Lists of South Australian Publicans

The following are alphabetical lists of early South Australian Publicans compiled over many years by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian). 

The data is incomplete but includes certain additional information.  It has been taken 'as is' directly from his computer files (2015). 

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----  List Of Names 'G'  ----

GABLE, Thomas Gordon (//-//)

1964-1967 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

GADD, George (//-//)

1891-1894s Beltana Hotel Beltana

GADD, William Edward (//-//)

1890-1895 Scotch Thistle Inn Portland Estate

1895-1903 Mill Inn Riverton

GADD, Mrs WE nee Eliza ? (//-//)

1903-1908 Mill Inn Riverton

GADEN, Carl Charles Heinrich (//-//)

1886-1887 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

GAETJENS, Friedrich Frederick C (//-//)

1897-1911 Buckingham Arms Hotel Gilberton

GAHAN, Benjamin (//-//)

1841-1841 Halfway House Inn Plympton

GALE, Richard A (//-//)

1928-1929 Yatina Hotel Yatina with Effie Gale

GALE, Mrs RA nee Effie ? (//-//)

1928-1929 Yatina Hotel Yatina with Richard A Gale

GALE, Thomas George (//-//)

1920-1922 Black Rock Hotel Black Rock

GALL, Mrs Susan (//-//)

1895-1896 Commercial Hotel Jamestown

GALL, Thomas (//-//)

1888-1888 Commercial Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie

1888-1894 Petersburg Hotel Petersburg [Peterborough]

GALLAGHER, Herbert H (//-//)

1922-1923 Prince of Wales Hotel Angas St Hotel closed.

GALLARY, William Henry (//-//)

1939-1941 Commercial Hotel Gawler


1893-1893 Windsor Hotel Gillies Plains

GALLEY, George Miller (//-//)

1850-1851 Apoinga Hotel Apoinga Hotel founder

GALPIN, Mrs Muriel (//-//)

1947-1949 Cockburn Hotel Cockburn

GALT, Mrs Eleanor (//-//)

1903-1904 Kentish Arms Hotel Stanley St North Adelaide

1904-1905 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

Probably linked with the Pollock family of the Theatre Royal Hotel

GANDY, Carew (//c1844-//)

1888-1894 Sussex Arms Hotel Walkerville

1894-1900 Bucks Head Hotel Stepney

Parents – George Gandy &

Settled North Adelaide by 1878 Walkerville by 1881 later Publican; Walkerville, Stepney

m Mary nee CLARKE (//-//)

m 27/12/1876 Christ Church North Adelaide, Anna nee BOTHE (//c1856-//) Parents – Heinrich Wilhelm Bothe &

GANDY, Charles WD (//-//)

1896-1897 Alma Hotel Norwood

GANDY, Edward (//c1819-29/7/1902)

Born prob Twyford, Hants, England. Died Glenelg SA.

1891-1893 Halfway House Hotel Plympton

1893-1901 Northern Hotel Enfield

To SA 1836 Rapid with his brothers and sister

m (1) 3/3/1853 unrecorded Hindmarsh, MrsJohn MILLER nee Agnes MCCORMACK (//c1822-12/9/1871) Died Norwood SA.

m (2) 30/10/1872 St George Woodforde, publican Mrs James Addison nee Maria Bailey

m (3) 24/6/1886 St George Parsonage Woodforde, publican Mrs Henry Hooper nee Emma CAID/CARD

GANDY, Edward Scott (//c1855-11/4/1891)

Born prob SA. Died Gawler SA.

1877-1878 Globe Inn Kensington

1878-1879 Angas Park Hotel Nuriootpa

1879-1880 Corio Hotel Goolwa

1887-1888 Commercial Hotel Gawler

1888-1891 Old Bushman Inn Gawler

Parents – publican Edward Gandy & Agnes formerly Mrs John Miller nee McCormack.

Publican, auctioneer; Goolwa, Nuriootpa, Kapunda, Kensington.

m 22/1/1877 Congregational Church Kapunda, publican Mary Ann nee Ormond.

GANDY, Mrs ES nee Mary Ann ORMOND (//c1858-//)

1891-1891 Old Bushman Inn Gawler

1888-1888 Commercial Hotel Gawler

Parents – Patrick Ormond &

GANDY, George (//-//)

6/1/1848-1849 Dolphin Inn North Tce Hotel founder

GANDY, William (//-//)

1840-1841 Brickmakers Arms Hotel Thebarton Hotel founder

GANNONI, Mrs Joan (//-//)

1942-1944 London Inn Flinders St with William Martin Daly

GANT, John (//-//)

1880-1883 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

GARBETT, Jack Gedge (//-//)

1948-1948 Wudinna Hotel Wudinna

GARD, John A (//-//)

1892-1895 Marion Hotel Marion

GARD, Thomas (//-//)

1860-1861 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1861-1867 Dock Hotel Pt Adelaide


1844-1846 Wheatsheaf Inn Thebarton Hotel founder

GARDINER, Edward (//-//)

1860-1861 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

GARDINER, George Plummer (//-//)

1858-1859 John Bull Inn became Royal Mail Inn Currie St

Husband of Alice Gardiner Observer 3/2/1855 p36a.


1877-1878 Orient Hotel Wakefield St

GARDINER, James (//-//)

1878-1883 Globe Inn Gawler

1883-1883 Globe Hotel Bowden

GARDINER, Mrs James nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

1883-1884 Globe Hotel Bowden

GARDINER, Mrs Margaret Ann/Mary Ann (//-//)

1884-1885 Marquis of Lorne Hotel Pirie St

GARDINER/GARDNER, Leonard F (//-//)

1926-1928 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton


1921-1921 East End Market Hotel East Tce

GARDINER, Mrs Norah (//-//)

1921-1923 Hannahville Hotel Hannahville Pt Augusta

GARDINER/GARDNER, Patrick (//-//)

1928-1930 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

GARDINER/GARDNER, Robert C (//-//)

1922-1926 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

GARDINER, Mrs Sheila Josephine (//-//)

1936-1937 Royal Hotel Hawker

1950-1953 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

GARDINER, William (//-//)

1848-1850 Golden Fleece Inn Currie St

1850-1851 Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel became Caledonial Inn King William St .

1853-1855 St Vincent Inn Brighton

GARDINER, William (//-//)

1880-1886 OG Inn Klemzig

1850-1880 OG Hotel Klemzig

GARDNER, Francis R (//-//)

1921-1921 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney

GARDNER, Frederick Perry (//-//)

1850-1852 Travellers Rest Inn Langhorne Creek

The only publican

GARDNER, Gavin Forrest (//-//)

1887-1887 Selborne Hotel Pirie St Hotel founder

Chronicle 13/1/1886 p155c. Appealed to members of the legal profession. Opp Pirie St Wesleyan Methodist Church. There are already seven public houses within a radius of 200 yards of the new house …

GARDNER, George (//-//)

1894-1895 Dolphin Hotel Rundle St

1903-1904 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

GARDNER, Horace L (//-//)

1927-1931 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge with Charlotte Gardner

GARDNER, Mrs HL nee Charlotte ? (//-//)

1927-1931 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge with Horace L Gardner

GARDNER, John William (//-//)

1892-1896 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

GARDNER, Minnie (//-//)

1896-1896 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

GARDNER, Leonard (//-//)

1925-1926 Olary Hotel Olary

GARDNER, Mary Ann (//-//)

1919-1920 Scotch Thistle Hotel Kermode St

GARDNER, Patrick (//-//)

1931-1935 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

GARIE, Mrs Clara (//-//)

1903-1905 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

GARLAND, Hugh Arbuthnot (//-//)

1887-1895 Portland Hotel Portland Estate

1895-1895 Old Colonist Hotel Angas St

GARLAND, William (//-//)

1856-1860 Britannia Hotel Norwod

GARLAND, Mrs William nee Ann ? (//-//)

1860-1865 Britannia Hotel Norwod

1867-1870 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

1871-1875 Britannia Hotel Norwod

GARLAND, William Percival (//-//)

1948-1957 Avoca Hotel Clarence Gardens

GARNAUT, Richard Laurence & Mary Violet (//-//)

1919-1920 Union Hotel Waymouth St with Mary Violet Garnaut

GARNAUT, Mrs RL nee Mary Violet ? (//-//)

1919-1920 Union Hotel Waymouth St with Richard Laurence Garnaut

GARRARD, Arthur Leslie (//-//)


GARRATT/GARRETT, William (//-//)

1913-1918 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

1928-1929 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

GARRARD, Arthur Leslie (//-//)

1935-1941 Hotel Ambassadors King William St

1943-1944 Stag Rundle St with Beryl Warburton Rothenberg

1944-1945 Stag Rundle St with Beryl Warburton Rothenberg

1946-1948 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

GARRARD, Violet Adelaide (//-//)

1932-1934 Tattersalls Hotel Hindley St

1947-1950 London Inn Flinders St

GARRATT, Samuel Beattie (//-//)

1846-1846 British Hotel Pirie St Hotel founder.

GARRAWAY, Francis Morton (//-//)

1889-1889 Elephant & Castle Hotel West Tce

GARRAWAY, Mrs FM nee Maria ? (//-//)

1889-1890 Elephant & Castle Hotel West Tce

1890-1891 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

GARRETT, Allen Harold (//-//)

1906-1907 Transcontinental Hotel Farina

GARRETT, Mrs Annie M (//-//)

1913-1920 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

1921-1923 Grange Family Hotel Grange

1924-1926 Caledonian Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

GARRETT, Mrs Catherine Jane (//-//)

1902-1903 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka

GARRETT, Harold George (//-//)

1938-1940 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

1945-1950 Hotel Centralia North Tce .

GARRETT, John Edwin (//-//)

1881-1881 Pt Lincoln Hotel Pt Lincoln

1911-1912 Kingston Hotel Mt Bryan

GARRETT, Mrs JE nee Anna Maria ? (//-//)

1912-1913 Kingston Hotel Mt Bryan

GARRETT, Robert (//-//)

1875-1875 Grapes Inn Grenfell St

1881-1881 Edinburgh Castle Inn Currie St

GARRETT, William (//-//)

1893-1895 Black Swan Hotel North Tce

GARRETT, Mrs Catherine J (//-//)

1895-1895 Black Swan Hotel North Tce

GARRETT, William (//-//)

1864-1865 Miners Arms Inn Glen Osmond

GARRETT, William (//-//)

1866-1868 Sportsmans Arms Hotel Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln

1868-1870 Wheatsheaf Inn North Shields

1871-1874 Wheatsheaf Inn North Shields

1874-1878 Burrawing Hotel Lipson Hotel founder

1878-1881 Pt Lincoln Hotel Pt Lincoln

1881-1890 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

1891-1892 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka

GARRETT, William (//-//)

1920-1923 Thistle Hotel Waymouth St

GARRETT, Mrs William (//-//)

1893-1895 Centralia Black Swan North Tce

GARRETT, William Tardrew (//-//)

1890-1894 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

GARROOD, Charles Jesse (//-//)

1887-1887 Family Hotel Mallala Hotel closer

1887-1891 Reepham Hotel Reepham Hotel founder

GARTERY, David (//-//)

1910-1911 Young Queens Hotel Gawler Place

GARTRELL, Francis (//-//1855)

1853-1855 Miners Arms Inn Glen Osmond

GARTRELL, John (//-//)

1879-1879 Gawler Belt Inn Gawler Belt [Willaston]

GARTRELL, William Henry (//-//)

1855-1857 Miners Arms Inn Glen Osmond

GARVIE, Mrs nee Rita Craig ? (//-//)

1943-1944 Gawler Arms Hotel Gawler with Mrs Honorah Curtin

1944-1946 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

1947-1948 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown

GASH, Mrs John nee Susannah Alice ALLINGTON (//-//)

1910-1911 Saracens Head Hotel Carrington St

1911-1913 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

1913-1914 Colonel Light Hotel Currie St

Globe Hotel, North St, Adelaide 1920 Application 26860

Widowed by 1911

GASH, William (//-//)

1879-1879 Pig and Whistle Inn Kooringa

GASKELL, John (//-//)

1854-1858 Emu Hotel Morphett Vale

GASON, John (//-//)

1859-1859 Yorke Peninsula Currie St Perhaps also called the Sugar Inn??

GASON, Richard (//c1797-19/1/1860)

Died Adelaide SA, at his residence the Yorke Peninsula Inn Currie St West.

1855-1859 Yorke Peninsula Inn Currie St Hotel founder.

1859-1860 Yorke Peninsula Inn Currie St Hotel closer

Youngest son of the late Captain John Gason of the 40th Regiment of HM Service, Tipperary, Ireland.

GASON, Samuel T (//-//1897) Died SA.

1876-1884 Beltana Hotel Beltana

1885-1887 Beltana Hotel Beltana

1888-1895 Royal Victoria Hotel Beltana

1896-1897 Gibsons Camp Hotel near Bookaloo

An ex-police trooper from Attack Creek

Buried at Gibsons Camp

GASS, Samuel (//-//)

1904-1905 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

GASTON, Charles (//-//)

1880-1881 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

1882-1884 Blyth Hotel Blyth

GASTON, John Graeme & Janice Kathleen (//-//)

1982-1987 District Hotel Tungkillo

GATES, George (//-//)

1875-1876 Eagle Tavern Hindley St

1876-1878 Gresham Hotel King William St

1878-1878 Clarence Hotel King William St 1878 He made an underlease to George Walter Simpson at £5 a week of the hotel premises, reserving to himself 'the Shades diningroom and the billiard room … also two rooms and the pantry on the right-hand side of the passage … and the easternmost shed in the yard'. Memorial 142/318. It seems as though GW Simpson must have then operated an eating house separate from the hotel.

