel Pt Augusta with William John Francis Coad

1917-1918 Hannahville Hotel Hannahville Pt Augusta

1920-1920 Port Augusta Hotel Pt Augusta

1920-1922 Flinders Family Hotel Pt Augusta

1927-1928 Hoyleton Hotel Hoyleton

EDWARDS, Mrs nee Olive May ? (//-//)

1921-1921 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

EDWARDS, Sophia E (//-//)

1904-1904 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

EDWARDS, Mrs Thomas nee Mary Josephine WOOLMAN (//-//)

1916-1919 Royal Hotel Hindley St

1919-1921 Gilles Arms Hotel Gilles St

1921-1925 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

This family lived in Pt Augusta West in the 1890s-1900s.

EDWARDS, Thomas (//-//)

1866-1867 Halfway House Inn Bellum Bellum [Mt Schank] Hotel founder

EDWARDS, Thomas (15/8/1824-1/7/1876)

Died Manoora SA.

1869-1871 Manoora Hotel Manoora Hotel founder

1872-1873 Pichi Richi Inn Pichi Richi Pass

1873-1876 Manoora Hotel Manoora

To SA c1847 Soldier; Adelaide then Tailor; Gawler then Farmer; Manoora (Head of the Gilbert by 1858) later Publican; Manoora, Pichi Richi, Manoora. CE.

Perhaps Adelaide by 1850 Head of the Gilbert by 1858

EDWARDS, Mrs Thomas nee Ellen NOLAN/NUNAN/NEWENHAM (//c1829-5/6/1902)

Died Manoora SA, of paralysis.

1876-1878 Manoora Hotel Manoora

1885-1889 Manoora Hotel Manoora

1891-1892 Manoora Hotel Manoora

Had relatives in WA at the time of her death.

EDWARDS, Thomas (//-//)

1909-1910 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

1910-1913 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully

EDWARDS, Thomas T perhaps Thomas Tonkin (//c1876-27/9/1951)

Died Semaphore SA (of Largs Bay).

1919-1920 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore

1920-1921 Largs Bay Hotel Largs Bay

1921-1922 Stirling Hotel Stirling

1923-1931 Tanunda Hotel Tanunda

EDWARDS, Timothy John (27/11/1860-//)

Born Kooringa SA.

1914-1921 Stanley Hotel Clare Hotel closer

1925-1927 Hoyleton Hotel Hoyleton

Parents – John Edwards & Mary nee O’Leary

m Elizabeth nee COSTELLO (//-//)

EDWARDS, William (//-//)

1840-1841 Gawler Arms Inn Brown St Hotel founder with George Warland.

EDWARDS, William (//-//)

1858-1863 Wheatsheaf Inn Morphett Vale Hotel closer

EDWARDS, William Henry (//-//)

1906-1907 Charleston Hotel Charleston

1907-1907 Thatched House Tavern Brighton

EDWARDS, William Henry (//-//)

1909-1912 Belvidere Hotel Belvidere Hundred of Bremer

EDWARDS, William Matthew (//-//)

1887-1888 Berkshire Hotel St Leonards Glenelg

1893-1893 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo

m Mrs MADDERN nee Ellen JAMES (//-//)

EDWARDS, William Poval (//-//)

1840-1841 Henrys Hotel became Edwards Hotel Stephens Place

EDWARDS, William Tripp (//c1826-//)

1853-1854 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond

then Cox Creek, Glenburn nr Nairne

m 5/1/1852 St John Adelaide, Elizabeth Adelaide nee SELBY

EGAN, Francis (//-//)

1866-1869 Halfway House Inn Tarpeena Hotel founder

 Parents –publican Laurence Egan &

Founded the second hotel in Tarpeena (in opposition to his brother Laurence Egan?)

EGAN, John McNamara (//c1835-//)

1872-1873 Tarpeena Hotel Tarpeena

Parents –publican Laurence Egan &

Lived; Adelaide, Tarpeena, Pt MacDonnell, Adelaide

perhaps m 17/6/1858 St Patrick Adelaide, Eleanor Magdalena nee CAHILL (//c1840-//)

EGAN, Laurence the Elder (//c1805-14/2/1891)

Born Co Clare, Ireland. Died Tarpeena SA.

1869-1870 Halfway House Inn Tarpeena Hotel closer

To SA 1849 Senator

Adelaide Gaol Governor 1850s then purchased most of Tarpeena Station, laid out Tarpeena township. Son Laurence Egan became the first publican and son John Egan was the postmaster. Another son, Francis Egan, established the Halfway House Hotel Tarpeena

Family of at least five sons and three daughters. Surname apparently originally McEgan – publican sons Henry William DeBurgh McEgan and Maurice Nestor McEgan kept to the original spelling. Biog Jones & Cameron HM South-Eastern mails p119

EGAN, Laurence the Younger (//-//)

1863-1872 Tarpeena Hotel Tarpeena Hotel founder

1873-1878 Tarpeena Hotel Tarpeena

Perhaps m Ann nee HARDY (//-//)

EGAN, Patrick Joseph (//-//)

1946-1948 Mt Mary Hotel Mt Mary

EGGINTON, Val Eric & Vera Bertha (//-//)

1956-1957 Palmer Hotel Palmer

ELDRIDGE, Jack (//-//)

1948-1965 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

EGLINTON, James the Elder (6/1/1843-27/6/1929)

Born Uddington, Co Lanark, Scotland.

 1879-1880 Terowie Hotel, Terowie

Perhaps also

1893-1894 Jetty Hotel LeFevre Peninsula [Semaphore]

1897-1899 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney

To SA aged 5 – with parents and siblings

Parents - publicans William Eglinton and Marion nee Forrest. Was William Eglinton a brother to Charles Robe Eglinton

Farmer, storekeeper, publican, auctioneer, grazier; Gumeracha, Terowie etc Retired; 35 East Parade, Kensington. Biog Observer 1/1/1927 p41c.

Apparently family links between James Forrest, James Eglinton and Edward George Summers.

m (1) 24/4/1872 Groom father residence North Gumeracha, Louisa nee RADFORD (//c1850-12/12/1875) Died Adelaide SA (of Forreston). Parents – George Radford &

m (2) 28/3/1878 Baptist Church Adelaide, Emma nee WENSKE (//c1856-//) Death not registered SA. Parents – Gottlieb Wenske &

m (3) 27/3/1907 Registry Office Adelaide, Mrs CHAMBERS nee Elizabeth WEBBER (//c1861-//) Parents – John Webber &

EGLINTON, James the Younger perhaps (//c1882-//1965)

Born SA (birth date unregistered)

1899-1903 Terowie Hotel Terowie

 Perhaps Parents – publican James Eglinton the Elder & Emma nee Wenske.

Very doubtful identification – he would have been only 17 when he took up the licence.

m 20/11/1909 Methodist Church Highbury St Prospect, Clara Ellen nee WOODCOCK (//c1883-//) Parents – Robert Woodcock &

EGLINTON, William (26/2/1821-5/4/1891)

Born Bothwell, Co Lanark, Scotland. Died Terowie SA.

1887-1891 Terowie Hotel Terowie

To SA c1850 from Vic.

m c1842 Scotland, publican Marion nee Forrest

EGLINTON, Mrs William nee Marion FORREST (28/3/1818-16/8/1894)

Born perhaps Arbroath, Co Forfar, Scotland. Died Semaphore SA (of Terowie), at the Jetty Hotel after a short and painful illness .

1891-1892 Terowie Hotel Terowie

Was she a sister to Alexander Forrest the Elder founder of Forreston?

EGLINTON, William (2/8/1874-//)

Born Forreston SA.

1897-1897 Arab Steed Hotel Hutt St

Parents – publican James Eglinton the Elder & Louisa nee Radford

Brother to publican Marion Forrest Eglinton and perhaps James Eglinton the Younger.

EGLINTON, Miss Marion Forrest (3/3/1873-//)

Born Forreston SA.

1895-1897 Arab Steed Hotel Hutt St

Parents – publican James Eglinton the Elder & Louisa nee Radford

Sister to publican William Eglinton and perhaps James Eglinton the Younger

EHMCKE, August (//-//)

1881-1882 Highbury Hotel Highbury

EHMCKE, Mrs August nee Mary DOHONY (//-//)

1882-1884 Highbury Hotel Highbury

EHMCKE, Heinrich Wilhelm (//-//)

1872-1873 National Hotel Pirie St

1876-1876 National Hotel Pirie St

EICKE, Mrs Christina (//-//)

1909-1914 Royal Hotel Hindley St

1914-1915 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

EICKE, Wilhelm William (//-//)

1905-1907 Mile End Hotel Mile End

1907-1909 Royal Hotel Hindley St

EICKHOFF, Carl Charles P (//-//)

1886-1891 Jetty Hotel Stansbury

EIMBCKE, Ferdinand Eduard Theodor (//-//)

1898-1902 Murraytown Hotel Murraytown

EIME, Evelyn Joyce (//-//)

1937-1937 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

EIME, Mollie I (//-//)

1934-1937 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

EISFELDER, Ernest Herbert (//-9/6/1885)

Died Kensington SA, by suicide at his residence the Kensington Hotel.

1870-1870 Wallaroo Inn Wallaroo

1879-1883 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

1884-1885 Kensington Hotel Kensington

EISFELDER, Mrs EH nee Sarah ? (//-//)

1885-1886 Kensington Hotel Kensington

ELAND, Mary (//-//)

1893-1894 Marquis of Queensberry Hotel Pirie St

ELAND, William Creaton (//-27/10/1873)

1862-1863 Commercial Hotel Wallaroo

1873-1873 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

ELBOROUGH, Charles (//-//)

1874-1874 Angel Inn Gouger St

1886-1886 Alberton Hotel Alberton

ELBURN, HC (//-//)

1860-1861 Cremorne Inn New Parkside

ELBURN, Henry James (//-//)

1872-1875 Imperial Hotel King William St

ELBURN, Henry John Junr (//-//)

1875-1875 City Arms Inn King William St .

ELDER, William (//-//)

1856-1857 Rose of Australia Hotel Wakefield St

ELDRIDGE, David (//-//)

1861-1871 Heart in Hand Hotel Prospect Hotel closed

ELDRIDGE, Edward (//-//)

1923-1926 Windsor Hotel Gillies Plains

ELDRIDGE, George (//-//)

1861-1863 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross

ELDRIDGE, J (//-//)

1864-1866 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo

 ELDRIDGE, John (//-//)

1858-1859 Engine & Driver Inn Bassett Town

ELDRIDGE, John (//-//)

1848-1852 Emerald Isle Hotel Prospect Hotel founder

1856-1858 Heart in Hand Hotel Prospect

1860-1861 Heart in Hand Hotel Prospect

Hotel next to the pound – should this really be Islington?

1861-1863 Grand Junction Inn Lower North Road (Grand Junction Road Near the intersection of Churchill and Cavan Roads, Dry Creek)

1867-1872 Grand Junction Hotel Lower North Road

Eldest son and child of William Eldridge. To SA 1838 Henry Porcher.

ELDRIDGE, John (//c1818-//)

Farm labourer from Cocking, Sussex, England. Publican; Prospect. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871. m (1) 18/3/1845 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Martha nee LIDYARD m (2) 2/8/1860 Christ Church North Adelaide, Mrs John Merritt nee Elizabeth Figg.

ELDRIDGE, Mrs John nee Martha LIDYARD (//c1815-6/5/1860)

Died Prospect SA, at her residence the Heart in Hand, Lower North Road.

ELDRIDGE, Thomas (//c1817-14/2/1870)

Died North Adelaide SA.

1856-1859 Wellington Hotel Wellingtonton Square

1859-1868 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

Husband of Hellen Eldridge who died 7/6/1892 North Adelaide.

ELDRIDGE, William (//-//)

1853-1853 Miners Arms Inn Glen Osmond

1854-1858 Miners Arms Hotel Light River crossing near Kapunda

ELEY, Royston Cooper (6/6/1892-//)

Born Pt Broughton SA.

1931-1944 Austral Hotel Quorn

1944-1950 Austral Hotel Quorn

Parents – Isaac Thompson Eley & Sarah Jane nee ROBERTS

ELIX, Ernst Gustav (23/11/1871-//)

Born Nain near Greenock SA.

1899-1903 Barossa Inn Lyndoch

1903-1908 Truro Hotel Truro

Parents – Johann Christian Elix & Maria nee BISSE

ELLERY, Arthur Malcolm (//-//)

1936-1946 Crafers Hotel Crafers

ELLERY, Mrs AM nee Amy Marguerite ? (//-//)

1946-1949 Crafers Hotel Crafers

ELLERY, James Senr (//c1806-1/1/1869)

Born Bridport, Dorset, England.

1847-1853 Beresford Arms Hotel Gillles St

1853-1869 Crown and Anchor Grenfell St

 m 18/2/1838 Holy Trinity Adelaide, publican Anna nee Elliott

ELLERY, Mrs James nee Anna ELLIOT (//-//)

1869-1871 Crown and Anchor Grenfell St

James Ellery Senr’s wife, Anna Ellery, died 2/7/1872 Union St, Adelaide, of uterine disease, aged 52.

ELLERY, James the Younger (//-//)

1886-1891 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

ELLERY, James (//-//)

1898-1903 Commercial Hotel Morgan

1905-1910 Alberton Hotel Alberton

ELLERY, James Albert ( 6/2/1844- 5/11/1905)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Mt Gambier SA.

1872-1876 South Australian Hotel Mt Gambier

1876-1876 Cramptons Family Hotel Norwood

1877-1879 Kings Head Hotel King William St

1881-1882 Hamburg Hotel Rundle St

1884-1887 Lion Hotel Jerningham St North Adelaide

1887-1894 Oriental Hamburg Hotel Rundle St

1892-1897 Crown Hotel Truro Date clash

1896-1903 Mac’s Hotel Mt Gambier

 Parents: James Ellery and Ann nee ELLIOTT.

Publican; Mt Gambier, Norwood, Truro, Mt Gambier.


Born Adelaide SA. Died Mt Gambier SA. Eldest son of James Ellery Senr, publican and storekeeper; Adelaide. Publican; Adelaide, Mt Gambier. Anglican. He retired to Bay Road, Mt Gambier. m Julia Anna nee ? (c1850-29/11/1934) Their son, Torrengton George Ellery, of Marlborough St East Adelaide was Town Clerk of Adelaide when his father died. Was Mrs Ellery a Buckley, a daughter of Robert Buckley of Lobethal, who died 12/4/1894. His widow Ann Elizabeth Rose Buckley died 14/5/1910, aged 82. The Buckley children apparently included George John Buckley farmer Mt Crawford, died 31/7/1921, aged 71 and Charles William Buckley farmer Charleston, died 24/12/1942, aged 83.

Richard Blagden Hale Officer in HMs Customs declared that he m 1848 to Alice Dean. She died 31/1/1867.

ELLERY, William (//-//)

1884-1893 Yorke Valley Hotel Maitland

ELLIOT, Archibald (//-//)

1868-1870 East Wellington Hotel East Wellington

ELLIOT, John (//-//)

1875-1876 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

ELLIOT, William (//-//)

1862-1862 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney

ELLIOTT, Alexander W (//-//)

1873-1875 Pichi Richi Inn Pichi Richi Pass

A long shot perhaps his son Albion Walter Elliott (//c1839-//) m 24/3/1863 Northern Hotel Pt Augusta, Maria nee EWINGS (//c1831-//) Parents – Henry Ewings &

ELLIOTT, Alfred Watson (//-//)

1893-1894 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

1895-1896 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1896-1898 Railway Family Hotel Gawler West [Bassett Town]

1898-1898 Mill Inn Gawler South

1899-1899 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

1900-1901 Miners Arms Hotel Moonta

1902-1903 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

ELLIOTT, Darcy Richard (//-//)

1928-1938 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

ELLIOTT, Frederick Josiah (//-//)

1941-1946 Terminus Hotel Balaklava with Beatrice Hardaker Elliott

1946-1950 Hoyleton Hotel Hoyleton with Beatrice Hardaker Elliott

ELLIOTT, Mrs FJ nee Beatrice Hardaker ? (//-//)

1941-1946 Terminus Hotel Balaklava with Frederick Josiah Elliott

1946-1950 Hoyleton Hotel Hoyleton with Frederick Josiah Elliott

ELLIOTT, George (//-//)

1862-1866 Pt Clinton Hotel Pt Clinton Hotel closer

1873-1874 Rainbow Hotel lGouger St

 Shoemaker; Adelaide then Farmer, publican; Pt Clinton then Publican; Adelaide then Farmer; Yorke Peninsula.

m 4/9/1855 Christ Church North Adelaide, Mary Ann nee Berry

Perhaps the family left SA.

ELLIOTT, Henry (//c1823-14/11/1876)

Born Reading, Berks, England. Died Twyford, Berks, England.

1856-1863 Globe Inn Rundle St

He held the lease from the SA Company and underleased the hotel to other publicans from 1863.

m 16/10/1855 John Hayter residence Adelaide, Peggy nee DOUGLAS who survived her husband. Daughter of William Douglas of Fryingford, Oxon, England. Apparently a childless marriage. Her nephew, publican Richard Butler Peake, emigrated to SA and lived in Fullarton. Relationship somewhat tangled. RB Peake’s wife,

ELLIOTT, John (//-//)

1876-1879 Young Queens Arms Hotel became Young Queens Inn Gawler Place

1880-1881 Sturt Hotel Grenfell St

1881-1882 Criterion Hotel Quorn

ELLIOTT, John Ernest Russell (//-//)

1945-1945 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

ELLIOTT, Pearson (//-//)

1840-1841 Dog and Duck Hotel Payneham

Hotel closed

ELLIOTT, Robert (//-//)

1840-1840 Dog and Duck Hotel Payneham Hotel founder

ELLIOTT, Robert (//-//)

1874-1877 Edeowie Hotel Edeowie

ELLIOTT, Sarah M (//-//)

1908-1908 Mill Inn Riverton

ELLIS, Catherine (//-//)

1855-1858 Railway Hotel North Tce

ELLIS, John (//-//)

1895-1900 Halfway House Hotel Port Road York [Beverley]

1900-1900 Talbot Hotel Gouger St

Husband of Susan Ellis.

