Lists of South Australian Publicans

The following are alphabetical lists of early South Australian Publicans compiled over many years by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian). 

The data is incomplete but includes certain additional information.  It has been taken 'as is' directly from his computer files (2015). 

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----  List of Names 'I' to 'K'  ----

Names Beginning 'I'

IBEN, William Henry Francis (//c1818-26/8/1877)

Died North Adelaide SA.

1862-1877 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

m 18/9/1862 Bethlehem Lutheran Church Adelaide

IBEN, Mrs WHF nee Margareth CUNNINGHAM/KENDIGUM(//c1841-22/7/1899)

Died North Adelaide SA.

1877-1891 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

IDE, Alfred Thomas (//-//)

1924-1927 Woodside Hotel Woodside

1929-1929 Auburn Hotel Auburn

1932-1939 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

1939-1943 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

Lived Glenelg/New Glenelg 1907-1910

m Ethel Mabel nee PINNINGTON (//-//)

IDE, Frank perhaps C (//-//)

1893-1893 Meningie Hotel Meningie

1894-1894 Charleston Hotel Charleston

IDE, Henry (//-//)

1861-1864 Farriers Arms Inn The Sturt [Mitchell Park]

IDE, James (//-//)

1849-1852 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

IDE, Sarah Hopkins (//-//)

1852-1853 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

IDE, Thomas (18/3/1836-20/9/1898)

Born England. Died Hahndorf SA.

1862-1871 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

1871-1872 Blenheim Hotel Hindley St

1872-1897 Union Inn Hahndorf

m (1) 14/11/1861 St James Blakiston, Mathilde nee BOLTE (//c1841-24/1/1872) Born Germany. Died Hahndorf SA.

m (2) 27/9/1888 Lutheran Parsonage Adelaide, Mrs August BOERKE nee Wilhelmine STRAUCH (2/2/1839-16/3/1893) Born Bomst, Kreis Bomst, Province Posen, Prussia. Died Hahndorf SA.

ILBERRY, James (//-//)

1841-1842 Stockkeeper Inn Little Para Hotel founder

ILLIDGE, Muriel A (//-//)

1937-1938 Hotel Grenfell Grenfell St with Gertrude Constance Baker

IND, George Frederick (//-//)

1873-1880 Paradise Hotel Little Paradise [Paradise]

Parents - founder publican Joseph Ind the Elder

IND, Joseph the Elder (//-18/5/1865)

Died SA, ‘by the upsetting of a dray, while returning homewards from town’.

1850-1852 Paradise Bridge Hotel Little Paradise Hotel founder

1853-1855 Paradise Bridge Hotel Little Paradise

1861-1865 Paradise Bridge Hotel Little Paradise

IND, Mrs Joseph nee Mary ? (//-//)

1865-1871 Paradise Bridge Hotel Little Paradise

IND, Joseph the Younger (//-//)

1862-1863 Cremorne Inn New Parkside

1865-1867 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

INGES, W (//-//)

1881-1881 Tarpeena Hotel Tarpeena

INGHAM, Murray Leon (//-//)

1935-1947 Ovingham Hotel Bowden-on-the-Hill

INGHAM, Robert Laundy (//c1813-11/8/1864)

Born Epping, Essex, England. Died Brompton SA, at his residence the New Gasworks Hotel, ‘an old and respected colonist’.

1840-1840 Woodman Inn Grenfell St with George Godwin Crouch

1863-1864 New Gasworks Hotel Brompton

INGHAM, Mrs RL nee Josephine GUILFOYLE (//c1841-//)

1864-1866 New Gasworks Hotel Brompton

Parents - John Guilfoyle

m (2) 14/3/1866 Wesleyan Chapel Pirie St Adelaide, Thomas Coomb/Coombs

INGLIS, Alexander (//-//)

1867-1873 Coolatoo Hotel Coolatoo The Coorong Hotel founder

Operated the Coolatoo eating house from 1863, before starting the hotel. This hotel was the only licensed premises between Salt Creek and Kingston S-E, and with Chinaman Well was the only public place where travellers could obtain a meal between these two settlements. Inglis was also the postmaster for the post office which opened in 1863 and the operated intermittently until 1880. After that, the hotel licensees were the postmasters. Biog Peter Doolette The Coorong Gazetteer pp36-37. Biog Jones & Cameron HM South-East mails p93.

INGLIS, John (//-//)

1876-1878 Commercial Hotel Caltowie

INGLIS, John Robertson (//c1839-14/11/1879)

Died Laura SA.

1872-1874 Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St

1874-1876 Rising Sun Inn Pt Wakefield

1879-1879 North Laura Hotel North Laura

INGRAM, Catherine (//-//)

1903-1903 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

INGRAM, William (//-//)

1850-1854 Eagle Tavern Hindley St

1854-1857 Southern Cross Hotel King William St

c1877 W Ingram livery stable keeper Adelaide died.

Real estate sold after July 1877 by Supreme Court Order.

INKSTER, John Gifford (//c1854-19/1/1911)

Died Adelaide SA (of Pt Adelaide)

1881-1882 Paris Hotel Portland Place Pt Adelaide

INNES, Charles N (//-//)

1884-1884 Whitwarta Hotel Whitwarta

INNES, George (//-//)

1846-1847 City Arms Inn King William St .

INNES, George perhaps (//c1823-2/11/1902)

Died Adelaide SA.

1888-1900 Brecknock Hotel King William St South

IREDELL, Miss Edith Margretta Hall (8/6/1881-//)

Born Jamestown SA.

1902-1908 Cradock Hotel Cradock

Parents – publican Joseph Hall Iredell and Mary Frances nee Edwards

m 5/9/1912 Congregational Church Hindmarsh Square Adelaide, Locksley BROOK (//c1884-//) Parents – Frederick Brook &

IREDELL, Joseph Hall (//c1856-//)

Born Co Cumberland, England.

1885-1902 Cradock Hotel Cradock

1902-1909 Royal Hotel Hawker

1913-1915 Lyndhurst Siding Hotel Lyndhurst Siding

Parents – Joseph Iredell &

m (1) 14/11/1880 Hookina Hotel Hookina, Mary Frances nee EDWARDS (//c1857-21/10/1905) Died Hawker SA. Parents – Henry Edwards &

m (2) 4/6/1907 Parochial residence Adelaide, publican Ellen Ruth nee O’Loughlin (//-//)

IREDELL, Mrs JH nee Ellen Ruth O’LOUGHLIN (//c1876-25/11/1952)

Died Myrtle Bank SA.

1909-1917 Royal Hotel Hawker

1917-1918 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

Parents – John O’Loughlin &

m (2) 2/5/1918 St Patrick Adelaide, publican George Miller Robertson

IRELAND, George (//c1813-21/4/1860)

Died Willaston SA.

1853-1856 Newmarket Inn North Tce

1856-1857 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St

1857-1859 New Globe Inn Mile End Hotel founder

1859-1860 Old Spot Inn Gawler

IRELAND, Mrs George nee Elizabeth ? (//c1815-1/9/1984)

Died Woodville SA.

1860-1865 Princes Pier Hotel Pt Adelaide

1865-1865 White Hart Inn Pt Adelaide

IRON, James (//-//)

1851-1852 Campbell Arms Hotel Reedy Creek Mine

IRVIN, Arthur (//-//)

1903-1904 Bedford Hotel Currie St

IRVIN, Charles (//-//)

1900-1903 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

IRVIN, Charles Francis (//-//)

1902-1903 Bedford Hotel Currie St

1903-1903 Electric Light Hotel Grenfell St

Lived Smithfield 1887

IRVIN, Ellen Sophia (//-//)

1902-1902 Bedford Hotel Currie St

Perhaps Mrs Charles Francis Irvin nee Ellen ROOK

IRVIN, Frederick James (//-//)

1944-1945 Junction Hotel Peterborough

1945-1947 Junction Hotel Peterborough with Mrs Honora Warren

IRWIN ,John Maxwell (//-//)

1867-1868 Woolshed Inn Bordertown

IRWIN, Thomas (//-//)

1889-1890 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

ISAACS, Eve (//-//)

1855-1857 Black Horse Leigh St .

ISAACSON, John Edward (9/8/1862-17/6/1936)

Born Undalya SA.

1887-1904 Undalya Hotel Undalya Hotel closed

Parents – publican William Isaacson & Johanne Eleonore nee Kriebel

Farmer; Undalya Also Publican; Undalya

m 22/11/1893 Christ Church North Adelaide, Mary Ann nee MICHELL (//c1869-//) Parents – George Henry Michell &

JE Isaacson is recorded as a widower at this marriage.

ISAACSON, Richard (//c1829-10/4/1893)

Born perhaps Middlesex, England. Died Lochiel SA (of the Hundred of Cameron)

1871-1872 Travellers Home Inn Lochiel Hummocks

1872-1873 Travellers Home Hotel Lochiel Hummocks

To SA 1859 James Jardine

Bootmaker; Upper Wakefield then Undalya then Storekeeper; Undalya then Publican; Lochiel

then Farmer; Hundred of Cameron Co Daly.

Likely some relative to publican William Isaacson

m England, Eliza nee DENNINGTON

ISAACSON, William (//c1817-//1887)

Born Soham, Cambs, England.

1872-1887 Undalya Hotel Undalya

To SA 1845 Henry

Labourer; Gawler then Farmer; Gawler, Undalya Also Publican; Undalya

m 1/2/1851 St George Gawler, Johanne Eleonore nee KRIEBEL (17/9/1827-10/1/1888) Born Klein Jännowitz, Kreis Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia. Died Undalya SA. Parents – Christian Kriebel & Elisabeth nee Pohl. To SA 1845 Patel with her parents and siblings.

Parents of publican John Edward Isaacson

ISBELL, Robert (//c1819-//)

1848-1849 Tom o’ Lincoln Inn Thebarton Hotel closed

To SA 1840 Java

Butcher, agriculturalist from Launceston, Devon, England. Free passage with the SA Commissioners.

Butcher, shearer; Hindmarsh, Thebarton then Publican; Thebarton then Butcher; Glenelg. Likely left SA mid-1850s.

m 28/3/1843 St John Adelaide, Elizabeth nee POOR (//c1823-//) To SA 1839 Moffatt, as a dairymaid from Blackdown, Dorset, England, and the eldest child of fellow passenger Robert Poor, a shoemaker from Broadwindsor, Dorset. The whole family came out on free passage paid for by the SA Commissioners.

ISENBERG, Hermann Franz Leopold (//c1836-13/8/1899)

Died Adelaide SA.

1890-1890 Henley Beach Hotel Henley Beach

1890-1892 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

1892-1899 Galatea Hotel Hindley St

Parents – Friedrich Isenberg &

1877 Eatinghouse keeper; Adelaide (Hindley St) 1877 Publican; Henley Beach, Thebarton, Adelaide (Hindley St).

m 3/10/1876 Parsonage Pirie St Adelaide, publican Elizabeth nee Wilton

ISENBERG, Mrs HFL nee Elizabeth WILTON (//c1844-//)

Born Co Cork, Ireland,

1889-1890 Henley Beach Hotel Henley Beach

1899-1900 Galatea Hotel Hindley St

Parents – Francis Wilton & Apparently did not come to SA.

To SA 1872 Forfarshire

Apparently did not remarry in SA, nor is her death registered up till 1972.

ISRAEL, James (//-//)

1890-1897 Strangways Springs Hotel Strangways Springs Hotel closed

ISRAEL, Solomon (//-//)

1893-1893 Wadnaminga Hotel Wadnaminga Hotel founder

IVES, James Richard (//-//)

1882-1882 Oaklands Hotel Oaklands

IVES, James Richard the Elder (//-//)

1887-1888 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

1888-1889 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

IVES, James Richard the Younger (//-//)

1884-1885 Oaklands Hotel Oaklands

1885-1886 Buck’s Head North Tce .

IVESON, Moses Edward (//-//)

1919-1922 Prince Albert Hotel Wright St

1924-1929 Hotel George Currie St

Possibly husband of Emily Iveson


Names Beginning 'J'

JACK, Thomas (//-//)

1858-1859 Farriers Arms Inn Finniss Vale [Second Valley]

JACKA, Frank (//-//)

1906-1907 Pier Hotel Pt Germein with Reginald Pigon

JACKA, Frederick Walter (30/4/1861-8/8/1931)

Born SA. Died SA.

1882-1882 Eurelia Hotel Eurelia

Parents – William Jacka the Younger & Jane nee Coombe

Brother to publican William John Jacka.

JACKA, Walter (//-//)

1855-1857 Balhannah Inn Balhannah

JACKA, Walter (//-//)

1883-1883 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

JACKA, William the Younger (//c1830-15/8/1888)

Born perhaps St Ives, Cornwall, England. Died Hammond SA.

1876-1880 North Star Hotel Melrose

1880-1882 Willochra Hotel Willochra Creek

1882-1888 Hammond Hotel Hammond Hotel founder

Parents – William Jacka the Elder &

m 29/6/1850 St James Blakiston, publican Jane nee Coombe.

JACKA, Mrs William nee Jane COOMBE (//c1833-30/5/1914)

Born Truro, Cornwall, England. Died Murraytown SA,

1888-1890 Hammond Hotel Hammond

JACKA, William John (//c1851-1/6/1924)

Died SA.

1880-1881 North Star Hotel Melrose

Parents – William Jacka the Younger & Jane nee Coombe

Brother to publican Frederick Walter Jacka.

m 8/12/1870, Sarah nee GUNTER (5/12/1853-10/11/1919) Born SA. Died SA. Parents – Henry Gunter & ?

JACKMAN, Arthur Joseph (28/1/1869-12/5/1959)

Born SA. Died SA.

1920-1920 Pier Hotel Glenelg wth Henry Crabb the Younger

1920-1924 Pier Hotel Glenelg

1920-1924 Pier Hotel Milang

Did he have both Pier Hotels at the same time?

Parents –Joseph Jackman & Fanny nee WHEATON

m Adela Mary nee ? (//c1875-21/8/1960)

JACKMAN, James (//c1819-//)

Born prob Plymouth, Devon, England. Died SA dnr.

1850-1855 Greenock Arms Hotel Greenock Hotel founder.

To SA 1840 Lysander.

m 25/2/1843 Adelaide, fellow passenger Avis nee WEBB (//c1822-//) Prob Born Plympton, Devon, England. To SA 1840 Lysander with her parents and siblings. A domestic servant. m (2) C FAIR

JACKSON, Alfred (//c1869-//)

1904-1906 Vine Inn Glen Osmond

1907-1911 Excelsior Hotel Brompton Park

1912-1915 Dawson Hotel Dawson

Parents – Edward Jackson &

m (2) 18/11/1903 St Andew Walkerville, publican Mrs RN Cullen nee Elizabeth Ann Hoggett

JACKSON, Mrs Alfred formerly Mrs RN Cullen nee Sarah Elizabeth Ann HOGGETT (//c1870-19/9/1946)

Died Tusmore SA.

1906-1907 Excelsior Hotel Brompton Park

JACKSON, Alfred L (//-//)

1915-1917 Windsor Hotel Gillies Plains

JACKSON, Charles (//-//)

1919-1920 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

JACKSON, Enoch Algernon (//c1818-23/6/1879)

Born St Mary Le Bow, Middlesex, England. Died Salisbury SA.

1858-1879 Railway Hotel Salisbury

m 27/10/1840 Adelaide, publican Ann nee Follett.

JACKSON, Mrs EA nee Ann FOLLETT (15/6/1815-10/10/1906)

Died Mt Barker Springs SA.

1879-1882 Railway Hotel Salisbury

To SA 1840 Singapore, with her parents and siblings. Dairymaid from Sidlesham, Sussex, England. Obit Observer 20/10/1906 p434e.

JACKSON, George Gerald (//c1828-15/1/1865)

Died Adelaide SA, at his residence the Old Queen's Arms Hotel Wright St, 'after a few days' illness'.

1860-1865 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

Farm labourer Adelaide before becoming a publican

JACKSON, Mrs GG nee Frances DANN (//c1831-21/7/1877)

Died Adelaide SA.

1865-1869 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

To SA 1854 Fortune, as a married couple.

Daughter of Henry Dann.

m (2) 28/11/1868 Holy Trinity Adelaide, John Callaghan Sergeant in the 50th Regiment Adelaide

Son of Denis Callaghan.

JACKSON, Harry (//-//)

1927-1929 Maylands Hotel Maylands

1931-1931 Commercial Hotel Two Wells

JACKSON, Herrick Edmund (//-//)

1920-1921 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

1936-1956 Railway Hotel Salisbury

JACKS0N, Inkerman Farrington (27/7/1855-26/10/1924)

Born SA. Died SA.

1885-1893 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

1894-1897 Crafers Hotel Crafers

1897-1907 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

Parents – Henry Jackson & Sarah Ann nee LEAN

Apparently at Strathalbyn before going to Macclesfield Southern Argus 25/12/1890 p516g. then Publican; Macclesfield, Crafers, Mt Barker.

JACKSON, Mrs IF nee Florence Catherine MOTT (17/5/1863-28/10/1946)

Born SA. Died SA.

1889-1889 Davenport Arms Hotel Hotel Macclesfield

1896-1897 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

JACKSON, John Philipson/Phillipson (//c1838-15/1/1886)

Born England. Died Clare SA.

1880-1880 Yarrowie Hotel Appila

1883-1883 Prairie Hotel Parachilna

Parents – William Jackson & Jane nee Philipson.

To SA 1849 Navarino

Perhaps did not marry.

JACKSON, Loris Claire (//-//)

1937-1937 Hotel Adelaide Pirie St

JACKSON, Richard Bestall (//c1846-29/9/1900)

Died Black Forest SA.

1880-1881 Thistle Inn Waymouth St

1882-1892 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln Date clash

1891-1892 Kensington Hotel Kensington

Parents – John Bestall Jackson &

m 22/12/1867 Ellen Sophia nee LEAN (19/7/1847-//1916) Born SA. Died SA. Parents – William Lean & Ellen Sophia nee SHILLABEER.

JACKSON, Samuel Sommerville (//c1802-30/9/1854)

Died Macclesfield SA, at his residence Woodside.

1841-1842 Goat’s Head Inn Macclesfield Hotel founder

To SA 1841 Cygnet.

Publican, farmer; Macclesfield. Congregational.

m 2/10/1822 England, Mary Ann nee GIRLING (//-//)

JACKSON, William (//-//)

1928-1929 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

JACKSON, William Clarence perhaps (4/4/1903-//)

Born Koolunga SA.

1930-1931 Tiger Hotel Tantanoola

Parents – Thomas Hugh Jackson & Georgina nee MILLER

JACKSON, William Lean perhaps (10/10/1875-//)

Born Brighton SA.

1918-1919 Talbot Hotel Gouger St

Parents – perhaps publican Richard Bestall Jackson & Ellen Sophia nee Lean

JACKSON, Mrs WL nee Ethel May HENDERSON (21/6/1878-//)

Born Glanville SA.

1919-1920 Talbot Hotel Gouger St

Parents – Alfred NevilHenderson & Mary nee DUANCE

JACOB, Miss Florence Adelaide (5/10/c1887-3/1/1947)

Born Adelaide SA. Died SA.

1945-1947 Crown Hotel Victor Harbor

Parents – publicans Henry John Jacob & Elizabeth Adelaide nee Searson

JACOB, Gordon Hillier (//-//)

1928-1946 Royal Exchange Hotel Kadina

Lived North Adelaide 1927

m Mary Ethel Eileen nee COWAN (//-//)

JACOB, Henry John (//c1857-5/10/1929)

Born perhaps Glastonbury, Somerset, England. Died SA.

1920-1929 Crown Hotel Victor Harbor

Bricklayer; Adelaide

To SA 1878 Hyderabad, with parents and siblings.

Brother to publican William Edward Jacob.

JACOB, Mrs HJ nee Elizabeth Adelaide SEARSON (//c1863-21/12/1945)

1929-1945 Crown Hotel Victor Harbor

JACOB, William Edward (16/7/1854-//)

Born Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

1891-1898 Snowtown Hotel Snowtown

1898-1900 Prince of Wales Hotel Moonta

1900-1901 Norwood Hotel Norwood

1900-1911 Royal Exchange Hotel Kadina

To SA 1878 Hyderabad, with parents and siblings.

Brother to publican Henry John Jacob.

m 16/7/1884 St Mark Penwortham, Sophia nee Collins

7 sons

JACOB, Mrs WE nee Sophia COLLINS (14/2/1862-//)

Born Gawler Plains SA.