1880-1880 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1881-1881 Newmarket Inn North Tce

GATES, George (//-//)

1879-1880 Balaklava Hotel Balaklava

1882-1883 Royal Victoria Hotel Beltana

GATES, William John/ames (//-//)

1849-1851 Miners Arms Inn Glen Osmond

1859-1860 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1861-1865 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1868-1873 Duke of Wellington Inn Payneham

GATTORNA, John Jack (Giovanni Battista Gattorna)

1913-1921 Tattersalls Hotel Hindley St

1922-1925 Tattersalls Hotel Hindley St

1925-1929 Duke of York Hotel Currie St

1929-1929 John Bull Hotel Currie St

1929-1932 John Bull Hotel Currie St with Mary Cecilia Gattorna

1932-1932 John Bull Hotel Currie St

GATTORNA, Mrs Jack nee Mary Cecilia ? (//-//)

1929-1929 Duke of York Hotel Currie St

1929-1932 John Bull Hotel Currie St with Jack Gattorna

1933-1935 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

1934-1934 Napoleon Hotel King William St .

GATTORNA, Lino (//-//)

1905-1909 Railway Hotel Pt Adelaide

1909-1916 Southern Cross Hotel King William St

GATTORNA, Mrs Lino nee Emilie ? (//-//)

1909-1913 Railway Hotel Pt Adelaide

1922-1922 Tattersalls Hotel Hindley St with Alexander W McFarlane

GAUNTLEY, Joseph William (//c1815-17/7/1867)

Died Stirling East SA.

1858-1863 Balhannah Inn Balhannah Hotel closer

1863-1865 Duke of Wellington Inn Payneham

1865-1867 Halfway House Inn Stirling

m 29/6/1850 Holy Trinity Adelaide, publican Elizabeth nee ROGERS (//c1822-//)

GAUNTLEY Mrs JW nee Elizabeth ROGERS (//c1822-//)

1867-1868 Halfway House Inn Stirling

Daughter of John Rogers.

m (2) 12/4/1868 St Luke Adelaide, William ROGERS (//c1822-//) Son of George Rogers.

GAVIN, William Henry (//-//)

1895-1895 Dalrymple Hotel Stansbury

1905-1905 Sportsmans Hotel Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln

1912-1913 Blanchetown Hotel Blanchetown

1913-1914 Blanchetown Hotel Blanchetown with Annie E McKenzie

1914-1915 Yunta Hotel Yunta

1918-1921 Hannahville Hotel Hannahville Pt Augusta

GAVIN, Helen (//-//)

1915-1916 Yunta Hotel Yunta

GAVIN, Lizzie Helen (//-//)

1916-1918 Yunta Hotel Yunta

GAWEN, Mrs Elizabeth (//-//)

1898-1900 Portland Hotel Portland Estate

GAWEN, James H (//-//)

1879-1881 Flinders Family Hotel Pt Augusta

GAWEN, W H (//-//)

1881-1887 Flinders Family Hotel Pt Augusta

GAYWOOD, James (//-//)

1840-1847 Ship Inn Currie St Hotel founder.

m still unknown Son James Gaywood the Younger d 29/9/1846 Adelaide, aged 1 day

GEACH, Thomas (//-//)

1898-1898 Unicorn Hotel Hallett

m poss Mary Ann nee (//c1832-16/12/1883) Died Kooringa SA (of Robertstown).

GEBHARDT, August Christian Wilhelm (//c1838-9/5/1890)

Died Mt Gambier SA.

1887-1887 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier

1889-1890 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – August Ferdinand Gebhardt &

The last of the present nine hotels in the Mt Gambier District to be established.

m 25/6/1862 Groom residence Mt Gambier, publican Ernestine Wilhelmine nee Graunitz.

GEBHARDT, Mrs ACW nee Ernestine Wilhelmine Minna GRAUNITZ (//c1845-1/10/1918)

Died Mt Gambier SA.

1890-1890 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – Ernst Wilhelm Graunitz &

GEBHARDT, Carl Heinrich (//c1826-8/10/1909)

Died Fullarton Estate SA.

1869-1869 Alexandra Hotel Rundle St

Parents – Heinrich Gebhardt & Ernestine Wilhelmine nee ?

To SA 1855 Australia

Locksmith from Clausthal (Harz), Hanover.

Publican, machinist; Adelaide, Norwood.

m 24/3/1857 Wesleyan Chapel Pirie St Adelaide, Selina nee WALLACE (c1830-16/11/1891) Died Norwood SA. Father; James.

GEBHARDT, Ernst Wilhelm Carl (10/6/1863-29/9/1942)

Born Mt Gambier SA. Died Glenunga SA.

1887-1888 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier

1888-1890 Farmers Inn Mt Gambier

Parents – publicans Wilhelm Gebhardt & Minna nee Graunitz

GEAKE, John (//-//)

1881-1884 Balaklava then Royal Hotel Balaklava

GEERCKENS, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)

1915-1917 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

1917-1917 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

GEDDES, Flora (//-//)

1911-1911 Excelsior Hotel Brompton Park

GEE, Reginand John (//-//)

1944- 1972 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne with Rosa Norma Gee his wife

1972- 1974 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

GEE, Mrs Rosa Norma (//-11/9/1972)

1944- 1972 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne with Reginand John Gee her husband

GEHRIKE, Oscar George (//-//)

1941-1951 District Hotel Nairne

GEISLER, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)

1862-1862 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

GEMMELL, Alexander (//-//)

1936-1941 Wudinna Hotel Wudinna

GENDER, Joseph (//-//)

1853-1854 Smelters Home Hotel Aberdeen

GENE, Gottfried (//-//)

1867-1868 Clarendon Hotel Hindley St

GENE, Joseph (//-//)

1881-1883 Hotel Europe Grenfell St . Hotel closed.

GENELKE, Friedrich (//-//)

1871-1871 Dolphin Tavern Rundle St

GENERY, Annie (//-//)

1905-1905 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

Perhaps Mrs Walter Thomas Genery nee Annie Latham ? (//c1835-27/8/1909) Died Prospect SA. Perhaps Walter Thomas Genery (//c1837-2/3/1892) Died East Adelaide SA.

GENT, Charles James (//c1835-19/4/1914)

Died Unley SA (of North Unley).

1858-1859 Queens Arms Hotel Brown St

GENT, Walter George perhaps (//c1833-25/9/1864)

Died Adelaide SA.

1858-1860 Castle Tavern Pt Lincoln

To SA uncertain

Perhaps Publican; Pt Lincoln later Draper; Adelaide

m 14/5/1855 Lucy nee COLLENETTE (//c1833-//) Parents – Thomas & Martha

m (2) T PENALUNA (//-//)

GENTRY, Robert (//-//)

1878-1879 Tarcowie Hotel Tarcowie Hotel founder

GEORGE, Catherine (//-//)

1883-1884 Saltia Hotel Saltia Creek

GEORGE, Clive Frederick (//-//)

1940-1940 Hotel Newcastle Solomontown Pt Pirie

1940-1941 Hotel St Vincent Glenelg

GEORGE, David (//-//)

1906-1906 Paradise Hotel Little Paradise [Paradise]

GEORGE, Edward Tobias (//-//)

1841-1842 Gawler Arms Inn became Gloster Hotel became Gloucester Hotel Brown St

GEORGE, Ethel M (//-//)

1921-1924 Federal Hotel McKenzie Landing Denial Bay

1925-1926 Federal Hotel McKenzie Landing Denial Bay

GEORGE, Evan Ernest (//-//)

1898-1904 Globe Hotel Yongala

GEORGE, Frank Rees (10/5/1838-12/1/1886)

Born London, Middlesex, England. Died East Adelaide SA.

1872-1873 Flagstaff Hotel Franklin St .

Parents – Francis George & Ann Fell nee REES

m 21/6/1871 Holy Trinity Adelaide, publican Ediva Leonora nee Catchlove

Was their son Frank Rees George a surveyor? He d 4/4/1906 Stuart near Alice Springs, of exhaustion through cariiing for his field assistant after an Aboriginal attack, aged 32. Prob a bachelor – lived at Lockleys/Fulham.

Their 4th son, Cecil Rees George, died 14/9/1889 Adelaide, at his parents residence the Crown and Sceptre Hotel, of diphtheria, aged 6. DN Observer 21/9/1889 p560a.

GEORGE, Mrs FR nee Ediva Leonora CATCHLOVE (6/6/1852-4/11/1920)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Lockleys SA.

1887-1889 Crown & Sceptre Hotel King William St South

Parents – publicans Henry Catchlove & Emma nee Filmer.

m (2) 31/7/1889 St Luke Adelaide, Samuel KELLETT (//c1858-2/8/1951) Died Lockleys SA. Father; Samuel Land surveyor; Hundred of Mayurra 1882 Malvern, Lockleys.

GEORGE, George Lawson (//-//)

1876-1877 Ship Inn Kingston S-E

1878-1880 Somerset Hotel Millicent

1881-1882 Royal Hotel Kent Town

1883-1884 Torrens Arms Hotel Kingswood

1887-1894 Somerset Hotel Millicent

GEORGE, GS (//-//)

1883-1883 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

GEORGE, Henry (//-//)

1875-1876 Jolly Miller Inn Noarlunga

GEORGE, John (//-//)

1853-1855 London Hotel Flinders St

GEORGE, Mrs Julia A (//-//)

1906-1909 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate -

GEORGE, Mary (//-//)

1886-1887 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

1888-1888 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

GEORGE, Richard (//-//)

1884-1889 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

1889-1890 Family Hotel Glenelg

GEORGE, Stanley Joseph (//c1889-//)

1920-1921 Colton Hotel Colton

1924-1924 Franklin Harbour Hotel Cowell

1927-1940 Wirrulla Hotel Wirrulla Hotel founder

Son of Thomas George

m (2) 18/1/1933 Gilbert McCampbell residence Nargultie, Winifred Theoclis nee Black

GEORGE, Mrs SJ nee Winifred Theoclis BLACK (//c1903-//)

1940-1941 Wirrulla Hotel Wirrulla

Daughter of John Black

GEORGE, Mrs Julia Ann (//-//)

1910-1924 Franklin Harbour Hotel Cowell

1931-1946 Franklin Harbour Hotel Cowell

GEORGE, Robert Duncan (//-//)

1925-1931 Franklin Harbour Hotel Cowell

GEORGE, Stanley (//-//)

1926-1927 Sea View Hotel Pt Neill

GEORGE, Thomas (//-//)

1876-1878 Saltia Hotel Saltia Creek

GEORGE, Thomas Allen (//-//)

1943-1951 Cumberland Arms Hotel Waymouth St

GEORGE, Walter J (//-//)

1905-1908 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

1908-1908 Edinburgh Castle Hotel Currie St

1908-1909 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington Hotel closed.

GEORGE/GORDON, William J (//-//)

1919-1920 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate with Michael J/Norah M O’Grady

1921-1921 Crown Hotel Reynella

GEORGE, William Joseph (//c1874-9/9/1941)

Died Northfield SA (0f Woodville).

1937-1937 Land of Promise Hotel Hindmarsh

GEPP, Grant Harley & Rosslyn Lesley (//-//)

1990-1991 Springton Hotel Springton

GEPP, Henry perhaps (//c1863-17/4/1944)

Died Adelaide SA (of North Adelaide).

1899-1923 Aurora Hotel Pirie St

1925-1934 Cathedral Hotel Kermode St

Perhaps son of Joseph Gepp.

Perhaps m 30/4/1906 Methodist Manse Morphett St Adelaide, Ada Myrtle nee OSWALD (//c1883-//) Parents – William John Cooper Oswald & Perhaps remarried – no death date recorded under Gepp until 1970.

GEPP, Isaac (c1811-21/1/1891)

Died Norton Summit SA.

1844-1846 Windmill Inn Main North Road [Prospect]

1846-1849 Millers Friend Inn became Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross Hotel founder

1849-1851 Worlds End Inn Magill

1853-1853 Eagle on the Hill Inn Leawood Gardens

1857-1879 Rock Tavern Third Creek Hotel founder

1886-1886 Rock Tavern Third Creek

1886-1891 Rock Tavern Third Creek Hotel closer

To SA 1840 Fairlie. Ship constable during the voyage. Publican & farmer; Prospect, Gepps Cross, World’s End Magill, Leawood Gardens, Rock Tavern Magill then Gardener; Ashton, etc. CE. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871. The oldest publican in SA at the time of his death.

Windmill Hotel Prospect. Farmed in conjunction with being a publican. Purchased the first elephant to be imported into SA to serve as a horse to do the ploughing as well as perform other heavy tasks in connection with farm work. Elephant very expensive to keep because of the great amount of food he consumed. However, the elephant pulled a plough in local ploughing matches and won the competition handsomely; also won a 200 yard walking match against a horse. The elephant moved with Isaac Gepp to Gepps Cross[ing], when Gepp established a hotel at this busy intersection where many roads met. The elephant pulled many vehicles out of the thick mud which covered the roads in wet weather. Gepp and the elephant also took out contracts in the building of the new railway line from Islington to Salisbury. The elephant also had a wonderful capacity for drinking beer. One stormy night, the animal was left without shelter, contracted cramps and died.

Bought the lease of the Worlds End Inn on Magill Road at Magill in 1849 – the last hotel before going up into the Tiers. Busy trade in food and drink with teamsters and gardeners moving to and from the Tiers – produce and timber. From 1853, after Gepp left, the newly established East Torrens District Council met periodically there each year – also sitting at the East Torrens Hotel Magill, the Maid and Magpie Stepney and the Green Gate at Burnside.

Gepp operated Andersons Hotel – the later Eagle on the Hill – for several months during 1853. Moved back to the Magill area and built the Rock Tavern, at first an eating house, at Third Creek facing a steep rough zig-zag bullock track up the gully to Norton Summit during 1854. Hotel named after the huge 800’ high rock sticking out of the ground below the hotel – named Wellington Rock because it bore a striking resemblance to the Duke of Wellington – SV Pizey opened a quarry into the side of the base during 1878

Rock Tavern was a long, one-storey stone building tucked into the side of the hill on a naturally level plateau, shingle roofed rooms leading into each other. The bar faced the road with a large dining room seating 80 people behind. A row of willows along the front to shade the hotel and horses, tethered at hitching rails beside mounting blocks. A little creek ran past and a well near the bar door provided icy cold water for the whisky. Popular skittle alley at the rear of the hotel.