ELLIS, John engineer Glanville and Susan Ellis his wife formerly Susan JONES. Britton James Jones farmer Findon probably a relation. Mrs Ellis entitled to estate from the will of the late Joseph GOULD formerly gentleman North Road now deceased 1890 Memorial 75/403

ELLIS, Mrs John nee Susan ? (//-//)

1900-1901 Talbot Hotel Gouger St

ELLIS, Joseph (//-//)

1876-1877 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

ELLIS, Joshua (//-//)

1899-1901 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

ELLIS, Norman Mark (//-//)

1936-1938 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

ELLIS, Richard (//-//)

1926-1927 North Kapunda Hotel Kapunda

ELLIS, William Ford (//-//)

1894-1895 Commercial Hotel Clare

ELLISON, Mrs Marguerite Clarice (//-//)

1941-1944 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

ELLISON, Reginald Aubrey Lionel (//-//)

1945-1948 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

ELFICK, John William (//-//)

1938-1941 Pt Noarlunga Hotel Pt Noarlunga

ELMSLIE, James Russell (//-//)

1915-1917 Globe Hotel Yalata [Fowler Bay]

ELSON, Clement Howard (//-//)

1947-1948 Central Hotel Kadina

ELSHOLZ, Johann August (//-//)

1864-1868 Freeling Hotel Freeling Hotel founder

1886-1886 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St

ELSHOLZ, Mrs JA nee Amelia OEHM (//-//)

1873-1876 Freeling Hotel Freeling

ELSHOLZ, Mrs JA nee Elisabeth ? (//-//)

1886-1887 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St

EMERY, Frederick William (c1826-16/3/1901)

Born London, Middlesex, England. Died Glenelg SA. .

1848-1850 Butchers Arms Inn Mile End

1850-1853 Newmarket Inn North Tce

1862-1864 Labour in Vain Tavern to Perseverance Hotel Hanson St.

Publican then Butcher Mile End then Butcher; Thebarton then Yeoman; Brighton.

To SA 1837 John Renwick with his parents and siblings.

m 11/7/1846 St John Adelaide, Ann nee Mundy (//c1826-//)

EMERY, Henry Isaac (28/9/1840-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1883-1887 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

He rebuilt the hotel and added a second storey c1885.

Parents – Isaac Emery & Amy nee WARREN

m (1) 8/6/1860 St George Gawler, Catherine nee MORAN (//c1839-22/2/1870) Died Adelaide SA. Parents – John Moran &

m (2) 20/9/1870 Baptist Church Norwood, Mary Ann nee WESTERN (//c1840-//) Parents – George Western &

m (3) 8/2/1883 House Hindmarsh, Margaret nee LOGAN (9/6/1855-//) Born Adelaide SA. Parents – William Logan & Jane nee ALLEN

EMERY, Isaac (//c1814-//)

Died prob Vic.

1849-1851 Bush Club House became Joiners Arms Hotel Franklin St

Hotel closed.

1852-1854 Horse & Jockey Inn Carrington St

To SA 1837 John Renwick with his wife and family. Carpenter; Adelaide 1837-1849 then Publican; Adelaide 184-1854. Still in Adelaide by 1858, when his daughter Hannah Amy Emery was born. Land grant TA 483 Wright St 1837, which he sold in 1840 to William Easther tailor Adelaide in 1840

Builder; 272 Smith St, Collingwood Vic by 1879 Application 17506

m Amy nee Warren

EMERY, John perhaps (//c1805-28/8/1847)

Died Adelaide SA. or (//c1787-30/9/1862) Born England. Died Hindmarsh SA.

1843-1844 Tasmanian Hotel Hindley St

Uncertain identification – at least three John Emerys in SA at this period.

EMERY, Joseph (//c1820-19/3/1865)

Died North Adelaide SA, at his residence the Scotch Thistle, ‘of diseased heart’.

1859-1862 Green Gate Inn Burnside Hotel closer

1862-1865 Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St

m 1/2/1855 Christ Church North Adelaide, publican MrsJW Lunniss nee Elizabeth Anne Walker.

EMERY, Mrs Joseph formerly Mrs JW LUNNISS nee Elizabeth Anne Walker (//-7/7/1866)

Died North Adelaide SA, at her residence the Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St.

1865-1866 Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St

m (1) 23/12/1848, John Withers Lunniss. Lived Chain of Ponds where her daughter, Amy Lunniss, was born in 1850.

m (2) 1/2/1855 Christ Church North Adelaide, publican Joseph Emery.

Her only son, Arthur Walker Emerson, died 6/6/1864, at the Scotch Thistle, North Adelaide, of marasmus, aged 13 months and 2 weeks.

EMERY, Elizabeth Ann widow North Adelaide relict of the late Joseph Emery formerly licensed victualler North Adelaide now deceased, died c1866 [7/7/1866]. She left her household furniture and other items to her children under various conditions - Amy LUNNISS, Florence May Emery, Ida Elizabeth Emery and Louisa Hepzibah Emery. Mrs Emery's father, Thomas Moody WALKER soap and candle maker Adelaide (Robert St), one of the executors and trustees, to supervise this matter, He and the other executors, William James BAILEY wine and spirit merchant Adelaide (Grenfell St) and Willliam VICKERY painter and glazier Adelaide (Rundle St), to decide whether to sell or lease out the Emery hotel, the Scotch Thistle, in North Adelaide, with the proceeds in trust for the support of Mrs Emery's children Memorial 60/213

EMERY, Stanley Owen (//-//)

1938-1941 Central Hotel Pt Pirie

1942-1956 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

EMERY, William (//-//)

1847-1848 Market House Inn Mile End

EMES, Mrs Elizabeth (//-//)

1922-1924 Yarrowie Hotel Appila

1925-1935 Mannum Hotel Mannum

EMES, William Davis (//-//)

1921-1922 Alford Hotel Alford

1935-1937 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

1937-1939 Northern Hotel Enfield

1939-1940 Commercial Hotel Hindmarsh

1942-1942 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St .

1942-1946 Reepham Hotel Reepham

EMMEL, Ernest W (//-//)

1926-1932 Manoora Hotel Manoora

EMMETT, Frederick Nicholas (//-//)

1928-1943 Crown Hotel Reynella

1945-1946 Crown Hotel Reynella

EMMETT, Hamilton Cornwall (//-//)

1851-1851 Clubhouse Hotel Hindley St

EMSLIE, William (//-//)

1859-1863 Miners Arms Hotel Kapunda

ENDERSBY, William (//-//)

1884-1885 Wheatsheaf Hotel Price Hotel founder

1886-1887 Edinburgh Castle Hotel Currie St

ENGELBRECHT, Johann Carl (//c1833-22/2/1914)

Born Magdeburg, Prussian Saxony. Died Mt Gambier SA.

1864-1865 Prince Albert Inn Pt MacDonnell

Storekeeper, publican; Pt MacDonnell then Storekeeper, brewer; Mt Gambier.

Son of Ludwig Engelbrecht.

Prob brother to publican Theodor Engelbrecht.

m Elizabeth nee MURPHY (//c1839-16/2/1905) Died Mt Gambier SA.

ENGELBRECHT, Theodor Friedrich (//-//)

1867-1868 Gawler Arms Inn Gawler

Settled; Adelaide then Publican, draper; Gawler.

Son of Ludwig Engelbrecht.

Prob brother to publican Theodor Engelbrecht.

m Caroline nee HUEPPAUFF

EPPS, Cecil Henry (//-//)

1937-1941 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah with Pretoria Surrey Epps his wife

EPPS, Mrs CH nee Pretoria Surrey ? (//-//)

1937-1941 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah with Cecil Henry Epps her husband

Changed the name to Hotel Balhannah 1/3/1838.

Character Johnston p201

ERRINGTON, Arthur Joseph (//-//)

1897-1898 Halfway House Inn Stirling

1899-1900 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

ERRINGTON, Mrs AJ nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

1898-1899 Narridy Hotel Narridy

1900-1901 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

1901-1902 Wellington Hotel Waterloo

ERRINGTON, John (//c1842-//)

Born Beds, England.

1875-1876 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

To SA 1851 Omega

Parents – Thomas Errington &

Lived Hindmarsh by 1865 Kapunda by 1866 Riverton by 1871 then Publican; Aldinga later Lived; St Leonards by 1878 Hindmarsh by 1880

m 28/4/1864 Rev Thomas Playford residence Mitcham, Mary nee PRITCHARD (//c1841-2/7/1923) Born Hindmarsh SA. Died Fullarton SA (of Hindmarsh). Parents – William Pritchard & Jane nee Grant.

ESSBERGER, Julius Theodor (1/7/1825-10/9/1867)

Born . Died Nuriootpa SA.

1855-1858 Greenock Arms Hotel Greenock

1863-1867 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

To SA 1849 Princess Louise.

Publican; Greenock, Nuriootpa.

m 19/9/1854 Lutheran Church Tanunda, publican Bertha nee Helling.

ESSBERGER, Mrs JT nee Auguste Bertha HELLING (//c1837-//)

Born Clausthal (Harz), Hanover.

1868-1869 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

To SA 1849 George Washington

Parents – Johann Valentin Helling &

ESSELBACH, Heinrich Oscar (18/4/1853-14/7/1936)

Born Stepney SA. Died Maylands SA.

1912-1913 Ozone Hotel Kingscote with George A Nelson and Frederick Henry Winch

1913-1921 Loxton Hotel Loxton

1922-1924 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

Parents – Gustav Louis Esselbach & Susannah nee POTHE

Lived Adelaide by 1880 Maylands by 1884 St Peters by 1888

m 16/8/1879 St Luke Adelaide, Bessie nee MAHER (//c1858-20/4/1937) Died Maylands SA.

Parents – John Maher &

Daughter Gertrude nee Esselbach (//c1884-//) m 26/11/1913 Bride father residence Loxton Hotel Loxton, Filmer TURNBULL (//c1886-//) Parents – Henry James Turnbull &

ESTALL, Thomas (//-//)

1848-1849 Miners Arms Inn Glen Osmond

ETTERSHANK, William Cullen (//-//)

1914-1915 Grand Central Hotel Rundle St

Was he some relation to John Ettershank, stock and station agent Melbourne, in partnership with William Eaglestone as Ettershank and Eaglestone & Co?? John Ettershank held the mortgage over land near Pt Adelaide in the 1860s for the Gilles family Edmond Fletcher Gilles bank accountant Melbourne and Osmond Horne Gilles gentleman Glen Osmond.

ETTRIDGE, Joseph (//-//)

1885-1887 Sportsmans Hotel Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln

EUNSON, John (//-//)

1873-1880 Lass O’Gowrie St Vincent St, Pt Adelaide

1880-1881 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St Adelaide .

1881-1881 Princess Royal Hotel O’Connell St

Appeared to have left SA during the 1880s. Another John Eunson also a publican in North Adelaide.

m (1) 1/1/1873, Mrs Flora ABERNETHY nee PETERS, who died 19/9/1876 Pt Adelaide, aged 36. Widow of John Jeffrey Abernethy of Pt Adelaide. The Abernethys m 28/3/1862

m (2) 9/4/1877 Semaphore, Mrs Michelina Green nee Waltrowicz.

EUSTICE, Norman Joseph (//-//)

1943-1943 Globe Hotel Jamestown

EVANS, Anne ME (//-//)

1897-1897 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

EVANS, Daniel (//c1825-17/1/1884)

Died Black Springs SA, at his residence the Emu Hotel.

1883-1884 Emu Hotel Black Springs near Kooringa

1884-1885 Emu Inn Wickham Hill near Kangarilla Hotel founder

EVANS, Mrs Daniel nee Eliza ? (//-//)

1884-1885 Emu Hotel Black Springs near Kooringa Hotel closer

1885-1890 Emu Inn Wickham Hill near Kangarilla Hotel closer

perhaps Eliza nee ROWE (//c1846-//) daughter of Francis Rowe

perhaps m (2) 16/11/1886 Church of England Manse Peterborough, Herbert Matthews 32 son of Marmaduke Matthews

EVANS, David (//c1851-5/4/1900)

Apparently not Born SA. Died Goolwa SA.

1899-1900 Corio Hotel Goolwa

Son of Evan Evans.

m 29/6/1882 Bride mother Annie Stubbs residence Adelaide, publican Emily Mary nee Stubbs

EVANS, Mrs David nee Emily Mary STUBBS (//c1858-10/10/1934)

Apparently not Born SA.

1900-1915 Corio Hotel Goolwa

1916-1934 Corio Hotel Goolwa

Parents – Joseph Stubbs and

EVANS, Edward James (22/11/1873-//)

Born Parkside SA.

1902-1903 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

1904-1905 Royal Oak Hotel Hindley St

1905-1905 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

Parents – Isaac Sarjeant Evans & Matilda Mary nee BLACKET

m 11/1/1896 Groom parents residence Unley, publican Violet Maud nee Watts.

EVANS, Mrs EJ nee Violet Maud WATTS (20/3/1877-//)

Born Kooringa SA.

1905-1906 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

Lived Roseberry, Enfield, Nailsworth – late 1890s.

Parents – William Watts & Jane nee MOON

EVANS, Ernest Gordon (//c1925-23/6/1961)

Died Adelaide SA (of Croydon Park).

1959-1961 Hotel Rundle Rundle St

EVANS, Edward Robley (//c1832-21/8/1887)

Died Greenbush SA, at his residence the Greenbush Hotel.

1878-1879 Pilot Boat Hotel Pt Pirie West brother to hotel founder WO Evans

1879-1887 Greenbush Hotel Pt Augusta Hotel founder

Was he related to publican WW (perhaps Watkin William?) Evans of Saltia in the 1870s? ER Evans’ children born Saltia in the 1860s.

m 15/1/1862 Groom brother publican William Oats Evans residence Stirling North, publican Mary Anne nee Chorigan

EVANS, Mrs ER nee Mary Anne CHORIGAN (//c1840-//)

1887-1894 Greenbush Hotel Pt Augusta

Parents; James Chorigan

EVANS, Francis E (//-//)

1926-1928 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown

EVANS, Frederick (//-//)

1889-1890 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

1897-1897 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1898-1900 Commercial Hotel Two Wells

1901-1901 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

EVANS, Frederick Arthur (22/10/1865-30/7/1955)

Born Unley SA. Died Adelaide SA.

1904-1911 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

1912-1912 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

1912-1912 Rhine Villa Hotel Rhine Villa

1913-1913 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

1913-1923 Bell Inn Gilbert St .

Parents – John Evans & Selina nee TRUEMAN

m 7/10/1889 St Luke Adelaide, publican Louisa Mary nee Toleman

EVANS, Mrs FA nee Louisa Mary TOLEMAN (//c1864-9/8/1932)

Died Adelaide SA.

1894-1894 Forest Inn Black Forest [using her maiden name] with Mary Toleman her sister-in-law

1893-1897 Globe Hotel Bowden

Parents – publicans William Toleman & Louisa nee England.

EVANS, George Harthill (//-//)

1881-1881 Schirmers Family Hotel Mallala

EVANS, George Priest (//c1845-//)

1890-1892 Maitland Hotel Maitland

Parents – George Evans &

Lived; Semaphore by 1882 Kent Town by 1885

 (1) 12/4/1872 Holy Trinity Riverton, Harriett nee HORNER (//c1842-//)

m (2) 22/7/1880 St Mary Sturt, publican Flora nee Pearce

EVANS, Mrs GP nee Flora PEARCE (//c1858-//)

1892-1896 Maitland Hotel Maitland

Parents – Francis Pearce &

EVANS, John C perhaps John Cole Frederick Charles(//-//)

1914-1917 Halfway House Hotel Plympton

EVANS, Louis (//-//)

1884-1885 MacDonnell Bay Hotel Pt MacDonnell

EVANS, Mary (//-//)

1929-1930 Kingston Arms Hotel Mt Bryan

1930-1930 Kingston Arms Hotel Mt Bryan with Michael James Carmichael

EVANS, Reginald Barnett/Bennett (//-//)

1930-1931 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

EVANS, Richard (//-//)

1882-1882 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

EVANS, Robert (//-//)

Launceston Whaler's Return Waymouth St 1857 - Robert Evans baker of Launceston VDL. Leased the hotel to various publicans over the years, in managing his late brother William Evans's estate in SA.

Launceston Hotel Waymouth St 1911.

Possibly a son or grandson of John Evans yeoman Adelaide a a son of William Evans the original owner of the Launceston Hotel. Ellen WHITE wife of Henry Charles White cabinetmaker Adelaide, was a daughter of William Evans and sister to John Evans.

EVANS, Mrs Selina (//-//)

1891-1893 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1893-1893 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

1894-1896 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

Her 2nd son, John Francis Evans, died at the hotel on 23/9/1894, aged 32 ‘after a long and painful illness’ Probably not born in SA.

Did Selina Elizabeth Evans die 14/12/1905 at Eastwood??

EVANS, Thomas (//-//)

1883-1883 Seven Stars Hotel Redbanks Hundred of Grace

EVANS, Thomas the Younger (//-//)

1882-1883 Windsor Hotel Gilles Plains Hotel re-founder

EVANS, Walter John (//c1880-23/7/1924)

Apparently not Born SA. Died Aldinga SA (of North Adelaide).

1919-1919 Yarrowie Hotel Appila

1919-1920 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

Parents – John Evans &

m 3/1/1903 Mr Pitttman residence Hindmarsh, publican Florence Jessie nee Wishart.

EVANS, Mrs WJ nee Florence Jessie WISHART (1/8/1885-25/6/1941)

Born Bowden-on-the-Hill SA. Died Adelaide SA.