1901-1901 Norwood Hotel Norwood

Parents – publicans Joseph Collins & Mary Ann nee Patterson.

Her parents founded the Collinsfield Hotel Collinsfield.

JACOBS, Arthur Charles (20/3/c1896-10/7/1968)

Born Dawesley SA. Died near Adelaide SA (of Glenunga).

1927-1945 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

Parents – Henry Jacobs & Jane nee WILLIAMSON

Owned or part owned a racehorse called Solomon - won many races; had many followers among the betting fraternity. A centre for unlicensed betting. Apparently, there was a well underneath the main bar. Called the workers’ pub, because the employees from the tannery and factory drank there. Did a roaring trade on sale days.

Charlie Fisher, manager of the Mt Barker branch of Bennett & Fisher, was auctioneer – 1st country branch opened for the firm. Med Robinson followed him as manager and auctioneer.

JACOBS, Jacob (//-//)

1906-1907 Tavistock Hotel Rundle St

JACOBS, Mrs Hannah (//c1863-13/4/1944)

Died Adelaide SA.

1907-1908 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

1908-1909 Kingston Arms Inn Kingston S-E

1909-1910 White Conduit House Hotel North St

1911-1913 Foundry Hotel Hindley St

1913-1919 Saracens Head Hotel Carrington St

1919-1920 Colonel Light Hotel Currie St

1920-1921 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1921-1921 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St with Sohia Nefler

JACOBS, Mrs Margaret Theresa perhaps nee COONEY (//-//)

1882-1883 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

Sister-in-law to publican JTS Dixon

m Edward Jacobs Lived Yorke Peninsula by 1870 Weaners Flat by 1872

JACOBS, Oliver (//-//)

1925-1926 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln with Talbot Jury

1926-1929 Great Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln

Was this Isaac Oliver Jacobs? m Helen Maude nee REHN

JACOBSEN, Maria Theresa (//-//)

1888-1892 Stockwell Hotel Stockwell

JACOBY, Carl (//-//)

1900-1902 Royal Hotel Kent Town

JACOBY, Daniel (//-//)

1872-1873 Blenheim Hotel Hindley St

1873-1874 Kent Town Hotel Kent Town

1876-1878 Railway Hotel Freeling

1884-1884 Union Inn Waymouth St

Settled; Ade;aide by 1871 Norwood by 1874 Freeling by 1876 Pekina 8181



1868-1871 Commercial Hotel Mt Gambier Hotel founder

JAFFREY, Alexander (//c1816-27/3/1876)

Died South Road SA.

1870-1872 Black Forest Inn Black Forest

To SA c1842

Publican; Black Forest. Perhaps Farmer; South Road – St Marys? Perhaps Importer, indent agent; Adelaide

m Georgina nee ? Test family in Births

JAHN, Adolph Franz Marten (//-//)

1887-1891 General Gordon Hotel Grenfell St .

1897-1903 Exeter Hotel Rundle St

1903-1911 Plough & Harrow Hotel Rundle St

1912-1913 Austral Hotel Rundle St

1915-1915 Sportsmans Arms Hotel Rosaville near Mt Gambier

Lived Kent Town by 1893 Adelaide by 1896

JAHN, Mrs AFM nee Frances HUMBLE (//-//)

1914-1915 Sportsmans Arms Hotel Rosaville near Mt Gambier

JAHN, Conrad Ludwig Johann August (9/1/1856-//)

Born Hahndorf SA.

1882-1882 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

1890-1893 Jetty Hotel LeFevre Peninsula [Semaphore]

1893-1894 Dolphin Hotel Rundle St .

1894-1895 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

Parents – publicans Heinrich Jahn & Regine Catherine nee Wiese.

Executor for his father, Heinrich Jahn.

JAHN, Heinrich (9/5/1829-28/11/1885)

Born Germany. Died Adelaide SA.

1863-1866 Napoleon Bonaparte Inn Blumberg

1866-1867 District Hotel Gumeracha

1867-1873 Wellington Inn Currie St

1873-1876 National Hotel Pirie St

1877-1882 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

1883-1885 Exeter Hotel Rundle St

JAHN, Mrs Heinrich nee Regina Catherine WIESE (//c1825-8/11/1896)

Died Adelaide SA.

1888-1897 Exeter Hotel Rundle St

JAHN, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)

1889-1890 Kentish Arms Hotel Kent Town

1895-1895 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

JAHN, Johann Rudolph (12/3/1865-//)

Born Blumberg SA, at the Napoleon Bonaparte Inn Blumberg

1897-1906 East End Market Hotel East Tce

1907-1907 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney

1908-1911 White Horse Hotel Currie St

1911-1923 Exeter Hotel Rundle St

Parents – publicans Heinrich Jahn & Regine Catherine nee Wiese.

m (//c1869-15/5/1903) Died Adelaide SA, at her residence the East End Market Hotel East Tce DN Observer 23/5/1903 p192b.

JAMES, Aaron (//c1844-20/12/1880)

Died Gawler South SA.

1875-1877 Northbrook Hotel Stockport

1880-1881 Mill Inn Gawler South

Perhaps son of publican John James and Mary nee Knott.

JAMES, Mrs Aaron nee Grace ? (//-//)

Not in Deaths as Grace James to 1915

1881-1881 Mill Inn Gawler South

JAMES, Alfred (16/12/1844-2/8/1928)

Born Adelaide SA. Died SA.

1873-1874 Norfolk Arms Hotel Rundle St

1879-1892 South Australian Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – publican George James &

Helped his father in his hotels before taking on hotels of his own.

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p536

m 23/5/1865 Adelaide, Mary Maria nee TERRELL (25/7/1845-30/9/1931) nb.

JAMES, Mrs Charles formerly Mrs Walter Brown nee Sarah Eugenie Moyle (//c1860-27/8/1913)

Died Adelaide SA.

1907-1913 Blenheim Hotel Hindley St

Married woman

JAMES, Charles Pugh (27/11/1854-22/9/1919)

Born Adelaide SA. Died SA.

1875-1876 Young Queens Arms Hotel Gawler Place

m Fanny Agatha nee ? (//c1858-23/5/1936) Died SA.

JAMES, Donald (//-//)

1942-1942 Commercial Hotel Pt Adelaide

JAMES, Mrs Donald nee Vera Myrtle ? (//-//)

1938-1942 Commercial Hotel Pt Adelaide

1943-1945 Hotel Elliot Pt Elliot

JAMES, Edward (//-//)

1854-1856 Scotch Laddie Tavern to Seven Stars Inn Gilles Arcade

1855-1856 Seven Stars Inn Gilles Arcade

Son of William James at the City Bridge Hotel Hindley St.

Perhaps m Sarah nee CALTON (//-//)

JAMES, Ellen Christina (//-//)

1927-1929 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown

1929-1931 Grange Family Hotel Grange

1931-1932 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

1932-1940 Great Northern Hotel Pt Augusta

JAMES, Eric David John (//-//)

1943-1947 Whyalla Hotel Whyalla

JAMES, Frederick Joseph (//-//)

1927-1928 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka with Nellie Veronica James

1928-1928 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka

JAMES, Mrs FJ nee Nellie Veronica ? (//-//)

1927-1928 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka with Frederick Joseph James

JAMES, George (1/11/1811-30/5/1888)

1838-1839 London Tavern Currie St with Thomas Orsmond Hotel founders

1844-1845 Kangaroo Inn St Marys

1845-1846 Flagstaff Inn The Sturt [Darlington]

1847-1851 City Arms Inn King William St .

1851-1872 Norfolk Arms Inn became Norfolk Arms Hotel Rundle St

1874-1878 Norfolk Arms Hotel Rundle St

Arrived Jan 1838 Royal Admiral . At the Mt Alexander gold fields in early Feb 1852 Observer 20/3/1852 p93

Land in Beulah Road Norwood and Thornton St, Kensington. Lent a lot of money out on mortgage. James Place named after George James. Reputed to be the oldest publican in SA at the time of his death.

Whitesmith, publican; Adelaide, Pt Augusta. CE.

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p536

Norfolk Arms a very popular place for the slaughtermen at T Ballantyne’s butcher shop on the other side of Rundle St to have a drink Chronicle 27/9/1934 p278d

m Mary nee PUGH (c1817-29/11/1895) Died Norwood SA, at her residence Beulah Rd. Amiable disposition and helped the poor. Perhaps sister to builder Thomas Pugh of Norwood.

Son publican William Walter James b 1840

Son publican Alfred James b 1844

Daughter Mary born Oct 1846.

Son publican Charles Pugh James b 1854

Granddaughter, Dorothy Mary Sagar, died 11/1/1878 at the Norfolk Arms, after catching a chill at Glenelg during a heat wave, aged 17. Eldest daughter of the late John Temple Sagar.

JAMES, Henry (//-//)

1853-1856 Bird-In-Hand Inn Dry Creek [Pooraka]

1856-1857 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan Hotel founder

1857-1858 Black Swan Inn North Tce

JAMES, Henry (//-//)

1856-1858 Mt Lofty Hotel Mt Barker Road Crafers

Only publican

JAMES, Herbert (//-//)

1921-1921 Sportsmans Hotel Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln

JAMES, Henry John (//-//)

1882-1885 Cradock Hotel Cradock

1885-1885 Wonoka Hotel Hawker

Settled Beautiful Valley by 1877 Gawler by 1881 Cradock by 1885 then Publican; Cradock, Hawker.

m Alice Frances nee STOCKDALE (//-//)

JAMES, James (//-//)

1878-1880 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

His wife’s faithful servant Mary Ann TORMEY , died 22/8/1879 Kent Town, at her brother’s residence, of yellow fever and jaundice, aged 23. Youngest surviving daughter of Andrew Tormey of Adelaide. Worked for the James family for four years Chronicle 23/8/1879 p438b.

JAMES, John (//c1818-12/7/1897)

Born Wilts, England. Died Gawler SA.

1863-1866 Unley Inn Unley

1866-1869 Alma Inn Willunga

1869-1870 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

1870-1878 Old Spot Hotel Gawler

1874-1877 Duke of Edinburgh Hotel Hindley St

1877-1878 Globe Inn Gawler Dates clash

1878-1879 Blenheim Hotel Hindley St

1881-1881 Mill Inn Gawler South

Biog Aldine Vol 11 p688.

Perhaps To SA 1864 Northumberland – doubtful already at Unley 1863.

Related to publicans Aaron James and Grace nee ?

m 1840 Mary nee KNOTT (//c1817-27/4/1894) Died Gawler SA.

Father of publican Richard James.

JAMES, John (//-//)

1879-1879 Burton Hotel Manoora

JAMES, Mrs Maud Caroline (//-//)

1920-1921 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

1921-1922 Commercial Hotel Gawler

JAMES, Richard (//c1852-//)

Born Wilts, England.

1878-1890 Old Spot Hotel Gawler

Son of previous publican John James.

m 11/7/1877 St George Gawler, Jane nee STEPHENS (//c1847-6/3/1890) Died Gawler SA. Father; Daniel.

JAMES, Richard Poole (//c1824-21/3/1880)

Born Somerset, England. Died Armagh near Clare SA.

1855-1856 Redruth Arms Hotel Redruth

1865-1866 Commercial Inn Copperhouse Hotel closed

JAMES, Robert Dauberz (//-//)

1840-1841 Pt Lincoln Hotel Pt Lincoln

JAMES, William (//c1796-23/1/1868)

Died Kooringa SA, at his son-in-law James Lamb residence the Burra Hotel. Mine captain then mine agent; Kooringa then Publican; Adelaide. Anglican.

1852-1853 City Bridge Hotel Hindley St

To SA 1849 Marion.

Assayer of Minerals in Cornwall, England.

Miner Adelaide 1852

Of Vic in 1853

Identity see MN Register 17/5/1853

Father of Edward James publican Gilles Arcade.

His youngest daughter, Johanna Thomas James, m 12/5/1853 Holy Trinity Adelaide, James Gilbert Lamb.

Son-in-law JG Lamb followed him as publican at the City Bridge Hotel and elsewhere in Adelaide and Kooringa.

JAMES, William Walter (28/6/1840-20/11/1879)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Kent Town SA.

1876-1879 Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St

Parents – publican George James & Mary nee PUGH. Eldest son.

m 3/9/1868 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Elizabeth nee HUGALL (//c1846-13/1/1877) Eldest daughter of JW Hugall.

JAMESON, William (//c1847-//)

1882-1884 Hampshire Hotel Grote St

Parents – Henry Jameson &

Settled; Bay Road Plympton by 1869 South Road Edwardstown by 1872 Storekeeper; Bay Road Plympton by 1879 then Publican; Adelaide 1882-1884 then Storekeeper; Plympton by 1886. A number of infant deaths amongst their children; appear to have left SA perhaps by the 1890s.

m 25/11/1868 Wesleyan Church Pirie St Adelaide, Mary Jane Polly nee WHEATON (//c1848dnr-//) Born SA. Parents – Nathaniel Wheaton & Louisa


JAMIESON, Francis (//-//)

1888-1890 Collinsfield Hotel Collinsfield

Hotel closer

No birth, death or marriage reference.

JAMIESON, James perhaps (//c1843-19/11/1906)

Died Redbanks SA.

1888-1888 Seven Stars Hotel Redbanks Hundred of Grace Hotel closed


Saddler; Redbanks.

JANE, Daniel (//c1835-8/9/1923)

Born Cornwall, England. Died SA.

1901-1902 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

1904-1907 Lower Light Hotel Lower Light

To SA 1865 Queen Bee.

Miner; Wallaroo Mines, Talisker Mine later Publican; Mitcham, Lower Light.

m (1) Matilda nee ? (//c1837-31/1/1886) Died Lower Light SA.

m (2) Elizabeth Marie nee ?(//c1845-20/8/1908) Died Lower Mitcham SA (of Lower Light).

JANECZEK, Elizabeth perhaps Mrs Edward (//-//)

1891-1891 Bristol Tavern Franklin St

1892-1893 Bristol Tavern Franklin St

1893-1894 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

JANEWAY, George (//-//)

1867-1870 Travellers Rest Inn Allendale East

JAQUES, Thomas (//-//)

1858-1862 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

1862-1873 Black Lion Inn Hindmarsh

JAQUES, Mrs Thomas nee Sarah ? (//-//)

1873-1874 Black Lion Inn Hindmarsh

JARRED, William (16/4/1862 - 30/4/1950)

1919-1923 Railway Hotel Frances

Lived Custon 1907

At Frances by 1909

Born Point Sturt, S.A
Died Frances S.A

m Euphemia McNeil nee BLACKSELL (c1878 - 7/5/1970)

JAUNAY, Frank C (//-//)

1898-1902 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

JAY, Gerald (//c1847-16/3/1901)

Died Walkerville SA.

1879-1879 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo with John Cherry

JEANES, Isaac (//c1854-9/3/1936)

Born Adelaide SA. Died SA.

1892-1893 Glanville Hotel Glanville

1893-1894 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West

1894-1896 Barrier Hotel Pt Pirie

1896-1897 Hackney Hotel Hackney

1898-1898 Kadina Hotel Kadina

1898-1899 Colonel Light Hotel Currie St

1900-1900 Duke of Wellington Hotel Pt Adelaide

1900-1903 Barrier Hotel Pt Pirie

1903-1904 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

1904-1904 Union Hotel Waymouth St

Parents – James Jeanes & Sarah Ann nee ALMOND

Draper; ? then Publican; Glanville, Pt Augusta West, Pt Pirie, Hackney, Kadina, Adelaide, Pt Adelaide, Pt Pirie, Norton Summit, Adelaide etc.

m 19/3/1878, publican Fanny Jane nee King

JEANES, Mrs Isaac nee Fanny Jane KING (//c1852-11/4/1917)

Died SA.

1894-1895 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West

Raised by James King (uncle)

JEFFERSON, Captain Hales Hyde (//-//)

1921-1923 Commercial Hotel Tumby Bay

JEFFERSON, John (//-//)

1856-1856 Halfway House Hotel Port Road York [Beverley]

JEFFERY, George Andrew Downer (27/7/1906-//)

Born Murraytown SA.

1927-1928 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

Parents = Stephen George Jeffery & Maud Jean nee SCLANDERS

JEFFREYS, Edwin Jeffrey John (26/7/1861-7/1/1926)

Born Belvidere near Strathalbyn SA. Died North Adelaide SA (of Walkerville).

1883-1885 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

1885-1889 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

1893-1894 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

1895-1897 Palmer Hotel Palmer

1897-1901 Pier Hotel Milang

1901-1905 Bucks Head Hotel Stepney

Parents – publican Jeffrey Jeffreys & Mrs Robert Leslie nee Ann McLean

JEFFREYS, Mrs Edwin nee Wilhelmine Minna STROTHER (8/10/1862-28/2/1945)

Born Nuriootpa SA. Died North Adelaide SA (of Walkerville).

1889-1889 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

Parents – William Strother & Laura nee KREUSLER

JEFFREYS, Jeffrey (//c1829-7/2/1881)

Died Belvidere SA.

1860-1866 Belvidere Hotel Belvidere Hundred of Bremer

Blacksmith; Strathalbyn then married his landlady. To Vic goldfields early 1850s Returned to Strath and purchased a 1,000 acre farm known as The Plains. Long visit to Scotland then built the Belvidere Hotel – ran it at 1st and then leased it after returning to farming until his death. [The hotel was operating before Jeffrey Jeffreys ran it – did he build it and lease it out at first?}

m 13/2/1851 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Mrs Robert LESLIE nee Ann MCLEAN (//c1822-21/10/1910) Died Strathalbyn SA.

She m (1) 6/1/12/1842 Adelaide, Robert Leslie

Robert Leslie Blacksmith; Strathalbyn – claim to be the first white man to be buried at Strath. Ann Leslie/Jeffreys was a great philanthropist and lived as a widow in a huge house with spacious garden in Strath. Genial nature and great story teller A sister, Mrs JOHNS, survived her Obit Observer 29/10/1910 p493a.

JEFFS, Ernest Frederick (30/10/1910-//)

Born Cockburn SA.

1946-1947 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley with William George Jeffs his brother

1948-1948 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

Parents – Charles Jeffs & Catherine Teresa nee LAMBERT

Perhaps husband of Iris Adelma Jeffs

JEFFS, William (21/12/1851-/1/1920)

Born Kapunda SA. Died SA.

1873-1875 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

JEFFS, William George (14/1/1913-//)

Born Cockburn SA.

1946-1947 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley with Ernest Frederick Jeffs his brother

Parents – Charles Jeffs & Catherine Teresa nee LAMBERT

JELFS, Thomas (//-//)

1848-1850 Thatched Cottage Hotel Brighton

1850-1852 Royal Hotel Hindley St

To SA 1839 Lady Lilford

Butcher – Adelaide then Publican; Brighton, Adelaide

m Ann nee

JELLETT, Thomas (//c1822-5/8/1876)

1859-1860 Woodman Inn Grenfell St

1860-1860 Sussex Arms Hotel Angas St Hotel founder.

1862-1863 Sussex Arms Hotel Angas St

1863-1864 Mt Remarkable Inn Melrose

1864-1864 Melrose Hotel Melrose

1865-1867 Miners Arms Hotel Kapunda

1868-1869 Globe Inn Bowden

Perhaps m (2) 1/7/1868 Groom residence Globe Hotel Bowden, publican Mrs Alfred SNELLING formerly Mrs SC Hannington, nee Martha PILE (//c1817-//) Parents – John Pile &

JELLEY, Benjamin William (//-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1901-1906 Berkshire Hotel St Leonards Glenelg

Settled; Bowden by 1879 later Publican; Glenelg

m Eliza nee PEAPELL (//-//)

JELLY, Mary Stephanie (//-//)

1948-1953 Maitland Hotel Maitland

JENE, Joseph (//c1854-//)

1883-1892 Earl of Zetland Hotel Flinders St

1893-1899 Southern Cross Hotel King William St

1900-1900 Clarence Hotel King William St

1902-1903 Eagle Tavern Hindley St

1903-1905 Railway Hotel Pt Adelaide

Parents – Felix Jene &

m (1) 5/6/1881 Bride mother residence Stepney, Johanne Caroline Alwine Anna nee EISFELDER (//c1852-31/1/1914) Parents – Carl August Eisfelder & Luise Eleonore nee KEIDEL

m (2) 2/3/1915 Rev S Lenton residence Kent Town, Ottilie Caroline Mathilde nee Eisfelder (17/5/1860-//) Born Stepney SA.