After the new government road to Norton Summit opened in 1859, the Rock Tavern became popular with riding parties, coaches and private vehicles. Beautiful rural countryside nearby, and Charles Giles famous garden at Grove Hill. The large hotel dining room became the venue for dances, where an accordian, English concertina and sometimes a violin provided the music. Large stables and yards to accommodate horses for travellers staying overnight. The newly subdivided East Torrens DC met at Rock Tavern between 1859-1879, with Thomas Playford often as Chairman.

Brother to publican Thomas Gepp.

m (1) England, Anne nee ? (//c1808-25/9/1850), Died Magill SA, of consumption, ‘greatly regretted by a large circle of friends’.

Likely had no family by first marriage, but untraced son b c1836 on shipping list. He could instead be a son of Thomas Gepp who is listed as having no family on the shipping list.

m (2) 28/7/1851 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Mary nee Pennells/PENNELS (//c1835-30/5/1914) Died Ashton SA.

GEPP, Mrs Isaac nee Mary Ann Pennells/PENNELS (//c1835-30/5/1914)

Died Ashton SA.

1886-1886 Rock Tavern Third Creek

GEPP, Thomas (//c1809-17/11/1894)

Died Adelaide SA.

4/3/1841-1842 Black Horse Waymouth St Only publican

To SA 1840 Fairlie.

Agriculturalist and grazier from St John Wood, Middlesex, England. Publican; Adelaide.

Brother to publican Isaac Gepp.

GEPP, Mrs Thomas nee Ann FRANCIS (//c1817-6/12/1868)

Died Adelaide SA. Dressmaker, from Miss Ricks 19 Mount St, Grosvenor Square, London. To open a shop Aug 1842 in Manfull’s former shop Waymouth St, Adelaide.

GERBER, Adolph (//-//)

1887-1894 National Hotel Pirie St

GERHARD, Mrs Elizabeth perhaps nee THONER/THONOR/TURNER perhaps (//c1858-12/11/1918)

Died Sandwell SA (of Glenelg).

1892-1902 District Hotel Gumeracha

1902-1903 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

Father – Frederic

perhaps widow of Ernst Gerhard of Waterloo and Gawler (//c1847-5/6/1890) Died Gawler SA.

Father - Henry

m 15/5/1878 St Ignatius Norwood

GERKE, Ethel May (//-//)

1918-1918 Areas Hotel Georgetown


Johann Stanley Gerke (//c1880-//) Apparently not Born SA. Parents – Friedrich Carl Gerke &

m 22/2/1905 St Thomas Naracoorte

Mary Ethel nee MUNRO (22/8/1880-//) Born Naracoorte SA. Parents – William Munro & Catherine nee GROGAN.

GERLOFF, William Adolph (//-//)

1880-1883 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge

The only publican

Timber frame and weatherboard construction hotel. Gerloff had his own brewery at the rear of the premises.

1889-1891 United Service Club Hotel King William St

GERMAIN, Charles George (//-//)

1856-1857 White Hart Inn Pt Adelaide Hotel founder

1859-1863 White Hart Inn Pt Adelaide

GEUE, Edwin Walter (24/4/1885-//)

Born near Lyndoch SA.

1928-1929 Hotel Arno Arno Bay

Parents – Gustav August Geue & Anna Elisabeth nee KOCH

GEUE, Johann Friedrich (//-//)

1864-1865 Barossa Inn Lyndoch

1872-1879 Barossa Inn Lyndoch

GEUE, Johann Gottfried (20/3/1841-18/10/1893)

Born Tucheim, Prussian Saxony. Died Sheaoak Log SA.

1867-1894 Sheaoak Log Hotel Sheaoak Log

Farmer, publican; Leasingham, Sheaoak Log.

m 20/4/1863 Anna Ernestine KUESCHNER (24/7/1843-26/8/1925) Born Seiffersdorf, Kreis Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia. Died Sheaoak Log SA. Parents: Johann Christian KUESCHNER and Anna Rosine nee HEINKE.

GEUE, Wilhelm (//-//)

1864-1870 Barossa Inn Lyndoch

Probably Johann Friedrich Wilhelm GEUE Born 3/6/1827 Prussia. Died Rosenthal SA.

m probably Prussia, Wilhelmine nee BETZ. Born Prussia. Died Rosenthal SA.

GIBBISON, James (//-//)

1856-1860 Alma Inn Norwood

1876-1881 Terminus Hotel Glenelg

GIBBISON, Mrs James nee Sarah COURTENEY/COURTNEY (//-//)

1862-1863 Phoenix Hotel Hindley St

Widow of the late James Gibbison formerly licensed victualler Alma Hotel, Norwood but now deceased.

GIBBONS, Alfred Charles (//-//)

1932-1943 Railway Hotel Pt Elliot

GIBBONS, Alfred Morris (14/7/1868-14/12/1924)

Born Balhannah SA. Died Hindmarsh SA.

1906-1909 Vine Inn Glen Osmond Hotel closed.

1912-1918 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St

At Saltia by 1893 Enfield by 1905

Parents – John Gibbons and Belinda Bennett nee Morris.

GIBBONS, Mrs AM nee Ellen Gertrude GEORGE (//-//)

Prob not Born SA.

1909-1912 Tanners Arms Hotel Bowden

1918-1921 Lady Fergusson Currie St Hotel closed.

GIBBONS, John (25/4/1839-29/10/1907)

Born Highgate, Middlesex, England. Died Adelaide SA.

1868-1877 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah

1877-1878 Lake Hotel Milang

1879-1879 Normans Victory Hotel Sellicks Hill

Publican; Balhannah, Milang, Adelaide.

Son in law of publican Edward Morris. He took over his father-in-law’s Golden Cross at Balhannah.

GIBBONS, Robert (//-//)

1873-1877 Hilton Hotel Hilton

1877-1878 Heart and Hand Hotel Edwardstown Hotel closed

GIBBS, James Bennett (//-//)

1877-1879 Blanchetown Hotel Blanchetown

1879-1894 North-West Bend Terminus Hotel Morgan

Lived; Nuccaleena by 1865 Glenelg by 1868 Thurk Station by 1872 Blanchetown by 1876 Morgan by 1879

m Ellen Fisher nee COTTER (//-//)

GIBBS, John (//-//)

1878-1887 North Star Inn Wheal Blinman near Blinman

1887-1890 Beltana Hotel Beltana

1897-1910 North Star Inn Wheal Blinman near Blinman Hotel closer

GIBBS, Mrs John nee Mary ? (//-//)

1890-1907 North Star Inn Wheal Blinman near Blinman

GIBSON, Alfred perhaps Alfred Frederick Lewis (//-//)

1907-1913 Commercial Hotel Gawler

Perhaps Lived; North Adelaide by 1881

GIBSON, Mrs Alfred nee Annie perhaps SCOTT (//-//)

1913-1918 Commercial Hotel Gawler

GIBSON, George (//-//)

1943-1943 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

GIBSON, James Henry (//-//)

1931-1951 Gilles Arms Hotel Gilles St

GIBSON, John George (//c1838-3/12/1890)

1871-1873 Railway Hotel Freeling

1873-1876 Crown Inn Truro

1876-1881 Wilmington Hotel Wilmington Hotel founder

1881-1882 Taylors Hotel Pt Augusta

1882-1883 Cohens Family Hotel became Gibsons Family Hotel Rundle St

1883-1887 Globe Hotel Wilmington

Born c1838. Died 3/12/1890. Farmer, publican; Gawler, Truro, Wilmington, Cockburn. m 23/4/1863 Gawler, Agnes nee BOWES Born . Died ?

Farmer, publican; Adelaide, Gawler, Truro, Wilmington, Cockburn.

m 23/4/1863 Gawler, publican Agnes nee Bowes.

GIBSON, Mrs JG nee Agnes Bowes (17/3/1844-//)

1887-1888 Wellington Hotel Wellington Square North Adelaide

Parents: John BOWES and Anne nee TURNBULL.

GIBSON, John William (//-//)

1890-1890 Forest Inn Black Forest

Perhaps Lived; Pt Pirie by 1893

Perhaps m (1) Phoebe nee BRIGGS m (2) Louise nee BEINKE

GIBSON, Peter (//-//)

1888-1891 Emu Hotel Morphett Vale

1891-1891 North Laura Hotel North Laura

1891-1893 Crown Hotel Reynella

GIBSON, Sydney Sven (//-//)

1918-1918 Commercial Hotel Gawler

GIDDINGS, Rildah (//-//)

1914-1916 Grange Family Hotel Grange with Lydia Kerrison

GIDDINGS, William (//-//)

1880-1887 Cramptons Family Hotel Norwood

GIFFNEY, Patrick (//-//)

1872-1872 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St

1872-1879 Miners Arms Hotel Kadina

Settled; Adelaide by 1873

m Margaret Bennett nee MCENTIRE (//-//)

GIFFORD, Frederick George perhaps (9/5/1889-//)

Born Exeter SA.

1923-1941 Mt Gambier Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – William Gifford & Ellen Jane nee WOODGET

GIFFORD, Robert Wilfred & Patricia Ann (//-//)

1977-1980 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

GILBERT, Emanuel Francis (//-//)

1883-1884 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

Settled; Kapunda by 1870 Adelaide by 1873 Glanville by 1879 Findon by 1881 Pt Pirie by 1885 Beetaloo by 1887

m Margaret nee KING (//-//)

GILBERT, Francis (//-//)

1939-1939 Eureka Hotel Carrieton

GILBERT, Henry (//-//)

1895-1911 Wirrabara Hotel Wirrabara

m (1) Mary Ann nee CROFT (//-//) m (2) Jane Janie nee CAMERON (//-//)

GILBERT, Mrs Margaret Jean (//-//)

1912-1913 Gawler Belt Hotel Gawler Belt [Willaston] Hotel closer

1913-1916 North Star Hotel Templers

1916-1918 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

GILBERT, Mary AM (//-//)

1921-1922 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

GILBERT, William C (//-//)

1923-1925 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

GILBERTSON, Thomas (//-//)

1856-1881 Waterloo Inn Peachey Belt The only publican

Alice Eleanor Gilbertson d 3/2/1881 Waterloo Inn of bronchitis, aged 14 weeks. Only daughter of William and Frances Williamson DN Observer 12/2/1881 p276b.

GILBERTSON, William Edwin (//-//)

1908-1909 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

Settled; Pt Elliston by 1903 Salisbury by 1905

m Lily May Clementina nee RIDGLEY (//-//)

GILES, Frank (//-//)

1928-1929 Minnipa Hotel Minnipa with James Albert Crabb

GILES, Henry (//-//)

1847-1848 Kangaroo Inn St Marys

GILES, James Francis (//-//)

1883-1884 Horseshoe Inn Noarlunga

Perhaps Settled; Adelaide by 1866 Bayswater by 1882 Norwood by 1885

m perhaps Emma Morris nee WARE

GILES, John F (//-//)

1882-1882 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

GILES, William (//-//)

1840-1840 Walkers Arms Inn Walkerville

GILES, William (//-//)

1870-1875 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

1878-1879 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

GILES, William (//-//)

1875-1878 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie Hotel founder

GILES, William (//-//)

1880-1881 Lewis Arms Inn Pt Willunga

GILES, William (//-//)

1884-1886 Watervale Hotel Watervale

Settled; Adelaide by 1877 Gladstone by 1879 Watervale by 1885 North Adelaide by 1887 Pt Pirie by 1889 Napperby by 1894

m Sarah nee JONES (//-//)

GILES, William (//-//)

1886-1886 Brompton Park Hotel Brompton Park Extension

GILES, William (//-//)

1886-1887 Custon Hotel Custon near Wolseley

GILES, William (30/7/1849-//)

1885-1887 Crown Inn Currie St

1887-1888 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

GILES, William Alfred perhaps (3/10/1855-//)

Born North Adelaide SA.

1888-1888 Yatina Hotel Yatina

Parents – James Giles & Mary Ann nee COOK

m Rosa Adelaide nee CAMPBELL (//-//)

GILL, Mrs Alice A (//-//)

1923-1927 Junction Hotel Peterborough

GILL, Mrs Amelia (//-//)

1937-1939 Crown Hotel Truro

GILL, Arthur James (//-//)

1938-1940 Commercial Hotel Morgan with Harry Stapleton Crabb

GILL, Ernest Edward (//c1864-26/4/1943)

1899-1908 Spalding Hotel Spalding

To SA 1878 Camperdown

Parents – Edwin Gill & Jemima nee

Farmer, publican; Spalding

m Margaret nee (//c1878-24/7/1929)

GILL, George (//-//) or George G HILL

1923-1927 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler with George Bailey

GILL, George H (//-//)

1927-1928 Selborne Hotel Pirie St

1928-1930 Bell Inn Gilbert St

GILL, John (//-//)

1876-1877 Bucks Head Family Hotel North Tce

1877-1879 Duke of Edinburgh Hotel Hindley St

BORTEN, Elizabeth widow Adelaide(//-//) assigned the Buck's Head lease to John Gill in Nov 1876.