1920-1920 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

1920-1921 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

Is the publican below to be identified as above?

EVANS, Florence J (//-//)

1922-1922 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

Parents – William Ross Wishart & Margaret McDonald.

m (2) 6/8/1927 Archbishop residence Adelaide, John Edward NEWMAN (27/11/1884-27/7/1948) Born Petersburg SA. Died Adelaide SA. Parents – Albert Henry Newman & Ellen nee CRITCHLEY

EVANS, WW perhaps Watkin William (//-//)

1879-1879 Saltia Hotel Saltia Creek near Pt Augusta

EVANS, Watkin William (definitely that name) perhaps (//c1844-//)

1879-1880 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo

Parents – JB Evans &

m 8/8/1875 Rev’d M Lloyd residence not recorded, Mrs AITKEN nee Catherine Alexanderina nee FORBES (//c1856-//) Parents – Robert Forbes &

EVANS, William (//-/12/1841)

26/9/1839-1841 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St Hotel founder.

1841-1841 Port Tavern Pt Adelaide

EVANS, William publican New Port Adelaide, died in December 1841 intestate. Father of John Evans yeoman Adelaide (his only son and heir at law) and Ellen WHITE wife of Henry Charles White cabinetmaker Adelaide. Brother to Robert Evans gentleman [baker] Launceston Tas, all still living in 1866 Memorial 148/213

EVANS, William Oats (//c1830-18/6/1878)

Died at sea, from drowning.

1870-1876 Globe Inn Pt Augusta Hotel founder

1877-1878 Pilot Boat Hotel Pt Pirie West Hotel founder

Son of Edward Evans

Brother to next publican ER Evans

m 8/7/1856 Wesleyan Chapel Brompton, Sarah nee BARR (//c1831-//)

Parents - John Barr

EVE, Thomas (//-//)

1896-1897 Windsor Hotel Gillies Plains

EVENS, Donald (//-//)

1910-1921 Palmer Hotel Palmer

EVERARD, Douglas Arthur (//-//)

1938-1939 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

EVERDELL, Robert (//c1826-22/4/1901)

Fountain Hotel Glen Osmond Road 1864-1869

1873-1875 Windsor Castle Hotel Franklin St

EVERETT, George V (//-//)

1923-1925 Hotel Federal Mt Gambier with Arnold HM Bean

EVERITT, John A (//-//)

1855-1858 Mt Burr Hotel Glencoe Station Mt Muirhead near Mt Burr

EVERSHED, Alfred Batchelor (//-//)

1850-1854 Maid of Auckland Inn Edwardstown Hotel founder

1855-1856 Maid of Auckland Inn Edwardstown

EVERLYN, William S (//-//)

1882-1883 Bay View Hotel Beachport

EWALD, Mrs Matilda (//-//)

1900-1901 Paris Hotel Portland Place Pt Adelaide

1902-1902 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

1902-1904 Scotch Thistle Inn Portland Estate

EWART, Rownson (//c1802-4/4/1877)

Born Lowea, Cumberland, England. Died Adelaide SA.

1854-1863 Exeter Hotel Rundle St

1864-1865 Kent Town Hotel Kent Town

1869-1870 Family Hotel became Ewarts Family Hotel Currie St

To SA 1853 Anna Holzberg.

Land in Adelaide, Noarlunga and Fullarton.

m Jane nee ? (c1803-10/12/1861) Died Adelaide SA, at her residence the Exeter Hotel, ‘deeply regretted by a large circle of friends’.

EWENS, William (2/9/1811-7/7/1848)

Born Chichester, Sussex, England. Died Unley SA, at his residence the Unley Inn.

1845-1848 Plough & Harrow Hotel Rundle St

1848-1849 Unley Inn Unley Hotel founder

To SA 1839 Prince Regent. Carriage maker, publican; Adelaide, Unley. Anglican.

EWENS, Mrs William nee Sarah SPILLER (25/9/1812-21/6/1860)

Died Unley SA, after a twelve months’ illness.

1849-1850 Unley Inn Unley

1857-1858 Unley Inn Unley

Eldest daughter of publican Robert Spiller of Morphett Vale. The Ewens and Spiller families emigrated together.

Daughter 25/9/1845 Plough & Harrow

EWENS, William Robert (//-//)

1866-1871 Ship Inn Kingston S-E

1872-1874 Royal Mail Hotel Kingston S-E

EWENS, Mrs WR nee Catherine Lloyd ? (//-//)

1874-1875 Royal Mail Hotel Kingston S-E

EWENS, Wolford (15/1/1837-5/7/1876)

Born Chichester, Sussex, England. Died SA.

1876-1876 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

EWENS, Mrs Wolford nee Annie Agnes CAMPION (//-24/1/1878)

1876-1878 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

EYRE, Edward John (//-//)

1852-1853 Northern Hotel Enfield

EYRE, Henry James Staunton (//-//)

1868-1868 Wheatsheaf Inn North Shields

Hotel founder

EXCELL, John Wickens (//c1809-26/3/1884)

Died Tarlee SA.

1869-1870 El Dorado Hotel Spike Gully Yatta Creek Barossa Goldfields Only publican

1869-1870 Travellers Rest Hotel Lyndoch Hotel founder.

1870-1872 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch

1870-1872 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch

1872-1873 City Bridge Hotel became City Hotel Hindley St

1873-1877 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

1885-1886 Henley Beach Hotel Henley Beach

Parents – Benjamin Excell &

Publican, fruiterer; Lyndoch, Tarlee.

Land in Lyndoch and the Hundred of Barossa. Lord Lyndoch Hotel. Sharing executor of Sarah Ann Gower’s will and guardian of her children.

m 12/2/1864 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch, publican Elizabeth nee Moon

EXCELL, Mrs JW nee Elizabeth MOON(//c1847-25/6/1932)

1885-1886 Henley Beach Hotel Henley Beach

1888-1889 Henley Beach Hotel Henley Beach as Mrs CF Luck

Parents: John and Elizabeth MOON.

m (2) 23/11/1888 Rev’d S Fairey residence Parkside, Charles Frederick Luck (//c1858-//) Born Lyndoch Valley SA. A policeman. Son of Frederick Luck.

EY, August Friedrich Otto (//-//)

1869-1872 Palmer Hotel Palmer Hotel founder

EY, Mrs CE formerly Mrs Charles FORMBY nee Emily LIVESAY (//c1867-//)

1901-1902 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

Parents – William Livesay &

m (2) 17/5/1901 Bride residence German Arms Hotel Hahndorf, Carl Eduard EY (27/9/1878) Born Hahndorf SA. Parents – Julius Friedrich Wilhelm Ey & Johanne Caroline Mathilde nee MUELLER

EY, Herbert Adolph (29/7/1895//)

Born Melrose SA.

1932-1938 Mt Remarkable Hotel Melrose

Parents – Adolph Wilhelm Ferdinand Ey & Eleanor Jane nee ORCHARD

EYEARS, Robert (//-//)

1991-1991 Stag Hotel Rundle St


Names Beginning 'F'

FABIR, Alphonse (//-//)

1904-1905 Tumby Bay Hotel Tumby Bay

FAHEY, Albert Stephen (//-//)

1938-1944 Robertstown Hotel Robertstown

1944-1945 Railway Hotel Peterborough

1946-1947 Union Hotel Waymouth St

1947-1951 Commercial Hotel Gladstone

FAHEY, Beatrice May (//-//)

1917-1921 Kingston Arms Hotel Mt Bryan

1931-1940 Spalding Hotel Spalding with James J Brander

1940-1950 Commercial Hotel Caltowie

FAHEY, Bernard Berney James (//-//)

1938-1945 Commercial Hotel Orroroo

1946-1955 Lord Raglan Hotel Waymouth St

FAHEY, Charles Arthur (//c1880-//)

1921-1922 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

1922-1923 Keith Hotel Keith

Parents – Thomas Arthur Fahey &

m 18/11/1913 St Joseph Kooringa, Nellie nee BARROW (//c1893-//) Parents – Garrett Barrow &

FAHEY, Edward Bernard (//c1906-//)

1938-1950 Broughton Arms Hotel Yacka with Beatrice Beryl Fahey his wife

Parents – publican Stephen James Fahey &

m 16/12/1933 St Barthomew Norwood, publican Beryl Beatrice nee Bromell

FAHEY, Mrs EB nee Beatrice Beryl BROMELL (//c1910-//)

1938-1950 Broughton Arms Hotel Yacka with Edward Bernard Fahey her husband

Parents – William Logan Bromell &

FAHEY, James W (//-//)

1920-1921 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

FAHEY, Mrs JW nee Christina H ? (//-//)

1921-1922 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

1922-1923 Arthurton Hotel Arthurton

1923-1924 Commercial Hotel Two Wells

FAHEY, Miss Mary (//-//)

1940-1942 Spalding Hotel Spalding

Perhaps daughter of previous publican Mrs Beatrice May Fahey

FAHEY, Stephen James (//-//)

1910-1910 Kingston Hotel Mt Bryan

1913-1914 Spalding Hotel Spalding

FAHLBUSCH, Carl (//-//)

1883-1884 Wellington Inn Currie St

FAHLBUSCH, Mrs Carl nee Harriet Mary Ann (//-//)

1884-1884 Wellington Inn Currie St

FAICHNEY, William (//-//)

1897-1898 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St

1898-1899 Mill Inn Gawler South

FAIG, Nasoor (//-//)

1923-1925 Wakefield Hotel Wakefield St

FAILS, James H (//-//)

1897-1909 Globe Hotel Bowden

1910-1910 North Star Hotel Templers

FAIRCLOUGH, Henry (//c1848-18/11/1912)

Died Kapunda SA, at his residence the North Kapunda Hotel.

1877-1890 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown

1899-1912 North Kapunda Hotel Kapunda

Eldest child of Thomas Fairclough and Eleanor nee Jones. To SA 1853 Shackamaxon, with his parents.

Publican; Georgetown. Apparentlly, he remained in charge of the hotel for the owners, his wife’s nieces, the four Misses Kewsons, until 1899, when he took over the North Kapunda Hotel.

m 27/6/1877 St Paul Rhynie, publican Mary nee Kewson, previous publican of the Georgetown Hotel.

FAIRCLOUGH, Mrs Henry nee Mary KEWSON (//-//)

1912-1913 North Kapunda Hotel Kapunda

FAIRCLOUGH, Walter Hickman (//-//)

1890-1915 Goodwood Park Hotel Goodwood

FAIREY, Charles Kenneth (//-//)

1922-1923 Browns Hotel Pt Germein

1932-1933 Pier Hotel Pt Germein Hotel closed

1951-1951 Gawler Arms Hotel Gawler

FAIREY, Mrs CK nee Mabel May ? (//-//)

1931-1935 Port Germein Hotel Pt Germein

1935-1938 Port Germein Hotel Pt Germein

1938-1939 Colac Hotel Pt Adelaide

1940-1940 Commercial Hotel Hindmarsh

1941-1950 Colac Hotel Pt Adelaide

1951-1951 Gawler Arms Hotel Gawler

FAIRLEY, William Hamilton (//-//)

1878-1879 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

FAIRLIE, William Hamilton Senr (//c1836-5/7/1900)

He had already retired when he died.

1879-1882 City Hotel Hindley St

1883-1883 Bell Inn Gilbert St .

1884-1885 West Tce Hotel Waymouth St

1885-1889 Foundry Hotel Hindley St

Sons - WH Fairlie Junr, Samuel Fairlie, Charles Frederick Fairlie.

Interests in copper mining - dealings with publican Oliver Ferguson 1870s. Warrawilkor Mine 1882.

FALKINER/FAULKINER, Thomas Percy (//-//)

1887-1887 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

FALLON, Henry (//-//)

1912-1913 Globe Hotel Yalata [Fowler Bay]

FALLON, Thomas (//-//)

1881-1888 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

1888-1910 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

FALLOON, Robert (//-//)

1854-1855 Kooiyong Inn Lake Hawdon South

FANNING, James (//-//)

1873-1875 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

1875-1880 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

FANNING, Patrick (//-//)

1848-1849 Britannia Hotel Pine Creek near Saddleworth

The only publican

FANNING, Timothy W (//-//)

1915-1916 Goodwood Park Hotel Goodwood with Henry V Hele

FARGHER, Alfred James (27/10/1864-11/11/1947)

Born Mt Torrens SA. Died Tanunda SA.

1919-1921 Blinman Hotel Blinman North

Lived Adelaide by 1897 Blinman by 1904

Parents - John Fargher and Edith Elisa nee PAYNE

FARGHER, Mrs AJ nee Mary Ann WHITE (//c1871-20/11/1919)

Died Blinman SA.

1909-1919 Blinman Hotel Blinman North

FARLEY, Miss Katherine (//-//)

1905-1908 White Horse Hotel Currie St

FARMER, John Wright (//-//1888)

Perhaps Death not registered.

1874-1885 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

1887-1888 Globe Hotel Bowden

Lived Beefacres by 1859 Campbelltown by 1862 Shipley by 1868 Paradise by 1871

FARMER, Mrs JW nee Maria BURGESS (//c1830-12/11/1912)

Died Norwood SA (of Paradise).

1888-1888 White Conduit House Hotel North St

FARMER, William (//-//)

1882-1887 Terowie Hotel Terowie

m Annie Maria nee CHURM (//-//) Apparently not Born SA.

FARQUARSON, Donald Pippin (//c1871-4/1/1925)

Died Semaphore SA.

1895-1895 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

m Mary Ann nee ? (//c1874-16/6/1856) Died North Unley SA (of Adelaide).

FARR, Charles George (8/9/1845-1/4/1908)

Born North Adelaide SA. Died Evandale SA.

1888-1895 Talbot Inn Gouger St

1895-1896 International Hotel Rundle St

Parents – Charles Farr & Sophia nee MORRIS

Builder, publican; Adelaide.

m 26/6/1879 St Mary Echunga, Mina Ann nee RUSSELL (27/12/1862-//) Born Echunga SA. Parents - William Russell & Margaret nee WAKEFIELD.

FARR, Mrs Mabel Alice Adelaide nee LAWTON (//c1886-21/12/1938)

Apparently not Born SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Walkerville North).

1918-1920 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

Parents – Charles Lawton

m 9/8/1911 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Horace Laurence Farr (20/9/1886-//) Born Adelaide SA.

Parents – publican Charles George Farr & Mina Ann nee Russell.

FARRANT, William John (//-//)

1850-1850 Miners Arms Kapunda

1850-1852 Miners Arms Hotel Light River crossing near Kapunda

Formerly of the Rainbow Tavern Campbelltown VDL Observer 22/1/1927 p187a-c.

FARRANT, Walter (//c1848-23/2/1923)

Died Rosewater SA.

1879-1904 Royal Oak Hotel Paddington

FARRELL, Albert James (25/3/1915-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1948-1950 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte

1965-1969 Stag Hotel Rundle St

Parents – Patrick James Farrell & Eliza Jane nee HARRIS

FARRELL, Edith Harriett nee MOUNTAIN (//c1894-//)

1919-1920 Bridge Hotel Echunga

Parents – John Simpson Mountain &

m 4/9/1919 W Dring residence Parkside, Leslie Plunkett Farrell (//c1887-//)

Parents – Thomas Farrell &

FARRELL, Hugh Lawrence (//-//)

1931-1936 Park View Hotel Bowden

1943-1943 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney

1924-1931 Glanville Hotel Glanville

FARRELL, John Lawrence perhaps (10/5/1894-//)

Born Pt Pirie SA.

1936-1937 Park View Hotel Bowden

1937-1943 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney with Alice Maud Farrell

perhaps Parents – Lawrence Joseph Farrell & Bridget nee CARLIN

FARRELL, Mrs JL nee Alice Maud ? (//-//)

1937-1943 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney

FARRELL, Myles James (//-//)

1939-1939 Barrier Hotel Pt Pirie

FARRELL, Nicholas Francis (//c1881-//)

1913-1920 Globe Hotel Moonta

1920-1921 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

1921-1922 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

1922-1923 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

Parents – Nicholas Farrell &

m 28/6/1905 St Andrew Balaklava, Mary Jane nee NAYLOR (//c1884-//)

Parents – John Naylor &

FARRELL, William (//-//)

1876-1878 Courthouse Hotel Redruth

FARRELLY, Edward Francis (//-//)

1877-1877 Seaside & Family Hotel Brighton

FARRELLY, James (//-//)

1936-1941 Hotel Central Riverton

1941-1941 Maid of Auckland Hotel Edwardstown

FARRELLY, John Francis (//-//)

1908-1911 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

1912-1912 Commercial Hotel Orroroo

FARRELLY, Mrs JF nee Lillian Delia KINNANE (//-//)

1912-1919 Commercial Hotel Orroroo

1920-1920 Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton

FARRELLY, Joseph Edward (//-//)

1911-1916 Fords Hotel Clare

m Muriel Harriet nee EWENS (//-//)

FARRELLY, Patrick Laurence (//-//)

1922-1923 Lake Wangary Hotel Wangary

m Marjorie Doris Rita nee PUCKRIDGE

FARRELLY, Peter (//-//)

1875-1876 Wirrabara Hotel Wirrabara Hotel founder

1877-1877 Mallala Hotel Mallala

FARRELLY, Thomas Kevin (28/6/1913-//)

Born Orroroo SA.

1947-1949 Melville Hotel Yorketown

Parents – publicans John Francis Farrelly & Lilian Delia nee Kinnane

 FARRER, Walter William (c1824-17/9/1900)

Died Kilkenny SA.

1852-1852 Cornish Tavern Rundle St

Born England. To SA 1848 Navarino.

Butcher, publican, greengrocer, boarding house keeper; Adelaide, Allen Creek, Kapunda, Kilkenny. Anglican. Land at Kapunda, Allen Creek and Adelaide.

FARROW, Charles (//-//)

1859-1859 Arab Steed Inn Hutt St

FARROW, Charles James (//-//)

1874-1884 Arab Steed Inn Hutt St

1884-1887 Arab Steed Hotel Hutt St

FARRUGIA, Patrick Sean (//-//)

1989-1989 Stag Hotel Rundle St

FARSKY, Franz (//-//)

1882-1888 Stockwell Hotel Stockwell

m 16/9/1877 Adelaide, Mrs LACROIX nee Betty MEHRTENS.

FARTCH, Adam (//-//)

1877-1879 Shakespeare Tavern Mt Gambier

FARTCH, Charles Adam (//-//)

1909-1913 Grand Hotel Millicent

FAUL, Leonard Thomas (2/2/1907-//)

Born Whyte Yarcowie SA.

1937-1937 Crown Inn Currie St

1939-1940 Maid of Auckland Hotel Edwardstown

1940-1941 Parkside Hotel Parkside

1942-1942 Whyalla Hotel Whyalla

1944-1946 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St

1947-1951 Metropolitan Hotel Grote St

Parents – Thomas James Faul & Annie nee O’BRIEN

FAULKNER, Charles (//-//)

1862-1869 Bushman Inn Nuccaleena Hotel founder

1869-1872 North Blinman Hotel Blinman North Hotel founder

1874-1878 Sliding Rock Hotel Sliding Rock Hotel founder

FAULKNER, Friend (//-13/2/1871)

Died near Nairne SA.

1869-1871 Bee Hive Hotel Nairne

Son-in-law of previous publican James Shakes.

Biog Chronicle 9/2/1929 p404a.

m 7/5/1860 Rev J Gardner residence Hackney [Minister of Chalmers Free Presbyterian Church North Tce Adelaide], publican Sisera nee Shakes.

FAULKNER, Mrs Friend nee Sisera SHAKES (//c1842-//)

1869-1871 Bee Hive Hotel Nairne Hotel closer

Second daughter of former publican James Shakes and Harriet nee EDWARDS

FAULKNER, Matthew (//-//)

1850-1851 Turf Inn Parkside

1851-1855 Wellington Inn Currie St corner Leigh and Currie Sts 1855-1855-1858 Eagle Tavern Hindley St

The Turf Hotel 'adjoining the Park Lands near the Great Eastern Road' Section 254, Survey B 1850

FAVEN, Frederick (//-//)

1853-1854 Prince Albert Hotel Currie St

To SA 1851 Lysander.

Husband of Anne nee Lemmon.

Likely to have left SA by the mid-1850s.

FAWCETT, Archibald (//-//)

1853-1855 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood

1856-1856 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St

Husband of Isabella nee HUTCHINSON

FAWKNER, Charles (//-//)

1873-1873 Seaside & Family Hotel Brighton

FAX, James Hurtle (//-//)

1926-1927 Robe Hotel Robe

1928-1932 Robe Hotel Robe

FAX, Mrs JH nee Annie Elizabeth ? (//-//)

1938-1945 Robe Hotel Robe

FEABURNE, Thomas (//-//)

1888-1890 Terminus Hotel Glenelg

FEABURNE, Mary (//-//)

1888-1888 Railway Hotel Saddleworth

FEATHERSTONE, Mrs Celina (//-//)

1910-1911 Exeter Hotel Rundle St

1911-1914 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

FEEHAN, John A (//-//)

1901-1901 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

FEEHAN, Patrick John (//c1856-25/6/1919)

Died Whyalla SA.

1893-1895 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

FELGATE, Ebenezer (//-//)

1858-1865 District Hotel Nairne

Bowden 1850

Husband of Elizabeth Ann Mills

His niece, Mary Ann nee JONES, died Adelaide ,m January 1868, of effusion of the brain, aged 20

FELLENBERG, Gotthelf Christian (31/3/1870-//)

Born Steinau SA.

1910-1913 Commercial Hotel Caltowie

1913-1914 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

Parents – Johann Gottlieb Fellenberg and Johanne Auguste nee Kliche.

FELLENBERG, Gottlieb Reinhold (//c1877-26/6/1917)

Died Wallaroo SA.

1908-1911 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay Hotel closer

m Ida Louise nee ? (//c1882-15/6/1968) Died Wallaroo SA.

FENDLER, Carl Adolph (//c1871-19/1/1953)

Died Black Hill SA.

1909-1911 Rhine Villa Hotel Rhine Villa

FENDON, Francis (//-//)

1838-1844 Reed Hut Glenelg with Francis Henning. Changed name to Glenelg Hotel in 1839. Founded hotel.

FENNELL, Emily (//-//)

1890-1890 Spalding Hotel Spalding

FENNELL, George (//-//)

1896-1897 Old Colonist Hotel Angas St

FENNELL, John (//-//)

1868-1873 Wheatsheaf Inn Gawler East

Hotel closer

FENNELL, Thomas (//-//)

1858-1859 Sir John Barleycorn Inn Rundle St .

1859-1862 John Bull Inn Currie St

1863-1864 Globe Inn Mile End Hotel closer

Did he m 13/5/1855 Adelaide, Mary nee MEAR??

FENNESSY, John (//-13/6/1895)

Died Brompton SA.

1884-1884 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

FENNESSY, Thomas (//-//)

1884-1887 Farmers Home Hotel Hamilton/Light

FENWICK, Mrs Muriel Aymatt (//c1889-23/6/1960)

Died Northfield SA (of Norwood).

1923-1924 Kent Hotel Pt Adelaide

m Ernest Graham Fenwick (//c1889-24/12/1960) Died Adelaide SA (of Norwood).

FENWICK, William Andrew (//-//)

1880-1882 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

FENWICK, Mrs Sarah Ann (//-//)

1882-1885 Royal Hotel Kent Town

1885-1892 Dalrymple Hotel Stansbury

1893-1896 Vine Inn Glen Osmond

FERBER, Franz August Conrad Julius (//-//)

1881-1887 Warrow Hotel Warrow Hotel founder


1838-1839 Fleece Inn Rundle St Hotel opener.

FERGUSON, Edward (//-//)

1892-1893 Metropolitan Hotel Grote St

FERGUSON, George (//-//)

1860-1860 Princess Royal Hotel O’Connell St

FERGUSON, John Brakenridge (//-//)

1899-1904 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta

FERGUSON, Oliver (//c1834-3/10/903)

Died Goodwood SA.

1878-1883 Wellington Inn Currie St

1887-1889 Wellington Inn Currie St

1889-1899 Foundry Hotel Hindley St

FERGUSON, Mrs Oliver nee Mary ? (//-//)

1889-1889 Foundry Hotel Hindley St

FERGUSON, Robert (//-//)

1904-1905 Kentish Arms Hotel Stanley St North Adelaide

FERGUSON, Robert (//-//)

1920-1920 Globe Hotel Moonta

FERGUSON, Stanley Alexander (//-//)

1937-1937 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

FERGUSON, Thomas (//-//)

1866-1869 Commercial Hotel Wallaroo

1870-1870 Wallaroo Inn Wallaroo

Perhaps Publican or his son – Thomas Ferguson b 1841 m 23/11/1868 Globe Hotel Moonta, Jessie nee DUNCAN (//c1847-//) Parents – John Duncan &

FERGUSON, William (//-//)

1896-1902 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

1905-1906 St Kilda Hotel St Kilda Beach

1906-1908 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

FERGUSSON, Guildford James (//-//)

1925-1928 Crown Hotel Reynella

1928-1936 Royal Hotel Hawker

FERGUSSON, Harold Alexander (//-//)

1932-1933 International Hotel Pt Pirie


1881-1883 Millers Hotel Pt Germein

FERGUSSON, Robert (//-//)

1922-1928 Commercial Hotel Gawler

FERGUSSON, Mrs Robert nee Lucy H ? (//-//)

1928-1929 Commercial Hotel Gawler

FERGUSSON, Mrs James nee Sarah Ann COTTON (//c1848-//)

1876-1877 Sturt Hotel Grenfell St

Was she the wife of Oliver Ferguson?

FERGUSSON-GOW, Isabel McCallum (//-//)

1980-1981 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

FERK, Hans Heinrich (//c1800-2/9/1872)

Died Woodside SA. Shopkeeper from Hamburg.

1856-1873 Woodside Inn Woodside

Emigrated 1854 Wandrahm

Restauranteur in Adelaide, then Publican; Woodside.

FERK, Mrs HH nee Juliane AH (//-//)

1873-1874 Woodside Inn Woodside

FERME, Mrs Mary Elizabeth (//-//)

1896-1897 Eurelia Hotel Eurelia

FERNANDEZ, Thomas William (//-//)

1889-1890 Mill Inn Riverton

FERNEE, Joshua (//c1841-19/4/1911)

Died Loxton SA (of Pt Pirie).

1878-1879 Cross Keys Hotel Dry Creek

1882-1896 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

1896-1896 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

Lived Magill by 1877 Dry Creek by 1879 Adelaide by 1880 Beltana by 1881 Echunga by 1883

m Mary nee CARRAILL (//c1852-4/10/1890) Died Echunga SA.

FERNEYHOUGH, Robert (//-//)

1881-1882 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay

1882-1882 Paris Hotel Portland Place Pt Adelaide

1882- 1883 Lake Hotel Milang

1883-1884 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

Lived - Norwood, Moonta Bay, Milang, Marryatville

m Esther nee CONSTABLE

FERORS, Alfred Conway (//-//)

1903-1903 Thistle Hotel Waymouth St

1912-1913 Jetty Hotel Glenelg with Charles A Ferrors

1914-1919 Murray Bridge Hotel Murray Bridge with Charles A Ferrors

FERORS, Charles Arthur (//-//)

1912-1913 Jetty Hotel Glenelg with Alfred C Ferrors

1914-1919 Murray Bridge Hotel Murray Bridge with Alfred C Ferrors

1919-1920 Grange Family Hotel Grange

FERORS, Charles Conway (//c1809-12/5/1888)

Died Adelaide SA.

1873-1875 Queens Arms Hotel Brown St

1875-1876 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

1876-1878 Halfway House lnn Stirling

1879-1879 Caltowie Hotel Caltowie

1879-1888 Norfolk Arms Hotel Rundle St

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p730.

FERORS, Charles Henry (//-//)

1875-1875 Gothic Queen’s Arms Brown St .

1888-1889 Jetty Hotel Glenelg

1889-1892 Pier Hotel Glenelg

1892-1893 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St

1893-1899 Terminus Hotel North Tce

1899-1899 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

1899-1899 Parkside Hotel Parkside

1899-1900 Barrier Hotel Pt Pirie

1900-1901 Clarence Hotel King William St

1902-1902 Criterion Hotel King William St

1902-1907 Norfolk Arms Hotel Rundle St

1907-1909 Globe Hotel Moonta Date clash – more than one person?

1908-1911 Gresham Hotel King William St

1921-1922 Prince of Wales Hotel Angas St

FERRERS, John Henry Needham (//c1812-16/12/1858)

1851-1858 Princes Pier Hotel Pt Adelaide Hotel founder

FERRERS, Mary perhaps Mrs JHN (//-//)

1859-1863 British Hotel Pt Adelaide

FERRERS, WF (//-//)

1882-1882 Gibsons Camp Hotel near Bookaloo Hotel founder

FERRIER, George (//-//)

1880-1880 Riverton Hotel Riverton

FERRIER, James (//-//)

1907-1909 Blinman Hotel Blinman North

1909-1910 Lady Daly Hotel Hindmarsh

1911-1919 Hammond Hotel Hammond

perhaps m Emily nee BOWDEN

FERRIER, Peter (//c1831-3/5/1909)

1855-1858 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch Hotel founder

1860-1866 Riverton Arms Inn Riverton

1872-1875 Wildongoleechie Hotel Hallett Hotel founder

m 27/7/1864 Riverton Arms Inn Riverton, Jane Eliza nee FLETCHER (//c1828-16/11/1902) Parents – John Fletcher &

FERRIS, Thomas (//-//)

1863-1868 Heart and Hand Hotel Edwardstown

FERRY, Samuel (//-//

1873-1875 Woolshed Inn Bordertown

FERRY, Sydney William (//-//)

1903-1909 York Hotel Rundle St

1909-1914 Botanic Hotel North Tce

1914-1919 Millicent Hotel Millicent

m by 1907 Adela nee MOODY (//-//)

FETZER,Philipp (//-//)

1900-1901 Tivoli National Hotel Pirie St Pirie St with Ernest Albert Beasley

FEWSTER, William (//-//)

1880-1883 Cross Keys Hotel Angle Grove near Brinkworth

FICKLING, Robert (//-//)

1900-1901 Crafers Hotel Crafers

FIDLER, Joseph Robert (//-//)

1945-1949 Gulnare Hotel Gulnare

FIDOCK, John (//-//)

1892-1894 Royal Family Hotel Pt Elliot

FIEDLER, Herbert George (//-//)

1934-1941 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

FIEGERT, Ernst Heinrich (//-//)

1892-1896 Sedan Hotel Sedan

FIELD, Edwin (//-//)

1881-1882 Pass Hotel Swinden Town near Horrocks Pass

1882-1890 Pastoral Hotel Pt Augusta

1890-1893 Yunta Hotel Yunta

FIELD, Mrs Elizabeth (//-//)

1876-1879 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

1880-1881 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

1882-1882 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

FIELD, George (//-//)

1864-1866 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

FIELD, James Henry (//-//)

1866-1869 Black Eagle Hotel Sevenhill

FIELD, John (//c1841-/1/1884)

Died Hamley Bridge SA, at his residence the Dublin Hotel, of inflammation of the lungs.

1878-1878 Thatched House Tavern Brighton

1878-1879 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

1879-1880 Lake Hotel Milang

1881-1881 Lion Hotel Jerningham St Hotel founder.

1882-1883 Hampstead Hotel Hampstead

1883-1884 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

Parents – William Field &

Son of William Field of Woodville, and formerly of North Adelaide. Brother-in-law to publicans William Henry & Robert Chappell and C Chapple. DN Observer 19/1/1884 p120b.

m 12/9/1872 J Hancock residence Moonta, publican Mrs Matthews nee Caroline Fogwell Chapple.

FIELD, Mrs John formerly Mrs MATTHEWS

nee Caroline Fogwell CHAPPLE (//c1841-//)

1884-1884 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

Parents – publican John Fogwill Chapple &

No record of her first marriage.

FIELD, Robert (//-//)

1874-1877 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

1877-1878 Thatched House Tavern Brighton

FIELD, Mrs Robert nee Margaret ? (//-//)

1877-1877 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

FIELD, Walter Thomas (1/5/1848-//)

Born North Adelaide SA.

1879-1880 Light Bridge Hotel Linwood

1880-1892 Woodville Hotel Woodville

1892-1892 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

1893-1896 Family Hotel Norwood

1897-1899 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

1900-1900 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

1901-1901 Stag Inn Rundle St

Parents – Publican William Field & Martha nee Noabes.

m 31/10/1872 Christ Church Kapunda, Mary Jane nee Pratten.

FIELD, William (11/3/1813-19/10/1896)

Born Berks, England. Died Woodville SA. Butcher from Little Albany St, perhaps Middlesex, England.

1852-1853 Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St

To SA 1839 Hooghly.

Butcher; North Adelaide, Walkerville, Woodville. Also Publican; North Adelaide. Anglican. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871. His father, Daniel Field, d 3/5/1855 College Farm Garford (nr Abingdon), Berks. Mrs Daniel Field died 24/4/1866 Gasford, near Abingdon, ‘after a week’s illness of bronchitis’. Mrs Thomas Hatton was W Field’s sister.

m England, Martha nee NOABES

FIELD, William Henry the Younger (//c1834-30/11/1906)

Born Berks, England. Died Watervale SA.

1877-1882 Hoyleton Hotel Hoyleton

1883-1890 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

1892-1904 Watervale Hotel Watervale

Parents – Publican William Field & Martha nee Noabes.

FIELDER, John (//-//)

1877-1878 Rochester Hotel Rochester

1879-1880 Eurelia Hotel Eurelia Hotel founder

1881-1881 Eureka Hotel Carrieton Hotel founder

FIELDING, Edmund Roy (//-//)

1920-1921 Commercial Hotel Lameroo with Alfred Harrington Francis

1921-1936 Commercial Hotel Lameroo

1936-1940 Commercial Hotel Lameroo with Mrs Elva Ruth Rebecca Hewton

1940-1944 Commercial Hotel Lameroo

1944-1945 Railway Hotel Peterborough

1947-1950 Minlaton Hotel Minlaton with Beatrice Victoria Fielding

1951-1952 Railway Hotel Peterborough with Beatrice Victoria Fielding

FIELDING, Mrs Beatrice Victoria (//-//)

1938-1940 Railway Hotel Peterborough

1940-1941 Maitland Hotel Maitland with Miss Elva Ruth Rebecca Hewton

1943-1943 Maitland Hotel Maitland

1944-1944 Railway Hotel Peterborough

1947-1950 Minlaton Hotel Minlaton with Edmund Roy Fielding

1951-1952 Railway Hotel Peterborough with Edmund Roy Fielding

Perhaps related to Elva Ruth Rebecca Hewton

FIELDING, John (//-//)

1911-1912 Settlers Arms Hotel Lameroo with Alfred Harrington Francis

1912-1920 Commercial Hotel Lameroo

1920-1921 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

FIETZ, Ernst Linke (//-//)

1938-1952 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

FILLMORE, George Leslie (//-//)

1893-1894 Globe Hotel Wilmington

1894-1894 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St with Millard Fillmore

1894-1894 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

1895-1896 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

1897-1898 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

1899-1899 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St

FILLMORE, Mrs GL nee Jane ? (//-//)

1895-1896 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

1898-1898 Halfway House Hotel Plympton

FILLMORE, Millard (//-//)

1894-1894 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St with George Leslie Fillmore

1895-1895 Globe Hotel Wilmington

FINCH, Jack Hamilton (24/6/1915-//)

Born Redruth SA.