JENKIN, Solomon James (//c1855-//)

1886-1887 Black Eagle Hotel Sevenhill

1888-1889 Fords Hotel Clare

Parents – Jame B Jenkin &

Perhaps m 27/9/1883 Christ Church North Adelaide, Elizabeth nee CAE (//c1845-//) Parents – Frederick Cae &

JENKINS, Alfred Bertie (//c1882-22/8/1964)

Died North Adelaide SA.

1921-1922 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

JENKINS, Donald William (//c1890-19/6/1942)

Died Adelaide SA.

1984-still there 1993 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

Biog MB Courier 15/6/05 p21b.

m Colleen nee ? (//-//)

JENKINS, Mrs Elizabeth (//-//)

1910-1911 Scotch Thistle Hotel Kermode St

1912-1912 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

1912-1917 Windmill Hotel Main North Road [Prospect]

1917-1918 Windmill Hotel Main North Road [Prospect]

1920-1921 Cumberland Hotel Waymouth St

JENKINS, George (//-//)

1885-1897 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

JENKINS, James (//-//)

1871-1871 Dolphin Tavern Rundle St

JENKINS, James (//-//)

1885-1897 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

1897-1902 Globe Hotel Glenelg South

JENKINS, John (//-//)

1860-1862 Criterion Hotel Robe

1864-1867 Stone Hut Inn Lake Hawdon South

Hotel closer

JENKINS, Thomas (//-//)

1884-1887 Tarpeena Hotel Tarpeena

JENKINS, Thomas (//-//)

1888-1890 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier

JENKINS, William (//-//)

1887-1887 Kew Hotel Kew [Semaphore]

JENKINSON, Charles Frederick (//c1880-22/6/1941)

Died Eastwood SA (of Magill).

1929-1930 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

Lived Wayville 1915

m Alice Catherine nee PITCHER (//c1884-23/2/1966) Died Magill SA.

JENNINGS, Mrs Avis Mildred (//-//)

1940-1944 Yorke Hotel Yorketown

1945-1950 Hannahville Hotel Hannahville Pt Augusta

JENNINGS, David William (//-//)

1982-1987 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

JENNINGS, Edward Mappleton (//-//)

1854-1860 Sir John Franklin Inn North Kapunda

JENNINGS, Mrs Elizabeth(//-//)

1919-1927 Jetty Hotel Glenelg with John Trestrail

1930-1938 Britannia Hotel Norwod with Horace John Stanley Trestrail

1938-1939 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce with Horace John Stanley Trestrail

JENNINGS, Mrs Emilie Marie (//-//)

1949-1950 Penneshaw Hotel Penneshaw [Hog Bay]

JENNINGS, Frederick John (//-//)

1881-1883 Mt Bryan Hotel Mt Bryan Flat

m Maary Ann nee POMFRET (//-//)

JENNINGS, Mrs Florence (//-//)

1904-1911 Lord Raglan Hotel Waymouth St

1911-1912 Junction Hotel Roseworthy

1912-1912 Lord Raglan Hotel Waymouth St with Mrs Susanna Slater

1913-1918 Lord Raglan Hotel Waymouth St with Mrs Susanna Slater

JENNINGS, John (//-//)

1874-1876 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

JENNINGS, John Hocking (//-//)

1865-1866 Vintage Shades Inn Norwood

1866-1868 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood

1870-1874 Old Colonist Inn Norwood

m Martha Rebecca nee WELLS (//-//)

JENNINGS, Joseph (//-//)

1901-1901 Tanners Arms Hotel Bowden

JENNINGS, Mrs Kyra Lorraine (//-//)

1948-1950 Federal Hotel Peterborough

JENNINGS, Leslie Bertram (//-//)

1913-1914 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

Perhaps Lived Goodwood 1916

Perhaps m Gladys Jane nee COCK

JENS, Henry Ernest (//-//)

1915-1935 Town Hall Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – publican Johannes Matthias Jens &

m Dora Mary Theresa nee KINGDON (//-//)

JENS, Johannes Matthias (25/7/1859-30/1/1915)

Born perhaps Germany.

1872-1879 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

1879-1884 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

1884-1915 Town Hall Hotel Mt Gambier Hotel founder

JENZEN, Walter Albert (//-//)

1949-1954 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

JERGENS, Carl August (//-//)

1880-1882 Sportsmans Hotel Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln

JESSOP, William (//-//)

1853-1854 Wellington Inn Bowden

JOB, Jack Hiram (15/1/1893-//)

Born Crystal Brook SA.

1914-1921 Barrier Hotel Pt Pirie with Spencer Roy Job

1921-1923 Barrier Hotel Pt Pirie

Parents – William Job & Elizabeth nee Gidley

m 26/3/1919 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Alice Ruby nee Dwyer

JOB, Mrs JH nee Alice Ruby DWYER (22/12/1894-//)

Born Willaston SA.

1923-1927 Family Hotel Pt Pirie

1927-1934 Freemasons Hotel Pirie St

1934-1935 Family Hotel Pt Pirie

1936-1937 Cornucopia Hotel Wallaroo

Parents – John Dwyer & Mary nee LALLY

JOB, Spencer Roy (24/4/1889-//)

Born Yunta SA.

1914-1921 Barrier Hotel Pt Pirie with Jack Hiram Job

1921-1928 Cornucopia Hotel Wallaroo

1928-1936 Supreme Court Hotel Gouger St

Parents – William Job & Elizabeth nee Gidley

m 4/8/1914 St Paul Pt Pirie, Madeline Ruby nee Green

JOB, Mrs nee Madeline Ruby GREEN (//c1887-//)

1936-1939 Exchange Hotel Pt Adelaide

Parents – William Frederick Green

JOB, William (//-//)

1886-1888 Taylors Hotel Pt Augusta

1888-1890 Yunta Hotel Yunta

1890-1895 Crystal Brook Hotel Crystal Brook

1896-1910 Crystal Brook Hotel Crystal Brook

1910-1914 Barrier Hotel Pt Pirie

Parents – Jonathon Job &

m 13/5/1886 Registry Office Pt Adelaide, publican Elizabeth nee Gidley

JOB, Mrs William nee Elizabeth GIDLEY (30/9/1860-//)

Born Brighton SA.15

1915-1919 Central Hotel Pt Adelaide

Parents – John Gidley & Mary Ann nee POOLE

JOB, William Harold (1/2/1887-//)

Born Pt Augusta SA.

1914-1915 Central Hotel Pt Adelaide

Parents – William Job & Elizabeth nee Gidley

JOBSON, Edward (//-//)

1879-1880 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

JOBSON, Mrs Elizabeth (//-//)

1893-1893 Edinburgh Castle Hotel Currie St

JOHNES, Charles (//-//)

1851-1853 Ship Inn Pt Adelaide

1854-1855 Halfway House Hotel York township

He married the previous publican of the Ship Inn Mrs Edward Mattinson nee Charlotte Elizabeth ?

JOHNS, Mrs Beatrice Ann (//-//)

1935-1949 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

JOHNS, Brian Arthur (//-//)

1954-1954 Stag Hotel Rundle St

JOHNS, Edwin (//-//)

1872-1873 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

JOHNS, Ernest Edwin Burgess (22/8/1884-//)

Born Palmerston NT.

1921-1923 Hotel Ambleside Ambleside [Hahndorf]

1923-1924 Bedford Hotel Woodside

1924-1924 Talunga Hotel Mt Pleasant

Parents – Edwin Johns and Mary Eliza nee Burgess

Lived North Adelaide 1913-1917

m publican Olive Mabel nee Beckmann

JOHNS, Mrs EEB nee Olive Mabel BECKMANN (//-//)

1928-1935 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

JOHNS, Evan Richard (28/12/1923-//)

Born Pt Pirie South SA.

1949-1951 Melville Hotel Yorketown

Parents – Frederick Edmund Johns & Ellen Nora nee PEARCE

JOHNS, Gilbert Edwin (//-//)

1910-1911 Bijou Hotel Rundle St

1912-1919 Sir John Barleycorn Hotel Rundle St .

1923-1938 Kent Town Hotel Kent Town

m Annie Louisa nee CORNELIUS (//-//)

JOHNS, John (//-//)

1866-1873 Millers Arms Inn Nairne

1876-1880 White Lion Hotel Kadina

JOHNS, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)

1893-1897 Halfway House Inn Stirling

1898-1902 Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton

JOHNS, Samuel (//-//)

1847-1850 Blacksmith’s Arms Vincent Special Survey

JOHNS, Stanley Livingstone (//-//)

1949-1960 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

Licence transferred to the Hotel Australia North Adelaide

JOHNS, Sydney Gordon (//-//)

1912-1923 Bijou Hotel Rundle St Closed the hotel, which was then demolished.

JOHNSON, Albert Ernest (//-30/9/1931)

1919-1920 Terminus Hotel Balaklava with Isabel Schroeder

1920-1920 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

1920-1928 Terminus Hotel Balaklava

1928-1931 Melville Hotel Yorketown

Lived North Unley 1911

JOHNSON, Mrs AE nee Nellie May COOMBE (//-//)

1931-1933 Melville Hotel Yorketown

JOHNSON, Aloysius R/perhaps Peter? (//-//)

1921-1922 Riverton Hotel Riverton with Joseph James Johnson

JOHNSON, Anthony Francis (//c1864-//)

1895-1897 Wallaroo Inn Wallaroo

Parents – prob publican Joseph Johnson &

m 3/11/1887 Groom father residence Pt Wakefield, Margaret nee SAINT (//c1889-//) Parents – John Saint &

JOHNSON, Catherine Marie (//-//)

1887-1888 Royal Hotel Balaklava

1891-1894 Mallala Hotel Mallala

1894-1897 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

1897-1897 Globe Hotel Bowden

1897-1898 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1898-1899 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

1899-1900 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka

1900-1909 Kooringa Hotel Kooringa

JOHNSON, Charles (//-//)

1866-1867 Jetty Hotel LeFevre Peninsula [Semaphore] Hotel founder

JOHNSON, Charles Richard (//-//)

1865-1868 Miners Arms Inn Glen Osmond

JOHNSON, Christopher Dickinson (//c1823-23/5/1862)

Died Tapleys Hill SA, at his residence the Victoria Hotel, ‘of disease of the heart’.

1862-1862 Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill

JOHNSON, Mrs CD nee Amelia WHEELER (//c1826-26/6/1911)

Died St Marys SA.

1862-1868 Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill

1868-1868 Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill as Mrs ME Lowe

Parents – George Wheeler &

m (2) 17/8/1868 Christ Church O’Halloran Hill, publican Mark Edward Lowe.

JOHNSON, Mrs Eileen (//-//)

1928-1931 Kentish Arms Hotel Stanley St North Adelaide with Mrs Georgina R Kirby

1942-1942 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St with Mrs Ellen Elita Hoad.

1943-1945 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

JOHNSON, Francis (//-//)

1931-1932 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

JOHNSON, Henry (//c1815-12/11/1875)

Died Willaston SA.

1853-1858 Gold Diggers Arms Inn Norwood

1858-1859 Coach and Horse Hotel Norwood Hotel founder

1861-1863 Coach and Horse Hotel Norwood

1863-1869 Willaston Hotel Willaston

1871-1875 Willaston Hotel Willaston

JOHNSON, Mrs Henry nee Lucy SMITH (//c1821-23/1/1909)

Died Ovingham SA.

Mrs Johnson supposed to have arrived SA c1840 Observer 3/3/1855 p71g.

1853-1858 Golddiggers Arms Norwood

1858-1859 Coach & Horse Norwood Hotel founder.

1863-1869 Willaston

JOHNSON, Herbert John Charles (//-//)

1947-1953 Wirrulla Hotel Wirrulla

JOHNSON, James (//-//)

1888-1893 Governor MacDonnell Hotel Salisbury

1893-1920 Railway Hotel Salisbury

1922-1924 Lord Melbourne Hotel Melbourne St

JOHNSON, Mrs James nee Frances ? (//-//)

1920-1922 Railway Hotel Salisbury

JOHNSON, James (//-//)

1926-1928 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

JOHNSON, James (//-//)

1932-1933 Pekina Hotel Pekina

JOHNSON, Jesse (//-//)

1856-1861 Park Gate Inn Goodwood Hotel closer

JOHNSON, John (//-//)

1856-1857 Builders Arms Inn Waymouth St Hotel founder.

JOHNSON, John (//-//)

1891-1891 Black Lion Hotel Hindmarsh

JOHNSON, John (//-//)

1914-1915 Waterfalls Hotel Waterfall Gully

JOHNSON, John Benjamin (//-//)

1883-1884 Pt Vincent Hotel Pt Vincent

JOHNSON, John Henry (//-//)

1945-1946 Hotel Royal New Thebarton

1946-1961 Hilton Hotel Hilton

JOHNSON, Joseph (//-//)

1861-1862 Travellers Rest Inn Pt Wakefield

Prob father of publican Anthony Francis Johnson

JOHNSON, Joseph the Younger (//-//)

1887-1887 Royal Hotel Balaklava

JOHNSON, Joseph James (//-//)

1920-1921 Royal Hotel Terowie

1921-1922 Riverton Hotel Riverton with Aloysius R Johnson

JOHNSON, Laura J (//-//)

1916-1918 Dublin Hotel Dublin

JOHNSON, Lawrence (//-//)

1895-1896 Railway Hotel Saddleworth

JOHNSON, Mrs JJ nee Margaret Amelia (//-//)

1920-1920 Royal Hotel Terowie

JOHNSON, Michael (//-//)

1896-1896 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

JOHNSON, Paul (//-//)

1921-1941 Cumberland Hotel became Cumberland Arms Hotel Waymouth St

Perhaps m Myrtle nee MENDELSOHN (//-//)

JOHNSON, Peter NJ (//-//)

1920- 1921 Colonel Light Hotel Currie St

JOHNSON, Reginald Joseph (//-//)

1950-1952 Hotel Hampstead Hampstead

JOHNSON, Mrs RJ nee Gladys Geraldine ? (//-//)

1950-1952 Hotel Hampstead Hampstead

JOHNSON, Theodore B (//-//)

1933-1933 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

JOHNSON, Thomas Benedict (//-//)

1884-1884 Langham Hotel Gouger St with CT Barnsley.

1884-1885 Grange Family Hotel Grange

JOHNSON, William Henry (//-//)

1887-1887 Royal Hotel Balaklava

JOHNSON, William Stephen (//-//)

1851-1851 Clubhouse Hotel Hindley St

JOHNSON, WN perhaps William Norman (7/5/1883-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1921-1922 Lake Hotel Milang

Parents – John Johnson and Mary Berg nee Clift

JOHNSON, WT (//-//)

1869-1870 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte

JOHNSTON, Charles (//-//)

1873-1875 Travellers Rest Inn Kulpara

JOHNSTON, Charles (//-//)

1901-1905 Iron Knob Hotel Iron Knob Hotel founder

1907-1908 Transcontinental Hotel Farina

JOHNSTON, Edward (//-//)

1868-1879 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo

JOHNSTON, James (//-//)

1869-1869 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

1874-1874 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

1876-1876 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

1888-1888 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

JOHNSTON, Lewis the Elder (//c1818-//c1863)

1854-1857 Old Bushman Inn Gawler

1858-1859 Miners Arms Hotel Kapunda

m 13/2/1847 Public schoolroom Gawler, publican Eliza nee Hawken/Hawkin/Hawkins


Mary Ann Johnston b c1851 bnr m 20/1/1876 Christ Church Kapunda, Frederick James CRAIG (//c1843-//) Parents – John Craig &

Lewis Johnston b 3/11/1852 North Para

Mary Jane Johnston b 3/9/1854 Gawler d 15/1/1856 Gawler

William Johnston b 4/9/1856 Gawler – no further trace of him, although must have still been alive in 1857 when his father named his new township Williamstown after his son

Elizabeth Ellen Johnston b 5/9/1859 Allen Creek d 18/7/1860 Allen Creek

JOHNSTON, Mrs Lewis nee Eliza HAWKEN/HAWKIN/HAWKINS/JOHNSTON (//c1817-11/11/1899)

Died Allendale North SA.

1860-1866 Harts Family Hotel became Family Hotel Currie St

1866-1866 Family Hotel Currie St as Mrs George Bean

1870-1892 Wheatsheaf Inn Allendale North as Mrs George Bean

Widow [of the late Lewis Johnston farmer Allen Creek] Allen Creek near Kapunda 1863 before taking up hotelkeeping in Adelaide.

JOHNSTON, Lewis the Younger (3/11/1852-1/8/1938)

Born North Para SA.

1872-1873 Hamilton Hotel Hamilton

1877-1878 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

Parents – publicans Lewis Johnston the Elder & Eliza nee Hawkins

Publican; Hamilton, Kapunda then perhaps Colt Breaker Havelock St, Kapunda by 1882

m 15/6/1876 RC Presbytery Marrabel, Anastasia nee CURTIN (//c1857-//) Parents – Patrick Curtin &

JOHNSTON, Walter D Perhaps Daniel Walter (//-//)

1915-1916 Globe Hotel Bowden

Perhaps m Laura Jane nee LARKIN/LARKINS

JOHNSTON, William (//c1821-22/5/1863)

Died Tea Tree Gully SA, at his residence, ‘after a short illness of congestion of the lungs’.

1861-1863 Tea Tree Gully Inn Tea Tree Gully

m Emma nee NICHOLS.

JOHNSTONE, Charles (//c1832-//)

1869-1872 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West

1878-1880 Hannahville Hotel Hannahville Pt Augusta Hotel founder

1880-1887 Port Augusta Hotel Pt Augusta

1888-1889 Taylors Hotel Pt Augusta

1891-1898 Wharf Hotel Pt Augusta West

JOHNSTONE, Charles (//-//)

1906-1906 Orient Hotel Wakefield St

JOHNSTONE, Frederick (//-//)

1890-1891 Beltana Hotel Beltana

1894-1895 Marrabel Hotel Marrabel

JOHNSTONE, Frederick Roy (//-//)

1935-1937 Springton Hotel Springton

JOHNSTONE, Mrs Isolina Mayberry Mary (//-//)

1891-1892 Commercial Hotel Mt Gambier

1894-1894 Railway Hotel Kapunda

JOHNSTONE, Frederick Roy (//-//)

1937-1939 Swan Reach Hotel Swan Reach

JOHNSTONE, Mrs FR nee Phyllis M ? (//-//)

1936-1937 Swan Reach Hotel Swan Reach

JOHNSTONE, Mrs Lillian Maud (//-//)

1915-1918 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

1918-1919 Gilles Arms Hotel Gilles St

1920-1920 Lion Hotel Jerningham St North Adelaide

JOHNSTONE, Robert (//-//)

1861-1861 Kenton Arms Hotel Gumeracha

JOHNSTONE, William (//c1821-20/5/1860)

Died North Adelaide SA, at his residence the British Hotel, of marasmus.

Miners Arms Melbourne St 1841 Hotel closed.

1843-1852 British Tavern Finniss St North Adelaide

1852-1853 Black Horse Leigh St

1853-1854 British Tavern Finniss St North Adelaide

1860-1866 British Tavern Finniss St North Adelaide

JOHNSTONE, prob Mrs William nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

1860-1866 British Tavern Finniss St North Adelaide

JOLLEY/JOLLY, Christopher (//-//)

1889-1891 Willaston Hotel Willaston

JOLLY, Francis (//-//)

1861-1862 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

1863-1864 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

1864-1865 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

JOLLEY, George (//c1822-8/10/1898)

To SA 1837 Lady Emma

1851-1851 Sportsmans Hotel Gawler Plains

Hotel closed

1851-1852 Sportsman’s Hotel Gawler Plains

1853-1865 Elephant & Castle Inn West Tce

1866-1867 Royal Hotel Hindley St

1867-1868 Grapes Inn Grenfell St

1869-1879 Elephant & Castle Inn West Tce

1880-1885 Crystal Brook Hotel Crystal Brook

1885-1886 Elephant & Castle Hotel West Tce

His wife, Ann Jolley nee Newton, died 13/2/1864 Elephant & Castle, aged 41.

m (2) 2/10/1865 St Luke Adelaide, Susannah Parsons, 6th daughter of Edward Parsons [the new landlord] of the Elephant & Castle, West Tce, Adelaide.

JOLLY, Herbert Harold (7/4/1883-//)

Born Lyndoch SA.

Parents - John Jolly and Anna nee Chigwidden.

1915-1920 Crown & Sceptre Hotel King William St South

1931-1937 Aurora Hotel Pirie St

JOLLY, John Thomas (23/5/1863-//)

Born Woodburn SA. prob near Strath.