GILL, John (//-//)

1918-1920 Finnis Vale Hotel Finniss Vale [Second Valley]

1921-1922 Bush Inn Willunga

GILL, John (//c1872-//)

1945-1946 Woodville Hotel Woodville

1946-1950 Woodville Hotel Woodville with Amelia Gill and John Austell Rundle

Father; John Gill

m 5/2/1923 Carmellite Priory Alberton, publican Mrs Dennis Maddigan nee Amelia Mills

GILL, Mrs John formerly Mrs Dennis Maddigin nee Amelia MILLS (//c1873-//)

1945-1946 Woodville Hotel Woodville

Father; James Mills

GILL, Oliver Binney (//-//)

1900-1900 Pinkerton Hotel Quorn

Settled; Pt Augusta by 1887 East Park by 1890 Davenport by 1892 Conway Town Davenport by 1898 Pt Augusta by 1904

m Minnie nee SYMONS (//-//)

GILL, Roderick E (//-//)

1908-1911 Spalding Hotel Spalding

GILLARD, John (//-//)

1853-1854 Fountain Inn Gilberton

GILLARD, John Reddaway (//-//)

1872-1873 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

1873-1877 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

1884-1884 Ridley Hotel Wasleys

Parents poss Richard Gillard & Maria nee REDDAWAY

GILLARD, Richard George (//-//)

1919-1921 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

GILLARD, William (//-//)

1910-1917 Johnburgh Hotel Johnburgh

Hotel closed

GILLARD, Mrs William nee Margaret ? (//-//)

1903-1910 Johnburgh Hotel Johnburgh


1855-1856 Sailors Return Hotel Pt Adelaide Hotel founder

GILLEN, Cymbert Gerald (21/2/1887-//)

Born Clare SA.

1910-1913 Snowtown Hotel Snowtown

1913-1914 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

Parents – Peter Paul Gillen & Mary Gertrude nee COUSINS

GILLEN, Francis (//-//)

1930-1931 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

GILLEN, James (//-//)

1912-1918 Family Hotel Pt Pirie with James Flannagan

1937-1940 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide with William Gillen

GILLEN, James Francis (31/10/1888-//)

Born Inchiquin Hill near Clare SA.

1919-1922 Central Hotel Pt Adelaide

1922-1925 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1925-1925 Tavistock Hotel Rundle St

1925-1925 Tavistock Hotel Rundle St with Winifred Gillen

Parents – Philip Gillen & Mrs GAMPER nee Theresa MILLER/MILLOR

GILLEN, James J (//-//)

1926-1936 Railway Hotel Pt Adelaide


GILLEN, Robert Joseph (//-//)

1947-1947 Hampshire Hotel Grote St with Mrs Winifred Gillen

1949-1950 Pt Neill Hotel Pt Neill

GILLEN, Mrs Winifred (//-//)

1925-1925 Tavistock Hotel Rundle St with James Francis Gillen

1942-1946 Hampshire Hotel Grote St with Florence A Strong

1946-1947 Hampshire Hotel Grote St .

1947-1947 Hampshire Hotel Grote St with Robert Joseph Gillen

1947-1949 Hampshire Hotel Grote St .

Wife of Robert Joseph Gillen?? How was Mrs Florence A STRONG related to her.

GILLEN, William (//-//)

1937-1940 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide with James Gillen

1940-1942 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

GILLES/GILLIES, Hilda Sabine (//-//)

1927-1928 Exchange Hotel Pt Augusta with Mary Ann Armour

GILLESPIE, Mrs Nellie Maude (//-//)

1935-1936 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

GILLESPIE, Patrick Cyril (//-//)

1925-1930 Port Admiral Hotel Pt Adelaide

1936-1938 St Kilda Hotel St Kilda Beach

GILLETT, Daniel (//c1817-4/4/1851)

1850-1852 Nairne Arms Inn Nairne

Hotel closed after his death. His widow transferred to the District Hotel at Nairne as its second publican.

To SA 1849 Spartan

GILLETT, Mrs Daniel nee Emma ? (//-//)

1852-1855 District Hotel Nairne

GILLIGAN, Charles Thomas (//-//)

1988-1991 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley


GILLING, Sydney (//-//)

1868-1869 Flagstaff Inn The Sturt [Darlington]

Possibly he became a bankrupt

m 19/1/1868 Adelaide, May nee NICHOLSON

GILLMORE, Herbert S (//-25/11/1931/)

Died Belair SA, at his residence the Belair Hotel.

1919-1920 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

1920-1921 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

1921-1927 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown

1928-1931 Belair Hotel Belair

GILLMORE, Mrs HS nee Lilian (//-//)

1931-1932 Belair Hotel Belair

GILMORE, James Donald (28/4/1887-//)

Born Glenelg SA.

1933-1933 St Leonards Hotel St Leonards

Grandson of hotel founder John McDonald

Parents – Stephen Gilmore & Jeanie nee McDonald

GILMORE, Thomas (//-//)

1879-1881 Ridley Hotel Wasleys

1881-1884 Marquis of Lorne Hotel Pirie St

Settled; Adelaide by 1865 Wasleys by 1880

m Margaret nee TATE/TAIT/TAITE (//-//)

GILMORE/GILLMORE, William perhaps (1/1/1871-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1921-1921 Globe Hotel Yalata [Fowler Bay]

Parents – perhaps publican Thomas Gilmore & Margaret nee Tait etc.

GILPIN, Bernard (//-//)

1850-1853 Elephant & Castle Inn West Tce

GILSON, Frederick perhaps Frederick William (//-//)

1897-1898 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka

Settled; Blumberg by 1884

m Janet/Jannet nee DONALDSON (//-//)

GINN, Arthur E (//-//)

1900-1904 Colac Hotel Pt Adelaide

GION, Thomas (//-//)

1859-1862 Happy Home Hotel Salisbury North Hotel closed

Settled; Salisbury by 1856

m Phoebe nee KNIGHT (//-//)

GIRLING, Mrs Emma Eugina (//-//)

1934-1935 Cathedral Kermode St

1939-1939 Gawler Arms Hotel Gawler with Oliver Alan Girling

GIRLING, Oliver Alan Girling (//-//)

1939-1939 Gawler Arms Hotel Gawler with Mrs Emma Eugina Girling

GLADOW, Charles (//-//)

1861-1863 Light Hotel Light River perhaps Lower Light

Hotel closer Is this a proper surname?

GLANVILLE, Richard perhaps (17/6/1866-//)

Born Kooringa SA.

1894-1895 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – Richard Glanville & Mary nee JEWELL

m Minnie nee LAWRENCE (//-//)

GLASSON, Leonard Bertram (//-//)

1933-1938 Ozone Hotel Kingscote

1938-1938 Broughton Arms Hotel Yacka

GLEESON, Vincent (//-//)

1923-1924 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

1924-1927 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

GLEN, James (//-//)

1892-1893 Yarcowie Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie

GLENNON, James William (//-//)

1947-1951 Lock Hotel Lock with Alice Rosemond Glennon

GLENNON, Mrs JW nee Alice Rosemond ? (//-//)

1947-1951 Lock Hotel Lock with James William Glennon

GLOAG, John (//-//)

1840-1849 Mount Barker Inn Mt Barker Only publican

1849-1854 Crown Hotel Mt Barker Hotel founder

1840-1849 Gloag’s Inn Allotment 9 in Cameron St. Combined this with a garden enclosed with posts and two rails; surface water all the year round. Small farm of wheat, barley and potatoes, some cattle. Property known as Rossie Park. Opened the Crown Hotel Hutchinson St 1849-1854. Apparently combined this with a general store. Died 22/1/1856, aged 48, retired for two years as the publican of the Crown Inn. His daughter Elizabeth married Alexander Low, who became the Crown Inn’s publican on several occasions.

GLOVER, Charles Peter (15/1/1828-29/10/1881)

Born Richmond, Surrey, England. Died Adelaide SA.

1859-1869 Plough & Harrow Hotel Rundle St

To SA 1855 Duke of Wellington. Publican; Adelaide. He had retired by 1869, when he appointed William Martin Letchford Esquire Adelaide, as his attorney when he left SA on a trip. During that time away, Mrs Glover gave birth to a son on 3/5/1870 1 Grosvenor Villas, Richmond, Surrey, England BN Register 11/7/1870

His mother, Rachel Glover, died 26/10/1860 Richmond, Surrey, England, aged 73.

Brother to publican Thomas Glover of the City Arms Inn King William St. Charles Glover was at the Plough and Harrow when their mother died.

m 14/7/1859 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Hannah nee SHORTLAND (6/9/1830-21/12/1913), only daughter of Joseph Shortland, of Chelsea, Middlesex.

GLOVER, Charles Percy (//-//)

1881-1884 United Service Club Hotel King William St . Hotel founder

GLOVER, George Edward (24/7/1873-//)

Born Goolwa SA.

1897-1901 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

1901-1907 Federal Hotel Petersburg [Peterborough]

Settled; Goolwa by 1898 Petersburg by 1902

Parents – publican Thomas Glover & Catherine nee Dacey

m publican Bridget Helena Gertrude nee Hoobin

GLOVER, Mrs GE nee Bridget Helena Gertrude HOOBIN (//-//)

1907-1910 Federal Hotel Petersburg [Peterborough]

GLOVER, Harry (//-//)

1850-1851 Stag Inn Rundle St

GLOVER, Henry (//-//)

1859-1862 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

GLOVER, Mrs Henry nee Ann (//-//)

1862-1862 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

GLOVER, Robert (//-//)

1858-1861 Kangaroo Inn St Marys Date clash

1860-1862 Heart and Hand Hotel Edwardstown

1862-1864 Saracens Head Inn Carrington St

1864-1870 Marion Inn Marion

1871-1874 Thatched House Tavern Brighton

GLOVER, Thomas Fisher (//c1824-10/11/1893)

Born perhaps Richmond, Surrey, England. Died Goolwa SA.

1861-1867 City Arms Inn King William St

1868-1869 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

1887-1893 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

Brother to Charles Glover of the Plough and Harrow Rundle St. Sons of George Glover of Richmond, Surrey.

m 27/5/1861 Holy Trinity Adelaide, publican Catherine nee Dacey

Their eldest son, George Frederick Glover, died 5/12/1863 at home the City Arms Hotel, King William St, of scarlatina, aged 1 year 10 months.

Parents of publican George Edward Glover

GLOVER, Mrs Thomas nee Catherine DACEY (//c1839-//)

1893-1894 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

Parents – William Dacey & ? of Kent Town.

GLUCK, Friedrich (//-//)

1877-1878 Somerset Hotel Millicent

1878-1880 Somerset Hotel Millicent

GLUYAS, Harold Cull (16/11/1890-//)

Born Petersburg SA.

1929-1935 Maylands Hotel Maylands

1935-1936 Exchange Hotel Pt Adelaide

1936-1937 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney

1937-1938 Railway Family Hotel Gawler West [Bassett Town]

Parents – John Gluyas & Elizabeth Jane nee KEMP

GLUYAS, Mrs HC nee Winifred Gladys ? (//-//)

1926-1929 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

1939-1947 Railway Family Hotel Gawler West [Bassett Town]

GLUYAS, Mrs Lorraine Iris ? (//-//)

1947-1947 Railway Family Hotel Gawler West [Bassett Town]

1947-1950 Railway Family Hotel Gawler West [Bassett Town] as Mrs LI MCINTYRE

GLUYAS, Sydney Joseph Carruthers (28/5/1871-//c1953)

Born Navan SA.

1905-1911 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St

Parents – publican William Gluyas & Jane nee Inglis

GLUYAS, William (2/7/1834-11/9/1922)

Born Whitalice, Cornwall, England. Died Goodwood SA.

1860-1862 Royal Oak Tothill Creek

1862-1863 Victoria Inn Victoria township Kapunda

Parents – Richard Gluyas & Priscilla nee? (the only son) of Hamilton/Light

m 26/3/1860 Holy Trinity Riverton, Jane nee INGLIS (23/4/1841-30/8/1920) Born Liverpool, Lancs, England. Died Goodwood SA. Only daughter of John Inglis & Agnes nee Wilson of Finniss Point near Riverton. MN Register 29/3/1860

GLYNN, James (//-//)

1859-1862 Clare Castle Hotel Kapunda Hotel founder

GLYNN, Mrs James nee Alice ? (//-//)

1862-1865 Clare Castle Hotel Kapunda

GNIEL, Albert Heinrich (30/10/1867-//)

Born Kingsford SA.

1913-1916 Sandy Creek Hotel Sandy Creek

Parents – Christian Gniel & Elisabeth nee GURSANSKY

Settled; Concordia by 1898

m publican Anna Henriette Dorothea nee Eggers.

GNIEL, Mrs AH nee Anna Henriette Dorothea EGGERS (//-//)

1916-1917 Sandy Creek Hotel Sandy Creek

GOBLE, James (//c1829-16/11/1887)

Born Kent, England. Died Adelaide SA.

1863-1867 Meadows Inn Meadows

Then shifted to Macclesfield.

m Caroline nee HARRIS (//c1827-11/2/1918) Born Canterbury, Kent, England. Died Adelaide SA.

GOBLE, Mrs Mabel Gladys Mary (//-//)

1934-1934 Royal Exchange Hotel Aberdeen

1939-1940 Royal Exchange Hotel Aberdeen with Mrs Vera May Ratcliffe

GODDARD, Henry (//-//)

1892-1898 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1899-1909 Lass o’Gowrie Inn Pt Adelaide Hotel closed

1910-1915 Colac Hotel Pt Adelaide

Settled; Rosewater by 1889 Pt Adelaide by 1897

GODDARD, Mrs Henry nee Martha PURVIS (//-//)

1915-1930 Colac Hotel Pt Adelaide

GODDARD, James C perhaps James Coombs (//-//)

1877-1881 Great Northern Hotel Kanyaka Hotel closed

GODFREE, Mrs Joseph nee Amelia Emma FRINSDORF (//-//)

1909-1916 Grand Junction Hotel Quorn

1920-1924 Grand Hotel Pt Lincoln

Mother of publican George Joseph Godfree.

GODFREE, George Joseph (14/8/1881-//)

Born Nailsworth SA.