1948-1951 Wellington Hotel Waterloo

Parents – Walter Finch & Adelaide Mary Jubilee nee OATES

FINCH, Mrs JH nee Kathleen Jean ? (//-//)

1948-1951 Wellington Hotel Waterloo

FINCH, Harold (//-//)

1905-1911 District Hotel Gumeracha

FINCH, Mrs Harold nee Lilian ? (//-//)

1911-1913 District Hotel Gumeracha

FINCH, John (//-//)

1882-1883 Gordon Hotel Gordon

FINCHER, Gwendoline Ethel (//-//)

1964-1970 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

FINCK, Eugene Rudolph (//-//)

1900-1901 Belvidere Hotel Belvidere Hundred of Bremer

Lived; Torrensville 1915

m Auguste Hulda Regina nee SAUER (//-//)

FINCK, Mrs Caroline PW Ida (//-//)

1902-1903 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

FINDLATER, Daniel (//-//)

1875-1877 Belvidere Hotel Belvidere Hundred of Bremer

1882-1888 Crown Hotel Kingston S-E

1890-1892 Lucindale Hotel Lucindale

1892-1892 Crown Hotel Truro

Lived Milang by 1877 Kingston by 1887 Lucindale by 1891 Messemurrray Hundred of Spence by 1894

m Elizabeth Bessie nee GUY (//-//)

FINEY, Francis (//-//1861)

1851-1853 Brighton Inn Brighton

1856-1861 Brighton Inn Brighton

FINEY, Mrs Francis nee Maria ? (//-//)

1861-1865 Brighton Inn Brighton

FINEY, Stephen (//-//)

1868-1880 Brighton Inn Brighton

Parents - publicans Francis and Maria Finey

FINEY, Thomas Dixie (//-//)

1860-1861 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

FINLAY, Francis William (//-//)

1910-1911 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

Lived; Leighton near Kooringa by 1901 Booborowie by 1903 Levis Hill near Kooringa by 1904

m Mary Ann nee DUNN by 1901

FINLAY, William Reid (//-//)

1885-1901 Willochra Hotel Willochra Creek Hotel closed

m Bridget Margaret nee LINNANE (//-//)

FINLAYSON, William H perhaps William Henry (//-//)

1899-1899 Norwood Hotel Norwood

perhaps Lived Lochiel by 1896 Victor Harbor by 1897

m Jane nee HAMILTON (//-//)

FINN, James Dodd (//c1822-28/8/1889)

Died Pichi Richi Pass SA.

1883-1887 Extension Hotel Pt Augusta

1887-1889 Hookina Hotel Hookina

Parents not known.

Publican Pt Augusta, Hookina. Did he take over the Hookina Hotel upon the death of his son-in-law William Taylor?

Likely publican Mrs William Taylor nee Mary Ann Finn, was a daughter by a first marriage.

m perhaps (2) 16/2/1855 Ephraim Evans residence Tungkillo, Margaret nee FORSTER (//c1827-8/6/1861) Died Melrose SA. Parents not known.

Not FINN, James Dodd (13/1/1875-19/5/1946) Born Pt Augusta SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Largs Bay). Parents – publican William Thomas George Finn & Jane nee Hatfield. Lived Mt Lyndhurst by 1902 Farina by 1903

m 19/6/1901 Bride father residence Mt Lyndhurst Station, Jane nee HUNT (//c1877-7/31953/) Died Birkenhead SA. Parents – Joseph Henry Hunt &

Father-in-law of publican William Taylor.

Prob a relative Lucinda Eden nee FINN (//c1859-//) Father; George Finn m 14/11/1880 Hookina Hotel Hookina, Thomas DARBY (//c1858-//) Father; Joshia.

FINN, Patrick Joseph perhaps (//c1882-31/8/1949)

Apparently not Born SA. Died Barmera SA.

1932-1938 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

FINN, William Thomas George (//c1847-23/2/1923)

Died Beltana SA.

1877-1878 Hookina Hotel Hookina

1881-1882 Hookina Hotel Hookina

Was he a brother or son of publican James Dodd Finn? No – son of Nathaniel Finn.

Settled; Pichi Richi Pass by 1870, Pt Augusta by 1875 Publican; Hookina 1877-1878, 1881-1882 Farina by 1889

m 27/10/1868 Hookina Inn Hookina, Jane Balhannah nee HATFIELD (//c1847-10/8/1938) Born prob Balhannah SA. Died Pt Pirie SA (of Solomontown). Parents – Joseph Alexander Hatfield & Rachel nee DAVIES/DAVIS The Hatfields were in the New Tiers by 1855.

FIRTH, John perhaps (//c1856-2/2/1921)

Died Exeter SA.

1910-1913 Avoca Hotel Clarence Gardens

1913-1914 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

m perhaps 10/4/1882 James Rowe residence Auburn, Susan nee LEADER (//c1861-9/9/1942) Died Adelaide SA (of Exeter). Parents – William Leader &

FISCHER, George (//-//)

1861-1871 Tanunda Hotel Tanunda

1871-1872 National Hotel Pirie St

1872-1873 Hamburg Hotel Rundle St

1873-1874 Pier Hotel Glenelg

FISCHER, Rudolph (//-//)

1894-1897 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka

FISH, George (//-//)

1851-1852 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

1853-1854 Black Bull Hotel Hindley St

FISHER, Alexander Stephens & Emily Louisa (//-//)

1960-1964 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

FISHER, Charles (//-//)

1897-1899 Bath Hotel Norwood

1899-1900 Mill Inn Gawler South

1900-1907 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

1907-1908 Hoyleton Hotel Hoyleton

1909-1910 Jetty Hotel Stansbury

FISHER, CF (//-//)

1861-1862 Bush Hotel near Robe The only publican

The only surviving inn building which came into existence to serve teamsters carting wool to Robe to send away by ship.

FISHER, Frederick (//-15/12/1878)

Died Templers SA.

1851-1852 Blenheim Hotel Hindley St Hotel founder.

North Kapunda Arms, Sturt Hotel Adelaide, Prince of Wale Hotel Wakefield Survey 145, Stanley Arms, Prince of Wales all Wakefield Survey, Saddleworth Hotel. Later Farmer; Templers.

Parents - & Martha nee .Their mother was Martha Templer, wife of William Templer of Templer’s Inn. Brother to Charles Fisher, who was a farmer in the Hundred of Nuriootpa. Charles Fisher farmer Yanyarrie died 12/10/1886 cirrhosis of the liver, aged 56. Father of Charles T Fisher.

m Susannah Fisher

FISHER, Jack (//-//)

1929-1932 Pier Hotel Glenelg

1932-1936 Pier Hotel Glenelg

FISHER, John James (//-//)

1921-1922 Stockwell Hotel Stockwell

FISHER, Philip H (//-//)

1872-1872 Inglewood Inn Inglewood

FISHER, Robert (//-//)

1839-1840 Adelaide Shades Gilles Arcade Opened and closed the hotel 24/9/1840-25/3/1841 Prince Albert Gouger St Only publican.

FISHER, Samuel (//-//)

1883-1884 Commercial Hotel Orroroo

FISHER, Thomas (//-//)

1842-1843 Travellers Rest Inn Little Para

FISHER, William (//-//)

1880-1881 Bedford Arms Hotel Woodside

FISHLEIGH, William Leonard Guy (//c1832-12/7/1885)

Died Adelaide SA.

1884-1885 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St with Robert John Hill .

FITTS, James Weston (//c1839-//)

1872-1877 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West

1878-1880 Port Augusta Hotel Pt Augusta

1882-1890 Pass Hotel Swinden Town near Horrocks Pass

1890-1893 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West

Parents – Thomas Fitts &

m (1) 16/9/1871 J Stoyel residence Pt Augusta, Mrs TEPFER nee Mary Jane nee WALLERS (//c1838-//) Parents – Henry Wallers &

m (2) 14/6/1880 Mary Harvey hotel Beautiful Valley, publican Mrs Henry Johnson nee Elizabeth Jane Malenoir

FITTS, Mrs JW formerly Mrs Henry JOHNSON nee Elizabeth Jane MALENOIR (//c1850-//)

1895-1896 Suburban Hotel Davenport Pt Augusta

Parents – Henry Malenoir &

m (1) 1/5/1877 Bride parents residence Pt Augusta, Henry Johnson (//c1836-//) Parents – Dixon Redall Johnson &

FITZGERALD, James (//-//)

1866-1867 Morning Star Inn Kapunda Hotel founder

FITZGERALD, James Francis (//-//)

1868-1869 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

FITZGERALD, John (//-//)

1872-1874 Morning Star Inn Kapunda

1874-1878 Railway Hotel Kapunda

1878-1879 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

FITZGERALD, John (//-//)

1880-1881 Globe Hotel Pt Augusta

1881-1882 Gillick Arms Hotel Wilsonnear Hawker Hotel founder

1888-1893 Gillick Arms Hotel Wilsonnear Hawker

FITZGERALD, Michael (//-//)

1891-1891 Clare Castle Hotel Kapunda

FITZGERALD, Michael Joseph (//-//)

1906-1906 Bay View Hotel Beachport

FITZGERALD, Norman Buchanan (//-//)

1907-1908 Somerset Hotel Millicent

1913-1918 Robe Hotel Robe

1918-1921 Kalangadoo Hotel Kalangadoo

1932-1935 Commercial Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie

1935-1939 Wildongoleechie Hotel Hallett

1941-1941 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

1941-1949 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

FITZGERALD, Mrs Jessie (//-//)

1908-1912 Somerset Hotel Millicent

Apparently not Mrs NB Fitzgerald – nee Hazel May nee GURNEY

FITZGERALD, Patrick (//-//)

1906-1908 Grand Hotel Millicent with Louis Hanel

1908-1908 Grand Hotel Millicent

FITZGERALD, Thomas Joseph (//-//)

1905-1907 Pilot Boat Hotel Pt Pirie West

FITZGERALD, Mrs nee Veronica Mary Patricia ? (//-//)

1938-1939 Federal Hotel Pt Pirie West

m (2) HAMILTON perhaps John George Hamilton the previous publican

FITZGERALD, William A (//-//)

1920-1921 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

FITZPATRICK, Bridget (//-//)

1896-1896 Dolphin Hotel Rundle St

FITZPATRICK, James (//c1795-12/2/1861)

Born Ballyglass, Co Clare, Ireland. Died Glen Osmond SA,at his residence the Mountain Hut Inn, ‘of dropsy and disease of the heart’.

1853-1861 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond

FITZPATRICK, Margaret (//-//)

1875-1883 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond


1861-1875 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond

FITZPATRICK, James (//-//)

1864-1865 Gilbert Arms Hotel Stockport Hotel closer

FITZPATRICK, John (//-//)

1879-1884 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

FITZSIMMONS, Bernard (//c1858-9/8/1923)

Died Adelaide SA (of Bowden).

1905-1908 Victoria Hotel Willaston

1908-1911 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

1911-1912 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

1913-1913 Commercial Hotel Caltowie

1914-1922 Exchange Hotel Pt Augusta


Is this really T?

1884-1886 Prince of Wales Hotel Watervale

FITZSIMMONS, Thomas Francis (//c1856-25/4/1941)

Died Adelaide SA.

1892-1893 Manoora Hotel Manoora

1893-1895 Mill Inn Riverton

1895-1900 Globe Hotel Clare

1900-1903 Cumberland Hotel Waymouth St

1903-1904 Overway Hotel Hindley St

1904-1907 House-That-Jack-Built Hotel Stanley Flat Hotel closer

1907-1909 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

FIVEASH, Robert Archibald (//-//)

1857-1858 Queens Arms Hotel Brown St

FLAHERTY, Jens Michael (//c1893-//)

Perhaps Died after 1970

1940-1940 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

Parents – Michael Joseph Flaherty &

m 2/2/1927 St Saviour Hindmarsh, publican Kathleen Mary nee Mahony

FLAHERTY, Mrs Jens nee Kathleen Mary MAHONEY (//c1903-//)

Perhaps Died after 1970.

1945-1946 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

Parents – James Augustine Mahony/Mahoney &

FLAHERTY, Mima M (//-//)

1931-1932 Railway Hotel Pt Elliot

FLANNAGAN, Mary E (//-//)

1895-1897 Northbrook Hotel Stockport Hotel closer

1897-1898 Commercial Hotel Two Wells

FLANNAGAN, James (//-//)

1911-1912 Family Hotel Pt Pirie

1912-1918 Family Hotel Pt Pirie with James Gillen

1918-1921 Family Hotel Pt Pirie

FLANNAGAN, James (//-//)

1921-1928 Commercial Hotel Gawler Place

FLANNAGAN, James (//-//)

1946-1956 Freemasons Hotel Pirie St

FLANNAGAN, Mrs James nee Annie ? (//c1890-2/4/1955)

Died North Adelaide SA (of Adelaide).

1936-1939 Freemasons Hotel Pirie St Was she Mrs James Flannagan??

FLANNAGAN, John Jack Henry (//c1877-4/3/1940)

Died North Adelaide SA (of Adelaide).

1907-1912 Hamburg Hotel Rundle St

1912-1932 Imperial Hotel King William St

The Imperial Hotel was the best decorated hotel for patriotic celebrations during WW1. Jack Flannagan bought a tremendous store of art muslin at the start of hostilities with which to drape the building. In October 1915 the Anzac Day committee gave the hotel a certificate of merit for the best building display in Adelaide – maps of allied countries outlined in three ply wood with picture of the head of state painted on. The hotel decorated like an English Castle when the Duke and Duchess of York visited in 1927 Chronicle 11/10/1934 p434e.

FLANNAGAN, Maxwell Cleve (//-//)

1935-1935 Crown Inn Currie St

1941-1967 Southern Cross Hotel King William St

FLANNAGAN, Patrick (//c1852-8/6/1904)

Born Ireland. Died Gawler SA.

1884-1886 Hawkstone Arms Hotel Mitcham

1886-1892 Halfway House Inn Stirling

1893-1894 Globe Hotel Gawler

1894-1904 Old Spot Hotel Gawler

Biog EH Coombe History of Gawler p273.

Son of Michael Flannagan.

m (1) 27/11/1875 St Rose Kapunda, Eliza nee KENNELLY (//c1851-//) Daughter of William Kennelly.

m (2) 26/11/1885 Hawkestone Arms Hotel Lower Mitcham, Margaret nee KENNELLY (//c1857-4/5/1917) Died North Adelaide SA. Daughter of William Kennelly. Likely sister to the first wife Eliza nee Kennelly.

FLANNAGAN, Patrick Joseph (//-//)

1894-1907 Old Spot Hotel Gawler Date clash

FLANNAGAN, Patrick Joseph (14/1/1878-9/1/1939)

Born Gladstone SA. Died North Adelaide SA, at his residence 98 Barnard St. Obit Chronicle 12/1/1939 p94d.

1904-1904 Globe Hotel Gawler

1908-1913 Central Hotel Pt Pirie with William Henry Flannagan

1916-1919 Southern Cross Hotel King William St

1920-1924 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St with William Henry Flannagan.

1924-1925 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St

1931-1933 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St with EE Flannagan his wife.

Parents - Patrick Flannagan and Eliza nee KENNELLY.

m 19/11/1903 St Mark Pt Pirie, publican Elizabeth Ellen nee Ward

FLANNAGAN, Mrs PJ nee Elizabeth Ellen WARD (4/11/1875-//)

Born Mallala SA.

1920-1924, 1931-1933 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St with husband PJ Flannagan.

Parents - James Ward and Catherine nee KINNEALLY

FLANNAGAN, William Henry (5/4/1880-//)

Born Gladstone SA. Died perhaps 5/12/1955.

1908-1913 Central Hotel Pt Pirie with Patrick Joseph Flannagan

1923-1923 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

1925-1931 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St

1932-1933 Imperial Hotel King William St

FLANNAGAN, William Patrick (//c1910-23/9/1961)

Died Adelaide SA (of St Leonards).

1936-1940 Prince Alfred Hotel King William St

1940-1941 Hotel Thistle Waymouth St

1941-1954 Hotel Thistle Waymouth St

FLECK, Leopold (//-//)

1856-1857 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal

FLECK, Mrs Leopold nee Auguste Juliane WINKLER (//-//)

1857-1858 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal

m 17/4/1857 Mrs Fisk residence Lobethal, Carl Wiegand.

FLECK, Frederick Matthew (//c1854-3/12/1922)

Died Renmark SA.

1917-1917 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

FLECKER, Adolf Victor (22/5/1887-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1933-1935 Port Germein Hotel Pt Germein

Parents – George Flecker & Emma nee ZIFFER

Lived; Adelaide 1920 Tailem Bend 1923

m Dorothy Iris nee LANGDON

FLECKER, George (//-/2/1919)

1885-1886 Theatre Royal Hotel Hotel Hindley St

1889-1899 South Australian Club Hotel to South Australian Hotel North Tce 1895

FLEET, Joseph (//-//)

1890-1891 Hookina Hotel Hookina

Lived at Appila Yaarrowie by 1880 Kapunda by 1883 Baker Flat near Kapunda by 1885 Hookina by 1890

FLEET, Mrs Joseph nee Mary Catherine HOARE (//-//)

1891-1897 Hookina Hotel Hookina Hotel closed

FLEETWOOD, Charles Rufus (//-//)

1878-1879 Salisbury Hotel Salisbury

1879-1882 Dublin Hotel Dublin

1882-1883 Rosewater Hotel Rosewater

Lived Pt Adelaide by 1856 Yorke Peninsula by 18634

m Alice nee WAUGH (//-//)

FLEETWOOD, Charles Robert (//-//)

perhaps really Charles Rufus??

1877-1877 Alma Hotel Willunga

FLEETWOOD, Daniel Alfred (30/1/1856-//)

Born Pt Adelaide SA.