Parents - John Jolly and Ann Stuchbury

1906-1906 Avoca Hotel Clarence Gardens

1906-1911 Talbot Hotel Gouger St

1912-1913 Old Colonist Hotel Angas St

1914-1914 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

JOLLEY/JOLLY, Mrs Mary C (//-//)

1902-1906 Avoca Hotel Clarence Gardens

JOLLY, Richard (//-//)

1864-1864 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

1865-1867 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

1870-1872 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

JOLLEY/JOLLY, William (//-//)

1889-1889 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

JOLLEY/JOLLY, William C (//-//)

1901-1904 Globe Hotel Gawler

1904-1906 Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond

JOLLEY/JOLLY, Mrs WC nee Mary (//-//)

1894-1901 Globe Hotel Gawler

JOLLIFFE, Alfred Charles (18/3/1854-5/10/1912)

1905-1910 Sir John Franklin Hotel North Kapunda

1910-1912 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

m Louise Caroline nee ARNOLD (6/8/1873-30/9/1946)

Parents - Carl Friedrich Arnold and Johanne Caroline Arnold formerly Mrs Wilhelm Kruger nee Nitschke.

JONAS, John Drummond (/4/1883-//)

Born Pt Adelaide SA, at his parents residence the Sussex Hotel.

1932-1935 District Hotel Gumeracha

1935-1938 Sevenhill Hotel Sevenhill

Parents – publican Robert Jonas &

MP for Pt Adelaide 1927-1931

JONAS, Matthias (//-//)

1917-1918 Commercial Hotel Clare

JONAS, Robert (//-//)

1880-1882 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter

1882-1887 Sussex Hotel Pt Adelaide

1888-1894 Princes Pier Hotel Pt Adelaide

1895-1896 Jervois Hotel Pt Adelaide

1897-1905 Alberton Hotel Alberton

1906-1909 Princes Pier Hotel Pt Adelaide Hotel closed

Parents of publican JD Jonas.

JONES, Abbott (//-//)

1864-1864 Hope Inn Hindmarsh

JONES, Arthur John (//-//)

1925-1926 Hackney Hotel Hackney

1926-1929 Commercial Hotel Pt Adelaide

1929-1930 Commercial Hotel Pt Adelaide with George W Murray

1930-1933 Port Admiral Hotel Pt Adelaide

JONES, Arthur William (//-//)

1883-1884 Seven Stars Hotel Angas St

JONES, Briton Tasmania (//-//)

1849-1850 Old Bushman Inn Gawler

JONES, Charles (//-//)

1868-1870 Edeowie Hotel Edeowie

JONES, Charles Robert (//-//)

1865-1866 Woodman Inn Grenfell St

1866-1867 White Hart Hotel Hindley St

1870-1872 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

1873-1874 Globe Hotel Pt Elliot

1874-1877 Mill Inn Riverton

1877-1877 Bell Hotel Laura

1878-1878 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St . Was he the attorney whom Michael Joshua appointed to sell Gilles Arcade in 1877???

1879-1884 Plough & Harrow Inn Peachey Belt [Penfield]

1884-1886 Maylands and Evandale Hotel Maylands

1887-1888 Brighton Inn Brighton

1871 CR Jones licensed victualler Strathalbyn became a bankrupt. WK Simms handled his estate for the creditors.

JONES, David (//-//)

1841-1843 Pt Lincoln Hotel Pt Lincoln

JONES, David Thomas (//-//)

1853-1853 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood

1854-1864 Globe Hotel Pt Elliot Hotel founder

1864-1871 Currency Creek Inn Currency Creek

Husband of Ellen Jones.

Marriage at the Globe Hotel Pt Elliot during his time as publican George John HARRISON (//c1833-//) m 10/1/1855 Globe Inn Pt Elliot, Mary nee GARRETT (//c1833-//)

Marriage at the Globe Hotel during his time as publican. James NUTCHEY (//c1830-//) Father; John m 4/4/1857 Globe Inn Pt Elliot, Bridget nee RYAN (//c1837-//) Father; Richard.

JONES, Edward (//c1828-8/6/1870)

Born Welshpool, Co Montgomery, Wales. Died Streaky Bay SA, at the Criterion Hotel.

JONES, Mrs Ellen (//-1/1/1886)

1884-1886 Mundulla Hotel Mundulla

Hotel founder

JONES, Evan F (//-//)

1854-1855 Salopian Inn McLaren Vale

JONES, Frederick (//-//)

1885-1892 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

JONES, Frederick (//-//)

1943-1945 Gulnare Hotel Gulnare

1945-1946 Auburn Hotel Auburn

JONES, Frederick Brittain (//-//)

1877-1879 Royal Mail Hotel Kingston S-E

1879-1886 Jetty Hotel LeFevre Peninsula [Semaphore]

JONES, Frederick P (//-//)

1896-1902 Railway Hotel Jamestown

JONES, George (//-//)

1852-1853 Horseshoe Inn Noarlunga

JONES, George William (//-//)

1879-1879 Supreme Court Hotel Gouger St

1883-1884 Old Bushman Inn Gawler

1884-1907 Cross Keys Hotel Dry Creek

JONES, Griffith Griffiths (//-//1878)

1878-1878 Broadway Hotel New Glenelg Hotel founder

JONES, Mrs GG nee Sarah Ann ? (//-//)

1878-1879 Broadway Hotel New Glenelg

JONES, Harold Knapman (12/3/1912-//)

Born Upper Mitcham SA.

1935-1937 Ethelton Hotel Ethelton

1937-1960 Southwark Hotel Southwark

Parents – publicans Harold Osborne Jones & May nee Knapman

JONES, Mrs HK nee May ? (//-//)

1937-1954 Ethelton Hotel Ethelton

1954-1957 Ethelton Hotel Ethelton

JONES, Harold Osborne (//-//)

1911-1913 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

1914-1920 Newmarket Hotel Pt Adelaide

1929-1930 Rosewater Hotel Rosewater

1931-1931 Commercial Hotel Hindmarsh

Parents of publican Harold Knapman Jones

JONES, Mrs HO nee May KNAPMAN (//-//)

1929-1930 Rosewater Hotel Rosewater

Probably a descendant of the Knapman brewing family of Pt Adelaide and Pt Pirie

JONES, Henry (//-//)

1866-1867 North Star Inn Melrose

JONES, Henry (//c1851-12/9/1889)

Died Fullarton SA, at his step-father residence. Husband of K Jones of the Freeling Hotel. DN Observer 14/9/1889 p512b.

1880-1889 Freeling Hotel Freeling

JONES, Mrs Henry nee Catherine/Katherine ? (//-//)

1889-1911 Freeling Hotel Freeling

0-1880 Bedford Arms Hotel Woodside

JONES, Herbert Frederick

1922-1926 Eagle Hotel Hindley St with Robert George Lee

JONES, Howard T (//-//)

1928-1928 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

JONES, Hugh Michael (//-//)

1896-1897 Mundulla Hotel Mundulla

JONES, John (//-//)

1846-1847 Rising Sun Hotel Waymouth St Only publican.

JONES, Joseph (//-//)

1882-1884 Gibsons Camp Hotel near Bookaloo

JONES, Lancelot Andrew (//-//)

1934-1951 Marrabel Hotel Marrabel

JONES, Mrs Margaret Ann (//-//)

1898-1899 Railway Family Hotel Gawler West [Bassett Town]

1899-1900 Miners Arms Hotel Moonta

1900-1901 Vine Inn Glen Osmond

1905-1908 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

1908-1911 Wheatsheaf Hotel Price

JONES, Mary M (//-//)

1921-1921 Sportsmans Hotel Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln

JONES, Owen (//-//)

14/1/1839-1840 Scotch Thistle Inn Waymouth St Hotel founder.

JONES, Mrs, Theophila Pauline (//-//)

1865-1866 Emu Hotel Morphett Vale

JONES, Richard (//-//)

1891-1891 Modbury Hotel Modbury

JONES, Richard Frederick (//-//)

1884-1884 Angel Inn Gouger St

JONES, Richard John (//-6/11/1880)

1876-1880 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown

JONES, Mrs RJ nee Ellen ? (//-//)

1880-1882 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown

JONES, Samuel Probart (//-//)

1887-1891 Kew Hotel Kew [Semaphore]

JONES, Sydney (29/4/1860-10/7/1921)

Born Co Glamorgan, Wales. Died SA.

1904-1905 Queens Arms Hotel became Bushmans Club Hotel Brown St

1905-1907 Royal Oak Hotel Hindley St .

1908-1908 Globe White Conduit North St

1911-1914 Royal Oak Hotel Hindley St .

1920-1921 Victoria Hotel Willaston with John J O’Dwyer

1921-1921 Victoria Hotel Willaston

To SA 1879 Woodlark

m 7/7/1888 Rev’d JW Bamber residence Semaphore, Annie nee HOLLAND

JONES, Mrs Sydney nee Annie HOLLAND (//c1867-25/3/1926)

Born SA.

1907-1914 Royal Oak Hotel Hindley St .

Hotel accident Observer 20/7/1912 p160e.

Daughter of Pt Adelaide mariner and labourer, Matthew Holland.

JONES, Thomas Rowlands (//c1823-30/9/1864)

Died Parkside SA, at his residence after a few hours' illness.

1850-1850 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch

1850-1852 Alliance Hotel became The Albion Hotel Tanunda.

1855-1859 Blenheim Hotel Hindley St

1860-1863 Sir John Franklin Inn North Kapunda


A very respectable young man formerly in the SA police force.

m 4/9/1849 St George Gawler, publican Mrs Theophila Pauline GOETTLING nee SOBIESKI

JONES, Mrs TR nee Theophila Pauline widow from Morphett Vale (//c1831-16/5/1867)

Died Adelaide SA, at her residence Grenfell St, 'of liver complaint and effusion, much regretted by a large circle of friends'. Very confusing for identification. Sounds more like the Europe Hotel Grenfell St, yet Hoad gives Mrs TP Jones as operating from the Blenheim.

1865-1865 Hotel Europe Grenfell St then to Morphett Vale??

1866-1868 Blenheim Hotel Hindley St

JONES, Thomas William (7/5/1880-12/1/1959)

Born Seven Roads near Yorketown SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Ferryden Park).

1939-1939 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

Parents – Ebenezer Jones & Ellen nee DUGAN

Grandson of Thomas Jones and Janet nee Powell who arrived SA 1849 Prince Regent.

Lived Edithburgh 1912 Coobowie 1914 Yorketown 1916 until at least 1927

m 9/9/1911 Methodist Manse Morphett St Adelaide, publican Myrtle Oakley nee Marks

JONES, Mrs TW nee Myrtle Oakley MARKS (//c1884-12/2/1970)

Perhaps not Born SA. Died Prospect SA (of Kilburn).

1938-1939 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

Parents – Henry Ernest Marks &

JONES, William (//-//)

1858-1859 Prince of Wales Hotel Queenstown

JONES, William

1871-1872 Brecknock Arms Hotel King William St South

1876-1884 Brecknock Arms Hotel King William St South

1887-1888 Brecknock Arms Hotel King William St South

JONES, William (//c1831-2/2/1883)

1874-1876 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte

1878-1879 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

1879-1879 Royal Mail Hotel Kingston S-E

1881-1882 University Hotel Custon near Wolseley The only publican

1882-1883 Custon Hotel Custon near Wolseley Hotel founder

JONES, Mrs William nee Susan ? (//-//)

1883-1883 Custon Hotel Custon near Wolseley

JONES, William (//-//)

1886-1900 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

JONES, William (//-//)

1920-1922 Great Northern Hotel Hergott Springs

JONES, William Arthur (//c1860-//)

1889-1893 Transcontinental Hotel Quorn

1893-1895 Wilmington Hotel Wilmington

1896-1896 Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

1896-1897 Norfolk Arms Hotel Rundle St

1897-1897 Grand Junction Hotel Quorn

Parents – Joseph Jones &

m 26/2/1885 St Matthew Quorn, Margaret Ann nee MCCRACKEN (//c1868-//)

Parents – Thomas McCracken &

JONES, William (//-//)

1877-1878 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West

JONES, William (//-//)

1886-1886 Royal Exchange Hotel Aberdeen

JONES, William (//-//)

1923-1923 Burra Hotel Kooringa with Henry J Turner

JONES, William Hammond (//-//)

1873-1875 Middleton Hotel Middleton

JONES, William J (//-//)

1927-1932 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina]

JONES, William W (//-//)

1888-1891 Railway Hotel Jamestown

JONES, Walter Pickering (//-//)

1865-1866 Globe Inn Naracoorte Hotel founder

m Emma nee BOWDEN (//-//)

JORASLAFSKY, George James (//-//)

1901-1906 Black Eagle Hotel Sevenhill

JORDAN, John C (//-//)

1905-1906 Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton

JORDAN, Thomas Ernest (//-//)

1981-1981 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

JORDAN, Vincent John Stephen (//-6/1/1953)

1936-1953 East End Market Hotel East Tce with Julia Ann Piercey

JOSE, Arthur (//-//)

1865-1868 Union Inn Hahndorf

1855-1861 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

1862-1865 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

1865-1869 Union Hotel Hahndorf

1870-1883 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

JOSE, Robert (//-//)

1855-1855 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

JOSHUA, Michael the Elder (//-//)

1840-1842 Queens Head Tavern Gilles Arcade Hotel founder

1847-1848 Royal Hotel Hindley St Hotel founder.

From Sydney 1840 Dorset.

JOSHUA, Michael prob Senr although Junr might have been just old enough to run a hotel (//-//)

1853-1854 Scotch Laddie Tavern Gilles Arcade

Later merchant Adelaide.

He must have returned to England c1853 - appointed Joshua Michael Joshua and Moss Joshua general merchants and storekeepers Melbourne, as his attorneys for the SA land, with power to sell.

Is this Michael Joshua, of 9 Great Winchester St, London, who owned Gilles Arcade, Currie St??

Much investment in Adelaide land. Some land at Glenelg and North Rhine.

7/6/1877, he appointed Charles Jacobs gent Adelaide to be his attorney to sell the property.

JOULE, William (//-//)

1838-1838 Royal Oak & Miners Hotel Hindley St Hotel founder.

JOY, Charles (//-//)

1851-1852 Windmill Inn Main North Road [Prospect]

JOYCE, John Lorimer (//-//)

1889-1909 Ship Inn Pt Adelaide

Hotel closer

JOYCE, William Clancy (//c1891-//)

1929-1931 Black Swan Hotel North Tce with John D & Daisy E Scott

1931-1932 Black Swan Hotel North Tce

Father; John Lorimer Joyce.

m (1) 1/9/1925 St Colomba Renmark, Mrs Samuel SPRINGBETT nee Hedwig Teresa GROPLER (//c1886-//c1930) Father; William.

m (2) 20/1/1932 Archbishop's residence Adelaide, Eva Lilian CONIGRAVE nee WARHURST (//c1890-//) Father; Edwin James Warhurst. Divorced.

JUDD, Peter Boyce (//-//)

1936-1945 Pt Neill Hotel Pt Neill

Lived Prospect 1924 North Adelaide 1928

m Helena Frances nee OSWALD

JUDD, Walter William (//-//)

1908-1909 Hotel Royal New Thebarton

1911-1913 Browns Hotel Pt Germein

JUDELL, Leopold (//c1849-//)

1879-1879 Commercial Hotel Orroroo Hotel founder

Parents – Rolph Judell &

m 25/2/1880 Bride father Maurice Salem residence North Adelaide, Rebecca nee SALEM (//c1861-//) Parents – Maurice Salem &

JUDGE, Thomas (//-//)

1863-1865 Bell Inn Gilbert St .

1865-1865 Woodman Inn Grenfell St

1866-1867 Clare Castle Hotel Kapunda

JUERGENS/JURGENS, Carl August (//-//)

1878-1879 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

JULIAN, James (//-//)

1906-1906 Black Swan Hotel North Tce

1907-1909 Royal Oak Hotel Paddington Hotel closed

1910-1911 Lady Daly Hotel Hindmarsh

1913-1913 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

1915-1915 Tanners Arms Hotel Bowden

1916-1916 Globe Hotel Bowden

1916-1916 Royal Mail Hotel Stone Hut

1917-1918 Victoria Hotel Willaston

1918-1918 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

1918-1919 Railway Hotel Lyndoch

1919-1919 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

1919-1919 Salisbury Hotel Salisbury

1919-1920 Victoria Hotel Willaston

1921-1921 Angas Park Hotel Nuriootpa

1924-1924 Yongala Hotel Yongala

JULIAN, Mrs Minnie (//-//)

1904-1905 Ovingham Hotel Bowden-on-the-Hill

JULIAN, Thomas (//c1860-//)

1904-1906 Suburban Hotel Davenport Pt Augusta Hotel closer

Parents – Hannibal Julian &

m 8/10/1887 Mr Stephens residence Pt Augusta, Emma Lavinia nee COX (//c1867-//) Parents – Robert Cox &

JUNGFER, Ernst W (//-//)

1892-1892 Stockwell Hotel Stockwell

JUNGFER, Carl F (//-//)

1892-1896 Stockwell Hotel Stockwell

JUREIDINI, George (//-//)

1949-1970 Royal Mail Hotel Kingston S-E

JUREIT, Johann August (//-//)

1865-1874 Hotel Europe Grenfell St

1875-1880 Jamestown Hotel Jamestown

1880-1880 Union Inn Waymouth St

1881-1881 Family Hotel Glenelg

1881-1882 Union Inn Waymouth St

1882-1882 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St

JUREIT, Johann Heinrich Christian (//c1836-1/11/1915)

Died Adelaide SA.

1869-1874 Hotel Europe Grenfell St (probably as assistant to JA Jureit. Perhaps then went to Jamestown with JA Jureit)

m 8 OR 18/5/1866 Registry Office Adelaide, Annie Eliza Jones MARSHALL (//c1846-3/10/1903) Died Adelaide SA. Father; William.

JURY, Edward (//-//)

1859-1860 Unley Inn Unley

JURY, James (//-//)

1841-1843 Kentish Yeoman Inn Linden

Hotel closed.

JURY, Talbot (//c1885-//)

1924-1925 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln with Cecil D’Oyly P Chapman

1925-1926 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln with Oliver Jacobs

1936-1936 Grand Junction Hotel Quorn

1942-1944 Pastoral Hotel Pt Augusta

Parents – Luscombe Jury &

m 21/10/1913 Methodist Church Morgan, publican Belinda Irene nee Fuller

JURY, Mrs Talbot nee Belinda Irene FULLER (//c1888-//)

1924-1924 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln with Cecil D’Oyly P Chapman

Parents – Benjamin Grove Fuller &

JURY, Walter Murray (//-//)

1936-1941 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

1942-1947 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn with Venitia Doreen Richter

Lived Renmark 1914-1918

m 2/4/1914 Bride father George Nicholls residence Renmark, Ellen nee Nicholls

JURY, Mrs Ellen perhaps (//c1897-//)

1936-1938 Family Hotel Pt Pirie

1940-1941 Carlton Hotel Sturt St .

1941-1942 Carlton Hotel Sturt St .

Perhaps Mrs Walter Murray Jury nee Ellen NICHOLLS

Parents – George Nicholls &

JURY, Walter Scott perhaps (//c1860-//)

1883-1883 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully

Parents – Edward Jury &

m2/2/1882 Bride father Robert Crocker residence Adelaide, Annie nee CROCKER (//c1862-//)

Parents – Robert Crocker &

JUTTNER, Johann Eduard N (//-//)

1906-1909 Broadway Hotel New Glenelg


Names Beginning 'K'

KADOW, Johanna Maria Caroline (//-//)

1879-1880 Railway Hotel Freeling

KAIN, Patrick John (//c1838-10/12/1905)

Born Limerick, Co Limerick, Ireland. Died Wallaroo SA (of Kadina).

1882-1886 Paskeville Hotel Paskeville

Farmer; Virginia then Sheep farmer; Far North then Farmer; Virginia then Farmer; Kainton then Publican; Paskeville then Farmer; Green Plains. Biog Aldine Vol 2 p594.

m 18/10/1870 Church of the Assumption Virginia, Mary Ann nee DOUDY (//c1844-25/9/1915) Born NSW. Died Kadina SA. Parents – William Doudy &

KAIN, Thomas James (//c1896-22/3/1941)

Apparently not Born SA. Died Keswick SA.

1926-1928 Perseverance Hotel Hanson St .