1924-1929 Duke of Wellington Hotel Payneham

Parents – Joseph Godfree & publican Amelia Emma nee Frinsdorf

GODFREY, Edwin (//-//)

1904-1908 Colac Hotel Pt Adelaide

GODLEE, John (//-//)

1846-1846 Grapes Inn Grenfell St

1854-1860 Campbell Arms Inn Reedy Creek

A daughter born July 1846

GODSMARK, William Robert (//-//)

1887-1891 Leasingham Hotel Leasingham Hotel closer

GOERECKE, Keith Cameron (//-//)

1950-1950 Moonta Hotel Moonta

GOERECKE, Mrs KC formerly Eileen Ann SMITH (//-11/9/1953)

1946-1950 Moonta Hotel Moonta

1950-1951 Moonta Hotel Moonta

1951-1953 Moonta Hotel Moonta as Eileen Ann Smith following her divorce on 14/8/1951

GOERS/GORS/GÖRS, Johann Carl Christoph (//c1821-11/8/1885)

Died Chain of Ponds SA.

1858-1859 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St Hotel founder.

1859-1875 Black Eagle Hotel Pirie St Hotel founder.

1877-1885 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

Anton/Anthony Reese built the hotel and leased it to Carl Goers as the first publican Biog Observer 27/8/1859 p340e.

His son JCC Goers, died Dec 1890 Obit Observer 20/12/1890 p1174e.

GOERS, Mrs JCC nee Sophia Maria Christiane Henriette ?(//-//)

1885-1898 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

GOETJENS, Franz CC (//-//)

1915-1917 Wakefield Hotel Wakefield St .


1879-1887 Livingston Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

1887-1887 Livingston Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide


1887-1887 Livingston Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

1887-1888 Livingston Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

GOLDFINCH, Charles Arthur (17/4/1881-//) Born Weavers Lagoon SA.

1920-1923 Commercial Hotel Jamestown

1924-1924 Royal Hotel Kent Town

1924-1926 Criterion Hotel King William St

1927-1939 Criterion Hotel King William St

1939-1962 Criterion Hotel King William St

Parents – William Goldfinch & Margaret nee HARRIOT

GOLDFINCH, Phillis M (//-//)

1926-1927 Criterion King William St

GOLDFINCH, William (//-//)

1869-1870 Unley Inn Unley

Perhaps m Margaret nee HARRIOT

GOLDER, Claude Thomas (31/3/1898-//)

Born Clarendon SA.

1923-1925 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta with Earl Fotherton Parker

1926-1927 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka with Stanley Fleming

1927-1927 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka

1931-1931 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka

Parents – Thomas Tucker Golder & Rhoda nee JACOBS

GOLDING, Edmond (//-//)

1898-1898 Royal Family Hotel Pt Elliot

m Mary Theresa nee JORDAN

GOLDING, Philip (//-//)

1851-1853 Governor Young Inn Salisbury

1866-1868 Nelsons Victory Inn Clarence Gardens

GOLDNEY, Frank (//-//)

1878-1878 Royal Hotel Pt Augusta

1879-1880 Kew Hotel Kew [Semaphore]

GOLDNEY, Mrs Emma (//-//)

1902-1903 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

GOLDNEY, Frederick the Elder (//-/11/1898)

Died Adelaide SA, at his son Frederick Goldney's residence the Star and Garter Hotel Sturt St.

1849-1850 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St Hotel founder

1852-1872 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

GOLDNEY, Frederick the Younger (//-//)

1876-1885 Reservoir Hotel Government Dam near Warnertown

1885-1888 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

1888-1899 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

GOLDNEY, Mrs Katherine (//-//)

1894-1904 Woodville Hotel Woodville

GOLDSMITH, Amnon Thomas (//c1827-29/1/1864)

Died Noarlunga SA, at the residence of his father, ‘after a lingering illness which was borne with Christian fortitude’.

1845-1852 Pink House Hotel Mt Horrocks Plateau Kadlunga Station

The only publican

1854-1861 Stanley Arms Inn Watervale

GOLDSMITH, Mrs Ellen (//-//)

1892-1900 Inglewood Hotel Inglewood

1900-1908 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

GOLDSMITH, Thomas (//-//)

1881-1882 Flagstaff Hotel Franklin St .

1882-1892 Stag Inn Rundle St

1892-1899 Riverton Hotel Riverton

1899-1902 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

1902-1906 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

GOLDSWORTHY, Gilbert Norman (12/5/1878-6/5/1941)

Born Yatta Creek SA. Died Adelaide SA (of St Peters).

1908-1920 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1920-1921 Wakefield Hotel Wakefield St

Parents – publicans Tobias Grey Goldsworthy & Louisa nee Gower

m Mary Rudell nee GODDEN (//c1883-7/7/1959) Died Grange SA.

GOLDSWORTHY, Mary R/A (//-//)

1926-1928 Railway Hotel Pt Elliot

Perhaps Mary Rudell Goldsworthy wife of publican GN Goldsworthy

GOLDSWORTHY, Horace John Leslie (26/3/1884-//)

Born Balaklava SA.

1925-1925 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

1926-1928 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

Parents – publicans Tobias Grey Goldsworthy & Louisa nee Gower

GOLDSWORTHY, Percival Percy Tobias (//-//)

1910-1911 General Bolivar Hotel Burton [Bolivar]

1911-1912 Salisbury Hotel Salisbury

1912-1919 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

1918-1920 Mannum Hotel Mannum

1920-1920 Commercial Hotel Wallaroo

1921-1923 Cleve Hotel Cleve

1924-1925 Gilles Arms Hotel Gilles St

1925-1926 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

1926-1927 Maylands Hotel Maylands

Possibly son or grandson of publican Tobias Grey Goldsworthy – birth not registered in SA.

GOLDSWORTHY, Tobias Grey (//c1839-30/11/1908)

Died Prospect SA.

1885-1890 Worlds End Hotel Magill

1891-1893 Woolshed Inn Bordertown

1894-1898 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

1898-1898 Yongala Hotel Yongala

1899-1908 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

Parents – John Goldsworthy &

m 27/12/1858 St George Gawler, publican Louisa nee Gower

GOLDSWORTHY, Mrs TG nee Louisa GOWER (//c1841-9/4/1921)

Born SA.

1893-1894 Woolshed Inn Bordertown

Parents – John Gower & Mary Ann nee CRAMP

GOLDSWORTHY, Wesley (//-//)

1909-1909 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

GOLDSWORTHY, William Senr (//c1825-4/3/1899)

Born Cornwall, England. Died Exeter SA.

1863-1865 White Hart Inn Pt Adelaide

1865-1871 Glanville Hotel Glanville Hotel founder

Carpenter, builder; Pt Adelaide by 1849 later Publican; Pt Adelaide, Glanville then Retired; Exeter. CE.

m Bodmin, Cornwall, Elizabeth nee SKINNER (//c1828-14/5/1888) Born Cornwall, England. Died Exeter SA.

Parents of publicans William Goldsworthy Junr and Mrs Joseph Cock nee Amelia Goldsworthy.

GOLDSWORTHY, William Junr (1/2/1854-//)

Born North Adelaide SA.

1903-1905 Glanville Hotel Glanville

1905-1910 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

1910-1913 Sussex Arms Hotel Walkerville

1913-1916 Criterion Hotel Bassett Town

Parents – publican William Goldsworthy & Elizabeth nee Skinner

Carpenter, builder; Glanville then perhaps Storekeeper; Glanville then Publican; Glanville, Mt Barker, Walkerville, Bassett Town.

Brother to publican Mrs Joseph Cock nee Amelia Goldsworthy.

m 6/10/1884 Captain Anderson residence Glanville, publican Alice Jane nee Barrett

GOLDSWORTHY, Mrs William nee Alice Jane BARRETT (1/10/1862-//)

Born Reedbeds SA.

1917-1917 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

Parents – William Barrett & Jane nee FOREMAN

Their son, Gladstone John Goldsworthy, died 5/10/1910 at the Sussex Hotel, Walkerville, of broncho-pneumonia, aged 19 DN Observer 15/10/1919 p373b.

GOLDSWORTHY, William James perhaps (27/5/1885-4/11/1963)

Born Kurilla SA. Died Glandore SA.

1927-1927 Wudinna Hotel Wudinna

1928-1936 Wudinna Hotel Wudinna

1937-1939 Commercial Hotel Jamestown

1941-1942 Wudinna Hotel Wudinna

1942-1943 Wudinna Hotel Wudinna with Jack Anderson Wright

1943-1943 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

1948-1948 Wudinna Hotel Wudinna with Joseph James Hanlon

Parents perhaps William Goldsworthy & Grace Thomas nee MITCHELL

GOLLAN, Donald (//-//)

1841-1853 Strathalbyn [Terminus] Hotel Strathalbyn

GOOCH, Alfred Woollard (//-//)

Born Suffolk, England.

1887-1892 Royal Hotel Hindley St with Arthur Crack Gooch

1892-1893 Stag Inn Rundle St

1893-1896 Family Hotel Currie St

AW Gooch held the hotel licence.

To SA 1852.

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p788.

GOOCH, Arthur Crack (//-//)

Born Suffolk, England

1887-1892 Royal Hotel Hindley St with Alfred Woollard Gooch

GOOCH, Sydney Charles (22/1/1875-//)

Born Glenburnie SA.

1908-1908 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

Parents – Robert Gooch & Harriet nee HARRIS

Settled; Mt Gambier by 1905

m May Maude nee MILLER (//-//)

GOOD, John Thomas (//-//)

1855-1857 Northern Hotel Enfield

1865-1868 Northern Hotel Enfield

GOOD, Mrs JT formerly Mrs William COX nee Alice BEE (//-//)

1857-1859 Northern Hotel Enfield

GOODALL, Walter Thomas Stanley (11/12/1894-//)

Born Hindmarsh SA.

1924-1924 Railway Hotel Frances

Parents – George Henry Goodall & Rebecca nee HAYWARD

GOODALL, Mrs WTS nee Rosa C (//-//)

1924-1925 Railway Hotel Frances

1925-1928 Lake Hotel Milang

GOODE, HR James (//-//)

1856-1857 Bricklayers Arms became Crown Inn Gover St .

GOODE, James (//-//)

1850-1854 Butchers Arms Inn Mile End

GOODEN, Charles Christopher (//-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1882-1882 Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel King William St.

1882-1883 Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel King William St with James Edward Gooden

GOODEN, James Edward (//-//)

1882-1883 Napoleon Hotel King William St with Charles Christopher Gooden

Perhaps Lived Norwood by 1875 He was there until the 1890s at least.

Perhaps m Mary Ann nee MAY

GOODENOUGH, William (//-//)

1890-1891 Hotel Royal New Thebarton

Perhaps to be identified with William Albert Goodenough

GOODENOUGH, William Albert (//-//)

1888-1890 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

1891-1892 Hackney Hotel Hackney

m Charlotte Lottie nee MASON (//-//)

GOODFELLOW, James Laurence (//-//)

1944-1948 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

GOODFELLOW, Mrs JJ nee Iris ? (//-//)

1944-1944 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

GOODFELLOW, James Joseph (//-//)

1902-1904 Miners Arms Hotel Moonta

1904-1907 Commercial Hotel Gawler

1907-1911 Brecknock Hotel King William St South

1911-1911 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

1912-1913 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

m Norah nee HEHIR (//-//)

Parents of publican James Lawrence Goodfellow

GOODFELLOW, Mrs JJ nee Delia ? (//-//)

1907-1907 Commercial Hotel Gawler

1914-1918 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

GOODFELLOW, James Lawrence (5/12/1893-//)

Born Wallaroo SA.

1919-1922 District Hotel Nairne

1922-1924 Overway Hotel Hindley St

1925-1925 East End Market Hotel East Tce with Daniel Kingsland

1925-1928 East End Market Hotel East Tce

Parents – publican James Joseph Goodfellow & Norah nee HEIR

GOODFELLOW, Peter (//-//)

1914-1920 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

Lived; Friedrichswalde, near Marrabel later Publican; Mintaro

m publican Hedwig Hetty Caroline nee Adolph

GOODFELLOW, Mrs Peter nee Hedwig Hetty Caroline ADOLPH (24/9/1870-//)

Born Spring Creek near Friedrichswalde SA.

1920-1922 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

1922-1923 Traveller’s Rest Houghton

Parents – August Friedrich Adolph & Wilhelmine nee STIEF

GOODFELLOW, Robert (//-//)

1884-1884 Duke of Edinburgh Hotel Hindley St

m Margaret nee HOWARD/HOWELLS

GOODFELLOW, Washington Franklin (//-//)

1905-1906 Jetty Hotel Glenelg

1907-1908 Jetty Hotel Glenelg

GOODFELLOW, Mrs WF nee Elizabeth Adelaide TANNER (//-//)

1909-1911 Hackney Hotel Hackney

GOODHAND, Francis (//-//)

1882-1883 Travellers Rest Inn Allendale East

Mathilde nee STURZEL (//-//)

GOODIER, Robert (//-//)

1912-1912 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross

GOODIER, William (//-//)

1889-1891 Globe Hotel Pt Adelaide

Lived Gawler Plains by 1868 Salisbury by 1870 Marriott St Pt Adelaide by 1873 Glanville by 1875

m Elizabeth nee JONES (//-//)

GOODMAN, John B (//-//)

1915-1916 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St Hotel closed

GOODMUNDS, Mrs AC (//-//)

1928-1929 Old Spot Hotel Gawler

GOODWIN, Henry perhaps (7/6/1871-//)

Born Le Fevre Peninsula SA.

1925-1926 Central Hotel Kadina

Perhaps Parents – Thomas Goodwin & Anne nee MUNYARD

GOODWIN, Henry Edwin (//-//)

1871-1872 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully

GORDON, Mrs Agnes (//-//)

1945-1946 Lower Light Hotel Lower Light with John Robert Campbell

GORDON, Hubert Frederick Otto (22/4/1891-//)

Born Clare SA.