1899-1900 Hawkstone Arms Hotel Mitcham

Parents – publican Charles Rufus Fleetwood & Alice nee Waugh

m Mrs EVERED nee Annie Rutherford nee MACARTNEY

FLEETWOOD, Frances (//-//)

1884-1884 Oaklands Hotel Oaklands

FLEMING, David (//-//)

1985-1986 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood

FLEMING, James Henry (//c1842-18/5/1911)

Died Adelaide SA (of Forestville)

1886-1889 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

FLEMING, Mrs JH nee Louisa ? (//c1842-25/1/1902)

Died Adelaide SA.

1889-1889 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

FLEMING, John Jack (//c1892-5/3/1920)

Died Mt Gambier SA.

1919-1920 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

m publican Agnes Jane nee Anderson

FLEMING, Mrs John nee Agnes Jane ANDERSON (//c1894-11/12/1966)

Died Myrtle Bak SA.

1920-1923 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

FLEMING, Joseph (//-//)

1863-1863 Newmarket Inn North Tce

FLEMING, Kingsley Edward (//-//)

1927-1933 Yorke Valley Hotel Maitland

Lived; North Adelaide 1918

m Elsie Gertrude nee PEARCE

FLEMING, Stanley (//-//)

1926-1927 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka with Claude Thomas Golder

FLEMING, William Patrick (//-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1919-1920 Saracens Head Hotel Carrington St

1920-1921 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

No SA marriage

FLEMING, Mrs WP nee Ethel ? (//-//)

1921-1922 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

FLETCHER, Alice FMO (//-//)

1897-1897 Berkshire Hotel St Leonards Glenelg

FLETCHER, David Melville (12/3/1869-//)

Died Adelaide SA.

1898-1899 Ardrossan Hotel Ardrossan

1906-1907 Mannanarie Hotel Mannanarie

Parents –James Fletcher & Janet nee RAMSAY

FLETCHER, Eric Samuel (21/10/1905-//)

Born Robe SA.

1933-1940 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

1940-1953 Prince Alfred Hotel King William St Hotel closed.

Parents – John Fletcher & Margaret Teresa nee RYAN

FLETCHER, James (//-//)

1896-1898 Railway Hotel Walloway Springs

FLETCHER, Neil (//-//)

1849-1851 Hope Inn Hindmarsh

FLETCHER, Samuel (//-//)

1927-1931 Blanchetown Hotel Blanchetown

FLETCHER, William (//-//)

1891-1892 Wirrabara Hotel Wirrabara

1892-1893 Northbrook Hotel Stockport

1893-1895 Wellington Hotel Waterloo

1895-1897 Burra Hotel Kooringa

1897-1902 Woolshed Inn Bordertown

1902-1902 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

1903-1903 Mount Lofty Hotel Summertown

1903-1905 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown

1905-1905 Stirling Hotel Stirling

1905-1908 Gladstone Hotel Gladstone

1909-1910 Grand Hotel Pt Lincoln

1910-1912 Woodside Hotel Woodside

1913-1914 Browns Hotel Pt Germein

1914-1915 Lady Daly Hotel Hindmarsh

FLETCHER, William H (//-//)

1898-1898 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide

FLOATE, Henry (//c1818-//)

Born perhaps Warehorne, Kent, England.

1849-1850 Tally Ho Inn Clarendon Hotel closer

To SA 1839 Resource

Parents – Thomas Noakes Floate & Martha nee CHITTENDEN/CRITTENDEN second child and only son

Labourer; Thebarton, Rapid Bay later Publican; Clarendon

m Kent, England, Harriet nee (//c18-//)

FLORENCE, John (//c1863-22/10/1930)

Died Glenelg SA.

1900-1902 Maid of Auckland Hotel Edwardstown

1902-1906 Broadway Hotel New Glenelg

1908-1911 Maid of Auckland Hotel Edwardstown

1911-1915 Broadway Hotel New Glenelg

1915-1915 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1921-1921 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

FLOWERS, Joseph (//c1862-//)

1902-1902 Globe Hotel Moonta

Parents – George Flowers &

m 8/7/1884 Bride father residence Wallaroo, Mary Jane nee JONES (//c1862-//) Parents – Humphrey Jones &U

FLYNN, Henry John (//c1844-//)

1881-1882 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

Parents – Edward John Flynn &

m 5/5/1881 St John Adelaide, publican Mrs Terry nee Emma Sophia Oakford

FLYNN, Mrs HJ formerly Mrs Michael TERRY nee Emma Sophia OAKFORD (//c1850-//)

1882-1883 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

Parents - Thomas Oakford &

m (1) 17/5/1876 Groom residence Adelaide, Michael Thomas Terry (//c1855-//) Parents – Patrick terry &

FOAN, Daniel (//-//)

1851-1852 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St Hotel founder.

FOGARTY, Ambrose Joseph (17/6/1896-28/10/1930)

Born Oodnadatta SA. Died North Adelaide SA (of Hilton).

1926-1928 Commercial Hotel Cummins

1928-1928 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

1930-1930 Hilton Hotel Hilton

Parents – Thomas Fogarty & Jessie nee GRIMS

m 27/2/1922 St Vincent de Paul Orphanage Church Goodwood, publican Mary Elizabeth nee Black

FOGARTY, Mrs AJ nee Mary Elizabeth BLACK (//c1896-15/7/1971)

Died Adelaide SA (of Malvern SA)

1930-1931 Hilton Hotel Hilton

1932-1933 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

1934-1935 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide with Leonard M Francis

1935-1935 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide

1935-1937 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide as Mrs TF McMahon

Daughter of John Benjamin Black

m (2) 15/8/1935 St Ignatius Norwood, publican Thomas Francis McMahon

FOGARTY, Leslie John (18/4/1895-//)

Born Caltowie SA.

1925-1928 Wonoka Hotel Hawker

Parents – John Fogarty & Annie Josephine nee PAGE

FOGARTY, Michael (15/4/1862-//)

Born Logan Swamp SA.

1896-1899 Lancelot Hotel Lancelot

1913-1914 Penn Hotel Oodlawirra

Parents – Thomas Fogarty & Mary nee FLYNN

m 30/1/1894 Our Lady of Mt Carmel Dawson, Catherine nee HOWARD (//c1866-//) Parents – John Howard &

FOGDEN, Charles (26/10/1810-1/1/1856)

Born Donnington, Sussex, England. Died Langhorne Creek SA.

1846-1846 Gawler Arms Hotel Brown St

To SA 1838 Prince George

Carpenter, publican; Adelaide then Carpenter, builder, farmer; Payneham, The Tiers, Hahndorf, Nairne, Langhorne Creek. CE, Methodist.

m 21/7/1834 Petworth, Sussex, Sophia nee SLATER (14/5/1817-3/12/1891) Born Petworth, Sussex, England. Died Yanyarrie SA.

FOGDEN, Thomas Edwin (12/4/1852-//1888)

Born Nairne SA.

1876-1879 Black Eagle Hotel Sevenhill

1879-1880 Royal Victoria Hotel Beltana Hotel founder

1883-1885 Commercial Hotel Gawler

Parents – publican Charles Fogden & Sophia nee Slater

m 17/6/1875 St Ignatius Norwood, publican Mrs Kranewitter nee Mary Aloysius McGrath.

FOGDEN, Mrs TE formerly Mrs KRANEWITTER nee Mary Aloysius MCGRATH (//c1840-4/1/1890)

Born Vic.

1886-1887 Gawler Belt Hotel Gawler Belt [Willaston]

1889-1889 Mill Inn Gawler South

Parents _ Richard McGrath &

FOODY, John Joseph the Elder (//c1857-20/7/1911)

Prob Born SA. Died Adelaide SA.

1889-1898 Flagstaff Hotel Franklin St .

1898-1899 Old Colonist Hotel Norwood

1899-1905 Parkside Hotel Parkside

1905-1906 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

1908-1909 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

1909-1911 Clarendon Hotel Hindley St Hotel closed

Parents – publican Michael Foody & Margaret nee Shannon

m 18/9/1888 St Ignatius Norwood, publican Ruth Sophie nee Tidswell

FOODY, Mrs JJ nee Ruth Sophie TIDSWELL (//c1868-16/8/1935)

Apparently not Born SA. Died Torrensville SA.

1906-1908 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

1911-1918 Clarendon Hotel Hindley St

Parents – William Tidswell &

FOODY, John Joseph the Younger (31/7/1895-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1918-1920 Clarendon Hotel Hindley St with Maud Calnan

Parents – publicans John Joseph Foody the Elder & Ruth Sophie nee Tidswell

m 11/8/1926 Queen of Angels Church Thebarton, Elizabeth Mary nee HAVEY (//c1895-//) Parents – Peter Havey &

FOODY, Michael (//c1829-28/11/1906)

Born Co Clare, Ireland. Died Stepney SA.

1870-1871 Alma Inn Norwood

1888-1889 Flagstaff Hotel Franklin St .

To SA 1854 Sir Edward Parry.

m 21/8/1853 Ireland, Margaret nee SHANNON (//c1829-7/10/1915) Born Co Clare, Ireland. Died SA.

FOODY, Patrick (//-//)

1888-1888 Flagstaff Hotel Franklin St

Likely a son of publican Michael Foody & Margaret nee Shannon – as yet no biog data

FOORD, William Frederick (//c1826-18/4/1857)

Died Adelaide SA.

1857-1857 Rose of Australia Hotel Wakefield St .

Arrival in SA not found

FOORD, Mrs WF nee Barbara MEAD (//-//)

1857-1859 Rose of Australia Hotel Wakefield St .

Apparently did not remarry in SA – did she leave for elsewhere?

FOOT, George (//c1867-14/2/1937)

Died Booleroo Centre SA.

1932-1936 Grand Junction Hotel Quorn

m Elizabeth nee (//c1876-8/2/1943) Died Booleroo Centre SA.

FOOT, Robert (//-//)

1860-1861 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

TAYLOR, George Earle licensed victualler Adelaide, purchased the remainder of the current lease to the Hindmarsh Hotel (Pt TA 164) from Robert FOOTE for 10/-. William Clare Taylor no description witnessed the transaction 1862 Memorial 94/180

FOOTE, Henry Harry (//-15/9/1893)

1859-1862 Victoria Hotel Hindley St with John Crampton .

1862-1876 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

Sheep farmer Outalpa by 1877. He refused to act as executor of the will of John Wyatt, who died 12/8/1877. Foote was in partnership with William Hurd. They had both taken out a lease of Outalpa Eastern Plains, of 1096 square miles of Crown Land in 1876, when both men were still in Adelaide. Former leasees, Walter Duffield and Joseph Harrold ‘for divers valuable considerations’, for the remainder of the lease (period not specified). The partners then mortgaged the property to Duffield for £20,000, at 7%. Hurd had formerly been in partnership with Duffield and Harrold. Foote had links with the Wheatsheaf Inn at Echunga.

FOOTE, Harry

formerly licensed victualler Adelaide but now sheep farmer Outalpa 1877 Memorial 40/303

Retired to Burnside.

FORAN, John (//-//)

1931-1934 Grange Family Hotel Grange

perhaps m Elizabeth Enid nee DOWNER

FORBES, Charles (//-//)

1850-1852 Royal Standard Inn Currie St. Was he the husband of Harriet CATCHLOVE?? Probably not.

FORBES, Charles (//-//)

1852-1858 Edinburgh Castle Inn Currie St

FORBES, Charles (//-//)

1858-1862 Mt Torrens Inn Mount Torrens

Last publican on the old site – the new publican, George Dunn, who had begun this hotel in 1848 transferred the licence to the present site in the main street of Mt Torrens.

FORBES, Mrs Charles formerly Lockyer nee Harriet CATCHLOVE (//-//)

1858-1858 Marryatville Inn Marryatville

1861-1865 Railway Hotel Kapunda Hotel founder

1866-1866 Corio Hotel Goolwa

1866-1869 Criterion Hotel King William St .

1871-1878 Criterion Hotel King William St with Edward Catchlove Lockyer

FORBES, Helen Esther nee FIELD (//c1859-10/8/1929)

Died Norwood SA.

1911-1923 Watervale Hotel Watervale

Mrs Henry Charles Forbes nee Helen Esther Field

FORBES, William Thompson (//-//)

1882-1883 Brunswick Pier Hotel Pt Adelaide

FORD, Alexander (4/6/1870-//)

Born Invermay near Kapunda SA.

1899-1901 Minlaton Hotel Minlaton

Parents – John Ford & Mary Ann nee HYDE

m 14/1/1898 Bride father Samuel Butler Moody residence Kilkerran, Charlotte Mary nee MOODY (//c1878-//) Parents – Samuel Butler Moody & Eleanor nee HYDE

FORD, Alfred Ernest Basleigh (20/6/1853-//by 1929)

Born Adelaide SA.

1897-1900 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

Parents – Edward Ford & Mary nee SLESSOR

Lived; Adelaide by 1888 Malvern by 1891 Pt MacDonnell by 1899

m 23/2/1881 St Paul Adelaide, publican Alice Annie nee Bradley

FORD, Mrs AEB nee Alice Annie BRADLEY (23/3/1862-6/2/1929)

Born Clare SA. Died Mile End SA.

1900-1900 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

Parents – Joseph Spratt Bradley & Elizabeth nee KING

FORD, Miss Bessie (//-//)

1888-1888 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

FORD, Henry Carwithen (//-//)

1861-1878 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide

1878-1885 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

To the Vic goldfields 1851.

m 29/1/1851 St John Adelaide, publican Ellen nee Blackler.

FORD, Mrs HC nee Ellen BLACKLER (//c1820-7/2/1914)

Born Devon, England. Died Semaphore SA, at her residence South Tce.

1885-1888 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

1888-1902 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

To SA 1839 Caroline.

Probably the best-known lady publican in the Pt Adelaide area ‘highly esteemed hotelkeeper’.

Obit Chronicle 14/2/1914 p418e.

FORD, John (//-//)

1865-1866 Railway Hotel Kapunda

m Mary Ann nee HYDE

FORD, John Henry perhaps (16/7/1856-//)

Born Hundred of Light SA.

1901-1909 Minlaton Hotel Minlaton

1916-1919 Ventnor Hotel Pt Vincent

1921-1922 Ventnor Hotel Pt Vincent

Parents – perhaps publican John Ford & Mary Ann nee Hyde

Perhaps m 28/9/1887 Bride father John Mooney residence Melrose, Amelia Jane nee MOONEY (//c1865-//) Parents – John Mooney &

FORD, John L perhaps John Laurence (//c1858-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1901-1902 Tivoli National Hotel Pirie St Pirie St with Ernest Albert Beasley

Parents – John Ford &

m 12/3/1887 Mrs Fowler residence Lower North Adelaide, Lucy nee WELLS (//c1865-//) Parents – Robert Wells &

FORD, N (//-//)

1924-1926 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

FORD, Thomas (//-6/1/1859)

Died Adelaide SA.

1841-1845 Joiners Arms Inn Morphett St .

25/3/1847-22/12/1847 Castle Inn Waymouth St Only publican. Licence transferred to TA 55 cnr Hindley and Morphett Sts. Cornelius Birdseye owned the Hindley St hotel.

1847-1847 Castle Inn Hindley St Hotel founder

BATTERSBY - Husband of Jane Dingle Ford. Father of James Thomas Ford farmer Reedbeds and Susannah Ford

FORD, William Edward (//c1837-19/11/1898)

Born Honiton, Devon, England. Died Adelaide SA.

1869-1878 Fords Hotel Clare

1878-1898 York Hotel Rundle St

Eldest surviving son of Edward Ford of Carrington St, Adelaide.

To SA 1852 Duke of Cornwall, with his parents.

Draper; Clare then married a publican and became a licensed victualler himself.

Gave his name to the Shamrock and Thistle Hotel at Clare, which he managed for his wife, who owned the business.

In his will, he instructed his executors to sell all his property and invest it to provide his mother, Maria Matiltzia Ford and his sister Amy Ford £2 a week during their lifetimes. The remainder of the income to go to his step-daughter, Clara Elizabeth Bradley. After his mother and sister had died, the principle to go to the step-daughter absolutely in remander expectant. Estate worth £8,700. Executors were James Hall aerated water manufacturer Norwood and Frederick Osborne Tolley merchant Currie St, Adelaide.

His wife, Elizabeth Ford, died 30/3/1894 at Unley Park. She wanted to be buried in the Hindmarsh Cemetery near her father George King. Her mother, called Susan King, still alive. WE Ford to receive the entire estate, and to provide for her, as well as for Elizabeth Ford’s unmarried daughter, Clara Elizabeth Bradley (later Mrs Evans), and her grandchild Violet Tize Stacey, both living with the Fords, so long as they remained unmarried. Estate worth £900. There must have also been a son - Edgar Joseph Bradley - civil servant Malvern 1926.

24/10/1868 Private house Hindmarsh William Edward Ford (father Edward Ford) 31 draper Clare m Elizabeth Bradley 35 widow Clare (father George King).

m 24/10/1868 Bride father George King residence Hindmarsh, Mrs JS Bradley formerly Mrs Frederick Stacey nee Elizabeth King.

FORDE, Adelaide E (//-//)

1937-1937 Yorke Hotel Yorketown

FORDE, Christopher (//-//)

1923-1924 Rising Sun Hotel Pt Wakefield

1929-1930 Wakefield Hotel Wakefield St

1930-1934 Murray Bridge Hotel Murray Bridge

1934-1937 Eagle Hotel Hindley St

1937-1937 Melville Hotel Yorketown

1937-1939 Buckingham Arms Hotel Gilberton

1939-1940 West Thebarton Hotel Thebarton

1940-1960 West Thebarton Hotel Thebarton

FORDE, Timothy (//-//)

1921-1923 Rising Sun Hotel Pt Wakefield

FORDHAM, Abraham (//-30/3/1864)

Died Leawood Gardens SA, at his residence Eagle on the Hill Inn

1837-1843 Fordhams Hotel Grenfell St Hotel founder.