Parents – Martin Kain &

m 24/10/1923 St Raphael Parkside, publican Juanita Adelaide nee Nenke

KAIN, Mrs TJ nee Juanita Adelaide NENKE (2/11/1896-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1934-1936 Selborne Hotel Pirie St

Parents – publicans Hermann Nenke & Juanita nee Minck.

KAINES, John Henry (//c1820-25/7/1903)

Died Kensington Park SA.

1872-1874 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

Lived Adelaide by 1857 North Adelaide by 1859 North Kensington by 1869 later Publican; Thorndon Park

m Elizabeth White nee SMITH (//-//)

KALLESKE, Heinrich Henry Emil (//-//)

1917-1919 Colton Hotel Colton

KANALEY, Mrs Agnes nee DIXON (//-//)

1899-1903 Yorke Valley Hotel Maitland

m Stephen Kanaley (//-//)

Lived Kilkerran by 1882

KANE, Thomas Edward (//-//)

1881-1881 Devonshire Arms Hotel Mintaro

1881-1882 Ethelston Hotel Ethelton

perhaps m Mary nee REEDY (//-//)

KARDACHI, William (//-//)

1938-1939 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

KARGER, Victor Melrose (26/3/1903-//)

Born Melrose SA.

1943-1948 Wudinna Hotel Wudinna

Parents – Johann Ernst Karger & Caroline Wilhelmine nee BAUER

Lived Cleve by 1928

m Effie Jessie nee ARGENT (//-//)

KARNEY, John perhaps (4/2/1895-//)

Born Bowden SA.

1931-1934 Kent Hotel Pt Adelaide

1937-1940 Hotel Royal New Thebarton

Parents – William Karney & Martha nee MORGAN

Lived Brompton Brompton Park 1920-1923

KARNEY, Mrs John nee Eva Alice STREET (//-//)

1935-1937 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

KATEKAR, Charles Henry (//-//)

1885-1894 Overland Corner Hotel Overland Corner

KAUFFMANN, Feodor (//-//)

1880-1881 Globe Hotel Appila-Yarrowie

1881-1882 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

m Georgina nee NEUSTADT (//-//)

KAVANAGH, Jane (//-//)

1877-1880 Bedford Hotel Woodside

Perhaps connected with W Kavanagh

KAVANAGH, John (//-//)

1883-1892 Halfway House Hotel Port Road York [Beverley]

KAVANAGH, James (//-//)

1892-1895 Halfway House Hotel Port Road York [Beverley]

KAVANAGH, Kate (//-//)

1895-1895 Halfway House Hotel Port Road York [Beverley]

KAY, David (//-//)

1892-1898 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte

Lived Lake Hawdon by 1874 Naracoorte by 1875

m Eliza nee PRICE (//-//)

KAYSER, Amelia (//-//)

1894-1894 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

KEAM, Alfred (//c1855-18/8/1936)

Died Glenelg SA.

1883-1890 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

1890-1893 Rising Sun Inn Auburn

1893-1895 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1895-1896 Old Colonist Hotel Angas St

1896-1899 Worlds End Hotel Magill

1899-1905 Land of Promise Hotel Hindmarsh

1905-1906 Oddfellows Arms Hotel Bowden

1906-1907 Gasworks Hotel Brompton

1907-1921 Hyde Park Hotel Hyde Park

Parents – Robert Keam &

m 17/12/1883 St George Gawler, Mrs GARDNER nee Harriet DAVIS (//c1852-//)

Parents – John Davis &

KEAM, Charles (//c1855-18/10/1945)

Born England. Died Glen Osmond SA.

1895-1896 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

1896-1897 Prince Alfred Hotel King William St

1916-1916 Fords Hotel Clare

To SA 1878 Hyderabad Single man aged 22 – ag labourer from England.

Parents – John Keam &

m (1) 23/8/1884 PM Parsonage Norwood, publican Mrs Edmund Laver nee Sarah Scott

m (2) 23/4/1932 Registry Office Adelaide, Jane nee COLLINS (//c1857-4/1/1939) Died Magill SA (of Norwood). Parents – William Collins &

KEAM, Mrs Charles formerly Mrs Edmund LAVER nee Sarah SCOTT (//c1852-2/8/1929)

Died Fullaraton SA.

1896-1896 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

1899-1903 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

1903-1904 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

Parents – John Scott &

m (1) 4/6/1876 Bride parent residence New Tiers, Edmund Laver (//c1846-//)

Parents – William Laver &

KEANE, Albert Michael (//-//)

1892-1899 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

KEANE/KEARNE, James P (//-//)

1922-1923 Austral Hotel Quorn

KEANE, James Patrick (//-//)

1925-1941 Federal Hotel Peterborough

1941-1944 Coronation Hotel Currie St

KEANE, John Lawrence perhaps (26/10/1916-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1941-1944 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

Perhaps Parents – Edmond/Edward Percival Keane & May Elizabeth nee DEAN

KEANE, Mary Elizabeth perhaps May Elizabeth (//-//)

1944-1948 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

Likely to be Mrs Edward Percival/Percival Edmond/Edmund Keane nee May Elizabeth Dean mother to the previous publican John Lawrence Keane

KEANE, Michael (//c1832-15/5/1879)

Died Glenelg SA.

1864-1874 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1874-1876 Terminus Hotel Glenelg

1877-1878 Vintage Shades Inn Norwood

m (1) Margaret (//c1832-14/4/1876) Died Glenelg SA.

m (2) 5/4/1877 St Ignatius Norwood, Mrs James Cleary nee Catherine Smyth, the previous publican

KEANE, William Joseph perhaps (//c1882-//)

1936-1937 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge

Parents – Joseph Arnott Francis Keane &

Perhaps Lived West Thebarton 1909-1927

Perhaps m 6/5/1908 All Saints Hindmarsh, Caroline nee MAAG (18/4/1884-//) Born Mt Lofty SA.

Parents – Jacob Nissen Maag & Sarah nee BRUSE

KEARNE, John (//-//)

1883-1884 Marrabel Hotel Marrabel

1884-1890 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1890-1896 Redhill Hotel Redhill

1900-1903 Booleroo Centre Hotel Booleroo Centre

1904-1904 Booleroo Centre Hotel Booleroo Centre

1905-1913 Prince of Wales Hotel Kapunda

KEARNE, John Hannah (//-//)

1896-1900 North Laura Hotel North Laura

KEARNE, Patrick James (//c1875-28/5/1942)

Died Kapunda SA (of Henry Beach).

1913-1919 Central Hotel Pt Pirie

KEARNE, Patrick Job (//-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1920-1928 Waikerie Hotel Waikerie

1928-1934 Ramsgate Hotel Henley Beach

KEARNE, Thomas perhaps (6/11/1876-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1921-1921 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

1922-1922 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

perhaps Parents – Thomas Kearne and Jane nee MURPHY

KEARNS, Edward Henry (//-//1889)

1884-1889 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

KEARNS, Mrs EH nee Mary ? (//-//)

1889-1890 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

1890-1892 Mill Inn Gawler South

1895-1897 Kooringa Hotel Kooringa

KEARNS, Howard Christopher (//c1846-//1891)

1886-1887 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka

1887-1891 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka with John Alexander Donaldson

Parents – Christopher Albert Kearns &

m 18/1/1871 Bride father Murdey Milligan/Willigan residence District of Flinders, Henrietta nee MURRAY/MURDEY ? MILLIGAN/WILLIGAN (//c1855-//)

Parents – James Murdey &

KEARNS, Miss Mary Cecilia (//c1873-//)

1897-1899 John Bull Hotel Currie St

1903-1904 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

1904-1906 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown as Mrs Sorrell

Daughter of Richard John Kearns.

m 26/10/1904 John O’Reilly residence Stirling East, Victor Clifford SORRELL (26/4/1875-//) Born North Adelaide SA. Parents - William Whittle Sorrell & Emma Weaver nee HANCOCK.

KEARSE, Charles Henry (27/3/1870-22/10/1937)

Born Tea Tree Gully SA. Died Torrensville SA.

1908-1911 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

1911-1912 North Star Hotel Melrose with Henry John Neal

1912-1922 North Star Hotel Melrose

Parents – James Kearse & Isabella nee STEWART

m 28/3/1891 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Amy nee KIPPEN (//c1870-12/12/1928) Died New Mile End SA.

Parents – Charles Kippen &

KEAST, Joshua (//-//)

1850-1850 Gardeners Arms Hotel Darley/Torrens Hotel founder

m perhaps Harriet nee CROWLE (//-//)

KEAST, Leslie John (4/8/1886-//)

Born Pt Adelaide SA.

1927-1932 Broughton Hotel Pt Broughton

Paraents – Francis John Keast & Emily nee POWELL

KEAST, Miss Selina Jane (3/3/1871-//)

Born near Navan SA.

1903-1904 Cumberland Hotel Waymouth St with Lillian E Roche

1904-1920 Cumberland Hotel Waymouth St

Parents - John Keast and Jane nee CONGDON

KEATING, Margaret perhaps nee MCLEIN/MCLEAN (//-//)

1871-1872 Belvidere Hotel Belvidere Hundred of Bremer

perhaps Mrs James Keating Lived Glen Osmond by 1851

KEEGAN, Mrs Theresa (//-//)

1911-1922 North Laura Hotel North Laura

1922-1924 North Laura Hotel North Laura

1925-1935 Laura Hotel Laura

KEELAN, Edward Robert (//-//)

1927-1934 Bay View Hotel Beachport

Lived Adelaide 1922

m Jessie nee WRIGHT (//-//)

KEELER, Frederick Thomas (//-//)

1885-1887 Berkshire Hotel St Leonards Glenelg

1887-1888 Crafers Hotel Crafers

Perhaps Lived Adelaide by 1882 Norwood by 1885

KEELING, William Herbert (//c1856-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1893-1896 Bristol Tavern Franklin St

1896-1897 Family Hotel Currie St

1898-1899 Miners Arms Hotel Moonta

Father; Alfred.

m 16/6/1892 St Mary Pt Adelaide, Mary nee GANNON (//c1866-//)

Parents - Laurance Gannon.

KEEN, George (//-//)

1899-1901 St Kilda Hotel St Kilda Beach

perhaps Lived Charleston by 1894

perhaps m Susan nee PILLMORE

KEEPING, Sidney John and Adelaide Ruth (//-//)

1954-1960 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

KEIDEL, Georg Ernst Albert (//c1846-9/12/1910)

Died Adelaide SA.

1876-1880 National Hotel Pirie St

Parents – Johann Heinrich Christian Keidel &

To SA 1867 Sophie. Brother to publican Otto Keidel.

m 26/11/1873 Dreifalkeitskirche Angas St, Adelaide, Auguste nee Ehmcke.

KEIDEL, Georg Karl Otto (//c1848-//)

Death date still not found.

1902-1905 Hampshire Hotel Grote St

Parents – Johann Heinrich Christian Keidel &

Brother to publican Albert Keidel.

m 10/12/1896 National Hotel Adelaide, Agnes Auguste nee RAEBEL (//c1842-//) Death date still not found.

KEIGHLEY, Sydney Frederick Timothy (//c1866-//)

1897-1901 Charleston Hotel Charleston

Parents – Augustus Frederick Timothy Keighley &

m 9/8/1897 St Paul Pt Pirie, Ellen Agnes O’FLAHERTY (//c1875-//)

Parents – Dennis O’Flaherty

KEIGHTLEY, Herbert (//-//)

1886-1887 Millers Hotel Pt Germein

1887-1888 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

1889-1894 Royal Hotel Moonta

Lived Quorn by 1882

m publican Helen Bond nee Thomson

THOMSON, Robert of Church St, Pt Adelaide, died 6/9/1888 Footscray Vic. Father of Robert William Thomson carpenter Pt Adelaide and father-in-law of Herbert KEIGHTLEY licensed victualler North Adelaide Memorial 193/428

Herbert KEIGHTLEY formerly licensed victualler North Adelaide but now publisher at The Miner newspaper in Coolgardie WA 1896 Application 23217

KEIGHTLEY, Mrs Herbert nee Helen Brand/Baud/Bond THOMSON (2/6/1855-//)

Born Pt Adelaide SA.

1889-1889 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

Parents – Robert Thomson & Jane nee BOWMAN

KELLETT, Charles (//-//)

1908-1911 Hotel Central Riverton

KELLETT, John (//-//)

1853-1863 Union Inn Waymouth St

Married the widow of the previous landlord.

KELLETT, Sydney Roy (26/1/1892-14/1/1964)

Born North Adelaide SA. Died Daw Park SA (of Keswick).

1923-1926 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

1926-1947 Central Hotel Kadina

Parents – Charles Kellett & Eva nee ROWE WAS HE THE PUBLICAN?

Perhaps Lived Unley 1921

m Janet nee GOSDEN (//c1889-11/8/1952) Died Gilberton SA.

KELLY, Ambrose Gordon (7/12/1896-//)

Born Semaphore SA.

1929-1932 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

Parents – William Kelly & Martha nee DAGWELL

m perhaps Margaret nee O’HEARN (//-//)

KELLY, Charles (10/12/1848-//)

Born North Adelaide SA.

1881-1884 Globe Hotel Pt Augusta

1884-1891 Botanic Hotel North Tce

Parents – Thomas Kelly & Mary Ann nee CASSADY/CASSIDY

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p752.

KELLY, Mrs Christina (//-//)

1900-1905 Crown Inn Currie St

Her unnamed husband still alive in 1901

Perhaps James Kelly – Christina nee WILSON perhaps John Kelly – Christina nee MCDONALD Peter Kelly – Christina nee MCLEAN Robert Kelly – Christina nee SAMSONKELLY, Edward Gilbert (30/8/1899-18/6/1971)

Born Semaphore SA. Died Daw Park SA (of Aldinga).

1941-1943 Cumberland Arms Hotel Waymouth St with William Roy Buckingham

1944-1946 Queens Head Hotel Kermode St

Parents – Edward John Kelly & Mary Ann nee PERKS

Lived Wayville 1924 Adelaide 1925

m publican Ruby Adelaide Rhoda nee Painter

KELLY, Mrs EG nee Ruby Adelaide Rhoda PAINTER (23/7/1903-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1943-1944 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

1946-1948 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St with Florence Ruby Joan Specht

Parents – William Lewis Painter & Rhoda nee ENGLAND

KELLY, Edward James (//-//)

1911-1913 Petersburg Hotel Petersburg [Peterborough]

KELLY, Mrs Eliza (//-//)

1899-1900 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

KELLY, Francis Patrick (//-//)

1941-1941 Waterfalls Hotel Waterfall Gully

Perhaps Lived Rose Park 1927

Perhaps m Gertrude Annie nee HELE

KELLY, Gordon Ambrose (7/12/1896-//)

Born Semaphore SA.

1924-1929 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

Parents – William Kelly & Martha nee DAGWELL

KELLY, James (//-//)

1872-1872 Nelsons Victory Inn Clarence Gardens

KELLY, James (//-//)

1872-1873 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

KELLY, James (//-//)

1881-1881 Metropolitan Hotel Grote St

KELLY, James (//-//)

1883-1885 Northbrook Hotel Stockport

KELLY, James (//-//)

1884-1884 Whitwarta Hotel Whitwarta

1885-1888 Duke of Wellington Inn Waterloo

1889-1891 Farmers Home Hotel Hamilton/Light

KELLY, James J (//-//)

1872-1875 Mallala Hotel Mallala Hotel founder

KELLY, John (//-//)

1886-1887 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier Hotel founder

perhaps m Jessie nee BUCHAN (//-//)

KELLY, John E (//-//)

1910-1919 Blumberg then Napoleon Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]

This publican changed both business and township name.

KELLY, Joseph (//-//)

1855-1857 Clonmellan Hotel Currie St Hotel founder

1857-1858 Clonmellan Hotel Currie St Hotel closer

KELLY, Leonard Vincent perhaps (5/2/1900-//)

Born Wallaroo SA.

1927-1928 Crown Inn Currie St

perhaps Parents – Matthew Kelly & Catherine nee EVANS Is this the publican Matthew Kelly?

KELLY, Mary (//-//)

1918-1918 Northern Hotel Enfield

KELLY, Matthew (//-//)

1928-1938 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

KELLY, Michael (//-//)

1925-1927 Alford Hotel Alford

KELLY, Patrick (//-//)

1877-1877 District Hotel Auburn

KELLY, Thomas (//-//)

1856-1866 West Tce Hotel Waymouth St Hotel founder.

Lived Adelaide by 1850

m perhaps Mary Ann nee CASSIDY

KELLY, Thomas (//-//)

1883-1884 Tarpeena Hotel Tarpeena

m Elizabeth Mary nee KELLY (//-//)

perhaps daughter Johanna nee Kelly (//c1847-//) m 3/2/1866 Commercial Hotel Kincraig, Richard Henry LAWRENCE (//c1836-//) Parents – Richard Lawrence &

KELLY, Thomas (//-//)

1889-1891 Farmers Home Hotel Hamilton

KELLY, Thomas H (//-//)

1892-1894 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

1894-1895 Cumberland Hotel Waymouth St .

1895-1903 Forest Inn Black Forest

1903-1904 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

1905-1907 Mafeking Hero Hotel Hindley St

1910-1910 Gawler Belt Hotel Gawler Belt [Willaston]

1912-1912 Gawler Belt Hotel Gawler Belt [Willaston]

KELLY, William James (//-//)

1903-1904 Wellington Hotel Waterloo

1904-1908 Manoora Hotel Manoora

perhaps m Henrietta nee BRAY (//-//)

KELSH, John (//-//)

1850-1854 Hindmarsh Bridge Hotel Bowden Hotel founder

KELTON, Geoffrey Allan (//-//)

1947-1947 Kingston Arms Hotel Mt Bryan

KELTON, John the Elder (20/1/1810-//1894)

1858-1859 Highland Chieftain Inn Pedler Creek Only publican.

KEMBLE, John (//-//)

1848-1849 Tally Ho Inn Clarendon Hotel founder

perhaps m Jane nee WAYMOUTH (//-//)

KEMP, Charles (//-//)

1895-1898 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West

1898-1903 Wharf Hotel Pt Augusta West

m Ruth Agnes nee GUNTER (//-//)

KEMP, James (//-//)

1851-1852 Queens Arms Hotel Brown St

KEMP, Richard William (//c1838-8/11/1906)

Died Hundred of Cameron SA.

1879-1883 Greens Plains Hotel Greens Plains West Hotel closer

1882-1886 Railway then Paskeville Hotel Greens Plains East [Paskeville] Hotel founder

1888-1889 Royal Hotel Balaklava

1904-1906 Travellers Home Hotel Lochiel Hummocks

KEMP, Mrs RW nee Sarah DOYLE (//c1838-1/9/1900)

Died Hundred of Kulpara SA.

1893-1894 Travellers Rest Inn Kulpara

KEMP, Richard William (//-//)

1902-1903 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St Does this go with the previous RW Kemp?

KEMP, Robert Senr (//-//)

1921-1926 Sea View Hotel Pt Neill

KEMPSTER, Roger (//-//)

1876-1877 Cross Keys Hotel Angle Grove near Brinkworth Hotel founder

KENDALL, John (//-//)

1848-1848 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch Hotel founder.

KENDLE, George (//-//)

1863-1866 Ship Inn Kingston S-E

1868-1870 Newton Arms Inn Pub Lake near Robe

KENIHAN, John Hubert (//c1871-3/12/1923)

Died Adelaide SA.

1901-1914 Norwood Hotel Norwood

1917-1917 Ozone Hotel Kingscote

1919-1923 Perseverance Hotel Hanson St

KUEHLE/KUHLE/KÜHLE, Ludwig Carl Charles (//-//)

1868-1870 Newton Arms Inn Pub Lake near Robe

KENNARE, Francis Allan (//-//)

1920-1921 Royal Hotel Ardrossan

KENEALLY/KENNEALLY, John James (//-//)

1930-1931 Gillick Arms Hotel Wilsonnear Hawker

KENNEDY, Edward John (//c1878-25/6/1950)

Died Naracoorte SA.

1912-1912 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

KENNEDY, Fanny Eliza (//-//)

1930-1932 Old Spot Hotel Gawler

KENNEDY, George Cameron (//c1884-25/8/1961)

Died Semaphore SA (of St Peters).

1931-1932 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St

KENNEDY, Grace (//-//)

1898-1899 Selborne Hotel Pirie St

KENNEDY, Henry E (//-//)

1931-1933 Somerset Hotel Millicent

KENNEDY, Mrs Margaret Hilda ? Mrs John Patrick) (//c1874-7/8/1931)

Died Mt Gambier SA (of Millicent).