1918-1918 Commercial Hotel Clare

Parents – William Scott Gordon & Isabella nee GORDONGORDON, James McHatton (//-//)

1910-1911 Glenloth Hotel Glenloth Well near Wilgena

GORDON, Louis (//-//)

1901-1901 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

GORDON, Thomas (//-//)

1871-1873 Mill Inn Riverton

Lived Adelaide by 1853 Riverton by 1863

m Ann nee STEWART (//-//)

GORDON, Thomas (//-//)

1912-1913 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

GORDON, Vera (//-//)

1921-1922 Wheatsheaf Hotel North Shields

GORDON, William (//-//)

1881-1881 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

GORE, William Thomas (//-//)

1859-1860 Merino Inn Kincraig Mosquito Plains [Naracoorte]

1861-1862 Merino Inn Kincraig Mosquito Plains [Naracoorte]

Lived Mosquito Plains by 1858

m Mary nee HILL (//-//)

GOSLIN, John Frederick (//-//)

1876-1877 Crown Inn Truro

To SA 1875 Glenelg.

GOSLING, William (//-//)

1855-1857 Wheatsheaf Inn Inverbrackie Hotel founder

1857-1866 Strathalbyn [Terminus] Hotel Strathalbyn

1867-1868 Lake Hotel Milang

1869-1869 Lake Hotel Milang

1871-1871 Clare Hotel Clare

1872-1872 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

1873-1878 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

1886-1890 Lake Hotel Milang

Lived Glen Osmond by 1851 Bowden by 1853 Adelaide 1855 Strathalbyn by 1856

GOSLING, Mrs William nee Harriet Penelope CATT (//-//)

1890-1892 Lake Hotel Milang

GOSS, Mrs Florence (//-//)

1913-1918 Gladstone Hotel Gladstone

1918-1919British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

GOSS, George (//-//)

1915-1918 Dawson Hotel Dawson

Perhaps Brinkworth by 1899 Yacka by 1904 Laura by 1905

GOSS, Richard (//c1796-29/12/1869)

Born Co Tipperary, Ireland. Died Goolwa SA, at his residence the Corio Hotel.

1850-1853 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah

1864-1865 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

1865-1869 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

1869-1869 Corio Hotel Goolwa

To SA 1850 Lord Ashburton.

Poss gold prospecting in Vic and NZ 1853-1864.

GOSS, Mrs Richard nee Mary Ann ? (//c1812-13/7/1902)

Died Hackney SA, at her residence Osborne St.

1869-1870 Corio Hotel Goolwa

Took over the running of the Corio Hotel for a short time after her husband died.

GOSS, Samuel (//-//)

1903-1906 Morning Star Hotel Chain of Ponds

GOSS, Walter (//-//)

1904-1905 Railway Hotel Jamestown

1905-1905 Barossa Inn Lyndoch


Born 24/7/1864 Willunga SA. Died 16/6/1914 Wasleys SA.

Parents: Isaac GOSS and Mary nee STROUT.

Farmer; Yacka. Anglican.

m 1904 Minna Dominican nee GANGELL Born 19/10/1880 Mt Torrens. m (2) WS PRATT.

GOTTSCHALK, Alexander Wilhelm Julius (//-//)

1886-1887 Family Hotel Edithburgh

1887-1887 Old Colonist Hotel Angas St

1887-1888 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

Lived Edithburgh by 1876

m Bertha nee REIMERS (//-//)

GOTTSCHALK,Eileen Olive Kenyon (//-//)

1909-1910 Kooringa Hotel Kooringa

GOUGE, Apollos Harrison (//-//)

1852-1854 Star Inn Hindley St

1856-1859 Star Inn Hindley St

At Brompton 1862

Yorke Peninsula Inn Pt TA 123 Currie St 1863

13/10/1863 insolvent. He was a contractor Adelaide by that stage.

1890-1890 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

m Angelina nee DALWOOD

GOUGE, Mary Ann (//-//)

1865-1866 Orient Hotel Wakefield St

Is this Mrs AH Gouge??

GOUGH, Hugh Jeremy & Barbara (//-//)

1976-1978 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

GOULD, James (//-//)

1921-1922 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

GOULD, Stephen (//-//)

1859-1864 Halfway House Inn Stirling Hotel founder

To SA 1850 Lysander

Lived Mt Barker Road by 1852 Crafers by 1858

m Hannah nee HESTER Ellen Lysander b 28/8/1850 at sea

GOVETT, William J (//-//)

1903-1905 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

1906-1906 Sussex Arms Hotel Walkerville

1907-1907 Hampstead Hotel Hampstead

GOWENLOCK, Robert Thomas (//-//)

1884-1884 Arab Steed Hotel Hutt St

1885-1894 Oriental Hotel Norwood

GOWER, Stephen (//-//)

1849-1849 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch

1850-1857 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch

Born 26/7/1816 West Malling, Kent, England. Died 24/2/1857 Lyndoch SA. To SA 1839. Lived by 1848 Barossa Survey then Carpenter, publican: Lyndoch. CE.

m 25/7/1838 Chatham, Kent, publican Sarah Ann nee Bramley

GOWER, Mrs Stephen nee Sarah Ann BRAMLEY (//-//)

1859-1863 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch

Born 17/6/1818 Chatham, Kent, England. Died 3/1/1869 Lyndoch SA. Parents: William and Sarah BRAMLEY.

GOWER, Walter (29/2/1848-//)

Born Barossa Survey SA.

1872-1873 Bismarck Hotel Blumberg

Parents – publicans Stephen Gower & Sarah Ann nee Bramley

GOWER, William (//-//)

1869-1870 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch

Born 28/7/1846 Lyndoch. Died ? Birkenhead SA. Publican, grocer’s assistant; Lyndoch, Semaphore. m 20/2/1868, Mary Jane nee MOON. Died Birkenhead SA.

GOWLING, John (//-//)

1870-1871 Cumberland Hotel Glanville Hotel founder

m Ann Aquilla nee MEAD (//-//)

GOWLING, William Mead (6/9/1869-//)

Born Glanville SA.

1894-1896 Cumberland Hotel Glanville

1900-1903 Cumberland Hotel Glanville

1904-1904 Cumberland Hotel Glanville

1904-1907 Highbury Hotel Highbury

Parents – publican John Gowling & Ann Aquilla nee Mead

GOWLING, Mrs WM nee Rosa Fanny GOLDSMITH (12/7/1871-//)

Born Commercial Road Pt Adelaide SA.

1904-1904 Cumberland Hotel Glanville

Parents – Daniel Goldsmith & Rachel nee MORRIS

GOWLING, William Steele (//-//)

1882-1884 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

1884-1884 White Conduit House Hotel North St

GOWNE, Edwin Dare (//-//)

1876-1879 Mt Bryan Hotel Mt Bryan Flat

1879-1879 Criterion Hotel Bassett Town

1879-1881 Star of the East Hotel Grenfell St

1897-1900 Commercial Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie

GOYDER, Florence Ivy (//-//)

1938-1939 Hotel Abbatoirs Cavan

1939-1941 Britannia Hotel Norwod

1941-1945 Britannia Hotel Norwod with Lloyd Skinner

GOYDER, Norman Lancelot Lance (30/9/1891-//)

Born Stepney SA.

1916-1917 Newmarket Hotel North Tce

Parents – Norman Underwood Goyder & Susan Isabel nee WILDEMAN

GRABIA, Peter B (//-//)

1966-1972 Hotel Rundle Rundle St

GRACE, John (//-//)

1870-1871 Railway Hotel Freeling

Became a bankrupt

GRAEFE/GRAFE/GRÄFE, Eduard Heinrich (//c1832-17/11/1896)

Died Gladstone SA.

1878-1879 Windsor Castle Hotel Franklin St

Then Confectioner, Gawler Place 1880

m 2/12/1855 24/299, Luise Caroline Elise nee Bock (//c1834-22/8/1897) Died Gladstone SA.

GRAHAM, Frederick William perhaps (20/7/1853-//)

Born North Adelaide SA.

1889-1890 Black Lion Hotel Hindmarsh

1891-1894 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

1893-1895 Seven Stars Hotel Angas St Date clash

Parents – William Graham & Mary nee WILSON

GRAHAM, George (//-//)

1841-1841 Victoria Hotel became Black Bull Hotel Hindley St

perhaps George Graham, later carpenter of Strathalbyn

Perhaps George Graham & Margaret Paterson nee WILLIAMS

GRAHAM, George Peter (//-//)

1863-1867 Myponga Hotel Myponga

Lived Myponga by 1863 Williamstown by 1868 Thebarton by 1873 Strathalbyn by 1875 Mt Gambier by 1883 Worrolong by 1887

m Dinah nee TRIGG (//-//)

GRAHAM, Horace Walter (26/11/1890-//)

Born Davenport SA.

1925-1926 Railway Hotel Frances with George Henry Wadey

Parents – Andrew Graham & Mary Elizabeth nee BURY

GRAHAM, Howard Hardie (5/6/1916-//)

Born Hindmarsh SA.

1939-1939 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

Parents - Albert Roy Graham & publican Mamie Hardie nee WOODS

GRAHAM, John Benjamin (//-//)

1841-1842 Flinders Flinders St Opener and closer

GRAHAM, Joseph (//-//)

1903-1906 General Bolivar Hotel Burton [Bolivar]

1907-1913 Royal Hotel Ardrossan

GRAHAM, Joseph (//-//)

1921-1922 Commercial Hotel Cowell

GRAHAM, Mrs Mamie Hardy (//-//)

1937-1938 Glanville Hotel Glanville

1938-1939 Glanville Hotel Glanville as MH HATHERLEY

Mrs Albert Roy Graham nee Mamie Hardie/Hardy WOODS

Mother of publican Howard Hardie Graham

GRAHAM, Reginald George perhaps Duncan Nell (28/9/1881-//)

Born Goolwa SA

1934-1951 Corio Hotel Goolwa

1951-1954 Corio Hotel Goolwa with Walter Balfour-Ogilvy

Parents – James Graham & Jane nee JOHNSTON

m Ethel May nee EVANS (//-//)

GRAHAM, Robert (//c1841-//)

1877-1893 Commercial Hotel Clare

1896-1897 Fords Hotel Clare

Parents – Robert Brown &

Lived Clare by 1866

m 6/11/1864 unrecorded Moonta, Anna Maria nee MCNALLY (//c1839-//) Parents – Dermot McNally &

GRAHAM, Vincent (//-//)

1892-1893 Commercial Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie

1893-1893 Yarcowie Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie

Lived Whyte-Yarcowie by 1892 Adelaide by 1895

m Ellen Janet nee GAFNEY (//-//)

GRAHAM, William Johnstone perhaps (13/3/1871-//)

Born Blackwood SA.

1906-1908 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown

1910-1913 Bedford Hotel Woodside

1913-1914 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

1915-1916 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

Parents – Thomas Graham & Elizabeth nee DAVIDSON

m 2/10/1902 St Margaret Woodville, Ethel May nee BROWN (//c1879-//) Parents –Thomas Joseph Brown &

GRAINGER, Patrick the Younger (//c1863-//)

1901-1903 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

Parents – Patrick Grainger &

m 31/12/1889 Bride father residence Sheaoak Log, Anna Maria nee KOCH (//c1864-//) Parents – Friedrich Koch &

GRANT, Alfred G (//-//)

1936-1936 Black Swan Hotel North Tce

GRANT, Mrs Sarah Annie (//-//)

1924-1926 Black Swan Hotel North Tce

1928-1929 Selborne Hotel Pirie St

1930-1931 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

1931-1932 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

1932-1933 Selborne Hotel Pirie St

GRANT, Archibald (//-//)

1890-1892 Kintore Hotel Furner near Beachport Hotel founder

Lived Millicent by 1879 Furner by 1890

m publican Sarah nee Milligan (//-//)

GRANT, Mrs Archibald nee Sarah MILLIGAN (//-//)

1894-1898 Kintore Hotel Furner near Beachport

GRANT, Mrs Hannah (//-//)

1894-1900 Bush Inn Willunga

GRANT, James (//-//)

1846-1849 Luckings Arms Inn Myponga Hotel founder

1853-1853 Grants Inn Myponga

GRANT, Mrs James nee Ellen ? (//-//)

1853-1853 Grants Inn Myponga

GRANT, John (//-//)

1886-1888 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

1888-1892 Railway Hotel Saddleworth

Lived Laura by 1877 Belalie by 1878 Adelaide by 1884 Nairne by 1886 Saddleworth by 1888

m Hannah nee LOWTHER (//-//)

GRANT, John E (//-//)

1932-1936 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

GRANT, Mabel S (//-//)

1929-1931 Commercial Hotel Two Wells

GRANT, Mrs Sarah A (//-//)

1922-1923 Gasworks Hotel Brompton

GRANT, Sylvia M (//-//)

1931-1931 Commercial Hotel Two Wells

GRANTHAM, Elsie May (//-//)

1945-1947 Travellers Rest Hotel Stirling North

Mrs Willam Henry Grantham nee Elsie May MARTLEW

GRANTHAM, Job (//-//)

1895-1896 Finnis Vale Hotel Finniss Vale [Second Valley]

GRATWICK, Mrs Margaret Jane formerly HOPEWELL nee TURNER (//-//)

1893-1894 Lion Hotel Jerningham St North Adelaide

At Norwood early 1890s At Maitland late 1890s

Wife of William Howard Gratwick.

GRAU, Johann (//-//)

1894-1896 National Hotel Pirie St

GRAU, Mrs Johann nee Marie ? (//-//)

1896-1896 National Hotel Pirie St

GRAVER, Robert (//-//)

1848-1852 Golden Phoenix Inn Newcastle St Rosewater (Yatala) Hotel founder and closer. Hotel where the Yatala Smelting Works employees used to drink Observer 22/1/1927 p187a-c.