1853-1864 Eagle on the Hill Inn Leawood Gardens

FORDHAM, Mrs Abraham nee Elizabeth ? (//-//)

1864-1867 Eagle on the Hill Inn Leawood Gardens

FORDHAM, Abraham Henry (//-//)

1882-1884 Worlds End Hotel Magill

1884-1887 Torrens Arms Hotel Kingswood

1887-1888 Hawkstone Arms Hotel Mitcham

1906-1907 Gilles Arms Hotel Gilles St

FORDHAM, William Robert (//-//)

1855-1861 Bee Hive Inn Nairne Hotel founder

1867-1868 Eagle on the Hill Inn Leawood Gardens

1869-1870 Miners Arms Inn Glen Osmond Hotel closed

FOREMAN, George (//-//)

1857-1858 Australian Arms Hotel Hindley St . Last publican.

1860-1861 Butchers Arms Inn Mile End

Was he a carver and gilder at Brompton before becoming a publican??s

7/3/1865 Will - farmer near Pt Adelaide; wife calle Jane, daughter Margaret; Brother John Foreman printer Thebarton; Friend David Moody licensed victualler Hindmarsh.

Another George Foreman gardener Home Park Third Creek, near Magill, died 21/5/1901 in Adelaide. He had a brother James Foreman gardener Third Creek, near Magill, who inherited all his estate.

FOREMAN, James (//-//)

1882-1882 Bristol Tavern Franklin St

1882-1882 London Inn Flinders St

1883-1883 Shakespeare Hotel Waymouth St

1883-1883 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

1883-1883 Bush Inn Willunga

FOREMAN, Thomas John (//-//)

1889-1894 Morans Hotel Melrose

1895-1895 Sussex Hotel Pt Adelaide

1895-1900 Royal Hotel Crystal Brook

1900-1908 Snowtown Hotel Snowtown

1909-1913 Globe Hotel Moonta

FOREMAN, Thomas John (//-//)

1895-1896 Crystal Brook Hotel Crystal Brook

FOREMAN, Thomas John (//-//)

1921-1922 Alberton Hotel Alberton

1922-1933 Parkside Hotel Parkside

1934-1936 Hotel Rundle Rundle St

FOREMAN, Mrs TJ nee Sarah J ? (//c1858-17/10/1921)

Died Alberton SA, at her residence the Alberton Hotel.

1913-1921 Alberton Hotel Alberton

FOREMAN, William James (//-//)

1868-1880 Land of Promise Inn Hindmarsh

1883-1883 Broadway Hotel New Glenelg

1885-1886 Talunga Hotel Mt Pleasant

FORMBY, Charles (//c1853-11/10/1899)

Died Hahndorf SA. Apparently not Born SA.

1899-1899 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

Settled; Hindmarsh by 1885

FORMBY, Mrs Charles nee Emily LIVESAY (//c1867-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1899-1901 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

1901-1902 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf as Mrs CE Ey

Parents – William Livesay &

m (2) 17/5/1901 Bride residence German Arms Hotel Hahndorf, Carl Eduard EY (27/9/1878) Born Hahndorf SA. Parents – Julius Friedrich Wilhelm Ey & Johanne Caroline Mathilde nee MUELLER

FORREST, William (14/6/1864-18/12/1911)

Born Strathalbyn SA. Died Adelaide SA.

1909-1912 Angel Inn Gouger St

Parents - David Forrest & Margaret nee SMITH.

m 24/12/1890 RC Archbishop residence Adelaide, publican Catherine nee Merrigan.

FORREST, Mrs William nee Catherine MERRIGAN (//c1870-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1912-1913 Angel Inn Gouger St

Daughter of Edwin Merrigan.

m (2) 1/2/1913 St Patrick Adelaide, Hugh O’Doherty (//c1884-//) Father; Patrick.

F0RREST, William John (//-//)

1905-1909 Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond Hotel closer

FORREST, William John (12/11/1893-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1916-1919 Angel Inn Gouger St with Hugh O’Doherty his step-father

1919-1923 Angel Inn Gouger St

Parents - William Forrest and Catherine nee Merrigan.

m 27/8/1917 St Saviour Brompton, Alice Mary nee FORD (//c1895-//) Parents – Denis Ford &

FORRESTAL, Thomas (//-//)

1871-1871 West Tce Hotel Waymouth St

1877-1878 Alberton Hotel Alberton Hotel founder

1879-1880 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

FORRESTER, James (//-//)

1892-1892 Pier Hotel Milang

FORRESTER, William Innes (c1808-8/2/1866)

Born Co Lanark, Scotland. Died Gilbert Town [Tarlee] SA, at his residence the Bow and Arrow Hotel.

1838-1839 Fleece Inn Rundle St Hotel closer.

1852-1866 Bow and Arrow Hotel Gilberton near Tarlee Hotel founder

Gilbert River Hotel near Gilbert Town 1866 bought lots 1-12 Section 208, in Gilbert Town, near the Green Water Hole. Also bought the whole of Section 209 for £200 from Edmund Bowman.

FORRESTER, Mrs WI nee Deborah Bowman ? (//-//)

1866-1866 Bow and Arrow Hotel Gilberton near Tarlee

FORRESTER, William James – should this be Innes? (//-//)

1850-1854 Gilbert Arms Hotel Stockport Dates clash

FORSTER, Herbert Alexander (//c1875-2/7/1953)

Died Kilburn SA.

1916-1917 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

FORSTER, William (//-//)

1858-1861 Tea Tree Gully Inn Tea Tree Gully

FORSTER, William Thomas (//-//)

1869-1869 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

FORSYTH, William (//-//)

1880-1881 Imperial Hotel Orroroo Hotel founder

Perhaps Son George Forsyth (//c1859-//) m 22/11/1896 Hotel Leigh Creek, Elizabeth nee BIRRELL (//c1869-//) Parents – George Birrell &

FOSTER, Charles (//-//)

1886-1887 Hawkstone Arms Hotel Mitcham

FOSTER, Harry (//-//)

1901-1901 Portland Hotel Portland Estate

FOSTER, Henry (//-//)

1877-1879 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

1882-1887 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

FOSTER, Mrs Henry nee Janet THOMSON (//-//)

1880-1886 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

1886-1890 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

1897-1908 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

FOSTER, James (//-19/11/1931)

1920-1921 Riverton Hotel Riverton

1921-1922 Tarcoola Hotel Tarcoola Hotel closer

1922-1923 Exchange Hotel Pt Augusta

1925-1931 Riverton Hotel Riverton

FOSTER, James (//-//)

Reconcile dates James Fosters

1921-1922 Tarcowie Hotel Tarcowie

FOSTER, Mrs James nee Sophia Edith ? (//-//)

1923-1924 Commercial Hotel Laura

1931-1936 Riverton Hotel Riverton

FOSTER, Thomas (//-//)

1907-1913 Brompton Park Hotel Brompton Park Extension

FOTHERINGHAM, George (//-//)

1887-1887 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

FOTHERINGHAM, James (//-//)

1896-1897 Sir John Franklin Hotel North Kapunda

FOTHERINGHAM, Richard (//-//)

1889-1889 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

FOTHERINGHAM, Robert (//-//)

1878-1879 Commercial Hotel Morgan Hotel founder

1881-1881 Sedan Hotel Sedan Hotel founder

FOTHERINGHAM, Thomas (//-//)

1876-1879 Mill Inn Gawler South

FOULDS, John Broughton (//c1901-26/3/1969)

Died Glenelg North SA.

1943-1946 Henley Hotel Henley Beach

m Esther Ann nee ? (//-//)

FOULIS, George (//-//)

1890-1891 Pass Hotel Swinden Town near Horrocks Pass

FOULIS, Stanley Horrocks John (//-//)

1916-1925 Coward Springs Hotel Coward Springs

FOULKES, Edward (//-//)

1861-1868 Berkshire Hotel St Leonards Glenelg

FOWLER, Thomas H (//-//)

1919-1920 Napoleon Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]

FOWLES, Willoughby (//-//)

1914-1917 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

FOWLES, Mrs Laura A (//-//)

1897-1903 Emu Hotel Morphett Vale

FOX, Mrs Christina E (//-//)

1925-1926 Normans Victory Hotel Sellicks Hill

FOX, Francis Joseph (//-//)

1907-1910 Royal Hotel Terowie

FOX, Frederick Arthur (//-//)

1865-1866 Criterion Hotel Bassett Town

FOX, George F (//-//)

1912-1920 Pier Hotel Glenelg

FOX, Henry John Farmer (//c1888-14/5/1961)

Died Adelaide SA (of Kensington).

1929-1938 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

1938-1938 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

1939-1951 Globe Hotel Kensington

Lived;Adelaide 1917, 1920

m Annie Adelaide nee REECE

FOX, John (//c1843-10/5/1879)

Died Adelaide SA.

1869-1872 Davenport Arms Macclesfield

1872-1878 Commercial Strathalbyn

1878-1879 Gresham Hotel King William St

Lived – Pt Adelaide, Macclesfield, Strathalbyn, Adelaide.

Son of Patrick Fox.

1868-1871 Leased the Macclesfield Brewery from Henry Lewis Shueard p262.

m 12/12/1867 St James Macclesfield, publican Mary nee Ryan

FOX, Mrs John nee Mary RYAN (//c1840-2/11/1910)

Died Payneham SA.

1879-1898 Gresham Hotel King William St

1898-1901 International Hotel became Austral Hotel Rundle St

Sister to Mrs Lewis DEANE nee Bridget Ryan, who died 7/6/1889 Adelaide SA, at her residence Sturt St, ‘suddenly of heart disease’.

DN Observer 15/6/1889 p1128a. Daughters of James Ryan.

FOX, John Joseph (//-//)

1922-1929 Cockburn Hotel Cockburn

1929-1936 Cockburn Hotel Cockburn

1937-1949 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown

1949-1950 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown with Susan Margaret Fox his wife

FOX, Mrs JJ nee Susan Margaret ? (//c1901-1/1/1951)

Died Naracoorte SA (of Bordertown).

1949-1950 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown with John Joseph Fox

FOX, Patrick (//-//)

1905-1906 Millicent Hotel Millicent

1907-1913 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

P Fox was doing something in The North in between his time at Millicent and Mt Barker. A JP at Mt Barker

The Mt Barker Hotel underwent extensive renovations in between the terms of the publican IF Jackson and Patrick Fox Mt Barker Courier 30/8/1907

FOX, Thomas (//-//)

1929-1932 Commercial Hotel Laura

FOXTON, George (//c1831-20/8/1912)

Died Adelaide SA (of Semaphore).

1892-1893 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter

29/11/1857 St Patrick Adelaide, Adelaide Mary nee COWAN (//c1824-26/5/1891) Died Rosewater SA. Parents – John Cowan &

FRADD, Thomas (//-//)

1876-1883 Sod Hut Hotel Sod Hut Hotel closed

FRAME, John (//-//)

1919-1921 United Service Club Hotel King William St .

FRAME, Rose (//-//)

1915-1917 United Service Club Hotel King William St with Margaret Robinson

FRANCES, Charles Henry (//-//)

1884-1886 Railway Hotel Walloway Springs

FRANCES, Selina Elizabeth (//-//)

1887-1888 Railway Hotel Walloway Springs

FRANCIS, Alfred (//-//)

1883-1885 Oxford Arms Hotel Stone Hut

FRANCIS, Alfred (//c1870-14/4/1941)

Died Fullarton Estate SA.

1907-1907 Norfolk Arms Hotel Rundle St

1909-1911 King of Hanover Hotel Rundle St

1913-1914 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

1915-1916 Napoleon Hotel King William St .

FRANCIS, Mrs Alfred nee Florence Helene DIXON (//c1872-27/10/1954)

Died Fullarton Estate SA.

1911-1912 King of Hanover Hotel Rundle St

FRANCIS, Alfred Harrington (//c1894-1/6/1930)

Died Ooodnadatta SA.

1919-1920 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina]

1920-1921 Commercial Hotel Lameroo with Edmund Roy Fielding

1922-1923 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta

1925-1925 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka

1929-1930 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta

Brother to publican Leonard Malvern Francis.

FRANCIS, Benjamin (//-//)

1883-1883 Royal Hotel Ardrossan

FRANCIS, Catherine E (//-//)

1910-1911 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce with Mary E Corney

FRANCIS, Charles Henry (//-//)

1886-1886 The Rose Inn Sturt St

FRANCIS, Cornelius (//c1850-//)

1885-1887 Excelsior Hotel Brompton Park

1887-1888 Thistle Hotel Waymouth St

1889-1897 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

1897-1897 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

1897-1898 General Bolivar Hotel Burton [Bolivar]

1900-1903 Unicorn Hotel Hallett

Parents – Michael Francis &

m 12/9/1877 St Philip & James Yarrowie, publican Mary Frances nee McCann

FRANCIS, Mrs Cornelius nee Mary Frances MCCANN (//c1856-//)

1901-1905 Commercial Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie

Parents – Charles McCann &

FRANCIS, Edward Bowden (//c1861-//)

1898-1918 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West

Parents – David Francis &

m 22/12/1887 Wharf Hotel Pt Augusta West, Sophie nee GARDINER (//c1867-//) Parents – William Gardiner &

FRANCIS, Gilbert Livingstone (//c1886-//)

1925-1931 Watervale Hotel Watervale

Parents – Peter Francis &

Lived; Adelaide 1915 Torrensville 1920

m 1/2/1913 St Luke Adelaide, Mary Ann nee LAWRENCE (//c1892-//)

Parents – John Oliver Lawrence &

FRANCIS, Irvine Cyril Curly (15/12/1899-//)

Born Moonta SA.

1923-1924 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina] with Clement Max Seidel

1924-1926 Commercial Hotel Cummins

1926-1926 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1926-1928 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

1928-1929 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta

1930-1930 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

1933-1933 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta

1939-1939 Colac Hotel Pt Adelaide with Mary Powell Wilson

1939-1941 Colac Hotel Pt Adelaide

1941-1944 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

Parents – publicans Alfred Francis and Florence Helena Frances nee DIXON

m 19/3/1924 Bride mother residence Woodside, Queenie Evelyn nee BOCK (6/3/1900-//) Born Woodside SA. Parents – George William Bock & Hulda Martha nee MANGELSDORF.

FRANCIS, John (//c1840-1845-22/1/1918)

Died Kilkenny SA.

1873-1887 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

Parents – publican William Francis & Alice nee Lee.

m (1) 8/1/1873 Wesleyan Church North Adelaide, Hannah nee WALKLEY (//c1853-3/9/1875) Born likely SA. Died Dry Creek SA. Parents – John Walkley & perhaps perhaps Mary nee WEBB Walkleys lived Nailsworth 1844, Dry Creek 1848-1860 Webb m (2) 27/8/1860 St Andrew Walkerville, Mrs DAVIS nee Esther CHARLESWORTH then Northfield 1863, Dry Creek 1866

m (2) 17/8/1876 Mrs Sayent residence near Riverton, Sophia Sarah Ann nee ROBINSON (//c1849-11/1/1898) Apparently not Born SA. Died Dry Creek SA. Parents – Samuel Robinson &

m (3) Mrs Edward HASTELOW nee Harriet Elizabeth RIDLEY (20/4/1849-12/10/1923) Born Unley SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Prospect). Parents – Edward Ridley & Mary nee GORDON

FRANCIS, John Angas/Angus (//c1900-9/5/1972)

Died Norwood SA.

1941-1945 Commercial Hotel Gladstone

m Queenie May nee ? (//c1903-1/2/1956) Died Brighton SA (of Seacliff).

FRANCIS, Leonard Malvern (//-//)

1930-1931 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta

1934-1935 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide with Mrs Mary Elizabeth Fogarty

Brother to publican Alfred Harrington Francis.

FRANCIS, Peter (26/12/1831-30/1/1906)

Born Cornwall, England. Died Adelaide SA (of Mile End).

1863-1873 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

Farmer Maitland - 4 years

1878-1880 Royal Hotel Ardrossan Hotel founder – built and ran

1881-1881 Criterion Hotel Bassett Town

1881-1881 Newmarket Inn North Tce

1881-1881 Princess Royal Hotel O’Connell St

1882-1885 Thistle Inn Waymouth St

1883-1883 Royal Hotel Ardrossan

1886-1887 Royal Hotel Ardrossan

1887-1888 Talbot Inn Gouger St

1891-1892 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

1892-1893 Globe Hotel Bowden

Parents – publican William Francis & Alice nee Lee

Obit Observer 10/2/1906 p301c

m 27/10/1873 Bride father Francis Gready residence Enfield, publican Harriet nee Gready

FRANCIS, Mrs Peter nee Harriet GREADY (//c1851-21/10/1922)

1889-1891 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

Parents – Francis Gready & Martha nee BURNETT

FRANCIS, Mrs Sarah (//-//)

1889-1895 Globe Hotel Wallaroo

1895-1898 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

1898-1900 Sturt Arcade Hotel Grenfell St .

FRANCIS, William (//c1808-12/12/1885)

Died Dry Creek SA, at his son John Francis residence the Cavan Arms Hotel. DN Observer 19/12/1885 p1174b.

3/10/1850-1854 Old Colonist Hotel Wakefield St Hotel founder.

DN Observer 19/12/1885 p1174b.

FRANCISCO, Albert (//c1845-11/7/1917)

1881-1883 Cremorne Hotel Unley

1883-1884 Saracens Head Hotel Carrington St

1884-1906 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

1914-1917 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

Parents – David Francisco & Lucy nee Coleman

m 5/7/1883 Adelaide, Jestina Sarah nee GOULDEN

FRANCISCO, David (4/2/1819-26/4/1891)

Died Fremantle WA, ‘after a short illness’. DN Observer 2/5/1891 p810b.

