Lists of South Australian Publicans

The following are alphabetical lists of early South Australian Publicans compiled over many years by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian). 

The data is incomplete but includes certain additional information.  It has been taken 'as is' directly from his computer files (2015). 

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----  List of Names  'N' to 'P'  ----

Names Beginning 'N'

NAGEL, John Frank (//-//)

1939-1944 Swan Reach Hotel Swan Reach

NALTY, John (//-//)

1918-1919 Globe Hotel Clare Hotel closer

Agent for the Clare Co-Operative Brewing Co

NANKERVILLE, William (//-//)

1880-1882 Berkshire Hotel St Leonards Glenelg

NANKIVELL, William (//-//)

1890-1895 Royal Oak Hotel Hindley St

NANKERVIS, Henry perhaps (//c1826-//)

1851-1853 Redruth Arms Hotel Redruth Hotel founder

1854-1858 Cross Roads Inn Dry Hill near Kooringa Hotel founder

1858-1861 Courthouse Hotel Redruth Hotel founder

1861-1873 Kadina Hotel Kadina Hotel founder

Inquest JG Robinson death Cross Roads Inn Dry Hill – Henry Nankervis gave evidence Observer 15/9/1855 p313f.

m perhaps 14/4/1851 St Mary Kooringa, Rosetta Ann nee BENTLEY (//c1825-//)

NANKERVIS, Henry the Elder (//-//)

1880-1886 Yorke Hotel Yorketown

1889-1893 Yorketown Hotel Yorketown

1893-1895 Melville Hotel Yorketown

1897-1912 District Hotel Nairne

NANKERVIS, Henry the Younger (//c1856-27/4/1931)

Died Fullarton SA.

1886-1889 Yorketown Hotel Yorketown

1891-1897 Globe Hotel Moonta

1897-1899 Burra Hotel Kooringa

Parents – Henry Nankervis the Elder &

m 20/2/1879 All Saints Moonta, Mary Eliza nee DAVIS (//c1861-//) Parents – John Davis &

NANKERVIS, Henry the Younger (//-//)

1886-1891 Kadina Hotel Kadina Date clash

NANKERVIS, Henry J (//-//)

1879-1880 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

NANKERVIS, John Henry (//c1855-12/6/1933)

Died Adelaide SA (of Dulwich).

1896-1896 Railway Hotel Paskeville

1901-1905 Kensington Hotel Kensington

1905-1914 Globe Hotel Yongala

1921-1922 Clare Hotel Clare

Parents – Thomas Nankervis &

m 18/12/1878 St Andrew Walkerville, Isabel Hanna nee HOLLINGWORTH (//c1859-19/11/1935) Died Rose Park SA (of Dulwich). Parents – Lewis Hollingworth &

NANKERVIS, John Hollingworth (//c1893-28/11/1938)

Died Peterborough SA (of Yongala)

1921-1922 Commercial Hotel Clare

1923-1925 Commercial Hotel Clare

1930-1938 Globe Hotel Yongala

Parents – publican John Henry Sullivan & Isabel Hannah nee Hollingworth.

m 6/9/1930 St Aloysius Sevenhill, publican Mary Veronica nee Sullivan

NANKERVIS, Mrs JH nee Mary Veronica SULLIVAN (//c1900-20/10/1966)

Died Adelaide SA (of Everard Park).

1938-1951 Globe Hotel Yongala

1951-1952 Globe Hotel Yongala

1952-1956 Globe Hotel Yongala as Mary Veronica HOWARD wife of Patrick Francis Howard.

Parents – James Utly Sullivan &

NAPPER, William (//-//)

1862-1873 Lake Bonney Inn Napper Bridge over Chambers Creek Lake Bonney

1876-1879 Overland Corner Hotel Overland Corner

Established Nappers Accommodation House at Lake Bonney in the hotel building after the Lake Bonney Hotel closed.

NASH, Heath (//c1841-12/12/1913)

Born SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Stepney).

1876-1879 Sussex Hotel Pt Adelaide

1880-1881 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

Parents – James George Nash &

Member of JM Stuart’s expedition crossing of Australia from south to north in 1862.

m (1) 18/3/1876 St Matthew Kensington, publican Mrs Thomas Hawker nee Emma Field.

m (2) 21/12/1908 Registry Office Adelaide, Mrs Thomas MAGAREY nee Mary Ann nee MCKINNON (//c1858-//) Parents – Charles McKinnon &

NASH, Mrs Heath formerly publican Mrs Thomas Hawker nee Emma FIELD (//c1834-//)

1876-1876 Sussex Hotel Pt Adelaide

Parents – William Field &

NASH, Thomas (//-//)

1854-1857 Horse & Jockey Inn Carrington St

NASSOOR, Faig (//-//)

1921-1922 Globe Hotel Bowden

1922-1923 Kalangadoo Hotel Kalangadoo

NATHAN, Burnett Moss (//-//)

1864-1865 Theatre Hotel Gilles Arcade

NAUGHTON, Keith Lewis Maurice (//-//)

1939-1950 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

NAUGHTON, Mrs KL nee Eva Blanche ? (//-//)

1938-1939 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

NAUGHTON, Reginald Valentine (//c1898-//)

1930-1932 Horseshoe Hotel Noarlunga

Licence transferred to the Pt Noarlunga Hotel

1932-1933 Pt Noarlunga Hotel Pt Noarlunga with Ada Eileen Naughton his wife Hotel founders

Son of William Edward Naughton. Apparently not born in SA.

m 28/10/1926 Chalmers Church Adelaide, Ada Eileen nee Francis

NAUGHTON, Mrs RV nee Ada Eileen FRANCIS (//c1904-//)

1932-1933 Pt Noarlunga Hotel Pt Noarlunga with Reginald Valentine Naughton

1933-1934 Pt Noarlunga Hotel Pt Noarlunga

1937-1937 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide

1937-1940 Federal Hotel LeFevre Peninsula [Semaphore] with Eugene Gerard

McMahon later her husband

1950-1950 Great Northern Hotel Hergott Springs as Mrs AE MCMAHON

Daughter of Alfred Francis. Apparently not born in SA.

m (1) 28/10/1926 Chalmers Church Adelaide, Reginald Valentine Naughton

m (2) publican Eugene Gerard McMahon

NAUGHTON, Thomas (//-//)

1849-1850 Harp Inn Gawler Plains The only publican

1850-1851 Crown Inn Truro Hotel founder

NAY, John Robert Gwyder/Gwydir (//-//)

1947-1950 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

1952-1952 Commercial Hotel Gawler with Susan Norah Nay

NAYLON, Joseph F (//-//)

1896-1896 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

1897-1897 Crafers Hotel Crafers

NAYLAN/NAYLON, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)

1918-1919 Globe Hotel Victoria Township Kapunda

NAYLON, Michael (//-//)

1904-1905 Burton Hotel Manoora

1906-1909 Royal Exchange Hotel Aberdeen

NAYLON, Michael A (//-//)

1910-1916 Kingston Arms Inn Kingston S-E

NAYLON, Mrs MA nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

1916-1918 Kingston Arms Inn Kingston S-E

NEAL, Henry John (//-//)

1911-1912 North Star Hotel Melrose with Charles Henry Kearse

NEALE, Thomas (//-//)

1842-1848 Travellers Rest Inn Houghton Hotel founder

NEALE, William (//-//)

1891-1891 Commercial Hotel Mt Gambier

NEATE, (//-//)

Opened and closed the hotel. Perhaps John/Charles.

1839-1839 Neates Hotel Currie St

NEAYLON, John (//-//)

1899-1899 Dawson Hotel Dawson

NEAYLON, Thomas Edward (//-//)

1897-1898 Globe Hotel Moonta

1898-1899 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta

NECK, David Baden (//-//)

1949-1951 Watervale Hotel Watervale

NEFLER, Sophia (//-//)

1926-1927 Rob Roy Hotel Halifax St

NEIL, Miss Maud Millicent (//-//)

1904-1907 Young Queens Hotel Gawler Place

1907-1907 Bijou Hotel Rundle St Sold to Westbury M Morris

1908-1908 Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

NEIL, Joseph (//-//)

1850-1851 Fountain Inn Robert St Hotel closed.

NEINDORF, Hermann C (//-//)

1921-1921 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington] with Jessie M Wright

NEINDORF, Carl August (//-//)

1897-1902 Grand Junction Hotel Quorn

1902-1908 Great Northern Hotel Pt Augusta

1909-1911 Tumby Bay Hotel Tumby Bay

NELSON, George Andrew (//c1863-//)

1912-1913 Ozone Hotel Kingscote with Oscar Esselbach and Frederick H Winch

Parents – Joseph Nelson &

m 14/1/1915 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Edith Annie nee BAWDEN (2/4/1873-//1959) Born Adelaide SA. Parents – Charles Bawden & Elizabeth Ann nee VINE

NELSON, Mrs Ina Gertrude (//c1894-//)

1936-1937 Waterfalls Hotel Waterfall Gully

Mrs Arthur Ernest Nelson nee Ina Gertrude HUNNERUP

Parents – Christian Edward Hunnerup &

m 15/5/1918 St George Gawler, Arthur Ernest Nelson (//c1880-//) Parents – John Nelson &

NELSON, John perhaps (//c1813-//)

1857-1858 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

perhaps m (1)

perhaps m (2) 23/4/1853 John Gardner residence Kensington, perhaps Mrs Elizabeth WRIGHT (//c1817-//) Perhaps widow of James Wright stockholder Gilles St Adelaide (//c1813-9/9/1853) Died Adelaide SA, at his residence Gilles St ‘after a protracted illness’. Probably not – her name was Jane Wright.

NELSON, Thomas (//-//)

1856-1858 Berkshire Hotel St Leonards Glenelg Hotel founder

Parents – Thomas Nelson &

m 9/7/1857 Christ Church O’Halloran Hill, Elizabeth Eliza nee BIDDLE (//-//)

Probably Thomas Nelson the Elder who was the publican – older and more experienced to found a business Baker & storekeeper;Adelaide then Farmer; Noarlunga then Baker; Alberton the Baker; Adelaide (Franklin St) then Baker; Glenelg then Farmer; Hundred of Gilbert Co Light then Baker; Adelaide

NELSON, William George (//c1891-14/9/1971)

Apparently not Born SA. Died Brooklyn Park SA (of Cowandilla).

1923-1925 Railway Hotel Solomontown Pt Pirie

NENKE, Hermann Hans (23/6/1898-//)

Born Nuriootpa SA.

1942-1957 Millicent Hotel Millicent

Parents – publicans Hermann Nenke & Juanita nee Minck

NENKE, Hermann Julius Berthold (//c1867-14/10/1923)

Died Parkside SA.

1897-1898 Angas Park Hotel Nuriootpa

1902-1907 Exchange Hotel Gawler

NENKE, Mrs HJB nee Juanita MINCK (//c1874-17/2/1961)

Died Eastwood SA.

1912-1918 Parkside Hotel Parkside

1919-1920 Murray Bridge Hotel Murray Bridge

1919-1921 Prince of Wales Hotel Angas St Date clash

1922-1923 Caledonian Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

NENKE, Peter Bernard (//-//)

1969-1979 Arab Steed Hotel Hutt St with Mary Lillian Nenke

NENKE, Wilhelm Albert Emil (//c1861-4/5/1935)

Died Greenock SA.

1903-1903 Greenock Arms Hotel Greenock

NEPEAN, Henry (//c1830-8/7/1874)

Died Adelaide SA.

1859-1859 Prince of Wales Hotel Queenstown

NESBIT, Robert (//-//)

1869-1874 Edinburgh Inn Mitcham Hotel founder

NESBITT, Robert Findlay (//-//)

1950-1951 Black Rock Hotel Black Rock

NESS, Alexander McD (//-26/9/1932)

1926-1932 Normans Victory Hotel Sellicks Hill

NESS, Mrs AM nee Mabel Lucy ?(//-//)

1932-1944 Normans Victory Hotel Sellicks Hill

NESTOR, Mrs Mary Elizabeth (//-//)

1903-1908 North Stirling Hotel Stirling North

1910-1921 North Stirling Hotel Stirling North Hotel closer

NEUGENT, Thomas (//-//)

1865-1866 Steelton Hotel Steelton Hotel founder.

NEUMANN, Adolph (//-//)

1860-1860 Victorville Hotel Greenock

NEUMANN, Dorothea (//-//)

1860-1861 Victorville Hotel Greenock

NEUMANN, Alfred Daniel (//-//)

1944-1944 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

NEUSTADT, Henry (//-//)

1878-1880 Commercial Hotel Caltowie

1880-1886 Wirrabara Hotel Wirrabara

NEUSTADT, J (//-//)

1880-1881 Commercial Hotel Caltowie

1881-1882 Laura Hotel Laura

NEVILL, Mary (//-//)

1857-1858 Horse & Jockey Inn Carrington St

NEVILLE, George (//-//)

1855-1857 Irish Harp Hotel Islington

NEVILLE, Mrs George nee Mary ? (//-//)

1857-1858 Irish Harp Hotel Islington

Hotel closed

NEVILLE, Henry (//-//)

1860-1866 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon

1866-1868 Corio Hotel Goolwa

1870-1872 Port Elliot Hotel Pt Elliot

NEVILLE, James (//-//)

1858-1860 Falcon Inn Wright St .

NEVILLE, Robert A (//-//)

1926-1928 Napoleon Hotel King William St with Norman Connor Stewart Munro

NEVILLE, Mrs Sabina (//-//)

1901-1904 Family Hotel Norwood

NEVILLE, Samuel William (//-//)

1884-1885 Worlds End Hotel Magill

NEVILLE, Thomas (//-//)

1904-1906 Gilles Arms Hotel Gilles St

1906-1909 Clare Castle Hotel Kapunda

1909-1910 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

1911-1912 Burton Hotel Manoora

1913-1921 Prince of Wales Hotel Kapunda

1923-1923 Black Lion Hotel Hindmarsh with Lilly McLean

1926-1927 Railway Hotel Freeling with Lily McLean

NEVILLE, Thomas (//-//)

1913-1921 Prince of Wales Hotel Kapunda

1921-1923 North Kapunda Hotel Kapunda with Lily McLean

1924-1925 Freeling Hotel Freeling with Lily McLean

NEVILLE, William (//-//)

1883-1890 Courthouse Hotel Redruth

NEVILLE, William G (//-//)

1890-1898 Royal Exchange Hotel Aberdeen

NEWCOMBE, Vera Myrtle (//-//)

1949-1949 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

NEWELL, John Henry (//c1852-1/10/1910)

Died Adelaide SA.

1885-1886 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

1886-1887 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

1887-1887 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

1888-1888 Berkshire Hotel St Leonards Glenelg

1888-1891 Globe Hotel Wilmington

1891-1910 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St

Parents – Joseph Newell &

Lived; Mile End by 1885 Wilmington by 1890

m 5/2/1879 St Barnabas Clare, Rebecca nee TOLEMAN (//c1857-20/4/1939) Born Hindmarsh SA. Died Monreith SA (of Dulwich). Parents – publican William Toleman & Louisa nee England.

NEWELL, Robert (//c1839-11/5/1916)

Died North Adelaide SA.

1875-1875 Phoenix Hotel Hindley St

1876-1878 Old Halfway House Inn Woodville

1878-1882 Alberton Hotel Alberton

1886-1887 Alberton Hotel Alberton

Parents – Matthew Newell &

m 17/4/1865 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Eliza nee TURNER (//c1837-25/10/1914) Died North Adelaide SA (of Alberton). Parents – James Turner &

NEWENHAM, CB (//-//)

1851-1851 Governor Young Inn Salisbury

As Sheriff

NEWEY, Thomas (//-//)

1878-1880 Unley Inn Unley

NEWINGTON, Joel (//-//)

1874-1875 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

NEWINGTON, John (//-//)

1841-1841 Kentish Yeoman Inn Linden Hotel founder

NEWLYN, Henry White (//-//)

1879-1881 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka Hotel founder

1881-1885 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

He shifted the hotel from Bridge St to High St

1885-1887 Healeys International Hotel became International Hotel Rundle St

NEWNHAM, Alfred George (//-//)

1886-1887 Saracens Head Hotel Carrington St

NEWNHAM, Mrs Marion (//-//)

1891-1892 Prince of Wales Hotel Watervale

1892-1893 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

NEWMAN, Albert H (//-//)

1897-1898 Lower Light Hotel Lower Light

NEWPORT, William (//-//)

1863-1864 Red, White & Blue Inn Wright St . Hotel closed.

NEWPORT, William Henry (//-//)

1861-1861 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood

NEWPORT, William John (//-//)

1891-1892 Seven Stars Hotel Angas St

NEWSON, Thomas (//-//)

1892-1894 Kingston Arms Inn Kingston S-E

NEWTON, Henry (//-//)

1882-1883 Mannanarie Hotel Mannanarie

NEWTON, John (//-//)

1877-1889 Commercial Hotel Mt Gambier

1890-1891 Farmers Inn Mt Gambier

NEWTON, Michael (//-//)

1882-1884 Victoria Hotel Pt MacDonnell

NICHOL, Richard (//-//)

1840-1841 Queens Tavern Bowden Hotel founder

NICHOL, Richard (//-//)

1855-1857 Worlds End Inn Magill

NICHOLAS, David (//-//)

1879-1879 Terminus Hotel Balaklava Hotel founder

1879-1912 Travellers Rest Hotel Lyndoch

NICHOLAS, Frederick Augustus (//-//)

1884-1885 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

1886-1891 White Lion Hotel Kadina

1894-1894 Railway Family Hotel Gawler West [Bassett Town]

NICHOLAS, Herbert Abbott (//-//)

1942-1942 Junction Hotel Brinkworth

1943-1943 Gulnare Hotel Gulnare

1944-1944 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

NICHOLAS, John Thomas (//-//)

1896-1896 Yunta Hotel Yunta

1896-1897 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

NICHOLAS, Mary Ann (//-//)

1916-1916 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeraacha

NICHOLAS, Richard Edward (//-//)

1949-1950 Kooringa Hotel Kooringa

NICHOLLS, Arthur William (8/7/c1898-30/5/1949)

Born Blinman SA. Died Beltana SA.

1942-1947 Parachilna Hotel Parachilna

Parents – William Nicholls & Sarah Wills nee THORNTON

Brother to publican Lancelot Edward Nicholls.

NICHOLLS, Frank James (//c1914-26/7/1971)

Died Angaston SA.

1945-1952 Crown Hotel then Inn Truro

1952-1971 Angaston Hotel Angaston

NICHOLLS, Mrs FJ nee Jane Virginia (//-//)

1971-1972 Angaston Hotel Angaston

NICHOLLS, James Howard (//-//)

1839-1839 Builders Arms Hotel Currie St Hotel founder

NICHOLLS, Lancelot Edward (26/4/1897-//)

Born Blinman SA.

1942-1957 Royal Victoria Hotel Beltana

Parents – William Nicholls & Sarah Wills nee THORNTON

Brother to publican Arthur William Nicholls

NICHOLLS, Samuel Frederick (16/8/1841-20/11/1900)

Born Oxford, Oxon, England. Died Hamilton SA.

1865-1868 East Wellington Hotel East Wellington

Parents – Peter Keogh Nicholls & Ann nee PAIN

To SA 1849 Spartan with parents and siblings.

Farmer; Robe, East Wellington, Mt Gambier, Kingston S-E, near Bordertown, Hamilton etc. CE.

m 8/3/1865 St Paul Adelaide, Leoline Matilda nee DENFORD (//-//)

Perhaps the same person

NICHOLS, William (//-//)

1874-1875 Grapes Inn Grenfell St

NICHOLLS, William (//-//)

1875-1878 Flagstaff Hotel Franklin St .

NICHOLS, William (//-//)

1878-1881 Goodwood Park Hotel Goodwood

1882-1884 Railway Hotel Salisbury

NICHOLLS, William (//-//)

1887-1894 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney

1894-1902 Hamburg Hotel Rundle St

NICHOLLS, William (//-//)

1903-1905 Mac’s Hotel Mt Gambier

NICHOLS, William (//-//)

1906-1907 Jetty Hotel Glenelg

NICHOLLS, William (18/3/1855-11/11/1934)

Apparently not Born SA. Died Unley Park SA.

1916-1917 Ramsgate Hotel Henley Beach

Parents – William Nicholls &

m 21/6/1893 St Luke Adelaide, publican Sophia nee Barnes.

Supposed to have hotels at Adelaide and Salisbury.

NICHOLLS, Mrs William nee Sophia BARNES (12/5/1872-7/7/1945)

Born Glanville SA. Died North Unley SA.

1917-1923 Ramsgate Hotel Henley Beach

Parents – Henry Barnes & Mary nee PREECE

NICHOLLS, William Allen (//c1827-29/10/1853)

Died Adelaide SA.

1853-1854 Northern Hotel Enfield

Could be a wrong identification.

NICHOLLS, Mrs WA nee Mary Ann SAINT (//-//)

1854-1855 Northern Hotel Enfield

NICHOLLS, William Henry (//c1841-14/2/1907)

1867-1869 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

1871-1879 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

Parents – Jeremiah Nicholls & Elizabeth nee TREWENACK

m 16/8/1864 Groom residence Houghton, Rebecca nee CURTIS (//c1845-//) Parents – William Curtis & Elizabeth nee JONES

NICHOLLS, William J/S (//-//)

1881-1882 Schirmers Family Hotel Mallala

NICHOLSON, Alexander (//-//)

1884-1885 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

1885-1886 Edinburgh Castle Hotel Currie St

1886-1887 White Conduit House Hotel North St

1887-1889 Edinburgh Castle Hotel Currie St

perhaps Lived West Thebarton by 1882 perhaps m Mary Anne nee MCNAMARA

perhaps parents of Margaret Ellen nee McNamara who was perhaps later the wife of publican George Loudon Rankine

NICHOLSON, Angus (//-//)

1877-1878 Iklee Iklee became Itali Itali Hotel Richman Creek Hotel founder

NICHOLSON, James (//-//)

1845-1846 Star Inn Hindley St

Was he connected to James Nicholson Senr shoemaker Gawler, who died c1851?? His children were James Nicholson Junr, Mary Nicholson, Jane Nicholson. His wife was also called Jane.