1925-1931 Somerset Hotel Millicent

KENNEDY, Hugh Cameron (//c1841-25/11/1887)

Died Adelaide SA.

1886-1887 Bell Inn Gilbert St .

KENNEDY, Mrs HC nee Mary Elizabeth ? (//-//)

1887-1908 Bell Inn Gilbert St .

1908-1916 Perseverance Hotel Hanson St .

KENNEDY, John James (//c1867-4/8/1956)

Died Booleroo Centre SA.

1903-1904 Booleroo Centre Hotel Booleroo Centre

KENNEDY, John Jens (//c1899-2/12/1962)

Died Mt Gambier SA.

1940-1953 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

KENNEDY, John Stephen (//-//)

1880-1895 Commercial Hotel Hindmarsh

KENNEDY, Mrs JS nee Mary Elizabeth ? (//c1848-12/8/1923)

Died Glen Osmond SA (of Kirkaldy).

1895-1897 Commercial Hotel Hindmarsh

KENNEDY, Laurence William (//c1882-26/3/1954)

Died North Adelaide SA (of Rose Park).

1931-1932 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

KENNEDY, Leo George (//-//)

1926-1926 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

1926-1929 Bedford Hotel Woodside

KENNEDY, Patrick V/W (//-//)

1924-1928 Victoria Hotel Hindley St .

KENNEDY, Richard (//-//)

1886-1890 Millicent Hotel Millicent

1896-1901 Railway Hotel Tantanoola

KENNEDY, William (//-//)

1897-1897 Kew Hotel Kew [Semaphore]

KENNEDY, William (//-//)

1947-1950 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

KENNELLY, James Francis (//c1868-//)

1902-1906 Hope Inn Hindmarsh

Son of Daniel Kennelly.

m 29/11/1899 St Saviour RC Church Brompton, Margaret nee Dwyer.

KENNELLY, Mrs James nee Margaret DWYER (//c1869-10/8/1958)

Died Hindmarsh SA.

1899-1902 Hope Inn Hindmarsh

1906-1931 Hope Inn Hindmarsh

1931-1955 Hope Inn Hindmarsh with John Hume

KENNETT, Mrs Ella Pretoria (//-//)

1944-1948 Hotel Victory Sellicks Hill with Donald John Dellow

1949-1949 Hotel Victory Sellicks Hill with Donald John Dellow and Alfred Albert Williamson

1949-1950 Hotel Victory Sellicks Hill with Donald John Dellow

KENNEY, Dennis (//-//)

1848-1849 Clare Inn Clare Hotel founder

KENNY, Charles Patrick (//c1854-13/7/1906)

Died Glenelg SA.

1904-1906 Family Hotel Glenelg

KENNY, Mrs CP nee Mary ? (//c1857-3/9/1940)

Died Glenelg SA.

1906-1921 Family Hotel Glenelg

KENNY, Daniel Hoare (//c1880-14/9/1972)

Died Prospect SA (of North Adelaide).

1920-1922 Oddfellows Arms Hotel Bowden

1922-1924 Bristol Hotel Franklin St

1924-1926 Gasworks Hotel Brompton

1926-1927 Selborne Hotel Pirie St

1926-1926 Carlton Hotel Sturt St.

1927-1928 Carlton Hotel Sturt St.

1930-1930 Bristol Hotel Franklin St

1937-1940 Coronation Hotel Currie St

m Mabel Olivia Kenny – marriage record still to find

KENNY, Marie EJ (//-//)

1926-1927 Carlton Hotel Sturt St.

KENNY, James Thomas perhaps (19/8/1888-//)

Born Clinton SA.

1934-1936 Halfway House Hotel Plympton with Vincent Kenny

Parents - perhaps Thomas Andrew Kenny & Mary Jane nee VICTORY

KENNY, James Vincent (//c1868-9/7/1923)

Perhaps not Born SA. Died Plympton SA.

1922-1923 Halfway House Hotel Plympton

Parents – Thomas Kenny &

m 1/5/1920 St Francis Xavier Cathedral Adelaide, publican Katherine Cecilia nee Pantzer.

KENNY, Mrs JV nee Catherine/Katherine Cecelia PANTZER (//c1887-//)

1923-1924 Halfway House Hotel Plympton

Parents – Leopold Pantzer &

KENNY, John Leo perhaps (2/3/1903-//)

Born Clarendon SA.

1948-1953 Railway Hotel Freeling

Parents – perhaps Martin Kenny & Jane nee MOLONEY

m perhaps 25/4/1936 St John Laura, Brenda Avis Isobel nee HEINICKE (//c1915-//) Parents – Friedrich Erwin Heinicke &

KENNY, Leo Joseph perhaps (23/6/1902-//)

Born Hundred of Colton SA.

1929-1952 Elephant & Castle Hotel West Tce

Parents – perhaps publican Michael Stephen White Kenny & Annie Teresa nee Kinnane

perhaps m 25/4/1929 St Francis Xavier Cathedral Adelaide, Patricia Edith nee STEWART (//c1905-//) Parents – John Stewart &

KENNY, Martin (//-//)

1936-1948 Laura Hotel Laura

perhaps m Jane nee MOLONEY (//-//)

perhaps parents of publican John Leo Kenny

KENNY, Martin Enright (4/12/1854-10/2/1928)

Born Sheaoak Log SA. Died Glenunga SA.

1880-1881 Eurelia Hotel Eurelia

1881-1888 Eureka Hotel Carrieton

1893-1897 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

Parents – Michael Kenny & 7th son His father came to SA 1839.

Parents – perhaps Michael Kenny & Mrs HERREEN nee Bridget PURTLE

Perhaps brother to publican Michael Stephen White Kenny

Publican – Eurelia, Carrieton, Broken Hill NSW, Orroroo

Biog Aldine 11 p651

m 3/5/1879 apparently Pekina perhaps Kapunda dnr, Miss A Bourke (//-//)

KENNY, Mrs ME nee Anne Annie BOURKE (20/8/c1857-1860-11/1/1920)

Born Kapunda SA. Died Glen Osmond SA.

1897-1899 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

Parents – Tobias Bourke & Ellen nee CAIN

KENNY, Martin Parnell (9/8/1886-29/11/1952)

Born Hundred of Colton SA. Died Northfield SA (of Unley)

1917-1920 Tavistock Hotel Rundle St

Parents – publican Michael Stephen White Kenny & Annie Teresa nee Kinnane

KENNY, Michael (//-//)

1867-1869 Railway Hotel Freeling Hotel founder

Is this the father of publican Martin Enright Kenny?

KENNY, Michael Stephen White (5/8/1852-14/6/1934)

Born Morphett Vale SA dnr. Died North Adelaide SA (of Wayville).

1883-1911 Colton Hotel Colton Hotel founder

1912-1929 Elephant & Castle Hotel West Tce

Parents – Michael Kenny & Mrs HERREEN nee Bridget PURTLE

Perhaps brother to publican Martin Enright Kenny

In the Hundred of Colton by 1877.

m 29/8/1876 unrecorded Pekina, Elizabeth Eliza Jane nee HOARE (//c1853-//) Parents – James Hoare &

m 19/11/1885 St Raphael Carrieton, Anne Annie Teresa nee KINNANE (//c1866-19/10/1949) Died Wayville SA. Parents – Michael Kinnane &

Parents of publican Martin Parnell Kenny

KENNY, Patrick (//c1860-11/3/1910)

Born Mil Lel SA. Died Mt Gambier SA.

1891-1896 Farmers Inn Mt Gambier

1896-1910 South Australian Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – perhaps a publican Thomas Kenny & Mary Ann Rose nee Smith.

Foundation shareholder Mt Gambier Brewing Co 1902 Shueard p284.

m 9/6/1886 St Paul Mt Gambier, publican Mary Ann nee Carter

KENNY, Mrs Patrick nee Mary Ann CARTER (//c1862-19/3/1923)

Perhaps not Born SA. Died Mt Gambier SA.

1910-1921 South Australian Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – Frederick Carter &

KENNY, Patrick J perhaps Patrick Esmond/Esmonde (18/2/1891-//)

Born Hundred of Colton SA.

1919-1920 Colton Hotel Colton

Parents – perhaps publican Michael Stephen White Kenny & Annie Teresa nee Kinnane

m 27/10/1920 Bride father residence Penong, Zell Florence nee LEOPOLD (//c1896-//)

Parents – Carl Julius Leopold &

KENNY, Thomas (//c1834-24/11/1891)

Died Yahl Paddock SA.

To SA by 1857

1883-1883 Six Mile Inn Peweena

m Mary Ann Rose nee SMITH (//c1839-4/5/1900) Died Glenburnie SA.

Parents of publican Patrick Kenny.

KENNY, Thomas perhaps (//c1877-9/7/1917)

Died near Cape Jaffa SA.

1916-1917 Travellers Rest Inn Allendale East

Below not likely if above dates correnct

perhaps Penola by 1887 Hundred of Caroline by 1904

perhaps m Margaret nee BRITT (//-//)

KENNY, Thomas Frederick (18/10/1892-//)

Born Mt Gambier SA.

1931-1932 South Australian Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – publicans Patrick Kenny & Mary Ann nee Carter.

KENNY, Vincent I (//-//)

1926-1927 Wakefield Hotel Wakefield St with Maurice G Henderson

1927-1929 Wakefield Hotel Wakefield St

KENNY, Vincent (//-//)

1934-1936 Halfway House Hotel Plympton with James Thomas Kenny

1949-1951 Ceduna Hotel Ceduna

1952-1952 Ceduna Hotel Ceduna

KENT, Edward (//-//)

1862-1863 Sir John Barleycorn Inn Rundle St .

KENT, John (//-//)

1862-1867 Burra Hotel Kooringa

KENT, John (//-//)

1899-1908 Cremorne Hotel Unley

KENT, Mrs John nee Emily B ? (//-//)

1908-1909 Cremorne Hotel Unley

KENT, Richard Alfred (//-//)

1868-1878 Travellers Rest Hotel Stirling North

1893-1894 Travellers Rest Hotel Stirling North

KENT, Thomas (//-//)

1899-1900 Criterion Hotel Streaky Bay

KENT, William (//-//)

1865-1868 Travellers Rest Hotel Stirling North

KENT, William H (//-//)

1914-1921 Blanchetown Hotel Blanchetown

KERBY, William (//-//)

9/1/1840-25/3/1841 Running Horse Inn Wakefield St Opened and closed the hotel.

KERIN, Bernard Dominic & Phyllis Sophy (//-//)

1950-1954 Palmer Hotel Palmer

1954-1955 Palmer Hotel Palmer

1955-1956 Palmer Hotel Palmer

KERIN, James Thomas (//-//)

1923-1924 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

1926-1928 MacDonnell Bay Hotel Pt MacDonnell

1929-1934 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

KERR, Frank W (//-//)

1935-1936 Family Hotel Pt Pirie

KERR, John (//-//)

1907-1909 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

1909-1914 Thatched House Tavern Brighton

KERR, John H (//-//)

1903-1910 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge

KERR, Mrs Kathleen M (//-//)

1917-1918 Maylands Hotel Maylands

KERR, Robert (//-//)

1872-1877 Travellers Rest Inn Allendale East

1879-1880 Travellers Rest Inn Allendale East

1883-1883 Travellers Rest Inn Allendale East

1883-1915 Travellers Rest Inn Allendale East

KERR, Royston Clyde (//-//)

1936-1937 Parachilna Hotel Parachilna

KERR, William George (//-//)

1925-1926 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

KERRISON, Mrs Estelle Ann (//-//)

1936-1938 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

1937-1941 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

1941-1941 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

1941-1944 St Moritz Hotel Waterfall Gully

Mother of the next publican Mrs Ida Rae Stewart

KERRISON, Elizabeth (//-//)

1895-1905 Halfway House Hotel Bellum Bellum [Mt Schank]

KERRISON, George Game (//c1878-30/12/1944)

Died Pt MacDonnell SA.

1919-1924 Victoria Hotel Hindley St .

KERRISON, Mrs GG nee Fanny Alice ? (//c1877-2/8/1944)

Died Pt MacDonnell SA.

1918-1919 Victoria Hotel Hindley St .

1934-1935 MacDonnell Bay Hotel Pt MacDonnell Hotel closer

KERRISON, George James (//-//)

1924-1945 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

KERRISON, Mrs GJ nee Lillian L ? (//-//)

1919-1924 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

KERRISON, John (//-//)

1881-1881 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay

1884-1890 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay

m perhaps Elizabeth nee

KERRISON, John Alwyne (//-28/10/1974)

1929-1930 Hyde Park Hotel Hyde Park with Charles Moore

1930-1974 Hyde Park Hotel Hyde Park

KERRISON, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)

1914-1926 Flinders Rest Hotel Warnertown

KERRISON, Michael Dermott (//c1860-30/7/1945)

Died Enfield SA (of North Adelaide).

1890-1894 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay

1894-1897 Royal Hotel Moonta

1901-1906 Botanic Hotel North Tce

1907-1912 Austral Hotel Rundle St

1916-1919 Grange Family Hotel Grange

Parents – John Kerrison &

m 26/1/21882 St Paul Pt Pirie, publican Lydia nee Cheesman

KERRISON, Mrs MD nee Lydia CHEESMAN (//c1864-30/7/1937)

Died Prospect SA.

1914-1916 Grange Family Hotel Grange with Rildah Giddings

Parents – Thomas Cheesman &

KERRISON, Miss Rita Mavis (//c1916-28/9/1947)

Died Mt Gambier SA (of Pt MacDonnell).

1945-1947 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

Prob daughter of the previous publicans AC and LL Kerrison

KERRISON, Thomas William Claude (8/2/1884-24/9/1951)

Born Glanville SA. Died North Adelaide SA (of Fullarton).

1912-1922 Windsor Castle Hotel Franklin St

1923-1927 Grange Family Hotel Grange

Parents – publicans Michael Dermott Kerrison & Lydia nee Cheesman

m (2) 18/4/1935 St Agnes Grange, Mrs FRICK nee May Teresa TANNEBRING (//c1888-//) Parents – Johann Friedrich Tannebring &

KESTER, James (//-//)

1878-1879 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

KESTEVEN, Robert Sutton (//-//)

1917-1918 Belair Hotel Belair

1918-1919 Kingston Arms Inn Kingston S-E

KEVILLE, Patrick (//-//)

1872-1873 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown Hotel founder

KEWLEY, George Kruger (//-//)

1898-1900 Royal Exchange Hotel Aberdeen

KEWSON, Henry (//c1835-2/1/1876)

Died Georgetown SA, at his residence the Georgetown Hotel.

1863-1865 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

1875-1876 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown

Son of William Kewson.

m (1) 18/11/1863 St Mark Penwortham, Sarah Jane nee March (//c1842-28/9/1873) Died Rhynie SA, daughter of Henry March

m (2) 20/6/1874 St Peter College Chapel Hackney, Henrietta Susannah Hill (//c1854-//), daughter of Charles HiIl. She m (2) 30/5/1896 St George Gawler, Herbert Bode 48 son of Joseph Adolphus Bode.

KEWSON, Miss Mary (//c1839-//)

1876-1877 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown

Daughter of William Kewson and sister to the previous publican Henry Kewson. She and her husband Henry Fairclough managed the Georgetown Hotel for their young nieces until they could take over the business for themselves.

m 27/6/1877 St Paul Rhynie, Henry Fairclough (//c1848-//), son of Thomas Fairclough.

KEWSON, Miss Caroline Gertrude (7/5/1866-//)

Born Rhynie SA.

1898-1901 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown with Henrietta Rebecca Kewson, Julia Mary Kewson and Sarah Blanche Kewson

Daughters of Henry Kewson and Sarah Jane nee MARCH

KEWSON, Miss Henrietta Rebecca (23/1/1871-//)

Born Rhynie SA.

1898-1901 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown with Caroline Gertrude Kewson, Julia Mary Kewson and Sarah Blanche Kewson

Daughters of Henry Kewson and Sarah Jane nee MARCH

KEWSON, Miss Julia Mary (6/10/1864-//)

Born Clare SA.

1890-1898 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown

1898-1901 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown with Caroline Gertrude Kewson, Henrietta Rebecca Kewson and Sarah Blanche Kewson

Daughters of Henry Kewson and Sarah Jane nee MARCH

KEWSON, Miss Sarah Blanche (2/5/1869-//)

Born Rhynie SA.

1898-1901 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown with Caroline Gertrude Kewson, Henrietta Rebecca Kewson, and Julia Mary Kewson

Daughters of Henry Kewson and Sarah Jane nee MARCH

m 31/5/1920 St Mary Magdalene Adelaide, William Luxford VIRGO 47 son of Georgetown builder William Luxford Virgo

KEY, Mrs Beatrice Matilda (//-//)

1919-1919 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

1923-1923 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

1937-1937 Old Bushman Hotel Gawler

1940-1940 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

KEYES, George (//-//)

Born London, Middlesex, England.

1879-1886 Horse & Jockey Inn became Hotel Carrington St

1887-1887 Avoca Hotel Clarence Gardens

1887-1890 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St

To Vic 1871 then SA c1873. Apparently ran hotels almost from the time of his arrival in SA.

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p28.

KEYES, Laurence G (//-//)

1912-1913 District Hotel Tungkillo

KIBBLES, Thomas (//-//)

perhaps Thomas Friend Kibble??

1846-1847 Boars Head Tavern Rundle St Hotel founder.

KIDD, Edward W (//-//)

1892-1894 Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond

1897-1898 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

KIDD, W (//-//)

1872-1873 Bridge Inn Echunga

KIDNER, Frederick G (//-//)

1911-1911 Gawler Belt Hotel Gawler Belt [Willaston]

KIEKEBUSCH, Julius Adolph Rudolph (//c1845-//1887)

1871-1879 Bucks Head Hotel Stepney

KIELEY, Edward (24/10/1898-16/7/1956)

Born Merriton SA. Died Adelaide SA (of North Adelaide).john patrick

1923-1925 Royal Hotel Crystal Brook with Edward Joseph Kiely his father

KIELY, Edward (//-//)

1927-1928 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler with Hugh George Harry Snelling

1927-1928 Gladstone Hotel Gladstone

KIELEY, John (//-//)

1929-1930 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge

KIELY, Thomas Leo (14/12/1900-//)

Born Crystal Brook SA.

1927-1929 Auburn Hotel Auburn

Parents – publican Edward Joseph Kiely & Mary Ann Josephine nee Kearne

KIELY, Edward Joseph (//c1869-11/1/1944)

Died Crystal Brook SA.

1923-1925 Royal Hotel Crystal Brook with Edward Kieley his son

1925-1926 Areas Hotel Georgetown

m apparently not in SA Mary Ann Josephine nee KEARNS (//c1871-15/8/1934) Died Crystal Brook SA.

KIELY, Miss Mary perhaps (27/4/1904-28/10/1955)

Born Merriton SA. Died North Adelaide SA.

1936-1937 Black Swan Hotel North Tce with George Andrew Miller

1937-1938 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

1938-1943 Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill

1943-1945 Crown Hotel Reynella

Parents – publican Edward Joseph Kiely & Mary Ann Josephine nee Kearns

KIELY, Philip James (//-//)

1948-1952 Bushmans Club Hotel Brown St

KIELY, Timothy John (18/4/1895-20/3/1962)

Born Merriton SA. Died Largs Bay SA.

1929-1947 Overway Hotel Hindley St

1947-1948 Overway Hotel Hindley St

Parents – publican Edward Joseph Kiely & Mary Ann Josephine nee Kearns

KIERNAN, Edward O (//-//)

1923-1927 White Hart Hotel Hindley St . Last publican.

1927-1929 Overway Hotel Hindley St

KIERNAN, Mrs Eileen Gertrude (//-//)

1930-1932 Reepham Hotel Reepham

1933-1934 St Leonards Hotel St Leonards

KIERNAN, John Patrick (//-//)

1939-1942 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

1942-1949 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

KIERNAN, Owen (//-//)

1903-1903 White Conduit House Hotel North St

Settled; Redhill by 1896 Mannum by 1898

m perhaps Mary nee QUINN (//-//)

KIERNAN, Thomas (//-//)

1869-1873 Miners Arms Hotel Kanmantoo

KIERSE, Michael Joseph (//-//)

1933-1934 Selborne Hotel Pirie St

KILDEA, James (//-//)

1895-1902 Junction Hotel Brinkworth

1902-1905 Jamestown Hotel Jamestown

1906-1907 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

1909-1910 Commercial Hotel Clare

1910-1911 Globe Hotel Bowden

1911-1912 Windmill Hotel Main North Road [Prospect]

1912-1913 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

1913-1915 Maid of Auckland Hotel Edwardstown

KILDEA, John (//-//)

1907-1907 Bijou Hotel Rundle St Sold to MM Neil .