GRAY, Alfred (//-//)

1880-1881 Tarcowie Hotel Tarcowie

GRAY, Alice Colleen (//-//)

1948-1948 Great Northern Hotel Hergott Springs

Perhaps Mrs Felix Keith Lindsay Gray nee Alice Colleen MAGUIRE

GRAY, David (//-//)

1883-1895 Broughton Hotel Pt Broughton

GRAY, Ernest W (//-//)

1914-1916 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

He changed the name to Hahndorf Hotel in 1915.

The hotel became known as the Hotel Ambleside in 1919.

GRAY/GREY, Frederick Cooper (//c1829-//)

1873-1892 Northern Hotel Clare

Son of George Earle Grey.

m 31/3/1873 Northern Hotel Clare, Mrs HR Bentley nee Mary Jane Whitford, the previous publican.

GRAY, Mrs Elizabeth M (//-//)

1895-1895 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully

GRAY, Mrs Ellen (//-//)

1943-1946 Kentish Arms Hotel Stanley St North Adelaide

GRAY, George Washington (15/10/1867-8/1/1920)

Born Auburn SA.

1905-1920 White Hart Hotel Hindley St

Parents – Joseph Gray & Martha Jane nee MAHOOD

Hotel in trust after his death; half the income to his widow, the other half to his daughter Florence Irene Gray (later Mrs Edgar Sincock); she to then get the whole income during her lifetime; then to her children in equal shares absolutely in remainder expectant. Executor Trustee and Agency C of SA.

GRAY, Mrs GW nee Emily Sophia G (//-//) .

1920-1921 White Hart Hotel Hindley St

16/11/1921 Assigned the underlease to Frederick Bird White.

1922-1922 Duke of York Hotel Currie St

GRAY, Guildford Emery (//-//)

1867-1868 North Star Inn Melrose

1880-1880 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

Also operated the Melrose Brewery with his brother Charles Henry Gray; then the Lion Brewery North Adelaide, Hyde Park Brewery, Broken Hill Brewery NSW then his father Benjamin Gray’s former brewery at Littlehampton Shueard p264

GRAY, Richard (//-//)

1900-1901 Burra Hotel Kooringa

Lived Gilberton by 1897 Norwood by 1898

GRAY, Mrs Richard nee Wilhelmine Auguste WALLMANN (//-//)

1901-1902 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

GRAY, Wellesley Merlin (11/7/1903-//)

Born Pt Pirie SA.

1938-1940 Family Hotel Pt Pirie

1941-1941 Carlton Hotel Sturt St .

1947-1949 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

1949-1951 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley with John James McDonnell

Parents – Charles Philip Gray & Louisa Esther nee WHITELAW

GRAYSON, Lawrence (//-//)

Grayson's Coffee Palace North Tce 1893

GREAVES, Thomas (//-//)

1849-1850 Wollaston Hotel Willaston Hotel founder


GREEN, Alfred St George (//-//)

1884-1885 Jolly Miller Hotel Hindmarsh

GREEN, Charles (//-//)

1908-1913 Inglewood Hotel Inglewood

GREEN, Daniel (//-//)

1893-1898 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln

1898-1900 Yorke Hotel Yorketown

1900-1900 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka

1901-1904 Pt Lincoln Hotel Pt Lincoln

1904-1905 North Shields Hotel North Shields

GREEN, Mrs Daniel nee Constance Caroline GAVIN (//-//)

1905-1906 North Shields Hotel North Shields

GREEN, David (//-//)

1884-1885 Duke of Edinburgh Hotel Hindley St Bad date clash

1884-1885 Edinburgh Castle Hotel Currie

1886-1886 Marquis of Lorne Hotel Pirie St

GREEN, Dora M Sarah (//-//)

1909-1910 Sussex Arms Hotel Walkerville

1910-1911 Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

1913-1914 Tower Hotel Magill with Kitty DURAND

1914-1914 Tower Hotel Magill

GREEN, Francis Joseph (14/8/1973-//)

Born Green Hill Tatiara SA.

1928-1941 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

Parents – John Green & Margaret nee KEARNEY

Lived Bordertown 1907-1915

GREEN, Mrs FR nee Alice Maude ROBINSON (//-//)

1941-1948 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

GREEN, George (//-//)

1849-1850 Wakefield Arms Inn Pt Wakefield Hotel founder

GREEN, James (//-//)

1882-1882 Rock Tavern Third Creek

GREEN, James Vincent (//-//)

1943-1953 Grand Hotel Pt Lincoln

1953-1957 Grand Hotel Pt Lincoln

GREEN, John (//c1850-2/8/1907)

Died Farina SA.

1896-1901 Tarcowie Hotel Tarcowie

1901-1907 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina]

Lived Appila Yarrowie 1879 Tarcowie 1881 Pekina 1888 Pt Augusta by 1906

GREEN, Mrs John nee Catherine DEMPSTER (//-//)

1907-1908 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina]

GREEN, Joseph (//-//)

1881-1882 Barossa Inn Lyndoch

1887-1888 East Torrens Hotel Magill

GREEN, Joseph Josh (//-//)

1889-1890 Scotch Thistle Inn Portland Estate

1890-1891 Globe Hotel Gawler

1891-1893 Gasworks Hotel Brompton

1893-1893 Marquis of Queensberry Hotel Pirie St

GREEN, Michael Bernard (//-//)

1890-1891 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown

Lived Neukirch by 1873 Naracoorte by 1876

m Ann nee CASEY (//-//)

GREEN, Oswald (//-//)

1923-1928 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park Date clash

1927-1928 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

GREEN, Rosa Matilda (//-//)

1920-1921 Commercial Hotel Two Wells

GREEN, Stanley Sprange (//-//)

1940-1948 Sevenhill Hotel Sevenhill

GREEN, Mrs SS nee Jessie McLean ? (//-//)

1948-1949 Sevenhill Hotel Sevenhill

GREEN, Thomas William (//c1866-27/12/1902)

Died Pt Lincoln SA (of Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln).

1890-1892 Railway Hotel Bute

1898-1902 Sportsmans Hotel Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln

GREEN, Mrs TW nee Edith Agnes HARTE (//-//)

1898-1903 Sportsmans Hotel Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln

GREEN, Vivian Claude (//-//)

1921-1922 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

1936-1943 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

1944-1944 London Inn Flinders St

GREEN, Walter (//-//)

1930-1934 Commercial Hotel Pt Adelaide

GREEN, William (//-//)

1844-1845 Glenelg Hotel Glenelg

Glenelg Hotel 5/9/1845 sold to Francis Fenden.

1846-1849 Horseshoe Inn Noarlunga

1850-1851 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1851-1852 Stag Inn Rundle St

GREEN, William Mark (//-//)

1872-1873 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

m Hannah nee WILLIAMS (//-//)

GREEN, William St George (//-//)

1884-1884 Jolly Miller Hotel Hindmarsh

GREEN, William Thomas (//-//)

1895-1896 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

1896-1899 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

1899-1900 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

m Alice nee HANLAN/HANLON (//-//)

GREENE, Lyle William (//-//)

1950-1953 Hannahville Hotel Hannahville Pt Augusta

GREENFIELD, James (//-//)

1866-1868 Crown Inn Victor Harbor

GREENFIELD, Maria Rebecca nee FIELD (//-//)

1870-1871 Union Inn Hahndorf

1871-1874 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

1874-1877 Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

Perhaps Mrs James Greenfield nee Maria Rebecca FIELD

The Greenfields lived in Mt Barker in the 1850s.

GREENSLADE, Charles (//c1817-8/9/1863)

Born Bath, Somerset, England. Died Watervale SA.

1848-1852 Stanley Arms Inn Watervale

1854-1859 Derby Arms Inn Penwortham

1861-1863 Stanley Arms Inn Watervale

GREENSLADE, Mrs Charles nee Esther Emily WALL (//-22/2/1884)

1863-1866 Stanley Arms Inn Watervale

1867-1872 Watervale Hotel Watervale Hotel founder

1872-1873 Leasingham Hotel Leasingham

1873-1875 Watervale Hotel Watervale

GREENSLADE, Ernest Alfred (//-//)

1938-1938 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

GREENSLADE, William Charles (//-//)

1872-1873 Derby Arms Inn Penwortham

1873-1875 Booyoolie Hotel Gladstone Hotel founder

1875-1878 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

1879-1883 Transcontinental Hotel Quorn Hotel founder

1884-1885 Family Hotel Glenelg

1885-1885 John Bull Inn Currie St

Parents – publicans Charles Greenslade & Esther Emily nee Wall

m 12/1/1868 Clare, Amelia Hope nee BADCOCK (//-//)

GREENWOOD, Lilian E (//-//)

1898-1898 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St .

GREET, John Harold (2/8/1911-//)

Born Kent Town SA.

1944-1945 Troubridge Hotel Edithburgh with Arthur Roy SOWTER

1944-1946 Troubridge Hotel Edithburgh

1947-1948 Morchard Hotel Morchard

1948-1950 Pekina Hotel Pekina

Parents – Harold Greet & Elizabeth nee HAYWARD

GREET, Mary (//-//)

1944-1944 Auburn Hotel Auburn with Mary Ann Souter

GREEVE, Christoph (//-//)

1884-1886 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

m Agnes nee PABST (//-//)

GREGG, Henry (//-//)

1854-1855 Shamrock and Thistle Hotel Clare

1857-1861 Clare Inn Clare

1863-1863 Clare Inn Clare

Became a bankrupt


GREGG, Thomas Andrew (30/5/1887-//)

Born Petersburg SA.

1911-1917 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

Parents – William Gregg & Alice nee MCARTHUR

GREGG, Mrs TA nee Catherine ? (//-//)

1917-1919 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

1919-1921 Booborowie Hotel Booborowie

1927-1929 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

GREGOR, Albert John (19/2/1874-//)

Born Weaner Flat SA.

1919-1922 Grand Junction Hotel Quorn

1922-1924 Royal Victoria Hotel Beltana

Parents – John Gregor & Maria nee GOLDSWORTHY

Lived Curramulka 1910

Perhaps m Mary Smyth nee STEELE

GREGORY, Edward (//-//)

1840-1842 Suffolk Inn Rundle St

GREGORY, John (//c1810-13/10/1880)

Died Brighton SA.

1853-1853 St Vincent Inn Brighton Hotel founder

GREGURKE, Edward Alfred (16/11/1872-//)

Born Dutton SA.

1907-1910 Commercial Hotel Tumby Bay

1910-1912 Cleve Hotel Cleve

1913-1915 East End Market Hotel East Tce

Parents – Johann Gottlieb Gregurke & Agnes Elizabeth nee FOLEY

GREGURKE, Margaret Catherine F (//-//)

1916-1917 Rhine Villa Hotel Rhine Villa with James Alfred Crabb

GREIG, Alexander (//-16/9/1860)

1848-1852 Grapes Inn Grenfell St

1852-1854 Commercial Inn Grenfell St

1854-1860 White Hart Inn Hindley St

8/8/1860 Will Freehold property in trust to his wife, Eliza Thompson Greig for life; then to his nephew John Alexander MacKenzie and niece Anne MacKenzie, as tenants in common absolutley in remainder expectant. His friend, Albion James Tolley, was the executor and trustee.

Was he a farmer in the Hundred of Talunga Section 6220?? Doubtful!!

GREIG, Mrs Alexander nee Eliza THOMSON (//c1814-30/4/1871)

Died Nailsworth SA. widow of Alexander Greig.

1861-1861 White Hart Inn Hindley St

Eldest daughter of Joseph Thomson of Melbourn, Co Cambridge


m (2) 10/10/1861 Chalmers Free Church Adelaide, Charles Douglas packhawker Nailsworth.

GREIG, Benjamin (//-6/10/1884)

Born Co Midlothian, Scotland. Died SA.

1848-1849 Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill

To SA 1838 Katherine Stewart Forbes

Livery stables keeper Sturt Hotel Adelaide in 1855, when a fire destroyed the premises Observer 27/10/1855 p364e.

m Marian nee GRAY (//-21/7/1866)

GRENET, Emile (//-//)

1873-1874 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor

GREWAR, Wilfred Y (//-//)

1921-1923 Mt Mary Hotel Mt Mary

1923-1924 Point Pass Hotel Point Pass

1925-1928 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

GREWATSCH, Ferdinand (//-//)

1863-1864 Seven Stars Inn Angas St

GREY, Edward John (//-//)

1846-1848 Coach and Horses Inn Port Road York [Beverley]

His wife, Mary Ann Grey, purchased the hotel in 1848 from OJ Lines and Stocker Risely ran the business for two years under the new Halfway House name before transferring to the Old Halfway House at Tenterden [Woodville].

1850-1852 Commercial Inn Pt Adelaide

Third son of the late William Grey. By 1854, he was living in Melbourne Vic until at least 1859.

m 9/8/1845 St John Adelaide, Mrs JT Haynes nee Mary Ann ?, a previous publican and wife of the founding publican of the Commercial Inn Pt Adelaide

GREY, Ernest W (//-//)

1914-1916 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

GREY, Hurtle Levison (//-//)

1929-1929 Millicent Hotel Millicent

GRIBBETT, Marjorie Gladys (//-//)

1942-1942 Dublin Hotel Dublin

GRIEVE, John (//-//)

1901-1902 Salisbury Hotel Salisbury

GRIFFIN, John (//-//)

1887-1888 Oaklands Hotel Oaklands

m Eliza Ellen nee IVES (//c1866-15/2/1926) Apparently not Born SA. Died Paddington SA.

GRIFFEN, Thomas (//-//)

1891-1892 Burnside Hotel Burnside

GRIFFEN, William (//-//)

1922-1923 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

1923-1924 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

1925-1925 Black Rock Hotel Black Rock

GRIFFIN, Mrs Mary J (//-//)

1895-1899 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

GRIFFIN, Thomas (//c1842-1/5/1892)

Died Glenelg SA.