NICHOLSON, James (//-//)

1879-1880 Globe Hotel Jamestown

Lived Jamestown by 1874

m Charlotte nee PHILLIS (22/12/1847-//) Born Mt Pleasant SA. Parents – William Phillis & Harriet nee Cox

NICHOLSON, John Emanuel (5/11/1897-by 14/3/1976)

Born Adelaide SA.

1947-1963 Hotel Barker Mt Barker with Camelia Nicholson his wife

1963-1976 Meningie Hotel Meningie with Camelia Nicholson his wife

Parents – William John Nicholson & Sarah Jane nee BRIMBLE

m 7/6/1924 Stow Memorial Church Adelaide, publican Camelia nee Hankins.

NICHOLSON, Mrs JE nee Camelia HANKINS (9/6/1901-//)

Born Thebarton SA.

1947-1963 Hotel Barker Mt Barker with John Emanuel Nicholson her husband

1963-1976 Meningie Hotel Meningie with John Emanuel Nicholson her husband

Parents – Ernest Hankins & Bella nee CRUICKSHANK

NICOLL, James (//-//)

1913-1917 Ozone Hotel Kingscote

NIEHUUS, Theodor (//-//)

1881-1881 Point Pass Hotel Point Pass

1883-1885 Railway Hotel Kapunda

NIELSEN/NEILSON, Mrs Elizabeth A (//-//)

1906-1913 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St .

1913-1913 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

1914-1914 Royal Hotel Hindley St

1914-1914 Royal Hotel Hindley St with Mrs Margaret Tweedie

1914-1916 Royal Hotel Hindley St

NIELSEN, Laurence Frederick (//-//)

1920-1922 Emu Hotel Morphett Vale with Michael Nielsen

1923-1933 Bellevue Hotel McLaren Vale

NIELSEN, Michael (//-//)

1920-1922 Emu Hotel Morphett Vale with Laurence Frederick Nielsen

NIHILL, John (//-//)

1950-1951 Kingston Arms Hotel Mt Bryan with Kathleen Veronica Nihill

NIHILL, Kathleen Veronica (//-//)

1948-1950 Kingston Arms Hotel Mt Bryan

1950-1951 Kingston Arms Hotel Mt Bryan with John Nihill

NIMMO, Allan Kingsley (//-7/5/1962)

1911-1936 Mile End Hotel Mile End

1936-1950 Mile End Hotel Mile End

1950-1956 Mile End Hotel Mile End with Rowland Harold Nimmo

1956-1962 Mile End Hotel Mile End

NIMMO, Mrs AK nee Edith May ? (//-//)

1962-1962 Mile End Hotel Mile End

NIMMO, Claude Thomas (//-//)

1903-1904 Penneshaw Hotel Penneshaw [Hog Bay]

NIMMO, Mrs Maria (//-//)

1899-1903 Mile End Hotel Mile End Hotel founder

1910-1911 Mile End Hotel Mile End

NIMMO, Rowland Harold (//-//)

1936-1936 Mile End Hotel Mile End

1950-1956 Mile End Hotel Mile End with Allan Kingsley Nimmo

NINHAM, Arthur (//c1833-26/6/1883) Died Hindmarsh SA.

1865-1868 Oddfellows Arms Hotel Bowden Date clash

1867-1883 Joiners Arms Hotel Hindmarsh

Settled; Adelaide by 1860

Arthur Ninham was absent from SA for nine months during 1881-1882

NINHAM, Mrs Arthur nee Sarah VOWELL (//c1837-24/12/1884)

Died Hindmarsh SA.

1883-1884 Joiners Arms Hotel Hindmarsh

NINHAM, Charles Thomas (//-//)

1884-1885 Wellington Hotel Wellington Square North Adelaide

1885-1886 Joiners Arms Hotel Hindmarsh

NISBET, Robert (//-//1877)

1875-1877 Willaston Hotel Willaston

NISBET, Mrs Robert nee Helen ? (//-//)

1877-1875 Willaston Hotel Willaston

NISBETT, William (//-//)

1888-1895 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

NITSCHKE, Alfred Alexander (//-//)

1924-1930 Sevenhill Hotel Sevenhill

1936-1937 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1935-1937 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

NITSCHKE, Mrs AA nee Beatrice Euphemia ? (//-//)

1930-1935 Sevenhill Hotel Sevenhill

1941-1942 Wellington Hotel Waterloo

NITSCHKE, Carl Charles Hermann Wilhelm Lueder Richard (//c1868-//)

1899-1899 Commercial Hotel Hindmarsh

1899-1901 Eagle Tavern Hindley St

1901-1908 United Service Club Hotel King William St .

1909-1910 United Service Club Hotel King William St .

1912-1913 United Service Club Hotel King William St .

1913-1914 United Service Club Hotel King William St .

NITSCHKE, Carl Hermann Wilhelm Lüder Richard licensed victualler Adelaide. He purchased the Exeter Hotel, Rundle St, for £6,300 from the estate of the late George Taylor formerly of Adelaide then of 23 Belmont Hill, Lee, Kent, England but now deceased 1902 [He did not operate the hotel himself but leased out the business] Memorial 18/446 Not in Hoad.

m 9/2/1898 St Paul Adelaide, publican Edith Adelaide nee Whichello

NITSCHKE, Mrs CHWL nee Edith Adelaide WHICHELLO (//c1875-//)

1910-1912 United Service Club Hotel King William St .

Parents – John Whichello

NITSCHKE, Wilhelm William August H (//-//)

1919-1921 Tiger Hotel Tantanoola

1922-1922 Millicent Hotel Millicent

1924-1929 Hotel Ambleside Ambleside [Hahndorf]

NIXON, George (//-//)

1855-1855 Angel Inn Gouger St

NIXON, John (//-//)

1852-1855 Angel Inn Gouger St

NIXON, Stephen Edward (//-//)

1878-1878 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

Perhaps became a bankrupt

NOBES, William (//-//)

1858-1859 Black Swan Inn North Tce

NOBLE, Arthur Charles and Margot Emma (//-//)

1960-1963 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

NOBLE, Ethel Margaret (//-//)

1919-1920 Belair Hotel Belair

NOBLE, Richard (//c1845-//)

1901-1906 Wilmington Hotel Wilmington

1906-1907 Rob Roy Hotel Halifax St

Father; Robert Noble

m 18/7/1878 St John Laura, publican Sarah nee Gordon

NOBLE, Mrs Richard nee Sarah GORDON (//-//)

1907-1908 Union Hotel Waymouth St

1908-1909 Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

m (2) 24/6/1909 R Buttrose residence Adelaide, John Oswald Buttrose (//c1855-//) Father; William.

NOBLE, Roderick (//-//)

1860-1863 Royal Oak Hotel Penola

NOCKOLDS, Alfred E (//-//)

1882-1885 Caltowie Hotel Caltowie

NOCKOLDS, George (//-//)

1878-1878 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

NOCKOLDS, Henry (//c1839-//)

1869-1873 Lass o’Gowrie Inn Pt Adelaide

1876-1878 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

1878-1879 Burton Hotel Manoora Hotel founder

1879-1880 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

m 8/7/1862 St Margaret Woodville, Elizabeth nee Barrett

NOCKOLDS, Mrs Henry nee Elizabeth BARRETT (21/3/1841-3/9/1910)

Born Van Diemen’s Land. Died Black Forest SA.

1882-1884 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

1880-1881 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

Daughter of William Barrett

m (2) 19/8/1884 Mr Randell residence Balaklava, William Riddle

NOLAN, Edward (//-//)

1865-1865 Wallaroo Inn Wallaroo

NOLAN, James (//-//)

1862-1863 Angaston Hotel Angaston

NOLAN, Michael William (//-//)

1886-1888 Middleton Hotel Middleton

NOLAN, Mortimer (//-//)

1849-1851 Clare Inn Clare

NOLAN, Richard (//-//)

1860-1861 Edinburgh Castle Inn Currie St

NOLAN, Rita Cecilia (//-//)

1948-1952 Cross Keys Hotel Dry Creek

NOLAN, Thomas (//-//)

1876-1877 Commercial Hotel Clare

NONMUS, Isaac (//-//)

1850-1850 Miners Arms Hotel Light River crossing near Kapunda

1850-1851 Royal Oak Tothill Creek

NOONAN, Cornelius Francis (//-//)

1911-1911 North Laura Hotel North Laura

NOONAN, Cornelius Lawrence (//-//)

1928-1931 Victoria Hotel Hindley St .

1935-1936 Black Swan Hotel North Tce

1938-1946 Northern Hotel Clare

1948-1948 Maitland Hotel Maitland

NOONAN, Mrs CL nee Agnes ? (//-//)

1948-1948 Maitland Hotel Maitland

NOONAN, James (//-//)

1889-1890 Sturt Arcade Hotel Grenfell St

1898-1901 Caltowie Hotel Caltowie

NOONAN, James Leo (//-//)

1921-1928 Prince of Wales Hotel Kapunda

NOONAN, John (//-//)

1940-1945 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce

NOONAN, Michael John (//-//)

1901-1902 Caltowie Hotel Caltowie

1919-1933 Southern Cross Hotel King William St

1945-1958 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce

NORMAN, Albert E (//-//)

1910-1912 Pier Hotel Milang

NORMAN, Alfred R (//-//)

1927-1931 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

NORMAN, Mrs AR nee Alice Victoria ? (//-//)

1931-1931 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

NORMAN, Frederick William T (//-//)

1920-1924 Terminus Hotel Pt Augusta

1924-1929 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1929-1934 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1936-1936 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

NORMAN, Catherine G perhaps Mrs FWT (//-//)

1929-1929 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

NORMAN, George (//-//)

1917-1919 Globe Hotel Jamestown

1920-1920 Murray Bridge Hotel Murray Bridge

1920-1921 Tailem Bend Hotel Tailem Bend

NORMAN, George (//-//)

1937-1939 Commercial Hotel Pinnaroo

1942-1944 Commercial Hotel Pinnaroo

NORMAN, George (//-//)

1948-1949 Royal Mail Hotel Kingston S-E

NORMAN, George D (//-//)

1922-1923 International Hotel Pt Pirie

NORMAN, George William (//-//)

1928-1930 Commercial Hotel Gawler Place

1934-1936 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1940-1941 Old Colonist Hotel Angas St

NORMAN, Mrs Ivy E (//-//)

1926-1928 Globe Hotel Bowden

NORMAN, James Russsell (//-//)

1850-1855 Willaston Hotel Willaston

1861-1862 Thistle Inn Waymouth St

NORMAN, John (//-//)

1840-1841 Halfway House Inn Plympton

1841-1841 Bee Hive Inn Currie St

NORMAN, Mrs Rosine (//-//)

1930-1937 Tailem Bend Hotel Tailem Bend

NORMAN, Stanley A/W (//-//)

1922-1924 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

NORMAN, William Owen & Ruby Ellen (//-//)

1956-1958 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

NORRIS, Frederick Stanley (//-//)

1889-1890 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

NORRIS, John (//-//)

1889-1890 Noarlunga Hotel Noarlunga

NORRIS, William (//-//)

1876-1877 Willunga Hotel Willunga

NORTH, Clair Frank R (//-//)

1932-1934 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

NORTH, Elizabeth (//-//)

1874-1875 Torrens Arms Hotel Kingswood

NORTH, George Albert (//-//)

1890-1897 Miners Arms Hotel Moonta

NORTH, James Frank (//-//)

1899-1908 Metropolitan Hotel Grote St

1911-1915 Crown & Sceptre Hotel King William St South

NORTH, Robert (//-//)

1890-1890 Miners Arms Hotel Moonta

NORTHMORE, John Alfred (//-//)

1881-1882 Sir John Franklin Hotel North Kapunda

NORTHWAY, Ethel Coralie (10/5/1874-//)

Born Kapunda SA.

1903-1908 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay

Parents – Richard Henry Northway and Annie nee Higgins

NORTHWAY, Horace Frederick (19/12/1875-//)

Born Kapunda SA.

1902-1903 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay

1903-1905 Railway Hotel Mannahill

Parents – Richard Henry Northway and Annie nee Higgins

NORTHWAY, Richard (//-//)

1882-1882 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

NORTHWAY, Richard Henry (//-//)

1887-1888 Mallala Hotel Mallala

1888-1888 Callington Hotel Callington

1888-1889 Callington Hotel Callington

1889-1890 Prince of Wales Hotel Moonta

1890-1890 Jetty Hotel LeFevre Peninsula [Semaphore]

1891-1893 Melville Hotel Yorketown

1893-1894 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka

1897-1898 Miners Arms Hotel Moonta

1899-1902 Globe Hotel Moonta

1902-1903 Globe Hotel Moonta

1903-1903 Railway Hotel Mannahill

1903-1904 Pier Hotel Glenelg

1904-1907 Petersburg Hotel Petersburg [Peterborough]

1908-1909 Travellers Home Hotel Lochiel Hummocks

NORTHWAY, Mrs RH nee Annie HIGGINS (//-//)

1888-1888 Callington Hotel Callington

1902-1902 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay

1912-1913 Royal Mail Hotel Stone Hut

NORTON, William (//-//)

1862-1863 Kings Head Inn King William St

1863-1863 Norwich Arms Inn Flinders St

1863-1864 Shamrock Hotel Currie St

1869-1869 Buck’s Head North Tce . Tangle with William Martin

NORVAL, Andrew (//-//)

1912-1919 Excelsior Hotel Brompton Park

NORVAL, William E (//-//)

1921-1923 Commercial Hotel Morgan with Hugh Smyth

1926-1926 Waverley Hotel Parkside

1927-1931 SA Clubhouse Hotel Pt Adelaide

NOSKE, Walter Paul (12/12/1881-//)

Born Lyndoch SA.

1928-1935 Travellers Rest Hotel Lyndoch

Parents – Gustav Noske and Luise nee SEMMLER.

NOTTAGE, Frederick George (//-//)

Born SA.

1887-1887 Royal Hotel Balaklava

1887-1887 Maitland Hotel Maitland

1887-1888 International Hotel Rundle St

1889- 1890 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p77.

NOTTAGE, James Maskall (//-//1879)

1853-1879 Sussex Arms Inn Walkerville

NOTTAGE, Mrs JM nee Betsy THOMSON (//-//)

1879-1884 Sussex Arms Inn Walkerville

1884-1884 Sussex Arms Inn Walkerville

Daughter of hotel founder James Thomson.

NOTTAGE, John (//-//)

1874-1882 Lord Melbourne Melbourne St North Adelaide

1882-1884 White Horse Hotel Currie St

1884-1884 Sussex Arms Inn Walkerville

1884-1888 Sussex Arms Inn Walkerville

1891-1891 Lady Daly Hotel Hindmarsh

1894-1906 Sussex Arms Hotel Walkerville

Son of James and Betsy Nottage

NOTTLE, Charles (//-//)

1906-1909 Jetty Hotel Stansbury

1909-1911 Wolseley Hotel Wolseley

1911-1912 Excelsior Hotel Brompton Park

1912-1912 Junction Hotel Roseworthy

1913-1916 Victoria Hotel Willaston

NOTTLE, Margaret (//-//)

1904-1905 Dawson Hotel Dawson

NOTTLE, Silas Charles (//-//)

1895-1896 Travellers Home Hotel Lochiel Hummocks

NUGENT, Joseph I (//-//)

1928-1934 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

NUGENT, Maurice F (//-//)

1921-1928 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

NUGENT, Richard (//-//)

1911-1912 Morchard Hotel Morchard

NUNN, Joseph S (//-//)

1894-1894 Mitcham Inn Mitcham with Mrs Mary Smith

NURSE, Avis (//c1859-20/11/1905)

Died New Thebarton SA.

1894-1905 West Thebarton Hotel Thebarton

To SA 1879 Durham Labourer; Ovingham then Publican; Thebarton.

NURSE, Mrs Avis nee Jemima Emma NURSE (//c1865-25/8/1941)

Died Thebarton SA.

1905-1908 West Thebarton Hotel Thebarton

1908-1912 West Thebarton Hotel Thebarton as Mrs Stephen Conroy

Daughter of Alfred Nurse.

m (2) 26/9/1980 Registry Office Adelaide, Stephen Thomas Conroy (//c1872-13/8/1949) Died Glen Osmond SA. Parents – Thomas Conroy &

NURSE, Richard (//-//)

1855-1857 One Tree Hill Inn One Tree Hill Munno Para

NUTT, Frank (//-//)

1897-1897 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

NUTT, John T (//-//)

1852-1854 Heart and Hand Hotel Prospect

NUTT, Rowland (//-//)

1875-1888 Yatina Hotel Yatina Hotel opener

NUTTER, Herbert Alfred George (//-//)

1948-1957 Crown Hotel Reynella

NYKIEL, John (//-//)

1921-1924 Broughton Arms Hotel Yacka

NYKIEL, John J (//-//)

1925-1926 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

1928-1928 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka


Names Beginning 'O'

OSBORNE, Thomas R (//-//)

1899-1901 Old Colonist Hotel Norwood

OSBORNE, William Francis (//-//)

1923-1928 Wilmington Hotel Wilmington

1930-1930 Kooringa Hotel Kooringa

OSBOURNE, Charles (//-//)

1848-1849 Glenelg Hotel Glenelg

1850-1850 Sportsmans Hotel Gawler Plains Hotel founder

OSCHAR, James/John L (//-//)

1918-1919 Victoria Hotel Willaston

O’SHAUGHNESSY, William Francis (//c1847-6/10/1904)

Died Norwood SA.

1892-1893 Dolphin Hotel Rundle St

1893-1896 Wellington Hotel Currie St

1897-1899 Norfolk Arms Hotel Rundle St

O’SHAUGHNESSY, Mrs WF nee Elsie ? (//-//)

1899-1900 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St

1900-1902 Criterion Hotel King William St North

1902-1902 Crown & Sceptre Hotel King William St South

O'SHAUGHNESSY, Elsie licensed victualler Adelaide wife of William Francis O'Shaughnessy out of business Adelaide 1900 Memorial 61/441 

O’SHEA, Mrs Lila Elizabeth (//-//)

1921-1922 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

OSTERMANN, John GE (//-//)

1907-1908 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

1912-1912 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

O’SULLIVAN, Margaret (//-//)

1920-1921 Crown Hotel Reynella with Mrs Elizabeth M Regan

O’SULLIVAN, Thomas E (//-//)

1903-1919 Emu Hotel Morphett Vale

1921-1921 Crown Hotel Reynella

OSSWALD, Ferdinand (//-//)

16/3/1848-1848 Alliance Hotel Tanunda .

BARQUE HERMANN VON BECKERATH – c295 passengers from Bremen 15/12/1847 26 cabin passengers; 269 emigrants.

KAHLE, Captain HA Chief officer: Wilhelm HAUCKE

Chiefly farmers and tradesmen with a few miners from the Harz Mountains, and 2 printers who have brought a printing press and type with the intention of establishing a newspaper SA 17/12/1847 p293a

Passengers who belonged to Pastor Oster’s congregation - travelled by the Hermann Von Beckerath & Gellert in 1847 & Emmy in 1850.

OSSWALD/OSWALD, Ferdinand Carl (//c1817-//)

From Bremen. Merchant; Adelaide then Publican; Tanunda (Alliance Hotel) 1848. He apparently returned to Germany and re-emigrated 1849 Pauline.

SHIP PAULINE - passengers from Bremen 9/12/1849


OSSWALD, Ferdinand Carl (//-//)

Merchant; Adelaide. Chemist; Adelaide (Rundle St)

OSSWALD, George Carl (//-//)

Carpenter; Adelaide, Tanunda.

OSWALD, Mrs Ethel Dorothy (//-//)

1938-1940 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

OSWALD, John M (//-//)

1898-1903 Reepham Hotel Reepham

1903-1903 Ovingham Hotel Bowden-on-the-Hill

1904-1906 Reepham Hotel Reepham

1906-1908 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce

m publican Mrs WT Cowan nee Mary Elizabeth Hooper

OSWALD, Mrs formerly publican Mrs WT COWAN nee Mary Elizabeth HOOPER (31/8/1873-//)

Born Strathalbyn SA.

1912-1925 Great Northern Hotel Pt Augusta

1926-1926 Globe Hotel Bowden

1927-1929 Lion Hotel Jerningham St North Adelaide

1930-1930 Hotel Commonwealth Pt Augusta with John Cecil Watters

1930-1940 Lion Hotel Jerningham St North Adelaide

Parents – Richard Hooper &

m (2) 15/1/1913 James Douglas Stuart residence Norwood, Norman Henry Arthur Oswald (//c1876-//) Parents – Edmund Philipson Oswald &

OSWALD, Sydney Alfred (//c1868-//)

1899-1900 Crafers Hotel Crafers

Parents – EPG Oswald &

m 4/5/1895 St Thomas Pt Lincoln, Mrs George DENFORD nee Alice Eliza Chasney PRATT (//c1867-//) Parents – Frederick Pratt & She m (1) 7/11/1885 St John Adelaide, George Denford (//c1854-//) Parents – Robert Dunstan Denford &

OSWALD, Mrs Vera May (//-//)

1942-1944 Broughton Hotel Pt Broughton with William Uriah Wall

1944-1949 Broughton Hotel Pt Broughton

OTHENS, Abraham (//-//)

1881-1883 Kew Hotel Kew [Semaphore]

1884-1886 Ship Inn Pt Adelaide

OTTAWAY, George (//-//)

1846-1847 Royal Oak Hotel Hindley St

1847-1851 Norfolk Arms Inn Rundle St Hotel founder.

1852-1852 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

1852 He sold the Morphett Arms to Thomas Ottaway. George Ottaway now a publican in Melbourne Vic.

1852-1853 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

1855-1859 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

1860-1861 St Vincent Inn Brighton

Last publican

Will made 9/7/1867. Executors Henry Walter Parker barrister Adelaide (died 15/3/1874) and John Burrowes watchmaker Adelaide (died 14/12/1874). T Ottoway licensed victualler at Thebarton in 1847. Owned land at Burnside and Thebarton at the time of his death. Interest in much land during his lifetime: Thebarton, Hindmarsh, Star Inn Hindley St; Walkerville; the Walker’s Arms, Walkerville; Pt Adelaide, Redruth, Upper Wakefield, Saddleworth; Brighton. His son, TF Ottaway the Younger Mary Ann Wood, daughter of John and Betsy Wood (died 12/1/1871) of the Gilbert River? Mary Jane Ottaway lived at Wilcannia NSW by 1919. Three daughters in the Wood family - Emma, Mary Jane and Catherine Thirza (died 18/11/1917) A Hugh James Aiken was the administrator of her intestate estate. CT Wood married HJ Aiken farmer Booleroo. Did Betsy Wood run the Saddleworth Hotel?? Her 3 daughters inherited this property, which they leased to The Lion Brewing and Malting Co Ltd.

OTTAWAY, Thomas Finch the Elder (//c1817- 20/7/1867)

Died Brighton SA.

1846-1848 Wheatsheaf Inn Thebarton

1860-1867 Seaside & Family Hotel Brighton Hotel founder

1867-1868 Seaside & Family Hotel Brighton

OUGH, Joseph Francis (//-//)

1919-1928 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

1928-1930 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

m Rosalie Beatrice nee (//c1893-10/12/1930) Died West Adelaide SA (of Semaphore).

OUGH, William Fox (//c1837-30/5/1896)

Died Eastwood SA.

1885-1887 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

Parents – Thomas Ough &

Settled; Adelaide by 1885 then Publican; Bridgewater.

m 30/9/1884 Clayton Manse Norwood, publican Mrs Picard nee Agnes Fairlie.

OUGH, Mrs WF formerly PICARD nee Agnes FAIRLIE (//c1842-22/6/1910)

Died Parkside SA.

1887-1889 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

Parents – John Fairlie &

m (1) apparently not in SA, Picard. Was she the mother of publican William Henry Picard? Did she emigrate to SA as a widow with her children? If so, she was Mrs Henry Picard and would have emigrated late 1870s-early 1880s.

OVERTON, Thomas Grant perhaps (//c1818-//)

1871-1872 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

Perhaps Parents – Charles Overton &

Perhaps m 3/8/1871 St Patrick Adelaide, Mrs REID nee Margaret MCMAHON (//c1840-//) Parents – Laurence McMahon &

Thomas Overton (//c1872-10/10/1874) Died Adelaide SA. Son of Thomas Grant Overton.

OWEN, George William (//c1845-//)

1874-1877 Emu Inn Morphett Vale

1877-1878 Emu Inn Morphett Vale

Parents – John Owen &

Settled; Wallaroo by 1873 Morphett Vale by 1874

m 9/8/1871 Wesleyan Parsonage Adelaide, Hannah nee PITT (//c1844-//) Parents – James Pitt &

OWEN, Henry Walker (29/11/1836-28/9/1898)

Born at sea aboard Buffalo. Died Adelaide SA (of Pt Lincoln).

1857-1858 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

1860-1861 Mt Pleasant Inn Mt Pleasant Hotel closer

1866-1867 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

1870-1870 Undalya Hotel Undalya

1872-1873 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

Parents – Robert Walker & Anna Sophia nee BESSELL. Robert Walker died and his widow remarried to publican James Owen. Henry Walker took his step-father’s surname and retained his birth surname as a second Christian name.

m 30/12/1872 St Thomas Pt Lincoln, Annie Maria nee LUCAS (//45-27/7/1928) Born Co Galmorgan, Wales. Died Pt Lincoln SA. Parents – Daniel Lucas &

OWEN, James (//c1808-30/4/1877)

Born England. Died Pt Lincoln SA.

1847-1855 Bee Hive Inn then Castle Tavern Pt Lincoln Hotel founder.

1855-1857 Australian Arms Hotel Hahndorf

1857-1857 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

1858-1860 Mt Pleasant Inn, Mt Pleasant

1860-1866 Castle Tavern became Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

1869-1870 Undalya Hotel Undalya

1870-1873 Saltia Hotel Saltia Creek

1873-1877 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

To SA 1838 Merope.

m 31/1/1843 Pt Lincoln, Mrs Robert Walker nee Anna Sophia Bessell.

OWENS, G (//-//)

1931-1932 Truro Hotel Truro

OWENS, George James (//-//)

1909-1911 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

1911-1913 Gladstone Hotel Gladstone

1913-1914 Lord Palmerston Hotel Kapunda

1917-1920 Pier Hotel Milang

OWENS, Joseph Augustine (//c1876-//)

1919-1920 Eureka Hotel Redhill

Parents – Dominick Owens &

m 9/12/1907 Sacred Heart RC Church Kadina, Sarah Jane nee BARNDEN (//c1873-//) Parents – Edward Joseph Barnden &

OWENS, Mrs Mary (//-//)

1917-1924 Kings Head Hotel King William St

Formerly the widow of Augustine KLUCK

OWENS, Ray Philip (//-//)

1925-1927 Finniss Vale Hotel Finniss Vale [Second Valley] Hotel closed. Licence transferred to Victor Harbor. Fire destroyed the hotel premises in 1928.

1927-1928 Victor Harbor House Hotel Victor Harbor Hotel founder

OXLEY, William (//-//1880)

1879-1880 Royal Hotel Pt Augusta

OYSTON, John the Younger (//-//)

1876-1877 Oakfield Hotel Mt Barker

Trained as an engineer. Lived at Glanville. Married Selina ? Late second engineer SS Governor Musgrave. Was he a son of John Oyston Senr, a carter and waterman at Pt Adelaide and on Le Fevre Peninsula? After his hotel stint at Mt Barker, he returned to being an engineer at Pt Adelaide. He did not become a wood merchant in Nile St, Port Adelaide? This is likely to be the father. A John Oyston died 27/7/1902. I think it is likely that John Oyston Junr left SA, perhaps some time during the 1880s.


Names Beginning 'P'

PACKARD, Cyril F (//-//)

1922-1923 Travellers Rest Hotel Stirling North

PACKER, Walter Joshua (//-//)

1882-1887 Railway Hotel Pt Adelaide

1888-1891 Southern Cross Hotel King William St

PACKER, William (//-//)

1853-1854 Horseshoe Inn Noarlunga

PACKHAM, John (//-//)

1850-1852 Commercial Inn Hindmarsh

1858-1863 Commercial Inn Hindmarsh

PADDOCK, Richard (//-//)

1878-1881 Railway Hotel Kapunda

1881-1882 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln

1882-1885 Hotel Royal New Thebarton

1899-1905 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

1909-1912 Bucks Head Hotel Stepney

PADDOCK, Mrs Richard nee Sarah Ann BROWN (//-//)

1891-1893 Sutherlands Hotel St Sutherlands

1908-1909 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

PADDOCK, Richard D (//-//)

1905-1908 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

1917-1918 Glynde Hotel Glynde

PADDON [later PADDEN?], Hugh (31/3/1862-8/5/1929)

Born Robe SA.

1905-1907 Renmark Hotel Renmark

1911-1920 Langham Hotel Gouger St

1923-1925 Metropolitan Hotel Grote St

Parents – James Paddon and Jane nee MCMUTRIE.

Builder; Robe then Stage coach driver; Morgan-Wentworth then Clerk; DC Morgan then Publican; Renmark Hotel Biog The Renmark Hotel p34

m 25/10/1892 Wesleyan Church Brompton, Margery nee PEARCE 30, daughter of James Pearce.

PADDON, John Shepherd (//-//1948)

1909-1911 Ozone Hotel Kingscote

1912-1915 Loxton Hotel Loxton

1919-1920 Central Hotel Pt Pirie

1921-1923 Royal Oak Hotel Penola

1924-1928 Jamestown Hotel Jamestown

1929-1929 John Bull Hotel Currie St

1931-1934 Commercial Hotel Gladstone

1935-1937 Jamestown Hotel Jamestown

PADE, Carl August (//-//)

1880-1887 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

PAECH, ? (//-//)

1895-1895 Sandy Creek Hotel Sandy Creek

PAECH, August (//-//)

1871-1881 Miners’ Arms Hotel Palmer

1881-1891 Imperial Hotel Orroroo

1891-1893 Sir John Barleycorn Hotel Rundle St .

1895-1910 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

PAECH, Wilhelmine (//-//)

1910-1912 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

PAECH, Albert Bernhard (//-//)

1907-1908 Union Inn Hahndorf with J Richard Paech his brother

1908-1921 Union Inn Hahndorf

1921-1926 Loxton Hotel Loxton

PAECH, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)

1881-1884 Miners’ Arms Hotel Palmer

1888-1893 Palmer Hotel Palmer

1894-1909 Royal Hotel Eudunda

PAECH, Mrs FW nee Marie H ? (//-//)

1909-1914 Royal Hotel Eudunda

PAECH, J Richard (//-//)

1907-1908 Union Inn Hahndorf with Albert Bernhard Paech his brother

PAECH, Wilhelm William (//-//)

1884-1884 Templers Hotel Templers

PAECH, Paul Gustav Jimmy (//-//)

1895-1905 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

1906-1910 Mannum Hotel Mannum

1921-1927 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

PAGE, Charles A (//-//)

1892-1894 Criterion Hotel Quorn

PAGE, Frank (//-//)

1922-1922 North Laura Hotel North Laura

PAGE, Frederick (//-//)

1865-1868 Miners Arms Hotel Moonta Hotel founder

PAGE, Henry (//-//)

1870-1871 Bird-In-Hand Inn Dry Creek [Pooraka]

PAGE, Henry (//-//)

1881-1882 Princess Royal Hotel O’Connell St

PAGE, John Thomas (//-//)

1926-1931 Areas Hotel Georgetown Hotel closer

1932-1939 Booyoolie Hotel Gladstone

1939-1959 Old Bushman Hotel Gawler

PAGE, Marian/Marion (//-//)

1894-1896 Alford Hotel Alford

PAGE, Robert (//-//)

1849-1849 Union Inn Waymouth St

Left the hotel to become an engineer

PAGE, Sydney A (//-//)

1937-1937 Yorke Hotel Yorketown

PAGET, Charles Edwin (//-//)

1896-1896 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St with John Kyme Wright

1897-1898 Selborne Hotel Pirie St

1898-1899 York Hotel Rundle St

1896-189 Imperial Hotel King William St

PAGET, Francis (//-//)

1895-1896 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

1896-1899 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

PAIN, Richard Kenneth (//-//)

1977-1979 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

PAIN, William Henry (//-//)

1880-1882 Unley Inn Unley

PAIN, Mrs WH nee Caroline ? (//-//)

1882-1889 Unley Inn Unley

PAIN, William Henry John (//-//)

1842-1845 Gloucester Hotel became Gawler Arms Hotel Brown St

1847-1852 Ship Inn Currie St

1853-1858 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

Retired North Adelaide 1873.

PAINE, Thomas (//-//)

1851-1852 White Conduit House Inn North St

PALIN, TW (//-//)

1888-1889 Mt Rat Hotel Mt Rat

Hotel closed

PALM, Conrad Ludwig (2/4/1860-//)

Born Pt Gawler SA.

1912-1914 Woodside Hotel Woodside

1914-1915 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

1916-1921 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

Son of Heinrich Palm and Johanne nee Bussenschutt.

PALM, Heinrich Wilhelm (//-//)

1909-1912 Lake Wangary Hotel Wangary

1912-1913 Junction Hotel Roseworthy

PALMER, Edwin (//-//)

1864-1865 Rob Roy Inn Halifax St

PALMER, George (//-//1914)

1908-1912 Modbury Hotel Modbury

1912-1914 Windsor Hotel Gillies Plains

PALMER, George Joseph (//-//)

1894-1896 Overland Corner Hotel Overland Corner Hotel closed.

PALMER, Henry (//-//)

1856-1858 Beresford Arms Hotel to Oddfellow’s Arms Hotel Gilles St.

1859-1860 Governor MacDonnell King William St South Hotel closed. Demolished by 1864.

Became a bankrupt in 1859.

PALMER, Henry (//-//)

1859-1860 Turf Hotel Parkside

PALMER, James (//-//)

1863-1863 Rob Roy Inn Halifax St

1864-1865 Emu Hotel Morphett Vale

1865-1867 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

PALMER, James Thomas (//-//)

1884-1889 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

PALMER, John (//-//)

1868-1868 Flagstaff Inn The Sturt [Darlington]

PALMER, John the Elder (//-//)

1884-1888 Eurelia Hotel Eurelia

PALMER, John the Younger (//-//)

1897-1899 Eurelia Hotel Eurelia

PALMER, Matthew (//-//)

1854-1855 Mt Burr Hotel Glencoe Station Mt Muirhead near Mt Burr

PALMER, Robert (//-//)

1854-1858 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

PALMER, Samuel (//-//)

1852-1854 Mt Burr Hotel Glencoe Station Mt Muirhead near Mt Burr Hotel founder

PALMER, Samuel publican Mt Burr. Section 2020 near Mt Burr Co Grey land grant 1853[-1856] Memorial 39/70

PALMER, Samuel of Portland Co Normanby Vic 1854 He leased out Section 2020 Hundred not named, which included 'the Mt Burr Hotel, shoemaking apartments, blacksmith's shop, stable, store, 3 stockyards, cultivation paddock and premises thereto belonging, with all outhouses etc' for £100 a year Memorial 60/72

PANK, George Thomas (//-//)

1858-1862 Labour in Vain Tavern Hanson St Hotel founder.

1864-1871 Perseverance Hotel Hanson St

PANNELL, Edgar D (//-//)

1923-1927 Halfway House Hotel Bellum Bellum [Mt Schank]

PANTER, Richard James (//c1843-8/4/1904)

Born Nelson NZ. Died Gawler SA.

1881-1883 Old Bushman Inn Gawler

1885-1886 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

1886-1887 Globe Hotel Gawler

1891-1892 Willaston Hotel Willaston

Parents – Richard Panter & Sarah nee HARVEY

To SA 1845 Augustus

m 23/3/1865 Bride mother Mrs James McSkimming residence Gawler, Margaret nee McSkimming.

PANTON, Henry (//-//)

1934-1939 Commercial Hotel Gawler

PAPE, Thomas Maples (//-//)

1882-1882 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

PAPE, William Horace (//-//)

1921-1922 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

PAPPIN, Thomas Green (//-//)

1885-1887 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

1897-1898 Seven Stars Hotel Angas St

PAPWORTH, Thomas (//-//)

1921-1924 MacDonnell Bay Hotel Pt MacDonnell

PARER, Giovanni (//-//)

1901-1902 Stag Inn Rundle St with Guiseppe Parer

1902-1902 Stag Inn Rundle St with Ralph Stickwood

1902-1902 Stag Inn Rundle St with Guiseppe Parer

PARER, Guiseppe (//-//)

1901-1902 Stag Inn Rundle St with Giovanni Parer

1902-1902 Stag Inn Rundle St with Giovanni Parer

PARGETER, Victoria Louisa (//-//)

1941-1941 Majestic Hotel King William St Closed 24/12/1979. Demolished 1981.

PARHAM, Edward (//-//)

1905-1908 Willaston Hotel Willaston

PARIS, Stephen (//-//)

1837-1838 British Tavern Finniss St North Adelaide with William Teasdale Hotel founders.

1841-1841 British Tavern Finniss St North Adelaide

PARKER, Annie Amelia (//-//)

1916-1920 Royal Hotel Eudunda with Mrs Lilian Caroline Dobbs

PARKER, Charles (//-//)

1900-1906 Duke of Wellington Hotel Pt Adelaide

PARKER, Mrs Charles nee Christina ? (//-//)

1906-1909 Duke of Wellington Hotel Pt Adelaide Hotel closer

1909-1909 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

PARKER, David (//-//)

1855-1857 New Wheatsheaf Inn Peachey Belt [Virginia] Hotel founder

PARKER, Earl Fotherton (//-//)

1923-1925 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta with Claude Thomas GOLDER

1925-1928 Transcontinental Hotel Oodnadatta

1929-1936 Bath Hotel Norwood

PARKER, Edward (//-//)

1863-1864 Exchange Hotel Pt Adelaide

PARKER, Edwin T (//-//)

1893-1895 Caledonian Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

1896-1897 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

1897-1897 Royal Oak Hotel O’Connell St

PARKER, Mrs ET nee Ann Annie ? (//-//)

1895-1896 Caledonian Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

1897-1902 Royal Oak Hotel O’Connell St

PARKER, Frank (//-//)

1928-1929 Crown Inn Currie St

PARKER, Mrs Kate (//-//)

1912-1920 Port Augusta Hotel Pt Augusta

PARKER, Robert (//-//)

1841-1844 Launceston Hotel became Whalers Return Inn Waymouth St 1844

1845-1845 Wine & spirit merchant Hindley St

1845-1846 Commercial Inn Pt Adelaide

PARKER, Mrs perhaps WH nee Mary A (//-//)

1901-1904 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

PARKES/PARKS, Charles (//-//)

1874-1875 Phoenix Hotel Hindley St

PARKHILL, Andrew (//-//)

1895-1896 Hannahville Hotel Hannahville Pt Augusta

PARKINSON, William (//-//)

1906-1907 Colonel Light Hotel Currie St

PARKYN, William Henry (//-18/10/1946)

1902-1906 Alford Hotel Alford

1906-1907 Kingston Arms Inn Kingston S-E

1908-1913 Yunta Hotel Yunta

1913-1921 Rosewater Hotel Rosewater

1922-1925 Gawler Arms Hotel Gawler

1926-1930 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

1930-1931 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

1933-1934 Railway Hotel Mannahill

1935-1936 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

PARMENTER, John (//-//)

1861-1863 Bush Inn Sandy Creek Hotel closed

Frederick Wiliam Parmenter 29 Son of William Parmenter m 5/3/1890 Sandy Creek Hotel Sandy Creek, Louisa Jane nee HARRIS (//c1865-//) Parents – Job Harris &

PARNELL, William (//-//)

1859-1862 Lake Bonney Inn Napper Bridge over Chambers Creek Lake Bonney

Hotel founder

1863-1865 Buck’s Head North Tce

PARR, Alfred (//-//)

1872-1872 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

1876-1883 Narridy Hotel Narridy

1890-1897 King of Hanover Hotel Rundle St

1898-1900 Langham Hotel Gouger St

1907-1908 Napoleon Hotel King William St1911-1912 Jetty Hotel Glenelg

PARR, John (//-//)

1868-1869 Union Inn Waymouth St

PARRY, John (//-//)

1878-1879 Grapes Inn Grenfell St Hotel closed

PARR, John (//-//)

1878-1880 Halfway House Inn Stirling

1880-1885 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce

PARRY, Robert (//-//)

1902-1903 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

PARRY, SWW (//-//)

1862-1863 Tavistock Hotel Rundle St

PARSONS, Charles H (//-//)

1894-1902 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter

1903-1903 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter

PARSONS, Daniel (//-//)

1877-1878 Australians Pride Hotel Pt Adelaide

1879-1880 Windsor Hotel Windsor The only publican

1880-1880 Woodville Hotel Woodville

1882-1886 Alberton Hotel Alberton

1887-1888 Sussex Hotel Pt Adelaide

1889-1894 Hannahville Hotel Hannahville Pt Augusta

PARSONS, Edward (//c1812-6/7/1885)

Born Sherborne, Dorset, England. Publican; Adelaide then Gardener; Adelaide, Mt Gambier. CE, Methodist.

1865-1869 Elephant & Castle Inn West Tce

To SA 1864 Eastern Empire.

His 2nd daugher Ellen Parsons, m 26/3/1860 Temperance Hotel Robe, Charles Rackham. Was he an uncle to publican John Richard Willby Rackham?

His 6th daughter, Susannah Parsons, m 2/10/1865 St Luke Adelaide, George Jolley, the previous landlord of the Elephant & Castle.

PARSONS, Mrs Georgina (//-//)

1893-1901 Excelsior Hotel Brompton Park

PARSONS, John (//-//)

1848-1853 Coromandel Inn Alberton Hotel founder

1853-1858 Coromandel Inn Alberton

1859-1862 Coromandel Inn Alberton Hotel closer

1863-1863 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

1865-1865 Princes Pier Hotel Pt Adelaide

1866-1870 Australians Pride Hotel Pt Adelaide Hotel founder

1875-1877 Australians Pride Hotel Pt Adelaide

16/4/1884 John Parsons licensed victualler Alberton died. His wife, Mary Ann Parsons, had died 3/2/1870. They had a large family mostly married to people in the Pt Adelaide area.

PARSONS, Mrs Marion Elizabeth (//-//)

1894-1899 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

1900-1901 Portland Hotel Portland Estate

1903-1906 Railway Terminus Hotel Pt Augusta

PARSONS, Mary A (//-//)

1919-1920 Riverton Hotel Riverton

PARSONS, Ralph Spencer (//-//)

1939-1939 Majestic Hotel King William St .

PARSONS, Stanley (//-//)

1944-1951 Commercial Hotel Pinnaroo

PARSONS, Thomas (//-//)

1878-1878 Victor Harbor Hotel Victor Harbor

PARSONS, Ralph Spencer (//-//)

1942-1942 Hotel Bay View Whyalla

PARSONS, Thomas (//-//)

1945-1945 Hotel Victor Victor Harbor

PARSONS, William Alan (//-//)

1902-1903 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter

PARSONS, William Alan (//-//)

1865-1869 Shipwrights Arms Inn Alberton

1870-1870 Shipwrights Arms Inn Alberton

1873-1876 Shipwrights Arms Inn Alberton

Hotel closed.

PARSONS, William H (//-//)

1869-1870 Shipwrights Arms Inn Alberton

PARSONS, William John (//-//)

1945-1954 Largs Pier Hotel Largs Bay

PARTRIDGE, Robert Francis (//-//)

1920-1921 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

1921-1922 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

1922-1923 Union Hotel Hahndorf

1923-1928 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

PASCALL, Arthur George (//-//)

1919-1919 Union Hotel Waymouth St

1924-1925 Family Hotel Glenelg

1925-1942 Family Hotel Edithburgh

PASCALL, Gladys Z (//-//)

1920-1924 Hackney Hotel Hackney

PASCOE, Benjamin (//-//)

1888-1888 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

PASCOE, Mrs Benjamin nee Ada Jane ? (//-//)

1888-1888 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

1888-1888 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan perhaps as Mrs THOMSON

PASCOE, John Hopkins (//c1830-19/9/1878)

Died Pichi Richi Pass SA.

1862-1863 Race Course Inn Lostwithiel

1863-1868 Aberdeen Hotel Aberdeen

1877-1878 Pichi Richi Inn Pichi Richi Pass

Miner; Copperhouse before becoming a publican at Pichi Richi.

PASCOE, Mrs JH nee Annie MATTHEWS (//c1836-//)

1878-1880 Pichi Richi Inn Pichi Richi Pass

Daughter of Thomas Matthews miner and teamster Copperhouse near Kooringa (//c1801-/26/8/1867) Died Copperhouse SA. At Copperhouse by 1866. Poss Publican; Stone Hut at some stage – not in Hoad.

m (2) 31/8/1880 Hotel Pichi Richi, Thomas Charles COTTEN (//c1836-//) Parents – Thomas Young Cotten &

PASCOE, Richard (//-//)

1882-1884 Travellers Home Hotel Lochiel Hummocks

PASCOE, Thomas (//-//)

1859-1860 Cremorne Inn New Parkside

PASCOE, William Henry (//-//)

1914-1921 MacDonnell Bay Hotel Pt MacDonnell

PASCOE, William John (//-//)

1947-1949 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

PASLEY, Walter (//-//)

1855-1857 Royal Oak Tothill Creek

PATEMAN, Robert (//-//)

1883-1884 Kew Family Hotel Kew [Semaphore]

PATERSON, Alexander (//-//)

1844-1845 Catherine Wheel Inn Kensington

PATERSON, Alexander E (//-//)

1927-1929 Central Hotel Pt Adelaide

PATERSON, John (//-//)

1854-1855 Horseshoe Inn Noarlunga

PATERSON, John William (//-//)

1932-1933 Central Hotel Pt Adelaide

1936-1940 Black Rock Hotel Black Rock

PATERSON, Joseph (//-//)

1876-1889 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora Hotel founder

1890-1895 Commercial Hotel Gawler

Paterson departure from Mundoora – had built the hotel 14 years ago Chronicle 28/9/1889 p300d.

PATTEMORE, Abel (//-//)

1875-1883 Scotch Thistle Inn Portland Estate

1883-1885 Rosewater Hotel Rosewater

PATTEMORE, Mrs Abel nee Agnes ? (//-//)

1885-1885 Rosewater Hotel Rosewater

PATTEN, John (//-//)

1879-1881 Dublin Hotel Hamley Bridge with William Frederick Warren

PATTERSON, Clarence Edward (//-//)

1917-1919 Arab Steed Hotel Hutt St

PATTERSON, George Duncan (//-//)

1922-1932 Wilgena Hotel Tarcoola

PATTERSON, James Gordon (//-//)

1952-1952 Cradock Hotel Cradock with Gweneth Sara Patterson

PATTERSON, Mrs JG nee Gweneth Sara ? (//-//)

1952-1952 Cradock Hotel Cradock with James Gordon Patterson

PATTERSON, John (//-//)

1886-1888 Commercial Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie

1888-1890 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

PATTERSON, Mrs John nee Catherine ? (//-//)

1890-1893 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

PATTERSON, John Archibald Thomas (//-//)

1934-1936 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina]

1945-1947 Criterion Hotel Quorn

PAUL, Andrew (//-//)

1880-1880 Union Inn Waymouth St

PAVY, Mrs Mary C (//-//)

1907-1910 St Kilda Hotel St Kilda Beach


1926-1927 Gladstone Hotel Gladstone

PAWSON, Joseph (//-//)

1898-1898 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1904-1905 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

PAWSON, Mrs Joseph nee Mary E ? (//-//)

1905-1905 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

PAYNE, Alfred (//-//)

1896-1900 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

1900-1909 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

PAYNE, Arthur John (//-//)

1920-1922 Belair Hotel Belair

1922-1923 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

PAYNE, Harriet Annie (//-//)

1913-1916 Junction Hotel Roseworthy

1918-1922 Northern Hotel Enfield

PAYNE, John (//-//)

1856-1858 Farmers Arms Inn Finniss Vale [Second Valley] Hotel founder

1867-1870 Bush Inn Reedy Creek S-E Hotel closed

PAYNE, Joseph (//-//)

1846-1851 Inverbrackie Inn Inverbrackie

The only publican

PAYNE, Kenneth W (//-//)

1925-1926 Yongala Hotel Yongala

1926-1926 Inglewood Hotel Inglewood

PAYNE, Samuel (//-//)

1839-1841 Australian Arms Inn Hindley St Foundation publican.

1841-1848 Australian Arms Inn became Auction Mart Tavern

Probably took back the hotel earlier because of David Crafer’s illness and retirement.

Daughter 26/4/1840 Australian Arms Inn

PAYZE, John (//-//)

1854-1855 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

PEACH, Charles Robert (//-//)

1871-1872 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte

PEAK, John the Elder (//-//)

1861-1891 Cross Roads Inn Dry Hill near Kooringa

PEAK, Mrs John nee Jane ? (//-//)

1898-1898 Cross Roads Inn Dry Hill near Kooringa

Hotel closed

PEAKE, Clive Allistair (26/6/1899-//)

Born Mt Barker SA.

1935-1954 Two Wells Hotel Two Wells

Parents – Robert Peake & Laura Susannah nee BAYLEY

PEAKE, John Butler (//c1814-//1855)

1852-1855 Freemasons Hotel became Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

PEARCE, Elijah (//-//)

1873-1874 Sturt Hotel Grenfell St

1875-1876 Sturt Hotel Grenfell St

PEARCE, Mrs perhaps EAJ nee Annie C (//-//)

1923-1928 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

PEARCE, James (//c1828-17/6/1873)

Born Cornwall, England. Died Adelaide SA.

1872-1873 Sturt Hotel Grenfell St

PEARCE, Mrs James formerly Hannah Bairstow widow (//-//)

1873-1875 Sturt Arcade Sturt Grenfell St

PEARCE, James (//-//)

1877-1877 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria Hotel founder

1877-1884 Yorke Valley Hotel Maitland Hotel founder

Had architectural experience – drew up the plans for the Maitland Institute R Heinrich Governor Fergusson’s Legacy p216

PEARCE, James (//-//)

1882-1883 Johnburgh Hotel Johnburgh

PEARCE, Jane (//-//)

1858-1859 Governor Hindmarsh Inn Bowden

PEARCE, John (//-//)

1877-1880 Yongala Hotel Yongala

PEARCE, John (//-//)

1881-1886 Kingston Hotel Mt Bryan Hotel founder

1886-1889 Burra Hotel Kooringa

PEARCE, Maude Veronica (//-//)

1930-1931 Cross Keys Hotel Dry Creek

PEARCE, Norman A (//-//)

1928-1930 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

PEARCE, Oliver Charles (//-//)

1926-1927 District Hotel Nairne

PEARCE, Samuel (//-//)

1853-1859 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

1860-1862 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

1864-1866 District Hotel Gumeracha

1869-1871 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

1871-1871 Travellers Home Inn Lochiel Hummocks

1871-1872 Travellers Rest Inn Kulpara

1879-1880 Cramptons Family Hotel Norwood

Poss brother/some relation to Mrs John Crampton nee Annie Pearce, who owned Cramptons Family Hotel after her husband died in 1879.

PEARCE, Mrs Samuel nee Mary ? (//-//)

1879-1879 Cramptons Family Hotel Norwood

PEARCE, Thomas (//-//)

1852-1853 Houghton Inn Houghton

1854-1855 Highercombe Hotel Tea Tree Gully

Hotel founder. Became a bankrupt.

1855-1856 Tea Tree Gully Inn Tea Tree Gully

PEARCE, Thomas (//-//)

1884-1884 Pearces Hotel Copley [Leigh Creek] Hotel founder

PEARCE, Walter (//-//)

1855-1858 Globe Inn Kensington

1858-1858 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce

PEARCE, Walter (//-//)

1855-1858 Golden Pheasant Inn Hackham

PEARCE, William (//-//)

1855-1856 Miners Arms Hotel Kapunda

PEARSON, CM perhaps Charles Mason (//-//)

1857-1858 Railway Tavern Bowden

PEARSON, George Eustace Tyrrell (//-//)

1917-1918 Globe Hotel Yalata [Fowler Bay]

PEARSON, Mrs Ida (//-//)

1938-1940 Black Swan Hotel North Tce

PEARSON, John (//-//)

1866-1873 Hilton Hotel Hilton

1875-1876 Nelsons Victory Inn Clarence Gardens

PEARSON, Lilly Isobel (//-//)

1941-1943 Wolseley Hotel Wolseley

1943-1944 Globe Hotel Jamestown

PEARSON, Thomas (//-//)

1897-1898 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

1898-1899 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

1903-1904 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide

PEARSON, Mrs Thomas nee Emma Eleanor GOODRAM (//-//)

1900-1902 Scotch Thistle Inn Portland Estate

1903-1903 Bedford Hotel Currie St

Are they husband and wife?

PECAROVICH, Jack (//-//)

1935-1940 Carlton Hotel Sturt St .

1942-1943 Carlton Hotel Sturt St with Joseph Leesue

1943-1943 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

PECK, Richard perhaps (9/7/1845-29/6/1903)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Pt Vincent SA (of Adelaide).

1878-1879 Talbot Inn Gouger St

1879-1880 Railway Hotel Solomontown Pt Pirie

1880-1880 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

1880-1887 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1887-1887 Thistle Hotel Waymouth St

1887-1887 Northbrook Hotel Stockport

1888-1894 Minlaton Hotel Minlaton

1894-1895 Royal Family Hotel Pt Elliot

Perhaps Parents – John Peck & Sarah nee MAPES They To SA 1839 Cleveland, with family – still very unclear.

Perhaps m 28/5/1868 Groom brother-in-law James Meathrel residence Adelaide, Priscilla Anne nee JELLETT (//c1847-//)

PECK, Robert Arthur (//-//)

1877-1877 Parade Hotel Glenelg

Became a bankrupt

No trace of birth, death or marriage in SA.

PECK, William perhaps (//c1841-//)

Born England.

1875-1875 Imperial Hotel King William St

1876-1878 Morans Hotel Melrose

1878-1879 Laura Hotel Laura

1879-1882 Royal Mail Hotel Kingston S-E

1881-1882 Prince of Wales Hotel Angas St

1882-1885 Maid and Magpie Hotel Stepney

1892-1895 Prince Alfred Hotel King William St

1896-1900 United Service Club Hotel King William St .

Perhaps To SA c1869. Publican; Adelaide, Melrose, Laura, Kingston S-E, Adelaide, Stepney, Adelaide.

m 25/3/1866 London, Middlesex, England, Mary Ann nee LANE (//c1846-17/6/1875) Born England. Died Melbourne Vic, at the Railway Hotel, Elizabeth St. Formerly of the Imperial Hotel, Adelaide. Observer 26/6/1875 p417e.

Perhaps m (2) 16/8/1875 Bride father James Beard residence Littlehampton, Hannah Matilda nee BEARD (//c1851-//) Parents – James Beard &

PEDDER, Adelaide (//-//)

1888-1889 White Conduit House Hotel North St

PEDDER, Frederick (//-//)

1880-1882 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

Late of Cox Creek.

PEDDER, perhaps Mrs Frederick nee Adelaide ? (//-//)

1882-1885 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

1885-1886 Brompton Park Hotel Brompton Park Extension

PEDDER, Robert (//-//)

1882-1882 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

PEDLER, Alfred Ernest (4/12/1867-//)

Born Willaston SA.

1907-1908 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

Parents – Thomas Pedler & Phoebe nee PITMAN

PEDLAR/PEDLER, Daniel (//-//)

1857-1857 Forest Inn Black Forest

PEDLER, Thomas (//-//)

1854-1855 Flagstaff Inn The Sturt [Darlington]

1855-1856 Dock Hotel Pt Adelaide Hotel founder

1857-1858 Lady MacDonnell Inn St Marys Hotel founder.

PEDLER, Thomas Allen (//-//)

1907-1907 East End Market Hotel East Tce

PEDLER, Mrs TA nee Phoebe H (//-//)

1907-1907 East End Market Hotel East Tce

PEEL, Henry the Elder (//-9/10/1896)

Died Exeter near Semaphore SA.

1865-1868 Tanners Arms Hotel Bowden

1868-1872 Oddfellows Arms Hotel Bowden

1875-1875 Newmarket Inn North Tce

1875-1876 Old Halfway House Inn Woodville

1877-1878 Hope Inn Hindmarsh

Husband of Hannah Peel 1896 Memorial 183/429

PEERS, Gustave (//-//)

1918-1919 Hotel Arno Arno Bay

PEERS, John Wheaton (//-//)

1949-1950 Hotel Risdon Pt Pirie West

1950-1950 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore

PEGLER, Henry William (//-//)

1867-1868 Jolly Miller Inn Hindmarsh

1875-1876 Blanchetown Hotel Blanchetown

Parents – Henry Pegler &

Lived Lindsay Creek Murray River by 1874 then Publican; Blanchetown then Lived Plympton by 1878

m 7/6/1873 Holy Trinity Adelaide, publican Jane Esther nee Teasdale

PEGLER, Mrs HW nee Jane Esther TEASDALE (//c1851-//)

1908-1909 Belvidere Hotel Belvidere Hundred of Bremer

Parents – publican William Teasdale & Sarah nee Jacques.

PEGLER, Thomas (//-//)

1863-1870 Brecknock Arms Hotel King William St South .

1871-1871 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

PEGLER, Thomas John (//c1836-4/11/1883)

Died Norwood SA.

1871-1883 Alma Inn then Hotel Norwood

PEGLER, Mrs TJ nee Elizabeth Sarah JONES (//c1840-//)

1883-1888 Alma Hotel Norwood

Father; Felix Jones

m (2)14/2/1888 St Patrick Adelaide, William O’Brien the next publican

PEISKER, Paul (//c1854-//)

1880-1881 Greenock Arms Hotel Greenock

1881-1882 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

1882-1884 Exchange Hotel Gawler

Eldest son of Eugen Peisker and Maria nee WOLLMANN. Father- carpenter and cabinetmaker Greenock. To SA 1856 Vesta.

PEISKER, Mrs Paul nee Emma ? (//-//)

1884-1885 Exchange Hotel Gawler

PELTON, Horace Douglas (27/7/1882-3/11/1934)

1928-1934 Jamestown Hotel Jamestown

Parents – Samuel Hall Pelton & Effie nee MCLEAN

PELZER, Johann Heinrich Henry Leopold (//-//)

1868-1883 Exeter Hotel Rundle St

PEMBERTON, Roger (//-//)

1882-1893 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

PENALUNA, John (//-//)

1859-1871 Metropolitan Hotel Grote St March Hotel founder.

m Ann nee DUNSTAN (//-//)

PENFOLD, Edward Leslie (//-//)

1932-1932 Pier Hotel Glenelg

PENFOLD, William (//-//)

1853-1855 Plough & Harrow Inn Peachey Belt [Penfield] Hotel founder

PENGILLY, Mrs Marguerite Daisy (//-//)

1948-1954 Railway Hotel Jamestown

PENGLASE, Samuel (//-//)

1850-1852 Star & Garter Inn Sturt St

Lived Adelaide by 1846

m Elizabeth nee TRESTRAIL (//-//)PENGLASE, William John (//-//)

1935-1940 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

PENLEY, Arthur (//-//)

1953-1954 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

PENNY, Alfred P perhaps Alfred Patrick (//c1878-//)

1912-1914 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

perhaps m 14/8/1906 St Aloysius Sevenhill, Susan nee BUDA (//c1880-//) Parents – John Buda &

PENNEY/PENNY, Alexander John (//-//)

1939-1948 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo with John Penney/Penny

1948-1950 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo with Walter Leonard O’Connor

1950-1967 Prince Edward Hotel Wallaroo

Son of John Penny/Penny

PENNY, Brian Sheehan (//-//)

1945-1946 Kent Hotel Pt Adelaide

PENNY, Charles (//-//)

1912-1913 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

PENNY, Clarence M perhaps Clarence Mark (//c1872-//)

1912-1913 Belair Hotel Belair

perhaps Parents – William Bartholomew Penny &

perhaps m 13/8/1906 RC Church Hamley Bridge, Wilhelmina Imelda nee SHEEHAN (//c1885-//) Parents – Michael Sheehan &

PENNEY/PENNY, John the Younger perhaps (//c1850-//)

1909-1913 Alford Hotel Alford

1913-1920 Meningie Hotel Meningie

Parents – John Penney &

m 31/12/1871 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo, Sarah Ann nee SHAW (//c1853-//) Parents – William Shaw &

PENNEY/PENNY, John (//-//)

1909-1913 Alford Hotel Alford

1920-1927 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo

1927-1939 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo with Walter Leonard O’Connor

1939-1939 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo

1939-1948 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo with Alexander John Penney/Penny

PENHALL, Edmund Alfred (//-//)

1883-1883 Prince Alfred Hotel Pt Adelaide

PENROSE, James (//-23/6/1935)

1934-1935 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

PENROSE, Mrs James nee Ellen Annie ? (//-//)

1935-1937 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

PENS, John (//c1857-//)

1897-1899 Weston Flat Hotel Weston Flat

Parents – James Pens &

m 24/5/1884 Bride father residence Kooringa, Mary Ann nee EUSTACE (//c1867-//) Parents – Thomas Eustace &

PENVER, Richard (//c1848-//)

1879-1881 Mt Bryan Hotel Mt Bryan Flat

1882-1883 Lancelot Hotel Lancelot

To SA 1875 Lady Jocelyn

m Rosetta W nee

PEPPER, Mrs Ann (//-//)

1900-1912 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

PEPPER, Frederick Hilton (//c1844-//)

1879-1880 Ethelston Hotel Ethelton Hotel founder

Parents – Stephen Pepper &

Master mariner; Portland Estate then Publican; Ethelton

m 29/5/1873 Rev’d ST Urthington residence Pt Adelaide, Susan nee GILLETT (//c1847-/3/1928) Died Exeter SA. Parents – John Gillett &

PEPPER, Henry Belville (//-//)

1916-1919 Perseverance Hotel Hanson St

PEPPER, Montague (//c1845-21/10/1914)

1882-1885 Flagstaff Hotel Franklin St .

1885-1886 District Hotel Nairne

Parents – Motague Pepper &

m 15/8/1867 Edward Rossiter residence Adelaide, Sarah Harriet nee PEPPER (//c1840-//) Parents – John Pepper &

PEPPER, Richard (//c1851-7/3/1887)

1878-1882 Bridge Hotel Echunga

1886-1887 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

Parents – John Pepper &

Lived; Adelaide, Echunga, Aldgate. RC

m 30/4/1873 St Francis Xavier Cathedral Adelaide, publican Sarah nee McGee

PEPPER, Mrs Richard nee Sarah MCGEE (//c1851-//)

1887-1887 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

1887-1890 Bristol Tavern Franklin St

1890-1891 Unley Inn Unley

1891-1891 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St

1892-1892 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

Parents – Lawrence McGee &

PEPPER, William Charles (//-//)

1878-1890 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

PEPPERELL, Richard (//-//)

1840-1845 Red Lion Inn became City Arms Inn King William St 1841

PEPPERELL, Robert (//c1809-5/8/1883)

1845-1845 City Arms Inn King William St .

1870-1870 Globe Inn Kensington with Mary Pepperell

1870-1870 Globe Inn Kensington with Mary Pepperell

PEPPERELL, Mrs Robert nee Mary ? (//c1806-1/8/1883)

1870-1870 Globe Inn Kensington with Robert Pepperell

1870-1870 Globe Inn Kensington with Robert Pepperell

PERCIVAL, Eleanor (//-//)

1904-1904 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St

PERCIVAL, Thomas (//-//)

1888-1888 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

PERCY, William (//-//)

1873-1873 Prince Alfred Inn Kapunda

PERKINS, William (//-//)

1871-1876 Ral Ral Hotel near Renmark Hotel founder

PERRERS, William Tardrew (//c1848-23/6/1897)

Born Devon, England. Died Grünthal SA, of bronchitis.

1878-1879 Saltia Hotel Saltia Creek

1880-1881 Gordon Hotel Gordon

June 1881-Sep 1881 Cradock Hotel Cradock Hotel founder

Parents - Jonathan Marshall Collins Perrers and Mary Jane Perrers.

Brewer; Pt Augusta, also lived Pt Lincoln, Publican; Cradock.

Buried in the Hahndorf Cemetery.

m 23/8/1880 Groom residence Pt Augusta, publican Mrs John Francis nee Margaret Fertsch

PERRERS, Mrs WT formerly Mrs John FRANCES nee Margaret FERTSCH (//c1851-3/1/1825)

Born SA. Died SA.

1896-1898 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

Parents – Conrad Fertsch and Mary nee HARKISON

m (1) 26/1/1867 Blumberg, John Francis.

PERIGO, Frederick B (//-//)

1926-1927 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

PERRING, Cedric Harry (//-//)

1943-1944 Auburn Hotel Auburn

1924-1926 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully

PERRY, Andrew Christopher (//c1876-//)

1912-1918 Moonta Hotel Moonta

Parents – Joseph Mitchell Perry &

m 19/11/1902 Methodist Manse Pirie St Adelaide, Edith Sarah nee BESWETHERICK (//c1875-//) Parents – Thomas Beswetherick &

PERRY, George (//-//)

1880-1881 Belvidere Hotel Belvidere Hundred of Bremer

PERRY, Page Clarke (//c1810-//)

1859-1860 Duke of Wellington Hotel Pt Adelaide Hotel founder

Schoolteacher; Pt Adelaide

PERRY, Robert H (//-//)

1927-1927 Parilla Hotel Parilla

PERRY, Royston John (//-//)

1972-1973 Hotel Rundle Rundle St Hotel closed

PERRYMAN, Daniel (//-9/12/1878)

1858-1861 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

PERRYMAN, William (//-//)

1851-1851 Grand Junction Inn Lower North Road (Grand Junction Road Near the intersection of Churchill and Cavan Roads, Dry Creek)

PERSSE, Peter Luke (//-//)

1938-1939 Seven Stars Hotel Angas St

PETCH, Thomas (//-//)

1846-1847 Queens Arms Inn Brown St

PETER, John (//c1815-//)

1852-1853 Mt Torrens Inn Mount Torrens

Perhaps To SA 1844 Symmetry

Farmer; Oatlands near Balhannah then Publican; Mt Torrens

m 28/4/1845 Kensington, Anne nee DEAN (//-//) Parents – publican Benjamin Dean &

PETER, Robert (//-//)

26/3/1840-1853 Rob Roy Tavern Halifax St Hotel founder

PETER, Salem (//-//)

1929-1930 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

PETERS, Anna Clara formerly Mrs JAT RAUTH nee HENNIG (//c1875-//)

1928-1931 Charleston Hotel Charleston

m (1) Wesleyan Church Terowie, Johann Alfred Theodore RAUTH (//c1872-//) Parents – Johann Wilhelm Rauth &

m (2) 6/9/1907 Methodist Parsonage Parkside, publican George Robert Peters

PETERS, Elizabeth (//-//)

1901-1902 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

Perhaps Mrs William Peters nee Elizabeth HICKS

Lived Mitcham by 1883 Unley by 1887 Lower Mitcham by 1892 Virginia by 1902

PETERS, Amelia (//-//)

1888-1889 Globe Hotel Bowden

1891-1894 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

PETERS, George Robert (20/3/1879-//)

Born Freeling SA.

1910-1913 Mannum Hotel Mannum

Parents – Carl Siegesmund Peters & Aurelia nee SCHWERDT

m 6/9/1907 Methodist Parsonage Parkside, publican Mrs JAT Rauth nee Anna Clara Hennig

PETERS, James perhaps James Lanyon (//-//)

1880-1884 Moonta Hotel Moonta

Perhaps Lived Moonta Mines by 1875 East Moonta by 1893

m Elizabeth Mary nee BISHOP (//-//)

PETERS, Johann Friedrich Anton (//c1809-9/11/1872)

Born Hamburg.

1855-1867 Victoria Hotel Tanunda Hotel founder.

PETERS, Norman Victor (4/9/1893-//)

Born East Moonta SA.

1924-1924 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1941-1948 Halfway House Hotel Port Road York [Beverley]

1950-1967 Cathedral Hotel Kermode St

Parents – perhaps publican James Lanyon Peters & Elizabeth Mary nee BISHOP

PETERS, Peter William (//-//)

1886-1887 West Thebarton Hotel Thebarton

PETERSON, Annie (//-//)

1887-1888 Australian Clubhouse Hotel Pt Adelaide

PETERSON, Clarence Edward (29/3/1894-//)

Born Pt Pirie SA.

1920-1922 Gasworks Hotel Brompton

Parents – Nels Peter Petersen & Sarah Ann nee DOUBTFIRE

PETERSON, Frederick (//-//)

1894-1894 Terowie Hotel Terowie

1895-1895 Northbrook Hotel Stockport

1896-1896 Marion Hotel Marion

1896-1899 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

PETERSEN, Frederick (//-//)

1899-1906 Lancelot Hotel Lancelot Hotel closer

PETERSON, Mrs Jane Ann (//-//)

1925-1928 Bell Inn Gilbert St .

1928-1932 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

1932-1932 Bell Inn Gilbert St

PETERSON, Janis A (//-//)

1922-1925 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka

PETERSON, John (//-//)

1874-1883 LeFevre Peninsula then Exeter Hotel Exeter

PETERSON, Mrs Margaret (//-//)

1907-1908 Bedford Hotel Currie St

1911-1912 Gawler Belt Hotel Gawler Belt [Willaston]

PETERSON, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)

1937-1938 Black Swan Hotel North Tce

1938-1938 Bristol Hotel Franklin St with Mrs Alice Esther Menhennett


1913-1914 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

1914-1920 Crown Hotel Truro

1920-1920 Commercial Hotel Two Wells

PETNEY, Clarence (23/7/1902-//)

Born Towitta SA.

1935-1937 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

1937-1938 Wilmington Hotel Wilmington Hotel closed

1938-1945 Globe Hotel Wilmington

1945-1948 Robe Hotel Robe

Parents – William Edward Petney & Hannah nee SMITH

PETNEY, Mrs Clarence nee Florence May ? (//-//)

1945-1946 Globe Hotel Wilmington

PETTIGREW, Percy John (6/7/1894-//)

Born Morgan SA.

1923-1924 Commercial Hotel Cowell

1924-1926 Naracoorte Hotel Naracoorte

1924-1928 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

1928-1929 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

Parents – Robert Pettigrew & Annie nee BEAUMONT

PETTITT, Cecil Clifford Octavius (25/11/1885-//)

Born Windsor SA.

1935-1936 Wellington Hotel Wellington Square North Adelaide

Parents – Charles Pettitt & Kezia nee PRITCHARD

Brother to publican Maxwell Frederick H Pettitt

m 12/6/1906 Joshua Foster residence Eastwood, publican Florence Amelia nee Ditmann

PETTITT, Mrs CCO nee Florence Amelia DIETMAN (8/7/1886-//)

Born Pt Augusta SA.

1923-1926 Hilton Hotel Hilton with Maxwell FH Pettitt

1926-1929 Bath Hotel Norwood with Maxwell FH Pettitt

1930-1935 Wellington Hotel Wellington Square North Adelaide

Parents – Charles Henry Dietman & Lydia nee HINKS

PETTITT, Eliza (//-//)

1862-1863 Marryatville Hotel Marryatville

1863-1866 Turf Hotel Parkside

PETTITT, Maxwell Frederick Howard (21/6/1883-//)

Born Dublin SA.

1921-1923 National Hotel Pirie St with Elsie W Hinton

1923-1926 Hilton Hotel Hilton with Florence A Pettitt

1926-1929 Bath Hotel Norwood with Florence A Pettitt

Parents – Charles Pettitt & Kezia nee PRITCHARD

Brother to publican Cecil Clifford Octavius Pettitt

m 5/8/1920 St George Goodwood, publican Zoe Louisa nee Hinton

PETTITT, Mrs MFH nee Zoe Louisa HINTON (28/5/1889-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1920-1921 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

Parents – John King Hinton & Emma Louisa nee PEARCE

PETTMAN, Dudley Thomas (//-//)

1943-1949 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

PFAENDER, Michael (//-//)

Born likely Hanover/perhaps Alsace-Lorraine. Died prob SA.

1850-1852 Bellevue Inn near Siegersdorf

Bellevue Section 172 Angas Special Survey near Siegersdorf Angaston District

Likely one of the German labourers whom the SA Company hired when preparing to settle SA in 1836.

Came out from England in the employ of JB Hack – quarrelled when the Isabella reached VDL and continued to SA independently.

PFAENDLER, Mrs Benedict nee Sarah DAVIS (//-//)

1870-1871 Wheelwrights Arms Hotel Roper St

1873-1873 Perseverance Hotel Hanson St . She married John Crocker in this year.

Benedict Pfaendler d 10/5/1868 Adelaide, at his residence Pirie St, from an accident, aged 34.

PFEIFFER, Ernst (//-//)

1863-1864 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1864-1866 Ship Inn Currie St

PFEIFFER, Johann George (//-//)

1857-1858 Napoleon Bonaparte Inn Blumberg [Birdwood]

1859-1860 Alma Inn Lobethal

PFITZNER, Frank Bernie (//-//)

1921-1935 Governor MacDonnell Hotel Salisbury

PFITZNER, Frederick W (//-//)

1901-1902 Rising Sun Hotel Kensington

PHELAN, Richard James (11/12/1870-//)

Born Woodside SA.

1910-1919 Federal Hotel Petersburg [Peterborough]

Parents – Richard Phelan & Louisa nee TICE

Lived Wayville by 1907 Petersburg by 1910

m 7/6/1899 St John Pt Elliot, publican Margaret Ann nee Hoobin

PHELAN, Mrs RJ nee Margaret Ann HOOBIN (//c1875-//)

1919-1923 Federal Hotel Peterborough

1923-1924 Sir John Franklin Hotel North Kapunda

1925-1926 Burra Hotel Burra

1927-1940 Junction Hotel Peterborough

1941-1942 Burra Hotel Burra

Parents – John Hoobin &

PHELAN, Richard Lancelot (15/11/1907-//)

Born Wayville SA.

1942-1946 Burra Hotel Burra

1949-1953 Coronation Hotel Currie St

Parents – publicans Richard James Phelan & Margaret Ann nee Hoobin

m 29/3/1937 St Anacletus Peterborough, Caroline Vida nee GRAHAM (//c1905-//) Parents – George Graham &

PHELPS, Thomas Melliar (//c1815-16/8/1861)

Died North Adelaide SA, at his residence Kermode St, from injuries received in the breaking down of the Gumeracha mail coach.

1851-1852 Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St

1853-1855 Scotch Thistle Inn Kermode St

1858-1860 Black Horse Leigh St .

1860-1861 City Arms Inn King William St .

m 17/3/1851 Christ Church North Adelaide, publican Eliza Ellen nee Poole.

PHELPS, Mrs TM nee Eliza Ellen POOLE (//-//)

1861-1865 White Hart Inn Hindley St

1865-1865 White Hart Inn became White Horse Hotel Hindley St as Mrs Sander

Daughter of John Poole.

Became a deserted wife when her second husband left her forever in 1866.

Was this Eliza Phelps widow Osmond St, Hindmarsh, who died 3/12/1901?? Estate worth £300. She had two sons, Smithsend Phelps and Abraham Phelps.

m (2) St Luke Adelaide, publican Bernhard Sander

PHILLIPS, Beryl Linda Mason (//-//)

1948-1949 Family Hotel Edithburgh with Clara Edith Marrett

PHILLIPS, Charles (//-//)

1869-1869 Bogan Hotel Mannum Hotel founder

1869-1870 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

PHILLIPS, Clarence Albert/Alfred (//-//)

1941-1946 Black Lion Hotel Hindmarsh

PHILLIPS, Elisabeth Catharine Ernestine (22/7/1872-//)

Born Mt Gambier SA.

1942-1943 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – publican Ernst Krull & Elizabeth nee Cumberland

PHILLIPS, Mrs Gladys Margaret (//c1898-5/2/1968)

Died Whyalla SA.

1937-1945 Pekina Hotel Pekina

1945-1945 Carrieton Hotel Carrieton

Parents – Richard Walter Phillips &

m 15/9/1926 St Paul Adelaide, Henry Harold Phillips (//c1894-//) Parents – Thomas Phillips &

PHILLIPS, Henry James (//c1839-//)

1882-1885 South Australian Club Hotel North Tce

1885-1887 Crown & Sceptre Hotel King William St South

1888-1888 Teetulpa Goldfields taproom in conjunction with the Langham Hotel Gouger St

Parents; Thomas Phillips &.

m 11/7/1885 Holy Trinity Adelaide, publican Kate Shrub nee Tripp

PHILLIPS, Mrs HJ nee Kate Shrub nee TRIPP (//c1854-//)

1887-1888 Langham Hotel Gouger St

1888-1888 Langham Hotel Gouger St in conjunction with the Teetulpa Goldfields taproom

1889-1890 Imperial Hotel King William St

1891-1892 United Service Club Hotel King William St

1894-1895 United Service Club Hotel King William St

1898-1898 Naracoorte Hotel Naracoorte

1898-1899 Largs Bay Hotel Largs Bay

Parents – Alfred Phillips & Sarah nee Serpell

To SA 1847 Rajah with parents and siblings

Sister to publican William Serpell Phillips

PHILLIPS, Joel (//c1842-21/1/1917)

Born Stithians, Cornwall, England. Died SA.

1904-1906 Union Hotel Waymouth St

Parents –Josiah Phillips & Jenefer nee ?

To SA 1849 Himalaya with parents and siblings. Brother and sister died at sea.

Miner, draftsman; Moonta Mines later Publican; Adelaide then Retired; Fullarton.

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p748-749.

m (1) 16/11/1862 John Thomas residence Wallaroo Bay, Ann nee METTERS (//c1843-29/1/1906) Father; William

m (2) 24/8/1911 Tattersalls Hotel Adelaide, formerly Mrs Simpson, formerly Mrs Thomas Errington formerly Mrs Joseph Freeman nee Sarah Jane Hosking

Mrs Thomas Errington nee

Sarah Jane HOSKING (//c1840-//) Parents – William Hosking & m (1) 24/12/1857 Registry Office Inverbrackie, Peter Alexander Vatas SIMPSON m (2) 15/1/1890 St Michael Mitcham, Thomas ERRINGTON (//c1820-//) m (3) 13/4/1905 St Michael Mitcham, Joseph Freeman (//c1835-//) Parents – Joseph Freeman &. Sarah Jane Freeman 71 widow Glen Osmond remarried to Joel PHILLIPS 69 widower gentleman Kensington (Father; Josiah Phillips) on m (4) 24/8/1911 Tattersall's Hotel, Hindley St, Adelaide. Minister: William A POTTS. Sarah Jane Phillips wife of Joel Phillips gentleman Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton Estate, died 30/5/1913, of senility and cardiac failure, aged 73. Born in Plymouth, Devon, England, she had arrived in SA 71 years ago. 1 daughter living 1921 Application 26958

PHILLIPS, James Fabian (//c1842-//) Born Adelaide SA.

1882-1891 Wharf Hotel Pt Augusta West

Later Postmaster; Pt Augusta

PHILLIPS, John (//-//)

1855-1858 Charleston Hotel Charleston Hotel founder

1859-1860 Robin Hood Inn Strathalbyn

1860-1861 Jolly Farmer Hotel Strathalbyn. Hotel closer Date clash

1860-1862 Charleston Hotel Charleston Hotel Charleston Hotel Charleston

PHILLIPS, John (//-//)

1888-1890 Northern Hotel Enfield

PHILLIPS, Robert (4/12/1854-6/10/1899)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Lobethal SA.

1889-1892 Meningie Hotel Meningie

1892-1899 Alma Hotel Lobethal

Settled; Callington by 1881 Murray Bridge by 1887 then Publican; Meningie

Parents - publican William Serpell Phillips & Elizabeth nee Roberts

PHILLIPS, Mrs Robert nee Jane Janie HAWKEN (//-//)

1889-1889 Meningie Hotel Meningie

1899-1901 Alma Hotel Lobethal

PHILLIPS, Robert (//-//)

1895-1895 Family Hotel Glenelg

PHILLIPS, Mrs Robert nee Mary E ? (//-//)

1895-1897 Family Hotel Glenelg

PHILLIPS, Rowland Walter/Walters (1/3/1889-//)

Born Wallaroo SA.

1936-1941 Hotel Barker Mt Barker

Parents – William Phillips and Margaret nee ROWLAND

PHILLIPS, Thomas (//-//)

1859-1860 Charleston Hotel Charleston

PHILLIPS, Samuel Glen (//c1904-21/1/1971)

Died Adelaide SA (of Cumberland Park).

1949-1951 Cockburn Hotel Cockburn with Paul Newman McCullough

Parents – Samuel Thomas Phillips &

m 6/2/1931 Methodist Parsonage South Tce Adelaide, Mona Aileen nee LARKINS (//c1909-//prob after 1971) Parents – George Larkins &

PHILLIPS, William (//-//)

1858-1859 Smelters Home Hotel Aberdeen

PHILLIPS, William (//-//)

1877-1878 Galatea Hotel Hindley St

PHILLIPS, William Henry (//-//)

1881-1882 Black Lion Hotel Hindmarsh

1882-1883 Royal Hotel Moonta

PHILLIPS, William J (//-//)

1867-1867 Globe Hotel Wallaroo

Probably Related to the previous publican WS Phillips – trustee for his estate. Did WS Phillips become a bankrupt?

PHILLIPS, William Serpell (//c1833-19/5/1895)

Died Lobethal SA.

1855-1865 Apoinga Hotel Apoinga

1865-1867 Globe Hotel Wallaroo

Parents – Alfred Phillips & Sarah nee Serpell

To SA 1847 Rajah with parents and siblings

Settled; Adelaide by 1854 then Publican; Apoinga, Wallaroo then Settled; New Cornwall Mine by 1871

Father of publican Robert Phillips

m 5/8/1854 St Mary Sturt, Elizabeth nee ROBERTS (//c1832-//1886) Born Cornwall, England. Died SA. Parents – Matthew Roberts & Elizabeth nee ROSEWALL

PHILLIPSON, Walter J (//-//)

1892-1893 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

PHILP, Aubrey (//-//)

1924-1925 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant with Ernest Harper William Lihou

PHILP, John (//-//)

1858-1859 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

1862-1867 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

1867-1869 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

1869-1869 Bogan Hotel Mannum

PHILP, Oliver (//-15/2/1855)

Died Chain-of-Ponds SA, at his residence the Morning Star Inn.

1847-1851 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

1853-1855 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

PHILP, Mrs Oliver nee Philippa ? (//-//)

1855-1857 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

1858-1858 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

PHILP, Oliver F (//-//)

1867-1876 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

1884-1890 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

1892-1893 Family Hotel Glenelg

PHILP, Mrs OF nee Eleanor ? (//-//)

1890-1892 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

1892-1892 Family Hotel Glenelg

PHIN, James (//c1842-//)

1882-1884 Templers Hotel Templers

Parents – Thomas Phin &

m 28/12/1881 unrecorded Gawler, Mrs CLARKE nee Catherine BOYLE (//c1837-//) Parents – John Boyle &

PHIN, William (//c1853-4/6/1913)

Died Mundoora SA, at his residence the Mundoora Hotel.

1911-1913 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

Parents – William Phin &

Settled; near Burra by 1899

m 29/2/1896 Presbyterian Church Clare, publican Alice May nee Fincher

PHIN, Mrs William nee Alice May FINCHER (//c1879-//)

1910-1911 Railway Hotel Jamestown

1913-1913 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

1913-1916 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

1916-1918 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray as Mrs McLeod

Parents – William Fincher &

PICARD, William Henry (//c1870-18/4/1914)

Died Mitcham SA, at his residence the Edinburgh Hotel.

1909-1911 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

1911-1912 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln

1913-1914 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

Parents – Henry Picard &

His sister Annie Isabel Picard (//c1868-//) m 24/4/1889 Church of the Epiphany Crafers, Carl Hermann RUGNER (//c1863-//) Father; Gustav.

His brother Charles John Picard (//c1874-//) m 21/5/1896 St Saviour Glen Osmond, Louisa nee HOLTON (//c1874-//) Father; George Charles.

m 8/6/1909 St Oswald Parkside, publican Mrs Eld nee Elizabeth Jane Parkinson.

PICARD, Mrs WH formerly Mrs ELD nee Elizabeth Jane PARKINSON (//c1867-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1914-1915 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

1915-1918 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham as Mrs JP Bourke

Parents - William Parkinson

m (2) 20/5/1915 St Michael Mitcham, James Patrick BOURKE (//c1871-//) Apparently not Born SA.

Son of Michael Bourke

PICKARD, Jack (//-//)

1940-1940 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

PICKER, Michael (//-//)

1933-1934 Pekina Hotel Pekina

PICKERING, John (//-//)

1861-1861 Light Hotel Light River perhaps Lower Light Hotel founder

PICKERING, Rowland John Ferrers (//-//)

1867-1870 Portland Hotel Portland Estate

Settled; Pt Adelaide by 1858 Queenstown by 1865 later Publican; Portland Estate 1867-1870

m Sarah Ann nee HOLT

PICKERING, Robert Whaley (//-//)

1875-1879 Six Mile Inn Peweena

m Mary nee MCNAMARA (//-//)

PICKETT, Thomas (//-//)

1861-1862 Victoria Inn Pub Lake near Robe

m Ann nee ALLMAN (//-//)

PICKHAVER,Thomas the Younger (//-//)

1898-1899 Norwood Hotel Norwood

1899-1902 Blyth Hotel Blyth

PICKUP, Thomas (//-//)

1897-1904 Family Hotel Glenelg

1905-1906 Sir John Barleycorn Hotel Rundle St

m Sarah Ann nee BICKFORD (//-//)

PIERCE, Edward (//-//)

1876-1882 White Conduit House Inn North St

PIERCE, Eleanor May (//-//)

1938-1940 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

PIERCE, James (//-//)

1925-1933 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

PIERCE, Mrs Beatrice (//-//)

1933-1938 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

PIERCE, James Michael (//-//)

1940-1946 Avoca Hotel Clarence Gardens

PIERCE, John (//-//)

1913-1918 Northern Hotel Enfield

1918-1919 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

PIERCE, John Augustine (//-//)

1935-1940 Avoca Hotel Clarence Gardens

1941-1941 Kent Hotel Pt Adelaide with Thomas Joseph Pierce

PIERCE, John Augustine (//-//)

1919-1943 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside] Date clash

1947-1947 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

1951-1961 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

PIERCE, John Carley (//-//)

1921-1923 General Havelock Hotel Hutt St

1923-1925 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St St

1926-1936 Crown & Sceptre Hotel King William St South

1937-1944 St Leonards Hotel St Leonards

PIERCE, Kevin Francis (//-//)

1947-1951 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

PIERCE, Norman Thomas (//-//)

1934-1934 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide

1933-1942 Port Admiral Hotel Pt Adelaide Date clash

PIERCE, Mrs NT nee Cassie Amy Doraleen ? (//-//)

1942-1943 Port Admiral Hotel Pt Adelaide

PIERCE, Patrick J (//-//)

1922-1928 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St .

1928-1935 Alma Hotel Norwood

1936-1938 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

PIERCE, Thomas (//-//)

1871-1876 White Conduit House Inn North St

PIERCE, Thomas Joseph (//-//)

1923-1925 North Kapunda Hotel Kapunda

1925-1926 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1930-1934 Gresham Hotel King William St

1934-1938 Gresham Hotel King William St with Leo Edward Beatty

1937-1940 Hilton Hotel Hilton with Leo Edward Beatty

1940-1941 Hilton Hotel Hilton with Eileen Mary Beatty

1941-1941 Kent Hotel Pt Adelaide with John Augustine Pierce

1941-1941 Whyalla Hotel Whyalla with Ralph Alan Sandery

1941-1942 Whyalla Hotel Whyalla

1942-1943 Whyalla Hotel Whyalla

PIERCE, Mrs TJ nee Mildred A ? (//-//)

1926-1929 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

PIERCE, William (//-//)

1854-1855 Smelters Home Hotel Aberdeen

PIERCEY, John Raymond (//-//)

1943-1948 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

PIERPONT, Mrs formerly Mrs John DUNN nee Emily Violet AMESBURY (2/2/1894-//)

Born Beltana SA.

1941-1943 Lyndhurst Siding Hotel Lyndhurst Siding

1942-1943 Leigh Creek Hotel Copley [Leigh Creek]

Parents - John Andrew Amesbury and Mary Louisa nee Cox

m (1) 30/8/1916 St Saviour Brompton, publican John Joseph DUNN (//c1884-//)

Son of Edward Dunn


PIERCEY, Julia Ann (//-//)

1936-1953 East End Market Hotel East Tce with Vincent John Stephen Jordan

1953-1956 East End Market Hotel East Tce

PIERSON, Mrs nee Mary Eileen DUNN (20/1/1917-//)

Born Mile End SA.

1943-1944 Lyndhurst Siding Hotel Lyndhurst Siding

1944-1946 Lyndhurst Siding Hotel Lyndhurst Siding as Mrs BRAZEL/BRAZIL

Parents - John Joseph Dunn and Emily Violet nee Amesbury – the previous publican of the Lyndhurst Siding Hotel.

PIGON, Reginald (//-//)

1899-1900 Pier Hotel Pt Germein with Elizabeth Pine

1900-1901 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

PIHODYNA, Siegfried (//-//)

1991- Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

PIKE, Brian (//-//)

1946-1950 Rising Sun Hotel Pt Wakefield with Henry Lockyer Pike

1953-1955 Dublin Hotel Dublin

PIKE, Edwin Francis (//-//)

1904-1905 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

PIKE, George (//-//)

1855-1856 Buckingham Arms Hotel Gilberton

PIKE, Henry (//c1837-14/1/1904)

Born Dorset, England. Died SA.

1897-1898 Tivoli National Hotel Pirie St Pirie St with Ernest Albert Beasley

To SA 1878 Oaklands.

Carpenter, builder; Mt Barker then Carpenter, builder, brewer; Oakbank. Anglican.

PIKE, Mrs Henry nee Emma ? (//c1835-14/10/1911)

Born Dorset, England. Died SA.

1891-1897 Colonel Light Hotel Currie St

1899-1900 Tivoli National Hotel Pirie St Pirie St

PIKE, Henry Lockyer (//-//)

1922-1926 Glynde Hotel Glynde

1926-1932 Rising Sun Hotel Pt Wakefield

1946-1950 Rising Sun Hotel Pt Wakefield with Brian Pike

PIKE, Henry L (//-//)

1926-1939 Rising Sun Hotel Auburn

PILE, James (//-//)

1850-1850 Black Bull Hotel Hindley St

Is this James Pile stockholder Oaklands, Gawler East, who died c1885?

PIKE, James John (//-//)

1888-1890 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

1890-1893 Northern Hotel Enfield

1894-1896 Halfway House Hotel Plympton

1896-1903 Brighton Inn Brighton

PILE, James Thomas (//-//)

1906-1908 Orient Hotel Wakefield St

m publican Amelia Agnes Pile nee McAuliffe.

PILE, Mrs JT nee Amelia Agnes Pile McAuliffe (23/8/1881-//)

Born Plympton SA.

1911-1912 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

Parents - Michael McAuliffe and Bridget nee McMahon

PIKE, John S and Walter R (//-//)

1921-1921 Talunga Hotel Mt Pleasant

PIKE, Percival Charles (//-//)

1903-1904 Old Nain Hotel Daveyston

Lived Nuriootpa by 1905

m Mildred Annie Mabel nee DRINKWATER (//-//)

PIKE, Walter Henry (//-//)

1904-1905 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

PIKE, William Stanley (//-//)

1937-1937 Wellington Hotel Waterloo

PILE, James (//-//)

1851-1853 Old Spot Inn Gawler

PILE, James T (//-//)

1908-1910 Parkside Hotel Parkside

PILE, Mrs JT nee Amelia A (//-//)

1910-1910 Parkside Hotel Parkside

PILE, John (//-//)

1849-1854 Bucks Head Inn North Tce

PILE, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)

1900-1900 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

1905-1909 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

PILE, John Hamilton (//-//)

1932-1934 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

1939-1939 Reservoir Hotel Thorndon Park

PILE, Mary A (//-//)

1900-1900 Kentish Arms Hotel Kent Town

PILCHER, Charles (//-//)

1889-1890 Forest Inn Black Forest

1896-1897 Family Hotel Norwood

PILCHER, James Robert (//-//)

1897-1897 Family Hotel Norwood

PILLING, William (//-//)

1895-1896 Land of Promise Hotel Hindmarsh

PILLION, Timothy D (//-//)

1923-1925 Browns Hotel Pt Germein

1925-1926 Old Spot Inn Little Para

PILTZ, Hermann (//-//)

1862-1864 Barossa Inn Lyndoch

PINARD, Francois (//-//)

1893-1896 Hilton Hotel Hilton

1896-1902 Union Hotel Waymouth St

1902-1905 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

PINCH, Ernest Henry (//-//)

1900-1900 Royal Hotel Crystal Brook

PINCHBECK, Alfred Senr (//-//)

1877-1882 Kentish Arms Hotel Kent Town

1882-1883 Seven Stars Hotel Angas St

1883-1885 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

1886-1887 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St .

1887-1887 General Gordon Hotel Grenfell St .

1888-1889 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

1890-1891 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

1892-1894 Kent Town Hotel Kent Town

1896-1896 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

1898-1898 Maid of Auckland Hotel Edwardstown

PINCHBECK, Mrs Alfred nee Sarah Painter ? (//c1818-31/10/1891)

Died Stepney SA.

1876-1877 Kentish Arms Hotel Kent Town

1878-1878 Flagstaff Hotel Franklin St .

1882-1883 Halfway House Hotel Port Road York [Beverley]

PINCHBECK, Alfred James Junr (//c1879-//)

1906-1907 Globe Hotel Glenelg South

1907-1908 Hotel Royal New Thebarton

1909-1909 Britannia Hotel Norwod

1910-1911 Highbury Hotel Highbury

1912-1912 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

Parents – publican Alfred Pinchbeck Senr & Sara

A big confusion here – two Alfred James Pinchbecks a year apart in age with fathers called Alfred Pinchbeck.

m 9/12/1902 Islington House Edwardstown, Sarah Jane nee PEARSON (//c1879-28/12/1923) Died North Adelaide SA (of Edwardstown). Parents – John Pearson &

PINCHBECK, Charles Edward (6/8/1883-28/7/1954)

Born Unley SA. Died Payneham SA.

1906-1908 Family Hotel Norwood

1908-1913 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

1913-1914 Hilton Hotel Hilton

1914-1915 Arab Steed Hotel Hutt St

1918-1921 Maylands Hotel Maylands

1921-1822 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

1930-1931 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

1941-1947 Hotel Arno Arno Bay

Parents – publican James Pinchbeck & Mary Ann Matilda nee Mallen

Brother to publican James Waverley Pinchbeck.

Underleased the Arno Bay Hotel from the previous publican Tom Miller.

m 12/4/1903 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Alma Miriam nee OSBORN (25/3/1884-//) Born Wallaroo SA. Parents – William Osborn & Ellen nee NICKS

PINCHBECK, James Senr (//c1847-11/4/1897)

Died Unley SA.

1877-1878 Marryatville Hotel Marryatville

1878-1880 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce

1880-1894 Waverley Hotel Parkside

Parents – publican James Pinchbeck & Sarah Painter nee ?

m 21/2/1877 St John Morialta, Mary Ann Matilda nee MALLEN (8/5/1845-30/11/1928) Born London, Middlesex, England. Died Glenelg SA. Parents – Charles Mallen &

PINCHBECK, James Waverley Junr (5/2/1881-11/12/1942)

Born Unley Road SA. Died Toorak Gardens SA (of Wayville).

1906-1909 Old Colonist Hotel Norwood

1900-1910 Scotch Thistle Hotel Kermode St

1910-1912 Parkside Hotel Parkside

1912-1922 Kent Town Hotel Kent Town

1922-1929 Northern Hotel Enfield

Parents – publican James Pinchbeck Senr & Mary Ann Matilda nee Mallen.

Brother to publican Charles Edward Pinchbeck.

m 4/4/1904 St Augustine Unley, Ethel nee BARLOW (//c1884-//) Parents – Arthur Barlow &

PINCHES, Walter William (//-//)

1888-1892 Kingston Arms Inn Kingston S-E

1892-1905 Royal Mail Hotel Kingston S-E

1905-1906 Crown Hotel Kingston S-E

PINE, Thomas Dodeswell /Dowdeswell (//-//)

1881-1882 Collinsfield Hotel Collinsfield

1887-1887 Globe Hotel Bowden

1889-1889 Australasian Clubhouse Hotel Pt Adelaide

1892-1893 Commercial Hotel Pt Adelaide

1906-1907 Electric Light Hotel Grenfell St

PINE, Mrs TD nee Elizabeth Ann KEMSTER (//-//)

1889-1892 Australasian Clubhouse Hotel Pt Adelaide

1899-1900 Pier Hotel Pt Germein with Reginald Pigon

1900-1902 Alma Hotel Norwood

1903-1905 St Kilda Hotel St Kilda Beach

1907-1908 Tavistock Hotel Rundle St with Miss Mabel Pine

1910-1922 St Kilda Hotel St Kilda Beach

PINE, Miss Mabel (//-//)

1907-1908 Tavistock Hotel Rundle St with Mrs Elizabeth Pine

PINK, David (//-//)

1866-1868 Whitwarta Hotel Whitwarta Hotel founder

1871-1883 Whitwarta Hotel Whitwarta

PINK, Mrs David nee Mary ? (//-//)

1883-1884 Whitwarta Hotel Whitwarta

PINK, William (//-//)

1861-1863 Kangaroo Inn St Marys

1864-1865 Kangaroo Inn St Marys

A long shot Did he have a daughter Eliza Emily nee PINK (//c1866-//) who m (1) SUTHERLAND m (2) 27/3/1902 Temperance Hotel Pt Adelaide, Ernest John DOWSETT (//c1865-//) Parents – Edward Isaac Dowsett &

PINKERTON, James (//-//)

1909-1939 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte

PINKERTON, Thomas Peter (//-//)

1939-1939 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte

1939-1942 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte with Rhoda Symington Pinkerton and Jane Elizabeth Pinkerton

1942-1945 Commercial Hotel Naracoorte with Rhoda Symington Pinkerton and Jane Elizabeth Reade nee Pinkerton (m 2/4/1942)

PINNELS, Richard (//-//)

Apparently built the Australian Arms Hotel on TA 66 Hindley St c1854. He purchased a lease from HS Crabb

PINYON, Frank Arch (//-//)

1947-1949 Junction Hotel Peterborough with Clarence Richard Hayward King

PIPER, Charles Malte (//-11/7/1897)

Born Rügen, Pommern, Prussia. Died North Adelaide SA, at his residence Barton Tce, 'suddenly'.

1862-1863 Clare Inn Clare

1864-1873 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

1874-1876 White Horse Inn Currie St

PIPER, Charles (//-//)

1885-1893 Finnis Vale Hotel Finniss Vale [Second Valley]

PIPER, Rudolph (//-//1893)

Born Rügen, a Baltic Sea island off the coast of Pommern, Prussia.

1888-1893 Areas Hotel Georgetown

Also farmed in the area.

PIPER, Mrs Rudolph nee Fanny ? (//-//)

1893-1909 Areas Hotel Georgetown

PIPER, Rudolph McKay (7/2/1864-16/9/1943)

Born Hundred of Milne near Clare.

1902-1904 Caltowie Hotel Caltowie

1905-1913 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

1914-1918 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge with Walter Albert Piper

1919-1925 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

Eldest son of publican Rudolph Piper ( farmer and hotelkeeper in the Mid North)

PIPER, Walter Albert (//-//)

1914-1918 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge with Rudolph Mackay Piper

1918-1923 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge

1940-1941 Majestic Hotel King William St

1941-1950 Majestic Hotel King William St

1950-1951 Majestic Hotel King William St with John Charles and Nancy Violet Whallin

PITCHER, Albert James (//-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1907-1914 Farmers Inn Mt Gambier

1914-1920 John Bull Hotel Currie St

PITCHER, Frederick William (//-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1889-1890 Cremorne Hotel Unley

1890-1895 Cremorne Hotel Unley

Settled; Commercial Road Portland Estate by 1875

m publican Harriett Louisa nee Pepperill

PITCHER, Mrs FW nee Harriet Louisa PEPPERELL (//-//)

1890-1890 Cremorne Hotel Unley

PITCHER, John (//-25/9/1843)

Died Launceston VDL, at his brother residence where he had gone to help repair his health.

26/3/1840-31/3/1841 Hibernia Inn Brougham Place North Adelaide Hotel founder.

John Pitcher Carpenter from VDL. Publican; North Adelaide (Hibernia Brougham Place ). m 3/11/1840 Adelaide, Deborah nee Garlick.

PITCHER, John Stanley Hollis (//-//)

1940-1946 Wakefield Hotel Wakefield St

1947-1948 Wakefield Hotel Wakefield St

PITMAN, AF perhaps Alfred Frank (13/5/1844-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1872-1874 Criterion Hotel Bassett Town

Parents – Jacob Pitman & Emma nee HOOPER

m 26/8/1871 St George Gawler, publican Ann nee Percival

PITMAN, Mrs AF formerly Mrs Thomas PERCIVAL nee Ann BASSETT (//c1842-//)

1874-1878 Criterion Hotel Bassett Town

Parents – William Bassett &

m (1) 12/5/1861 St George Gawler, Thomas PERCIVAL (//c1827-//) Parents – James Percival &

PITMAN, Alfred (//-//)

1928-1930 Meningie Hotel Meningie

1932-1936 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

Perhaps Settled; Norwood by 1917 Adelaide by 1919

Perhaps m Edna nee JAMES (//-//)

PITMAN, Frederick Howard (//-//)

1933-1934 Inglewood Hotel Inglewood

1936-1938 Commercial Hotel Orroroo

1938-1949 Mt Remarkable Hotel Melrose

1950-1951 Globe Hotel Wilmington

Perhaps Settled; Adelaide by 1917

perhaps m Ellen Mary nee WARD (//-//)

PITT, Mrs Jeanie (//-//)

1896-1898 Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

1902-1904 Sturt Arcade Hotel Grenfell St

PITTARD, Edwin John (//-//)

1880-1880 Jervois Hotel Pt Adelaide

1881-1881 Jervois Hotel Pt Adelaide

1886-1887 Commercial Hotel Gawler

PITTARD, George (//-//)

1887-1888 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

PLACE, Thomas (//-//)

1906-1907 Hamburg Hotel Rundle St

1907-1916 Eagle Hotel Hindley St

1916-1919 Napoleon Hotel King William St.

1919-1922 Eagle Hotel Hindley St

PLACE, Mrs Thomas nee Amy (//-//)

1916-1919 Eagle Hotel Hindley St

PLANT, James William (//-//)

1951-1952 Commercial Hotel Cummins

PLATE, Frederick William (//-//)

1909-1912 Crown Hotel Kingston S-E

PLAYER, George W (//-//)

1926-1928 Supreme Court Hotel Gouger St

PLAYER, Joseph Frederick (//-//)

1871-1874 Farmers Home Hotel Hamilton/Light

1875-1880 Farmers Home Hotel Hamilton/Light

PLAYER, Leslie Sawle (//-//)

1929-1949 Tumby Bay Hotel Tumby Bay

PLAYER, Mary Winifred (//-//)

1944-1947 Hotel Brighton Brighton with Sylvester James Daly

PLAYER, Nicholas (//-//)

1848-1855 Angaston Hotel Angaston

1859-1860 Angaston Hotel Angaston

1861-1862 Angaston Hotel Angaston

PLAYER, Nicholas the Younger (//-//)

1863-1865 Angaston Hotel Angaston

PLAYER, William George (//-//)

1923-1926 Central Hotel Pt Pirie

PLAYER, William James (9/3/1849-18/5/1924)

Born perhaps Angaston SA. Died Glenelg SA.

1878-1881 Marrabel Hotel Marrabel

1885-1887 Exmouth Hotel Saddleworth

1898-1900 Central Hotel Pt Pirie

1908-1915 Napoleon Hotel King William St .

1917-1922 Clarence Hotel became Majestic Hotel King William St . Glenelg

Parents - Nicholas Player & Susan nee Richards.

PLAYER, Mrs WJ nee Alice Ann MILLER (16/2/1860-//)

Born McLaren Vale SA.

1913-1916 Clarence Hotel King William St

Parents - Samuel Miller and Ann Maria nee Clift.

m 3/4/1878 Bride father Samuel Miller residence Wirrabara.

PLEASS, John James (//-//)

1941-1941 Buck’s Head North Tce .

1942-1942 Buck’s Head North Tce .

PLEASS, Mrs JJ formerly TISCHER nee Clarice Eileen ? (//-//).

1942-1945 Buck’s Head North Tce

1945-1956 Buck’s Head North Tce

PLEINISS, Charles (//-//)

1859-1861 Lows Inn Mt Barker

Waterman; Pt Adelaide, Wallaroo. Lived; Adelaide. Publican; Mt Barker.

m (1) Ellen nee HOCKING (?/4/1834-7/7/1868) Died Pt Wallaroo SA, ‘deeply regretted by a large circle of friends’.

m (2) Elizabeth nee BEDELLA (//-//)

PLOENGES, Mrs HC formerly Mrs SMITH nee Mary ? (//-//)

1902-1908 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St .

1909-1911 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

Wife of Heinrich Carl Ploenges blacksmith Adelaide.

Formerly the Widow Smith.

PLOETZER/PLOTZER/PLÖTZER, Johann Heinrich Adolph (c1813-23/2/1869)

Died Kent Town SA, at his residence the Kentish Arms Hotel.

1863-1863 Princess Royal Hotel O’Connell St

1863-1866 Nottinghamshire Arms Inn became Alexandra Hotel Rundle St

1866-1870 Kentish Arms Inn Kent Town

From Hamburg.

PLOETZER/PLOTZER/PLÖTZER, Mrs Adolph nee Sophia ? (//-//)

1866-1870 Kentish Arms Inn Kent Town


1873-1875 Laura Hotel Laura

1880-1882 Spalding Hotel Spalding

PLUMB, Reginald Stanley Robert (//-//)

1950-1954 Hotel Ambassadors King William St

PLUMMER, James Richard (11/10/1863-18/12/1941)

Born Kelso, Co Roxburgh, Scotland. Died Adelaide SA.

1898-1900 Pinkerton Hotel Quorn

Son of James Plummer

To SA overland c1884

m 27/7/1892 Philip Cleary residence Quorn, Bridget Mary nee Maher

PLUMMER, Mrs JR nee Bridget Mary MAHER (2/2/1870-9/6/1960)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Adelaide SA.

1897-1898 Greenbush Hotel Pt Augusta

Sister to previous publican Mrs WA Renwick nee Johanna Maher.

PLUMMER, Thomas Howell (//-//)

1884-1885 Templers Hotel Templers

1885-1887 Reynella Hotel Reynella

PAECH, Wilhelm William (//-//)

1884-1885 Templers Hotel Templers

PLUMMER, Walter (//-//)

1882-1883 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

1885-1897 Lower Light Hotel Lower Light

PLUNKETT, John (//-22/8/1861)

Born Dublin, Co Dublin, Ireland. Died Adelaide SA.

1858-1860 Old Colonist Hotel became Dublin City Hotel Wakefield St Hotel closed.

Formerly police corporal in the metropolitan police force.

PLUSH, Alfred I (//-//)

1878-1880 Burrawing Hotel Lipson

PLUSH, John (//-//)

1880-1880 Angas Park Hotel Nuriootpa

PLUSH, Thomas Hall (//-//)

1842-1843 Richmond Cornwall Inn Rundle St

Later in the Dry Creek Survey and Hundred of Nuriootpa

POCOCK, Edward (//-//)

1869-1878 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

POHLMANN, Wilhelm (//-//)

1846-1853 Suffolk Inn became Hamburg Hotel Rundle St

Insolvent 28/11/1851.

POLKINGHORNE, Richard Thomas (//-//)

1879-1883 Normans Victory Hotel Sellicks Hill

POLKINGHORNE, William (//-//)

1885-1886 Royal Oak Tothill Creek

POLLARD, James (//-//)

1856-1860 Victoria Inn Victoria township Kapunda

POLLARD, John Walter Norton (//-//)

1946-1950 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington] with Kate Pollard

1950-1952 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

1952-1956 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington] with Lurline Constance Pollard his wife

POLLARD, Mrs JWN nee Lurline Constance ROBINSON (//-//)

1952-1956 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington] with John Walter Norton Pollard her husband

1956-1958 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

POLLARD, Thomas (//-//)

1934-1935 Crown Hotel Truro

POLLARD, Walter H/J (//-//)

1904-1908 Finnis Vale Hotel Finniss Vale [Second Valley]

1908-1911 Wallaroo Inn Wallaroo Hotel closed

1911-1911 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln

1912-1912 Cavan Arms Hotel Cavan

1913-1914 Yongala Hotel Yongala

1914-1920 Hackney Hotel Hackney

1921-1922 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

1922-1925 Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal

1925-1926 Palmer Hotel Palmer

1926-1928 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

1929-1933 Warooka Hotel Warooka

1939-1946 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

POLLARD, Mrs Walter nee Kate ? (//-1/10/1950)

1946-1946 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

1946-1946 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington] with John Norton Walter Pollard

POLLARD, William (//-//)

1857-1859 Morning Star Inn Wistow

POLLARD, William Holland (//-//)

1925-1928 Burrawing Hotel Lipson

1928-1930 Moonta Hotel Moonta

1930-1930 Kingston Arms Hotel Mt Bryan

POLLITT, Winifred (//-//)

1888-1889 Blythwood Hotel Blythwood

POLLMANN, Ernst E (//-//)

1859-1861 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

POLLOCK, Frederick H (//-//)

1899-1904 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

1905-1908 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

POLLOCK, Mrs FH nee Mary (//-//)

1908-1908 Theatre Royal Hotel Hindley St

POMEROY, Adolphus (//-//)

1890-1890 Kensington Hotel Kensington

PONDER, Mrs Clara (//-//)

1910-1916 Ventnor Hotel Pt Vincent

PONTIFEX, James Pryce (//-//)

1881-1885 Thatched House Tavern Brighton

POOLE, Alfred Ernest (//-//)

1891-1898 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina]

1898-1898 Old Colonist Hotel Norwood

POOLE, Mrs Helen M (//-//)

1897-1902 Old Bushman Hotel Gawler

POOLE, James (//-//)

1859-1859 Glenelg Hotel Glenelg

POOLE, James (//-//)

1879-1881 Middleton Hotel Middleton with Ellen Poole his wife

POOLE, Mrs James nee Ellen ? (//-//)

1879-1881 Middleton Hotel Middleton with James Poole her husband

POOLE, Mary (//-//)

1887-1891 Leigh Creek Hotel Copley [Leigh Creek]

1898-1901 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina]

POOLE, Richard Francis (//-//)

1946-1950 Ventnor Hotel Pt Vincent

POOLE, Robert Temple (//c1808-3/8/1879)

Died Palmerston NZ.

1855-1859 Willaston Hotel Willaston

1860-1863 Willaston Hotel Willaston

1867-1868 Golden Fleece Inn Currie St

DN Chronicle 30/8/1879 p468a

POOLE, Stanley (//-//)

1922-1923 Finnis Vale Hotel Finniss Vale [Second Valley]

POOLE, Thomas (//-//)

1876-1883 Phoenix Hotel became Provincial Hotel Hindley St

POOLE, William Albert Charles (//-//)

1944-1945 Great Northern Hotel Hergott Springs

POPE, Albert/Alexander (//-//)

1900-1913 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka

POPE, Henry (//-//)

1878-1883 Star & Garter Inn became Hotel Sturt St

1886-1894 Earl of Leicester Hotel Parkside Hotel founder

Linked with Reuben Pope farmer Mt Barker

POPE, Lawrence Ralph (//-//)

1946-1958 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

POPE, Ralph Vivian (//-//)

1928-1929 Commercial Hotel Tumby Bay

1929-1930 Bay View Hotel Wallaroo

1930-1932 Victoria Hotel Willaston

1936-1940 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

POPE, Mrs RV nee Irene Beatrice Mary (//-//)

1930-1930 Victoria Hotel Willaston

1940-1946 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

POPE, Samuel (//-//)

1861-1866 Wheatsheaf Inn Gawler East

POPE, Samuel William M (//-//)

1928-1931 Eureka Hotel Carrieton

POPE, William and Thomas (//-//)

1887-1887 Lady MacDonnell Inn St Marys

POPHAM, William Home (//-//)

1868-1868 Wheatsheaf Inn Gawler East

PORTER, David (//-//)

1889-1889 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

PORTER, Frederick G (//-//)

1931-1932 Bedford Hotel Woodside

PORTER, George (//-//)

1877-1877 Emu Inn Morphett Vale

PORTER, George Henry (//-//)

1869-1881 British Standard Hotel Alberton

Probably son of WH and Ellen Porter – could also be brother to WH Porter; some connection to David Packham.

PORTER, George William (//-//)

1850-1852 The Rose Inn Sturt St

Robbed of his effects on one of the Stirling family stations (Manager; William LINDSAY) between Langhorne Creek and Wellington/Murray while he was on his way to the Vic goldfields Observer 30/4/1853 p150b.

PORTER, JH/JW (//-//)

1881-1882 Rochester Hotel Rochester

PORTER, Mrs Margaret (//-//)

1900-1904 Dawson Hotel Dawson

PORTER, Thomas (//-//)

1897-1900 Alma Hotel Norwood

1900-1904 Oriental Hotel Norwood

m Bridget nee GALLAGHER (//-//)

PORTER, William Hobbs (//c1823-19/8/1867)

Died Woodville SA, at his residence the Old Halfway House.

1858-1868 Old Halfway House Inn Woodville

PORTER, Mrs WH nee Ellen ? (//c1823-2/8/1877)

Died Alberton SA, at her residence the British Standard Hotel.

1868-1869 Old Halfway House Inn Woodville

1869-1877 British Standard Hotel Alberton

POTTER, Abraham Wells (?/10/1827-15/5/1898)

Died Yarandale Hundred of Yaranyacka SA.

1882-1898 Burrawing Hotel Lipson

Lived Adelaide by 1869

Parents of publican Sydney Frank Potter

POTTER, Mrs AW nee Mary Martha THOMAS (//-//)

1898-1909 Burrawing Hotel Lipson

POTTER, Frederick (//-//)

1880-1884 City Market Hotel became Langham Hotel Gouger St

1902-1903 Langham Hotel Gouger St

POTTER, George (//-//)

1858-1859 Lord Lynedoch Inn Lyndoch

Parents – Peter Potter & Jane nee ?

To SA 1839 Somersetshire, with parents and siblings.

POTTER, James Senr (//c1814-8/12/1856)

Died Noarlunga SA at his residence The Horseshoe Inn, 'greatly respected by a large circle of friends'.

1845-1856 Albion Morphett St .

1856-1856 Horseshoe Inn Noarlunga

Parents – Peter Potter & Jane nee ?

To SA 1839 Somersetshire, with wife, parents and siblings.

Feb 1846 coachbuilder and general smith in Rundle St. John Godlee late of Mt Barker took over as publican SA 15/2/1846 p50a What is the truth of the dates given above??

James Potter at the Horseshoe Inn, Noarlunga, according to the marriage notice of his youngest son, Edward Potter who married 23/1/1885 Pt Adelaide, Madge Elliott of Adelaide. James Potter 1856 and Edward Potter 1857-1860


James b 11/11/1841 Henry b 13/8/1843 William b 10/5/1845 George b 13/5/1847 Edward b 19/9/1848 all Adelaide.

POTTER, Mrs James nee Ellen MARTIN (//c1815-25/6/1888)

Died Adelaide SA, at her residence Halifax St.

1857-1862 Horseshoe Inn Noarlunga

POTTER, J (//-//)

1866-1867 Courthouse Hotel Redruth

POTTER, James (//-//)

1868-1869 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

POTTER, James (//-//)

1878-1879 Sir James Fergusson Hotel Tarlee

POTTER, James Junr (11/11/1841-14/1/1898)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Riverton SA.

1885-1888 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge

1888-1896 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge

Parents – publicans James Potter & Ellen nee Martin.

Settled; Riverton, perhaps Tarlee, Murray Bridge, Riverton. CE.

m 20/5/1875 Arthur Horner residence Riverton, publican Mary Jane nee Lord.

POTTER, Mrs James nee Mary Jane LORD (//c1851-1/8/1915)

Born Co Cork, Ireland. Died Riverton SA.

1888-1888 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge

Parents – Robert Lord &

POTTER, John (//-//)

1868-1870 Miners Arms Hotel Moonta

POTTER, Sydney Frank (16/6/1869-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1904-1904 Tumby Bay Hotel Tumby Bay Hotel opener

Parents – publicans Abraham Wells Potter & Mary Martha nee Thomas.

POTTER, William (10/5/1845-11/6/1884)

Born Adelaide SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Eudunda)

1878-1884 Royal Hotel Eudunda Hotel founder

Parents – publicans James Potter & Ellen nee Martin.

His brother George Potter died at the hotel on 23/5/1881 of heart disease, aged 34.4th son of Mrs James Potter of Hindmarsh Square Adelaide DN Observer 28/5/1881 p936b. prob b 13/5/1847 Adelaide – son of publicans James Potter & Ellen nee Martin.

Gave evidence at the inquest of the death of Mrs Annie Carrington at the Kapunda Hospital Observer 28/5/1881 p947e.

m 7/8/1875 Holy Trinity Adelaide, publican Clara nee Solomon.

POTTER, Mrs William nee Clara SOLOMON (//c1853-21/7/1904)

Died Eudunda SA.

1884-1887 Royal Hotel Eudunda

Parents – David Solomon &

m (2) 30/9/1885 St George Goodwood, Richard HANSON (//c1853-//) Blacksmith; Eudunda. Parents – Richard Hanson &

POTTHAST, Carl Charles Heinrich Julius (//c1860-11/1/1937)

Died Adelaide SA (0f Mile End).

1902-1903 Old Bushman Hotel Gawler

1903-1910 Lord Melbourne Melbourne St

m Emilie Pauline nee ? (//c1857-7/6/1945) Died Eastwood SA (of Mile End).

POTTER, William (//c1869-//)

1900-1902 Largs Bay Hotel Largs Bay

1903-1904 Brighton Inn Brighton

Parents – George Potter &

m 4/1/1901 St Paul Pt Adelaide, Irene Florence nee MATTHEWS (//c1878-//) Parents – George Augustus Matthews &

POTTS, James Carter (//-//)

1860-1862 Springs Hotel Rhynie Hotel founder

1863-1863 Springs Hotel Rhynie

1876-1876 Commercial Hotel Caltowie Hotel founder

Lived Stockport/Gilbert by 1856 Rhynie by 1861 Hundred of Alma by 1863 near Pt Wakefield by 1866 Anama by 1868

m Elizabeth nee HAY (//-//)

POTTS, Louis (//-//)

1901-1926 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

POTTS, Louis Richmond (//-//)

1950-1974 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

POTTS, Robert (//-//)

1855-1857 Bushmans Home Hotel Redruth Hotel founder

Settled; Gawler Plains by 1851 Aadelaide by 1855 Redruth by 1856.

m Elizabeth nee HALDANE (//-//)

POUND, Henry (//c1826-23/5/1916)

Died Norwood SA (of North Kensington).

1868-1868 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

To SA 1848 Bussorah Merchant

Settled; Kensington by 1852 Houghton by 1857 Blumberg by 1859 Mt Pleasant by 1863 North Kensington by 1870

m England, Tabitha nee ELLIOTT (//c1828-3/3/1898) Died North Kensington SA. Son Robert Thomas Pound (31/10/1866-27/4/1868) Born Mt Pleasant SA. Died Mt Pleasant SA.

POUNSETT, Henry (//c1836-11/11/1890)

Died Adelaide SA.

1866-1874 Rob Roy Inn Halifax St

Parents – publican Henry Rothwell Pounsett & Elizabeth Hubert nee Bee.

To SA 1839 Seppings, with parents and siblings.

m 7/1/1862 St John Adelaide, publican Emma nee Knowling.

POUNSETT, Mrs Henry nee Emma KNOWLING (//c1840-11/11/1905)

Born England. Died Adelaide SA.

1874-1896 Rob Roy Inn became Rob Roy Hotel Halifax Stt

POUNSETT, Henry Rothwell (//c1811-27/7/1891)

Died Willunga SA.

1840-1841 Commercial Inn Grenfell St

To SA 1839 Seppings.

Innkeeper, postmaster; Adelaide, Willunga. Anglican. Possibly a son of Henry Pounsett, Knightsbridge, Middlesex, England, and Amelia formerly Lady Smith nee ROTHWELL, relict of Major-General Sir Sigismund Smith. Mrs Pounsett died 16/5/1861. Also nephew to Jane Eleanor Springett relict of the late Rev WH Springett, who died 1/4/1862 Raleigh House Brixton-rise, prob Surrey, England.

POUNSETT, SIdney Jackson (//-//)

1949-1954 Grand Junction Hotel Quorn

POVALL, Arthur (//c1861-29/6/1893)

Died Saddleworth SA

1889-1892 District Clerk Riverton

1892-1893 Railway Hotel, Saddleworth

Son of Thomas Povall.

m 31/3/1887 All Saints Hindmarsh, publican Jane nee Burrows

POVALL, Mrs Arthur nee Jane BURROWS (//c1857-//1934)

1887-1888 Old Colonist Hotel Angas St

1889-1889 Riverton Hotel Riverton

1895-1897 Unicorn Hotel Hallett

1900-1901 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

Parents - Richard Burrows

A widow when she ran the Unicorn and Adelaide Hotels.

Richard Burrows the Younger was a blacksmith at Riverton during the 1890s.

POWAR, Martin (//-//)

1866-1867 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

POWELL, Alfred (//-//)

1887-1887 Dolphin Hotel Rundle St

POWELL, Alfred J (//-//)

1920-1925 Royal Oak Hotel Hindley St .

1925-1928 Kalgoorlie Hotel Hindley St

POWELL, Mrs AJ nee Zacharula ? (//-//)

1928-1952 Kalgoorlie Hotel Hindley St

1952-1956 Kalgoorlie Hotel Hindley St with Mrs Edna Isobel Kennedy

POWELL, Charles Bendy (//-//)

1839-1842 Saracens Head Inn Walkerville

Only publican

POWELL, Edward Henry (//-//)

1852-1854 Langhorne Inn Langhorne Creek

POWELL, Mrs Florence M (//-//)

1927-1928 Old Spot Inn Little Para

POWELL, Henry (//-//)

1899-1900 Modbury Hotel Modbury

POWELL, Thomas (//-//)

1894-1898 General Havelock Hotel Hutt St

1899-1900 Worlds End Hotel Magill

POWELL, Mrs Ivy May (//-//)

1925-1926 Earl of Zetland Hotel Flinders St

1926-1929 Railway Hotel Frances

1929-1933 Wolseley Hotel Wolseley

1940-1941 Railway Hotel Peterborough

POWELL, Thomas (//-//)

1850-1851 Campbell Arms Inn Reedy Creek Hotel founder

POWELL, Thomas (//-//)

1899-1901 Petersburg Hotel Petersburg [Peterborough]

POWELL, Thomas E (//-//)

1924-1924 Minnipa Hotel Minnipa with Ivy E Tolhurst

POWELL, Mrs Victoria Vance (//-//)

1940-1947 Riverside Hotel Berri

POWELL, William (//-//)

1850-1851 Freemasons Hotel Kensington

The only publican

POWELL, William (//-//)

1875-1877 Governor MacDonnell Hotel Salisbury

1878-1880 Old Bushman Inn Gawler

POWELL, William (//-//)

1877-1877 Naracoorte Hotel Naracoorte

POWELL, William (//-//)

1880-1880 Hotel Royal New Thebarton

POWELL, William (//-//)

1881-1884 Powells Hotel Hawker Hotel founder

1884-1886 Whitwarta Hotel Whitwarta

1881-1884 Wombat Hotel Kadina

POWELL, William (//-//)

1887-1887 Terminus Hotel Glenelg

POWELL, William (//-//)

1892-1895 Modbury Hotel Modbury

1895-1897 Stag Inn Rundle St

POWNING, George (//-//)

1864-1866 Silverton Hotel Silverton Hotel founder

POYNTER, William (//-//)

1853-1858 Salisbury Hotel Salisbury

PRATER, Thomas (//-//)

1895-1895 Exchange Hotel Pt Adelaide

PRATT, Ernestine PE (//-//)

1908-1911 Smithfield Hotel Smithfield

PRATT, Harry (//-//)

1891-1894 Narridy Hotel Narridy

1894-1894 Globe Hotel Wilmington

PRATT, James (//-//)

1864-1867 Commercial Inn Hindmarsh

Became a bankrupt

PRATT, Mrs Polly E (//-//)

1914-1918 Globe Hotel Gawler

PRATT, William the Elder (//-//)

1858-1858 Coach and Horses Hotel Salisbury

PRATTEN, Francis Harold perhaps (30/6/1887-//after 1951)

Born Walkerville SA.

1918-1920 Maid of Auckland Hotel Edwardstown

1921-1923 Oriental Hotel Norwood

1923-1924 Halfway House Hotel Port Road York [Beverley]

1925-1925 Kimba Hotel Kimba with Harry Stapleton Crabb

1925-1928 West Thebarton Hotel Thebarton

1928-1928 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St

1928-1929 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln with Emily Veronica Pratten

1929-1935 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

1936-1940 Whyalla Hotel Whyalla with Emily Veronica Pratten

Parents – publicans Joseph William Pratten & Susan nee Basham

m (1) 25/7/1914 St Bede Semaphore, Rosetta Jean nee HICKS (//c1887-29/1/1923) Apparently not Born SA. Parents – Thomas Teague Hicks &

PRATTEN, Mrs FH nee Emily Veronica ? (//c1900-2/5/1951)

Died Unley Park SA.

1928-1929 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln with Francis Harold Pratten

1936-1940 Whyalla Hotel Whyalla with Francis Harold Pratten

PRATTEN, Joseph William (//c1846-21/9/1931)

Born Bristol, Glos, England. Died Glenelg SA.

1883-1887 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

1887-1891 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

1912-1918 Marrabel Hotel Marrabel

1919-1923 Halfway House Hotel Port Road York [Beverley]

1925-1926 National Hotel Pirie St

Parents – Joseph Pratten & Jane Elizabeth nee Hillier.

To SA 1854 Sultana with parents and siblings

Brother-in-law to publican Walter Thomas Field. Father of publican Francis Harold Pratten and Sydney Stephen Pratten

m (1) 1/1/1874 St George Magill, Alice Adelaide nee BEASLEY (//c1852-11/3/1878) Died Tarcowie SA. Father; Stephen

m (2) 30/4/1881 BC Chapel Quorn, publican Susan nee Basham (nb).

PRATTEN, Mrs JW nee Susan BASHAM (30/9/1858-20/4/1942)

Born Hindmarsh Valley SA. Died Adelaide SA (of North Adelaide).

1887-1887 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

Parents – Jonathan Basham & Susan nee PAGET

PRATTEN, Sydney Stephen (11/3/1878-26/9/1918)

Born Pekina SA. Died Adelaide SA (of North Adelaide).

1915-1918 Maid of Auckland Hotel Edwardstown

Parents – publican Joseph William Pratten & Alice Adelaide nee Beasley

PREECE, Albert Edward S (//c1867-//)

1911-1913 Scotch Thistle Hotel Kermode St

1913-1914 Dover Castle Hotel Archer St

1914-1918 Inglewood Hotel Inglewood

Parents – Benjamin Preece &

m 1/3/1893 St Paul Adelaide, Alice Emma CROWDER (//c1869-//). Parents - Richard Crowder.

PREECE, Charles Arnold (//-//)

1918-1918 Courthouse Hotel Redruth

PREECE, Thomas (//-//)

1840-1842 Tiers Inn Tusmore Only publican

PREISS, Peter (//-//)

1907-1908 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide with Bridget Preiss his mother

PREISS, perhaps Mrs Charles nee Bridget QUINN (//c1841-//)

1897-1899 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

1907-1908 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide with Peter Preiss her son

1908-1908 Kentish Arms Hotel Kent Town

Parents – Thomas Quinn &

m 27/10/1865 St Patrick Adelaide, Carl Preiss (//c1840-//)

Mother of publican Peter Preiss

PRENDERGAST, Mrs Mary (//-//)

1898-1908 Thornton Hotel Glanville

PRENTICE, Golden (//-//)

1845-1845 Bushman Inn Gawler

PRESS, Alfred Ernest perhaps (//c1867-//)

1890-1899 Lord Melbourne Melbourne St

1901-1903 Lord Melbourne Melbourne St

1903-1907 Exeter Hotel Rundle St

1909-1910 Stag Hotel Rundle St

Parents – Alfred Press &

m 13/12/1887 AJ Tidswell residence Goodwood, Matilda nee JOHNSTON (//c1865-//) Parents – James Palmer Johnston &

PRESSEY, Thomas (//-//)

1871-1877 Commercial Hotel Mt Gambier

PRESSLER, Friedrich Fritz perhaps Carl Theodor Friedrich (//c1863-//)

1905-1906 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

1906-1907 St Kilda Hotel St Kilda Beach

1907-1907 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood

1908-1909 Burton Hotel Manoora

Parents – Carl Pressler &

m 29/12/1897 Lutheran Chapel Yorketown, Minna Alma nee FISCHER (//c1881-//) Parents – Johann George Martin Fischer &

PREST, Charles Henry (//c1876-//)

1912-1914 Davenport Macclesfield

Parents – Richard Prest &

m 22/4/1907 St Paul Pt Pirie, Alexandrina nee PAULICH (//c1880-//) Parents – Harry Paulich &

PREST, John (//-//)

1851-1852 Britannia Hotel Norwod

1859-1862 Derby Arms Inn Penwortham

PRESTON, Alfred/Arthur Russell (//-//)

1856-1868 Maid of Auckland Inn Edwardstown

1868-1868 Commercial Inn Grenfell St

1869-1870 Angaston Hotel Angaston

licensed victualler Commercial Inn Adelaide (pt TA 142 Grenfell St) 1868 Memorial 135/228

PRESTON, John (//-//)

1880-1881 South Australian Club Hotel North Tce

PRETTEJOHN, Nathaniel (//c1795-13/12/1846)

Died Adelaide SA. Tenant; Section 434, District B 1845. Farmer; Reedbeds, then Publican; Adelaide. Anglican. m

1846-1847 John O’Groats Inn Hindley St

To SA 1840 Orissa.

PRETTEJOHN, Mrs Nathaniel nee Mary ? perhaps GILLARD (//c1803-5/2/1876)


PRETTEJOHN, Elizabeth Ann (c1836-1844)


PREUSS, Max Eduard Adolph Richard (//c1857-//)

1892-1898 Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton

1898-1900 Sir John Barleycorn Hotel Rundle St .

1902-1903 Railway Hotel Pt Adelaide

Parents – Hugo Gustav August Edrdmann Preuss &

m 9/11/1892 Bride residence Stepney, Caroline Helene nee EISFELDER (//c1858-//) Parents – Carl August Eisfelder &

PREWETT, Mrs Henry nee Annie Edith HALL (//c1863-//)

1899-1900 Norwood Hotel Norwood

1902-1903 Edinburgh Castle Hotel Currie

1904-1908 Duke of York Hotel Currie St

1908-1911 Duke of York Currie St as Mrs Anderson

Parents; Stephen Hall. &

m (1) 1/10/1879 unrecorded Willunga, Henry Prewett (//c1858-//) Parents – George Prewett &

The Prewetts were at Terowie 1881 then Goodwood 1880s-1890s.

m (2) 30/6/1908 Bride residence Adelaide, Charles Anderson (//c1862-//) Father; Thomas Anderson

PRICE, David J (//-//)

1919-1920 Newmarket Hotel North Tce

PRICE, George (//-//)

1885-1886 Pinda Hotel Pinda

PRICE, Granville Sharpe (//-//)

1863-1863 Shakespeare Hotel Waymouth St

PRICE, Harold R (//-//)

1923-1923 Seven Stars Hotel Angas St

1928-1929 Highbury Hotel Highbury

PRICE, Helena Kathleen (//-//)

1938-1939 Wheatsheaf Hotel Price

1939-1941 Wheatsheaf Hotel Price as Mrs RYAN

PRICE, Samuel Robert (26/9/1876-//)

Born Greens Plains East SA.

1902-1907 Railway Hotel Paskeville

1914-1920 Central Hotel Kadina

1921-1923 Seven Stars Hotel Angas St

Parents; Thomas Price [Butcher and storekeeper Greens Plains East]

and Harriet Caroline nee CLIFT.

m 28/11/1900 Bride mother residence Moonta, Emma Helena nee Weidenbach (24/8/1877-//) Born Moonta Mines SA. Father; Gustav Adolph Weidenbach

Muriel Helena b 12/2/1903 Paskeville m 30/4/1923 St Francis Xavier Cathedral Adelaide, Douglas Tait (15/11/1899-//) Born Copper Hill SA. Parents – John Tait and Laura nee Dowdy (Doudy?).

Hilda May b 10/2/1904 Paskeville m 19/9/1923 St Francis Xavier Cathedral Adelaide, publican John Francis Daly 23 Father Michael Daly.

Mona Gertrude b 31/1/1906 Paskeville m 22/8/1932 St Stephen Lutheran Church Adelaide, Johannes Heinrich Becker 34 Father; Thomas Heinrich Becker.

Mona Becker nee Price m (2) Ernst Albert Sonny THOMAS b 2/11/1912 Freeling, elder son of Franz Adolph Thomas & Anna Amalie nee WEICHERT. He was a primary school teacher. The younger son, Edwin Thomas b 24/12/1917 Freeling, became a policeman. FA Thomas 28, son of Gustav Thomas, m ?/2/1912 Lutheran Church Bethel, Anna Amalie nee Weichert 24, daughter of Rudolph Weichert. FA Thomas was a hay carter [large waggon with eight horses] for JE Neldners chaff merchant business at Freeling. Mrs Thomas was an excellent dressmaker – made Dorothy Bergmann’s wedding dress. Before her marriage, Dorothy became friends with Beckers at Tanunda and used to babysit young Heine and Marlene in their parents’ Julius St residence. The Bergmanns lived in Freeling and knew the Dalys and Beckers well – Mrs Becker took her children to live with her sister after JH Becker was interned when World War 11 began. Mrs Becker was a gracious woman and could make even menial tasks appear dignified.

PRICE, William Horace (//-//)

1949-1957 Broughton Hotel Pt Broughton

PRIEST, John Robson (//c1855-//)

1880-1882 Burrawing Hotel Lipson

Parents – Thomas Henry Priest &

m 11/12/1878 Court House Pt Lincoln, Mary Ann Hilda nee LOCKWOOD (//c1860-//) Parents – Richard Lockwood &

PRIESTLEY, John Henry (//-//)

1882-1883 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

1883-1884 Naracoorte Hotel Naracoorte

1886-1889 Melville Hotel Yorketown

PRIMROSE, John (//-//)

1869-1869 Grapes Inn Grenfell St

PRING, Henry Oswald Lloyd (//-//)

1944-1948 Victoria Hotel Willaston with Jessie May King

PRINGLE, John (//-//1879)

1873-1874 Unley Inn Unley

1874-1879 Edinburgh Inn Mitcham

PRINGLE, Mrs John nee Sarah ? (//-//)

1879-1879 Edinburgh Inn Mitcham

1884-1886 Edinburgh Hotel Mitcham

PRIOR, Alfred Frederick (14/9/1862-22/3/1909)

Born Mayura near Millicent SA. Died Mt Gambier SA.

1888-1892 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

1903-1909 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – publican Charles Prior & Catherine nee Walsh.

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p540

m 3/3/1886 Vicarage Mt Gambier, publican Annie Elizabeth nee Hollis

PRIOR, Mrs AF nee Annie Elizabeth HOLLIS (//c1864-//)

Born Vic.

1892-1893 South Australian Hotel Mt Gambier

1909-1918 Globe Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – John Webb Hollis &

Her family came early to the Mt Gambier district.

PRIOR, Charles (//c1835-24/8/1891)

Born Shiplick, Oxon, England. Died near Mt Gambier SA.

1872-1891 Sportsmans Arms Inn then Hotel Rosaville near Mt Gambier

To SA c1852

Son of William Prior

Worked for William Vansittart at first

Publican, storekeeper; Rosaville.

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p540

m 8/11/1858 Robert Grist residence Mt Burr, Catherine nee WALSH (//c1834-14/3/1879) Died near Mt Gambier SA. Father not recorded.

– five sons and one daughter

PRIOR, Herbert William (13/9/1860-//)

Born Mayura SA

1881-1882 MacDonnell Bay Hotel Pt MacDonnell

Parents – publican Charles Prior & Catherine nee Walsh.

PRIOR, Margaret Henrietta (//-//)

1917-1918 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

Perhaps Mrs William Thomas John Prior formerly Mrs HCL FRANKLIN nee MH BERTRAM (//c1890-//) Apparently not Born SA. Parents – Henry Bertram &

m (2) 25/3/1916 St Mary North Kensington, William Thomas John Prior (19/8/1882-7/5/1947) Born Terowie SA. Died Semaphore SA (of Hilton). Parents – John Prior & Elizabeth Mary nee RICHARDS.

m (1) 4/2/1911 St Paul Adelaide, Herbert Charles Livingstone FRANKLIN (22/10/1879-7/2/1914) Born Adelaide SA. Died North Kensington SA. Parents – Theodore Franklin & Caroline Maria nee EWIN

PRIOR, Philip James (13/3/1866-//)

Born Mayura SA.

1891-1892 Sportsmans Arms Hotel Rosaville near Mt Gambier

Parents – publican Charles Prior & Catherine nee Walsh.

PRIOR, Thomas Frederick (//c1853-//)

Apparently not Born SA.

1886-1888 Frances Hotel Frances

Parents – William Prior &

m 24/11/1881 Wesleyan Parsonage Naracoorte, Laura Blanche nee HAMLYN (//c1864-//) Parents – Edward Hamlyn &

PRITCHARD, Charles (//-//)

1886-1887 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

PRITCHARD, Ellen Annie (//-//)

1918-1918 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

PRITCHARD, Hazel Constance Flower (//-//)

1944-1948 Ramsgate Hotel Henley Beach with Mrs George Lonsdale nee Pearl Eileen Flower ?

PRITCHARD, James (//-//)

1866-1870 Steelton Hotel Steelton

1871-1872 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St

1873-1874 Prince Albert Hotel Currie St

1887-1889 Hilton Hotel Hilton

PRITCHARD, John (//-//)

1878-1880 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

PRITCHARD, Mrs John nee Ann ? (//-//)

1878-1880 Koolunga Hotel Koolunga

1882-1886 Royal Hotel Crystal Brook

PROBERT, John William (//- 2/5/1915)

1910-1911 Hampstead Hotel Hampstead

1911-1913 In Broken Hill NSW

1913-1914 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

1914-1915 Kalgoorlie Hotel Hindley St

PROCTOR, Mrs AG nee Isabella Bella BOX (//c1868-//)

1907-1910 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

1915-1917 Kalgoorlie Hotel Hindley St

1919-1920 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

Parents – William Box &

m 17/8/1887 Charles Chapman residence Norwood, Alfred George Proctor (//c1866-//) Parents – John Proctor &

PROCTOR, William (//-//)

1879-1880 Cross Keys Hotel Angle Grove near Brinkworth

PROUDE, George (//dnr-//)

1878-1888 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

Parents – Thomas Proude &

m 15/8/1878 St Luke Adelaide, publican Mrs Henry Bees nee Julia Moore

PROUDE, Mrs George formerly Mrs Henry Bees nee Julia Moore (//c1838-//)

1878-1878 East Adelaide Hotel Roper St

Parents – Benjamin Moore &

m (1) 2/8/1854 St John Adelaide, Henry BEES (//c1826-//)

PROVIS, Christopher (//c1839-14/9/1918)

Born prob Wilts, England. Died Largs Bay SA.

1877-1882 Clare Hotel Clare

1882-1883 Redhill Hotel Redhill

1884-1897 North-Eastern Hotel Nackara Winehouse only operator

Parents – Joseph Provis & Janetta nee Hannum.

Brother to publican Joseph Hannum Provis.

To SA 1854 David Malcolm with parents and siblings.

m 30/1/1864 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Julia nee ALLEN (21/5/1842-20/12/1917) Born Adelaide SA, at the Southern Cross Hotel Currie St. Died Largs Bay SA. Parents – publicans Frederick William Allen & Catherine nee Oxenham.

PROVIS, Felix Hannum (2/3/1877-2/9/1950)

Born Pt Lincoln SA. Died Springbank SA (of Victor Harbor).

1902-1903 Railway Hotel Pt Elliot

1904-1905 Bay View Hotel Beachport

1905-1906 Point Pass Hotel Point Pass

1911-1912 Crown Hotel Victor Harbor

1913-1914 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown A temperance hotel after that date

Licence transferred to Murray Bridge Hotel

1914-1914 Murray Bridge Hotel Murray Bridge Hotel founder

1921-1922 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

1922-1923 Central Hotel Kadina

1923-1927 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge with Maggie M Provis

1929-1931 South Australian Hotel North Tce

1931-1933 Royal House Hotel Ardrossan

Parents – publicans Joseph Hannum Provis and Mary nee Hobbs

Brother to publicans Oswald Hannum Provis and Mrs PW Bleechmore nee Elizabeth Maud Tiatucka Provis.

m 30/6/1902 Bride father residence Victor Harbor, publican Maggie Maud nee Croucher.

PROVIS, Mrs FH nee Maggie Maud CROUCHER (2/9/1877-3/10/1935)

Born Unley SA, probably at the Unley Inn. Died Victor Harbor SA.

1923-1927 Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge with Felix Hannum Provis

1929-1930 Largs Pier Hotel Largs Bay

Parents – publicans Joseph Owen Croucher & Margaret nee McDonald

PROVIS, Joseph Hannum (//c1841-3/11/1891)

Born prob Wilts, England. Died Port Lincoln SA.

1883-1891 Pt Lincoln Hotel Pt Lincoln

Parents – Joseph Provis & Janetta nee Hannum.

Brother to publican Christopher Provis

To SA 1854 David Malcolm with parents and siblings.

m 6/2/1864 Groom brother-in-law George Berryman residence Emu Valley Pt Lincoln, publican Mary nee Hobbs

Parents of publicans Felix Hannum Provis, Oswald Hannum Provis and Mrs PW Bleechmore nee Elizabeth Maud Tiatucka Provis.

PROVIS, Mrs JH nee Mary HOBBS (19/11/1844-5/12/1915)

Born SA.

1891-1893 Pt Lincoln Hotel Pt Lincoln

1893-1895 Reepham Hotel Reepham

1895-1897 Royal Family Hotel Pt Elliot

1898-1899 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood

1899-1902 Railway Hotel Pt Elliot

Parents – Frederick Hobbs & Elizabeth Hannah Lucas

PROVIS, Oswald Hannum (21/2/1867-11/10/1939)

Born Towalla SA. Died Glenelg SA (of Seacliff).

1902-1903 Governor MacDonnell Hotel Salisbury

1903-1908 Yunta Hotel Yunta

1908-1908 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

1909-1914 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka

1915-1917 Kingston Hotel Mt Bryan

1923-1931 Keith Hotel Keith

1931-1934 North Blinman Hotel Blinman North

Parents – Joseph Hannum Provis & Mary nee Hobbs.

Brother to publicans Felix Hannum Provis and Mrs PW Bleechmore nee Elizabeth Maud Tiatucka Provis.

m 7/9/1891 St Luke Adelaide, Alice Louisa nee LEMON (28/2/1872-12/8/1957) Born Hackam SA. Died Eastwood SA (of Seacliff). Parents – William John Lemon & Alice Louisa nee CANDY

PROWSE, Jacob (//-//)

1839-1840 Halfway House Inn Plympton Hotel founder

PROWSE, William (//-//)

1881-1882 Globe Hotel Glenelg South Hotel founder

PRYOR, Alfred Harrison (//-//)

1910-1910 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

1911-1912 Lord Melbourne Hotel Melbourne St

1912-1917 Globe Hotel Glenelg South

1921-1922 Halfway House Hotel Plympton

PRYOR, Mrs AH nee Fanny Rosina ? (//-//)

1917-1920 Globe Hotel Glenelg South

1935-1937 Bush Inn Willunga

PRYOR, Daniel (//-//)

1882-1882 Rochester Hotel Rochester

PRYOR, Mrs Fannie R (//-//)

1923-1925 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

QUICK, John James (//-//)

1882-1882 Travellers Rest Hotel Lochiel Hummocks

PRYZABELLA, August (//-//)

1873-1875 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

PRZIBILLA, Edmund Alfred George (//-//)

1950-1950 Broughton Arms Hotel Yacka with Alfred Edward Busbridge

1950-1954 Broughton Arms Hotel Yacka

PUCKRIDGE, John St George (//-//)

1856-1862 Buckingham Arms Hotel Gilberton

PUCKRIDGE, Mrs Maria (//-//)

1891-1893 Warrow Hotel Warrow

1898-1902 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln widow

1903-1907 Northern Hotel Pt Lincoln

1908-1911 Gladstone Hotel Gladstone

1911-1913 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor

PUCKRIDGE, Percival Lincoln (//-//)

1945-1947 Pier Hotel Pt Lincoln

PUCKRIDGE, Russell John St George (//-//)

1923-1930 Lake Wangary Hotel Wangary

PUCKRIDGE, Septimus Allan (//c1859-//)

1893-1917 Warrow Hotel Warrow

Parents – John H George publican John St George ? Puckridge &

m 16/6/1896 Groom residence Warrow Hotel Warrow, publican Alice nee Cuddiford

PUCKRIDGE, Mrs SA nee Alice CUDDIFORD (//c1868-//)

1917-1929 Warrow Hotel Warrow

Parents – Edward Cuddiford &

Hotel closed – licence transferred to Hotel Boston Pt Lincoln

1929-1929 Hotel Boston Pt Lincoln Hotel founder

PUDDY, Mrs/Miss Emily (//-//)

1904-1911 Gorge Hotel Pt Germein Gorge Hotel closer

1915-1915 Yatina Hotel Yatina

Any link with Edward Prentice Puddy?

PUGH, James Charles (//-//)

1875-1875 Talbot Inn Gouger St

PUGH, Thomas the Younger (//-//)

1887-1889 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

PULLMAN, Lionel FM (//-//)

1935-1936 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

PULSFORD, Mrs John nee Rebecca Victoria HULBERT (//c1840-21/6/1916)

Died Adelaide SA.

1882-1883 Newmarket Inn North Tce

1899-1916 Newmarket Hotel North Tce

Daughter of GT Hulbert and Frances nee Tinney who remarried and became Mrs Frances Badman, who had the Newmarket before her daughter. Excellent manager and hostess. Well respected.

Husband John Pulsford, died England some years previously. No family

Obit Observer 24/6/1916 p354c.

PURCHASE, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)

1904-1911 Gorge Hotel Pt Germein Gorge

PURCHASE, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)

1890-1898 Gorge Hotel Pt Germein Gorge

1903-1904 Gorge Hotel Pt Germein Gorge

PURCHES, Harold E (//-//)

1902-1902 Tanners Arms Hotel Bowden

PURCHES, John the Younger (//-//)

1879-1880 Woodville Hotel Woodville

1889-1898 Blythwood Hotel Blythwood

PURCHES, John (//-//)

1898-1907 Rosewater Hotel Rosewater

1908-1910 Marryatville Hotel Marryatville

PURVIS, Henry (//-//)

1877-1880 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1886-1887 Lass o’Gowrie Inn Pt Adelaide

1893-1895 International Hotel Pt Pirie

1895-1897 Pier Hotel Glenelg

1897-1898 Tattersalls Hotel Hindley St

1898-1900 Commercial Hotel Tynte St

1900-1900 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

PURVIS, Mrs Henry nee Margaret ? (//-//)

1895-1895 Pier Hotel Glenelg

1900-1902 Bremen Hotel Hope Valley

1902-1902 Golden Rule Hotel Pirie St

PURVIS, Keith M (//-//)

1935-1935 Cathedral Hotel Kermode St

PURVIS, Samuel (//-//)

1913-1917 Grand Hotel Millicent

PURVIS, William (//-//)

1903-1905 General Gordon Hotel Grenfell St

PYCROFT, James (//-//)

1878-1879 Light Bridge Hotel Linwood

1881-1881 Light Bridge Hotel Linwood

PYKE, George Weighton (//-//)

1848-1850 Gilbert Arms Hotel Stockport

1850-1852 Hamilton Hotel Hamilton Hotel opened.

A marriage at the Gilbert Arms Stockport during his time as publican – Robert MUTCH (//c1827-//) m 6/3/1850 Gilbert Inn, Isabella nee CLARKE (//c1830-//)

PYLE, Edward (//-//)

1898-1898 Torrens Arms Hotel Kingswood

PYLE, Mary A (//-//)

1898-1898 Torrens Arms Hotel Kingswood muddle Mrs Elizabeth Pyle

PYMAN, William (//-//)

1858-1860 Belvidere Hotel Belvidere Hundred of Bremer

PYNE, D (//-//)

1870-1870 Hope Inn Hindmarsh