1852-1852 Clarendon Hotel Hindley St

m 31/5/1841 London, Middlesex, England, Lucy nee COLEMAN

Parents of publican Albert Francisco

FRANCISCO, Edna Lillian (//-//)

1943-1947 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

FRANCISCO, Frederick Goulden (//-//)

Born perhaps SA.

1919-1943 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

Parents – publican Albert Francisco & Jestina Sarah nee Goulden

FRANCISCO, Mrs FG nee Olive May HAWKE (//-//)

1936-1937 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

FAIREY, Mrs Mabel May (//-//)

1939-1939 Colac Hotel Pt Adelaide

FRANCKEL, David F/S (//-//)

1911-1918 Eudunda Hotel Eudunda

1920-1921 Freeling Hotel Freeling

FRANCKEL, Ferdinand (//-//)

1876-1880 Exchange Hotel Gawler

FRANGIE, Anthony Dominic (//-//)

1989-1991 Stag Hotel Rundle St

FRANKS, Frederick Arthur (//-//)

1932-1935 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

1935-1937 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

1937-1938 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

1940-1941 Maid of Auckland Hotel Edwardstown

1941-1943 Parkside Hotel Parkside

1943-1943 Whyalla Hotel Whyalla

1944-1947 Arab Steed Hotel Hutt St with Maynard John Lucas

1950-1950 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

FRANKS, Henry (//-//)

1928-1929 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

FRASER, Duncan the Younger (//c1862-//)

1908-1908 Waterfall Gully Hotel Waterfall Gully

Parents – Duncan Fraser &

m 28/9/887 Presbyterian Church Flinders St Adelaide, publican Jane nee Elliott

FRASER, Mrs Duncan nee Jane ELLIOTT (16/8/1868-//)

Born McLaren Vale SA.

1908-1909 Waterfall Gully Hotel Waterfall Gully

Parents – William Thomas Elliott & Elizabeth nee WALKER

FRASER, Mrs Ellen (//-//)

1888-1889 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

1890-1890 Northbrook Hotel Stockport

1890-1890 Northbrook Hotel Stockport

1890-1893 Caltowie Hotel Caltowie

1893-1893 Caltowie Hotel Caltowie as Mrs Ellen Wetherell

FRASER, George (//-//)

1890-1891 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

FRASER, Mary (//-//)

1888-1889 Belair Hotel Belair

FRASER, Robert (//-//)

1887-1888 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

FRASER, Simon (//-//)

1888-1890 Travellers Home Hotel Lochiel Hummocks

Settled; Cross Roads by 1873 Lochiel by 1877

m Mary nee MCPHERSON (//-//)

FRASER, William (//-//)

1906-1908 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

FRASER, Mrs William nee Alice MYERS (//-//)

1903-1906 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

FRAYNE, John (//c1826-//)

Born Devon, England.

1852-1853 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

Carpenter from Devon, England.

FRAYNE, Thomas (//-//)

1876-1876 Mill Inn Gawler South

1879-1880 Mill Inn Gawler South

1887-1891 Templers Hotel Templers

1892-1893 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1893-1899 Templers Hotel Templers

1900-1905 Willaston Hotel Willaston

1905-1918 Old Bushman Hotel Gawler

FRAYNE, William (//-//)

Born prob Devon, England.

1850-1851 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St Hotel


1855-1855 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

1864-1866 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

1871-1871 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

FRAYNE, Mrs William nee Elizabeth ? (//-//)


FREARSON, Mrs Emily M (//-//)

1906-1909 Berkshire Hotel St Leonards Glenelg

Hotel closed

FRECKLETON, Joseph (//-//)

1902-1903 Cockburn Hotel Cockburn

FREEMAN, Bell (//-//1865)

1859-1865 Light Bridge Hotel Linwood Hotel founder

FREEMAN, Mrs Bell nee Elizabeth M ? (//-//)

1865-1867 Light Bridge Hotel Linwood

FREEMAN, George (//-//)

1855-1858 Langhorne Inn Langhorne Creek

1860-1861 Crown Hotel Mt Barker

FREEMAN, George Henry (//-//)

1879-1880 Templers Hotel Templers

FREEMAN, Mrs GH nee Emily ? (//-//)

1880-1880 Templers Hotel Templers

FREEMAN, JD (//-//)

1883-1885 Edeowie Hotel Edeowie

FREEMAN, John (//-//)

1866-1869 Huddersfield Arms Hotel Venus Bay

The only publican. Not husband to Mrs HA Freeman

FREEMAN, Mrs John nee Honora Agnes O’LOUGHLIN (//-//)

1921-1923 Eureka Hotel Carrieton Date clash

1922-1926 Hammond Hotel Hammond

1926-1932 Prince Albert Hotel Wright St

FREEMAN, James Thomas (26/5/1898-//)

Born Hawker SA.

1932-1938 Globe Hotel Wilmington

1938-1945 Grand Junction Hotel Quorn

1945-1952 Transcontinental Hotel Quorn

Parents- John Freeman and Honora Agnes nee O’LOUGHLIN

FREEMAN, John Joseph (7/7/1908-//)

Born Prospect SA.

1944-1966 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

Parents – John Freeman & Mary Matilda nee PERCY

FREEMAN, Joseph (//-//)

1862-1872 Derby Arms Inn Penwortham

1872-1875 Devonshire Hotel Mintaro

1875-1877 Bell Inn Laura Hotel founder

1879-1884 Black Eagle Hotel Sevenhill

FREEMAN, Leonard (//-//)

1930-1931 Wakefield Hotel Wakefield St

FREEMAN, Leonard (//-//)

1953-1958 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross with Mrs Kathleen Petril Freeman

FREEMAN, Mrs Leonard nee Kathleen Petril ? (//-//)

1948-1950 Railway Hotel Frances Date clash

1949-1953 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross

1953-1958 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross with Leonard Freeman

FREESTONE, William (//-//)

1854-1855 Buckingham Arms Hotel Gilberton

FREESTUN, Edward Lockyer the Younger (//c1849-30/8/1884)

Died Freeling SA, prob at his residence the Railway Hotel Freeling, of consumption.

1874-1879 Ridley Hotel Ridley [later Wasleys] Hotel founder

1880-1884 Railway Hotel Freeling

Parents – Edward Lockyer Freestun and Catherine nee ?

m 15/3/1883 St Martin Rosenthal, Caroline Maria nee Mattner (nb)

Mrs Freestun became a dressmaker after her husband died and also kept house for OE Juettner tanner Tanunda.

FREEZE, James (//-//)

1869-1870 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St

FRENCH, Alfred Henry (//c1830-6/8/1859)

Died off Cape Northumberland SA, from the wreck of the Admella.

1853-1859 Shipwrights Arms Inn Alberton

m 9/12/1852 Holy Trinity Adelaide, publican Jane nee Hayman.

FRENCH, Mrs AH nee Jane HAYMAN (//c1834-//)

1859-1861 Shipwrights Arms Inn Alberton

Eldest child of publican Robert Hayman.

m (2) 18/1/1861 Holy Trinity Adelaide, William NEELY (//c1819-//) Son of George W Neely. Perhaps left SA. m (3) 14/9/1863 St Luke Adelaide, publican John Joseph DENMAN (//na-//) Father; John

1869-1870 Lady Ferg

FRENCH, Mrs AH nee Jane ? (//-//)

Clash of dates here

1859-1860 Prince of Wales Hotel Queenstown Did Jane French run two hotels at the same time?

FRENCH, John Herbert (//-//)

1931-1931 Cross Keys Hotel Dry Creek

Lived; Pt Lincoln 1914 Bute 1917

FRENCH, Mrs JH nee Lilian Emma WINDRED (//-//)

1931-1932 Cross Keys Hotel Dry Creek

FRENCH, Tom (//-//)

1919-1925 West Thebarton Hotel Thebarton

m Catherine Kate nee O’SULLIVAN

FREUDENBERG, Bernhard Henry (19/12/1855-30/9/1929)

Born Glen Osmond SA.

1881-1881 Jervois Hotel Pt Adelaide

1903-1906 Electric Light Hotel Grenfell St

Parents – publican Johann Friedrich Freudenberg & Jeangine Henriette Christine nee HAKENDORF

m 31/12/1879 Bride father John Baker residence Kent Town, Bertha Elizabeth nee BAKER (//c1856-//) Father; John

FREUDENBERG, Johann Friedrich Fritz (//c1825-12/5/1891)

Died Kent Town SA.

1880-1882 Queens Arms Hotel Brown St

To SA 1849 George Washington as a runaway sailor

Lived; Glen Osmomd 1851 Mt Barker Road 1854 Brownhill Creek 1859 Maryvale 1860 Adelaide 1864 Glen Osmond 1868

m 11/11/1849 Mr Kavel residence Robert St Hindmarsh, fellow passenger Jeangine Henriette Christine nee HAKENDORF (31/1/1821-16/9/1901) Born Altona, Holstein, Denmark. Died SA. Death date not registered – did she remarry? No evidence for this either.

FREW, Robert James (//-//)

1980-1981 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

FREW, Mrs RJ nee Dorothy May ? (//-//)

1980-1981 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

FRICKER, Jonathan John (//c1843-3/10/1882)

Died North Adelaide SA.

1873-1879 Wellington Inn Wellington Square

1879-1882 Wellington Hotel Wellington Square

To SA 1866 Peeress

Mason then Publican; North Adelaide

FRICKER, Mrs Jonathan nee Ann ? (//c1845-7/12/1887)

Died Adelaide SA.

1882-1884 Wellington Hotel Wellington Square North Adelaide

1886-1888 Queens Arms Hotel Brown St

FRICKER, Meshach (//-//)

1896-1898 Bristol Tavern Franklin St

1899-1903 Bristol Tavern Franklin St

1903-1911 Crown & Sceptre Hotel King William St South

1914-1920 Seven Stars Hotel Angas St

FRICKER, Mrs Meshach nee Edith G ?(//-//)

1898-1899 Bristol Tavern Franklin St

FRIEBE, Ord Ronald (//-//)

1946-1948 Burra Hotel Burra

FRIEDLANDER, Anton Friedrich (//-//)

1858-1860 Edinburgh Castle Inn Currie St

FRIEND, John Edward (//-//)

1866-1867 Wheatsheaf Inn Gawler East

FRIEND, William (//-//)

1879-1884 Caledonian Inn became Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

FRINSDORF, Friedrich Frederick (//-//)

1855-1863 Farmers Home Inn Yatala [Enfield] Hotel closer

FRISBY, Fredericka (//-//)

1897-1897 Cornucopia Hotel Wallaroo

Perhaps Mrs Henry Frisby

FRISBY, Henry perhaps (//c1865-13/7/1897)

Died Pt Wakefield SA (of Wallaroo).

1888-1892 Criterion Hotel Quorn

FRISBY, John (//-//)

1851-1852 Radley Arms Hotel Radley Hotel opened and closed

1854-1855 Prince Albert Hotel Currie St .

FRISBY, Rosina McIntosh (//-//)

1917-1921 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

FRISBY, William HJ (//-//)

1893-1894 Barossa Inn Lyndoch

FRITH, Mrs Elizabeth B (//-//)

1907-1908 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St Hotel closed.

1909-1915 Shakespeare Hotel Waymouth St

1916-1921 Shakespeare Hotel Waymouth St Hotel closed.

1921-1922 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

1922-1922 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

Perhaps a family connection with publican Matilda Howard.

FRITH, Moses (//-//)

1861-1861 MacDonnell Bay Hotel Pt MacDonnell Hotel founder

FROOD, Donald Robert (//-//)

1983-1988 Stag Hotel Rundle St

1989-1989 Stag Hotel Rundle St

FROST, Horace WC (//-//)

1927-1928 Thistle Hotel Waymouth St

FROST, Horace Edwin (//-//)

1931-1936 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

1937-1947 Grange Hotel Grange

1947-1955 Grange Hotel Grange with Euphemia McLaren Frost his wife and Hugh Frost their son

FROST, Mrs HC nee Euphemia McLaren SMYTHE (//-//)

1947-1955 Grange Hotel Grange with Euphemia McLaren Frost his wife and Hugh Frost their son

FROST, Hugh (7/3/1922-//)

Born West Croydon SA.

1947-1955 Grange Hotel Grange with Horace Edwin Frost and Euphemia McLaren Frost nee Smythe his parents

Parents – publicans Horace Edwin Frost & Euphemia McLaren nee Smythe

FROST, Kenneth Ernest (17/4/1912-//)

Born Mile End SA.

1941-1950 Wheatsheaf Hotel North Shields

Parents – Walter Ernest Frost & Kathleen McCard

FROST, William (//-//)

1881-1881 Light Bridge Hotel Linwood

1881-1882 Light Bridge Hotel Linwood

FRY, Alfred J (//-//)

1901-1905 Belvidere Hotel Belvidere Hundred of Bremer

1905-1906 Barossa Inn Lyndoch

FRY, Anson (//-//)

1848-1850 Echunga Inn Echunga Hotel founder

FRY, James (//c1840-9/1/1864)

Died Kapunda SA.

1863-1864 Commercial Inn Kapunda

FRY, Mrs James nee Ellen ? (//-//)

1864-1866 Commercial Inn Kapunda

1869-1870 Commercial Hotel Kapunda

1873-1879 Commercial Hotel Kapunda Hotel closed.

FRY, John Edward (//-//)

1863-1866 Royal Oak Hotel O’Connell St

1866-1877 Princess Royal Hotel O’Connell St

FRY, John Liddon (//c1844-11/6/1897)

Born Devon, England. Died Hammond SA.

1882-1889 Elliston Hotel Elliston

1890-1897 Hammond Hotel Hammond

To SA 1866 Atlanta

Storekeeper then Farmer then Publican; Elliston then Publican Hammond.

Biog BLIESCHKE, Liz Plain of contrasts p111

m 16/9/1875 St Matthew Ponindie, publican Jane nee White

FRY, Mrs JL nee Jane WHITE (5/8/1849-4/12/1942)

Born Adelaide SA.

1897-1905 Hammond Hotel Hammond

Parents – Charles White & Jane nee BOWER

FULCHER, Robert (//c1806-24/3/1854)

Died Pt Wakefield SA.

1851-1854 Pt Wakefield Arms Inn Pt Wakefield

A relative – Robert William Fulcher of Pt Wakefield who had moved to the Wallaroo Mine by the 1860s..

FULCHER, Mrs Robert nee Martha Elizabeth ? (//c1803-28/12/1866)

Died Adelaide SA.

1854-1856 Pt Wakefield Arms Inn Pt Wakefield

FULHAM, Gwyn (//-//)

1899-1899 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

FULLARTON, Frederick (//-//)

1936-1937 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

1937-1937 Poochera Hotel Poochera

1938-1938 Wheatsheaf Hotel Price

FULLARTON, John William (//-//)

1879-1881 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

FULLER, Albert (//-//)

1921-1924 Duke of Wellington Hotel Payneham

FULLER, Clarence (//-//)

1919-1927 Mt Remarkable Hotel Melrose

FULLER, Frederick Richardson (//-//)

1860-1862 Roundwood Inn Wilmington Hotel founder

FULLER, Frederick William (//-//)

1939-1951 Murray Bridge Hotel Murray Bridge

FULLER, Mrs Augusta (//-//)

1922-1925 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

FULLER, George Samuel (//-//)

1860-1861 Angaston Hotel Angaston

1861-1864 Hamilton Hotel Hamilton

1864-1878 Marrabel Hotel Marrabel

Born 21/8/1830 Launceston VDL. Died 22/8/1916 SA.

Parents: John FULLER and Ann nee WATERS.

To SA 1847 Schooner Elizabeth Jane from VDL.

Farmer, cabinetmaker, publican; Angaston, Fullerville, St Peters.


m 22/1/1851 Adelaide, Elizabeth Richards nee PLAYER.

Born 4/9/1834 England. Died 12/1/1916.

Parents: Nicholas Player and Elizabeth RICHARDS.

FULLER, John (//-12/7/1850)

Died North Adelaide SA, at his residence.

1846-1847 Joiners Arms Morphett St. Hotel closed.

1849-1850 Sturt Hotel Grenfell St

1850-1851 Union Inn Grenfell St

Did he come from New Zealand?? He had a New Zealand Club dinner in his hotel 20/4/1846.

FULLER, John (//-//)

1848-1850 Bird-In-Hand Inn Dry Creek [Pooraka]

FULLER, John (//-//)

1874-1876 Saltia Hotel Saltia Creek

1879-1879 Travellers Home Hotel Lochiel Hummocks

FULLER, Nelson (//c1887-//)

1923-1924 Aurora Hotel Pirie St

1924-1925 Pinnaroo Hotel Pinnaroo

1925-1928 Halfway House Hotel Plympton

Parents – William Fuller &

m 25/3/1911 Bride father residence Echunga, Lizzie Matilda nee Todd (//c1890-//) Parents – George Todd &

FULLER, Percy JD (//-//)

1922-1922 Flinders Family Hotel Pt Augusta

FULLSTON, Martin (//-//)

1882-1884 Cross Keys Hotel Dry Creek

1884-1884 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

FULTON, Isabella (//-//)

1918-1919 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

FULTON, Mrs Katherine (//-//)

1905-1916 Land of Promise Hotel Hindmarsh

FUNNELL, John Barnes (//-//)

1868-1869 Seaside & Family Hotel Brighton

FURNER, Walter (//-//)

1880-1882 Royal Victoria Hotel Beltana

FYFE/FYFFE, Archibald Wilson (//c1824-//)

1850-1855 Albert Hotel Alberton

1859-1861 Albert Hotel Alberton Hotel closer

m 3/10/1854 Albert Hotel Alberton, Martha nee EMERY (//c1823-//) Either the widow or the daughter of the previous and founding publican Samuel Marsden

FYFE, Peter (//-//)

1855-1857 Wellington Inn Bowden Hotel closer

To SA by 1847. Settled; Kooringa, Adelaide. Anglican. Children Alfred Henry b 1845 Margaret Celia b 1848

m Sarah nee PEARCE (//-//)