KILDUFF, John (//-//)

1899-1900 Mundulla Hotel Mundulla

1900-1902 Globe Hotel Clare

1902-1903 Highbury Hotel Highbury

1903-1903 Clare Castle Hotel Kapunda

KILGARIFF, Joseph (//-//)

1940-1941 Coronation Hotel Currie St

KILGARIFF, Eileen Elizabeth (//-//)

1941-1941 Coronation Hotel Currie St

KILLICK, Tiesdell (//-//)

1857-1861 Old Colonist Inn Norwood

m Maria nee CRICK (//-//)

KILLICOAT, Mrs Jane (//-//)

1914-1917 Scotch Thistle Hotel Kermode St

1920-1943 Botanic Hotel North Tce

KILLICOAT, Mrs Jennie (//-//)

1912-1912 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

1913-1914 John Bull Hotel Currie St

KILLICOAT, Mrs Rose Adelaide formerly CRAMOND (//-//)

1940-1941 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

1941-1950 Bath Hotel Norwood

KIMBER, Mrs Fanny Maria (//-//)

1894-1897 Family Hotel Edithburgh

KIMBER, James Woodleigh (21/12/1875-//)

Born District of Clare SA.

1929-1933 Snowtown Hotel Snowtown

1934-1935 Wildongoleechie Hotel Hallett

1935-1936 Black Bull Hotel Hindley St

1936-1939 Junction Hotel Brinkworth

Parents – Charles Kimber & Maria nee NANKERVIS

KIMBER, Mrs JW nee Ethel Maude LEE (//-//)

1939-1942 Junction Hotel Brinkworth

KIMBER, John (//-//)

1886-1887 Mill Inn Gawler South

1888-1889 Mill Inn Gawler South

Settled; Kadina by 1879 later Publican; Gawler South

KIMBER, Mrs John nee Fanny Maria NANKERVIS (//-//)

1886-1887 Mill Inn Gawler South

KIMBER, Leonard Charles (4/6/1909-//)

Born Clare SA.

1943-1947 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

Parents – publicans James Woodleigh Kimber & Ethel Maude nee LeeKIMBER, Mrs LC nee Ethel Maud (//-//)

1942-1943 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

KIMBER, Noel Arthur (29/4/1916-//)

Born Prospect SA.

1949-1949 Buckingham Arms Hotel Gilberton with Vincent Henry Simpson

Parents – Arthur Woodleigh Kimber & Laura Wheatley nee MUSSARED

KIMBER, William (//-//)

1856-1858 Bugle Inn Bugle Ranges

1865-1872 Wellington Inn Wellington/Murray

1872-1873 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

1873-1876 Bridge Inn Echunga

1876-1879 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

1887-1888 Sea View Hotel Pt Willunga

KIMBER, Mrs William nee Eliza HARRIS (//-//)

1888-1889 Sea View Hotel Pt Willunga

1889-1891 Sea View Hotel Pt Willunga Hotel closed

KIMBER, Walter John (12/12/1863-//)

Born Mosquito Creek SA.

1889-1889 Sea View Hotel Pt Willunga

Parents – publicans William Kimber & Eliza nee Harris

m Annie Maria nee HARDY (//-//)

KINCH, Adolph T (//-//)

1903-1905 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

KING, Albert (//-//)

1896-1897 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully

KING, Albert (//-//)

1902-1907 Woolshed Inn Bordertown

KING, Mrs Albert nee Emma ? (//-//)

1897-1901 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully

KING, Arthur & Mary Cecelia (//-//)

1965-1968 District Hotel South Petherton Tungkillo

KING, Clarence Richard Hayward (//-//)

1947-1949 Junction Hotel Peterborough with Frank Arch Pinyon

1949-1952 Junction Hotel Peterborough

KING, Edmund C (//-//)

1932-1934 Buckingham Arms Hotel Gilberton

KING, Ernest Guy (//-//)

1942-1946 Hotel Augusta Pt Augusta West

KING, George (//-//)

1850-1851 Joiners Arms Hotel Hindmarsh Hotel founder

KING, Herbert (//-//)

1904-1906 Hawkstone Arms Hotel Mitcham

KING, Joseph (//-//)

1851-1852 Fountain Finniss St North Adelaide Hotel founder.

KING, Julia (//-//)

1893-1894 OG Hotel Klemzig

KING, Michael Owen (//-//)

1917-1919 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

1929-1929 Pekina Hotel Pekina with Thomas Ryan

KING, Minetta Rose (//-//)

1949-1949 Globe Hotel Wilmington

1950-1950 Globe Hotel Wilmington

KING, Morton (//-//)

1851-1852 White Horse Cellars Pt Adelaide

KING, Patrick Francis (//-//)

1915-1916 Eurelia Hotel Eurelia

KING, Mrs PF nee Mary Jane ? (//-//)

1915-1916 Eurelia Hotel Eurelia

KING, Robert A (//-//)

1932-1934 Victoria Hotel Willaston

KING, Mrs RA nee Jessie May ? (//-//)

1934-1944 Victoria Hotel Willaston

1944-1948 Victoria Hotel Willaston with Henry Oswald Lloyd Pring

KING, Thomas Edward (//-//)

1896-1897 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

KING, Thomas R (//-//)

1926-1933 Tarcowie Hotel Tarcowie

KING, William (//-//)

1865-1866 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

Husband of Hannah King (//c1838-6/11/1865) Died Adelaide SA, at her residence the Somerset Hotel Flinders St.

Perhaps m Hannah nee SCOTT

Mary Ann Madeline King b 5/9/1859 Adelaide

Frances Jane King b 28/2/1864 Bassett Town

Did William King re-marry?


William King 29 son of Robert King

m 6/10/1866 Wesleyan Chapel Pt Adelaide

Mary nee STEVENS 24 daughter of William Stevens

William King 36 son of George King

m 23/1/1867 Holy Trinity Adelaide

Jane nee BROWN 22 daughter of Thomas Brown

KING, William Henry (//-//)

1851-1851 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

Husband of Ann King formerly Ann CLAYFIELD widow

KINGDON, Abraham (//c1833-16/6/1888)

Died Woseley SA.

1876-1879 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte

1880-1882 Crown Hotel Kingston S-E

1883-1888 Wolseley Hotel Wolseley

Daughter Frances Kingdon (//c1858-//)m 2/4/1877 Bride father residence Commercial Hotel Naracoorte, Francis GREEN (//c1847-//) Parents – Francis Green &

KINGDON, Mrs Abraham nee Margaret BRERETON/BURTON (//c1836-23/4/1905)

Died Naracoorte SA.

1888-1889 Wolseley Hotel Wolseley

1897-1897 Sir John Barleycorn Hotel Rundle St

1898-1905 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

KINGDON, Dora (//-//)

1905-1905 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

KINGDON, Elizabeth (//c1855-//)

1874-1876 Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St

1876-1876 Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St as Mrs Huston

Parents – Abraham Kingdon

m 16/4/1876 St Laurence North Adelaide, Arthur HUSTON (//c1851-//) Father; Arthur Huston

KINGDON, Arthur Stanislaus (//-//)

1935-1942 Town Hall then Jens Hotel Mt Gambier

Son-in-law of HE Jens

KINGDON, John (//-//)

1894-1901 Two Wells Hotel Two Wells

KINGHAM, Frank Frederick James (//-//)

1946-1951 Hotel Augusta Pt Augusta West

KINGSLAND, Daniel (//-//)

1924-1924 Meadows Hotel Meadows

1924-1925 East End Market Hotel East Tce

1925-1925 East End Market Hotel East Tce with James L Goodfellow

1925-1926 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

KINGSLAND, Mrs Jane/Jean E (//-//)

1916-1917 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

1918-1919 Middleton Hotel Middleton Hotel closer

1921-1922 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo

KINGSTON, Charles (//c1816-20/10/1888)

Born Somerset, England. Died Mt Torrens SA.

1847-1852 Blakiston Arms Hotel Blakiston Hotel founder

1854-1859 Callington Arms then Callington Inn Callington Hotel founder

1859-1866 Tavistock Hotel Callington Hotel founder

1868-1884 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

1885-1885 Duke of Wellington Hotel Pt Adelaide with Robert Simes

To SA 1846 Canton

KINGSTON, Charles P Publican; Blakiston, Callington, Gumeracha. m (2) 13/1/1866 place not stated Callington, Mary nee BYRNE (//c1842-//) Father; Henry.

KINGSTON, Mrs Charles P perhaps Jane nee KING (//c1815-20/9/1865) Died Callington SA, at her residence, after a long illness borne with exemplary patience.

A daughter called Julia Kingston notified his death – no record of her birth or emigration.

KINLEY, Isabelle Maude (//-//)

1911-1913 Sportsmans Arms Hotel Rosaville near Mt Gambier

KINLEY, Mona (//-//)

1907-1907 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

KINLEY, William Henry (//-//)

1901-1904 North Star Hotel Melrose

1905-1906 Royal Mail Hotel Kingston S-E

KINLOCH, George (//-//)

1947-1949 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta

KINNANE, James D (//-//)

1894-1896 Yatina Hotel Yatina

1896-1898 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

KINNANE, John (//-//)

1872-1873 Travellers Inn near Blumberg Hotel closer

1890-1892 Yatina Hotel Yatina

1889-1900 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

KINNANE, Mrs John nee Bridget Biddy STACK (//-//)

1892-1894 Yatina Hotel Yatina

1896-1897 Yatina Hotel Yatina

1897-1898 Crown Inn Currie St

1898-1900 Burton Hotel Manoora

1900-1902 Victoria Hotel Willaston

1902-1903 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

1907-1908 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

1909-1918 Wilmington Hotel Wilmington

1918-1919 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

KINNANE, Peter Robert (//c1873-//)

Born Gumeracha SA.

1903-1909 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

1909-1910 Bedford Hotel Woodside

1911-1915 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

1915-1917 Tarcoola Hotel Tarcoola

1917-1920 Lucindale Hotel Lucindale

1920-1922 Lyndhurst Siding Hotel Lyndhurst Siding

1922-1923 Cross Keys Hotel Dry Creek

1923-1924 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

KINNANE, Robert Andrew Stack (//c1882-//)

Born SA (bnr).

1903-1908 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

1918-1920 Wilmington Hotel Wilmington

1921-1923 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

1924-1927 Commercial Hotel Laura

Parents - publicans John Kinnane & Bridget nee Stack.

m 6/7/1906 St Barnabas Strathalbyn, Nora Mary BUTLER 25 Father; George Butler.

KINNANE, Thomas (//-//)

1897-1899 Yatina Hotel Yatina

1899-1900 Ardrossan Hotel Ardrossan

m Catherine Agnes nee HAYES

KINNEAR, John (//-//)

1896-1897 Salisbury Hotel Salisbury

KINNEAR, Norah (//-//)

1897-1897 Paris Hotel Portland Place Pt Adelaide

KINNEAR, Patrick (//-//)

1890-1893 Suburban Hotel Davenport Pt Augusta

1895-1896 Railway Hotel Kapunda

KINTER, John Alfred (//-//)

1917-1918 Mannanarie Hotel Mannanarie Hotel closer

KIPLING, Mrs Ivy Mignonette nee ROBERTS (//-//)

1924-1929 Blinman Hotel Blinman North

m Joseph Kipling

Lived Quorn by 1915 Parachilna by 1917 Blinman by 1919 North Quorn by 1920 Parachilna by 1921 B inman by 1924 Quorn by 1925 Peterborough by 1927

KIRBY, James (//-//)

No registered death in SA.

1869-1870 Gatehouse Hotel near Naracoorte Hotel founder

1871-1871 Gatehouse Hotel near Naracoorte Hotel closer

Stockholder John Robertson erected a small stone hotel near the southern entrance to his Struan Station on the Naracoorte-Penola road, presumably to discourage travellers from asking for food and accommodation at the homestead, One of his boundary riders lived in a small hut near the gate to keep an eye on traffic movement in and out of the station. James Kirby took out a licence to operate the hotel business [Uncertain whether the Naracoorte-Penola road ran over Struan Station land or along side the property] Biog Jones & Cameron HM South-Eastern mails pp111-112

Lived near Penola by 1862. Appears to have left SA at some time after he gave up the hotel.

prob m Ellen nee FINN (//-//) No registered death in SA.

KIRBY, John George (//-//)

1868-1870 Forest Inn Black Forest

1870-1871 Earl of Zetland Hotel Flinders St

1872-1878 Pier Hotel Milang

1878-1886 Criterion Hotel King William St

1887-1887 Old Colonist Hotel Angas St

KIRBY, Sarah Elizabeth (//-//)

1886-1887 Old Colonist Hotel Angas St

KIRBY, Patrick (//-//)

1886-1891 Narridy Hotel Narridy

KIRBY, William (//c1817-//)

Died perhaps USA.

perhaps 1840-1841 Running House Hotel Wakefield St

20/9/1849-1850 Young Queens Inn Gawler Place Hotel founder.

To SA 1840 Baboo

Parents – John Kirby & Katherine nee FIELD

Gingerbeer brewer; Adelaide then Sheepfarmer; Encounter Bay, Light River then Publican; Adelaide

To USA 1850 – perhaps to the Californian goldrush? Biog Shueard p108

m 26/5/1849 Wesleyan Chapel Gawler Place Adelaide, Elizabeth nee SMITH (//c1831-//) Died perhaps USA. Parents – John Smith & ?

KIRKBRIGHT, Stanley Roy (//-//)

1941-1946 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

1946-1959 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St with Stella Margaret Kirkbright

KIRKBRIGHT, Stella Kirkbright (//-//)

1946-1959 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St with Stanley Roy Kirkbright

KIRKHAM, James perhaps Malster (//-//)

1920-1921 Port Augusta Hotel Pt Augusta Hotel closer

perhaps m Ida Jane nee KING (//-//)

KIRKWOOD, Mrs Alice (//-//)

1942-1943 Gulnare Hotel Gulnare with Emil Martin

KIRWAN, Edmund (//-//)

1887-1889 Hookina Hotel Hookina

KITE, Charles (//-//)

1884-1885 Saltia Hotel Saltia Creek

1907-1907 Jervois Hotel Pt Adelaide

1908-1913 Bell Inn Gilbert St .

1913-1914 Globe Hotel Gawler

KITE, Miss Matilda Maude (//-//)

1908-1910 North Stirling Hotel Stirling North

m Ernest Richard HOCKING (//-//)

KITE, William (//-//)

1881-1891 Travellers Rest Hotel Stirling North

KITTO, Kathleen Mary (//-//)

1936-1936 Selborne Hotel became Hotel Adelaide Pirie St

1943-1943 Seacliff Hotel Seacliff

KITTO, Mary Richardson (//-//)

1948-1950 Stag Rundle St with Masie Elizabeth Sarah Burton

KLAER, Carl Johannes (//-//)

1900-1912 Mundulla Hotel Mundulla

KLAER, Gottlieb (//-//)

1867-1867 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

1869-1873 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

KLATKE, Friedrich Frederick Wilhelm (//-//)

1912-1922 Gawler Arms Hotel Gawler

1922-1926 Commercial Hotel Hindmarsh

1926-1939 Gawler Arms Hotel Gawler

KLAU, Rudolph (//-//)

1895-1906 Springton Hotel Springton

KLAU, Mrs Rudolph nee Maria ? (//-//)

1906-1907 Springton Hotel Springton

KLAUER, Eduard/Ewald?? (//-//)

1884-1884 Marquis of Lorne Hotel Pirie St

KLAUER, Ernst LW (//-//)

1909-1909 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

1909-1914 Hotel Royal New Thebarton

KLAUER, Friedrich Wilhelm August (//-17/8/1906)

Died North Adelaide SA. 1867-1867 Clarendon Hotel Hindley St

1869-1869 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St Hotel founder.

1869-1871 White Hart Hotel Hindley St

1871-1887 White Hart Hotel Hindley St

1889-1890 White Hart Hotel Hindley St

A widower of Cowandilla.

Children - Ernest Leopold William Klauer engineer Mile End; William Ross Sawers Klauer farmer Cowandilla; Eva Eliza Klauer spinster Cowandilla. He must have been very friendly with the Sawers brewing family, especially WR Sawers.

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p799.

KLEINSCHMIDT, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)

1872-1872 Bogan Hotel Mannum Landlord

KLEINSCHMIDT, Leslie perhaps Otto Leslie Friedrich (16/5/1890-//)

Born Lobethal SA.

1922-1923 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

Parents = Otto Heinrich Kleinschmidt & Eliza Margaret nee PENTLOW

m perhaps Linda Vera nee CARN (//-//)

KLEMICH, Paul Philip (//c1907-//)

1952-1953 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate with Stella Alice Duell

1952-1953 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

Parents – August Friedrich Alwin Klemich &

KLEMICH, Mrs PP nee Vera Selma FOERSTER (//c1908-//)

1944-1949 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate with Stella Alice Duell

Parents – Gustave Foerster &

KLEMICH, William Willy (//-//)

1913-1916 Lower Light Hotel Lower Light

KLEY, August Albert (//-//)

1861-1872 Stockwell Hotel Stockwell

Settled; Buchsfelde by 1852

m Amelia Dorothea Bertha nee KRAFT (//-//)

KLOPPER, August Heinrich (//-//)

1892-1898 Burton Hotel Manoora

Settled; Modbury by 1876 Napperby by 1879 Warnertown by 1886 later Publican; Manoora

m Margarethe Henriette nee BOTHE (//-//)

KLOTZ, George Heinrich (//-//)

1918-1918 Travellers Rest Inn Allendale East

KLOTZ, James (//-//)

1879-1884 Angaston Hotel Angaston

Settled; Stockwell by 1871 Angaston by 1876 later Publican; Angaston

m Elizabeth nee SMITH (//-//)

KLUCK, Augustine (//c1864-15/6/1917)

Died Fullarton SA (of Adelaide).

1904-1909 Dock Hotel Pt Adelaide Hotel closed.

1909-1917 Kings Head Hotel King William St

Parents – Franz Kluck & Anna nee ?

To SA 1878 Elisabeth with parents and siblings

m 29/11/1899 St Anacletus RC Church Petersburg, publican Mrs James Owens nee Maria Mary Schibella.

KLUCK, Mrs Augustine formerly Mrs James Owens nee Maria Mary SCHEBELLA (//c1855-30/9/1938)

Perhaps Born at sea. Died Toorak SA.

1917-1917 Kings Head Hotel King William St

1917-1924 Kings Head Hotel King William St as Mrs Owens

Parents – Albert Schebella &

To SA 1855 Peter Godeffroy

m (1) 15/4/1875 unrecorded Sevenhill, James OWENS (//c1850-3/2/1896) Died Petersburg SA. Father; Edward.

m (3) dnr 1917 Mr Owens, but kept on as landlady of the King's Head. Or did she simply resume the use of her former married name?

KLUGE, Mrs Millicent Maud Elfreda nee SMITH (4/4/1879-20/2/1958)

Born North Adelaide SA. Died Wayville SA (of Brighton).

1916-1917 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

Parents – Henry George Smith & Mary Rowe Bess nee HAYWOOD

m 25/12/1908 Lutheran Parsonage Carrington St Adelaide, Gustav Ferdinand Kluge (//c1873-1/4/1961) Perhaps not Born SA. Died Mitchell Park SA. Parents – Friedrich Kluge &

KNAPMAN, Alfred Ernest Albert (//c1868-26/10/1918)

Died Unley Park SA.

1893-1906 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie

1907-1908 Electric Light Hotel became Producers Club Hotel Grenfell St.

Parents – publican William Knapman and Charlotte nee BOWDEN

m 19/5/1895 St Luke Adelaide, Ellen nee JELLETT (//c1866-27/8/1916) Died Unley Park SA. Parents – Elii Jellett & Bad clash in date of birth

KNAPMAN, John George Walter (19/5/1865-16/3/1901)

Born Pt Adelaide SA, at his parents’ residence the White Horse Cellars. Died Cowell SA.

1885-1893 Howes then International Hotel Pt Pirie

1893-1899 Railway Hotel Solomontown Pt Pirie

1899-1899 Crafers Hotel Crafers

1900-1900 Portland Hotel Portland Estate

1900-1901 Franklin Harbour Hotel Cowell

Parents – publican William Knapman and Charlotte nee BOWDEN

m (1) 28/8/1884 Congregational manse Pt Pirie, Alice Ann nee EDWARDS (15/6/1864-9/7/1894) Born Pt Adelaide SA. Died Pt Pirie SA. Parents – George Edwards & Ann nee GRIFFITHS

m (2) 24/7/1895 Christ Church North Adelaide, publican Ada Maud nee Wills

KNAPMAN, Mrs JGW nee Ada Maud WILLS (19/2/1875-//)

Born Pt Pirie SA. Death date not yet found to 1972 in SA.

1901-1903 Jetty Hotel Stansbury

1903-1905 Jetty Hotel Stansbury as Mrs AM WURM

Parents - Benjamin Wills & Eliza nee HILLIER

m (2) 24/9/1902 Registry Office Adelaide, Alfred Ernest Wurm (//c1878-//) Death date in SA not found. Parents - Louis Friedrich Wurm

KNAPMAN, Lee Walter John (//-//)

Death date not yet found to 1972 in SA.

1929-1931 Central Hotel Pt Adelaide with Elizabeth Knapman

KNAPMAN, Maria (//c1845-14/8/1899)

Died Hundred of Pirie SA, at her residence Prospect Farm. DN Observer 26/8/1899 p436b.

1880-1885 Pilot Boat Hotel Pt Pirie West

1885-1889 Pilot Boat Hotel Pt Pirie West as Mrs Maria SMITH

Parents – Johan John Knapman &

Sister to publican William Knapman the Elder

m 8/1/1885 bride residence the Pilot Boat Hotel Pt Pirie West, James SMITH (//c1844-21/4/1908) Died Hundred of Pirie SA. Parents – Edward Smith &

A widower at the time of his marriage.

KNAPMAN, Ray (//c1898-15/1/1945)

Died Magill SA (of 64 Kimg William St Kent Town).

1935-1939 Millicent Hotel Millicent

Husband – Sidney Knapman

A real puzzle – perhaps wrong Sidney Knapman; see his death date and wife Elizabeth nee Barrett. Sister of Roll, Clifff, Hilda, Vera, Blanche, Beryl, Hazel and the late Horace. DN Chronicle 18/1/1945 p87c.

KNAPMAN, Sidney (11/6/1886-19/7/1959)

Born Pt Pirie SA. Died Outer Harbor SA (of Southwark).

1912-1913 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

1913-1918 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1919-1920 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

1921-1922 Gresham Hotel King William St

1932-1935 Millicent Hotel Millicent

1935-1942 Earl of Zetland Hotel Flinders St

Parents – John George Walter Knapman & Alice nee EDWARDS
Publican –

m 12/1/1907 TJ Blencowe residence Pt Adelaide, publican Elizabeth nee Barrett

KNAPMAN, Mrs Sidney nee Elizabeth BARRETT (20/1/1887-5/5/1961)

Born Woodville SA. Died Adelaide SA (of North Adelaide).

1920-1921 Newmarket Hotel Pt Adelaide

1929-1931 Central Hotel Pt Adelaide with Lee Walter John Knapman

1939-1949 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross with Kathleen M Rieken

Parents – James Barrett & Jane nee FOREMAN

KNAPMAN, William (4/12/1830-24/6/1908)

Born Dunsford, Devon, England. Died Pt Adelaide SA, at his residence Cannonteign, Cannon St.

1859-1861 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter Hotel founder

1861-1876 White Horse Cellars Pt Adelaide

1876-1893 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie

To SA 1854 Taymouth Castle

Established hotels at Pt Pirie, Waukaringa and Yunta

m (1) Charlotte nee BOWDEN (//c1834-30/5/1892) Born England. Died SA.

Parents-in-law of publican Samuel Wills

m (2) 24/3/1894 St Paul Pt Adelaide, Mrs COX nee Mary LAMACRAFT/LANACROFT (//c1852-29/10/1939) Died Pt Adelaide SA. Parents – William Lamacraft &

Mary Knapman m (3) 4/7/1934 St John Mt Pleasant, Thomas Barrett BROWN (2/3/1864-20/6/1935) Born Robe SA. Died Semaphore SA (of Pt Adelaide). A widower. Parents – Thomas Barrett Brown & Bridget nee RYAN

KNAPMAN, William Henry the Younger (3/6/1856-24/7/1900)

Born LeFevre Peninsula SA, at his parents’ residence the Lord Exmouth Hotel. Died Exeter SA, at his residence Napier St.

1876-1879 Crystal Brook Hotel Crystal Brook

Parents – publican William Knapman and Charlotte nee Bowden

Publican; Crystal Brook then Brewer; Cannon Brewery Pt Adelaide

m (1) 3/9/1876 Rev’d J Dingle residence Crystal Brook, Amy nee Wills (//c1858-//) Parents - John Nathaniel Wills

m (2) 21/10/1885 St Paul Pt Pirie, Elizabeth Agnes nee RIEKEN (//c1860-12/1/1950) Died Exeter SA. Parents – Johann Rieken &

KNAPP, Edwin Thomas (//-//)

1887-1888 Hyde Park Hotel Hyde Park

KNAPP, George (//-//)

1890-1890 Kensington Hotel Kensington

1890-1891 Manoora Hotel Manoora

KNEESE, Johann August Theodor (//-//)

1869-1873 Exchange Hotel Gawler Hotel founder

1888-1898 Central Hotel Pt Pirie

KNEESE, Theodor Gottfried Friedrich Frederick (7/4/1856-5/7/1910)

Born Gawler River SA. Died Adelaide SA.

1880-1881 Central Hotel Pt Pirie Hotel founder

Parents – publican Johann August Theodor Kneese and Clara Charlotte Auguste nee Roediger.

KNICK, William (//-//)

1884-1885 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

KNIGHT, Barrington John (//c1852-//)

Born Epsom, Surrey, England.

1904-1911 Family Hotel Pt Pirie Hotel founder

KNIGHT, Charles H (//-//)

1899-1899 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

KNIGHT, Clarence Burton (//-//)

1940-1942 Junction Hotel Peterborough

KNIGHT, Frank Philip (//-//)

1896-1897 Lyndhurst Hotel Lyndhurst Siding

KNIGHT, Richard Troy (//-//)

1886-1886 Ship Inn Currie St

1886-1886 Dolphin Hotel Rundle St

KNIGHT, Robert Cedric Parnwell and Pauline Ellen (//-//)

1975-1978 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

KNIGHT, Samuel Troy (//-//)

1886-1886 Ship Inn Currie St

KNIGHT, William (//-//)

1857-1858 Highercombe Hotel Tea Tree Gully

KNIGHT, William J (//-//)

1892-1893 Australasian Clubhouse Hotel Pt Adelaide

KNILL, William (//-//)

1855-1856 Royal Oak Inn O’Connell St North Adelaide Hotel founder.

KNOWLES, Frederick the Elder (//-//)

1865-1866 Rob Roy Inn Halifax St

1866-1873 Old Colonist Inn Angas St

1873-1875 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

1876-1882 Blyth Hotel Blyth Hotel founder

1882-1883 Fords Hotel Clare

1883-1883 Royal Hotel Moonta

1883-1885 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

1886-1897 Blyth Hotel Blyth

1898-1899 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

KNOWLES, Frederick (//-//)

1914-1914 Millicent Hotel Millicent

KNOWLES, Frederick (//-//)

1919-1921 Stirling Hotel Stirling

1921-1923 Burra Hotel Kooringa

1923-1924 Minlaton Hotel Minlaton

KNOWLES, Frederick (//-//)

1928-1930 Grosvenor Hotel Victor Harbor

KNOWLES, Frederick the Younger (//-//)

1910-1913 Blyth Hotel Blyth with James Sheridan Knowles

KNOWLES, James Sheridan (//-//)

1910-1913 Blyth Hotel Blyth with Frederick Knowles the Younger

1913-1928 Blyth Hotel Blyth

KNOWLES, Mrs JS nee Nancy CROCKER (//-//)

1928-1944 Blyth Hotel Blyth

KNOWLES, John (//-14/12/1896)

Died Adelaide SA.

1855-1857 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1858-1860 Glen Hotel Sheaoak Log The only publican

1861-1865 Globe Inn Gawler

Real estate to go into trust for 5 years, and proceeds divided equally between Townsend House and the Adelaide Children’s Hospital. 1,000 Glenelg Railway shares to be sold and the proceeds to be given to such charities in the province as the trustees think fit. The real estate to be sold and the proceeds divided equally between J Knowles’s two brothers, Isaac Knowles of Wellington solicitor (uncertain where this place is???) and Abraham Knowles timber merchant Birmingham, England. Trustees Walter Champion Hackett seedsman and George Thomas Lane agent Adelaide. Estate worth £3,350. Throughout his life, he had invested heavily in pastoral leases, which he sold off in the 1880s.

Confusion with carpenter John Knowles of Watervale.

KNOWLES, Leslie James (//-//)

1946-1948 Yorke Valley Hotel Maitland with Amelia May Knowles

KNOWLES, Mrs LJ nee Amelia May ? (//-//)

1946-1948 Yorke Valley Hotel Maitland with Leslie James Knowles

KNOWLES, Robert C (//-//)

1894-1994 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

Below info probably wrong

Parents – John perhaps publican Knowles &

m 6/8/1863 Christ Church North Adelaide, Mrs TR Mensforth, nee Maria Bailey

Did he marry Maria Bailey, eldest daughter of publicans John and Mary Bailey???

KNOWLING, Alfred E/Frederick (//-//)

1890-1891 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

KNOWLING, Edward (//c1841-25/6/1914)

1889-1913 Royal Oak Tothill Creek

Parents – William Knowling & Sarah nee Webber

Brother to publican Mrs Henry Pounsett nee Emma Knowling.

m 15/7/1867 Christ Church Kapunda, Agnes nee DISHER (//c1847-5/6/1941) Parents – William Disher &

KNOWLING, Gwendoline (//-//)

1909-1910 Hampstead Hotel Hampstead

KNOX, John (//-//)

1840-1841 Woodforde Arms Inn Magill

KNUCKEY, Leonard James (//-//) and Lorna Elaine (//-//)

1968-1971 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St with Lorna Elaine Knuckey

1971-1972 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

KNUCKEY, Mrs LJ nee Lorna Elaine (//-//)

1968-1971 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie with Leonard James Knuckey

KOCH, Mrs Anna Louisa (//-//)

1919-1921 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

KOCH, Carl Wilhelm Heinrich (//c1868-//)

1901-1902 General Bolivar Hotel Burton [Bolivar]

1905-1911 Railway Hotel Freeling

1918-1918 Angas Park Hotel Nuriootpa

Parents – Johann Koch &

m 30/4/1890 Wesleyan Church Dowlingville, Annie Isabella nee MONTGOMERY (//c1869-//) Parents – Richard Atkinson Montgomery &

KOCH, Friedrich Wilhelm (8/6/1891-//)

Born Sedan SA.

1920-1928 Sedan Hotel Sedan

1932-1932 Yarrowie Hotel Appila

Parents – publican Louis Koch & Wilhelmine nee Schultz

m 13/2/1914 Rev FW Basedow residence North Unley, Louisa May nee PHELPS (//c1893-//) Parents – John Phelps &

KOCH, Hermann Friedrich (8/6/1799-23/4/1861)

Died Highbury SA.

1847-1855 Bremen Arms Hotel Hope Valley Hotel founder

1857-1877 Highbury Inn later Hotel Highbury Hotel founder

From Lesum, near Bremen. Lutheran. Farmer, publican; Hope Valley, Highbury.

His daughter Gesine nee Koch m 6/3/1860 Highbury Hotel Highbury, Carl BOSCH (//c1831-//). Parents – Talles Bosch.

KOCH, Louis (//-//perhaps c1901)

1898-1901 Sedan Hotel Sedan

Parents of publican Friedrich Wilhelm Koch

Grandson – Harold Louis Zadow b 6/3/1904 Angaston – parents Heinrich Adolph Zadow & Wilhelmine Luise Friedericke Katharine nee Koch b c1878. Therefore these Kochs likely to have emigrated from Germany after 1878.

Another daughter – Anna Luise Koch b c1872 m 5/12/1910 Lutheran Church Langmeil, Friedrich Wilhelm Hoffmann.

KOCH, Mrs Louis nee Wilhelmine SCHULTZ (//c1850-9/8/1920)

Died Sedan SA.

1901-1920 Sedan Hotel Sedan

KOEHNA, Otto (//-//)

1876-1887 Springton Hotel Springton

KOEHNA, Mrs Otto nee Minna ? (//-//)

1888-1889 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

KOEPKE/KOPKE/KÖPKE, Heinrich Wilhelm (//-//)

1875-1876 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor

KOEPKE/KOPKE/KÖPKE, Johann Ernst (//-//)

1851-1853 Nelsons Victory Inn Black Forest

1859-1865 Grapes Inn became Commercial Inn Gawler

KOEPKE/KOPKE/KÖPKE, Johann Ernst Heinrich Henry (//-//)

1853-1858 Hamburg Hotel Rundle St

1873-1874 Shakespeare Hotel Waymouth St

Also land at Gawler.

Hosted Liedertafel concerts at the Hamburg Hotel Observer 25/6/1853 p207f

m 19/8/1873 Norwood, Catherine nee Denny


1911-1913 Talbot Hotel Gouger St

KOLL, Gottfried (//-//)

1856-1863 Travellers Rest Inn Belair

The only publican

KOLWES, Carl (//-//)

1878-1890 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

Parents of publican Mrs WP Stoneham nee Marie Henriette nee Kolwes

KOLWES, Mrs Carl nee Marie MUNDT (//-//)

1890-1895 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

KONOPKA, Joseph James (//-//)

1915-1925 Yatina Hotel Yatina

KOOPS, William (//-//)

1877-1877 Hilton Hotel Hilton

KORFF, Johann Friedrich (//c1820-18/1/1876)

Died near Gawler SA. From Fürstenau, near Osnabrück, Hanover.

1850-1857 Gawler Arms Inn Gawler

To SA 1846 Pauline

Publican; Gawler then Farmer, landowner; nr Gawler.

Related to publicans HD Mueller and Mrs HD Mueller nee Charlotte Korff his wife who emigrated on the same vessel.

m 23/12/1847 Congregational Chapel Angaston, Marie Agnes nee KANNENGIESSER

KOSKA, Robert (//-//)

1909-1910 Glenloth Hotel Glenloth Well near Wilgena

KOSTERA, Anthony (//-//)

1922-1922 North Star Hotel Melrose with Casmiez Kostera his wife

KOSTERA, Mrs Anthony nee Casmiez ? (//-//)

1922-1922 North Star Hotel Melrose with Anthony Kostera her husband

1922-1923 North Star Hotel Melrose

KRAEHE/KRAHE/KRÄHE, Frederick Owen (//-//)

1938-1957 South Australian Hotel Mt Gambier with Friedericke Elisabeth Kraehe.

KRAEHE/KRAHE/KRÄHE, Mrs FO nee Friedericke Elisabeth ? (//-26/6/1967)

1938-1957 South Australian Hotel Mt Gambier with Frederick Owen Kraehe.

KRANEWITTER, Anton Anthony (//-//)

1863-1866 Black Eagle Hotel Sevenhill Hotel founder

1870-1873 Black Eagle Hotel Sevenhill

KRANTZ, Hirsch (//-//)

1928-1929 Horseshoe Hotel Noarlunga

1929-1930 Horseshoe Hotel Noarlunga

KRAUSE, Archibald Victor (//-//)

1942-1956 Victoria Hotel Tanunda

KRIEG, Angas William/Agnes W (//-//)

1916-1923 Bay View Hotel Wallaroo

KROEMER/KROMER/KRÖMER, Carl Charles FR (//-//)

1890-1890 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

KROEMER/KROMER/KRÖMER, Mrs CFR nee Harriet Ann ? (//-//)

1890-1890 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

KROGDAHL, Neil FW (//-//)

1932-1934 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore

1934-1934 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore with Valeska V Griffin

KRONCKE/KRONKE, Wilhelm William (//-//)

1905-1907 Stag Hotel Rundle St

KRONCKE/KRONKE, Mrs William nee Mary (//-//)

1914-1922 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St .


1896-1899 Terowie Hotel Terowie

KRUEGER/KRUGER/KRÜGER, Reginald Ray/Roy (//-//)

1948-1950 Georgetown Hotel Georgetown

1950-1951 OG Hotel Klemzig

1951-1954 OG Hotel Klemzig with Elva Priscilla Kruger his wife

KRUEGER/KRUGER/KRÜGER, Mrs RR nee Elva Priscilla ? (//-//)

1951-1954 OG Hotel Klemzig with Reginald Ray/Roy Kruger her husband

KRUESS/KRUSS/KRÜSS, Edmund A (//-//)

1899-1900 Commercial Hotel Hindmarsh

KRUELL/KRULL/KRÜLL, Ernst Ernest (//c1834-//)

1868-1879 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

1884-1888 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier


Parents – Heinrich Christian Krull &

Purchased the hotel from the owner August Pringle, who had converted an old butcher shop into a hotel and then rebuilt it during the time of the first publican, Duncan Livingston. Mt Gambier’s first major fire occurred on 24/6/1885, when the hotel burnt down and was then rebuilt. This family kept the hotel until 1949 when the Molony family bought it.

m 29/8/1869 Christ Church Mt Gambier, Elizabeth nee CUMBERLAND (//c1837-//) Parents – John William Cumberland &

KRUSE, Friedrich Frederick Fred (//-24/8/1933)

1885-1887 Wilmington Hotel Wilmington

1887-1933 Beautiful Valley Hotel Wilmington

Kept a very good hotel and renowned through the North Biog Chronicle 6/9/1934 p9c. Many towns mentioned in Norman Richardson’s trip to Pt Augusta.

KRUSEWITZ, Augusta (//-//)

1889-1891 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

KSCHENKA, Friedrich Frederick (//-//)

1909-1911 Burton Hotel Manoora

1911-1922 Hotel Central Riverton

1923-1924 Commercial Hotel Tumby Bay

KSCHENKA, Mrs Frederick nee Bertha C (//-//)

1924-1928 Commercial Hotel Tumby Bay

KUBALE, Wilhelmine (//-//)

1903-1904 Junction Hotel Brinkworth

1904-1906 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

KUCHENMEISTER, Wilhelm Joachim Johann Christoph (//c1847-//)

1879-1879 Royal Mail Hotel Stone Hut

Settled; Waterloo, Crystal Brook, Stone Hut, Lapford, Worlds End.

Son of Joachim Christian Kuchenmeister.

m 6/5/1870 Lutheran Church Carlsruhe, Susannah Elisabeth nee BOEHM (5/11/1852-//) Born Lobethal SA. Daughter of Johann Gottlieb Boehm.


1881-1882 Travellers Rest Inn Allendale East

KUEHL/KUHL/KÜHL, Hermann Leopold (//-//)

1922-1923 Saracens Head Hotel Carrington St

KUEHLE/KUHLE/KÜHLE, Ludwig Carl Charles (//-//)

1866-1868 Newton Arms Inn Pub Lake near Robe

KUGELMANN, Martin Nicholas (//-//)

1869-1873 Bucks Head Family Hotel North Tce

KUHLMANN, Mrs Ada H (//-//)

1913-1915 Willaston Hotel Willaston

1915-1915 Willaston Hotel Willaston as Mrs ROBINSON

KUHLMANN, Albert Carl (//-//)

1901-1912 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross

1912-1913 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross

1919-1923 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross

m Alice Maud nee GOODIER (//-//)

KUHLMANN, Friedrich Heinrich (//-//)

1899-1925 Old Spot Inn Little Para

KUHRI, Emile (//-//)

1932-1932 Hotel George Currie St

1939-1939 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

1941-1941 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

1946-1946 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

KUMNICK, Rudolph G (//-//)

1911-1912 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

KURLL, Robert (//-//)

1866-1871 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

KURTZ, Alwin Walter Wally (//-//)

1945-1951 Hotel Oakbank Oakbank

1952-1967 Blyth Hotel Blyth with Gladys Minette Kurtz his wife

A policeman before he became a publican. Made a lot of money out of the Blyth Hotel, because the district was enjoying a wool boom and hotel running expenses were low – drove a Jaguar car very fast.

m publican Gladys Minette nee ?

KURTZ, Hermann T (//-//)

1902-1905 Junction Hotel Roseworthy

KUSBRIDGE, Mrs Sarah (//-//)

1853-1855 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

KYLE, Andrew George (//-//)

1881-1881 Imperial Hotel King William St