1875-1877 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

1878-1878 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1892-1892 Globe Hotel Glenelg South

Parents – Thomas Griffin &

m 3/10/1867 St Rose Kapunda, publican Margaret Jane nee White

GRIFFIN, Mrs Thomas nee Margaret Jane WHITE (//c1844-17/10/1923)

Died Alberton SA.

1892-1896 Globe Hotel Glenelg South

1896-1898 Hilton Hotel Hilton

1898-1899 Duke of Wellington Hotel Pt Adelaide

Parents – Richard White &

GRIFFIN, Thomas (//c1846-17/7/1940)

Died Booleroo Centre SA (of Hammond).

1919-1922 Hammond Hotel Hammond

GRIFFIN, Thomas (//-//)

1919-1921 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

GRIFFIN, Valeska V (//-//)

1934-1934 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore with Neil FW Krogdahl

GRIFFIN, William (//-//)

1880-1882 Oaklands Hotel Oaklands near Yorketown

Perhaps Settled; Kapunda by 1875 later Publican; Oaklands Settled; Coobowie by 1882

perhaps m apparently not SA, Ann nee BOURKE (//-//)

GRIFFIN/GRIFFEN, William (//-//)

1885-1886 Meningie Hotel Meningie

GRIFFITHS, Charles Gilbert (//-//)

1948-1951 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell with Ann Vincent Griffiths

GRIFFITHS, Mrs CG nee Ann Vincent ? (//-//)

1948-1951 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell with Charles Griffiths

GRIFFITHS, Mrs Charlotte Louisa (//c1846-21/9/1936)

Died SA, at a private hospital. Of 6 Young St, Kent Town, where she operated a boarding house.

1888-1890 Wellington Hotel Wellington Square North Adelaide

1890-1899 Tavistock Hotel Rundle St .

She owned land in trust, part of the Inman Valley Estate, at Encounter Bay, which Judge EC Gwynne’s family sold to William Smith farmer Bath Bank, O’Halloran Hill in 1901. It appears that Rowland Gwynne civil servant Adelaide, who died 1/12/1898, left £200 to his sister, Charlotte Gwynne of Marlborough St, East Adelaide, and the remainder of his estate to Charlotte Louisa Griffiths of the Tavistock Hotel to her own use absolutely. Estate worth £1,450. Was CL Griffiths a child of Rowland Gwynne or Charlotte Gwynne?? Mrs Griffiths was a widow when she ran the hotel.

m Stephen Griffiths (//-//)

GRIFFITHS, John (//c1826-13/2/1861)

Died Exeter SA, at his residence the LeFevre Peninsula Hotel, ‘much and deservedly respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances’.

1854-1861 LeFevre Peninsula Hotel Exeter

Left a wife and two daughters.

m 15/12/1853 Holy Trinity Adelaide, publican Elizabeth nee Lipscombe

GRIFFITHS, Mrs John nee Elizabeth LIPSCOMBE (//c1834-//)

1861-1864 LeFevre Peninsula Hotel Exeter

1865-1866 LeFevre Peninsula Hotel Exeter as Mrs William Bowen

Parents - Robert Lipscombe

m (2) 20/12/1863 St Paul Adelaide, William Bowen of Pt Adelaide

m (3) 313/10/1878 Registry Office Adelaide, Edward KELLY 39 son of William Kelly

GRIFFITHS, William David perhaps (//c1852-//)

1883-1884 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1884-1885 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

Perhaps Parents – David Griffiths &

m 21/11/1877 PM Manse Adelaide, Mrs Henry PENGILLY nee Elizabeth LOVELOCK (//c1840-//) Parents – George Lovelock & She m (1) 1/4/1861 Wesleyan Chapel McLaren Vale, Henry Pengilly.

GRIFFITS, Louis Charles (//-//)

1987-1993 Prince Edward Hotel Wallaroo with Barbara Mavis Griffits

GRIMEA, Guiseppe (//-//)

1842-1843 Prince Albert Inn Pt Adelaide Hotel closed.

GRIMEA, Joseph (//-//)

1841-1842 Prince Albert Inn Pt Adelaide

GRIMES, Henry Ernest (//-//)

1896-1896 Duke of Wellington Hotel Pt Adelaide

1902-1906 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

1906-1906 Kingston Arms Inn Kingston S-E

1906-1907 Oddfellows Arms Hotel Bowden

1908-1909 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

GRIMES, James (//-//)

1883-1885 Crafers Hotel Crafers

Settled; Adelaide, Coromandel Valley

GRIMES, Mrs James nee Agnes Bourne DOBELL (//-//)

1885-1887 Crafers Hotel Crafers

GRIMES, Mrs Valda Lorien Louise (//-//)

1935-1939 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier

GRIMES, William (//c1837-10/6/1890) Died SA.

1882-1883 Jolly Miller Hotel Hindmarsh

1877-1882 Thornton Hotel Glanville

1884-1890 Thornton Hotel Glanville

m Harriet Grimes (//c1837-3/6/1883) Died Hindmarsh SA, at her residence Eucalyptus Cottage, aged 46.

GRIMES, William John (//-//)

1890-1892 Thornton Hotel Glanville

GRINDELL, E dward (//-//)

1903-1909 Lady MacDonnell Inn St Marys Hotel closed.

GRINDELL, John Edward (22/5/1892-//)

Born North Adelaide SA.

1935-1937 Poochera Hotel Poochera

1937-1947 Commercial Hotel Tumby Bay

Parents – John Grindell & Meta Louisa nee YOUNG

GRIST, Robert (//c1827-16/12/1916)

Born Glos, England. Died SA.

1858-1874 Bush Inn Glencoe Station Mt Muirhead near Mt Burr

Hotel closed – licence transferred to the Millicent Hotel Millicent

1874-1877 Millicent Hotel Millicent Hotel founder

To SA by 1851 from VDL

m 1857 Mary Alice nee ? (//c1839-//1921) Born VDL. Died SA.

GRIVELL, Sampson (//-//)

1894-1894 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

1894-1906 Orient Hotel Wakefield St

GRIVELL, Samuel (//-//)

1893-1893 Australasian Clubhouse Hotel Pt Adelaide

GROTEGUT, Hermann (//c1817-21/5/1867)

Died Gawler Belt SA.

Storekeeper Adelaide

1849-1852 Prince Albert Hotel became Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

After he left the Adelaide Hotel, he boarded with Edward McEllister at the Sir John Barleycorn Hotel, Adelaide, and gave him an allotment in Prospect in payment for the board.

Prince Albert Inn, Adelaide. Land in Pt Adelaide and the Hundred of Nuriootpa. Later publican Gawler Belt. Wife called Margaret. No family. After his death, personal effects and land in trust for his wife for life, then to Emma Grotegut, daughter of Friedrich Moritz Grotegut shoemaker Osnabrück, Germany.

c1867 died. Executors and trustees Robert Fotheringham brewer Gawler and Charles Edward Tidemann land agent Adelaide.

GROTEGUT, Hermann (//c1817-21/5/1867)

Died Gawler Belt SA.

1857-1867 Gawler Belt Inn Gawler Belt [Willaston] Hotel founder

Parents – Ferdinand Grotegut &

To SA 1846 Pauline

m 16/9/1858 Groom residence Gawler Belt Inn Gawler Belt, Margaret nee MARSHALL (//c1818-//) Father; Archibald.

GROTH, Charles Henry Albert (//-//)

1945-1947 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

GROVES, George (//-//)

1868-1869 Tanners Arms Hotel Bowden

GROVES, James (//-//)

1869-1881 Tanners Arms Hotel Bowden

To SA 1838 Royal Admiral

GROVES, Levi (//c1813-29/7/1903)

Died Bowden SA.

1851-1859 Tanners Arms Inn Bowden Hotel founder

GROVES, Mrs Levi nee Susannah BURT (//c1813-10/3/1890)

Died Bowden SA.

1852-1853 Tanners Arms Inn Bowden

GRUENELKEE, Julius (//-//)

1872-1875 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal

GRUTZMACHER, Johann Heinrich Friedrich (//c1807-4/10/1888)


1870-1873 Unley Inn Unley

m Dorothea Auguste nee ? (//c1810-17/7/1889) Died Unley SA.

GRYM, Charles (//-//)

1894-1897 Devonshire Arms Hotel Mintaro

Hotel closed

GUBBIN, Samuel C (//-//)

1902-1902 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

1902-1902 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

1902-1902 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

GUDGE, Anni G (//-//)

1894-1894 Windsor Hotel Gillies Plains

GUDGE, John (//c1824-23/7/1902)

Died Goodwood SA.

1884-1889 Tanners Arms Hotel Bowden

1889-1893 Royal Hotel Kent Town

GUERIN, Eliza Jane (//-//)

1928-1929 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

1928-1929 Cross Keys Hotel Dry Creek

Dates clash

GUERIN, Michael M (//-//)

1920-1920 Producers Club Hotel Grenfell St

1926-1931 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

GUEST, Thomas W (//-//)

1862-1863 Napoleon Bonaparte Inn Blumberg [Birdwood]

GUIDERA, Cornelius (//c1825-8/10/1868)

Born Roscrea, Co Tipperary, Ireland. Died Virginia SA.

1859-1869 Virginia Hotel Virginia Hotel founder

To SA 1849 Constance

Farmer, publican; Virginia RC

m (1) 8/2/1853 Mary nee MOLONEY (//-29/1/1855)

m (2) 25/1/1856 Adelaide, Bridget nee O’DEA (//-14/1/1869)

GUIDICI, Salvatore (//-//)

1849-1850 Clarendon Hotel Hindley St .

1st Italian publican in Hindley St.

GUINANE, John (//-//)

1871-1878 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

GUINEY, Edward John (//-//)

1905-1913 Commercial Hotel Morgan

1914- 1915 Railway Hotel Petersburg

1920-1924 Travellers Rest Hotel Lyndoch


Born c1868. Died 10/3/1933 Rhynie. Farmer; Rhynie. Roman Catholic.

m publican Ann Elizabeth nee MCFEE.

GUINEY, Mrs EJ nee Annie Elizabeth MCFEE (//-//)

1918-1924 Travellers Rest Hotel Lyndoch

GUMLEY, Leslie Melville (//-//)

1945-1947 Cockburn Hotel Cockburn

GUMMOW, George Robert (//-//)

1937-1938 Yorke Hotel Yorketown

GUMPRS, James (//-//)

Born Sheffield, Yorks, England.

1851-1854 Gumprs Hotel McLaren Vale Hotel founder

GUMPRS, Mrs James nee Eliza PURCELL (//-//)

1857-1859 Gumprs Hotel McLaren Vale

m (2)William Holden – the next publican

GUN, Townsend R (//-//)

1897-1913 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

GUNDRY, Richard H (//-//)

1892-1896 Willaston Hotel Willaston

GUNN, Townsend R (//-//)

1915-1919 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

GUNN, William Bartholomew (//-//)

1853-1861 Truro Arms Inn then Crown Inn Truro

Born c1824 Rendelsham, Norfolk, England. Died 7/10/1885 Wentworth NSW. To SA 1848 Baboo. Publican; Robe, Adelaide, Truro. m Sarah Barker nee BROWN. Born at sea. Died ?

GUNSLER, Johann Ferdinand (//-//)

1881-1882 South Australian Club Hotel North Tce

1901-1902 Bijou Hotel Rundle St

GUNTER, Charles (//-//1910)

1897-1910 Gibsons Camp Hotel near Bookaloo

GUNTER, Henry (//-//)

1853-1854 Brickmakers Arms Hotel Brompton Hotel founder

1854-1860 Oddfellows Arms Hotel Bowden

1860-1862 Oddfellows Arms Hotel Bowden

1862-1863 Oddfellows Arms Hotel Bowden

Perhaps father of publican Thomas Gunter. If so, came from Trowbridge, Wilts, England. To New Zealand 1840 and then Sydney 1844. To SA 1846.

Perhaps Butcher; Adelaide, Wallaroo, Auburn

Perhaps m Sarah nee MORTMER (//-//) Born St Ives, Cornwall, England.

GUNTER, Thomas (12/9/1845-//)

Born Sydney NSW, in his parents residence Pitt St

1884-1887 Gibsons Camp Hotel near Bookaloo

1881-1881 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina]

1887-1890 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West

To SA 1846 with his parents – the second son.

Parents – Henry Gunter & perhaps Sarah nee MORTIMER

Butcher – Adelaide, Wallaroo, Auburn then Mananger Boiling Down Works, Kooringa 1870 then Damsinker, Willondunga, Corralbignie Carriewerloo

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p680

m 6/6/1864 Wallaroo, Miss A MARONEY. Family of three daughters.

GURNER, John (//-//)

1851-1859 Lord Melbourne Melbourne St

GURRY, Edward (//c1836-//)

Born Summerhill, Co Westmeath, Ireland. Died SA.

1879-1894 Miners Arms Hotel Kapunda Hotel closer

To SA c1858

Farmer, publican; Kapunda

m (1) Elizabeth nee BERGIN (//-//)

m (2) Margaraet nee (//c1845-4/5/1885)

GURSANSKY, Friedrich A (//-//)

1903-1908 Greenock Arms Hotel Greenock

GUTHRIE, George (//-//)

1837-1839 Guthries Hotel Currie St Hotel founder. Oldest SA hotel licence.

GUTHRIE, Mrs Mary Elizabeth (//-//)

1934-1935 Black Bull Hotel Hindley St

GUTTRIDGE, Frederick (//-//)

1884-1884 Botanic Hotel North Tce

GUTTERIDGE, Frederick (//-//)

1884-1885 British Hotel Pt Adelaide

GUY, Reuben (//-//)

1883-1889 Bush Inn Willunga

1889-1890 Bush Inn Willunga

GUY, Mrs Reuben nee Harriet Maria ? (//-//)

1889-1889 Bush Inn Willunga

GYNELL, George Albert (//-//)

1930-1943 Great Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln

1943-1952 Great Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln