Lists of South Australian Publicans

The following are alphabetical lists of early South Australian Publicans compiled over many years by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian). 

The data is incomplete but includes certain additional information.  It has been taken 'as is' directly from his computer files (2015). 

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List of Names 'T' to 'U'

Names Beginning 'T'

TAIT, David (//c1869-//)

1923-1924 Parilla Hotel Parilla with Auguste Wilhelmine Ottilie Tait his wife

Parents – Thomas Tait &

m 11/6/1890 RC Church Kadina, publican Auguste nee Oehm.

TAIT, Mrs David nee Auguste Wilhelmine Ottilie OEHM (//c1869-//)

1923-1924 Parilla Hotel Parilla

1923-1924 Parilla Hotel Parilla with David Tait her husband

Parents – August Oehm &

TAIT, Douglas (15/11/1899-//)

Born Copper Hill near Moonta SA.

1924-1927 Parilla Hotel Parilla

1927-1940 Hackney Hotel Hackney

1947-1952 Hackney Hotel Hackney

1961-1962 Hackney Hotel Hackney

Parents – perhaps publican John Tait and Laura nee Dowdy

Perhaps the right identification.

TAIT, John perhaps (//c1872-//)

1899-1901 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

perhaps Parents – Thomas Tait &

perhaps m 12/6/1897 Sacred Heart Kadina, Laura Anna nee DOWDY (//c1875-//) Parents – Michael Dowdy &

TALBOT, Joseph Anthony (//-//)

1936-1940 Criterion Hotel Pt Adelaide

1940-1945 Criterion Hotel Pt Adelaide with Angus McAulay

1945-1951 Criterion Hotel Pt Adelaide

TAMBLYN, John William (//c1869-//)

1908-1909 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter

1910-1913 Globe Hotel Gawler

Parents – John Tamblyn &

m 5/5/1901 Bride father residence Wallaroo Mine, Adelaide nee PENGILLY (//c1877-//) Parents – Josiah Pengilly &

TANNER, Charles (//-//)

1851-1852 Black Swan Inn North Tce

m 15/4/1847 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Clara nee ROGERS

TANNER, George William (//-//)

1850-1851 Black Swan Inn North Tce

TANNER, Vincent (//c1860-//)

1890-1895 Pinkerton Hotel Quorn

1895-1897 Jetty Hotel LeFevre Peninsula [Semaphore]

1897-1899 Curramulka Hotel Curramulka

Parents – John Tanner &

m 12/2/1886 Bride stepfather Quorn, publican Mary Elizabeth nee Williams

TANNER, Mrs Vincent nee Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS (//c1867-//)

1906-1909 Pinkerton Hotel Quorn

1909-1910 Pinkerton Hotel Quorn as Mrs WD Hill

Parents – John Williams & . Her father had died by 1886.

m (2) 6/5/1909 Charles Jones residence North Adelaide, Walter Dunleavey HILL (//c1866-//) Parents – Thomas William Hill & ?. He was a widower at the time of his marriage to the Widow Tanner.

TANTRAM, George perhaps (//c1846-//)

Born Staffs, England.

1877-1880 Millicent Hotel Millicent Confusion with naming Millicent Hotel

1880-1882 Somerset Hotel Millicent

1882-1886 Millicent Hotel Millicent or E MCQUEEN

1895-1900 Millicent Hotel Millicent

Likely brother to publican William Tantram.

Publican; Millicent perhaps Miner etc; Silverton NSW

m Bethsheba Mary nee ? (//c1837-17/5/1887) Died Silverton NSW.

TANTRAM, William (//c1851-//)

1882-1887 Somerset Hotel Millicent

1890-1895 Millicent Hotel Millicent

To SA 1874 Hesperus

Parents – Thomas Tantram &

Likely brother to publican George Tantram.

m 25/1/1882 Bride residence Mt Gambier, Meta Wilhelmine Augustine nee GASSMANN (//c1859-//) Parents – Hermann Gassmann &

TAPLEY, Alfred Morford (11/5/1863-6/10/1921)

Born SA. Died SA.

1901-1909 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

Parents – James Morford Tapley & Mary nee SHARPE

m 7/11/1888 Registry Office Adelaide, Mrs COX nee Elizabeth Ann nee MUNDY (//c1855-//) Parents – John Mundy &

TAPLEY, Thomas (//-//)

1840-1848 Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill Hotel founder

TAPLEY, Thomas the Younger (//-//)

1848-1855 Springs then Emu Inn Black Springs near Kooringa

TAPPING, Richard (//-//)

1868-1870 Smelters Home Hotel Wallaroo

Settled; Wallaroo by 1872 Glanville by 1877

m Jane nee CLEMENTS (//-//)

TARRANT, Henry Samuel (//-//)

1937-1943 Bay View Hotel Beachport

TASKER, Charles Arthur (5/8/1876-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1933-1935 Ethelton Hotel Ethelton

Parents – Frederick Alexander Tasker & Mary nee Crosbie

Brother to publican William Hampton Tasker

m 16/11/1908 St Augustine Unley, Myrtle Lily nee TAYLOR (//c1884-//)

Parents – Thomas Taylor &

TASKER, Clyde Hampton (//-//)

1945-1951 Norwood Hotel Norwood

TASKER, Leonard RF/S (//-//)

1926-1928 Moonta Hotel Moonta

1928-1930 Globe Hotel Gawler

TASKER, Thomas (//-//)

1847-1849 Robin Hood Inn Kensington

1851-1853 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood Hotel founder

TASKER, William Hampton (18/2/1882-//1943)

Born Adelaide SA.

1908-1909 Pier Hotel Glenelg with Nicholas Zolezzi

1909-1926 Old Colonist Hotel Norwood

1927-1943 Norwood Hotel Norwood

Parents – Frederick Alexander Tasker & Mary nee CROSBIE

Publican – Glenelg, Norwood

Brother to publican Charles Arthur Tasker.

m 29/6/1905 St Stephen Lutheran Church Adelaide, publican Albertina nee GRAMM

TASKER, Mrs WH nee Albertina GRAMM (//c1881-//)

1943-1945 Norwood Hotel Norwood

Parents – Michael Gramm &

TATE, Lavinia (//-//)

1908-1908 Kentish Arms Hotel Kent Town

TATUM, William Thomas (//c1844-//)

1880-1881 Unicorn Hotel Hallett

To SA 1864 Eastern Empress

Publican; Hallett

m 22/12/1879 Mr Thomas residence Adelaide, Mrs WM PARKER nee Alice Glenister EAST (//c1851-//) Parents – George East &

m (1) 2/8/1866 Registry Office Pt Elliot, William Marshall Parker (//c1841-//) Parents – Robert Parker &

TAYLOR, Alexander Stirling (//c1841-6/8/1891)

Born Dublin, Ireland.

1877-1877 Duke of Edinburgh Hotel Hindley St

1877-1892 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St

1893-1896 Grange Family Hotel Grange

Parents – James Taylor &

To SA 1866 British Lion. Grocer then publican.

m 26/1/1877 Bride mother Mrs David Oliver residence Imperial Hotel Adelaide, Ellen nee Oliver daughter of David Oliver farmer Willunga. Many people in this family were publicans

TAYLOR, Alfred Skirrow (//-23/12/1920)

1894-1897 Olary Hotel Olary

1897-1900 New Luxemberg Hotel New Luxemberg Goldfield

The only publican

1907-1907 Petersburg Hotel Petersburg [Peterborough]

1908-1911 Arthurton Hotel Arthurton

1912-1912 Duke of York Hotel Currie St

1913-1917 Opies Hotel Aberdeen Hotel closer

1917-1919 Booborowie Hotel Booborowie Hotel founder

Was he a relative to Henry and Harry Robert Taylor?

TAYLOR, Arthur J (//-//)

1911-1911 Gawler Belt Hotel Gawler Belt [Willaston]

TAYLOR, Bentley G (//-//)

1921-1922 Old Bushman Hotel Gawler

1922-1922 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

TAYLOR, Bridget (//-//)

1884-1887 Mt Bryan Hotel Mt Bryan Flat

TAYLOR, Charles L (//-//)

1891-1892 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

TAYLOR, Daniel Lewis (//-//)

1884-1886 Middleton Hotel Middleton with Jane Taylor his wife

1886-1893 Corio Hotel Goolwa

1894-1897 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

First class caterer in Adelaide for over 20 years prior to 1885.

Southern Argus 25/12/1890 p516g.

m 13/1/1881 James Blatchford residence Adelaide, publican Janet nee Irving

TAYLOR, Mrs DL nee Janet Jane IRVING (//c1855-//)

1884-1886 Middleton Hotel Middleton with Daniel Lewis Taylor her husband

Parents – Christopher Irving &

TAYLOR, David (//-//)

1858-1858 Marryatville Inn Marryatville

1858-1858 Marryatville Inn Marryatville

TAYLOR, Edward Hales (//-//)

1850-1851 Billy Barlow Inn Currie St

TAYLOR, Mrs Ellen (//-//)

1905-1909 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

TAYLOR, Ernest William perhaps (2/4/1884-//)

Born near Clare SA.

1914-1914 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

perhaps Parents – James Henry Taylor & Mary nee LARWOOD

m 1/2/1908 St Barnabas Clare, Emma Merrifield nee BORLACE (/c1886-//) Parents – William Henry Borlace &

TAYLOR, Ernest (//-//)

1915-1916 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

1897-1902 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

TAYLOR, Frederick George the Elder (29/12/1830-25/6/1893)

Born Yorks, England. Died SA.

1883-1883 Royal Hotel Ardrossan

To SA 1849 Himalaya

Parents – Edward Taylor & Gertrude nee DUCKETT

m 24/1/1853 RC Church Adelaide, Bridget nee O’BRIEN (//c1837-13/9/1903) Born Co Cavan, Ireland. Died SA.

TAYLOR, George (//-//)

1849-1850 Stag Inn Rundle St Hotel founder

TAYLOR, George Earle (//c1833-3/1/1900)

Born perhaps Totnes, Devon, England.

1861-1862 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

licensed victualler Adelaide, purchased the remainder of the current lease to the Hindmarsh Hotel (Pt TA 164) from Robert FOOTE for 10/- 1862 Memorial 94/180

Parents – Charles Taylor & ? Youngest son. Father, of Totnes, Devon, England, had died by the time his son married.

m 13/2/1860 St Paul Adelaide, publican Emily nee Catchlove - A minor

1st wedding in St Paul’s – couple presented with a Prayer Book

TAYLOR, Mrs CE nee Emily CATCHLOVE (//c1844-31/7/1912)

Died Kingswood SA.

1876-1878 Victoria Hotel Hindley St with Francis H Catchlove

1878-1884 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

1884-1896 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

1896-1909 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

Parents – publican Henry Catchlolve &

Emma Lililan Ottaway d 1/5/1881 Victoria Hotel Hindley St. Only child of Thomas and Jane Ottoway of Wilcannia NSW. DN Observer 7/5/1881 p812b.

TAYLOR, Henry (//c1815-2/3/1885)

Died Mitcham SA.

1850-1864 Brownhill Creek Inn Mitcham

Second hotel in Mitcham The only publican. Another hotel called the Mitcham Inn opened on the site in 1869, when H Taylor still owned the premises. This hotel remained in the family until Taylor’s widow died in 1901. This hotel remained in operation until 1909 under other owners, but did not prosper as it had in former times, because the Edinburgh Hotel opened around the corner in 1869.

To SA 1839 Duchess of Northumberland Worsted fringemaker from 12 Nicholl Square, Cripplegate, Middlesex, England. Bread & biscuit maker; Adelaide (Hindley St 1840 then King William St 1845) later Storekeeper, publican; Mitcham. CE. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871. Took a prominent part in Mitcham district affairs. Lobbyist to form the Mitcham DC. Prominent member St Michael’s Mitcham. Taylor Road at Mitcham named after him. Biog Mitcham Local History Collection.

m England, Lucretia Henrietta nee GAMBLE (//c1816-10/4/1901)

TAYLOR, Henry (//c1844-/11/1919)

Born Luton, Beds, England. Died SA.

1881-1886 Sturt Hotel became Sturt Arcade Hotel Grenfell St

1886-1887 Sturt Arcade Hotel Grenfell St with Harry Robert Taylor his son

1887-1887 Sturt Arcade Hotel Grenfell St

1888-1889 Olary Hotel Olary Hotel founder

To SA c1876

Parents – Robert Taylor &

Publican – Adelaide, Olary

Returned to England (was he on holiday?) and then re-emigrated as a widower

m (1) England, Emily nee KINGHAM (//-//c1890) Died Luton, Beds, England.
m (2) 2/11/1892 Groom residence Adelaide, Hannah nee CARTER (//c1865-//) Parents – William Heppard Carter &

TAYLOR, Harry Robert (//c1865-//)

1885-1886 Rock Tavern Third Creek

1886-1887 Sturt Arcade Hotel Grenfell St with Henry Taylor his father

Sturt Arcade Isolated taproom manager

1889-1893 Olary Hotel Olary

1893-1900 Wadnaminga Hotel Wadnaminga

Parents – probably publican Henry Taylor & Emily nee Kingham

m 8/10/1884 Registry Office Adelaide, Meta Anna nee STABERNACK (//c1867-//) Parents – publican Julius Stabernack &

TAYLOR, Henry Edward perhaps (//c1844-//)

1877-1880 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla Hotel closed.

perhaps m 2/7/1867 Rev’d CW Evan residence Adelaide, Rebecca nee FRIEND (//c1839-//) Parents – Richard Friend &

TAYLOR, Herbert Henry (//-//)

1889-1900 Cockburn Hotel Cockburn Hotel founder

1901-1902 Bedford Hotel Currie St

TAYLOR, James (//-//)

1850-1852 Aberdeen Hotel Aberdeen Hotel founder

1852-1854 Aberdeen Hotel Aberdeen

TAYLOR, James Banfield Senr (30/3/1813-17/11/1891)

Died Auburn SA.

1861-1861 District Hotel Auburn Hotel founder

To SA 1847 Duchess of Northumberland.

Settled; Adelaide by 1848, North Adelaide by 1854, Watervale by 1856 Leasingham by 1858 Mintaro by 1860 Auburn by 1861

m (1) England, Rebecca nee PAUL (//c1814-12/10/1854) Died North Adelaide SA.

m (2) 20/3/1855 St Mark Penwortham, Mary Jeffrey nee BIRT (//c1830 -7/9/1907) Born Cornwall, England. Died North Unley SA. Daughter of William Birt and the wife of his first marriage, perhaps a Miss Jeffrey? To SA 1847 Aboukir with her father, step-mother and siblings.

TAYLOR, James F (//-//)

1900-1903 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

1903-1906 Bush Inn Willunga

TAYLOR, Joseph Norman & Eileen Mary (//-//)

1989-1990 Springton Hotel Springton

TAYLOR, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)

1887-1888 Royal Hotel Pt Augusta

1889-1890 Hookina Hotel Hookina

TAYLOR, Margaret J (//-//)

1912-1912 Excelsior Hotel Brompton Park

TAYLOR, Morgan Edward (//c1870-//)

1915-1916 Dublin Hotel Dublin

Parents – Walter Taylor &

m 7/10/1893 Manse Mt Gambier, Mrs Thomas GOLDSWORTHY nee Emily Florence CHAPLIN (//c1865-//)

Parents – George Chaplin &

m (1) 3/7/1886 Bride father residence North Adelaide, Thomas Goldsworthy (//c1854-//) Parents – John Goldsworthy &

TAYLOR, Richard Herbert perhaps (//c1869-//)

1912-1913 Olary Hotel Olary

Parents – Thomas Taylor &

m 17/3/1892 RC Church North Adelaide, Margaret nee FITZGERALD (//c1869-//) Parents – Thomas Fitzgerald

TAYLOR, Robert (//-//)

To SA mid-1870s.

R Taylor in the Globe Hotel mid-1870s. Called Taylor Bros when they kept the Hindley St Oyster Rooms in 1890s.

Much identity confusion here.

Biog Aldine Vol 2 p818.

TAYLOR, Robert (//c1839-1/10/1893)

Born North England. Died Williamstown SA.

1873-1876 Penwortham Hotel Penwortham

1876-1877 Devonshire Arms Mintaro

1877-1879 City Hotel Hindley St Adelaide

1879-1889 Royal Oak O’Connell St North Adelaide

1880-1886 North Laura Hotel North Laura

1886-1887 Areas Hotel Georgetown

1887-1888 Royal Admiral Hindley St Adelaide

1888-1893 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

Parents – Robert TAYLOR and Anne WALKER – in SA by 1850, when a child, Anne Taylor, born 10/3/1850 at Alberton

m 4/4/1865 Holy Trinity Riverton, publican Eliza Mary nee Baker

TAYLOR, Mrs Robert nee Eliza Mary BAKER (//c1846-24/3/1927)

1893-1902 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

1902-1904 Windsor Castle Hotel Franklin St

1904-1907 Federal Hotel LeFevre Peninsula [Semaphore]

Parents – William Baker and Mary nee THOMAS

Perhaps – William Baker m Mary nee Thomas 11/2/1843 Holy Trinity Adelaide.

No registered record of EM Baker’s birth in SA.

Was her father the publican William Baker in the Mid and Far North?

TAYLOR, Roland (//-//)

1889-1896 Mundoora Hotel Mundoora

TAYLOR, Samuel (//-//)

1855-1859 Frewville Inn Frewville

The only publican

TAYLOR, Samuel (//-//)

1884-1886 Queens Arms Hotel Brown St

TAYLOR, Seth Aden (//-//)

1935-1939 Victoria Hotel Hindley St

TAYLOR, Sydney (//-//)

1896-1898 Provincial Hotel Hindley St

TAYLOR, Thomas the Younger (//-//)

1866-1876 Mallyons Hotel Weston Flat

1881-1882 Mallyons Hotel Weston Flat

TAYLOR, Mrs Thomas nee Mary ? (//-//)

1882-1888 Mallyons Hotel Weston Flat

1892-1895 Weston Flat Hotel Weston Flat

TAYLOR, Thomas (//-//)

1875-1876 Lord Palmerston Hotel Kapunda

TAYLOR, Thomas James (//-//)

1879-1880 Galatea Hotel Hindley St

TAYLOR, Walter William (//-//)

1888-1896 Provincial Hotel Hindley St

TAYLOR, William (//c1834-23/7/1886)

Died Hookina SA.

1862-1877 Hookina Inn then Hotel Hookina Hotel founder

1878-1880 Taylors Hotel Pt Augusta Hotel founder

1881-1882 Extension Hotel Pt Augusta Hotel founder

1882-1886 Hookina Hotel Hookina

Perhaps Biog Manning p

Perhaps m 14/11/1865 unrecorded Pichi Richi Pass, publican Mary Ann nee FINN (//c1845-//) Parents – James Dodd Finn &

TAYLOR, Mrs William nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

1886-1887 Extension Hotel Pt Augusta

1889-1890 Hookina Hotel Hookina

Perhaps she was a daughter of publican JD Finn and a first wife – no evidence for such a conclusion yet.

TAYLOR, William (//-//)

1902-1906 Kent Hotel Pt Adelaide

TAYLOR, William Geddes (//c1857-//)

1893-1908 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

Parents – John Taylor & ?

m 29/9/1885 Wesleyan Church Pirie St Adelaide, publican Esther Charlotte nee Smith

TAYLOR, Mrs WG nee Esther Charlotte SMITH (//c1859-//)

1908-1909 Duke of Brunswick Hotel Gilbert St

Parents – George Benjamin Smith &

TAYLOR, William Henry (//-//)

1862-1864 Criterion Hotel Robe

1871-1871 Carriers Arms Hotel Pub Lake near Robe

1871-1872 Carriers Arms Hotel Pub Lake near Robe

TAYLOR, William Northfield (//-//)

1945-1957 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

Perhaps husband of Neta Taylor??

TEAGUE, Mrs Amy perhaps Mrs Martin Teague nee DAWSON (//c1870-20/8/1961)

Died Glenelg SA.

1924-1939 Globe Hotel Kensington

Perhaps Parents – William Henry Dawson &

m 25/9/1890 Baptist Church Pt Pirie, Martin TEAGUE (//c1867-4/4/1941) Died Adelaide SA (of New Glenelg). Parents – Thomas Teague &

TEAGUE, George Oliver (//-//)

1947-1950 Waukaringa Hotel Waukaringa

TEAGUE, Mary A (//-//)

1887-1890 Maitland Hotel Maitland

TEAKLE, Hannah (//-//)

1840-1841 Bricklayers Arms Hotel Hindmarsh

Hotel closed

TEAKLE, William (//-//)

1850-1851 Buckingham Arms Hotel Gilberton

TEASDALE, William (//c1818-11/4/1899)

Born Thickhill, Yorks, England. Died Truro SA.

1837-1838 British Tavern Finniss St North Adelaide with Stephen Paris Hotel founders.

1851-1852 Crown Inn Truro

1874-1875 Blanchetown Hotel Blanchetown

1876-1877 Blanchetown Hotel Blanchetown

To SA 1836 Cygnet.

Publican, butcher, agent; North Adelaide, Truro, Wheal Barton, Blanchetown. Emigrated as a sawyer; supposed to have built the 1st shop in Adelaide.

m 23/7/1839 Adelaide, Sarah nee Jacques.

Parents of publican Mrs HW Pegler nee Jane Esther Teasdale. Parents-in-law of publican Henry Brand. Grandparents of publican Mrs Alfred Bennett nee Emmaline Vigar.

TEDMANSON, Iver/Ivan (//c1856-//)

1897-1898 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce


Parents – Tedman HELGESON &

m 29/1/1898 Gustav Syvertsen residence Hackney, Alice nee HARVEY (//c1869-//) Parents – Thomas Harvey &

TEE, John (//-//)

1922-1923 British Hotel Finniss St North Adelaide

TEE, Lawrence Walter (//-//)

1945-1946 Hotel Euston Tea Tree Gully with Miss Eva Annie McKenzie

TEE, Marian (//-//)

1890-1893 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant with Selina Tee her sister

m 14/6/1892 St Luke Adelaide, Charles Alfred PAGE (//c1868-//) Son of John Page.

TEE, Selina (//-//)

1890-1893 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant with Marian Tee her sister

m 14/6/1893 St John Mt Pleasant, next publican Alfred Underwood.

TIETZ, Frank William (//-//)

1936-1940 Penn Hotel Oodlawirra

TIETZ, Johann John (//c1870-//)

1910-1913 Penn Hotel Oodlawirra

1931-1936 Penn Hotel Oodlawirra

Parents – Vincent Tietz &

m 2/2/1898 St Aloysius Sevenhill, Cecilia nee WISNEVSKI (//c1879-//) Parents – Michael Wisnevski &

TELTEMANN, Joseph (//c1836-//)

1876-1880 Hotel Europe Grenfell St

1881-1881 Union Inn Waymouth St

1881-1882 Supreme Court Hotel Gouger St

1882-1884 Dolphin Hotel Rundle St

1884-1884 Princess Royal Hotel became Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

1886-1887 Governor MacDonnell Hotel Salisbury


Parents – Christoph Teltemann &

m (1) 9/9/1869 J Howitt residence Adelaide, Jane Gillies nee CAMERON (//c1846-/8/1881) Died SA. Parents – Robert Cameron &

m (2) 12/11/1881 St Luke Adelaide, publican Lydia nee Cayford

TELTEMANN, Mrs Joseph nee Lydia CAYMAN (//c1856-//)

1887-1888 Governor MacDonnell Hotel Salisbury

Parents – Charles Cayman &

TELFORD, George (//c1817-//)

1849-1850 Sir Robert Peel Inn Currie St Hotel founder

m 13/6/1848 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Rose nee CHARTERS (//c1829-//)

TEMBY, John (//-//)

1941-1941 Burra Hotel Burra

1941-1945 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

1945-1947 Callington Hotel Callington

TEMBY, Philip Waghorn (//c1888-//)

1921-1922 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

Parents – Philip Temby &

m 10/8/1912 Evelyn Charlotte C Boehm residence Goodwood Park, Gertrude Rosette nee WIESMANN (//c1890-//)

Parents – Arthur Achille Wiesmann &

TEMPLAR [laterTEMPLER], William (//-//1860)

Died Templers SA, at his residence the North Star Inn.

1846-1860 North Star Inn Templers

Marriage at the North Star Inn Templers during the time he was publican John SMITH (//c1828-//) Father; Richard m 17/7/1858 North Star Inn Templers, Catherine nee O’CONNELL (//c1836-//) Father; Patrick.

TEMPLAR[laterTEMPLER], Mrs William formerly Mrs John FISHER nee Martha ? (//-27/8/1878)

Died Templers SA, at her residence the Morning Star Inn.

1860-1878 North Star later Morning Star Inn Templers

TERRELL, John William (//-//)

1872-1872 Dolphin Tavern Rundle St

Was he a mining captain at Norwood before he became a publican???

TERRELL, Samuel (//-//)

1860-1861 Stepney Hotel Stepney Hotel founder

1875-1879 Windsor Castle Hotel Franklin St

Miner, mining captain, farmer; Adelaide Mine, Perseverence Mine, Montacute Mine 1840s-1870s.

m 10/2/1857 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Emilie Johanne Christiane Linnemann, daughter of Christian Ernst Matthias Linnemann.

TERRY, James Gleeson (//-//)

1885-1888 Mannahill Hotel Mannahill The only publican

1888-1898 Railway Hotel Mannahill Hotel founder

1897-1897 Terrys Tavern Wadnaminga Goldfields

1897-1898 Terrys Hotel Teetulpa Goldfields The only publican

TERRY, Laurence (//-//)

1931-1932 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier

TERRY, Mrs Laurence nee Ada L ? (//-//)

1932-1933 South Eastern Hotel Mt Gambier

TERSCHIPHORST, Elbert (//-//)

1935-1936 Manoora Hotel Manoora

TERSCHIPHORST, Mrs Elbert nee Anna Maria Pauline ? (//-//)

1936-1936 Manoora Hotel Manoora

TESTER, Christopher (//-//)

1886-1886 Commercial Hotel Morgan

THALHAUSER, Friedrich Frederick (//-//)

1883-1887 Mitcham Inn Mitcham

THEAKSTON, John Henry (//-//)

1840-1841 Beulah Hotel Walkerville

He ran the premises as an unlicensed tearooms between 1841-1848

THIEL, Johann Ferdinand Angas (//-//)

1881-1883 Crafers Hotel Crafers

THIEL, Johann Ferdinand Angus (//c1840-2/6/1885)

Died Adelaide SA (of North Adelaide), 'after a long illness'.

1883-1884 Buck’s Head North Tce .

1883-1884 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

1884-1884 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

THIEL, Mrs JFA nee Amelia (//c1850-1/8/1886)

Died Moonta SA

1885-1886 Royal Hotel Moonta

THIELE, Anna Elisabeth Catherine (//-//)

1864-1865 Windsor Hotel Gillies Plains Hotel closed

THIELE, Edwin Oscar (//-//)

1940-1941 Wellington Hotel Waterloo

1941-1941 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

THIELE, Heinrich Friedrich A (20/6/1868-//)

Born Dry Creek SA.

1912-1920 Alma Hotel Lobethal

THIELE, Walter Erwin (//-//)

1940-1942 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

Parents – Johann August Ferdinand Thiele and Caroline Auguste Georgine nee BERTRAM – Lived Dry Creek, Klemzig, Upper Dry Creek.

THIELE, Herbert Edgar (//-//)

1948-1951 Criterion Hotel Quorn

THIRKELL, Henry William (//-//)

1856-1856 Commercial Hotel Munno Para West Gawler Plains

THOMAS, Alexander (//-//)

1854-1856 Turf Hotel Parkside

THOMAS, Alfred J (//-//)

1929-1930 International Hotel Pt Pirie

THOMAS, Alfred James (//-//)

1923-1945 Renmark Hotel Renmark

THOMAS, Arthur (//c1871-//)

1917-1917 Swan Reach Hotel Swan Reach

Parents – Owen Thomas &

m 23/11/1907 St Paul Pt Adelaide, publican Flora Evelyn nee Shiell

THOMAS, Mrs Arthur nee Flora Evelyn SHIELL (//c1887-//)

1909-1911 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

1911-1911 Areas Hotel Georgetown

1912-1913 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

1913-1913 Spalding Hotel Spalding

1913-1914 Hanson Arms Hotel Farrell Flat

1917-1917 Swan Reach Hotel Swan Reach

1917-1920 Swan Reach Hotel Swan Reach

1920-1920 Bridge Hotel Echunga Hotel closer

1920-1921 Wildongoleechie Hotel Hallett

Parents – William Trotter Shiell &

THOMAS, Charles Turner (//-//)

1908-1910 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

1910-1911 Black Eagle Hotel Sevenhill

THOMAS, Daniel (//-//)

1854-1854 Coach and Horses Hotel Salisbury Hotel founder

1855-1856 Sheaoak Log Inn Sheaoak Log

THOMAS, Elizabeth (//-//)

1887-1888 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

THOMAS, Frederick (//-//)

1866-1868 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

1868-1869 Newmarket Hotel North Tce

1869-1869 Windsor Castle Inn Franklin St

THOMAS, Grace (//-//)

1887-1887 Wellington Hotel Wellington/Murray

THOMAS, H (//-//)

1838-1838 Grazier Hindley St Only publican.

THOMAS, Henry (//-//)

1866-1867 West Tce Hotel Waymouth St

THOMAS, Henry (//-//)

1889-1890 Pinkerton Hotel Quorn

THOMAS, Henry Clarence (//-//)

1922-1925 Alford Hotel Alford

1937-1939 John Bull Hotel Currie St

THOMAS, Annie Murielle (//-//)

1939-1940 John Bull Hotel Currie St

13/9/1940-14/8/1950 John Bull Hotel Currie St

THOMAS, Isaac (13/4/1839-15/7/1920)

Born Carmarthen, Co Carmarthen, Wales. Died SA.

1878-1881 Two Wells Hotel Two Wells

1881-1882 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

To SA c1870

Parents – William Thomas & Ann nee OVERTON

m 10/6/1872 St Peter Williamstown, Martha nee SNELLGROVE (//c1849-8/4/1931) Born Southampton, Hants, England. Died Hyde Park SA. To SA 1853 Standard Parents – publican George Snellgrove & Mary Ann nee Richards.

THOMAS, John the Elder (//c1808-27/3/1860)

Died Adelaide SA, 'suddenly' at his residence the Gilles Arms Hotel, Gilles St.

1854-1860 Gilles Arms Hotel Gilles St Hotel founder.

Husband of Mary Thomas. Father of John Thomas the Younger (Eldest child) and William and Rebecca Thomas (Youngest children). Father-in-law of Thomas WRIGHT farmer Ballarat Vic. Details as of 1858 shortly before J Thomas's death. Alexander John Thomas of Adelaide linked with this family Memorial 277/164

THOMAS, Mrs John nee Mary (//-//)

1860-1870 Gilles Arms Hotel Gilles St

Widow of John Thomas the founder of the Gilles Arms Hotel Hotel.

THOMAS, John (//-//)

1864-1868 Mt Bryan Hotel Mt Bryan Flat Hotel founder

THOMAS, John (6/6/1849-5/4/1905)

Born Kapunda SA. Died Hindmarsh SA, suddenly at his residence the Lady Daly Hotel, Hindmarsh.

1904-1904 Kentish Arms Hotel Stanley St

1904-1905 Lady Daly Hotel Hindmarsh

Storekeeper; Moonta then Publican; North Adelaide (Kentish Arms) and Hindmarsh (Lady Daly) in quick succession. Obit Observer 8/4/1905 p668b

Son of John Thomas and Keziah nee MURISH.

THOMAS, Samuel (//-//)

1921-1923 Windsor Hotel Gillies Plains

THOMAS, Sidney V (//-//)

1924-1924 Tiger Hotel Tantanoola

THOMAS, Thomas (//-//)

1885-1886 Glanville Hotel Glanville

1887-1890 Glanville Hotel Glanville

Absent from SA during 1886-1887

THOMAS, Mrs Thomas nee Mary ? (//-//)

1886-1887 Glanville Hotel Glanville

THOMAS, Victor Emmanuel (//c1888-//)

1920-1920 Tanners Arms Hotel Bowden

Parents – George Thomas &

m 25/5/1910 Bride foster parents residence Torrensville, Lucy Alice nee TAYLOR (//c1881-//)

THOMAS, Warren Reginald & Gertrude Gloria (//-//)

1973-1979 Springton Hotel Springton

THOMAS, William (//-//)

1869-1870 New Gasworks Hotel Brompton

THOMAS, Mrs William nee Eliza ? (//-//)

1870-1871 Gasworks Hotel Brompton

THOMAS, William (//-//)

1878-1879 Queen’s Head Hotel Kermode St

THOMAS, William (//-//)

23/3/1839-1841 Miners Arms Melbourne St Hotel founder.

THOMAS, William (//-//)

1874-1877 Prince Alfred Inn Kapunda

THOMAS, William Rodolph (//c1824-//)

1850-1851 Northern Hotel Enfield Hotel founder

1863-1863 Torrens Arms Hotel Kingswood

Eldest son of the late Captain William Thomas of HM 13th Light Infantry

Perhaps To SA 1849 Rajah Probably not likely

m 5/1/1850 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Caroline Maria nee GOOD (//c1826-//) Eldest daughter of John Good of the Great North Road, formerly of Plymouth, Devon, England.

THOMPSON, ? (//-//)

1839-1839 Thompsons Hotel Kingscote

THOMPSON, Albert J perhaps Albert John (//c1869-6/11/1947)

Apparently not Born SA. Died Norwood SA.

1917-1917 Torrens Arms Hotel Kingswood

1923-1925 Royal Exchange Hotel Pt Pirie

Parents – Edward Thompson &

Settled; North Adelaide by 1913 Lower Mitcham by 1918

m (1) ended in divorce

m (2) 9/4/1908 Emma Hermine Armbruster residence Norwood, publican Gertrude Viola nee Taylor

THOMPSON, Mrs AJ nee Gertrude Viola TAYLOR (//c1876-3/9/1956)

Apparently not Born SA. jamesDied Norwood SA.

1912-1917 Torrens Arms Hotel Kingswood

1920-1922 Langham Hotel Gouger St

1925-1927 Norwood Hotel Norwood

1929-1929 Castle Inn Hindley St

1929-1930 Castle Inn Hindley St

1930-1931 Hotel Grenfell Grenfell St .

1933-1937 Royal Arms Hotel Pt Adelaide

1937-1946 Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel Thebarton

Parents – Robert Taylor &

THOMPSON, Albert Leslie (//-//)

1946-1947 Wharf Hotel Pt Adelaide

1947-1950 Star & Garter Hotel Sturt St

THOMPSON, Alfred (//c1841-8/5/1911)

Died Black Forest SA, at the residence of his son-in-law DL Block South Road, ‘of heart trouble’.

1882-1890 Lord Melbourne Melbourne St North Adelaide

1890-1892 Huntsmans Hotel O’Connell St North Adelaide

1892-1907 Jolly Miller Hotel Hindmarsh

Also managed hotels in Adelaide. Obit Chronicle 20/5/1911 p163a.

To SA 1850 with his parents – the eldest son. Father; William Thompson of Mt Barker and Lake Robe.

Farmer; Mt Barker then Mail contractor, coach driver; Coorong, Strathalbyn, Mt Barker, Kadina etc then Publican; Adelaide, Hindmarsh.

Obit Chronicle 20/5/1911 p163a.

MN Register 25/1/1870

m 22/1/1870 Bride mother residence Strathalbyn, Lucy Jane Bull 20 2nd daughter of the late Joseph Bull of Strathalbyn. Chemist; Strathalbyn. Granddaughter of the late Rev’d J Bull of Northants, England. Her father Joseph Bull d 10/1/1857 Strathalbyn, aged 40.

Lucy Jane Bull b 16/7/1849 Strathalbyn. Daughter of Joseph Bull and Jane nee RUNDLE. The family was at Strathalbyn by 1842. Jane Bull d 13/5/1908 Hyde Park, aged 85.

THOMPSON, Arthur W (//-//)

1929-1934 Lake Hotel Milang

THOMPSON, C (//-//)

1873-1874 Exchange Hotel Gawler

THOMPSON, C (//-//)

1881-1882 Cradock Hotel Cradock

THOMPSON, Charles (//-//)

1872-1873 Terminus Hotel Pt Wakefield

1876-1880 Royal Hotel Crystal Brook Hotel founder

1880-1881 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

THOMPSON, David Edwin (//-//)

1947-1947 Hotel Victor Victor Harbor

THOMPSON, Doris Ann (//-//)

1932-1933 Alma Hotel Willunga with Vera Gwendoline Aldam

1933-1938 Bellevue Hotel McLaren Vale

1938-1941 Penneshaw Hotel Penneshaw [Hog Bay]

THOMPSON, Miss Ellen (//-//)

1904-1909 Terminus Hotel Glenelg

Hotel closed. Was she the daughter/sister of the previous publican William Thompson?

THOMPSON, Mrs Florence Maud (18/3/1897-//)

Born Kapunda SA.

1931-1942 Railway Hotel Kapunda

Parents - publican Joseph Ambrose Smith and Bridget nee O’HALLORAN

THOMPSON, George (//-//)

1855-1856 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood

THOMPSON, George Robert (//-//)

1840-1841 Volunteer Inn Hindley St Hotel founder.

THOMPSON, Henry (//-//)

1950-1952 Innamincka Hotel Innamincka

Hotel closed

THOMPSON, James (//-//)

1883-1884 Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

THOMPSON, James (//-//)

1886-1889 Railway Hotel Salisbury

1896-1898 Governor MacDonnell Hotel Salisbury

THOMPSON, John (//-//)

1840-1842 Ship Inn Encounter Bay

Is this also the Kingscote publican?

THOMPSON, John (//-//)

1854-1855 Globe Inn Kensington

THOMPSON, John (//-//)

1864-1864 Buckingham Arms Hotel Gilberton

THOMPSON, John Little Junr (9/4/1860-11/2/1918)

Born Mt Barker SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Wentworth NSW)

1897-1898 Lion Hotel Jerningham St North Adelaide

Parents – John Little Thompson Senr & Jemima nee Low.

m 22/6/1897 Presbyterian Church Flinders St Adelaide, Lucy Jane nee ELLBOURN (//c1873-//) Parents – Arthur Ellbourn &

His father died of injuries sustained after an accidental fall from the balcony of the Lion Hotel Inquest and obituary Chronicle 23/4/1898 p855b.

THOMPSON, John O (//-//)

1871-1873 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

1871-1873 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

THOMPSON, JV (//-//)

1870-1871 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

THOMPSON, John William (//-//)

1887-1890 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

1890-1892 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

Settled; Grace Plains by 1868 Two Wells by 1870 Balaklava by 1872 Virginia by 1874

THOMPSON,Mrs JW nee Louisa perhaps Harriet Louisa Hall TILLER (//-//)

1890-1890 Wheatsheaf Hotel Peachey Belt [Virginia]

THOMPSON, Merton Joseph (5/2/1890-//)

Born Sandwell [Pt Adelaide] SA.

1921-1923 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1923-1925 Saracens Head Hotel Carrington St

1926-1926 General Havelock Hotel Hutt St

1928-1930 Thistle Hotel Waymouth St

1931-1933 Hilton Hotel Hilton

1934-1937 Old Colonist Hotel Norwood

1937-1941 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St

1945-1964 General Havelock Hotel Hutt St

Parents – Frederick Henry Thompson & Johanna nee DINEEN

m Dorothy Edith nee HAINES (//c1898-20/8/1943) Died Adelaide SA.

THOMPSON, Merton Maxwell John (13/9/1919-26/1/1963)

Born Alberton SA. Died Adelaide SA (of the Millswood Estate).

1941-1944 Earl of Aberdeen Hotel Hanson St

Parents – publican Merton Joseph Thompson & Dorothy Edith nee Haines

THOMPSON, Michael Geoffrey (//-//)

1986-1986 Robin Hood Hotel Norwood

THOMPSON, Ronald Verner (//-//)

1944-1945 Hotel Victor Victor Harbor

1945-1946 Hotel Victor Victor Harbor

Settled; Glenelg by 1921 later Publican; Victor Harbor

m Winifred Constance nee ATKINS (//-//)

THOMPSON, Walter (//-//)

1861-1862 Miners Arms Inn Glen Osmond

THOMPSON, Walter (//-//)

1886-1886 Elephant & Castle Hotel West Tce

1887-1887 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St

THOMPSON, Mrs perhaps Walter nee Elizabeth JAMIESON (//-//)

1887-1889 Oakfield Hotel Flinders St .

THOMPSON, William (//-//)

Is this William Thompson storekeeper Glanville who died 7/3/1895. He was a farmer in 1865.

1885-1885 Dolphin Hotel Rundle St

THOMPSON, William (//-//)

1860-1862 Fountain Inn Encounter Bay

THOMPSON, William (//-//)

1869-1873 Normanville Hotel Normanville

THOMPSON, William (//-//)

Did he died 1904?

1878-1881 Family Hotel Glenelg

1881-1881 Jervois Hotel Pt Adelaide

1881-1884 Terminus Hotel Glenelg

1886-1890 Broadway Hotel New Glenelg

1891-1891 Lady Daly Hotel Hindmarsh

1894-1904 Terminus Hotel Glenelg

THOMPSON, William Douglas (//-//)

1929-1937 Commercial Hotel Tumby Bay

THOMPSON, William John (//-//)

1898-1903 Imperial Hotel Terowie

THOMS, George (//-//)

1907-1908 Mill Inn Gawler South

THOMSON, Alexander D (//-//)

1901-1903 St Kilda Hotel St Kilda Beach

THOMSON, Andrew (//-//)

1897-1897 Bakers Springs Hotel Rhynie

THOMSON, David (//c1840-//)

Born prob Co Clackmannan, Scotland.

1878-1879 Commercial Hotel Gawler

1880-1883 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

1883-1886 Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel Blumberg

Likely to have left SA

Parents – James Thomson & Celia nee MATHEW.

To SA 1855 Europa, with parents and siblings.

Saddler; Gawler, Willastons then Publican; Gawler, Mt Pleasant, Blumberg. Presbyterian, Congregational.

m 1/3/1862 St George Gawler, Caroline nee FREESTUN (//c1844-//) Born SA. Parents – Edward Lockyer Freestun &

THOMSON, Ida (//-//)

1936-1939 Commercial Hotel Hindmarsh with Emily Wells Stratton

THOMSON, James Turnbull (//c1810-29/8/1876)

Born Dundee, Co Forfar, Scotland. Died nr Pt Adelaide SA, ‘in thick scrub among the North Arm swamps’.

1841-1843 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah

1852-1853 Balhannah Inn Balhannah Hotel founder

To SA 1839 Georgiana

Farmer, hotelkeeper, storekeeper, gentleman; Balhannah, Milang etc. In England 1848-1850. Balhannah real estate court case Observer 2/12/1854 p535d, Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871.

Never married.

THOMSON, James Senr (//-//)

1843-1849 Sussex Arms Inn Walkerville Hotel founder

THOMSON, James (//c1792-18/1/1871)

Gardener from Waldron, Sussex, England. He helped his future son-in-law Benjamin Boyce jump ship on Boxing Day. 1st Publican Sussex Arms; Walkerville. His son-in-law, JM Nottage, then ran the business for many years

1851-1852 Angel Inn Gouger St

1852-1853 Sussex Arms Inn Walkerville Elder or Younger?

To SA 1839 Moffatt

m perhaps Mary/Maria Georgianna Kidd nee ? (//-5/4/1875)

THOMSON, James Junr (6/8/1815-27/1/1885)

Born Saffron Walden, Suffolk, England. Died SA.

1863-1865 Cornucopia Hotel Wallaroo

m 26/9/1843 St John Adelaide, Ann nee HILLIER (10/7/1829-//) Born Hants, England. Died SA. m (2) SPINKS

THOMSON, James (//-//)

1866-1869 Green Man Hotel Ashbourne


1888-1888 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

Is this Balhannah’s founder? No.

THOMSON, Walter Stoddart (16/11/c1893-23/3/1971)

Born Hurtle Vale SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Kensington Park).

1941-1945 Angaston Hotel Angaston

Parents – Robert Thomson & Mary Helen nee LAIDLAW

THOMSON, Mrs WS nee Katie Symington PINKERTON (12/5/1899-1/5/1961)

Born Naracoorte SA. Died Norwood SA.

1946-1951 Alma Hotel Norwood

Parents – James Pinkerton & Rhoda nee HEUCHAN

THOMSON, William (//-24/11/1894)

Died Kirkaldy, Co Fife , Scotland, at his residence St Ives Villa, Loughborough Road

1859-1862 Finnis Vale Hotel Finniss Vale [Second Valley]

1863-1877 King’s Head Inn became Kings Head Hotel King William St

THOMSON, William Douglas (//-//)

1920-1922 Globe Hotel Wilmington

1923-1928 Globe Hotel Wilmington

THORN, Charles Kevern (//c1859-//)

1880-1881 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo

Parents – Charles Kevern Thorn &

m 9/7/1880 St Patrick Presbytery Adelaide, Mary Jane nee SCHNEIDER (//c1861-//) Parents – Andreas Schneider & ?

Or is this person CK Thorn the Elder? Almost too young to run a hotel

THORN, Charles Thomas perhaps (//c1851-//)

1886-1894 Pinda Hotel Pinda Hotel closer

perhaps Parents – Thomas Thorn &

perhaps m 21/10/1871 Bride father residence Wallaroo, Caroline nee BISHOP (//c1851-//) Parents – Francis Bishop & ?THORNBER, Robert (//-//)

1841-1842 Hen and Chickens Hotel Pt Adelaide Hotel founder

THORNBURGH, Henry (//c1831-//)

1870-1871 Reedy Lagoon Hotel Reedy Lagoon near Penola

The only publican – not licensed.

Parents – Henry Thornburgh &

m 28/5/1867 James Stark residence Penola, Sarah nee ROWE (//c1839-//)

Parents – William John Rowe &

THORNTON, Francis Frank (//c1863-//)

1900-1903 Johnburgh Hotel Johnburgh

1920-1921 Orroroo Hotel Orroroo

1923-1924 Black Rock Hotel Black Rock

Parents – Michael Thornton &

m 29/11/1899 St Gabriel Cradock, Bridget nee BROWN (//c1870-//) Parents – Patrick Brown &

THORPE, Thomas (17/4/1849-11/11/1899)

Born Norwood SA. Died Napperby SA at his residence the Whim Hotel.

1878-1899 Whim Hotel Napperby

2nd son of Mrs Margaret Thorpe and the late Robert Thorpe of Kensington DN Observer 25/11/1899 p1104b

Brother to publican Walter Thorpe.

m Dorothy nee NEWBOLD (//c1853-1/11/1891) Born Poole Flat SA. Died SA.

A childless marriage.

THORPE, Walter (19/9/1856-5/1/1911)

Born Norwood SA.

1899-1900 Whim Hotel Napperby

Parents - Robert Thorpe & Margaret Sarah MARSTON. Youngest son.

Brother to publican Thomas Thorpe.

m 28/12/1875 Kensington, Ellen nee SINCLAIR (28/5/1857-30/10/1934) Born Stepney SA. Died Payneham SA. Parents – James Sinclair & Margaret nee NICHOLSON.

THREDGOLD, Sidney Leonard (//c1883-//)

1911-1911 Crystal Brook Hotel Crystal Brook

Parents – William Thredgold &

m 21/8/1912 Methodist Manse Pt Pirie, Violet Alma Grace nee REYNOLDS (//c1894-//) Parents – William Henry Reynolds &

THRING, William (16/8/1812-17/11/1887)

Born Wilts, England. Died Wentworth NSW,

1857-1859 Middleton Hotel Middleton Hotel founder

To SA 1849 Duke of Wellington
Farmer, postmaster, publican; Middleton CE
m 7/5/1835 Wilton, Wilts, Elizabeth nee DOLING (28/3/1812-17/6/1885) Born Wilton, Wilts, England.

THRUM, John Amos (//-//)

1859-1860 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

m Esther Harriott nee JONES

THURSTON, William (28/8/1844-5/9/1925)

1866-1868 Hampshire Hotel White Valley Aldinga [later Willunga]

Parents – William Thurston & Caroline nee ?

To SA 1850 Lysander with his parents and siblings

Publican; Adelaide

Became a bankrupt

m 14/9/1865 St Philip; & St James Noarlunga, Mrs George ADEY nee Catherine LACKEY (//c1829-//) Parents – George Lackey & ? Confusion with her name.

THURSTON, William (//-//)

1877-1889 Mt Gambier Hotel Mt Gambier

1889-1890 Mt Gambier Hotel Mt Gambier

A commercial traveller before becoming a publican. Excellent townsman.

THWAITES, Thomas Shilbeck/Silbeck (//-//)

1848-1850 Commercial Inn Hindmarsh Hotel founder

m 4/12/1842 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Elizabeth Ann nee PORTER a minor

did he m (2) 10/11/1853 Christ Church North Adelaide, Elizabeth R nee JOHNSTONE

THYER, Arthur Marshall Clement (13/4/1879-//)

Born Yarcowie SA.

1910-1920 Jetty Hotel Stansbury

Parents – Thomas Thyer & Harriet Ade/Adelaide? nee STONEHAM

m 30/11/1909 St George Yorketown, Adelaide Beryl nee SMITH (//c1881-//) Parents – John Smith &

THYER, Thomas (19/12/1842-11/5/1881)

Born SA. Died SA.

1875-1879 Yarcowie Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie Hotel founder

1880-1880 Yarcowie Hotel Whyte-Yarcowie

Parents – Joseph Thyer & Sarah nee WOODWARD

Farmer – Mt Peasant, Modbury, Whyte-Yarcowie also Publican; Whyte-Yarcowie

m 22/1/1866 Rev’d CW Evan residence Adelaide, publican later Mrs John Steele then Mrs AG Stockings nee Harriett Ada STONEHAM

TICE William (//-//)

1864-1867 Worlds End Inn Reedy Creek S-E Hotel founder

1868-1869 Woolshed Inn Bordertown

TIDSWELL, Mrs Audrey Ellis (//-//)

1939-1945 Northern Hotel Enfield with Mrs Sophia Adeline Tidswell

1945-1950 Northern Hotel Enfield with James Lindsay Gotthold Tidswell

TIDSWELL, Mrs Thomas nee Annie/Fanny BROWNLOW (//-//)

1913-1919 District Hotel Gumeracha

TIDSWELL, Horace Robert Kintore (9/4/1889-//)

Born North Unley SA.

1911-1912 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

1919-1920 District Hotel Gumeracha

1925-1935 Alma Hotel Lobethal

1935-1936 Stirling Hotel Stirling

1936-1944 Bedford Hotel Woodside

Parents – Thomas Tidswell & publican Annie/Fanny nee BROWNLOW

TIDSWELL, James Lindsay Gotthold (25/2/1901-//)

Born Gilberton SA.

1945-1950 Northern Hotel Enfield with Mrs Audrey Ellis Tidswell

Parents- publican James William Tidswell & Adeline Sophie nee MUELLER

TIDSWELL, James William (17/4/1877-//)

Born Parkside SA.

1907-1909 Exeter Hotel Rundle St

1907-1918 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

1918-1922 Windmill Hotel Main North Road [Prospect]

1922-1924 Windsor Castle Hotel Franklin St

1925-1935 Earl of Zetland Hotel Flinders St

1926-1930 Windsor Castle Hotel Franklin St

Parents – John William Tidswell & Ann Annie Isabella nee JOHNSTON

Brother to publican John Horatio Tidswell

m Adeline Sophie nee MUELLER (28/11/1878-//) Born Blumberg SA. Parents – Johann Mueller & Luise nee SCHULZ

TIDSWELL, John Horatio (4/8/1879-9/3/1934)

Born Parkside SA.

1909-1934 Cremorne Hotel Unley

Parents – John William Tidswell & Ann Annie Isabella nee JOHNSTON

Brother to publican James William Tidswell

TIDSWELL, Mrs JH nee Violet May ALLISON (27/3/1882-//)

Born Mt Gambier SA.

1934-1948 Cremorne Hotel Unley

1948-1956 Cremorne Hotel Unley with Leonard Lancelot Brooks

Parents – William Ruler Allison & Susan Ann nee SHELTON

TIDSWELL, Mrs Sophia Adeline (//-//)

1939-1945 Northern Hotel Enfield with Mrs Audrey Ellis Tidswell

TIDSWELL, William (//-//)

1853-1855 Beresford Arms Hotel Gillles St

1855-1857 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

1858-1861 Oddfellows Arms Hotel Gillles St Hotel closer

m Mary Ann nee FEWSTER

TIDY, George Roberts (1/6/1861-23/7/1937)

Born Nairne SA. Died SA.

1899-1900 Morphett Arms Inn Morphettville

1900-1900 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

Parents – publican Henry Tidy & Harriet nee Roberts

TIDY, Henry (//-//)

1863-1864 Wheatsheaf Inn Inverbrackie Hotel closer

1864-1867 Bee Hive Inn Nairne

1867-1869 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

1872-1875 Devon Arms Inn Hanson St

1875-1882 Northern Hotel Enfield

m Harriet nee ROBERTS (//-//)

TIDY, Richard (//-//)

1862-1863 Wheatsheaf Inn Inverbrackie

TIER, Leon Michael (//-//)

1876-1877 Morning Star Inn Chain of Ponds

1877-1877 Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

1881-1887 Commercial Hotel Pt Adelaide

1887-1891 Tattersalls Hotel Hindley St

1892-1896 Royal Hotel Hindley St

TIER, Mrs LM nee Clara Maria ? (//-//)

1881-1887 Commercial Hotel Pt Adelaide

1891-1891 Tattersalls Hotel Hindley St

TIERNEY, Annie M (//-//)

1919-1920 Salisbury Hotel Salisbury

TIERNEY, Annie M (//-//)

Buck’s Head North Tce 1921. Did she become Mrs Annie M Minahan? Not in revised Hoad - check

TIERNEY, Thomas (//-//)

1888-1892 Norfolk Arms Hotel Rundle St with Philip Lee

TIGHE, James (//-//)

1868-1873 Eagle on the Hill Inn then Hotel Leawood Gardens

1874-1876 Old Colonist Inn Norwood

m Margaret nee LONERGAN (//-//)

TILLER, George (//-//)

1875-1877 Mallala Hotel Mallala

1886-1889 Two Wells Hotel Two Wells

TILLER, Mrs George nee Mary Jane NELSON (//-//)

1890-1891 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

TILLEY, Charles (//c1825-19/1/1890)

1866-1880 Seven Stars Hotel Redbanks Hundred of Grace

Hotel founder

TILLEY, Olive Clarine (//-//)

1916-1917 Botanic Hotel North Tce with Audrey Alice Mary Miles.

TILLEY, Robert (//-//)

1889-1890 Kensington Hotel Kensington

1890-1893 Worlds End Hotel Magill

Lived; Gladstone, Unley, North Adelaide, Magill, New Glenelg

m Sarah Bertha nee BUCKERFIELD (//-//)

TILLIER, Louis Gustav (//-//)

1882-1883 Royal Hotel Ardrossan

TILMOUTH, Sydney Glanville (24/12/1901-//)

Born Cradock SA.

1932-1934 Royal Hotel Terowie Hotel closed

Parents – Albert Edward Tilmouth & Sarah Agnes nee CRABB

TILTON, Robert Leslie (//-//)

1949-1949 Crown Hotel Kingston S-E

TIMMENS, Michael John (//c1875-//)

1907-1909 Railway Hotel Solomontown Pt Pirie

1909-1913 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

1913-1919 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

1920-1921 Commercial Hotel Gawler

1921-1922 Vine Inn Nuriootpa

1922-1923 Yorke Valley Hotel Maitland

1923-1925 Gepps Cross Hotel Gepps Cross

1925-1931 Port Hotel Pt Adelaide

1932-1932 Yarrowie Hotel Appila

1932-1933 Yongala Hotel Yongala

1933-1942 Yorke Valley Hotel Maitland

Parents – Thomas Timmens &

m 8/4/1897 Wesleyan Parsonage Norwood, Elizabeth nee FULLER (//c1873-//) Parents – Samuel Fuller &

TINK, John Henry (13/7/1864-//)

Born The Bremer SA.

1898-1898 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

Parents – William Tink & Jane nee TAYLOR

Lived; Mannum 1889

m Alexandrina nee SCOUGALL

TINKS, Theresa Annie nee ALVES (//c1864-//)

1898-1899 Lake Hotel Milang

m (1) 23/6/1886 Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Kadina, Patrick John WALSH (//c1859-//) Parents – Richard Walsh &

m (2) 1/11/1898 RC Presbytery Mt Barker, Edward James Tinks (//c1872-//) Parents – James Tinks &

TIPPETT, John (//-//)

1857-1863 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook Hotel founder

Related to Benjamin Tippett whose wife Elizabeth nee Rogers gave birth to a daughter Edith Adelaide Tippett 3/2/1862 Millbrook Hotel

TIPPETT, John (//-//)

1898-1905 Tickera Hotel Tickera

Hotel closer

TIPPETT, Joshia John (//-//)

1884-1884 Cornucopia Hotel Copley [Leigh Creek]

TIPPETT, Mrs JJ nee Mary ? (//-//)

1886-1887 Cornucopia Hotel Copley [Leigh Creek]

TISCHER, Mrs Clarice Eileen (//-//)

1935-1941 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

1942-1942 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

1942-1943 Bucks Head Hotel North Tce

Re-married to Buck’s Head publican John James Please

TITCOMBE, William (//-//)

1864-1865 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

Lived; Kangarilla, Molonta

m Mary Ann nee PEDLAR/PEDLER

TIVER, Jack Sampson (//-//)

1950-1951 Rhynie Hotel Rhynie

1951-1952 Hotel Gambier Currie St

TOBIN, John (//-//)

1884-1886 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

TOLEMAN, Miss Amelia (//c1859-24/1/1952)

Prob Born SA. Died Fullarton SA.

1887-1889 Forest Inn Black Forest

1899-1904 Middleton Hotel Middleton

1905-1906 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

Parents – publicans William Toleman & Louisa nee England.

TOLEMAN, Edward (//c1850-15/5/1894)

Born Somerset, England. Died Black Forest SA, at his residence the Forest Inn.

1880-1882 Royal Oak Hotel O’Connell St

1882-1885 Forest Inn Black Forest

1889-1891 Angel Inn Gouger St

1891-1893 Orient Hotel Wakefield St

1893-1894 Forest Inn Black Forest

Parents – publicans William Toleman & Louisa nee England.

To SA 1855 Warren Hastings with parents and siblings

Lived; Truro, Adelaide

m (1) 21/3/1873 Willunga Hotel Willunga, Rebecca nee BAX (1/2/1855-23/4/1887) Born unstated SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Dublin). Parents – George Thomas Bax & Mary nee STRAPP.

m (2) 19/4/1892 St Luke Adelaide, publican Mrs Clapton nee Mary Austin

TOLEMAN, Mrs Edward formerly Mrs CLAPTON nee Mary AUSTIN (//c1846-//)

1894-1894 Forest Inn Black Forest with Louisa Mary Toleman [Mrs FA Evans using her maiden name] her sister-in-law.

Parents – William Austin &

TOLEMAN, Florence Olive (//c1878-1/11/1923)

Died Adelaide SA.

1885-1889 Dublin Hotel Dublin

TOLEMAN, Louisa Mary (//c1864-9/8/1932)

Prob Born SA. Died Adelaide SA.

1894-1894 Forest Inn Black Forest [under her maiden name but actually a married woman] with Mary Toleman her sister-in-law

Parents - publicans William Toleman and Louisa nee England.

m 7/10/1889 St Luke Adelaide, publican Frederick Arthur Evans.

TOLEMAN, Oliver (5/3/1862-22/12/1910)

Born near Pt Elliot SA. Died Belair SA, at his residence the Belair Hotel.

1885-1887 Avoca Hotel Clarence Gardens

1904-1910 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

1910-1911 Belair Hotel Belair

Parents - publicans William Toleman and Louisa nee England.

TOLEMAN, Mrs Oliver nee Charlotte IRONS (12/11/1880-//perhaps 1927)

Born Middleton SA.

1911-1912 Belair Hotel Belair

1912-1919 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

Parents – Henry Irons & Mary Ann nee LOVELL

TOLEMAN, William (//c1825-23/2/1882)

Born Somerset, England. Died Adelaide SA.

1871-1876 Willunga Hotel Willunga

1876-1882 Crown Inn Currie St

Fellmonger; Hindmarsh by 1856 Lived near Pt Elliot by 1862 Hindmarsh Valley by 1868 Wooodside by 1870

TOLEMAN, Mrs William nee Louisa ENGLAND (//c1823-3/4/1882)

Died Kent Town SA.

1883-1885 Crown Inn Currie St

TOLHURST, Herbert (//-//)

1910-1910 Pinnaroo Hotel Pinnaroo Hotel founder

1923-1924 Minnipa Hotel Minnipa Hotel founder

TOLHURST, Ivy E (//-//)

1924-1924 Minnipa Hotel Minnipa with Thomas E Powell

TOLL, William (//-17/6/1870)

Born Jersey CI. Died Willunga SA, at his residence the Alma Inn.

1856-1866 Alma Inn Willunga

1869-1870 Alma Inn Willunga

TOLL, Mrs William nee Jane Selina ? (//-//)

1870-1877 Alma Inn Willunga

TOLMER, James Douglas (23/6/1871-//)

Born Robe SA.

1905-1906 Globe Hotel Naracoorte

1906-1909 Millicent Hotel Millicent

Parents – Alexander Tolmer & Jennie nee DOUGLAS

TONKES, James R (//-//)

1899-1899 Burnside Hotel Burnside

TOMKINS, Henry Villiers (//-//)

1888-1888 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter

TOMKINS, Mrs HV nee Sarah ? (//-//)

1888-1892 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter

TOMLIN, John (//-//)

1867-1869 West Tce Hotel Waymouth St

TOMLIN, Thomas (//-//)

1857-1858 Albion Morphett St

TOMPKINS, Charles (//c1823-2/12/1884)

Died Glenelg SA, at the Jetty Hotel.

1857-1859 Bush Inn Willunga

1860-1862 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

1864-1870 Red Lion Hotel Rundle St

1871-1871 Ship Inn Wallaroo

1873-1877 Seaside & Family Hotel Brighton

1877-1879 Crown Hotel Reynella

m Elizabeth nee BRADISH (//-//)

TOMPKINS, William (//-//)

or perhaps b 15/4/1879 Mt Gambier

1906-1918 Railway Hotel Frances

Perhaps Settled Mt Gambier by 1876

Perhaps m Eunice nee FULSTONE (//-//)

TONKES, James Edward (//-//)

1880-1880 Globe Hotel Pt Adelaide

m Marion Matilda nee FISHER (//-//)

TONKIN, Alfred Alan John (4/2/1893-//)

Born Kadina SA.

1935-1947 Barmera Hotel Barmera

Parents – Alfred Tonkin & Jane nee HEARN

TONKIN, Gordon Metcalf (//-//)

1948-1952 Laura Hotel Laura with William Edgar Maple

TONKIN, Henry Percival (17/10/1882-//)

Born Kanmantoo SA.

1934-1950 Jolly Miller Hotel Hindmarsh

Parents – William Henry Tonkin & Mary nee GUNTHER

TOOLE, Alexander (//-//)

1864-1867 Squatters Arms Tavern Salt Creek Coorong

TOOLE, Dennis Joseph (//-//)

1867-1869 Squatters Arms Tavern Salt Creek Coorong

TORPEY, Harold J (//-//)

1928-1929 Great Northern Hotel Pt Augusta

TORR, Albert Rex (//-//)

1950-1953 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore

TORR, James Cotton (//-//)

1856-1864 Devonshire Hotel Mintaro Hotel founder

1886-1888 Devonshire Arms Hotel Mintaro

1892-1892 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

1894-1894 Devonshire Arms Hotel Mintaro

m (1) Rhoda nee GULLIDGE (//-//)

Confusion re second marriage – not registered

TORR, Mrs James formerly publican Mrs SJ Bayfield nee Louisa Kate Marston (//-//)

1898-1898 Commercial Hotel Two Wells

TORTOISE, John Sutton (//-//)

1867-1869 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West Hotel founder

His daughter Emma nee Tortoise (//c1846-//) m 15/2/1869 Western Hotel Pt Augusta West, Francis Clement Villiers SANDERSON (//c1841-//) Parents – Francis Sanderson &

TOSSELL, Frederick John (//-//)

1894-1895 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay

m Mary Ann nee RILEY (//-//)

TOTHILL, John (//-//)

1896-1897 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

1907-1909 Bay View Hotel Beachport

TOTHILL, Mrs John nee Kate Vincent CROWE (//-//)

1909-1923 Bay View Hotel Beachport

1923-1935 Grand Hotel Millicent

1935-1944 Grand Hotel Millicent with Thomas Walter John Tothill her son

TOTHILL, Robert William (8/12/1869-//)

Born Pt MacDonnell SA.

1904-1916 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

Parents – publican Thomas Tothill & Anne nee HOLT

m publican Mary Jane nee McMillan

TOTHILL, Mrs RW nee Mary Jane MCMILLAN (//-//)

1916-1918 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

TOTHILL, Thomas (//-//)

1897-1904 Park Hotel Mt Gambier

m Anne nee HOLT

TOTHILL, Thomas Walter John (11/10/1896-//)

Born Mt Gambier SA.

1923-1935 Grand Hotel Millicent

1935-1944 Grand Hotel Millicent with Kate Vincent Tothill his mother

1944-1953 Grand Hotel Millicent

Parents – John Tothill and Kate Vincent nee Crowe

TOUGH, George Walter & Vera May (//-//)

1959-1965 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

TOURAINE, Agnes (//-//)

1898-1898 Launceston Hotel Waymouth St

Perhaps Mrs Hermann William Henry Touraine nee Bridget Agnes nee HANLEY

TOWLER, James Bridges (//-//)

1869-1870 Port Elliot Hotel Pt Elliot

1870-1871 Prince of Wales Hotel Angas St

Became a bankrupt

1875-1886 Oyster Bay Hotel Stansbury Hotel founder

1885-1886 Globe Hotel Bowden Date clash

m Jessie nee MOGER

TOWNSEND, John (//-//)

1845-1849 Worlds End Inn Magill Hotel founder

1861-1862 Somerset Hotel Pulteney St

1862-1863 Vintage Shades Inn Norwood

TOWNSEND, Richard (//-//)

1870-1871 Bridgewater Bridgewater Hotel

1871-1872 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

TOY, Cecil William (13/8/1905-//)

Born Black Forest SA.

1932-1936 Bordertown Hotel Bordertown

Parents – William Symonds Toy & Mary Ann nee HOLLAND

TRACEY, Edward William (//-//)

1876-1877 Pichi Richi Inn Pichi Richi Pass

1879-1880 Beauchamps Hotel Pichi Richi Hotel founder

TRACEY, Mark (//-//)

1867-1868 Lord Exmouth Hotel Exeter

1878-1883 Cumberland Hotel Glanville

1885-1885 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide

1887-1892 Duke of Wellington Hotel Pt Adelaide

m Louisa Ann nee DULY

TRAEGER, Florrie Etheldreda (//-//)

1940-1941 Globe Hotel Gawler

TRAEGER, Olwyn Irene (//-//)

1942-1946 Globe Hotel Gawler

TRAEGER, Oscar Wilfred (//-//)

1941-1942 Globe Hotel Gawler

TRAIN, Allen Miller (//-//)

1922-1923 Rising Sun Hotel Auburn

1924-1925 Bon Accord Hotel Aberdeen

1926-1928 Olary Hotel Olary

1929-1939 Ventnor Hotel Pt Vincent

1939-1942 Gulnare Hotel Gulnare

TRAIN, Mrs Iris Thelma (//-//)

1938-1952 Charleston Hotel Charleston

1952-1958 Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal

Husband was postmaster at Lobethal.

TRAINOR, Dennis C (//-//)

1922-1923 Crafers Hotel Crafers


1882-1885 Central Hotel Pt Pirie

TRATHEN, Thomas Jenkins (//c1841-27/3/1903)

Died Ovingham SA, at his residence the Ovingham Hotel.

1891-1903 Ovingham Hotel Bowden-on-the-Hill

TRATHEN, Edward A (//-//)

1903-1903 Ovingham Hotel Bowden-on-the-Hill

TRATHEN, Mrs Jane Tulloch (//-//)

1888-1891 Ovingham Hotel Bowden-on-the-Hill

TRAVERS, Austin Joseph (//-//)

1932-1939 Mintaro Hotel Mintaro

TRAVERS, Nicholas A/P (//-//)

1925-1925 Gladstone Hotel Gladstone

1925-1930 Commercial Hotel Gladstone

TRAVERS, William (//-//)

1913-1921 Tarcowie Hotel Tarcowie

TREBLE, Claude William (//-//)

1937-1939 Royal House Hotel Ardrossan with Benjamin Clyde Morton

1939-1949 Royal House Hotel Ardrossa

TREBLE, Henry (//-//)

1851-1852 Vicar of Wakefield Inn near Pt Wakefield

The only publican

A butcher before becoming a publican.

He then leased a building in Manoora for £2 a week from Friedrich Martin KAYSER farmer Manoora in order to open an unnamed hotel in Manoora 1851

TREBLE, Stanley John (31/3/1889-//)

Born Alberton SA.

1917-1919 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga with Emily Treble

Parents – Thomas James Treble & Emily nee BOXER

TREBLE, Mrs SJ nee Emily ? (//-//)

1913-1913 Bush Inn Willunga

1914-1917 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga

1917-1919 Aldinga Hotel Aldinga with Stanley John Treble

TREE, Daniel (//-//)

1848-1859 Shoemakers Arms Inn became Crown & Sceptre Inn Gilbert St Hotel founder.

TREGILGAS, Arthur (//-//)

1932-1933 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie

TREGILGAS, Herbert Arnold (29/5/1901-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1941-1951 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie with Mrs Broadfoot formerly Mrs JE Tregilgas nee Ellen Laura Isobel his mother

1941-1951 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie

Parents – John Edward Tregilgas and Ellen Laura Isabella nee Jackson

TREGILGAS, John Edward (14/5/1875-4/4/1936)

Born Adelaide SA.

1920-1923 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St

1923-1932 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie

1932-1936 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie

Parents – Joseph Tregilgas and Jane nee Sedunary

m Ellen Laura Isobel nee Jackson

TREGILGAS, Mrs JE nee Ellen Laura Isobel JACKSON (18/12/1880-20/4/1951)

Born Adelaide SA.

1936-1941 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie

1941-1941 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie as Mrs BROADFOOT

1941-1951 Pt Pirie Hotel Pt Pirie as Mrs BROADFOOT with Herbert Arnold Tregilgas her son

Parents – publicans Richard Bestall Jackson and Ellen Sophia nee LEAN

TREGONING, Joseph Annear (//-//)

1853-1854 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1856-1857 Railway Hotel Salisbury Hotel founder

TREGONING, Joseph Annear licensed victualler Adelaide and Sarah Maria Tregoning his wife formerly Sarah Maria CALTON spinster usually known as Sarah Calton 1854 Memorial 413/77

TREGONING, Mrs JA nee Sarah Maria CALTON (//-//)

1857-1858 Railway Hotel Salisbury

1857-1859 Farmers Inn Salisbury Date clash

TRELEAVEN, Henry (//-//)

1875-1875 Old Halfway House Inn Woodville

TRELOAR, John (//-//)

1898-1899 Freemasons Tavern Pirie St

TRELOAR, Samuel (//-//)

1885-1886 Templers Hotel Templers

TRELEAVEN, Thomas (//-//)

1845-1845 Grapes Inn Grenfell St

1845-1846 City Arms Inn King William St .

TREMAINE, William (//-//)

1854-1855 Miners Arms Hotel Kapunda Hotel founder

1856-1857 Miners Arms Hotel Kapunda

1863-1865 Miners Arms Hotel Kapunda

TREMAINE, WH (//-//)

1881-1882 Johnburgh Hotel Johnburgh Hotel founder

TRENAMAN, Joseph Martin (//-//)

1886-1890 North Stirling Hotel Stirling North

1891-1893 Travellers Rest Hotel Stirling North

1884-1897 North Stirling Hotel Stirling North

Settled Willmington by 1881 Hundred of Gregory by 1887 then Publican; Stirling North 1886-1897

TRENAMAN, Mrs JM formerly Mrs Reginand SEYFANG nee Jessie Alberta HANNUSCHKY (//-//)

1898-1899 Modbury Hotel Modbury

1899-1899 Hawkstone Arms Hotel Mitcham

TRENBERTH, William (//-//)

1880-1882 Lady Fergusson Hotel Currie St

1882-1884 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Bowden

Perhaps m Ann nee TILLER (//-//)

TRENNERY, James (//-//)

1881-1883 Wauraltee Hotel Pt Victoria

TRENWITH, George (//-//)

1853-1853 Fountain Inn Gilberton Hotel founder

Perhaps Settled Montacute Mine by 1848 North Adelaide by 1851 Magill by 1857 Duryea Mine by 1862 Moonta by 1866

Perhaps m Eliza nee JENKIN/JENKINS (//-//)

TRESIZE, Pearly L (//-//)

1915-1916 Earl of Zetland Hotel Flinders St with Maurice J Sheehan

TRESTRAIL, Horace John Stanley (//-//)

1930-1938 Britannia Hotel Norwod with Elizabeth Jennings

1938-1939 Green Dragon Hotel South Tce with Mrs Elizabeth Jennings

TRESTRAIL, John (//-//)

1919-1927 Jetty Hotel Glenelg with Elizabeth Jennings

TRESTRAIL, Stephen (//-//)

1887-1887 Cross Keys Hotel Angle Grove near Brinkworth

Hotel closed

TREVASKIS, John FC (//-//)

1882-1883 Farmers Home Hotel Hamilton/Light

TREVETT, Owen L (//-//)

1928-1931 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

TREVORAH, Henry Harry (2/1/1853-//)

Born perhaps Adelaide SA.

1890-1891 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

1891- 1891 Oxford Hotel O’Connell St

1893-1895 Ardrossan Hotel Ardrossan

Parents – publicans Henry Penrose Trevorah & Anne nee Toy.

Brother to publican William Toy Trevororah.

TREVORAH, Henry Penrose (//c1822-8/7/1881)

Died Black Forest SA, at his residence the Forest Inn.

1880-1880 Forest Inn Black Forest

1880-1881 Forest Inn Black Forest

TREVORAH, Mrs HP nee Anne TOY (//c1830-13/1/1905)

Died Adelaide SA.

1881-1882 Forest Inn Black Forest

1882-1887 Franklin Harbour Hotel Cowell

1887-1899 Royal Hotel Ardrossan

TREVORAH, William Toy (5/10/1854-//)

Born Adelaide SA.

1880-1880 Forest Inn Black Forest

Parents – publicans Henry Penrose Trevorah & Anne nee Toy.

Brother to publican Henry Trevororah.

TREW, Henry (//-//)

1881-1882 Fords Hotel Clare

TREW, Henry James (//-//)

1866-1868 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

1868-1869 Lake Hotel Milang

1869-1872 Hamburg Hotel Rundle St

1872-1878 Globe Hotel Rundle St

1879-1880 South Australian Club Hotel North Tce

1891-1891 Sir John Barleycorn Hotel Rundle St

1892-1896 Pier Hotel Pt Germein

TREWARTHA, James (//-//)

1851-1852 District Hotel Nairne Hotel founder

TREWARTHA, James (//-//)

Commonwealth Cornish Miner’s Arms Rundle St 1850[-1851] Not in Hoad

He was a mine assayer in Adelaide after he gave up the Cornish Miner's Arms

TREWENACK, John (//-//)

1880-1880 Railway Hotel Pt Augusta Hotel founder

TREZONA, Mrs Marie Ida (//-//)

1937-1942 Parachilna Hotel Parachilna

TRIGGS, John Borlace (//-//)

1892-1893 Jetty Hotel Glenelg

Settled North Adelaide by 1889 Adelaide by 1891

m Eleanor Rosa nee GURNER (//-//)

TRIMMER, Edmund (//-//)

1848-1848 Clubhouse Hotel Hindley St

TRIMMING, William (//-//)

1879-1889 Rising Sun Inn Auburn

Settled Leasingham by 1860

m Emma nee HUTCHINSON (//-//)

TRIPLETT, John (//-//)

1887-1887 Farmers Home Hotel Hamilton/Light

1887-1887 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

1887-1889 Victoria Hotel Victoria township Kapunda

TRIPLETT, Thomas Hancock (//c1832-//1889)

Born Cornwall, England.

1881-1882 Farmers Home Hotel Hamilton/Light

1882-1883 Hamley Bridge Hotel Hamley Bridge

1883-1883 Old Bushman Inn Gawler

early 1884-1884 Family Hotel Currie St

1884-1887 Cremorne Hotel Unley

To SA 1849 Packenham.

Farmer Kapunda 1870s

Farmer Allen Creek early 1880s.

2nd son of John and Elizabeth Triplett miner and farmer Kapunda.

m 14/4/1861 Kapunda, Martha nee HARRIS (//c1841-7/7/1908)

TROTT, Richard (//-//)

23/3/1839-1840 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St Hotel founder.

1842-1850 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St

1850-1850 Britannia Hotel Pt Adelaide 1850-1850 Hotel founder

TRUAN, Thomas (//-//)

1862-1863 Supreme Court Hotel Angas St

TRUMAN, George (//-//)

1882-1883 City Hotel Hindley St

TRUMAN, George Barnes (//-//)

1896-1897 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St

1898-1899 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

1899-1900 Talbot Hotel Gouger St

TRUMAN, John (//-//)

1890-1890 Adelaide Hotel Hindley St

TRUMAN, Matthew (//-//)

1877-1878 Governor MacDonnell Hotel Salisbury

Perhaps Settled Mt Barker by 1854 Gruenthal by 1855

Perhaps m Catherine nee CARROLL (//-//)

TRUMP, Lizzie (//-//)

1894-1894 United Service Club Hotel King William St

TRUSSELL, George (//-//)

1841-1842 Halfway House Inn Plympton

TRYE, Edward (//-//)

1880-1881 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo

Perhaps Settled Payneham by 1861 Wallaroo by 1868

Perhaps m (1) Sarah Jane nee OVINGTON (//-//)

TRYE, Mrs Edward nee Isabella CLARK (//-//)

1891-1920 Prince of Wales Hotel Wallaroo

TUCKER, Edward (//-//)

1851-1852 Scotch Laddie Tavern Gilles Arcade

TUCKER, James (//-//)

1878-1883 Prince of Wales Hotel Watervale

1886-1888 Willowie Hotel Willowie East

Held an underlease from Thomas Wood of the Willowie Hotel to manage the business while Wood helped out with the Cradock Hotel Biog Liz Blieschke (Ed) Plain of contrasts p113.

TUCKER, John (//-//)

1866-1868 Black Swan Inn Tilley Swamp

The only publican

TUCKER, Leo Melville Harcourt (11/5/1885-//)

Born Yatala near Pt Adelaide SA.

1914-1920 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully

1920-1920 Tea Tree Gully Hotel Tea Tree Gully with Mrs Mary P Richardson

1920-1921 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore with Mrs Mary P Richardson

1921-1928 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore

Parents – Wallace Tucker & Mary Priscill nee Watson.

TUCKER, Mrs LMH nee Blanche A ? (//-//)

1920-1921 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore with Mrs Mary P Richardson

1928-1928 Semaphore Hotel Semaphore

TUCKER, Matthew John Pitt (//-//)

1882-1884 Coobowie Hotel Coobowie

TUCKER, Wallace (//c1854-//)

1888-1889 Royal Hotel Kent Town

1889-1889 Henley Beach Hotel Henley Beach

1890-1891 Wellington Hotel Currie St

1891-1892 Wellington Hotel Currie St

1895-1899 Edinburgh Castle Hotel Currie

Parents – William Henry Tucker &

m 3/6/1877 Wesleyan Methodist Church One Tree Hill, publican Mary Priscilla nee Watson

TUCKER, Mrs Wallace nee Mary Priscilla WATSON (//c1856-//)

1895-1896 Portland Hotel Portland Estate

1897-1898 Family Hotel Currie St

1898-1902 Callington Hotel Callington

1902-1903 Walkers Arms Hotel Walkerville

1904-1908 Alma Hotel Lobethal

Parents - James Watson

m (2) 14/10/1904 Methodist Manse Morphett St Adelaide, James RICHARDSON (//c1872-//) Son of Joseph Richardson.

TUCKER, Whittaker Archibald (//-//)

1880-1880 Rock Tavern Third Creek

TUCKER, William (//-//)

1866-1882 Prince of Wales Hotel Queenstown

TUCKER, William (//-//)

1887-1888 Yunta Hotel Yunta Hotel founder

1890-1893 Waukaringa Hotel Waukaringa Hotel founder

TUCKER, Mrs William nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

1893-1894 Waukaringa Hotel Waukaringa


1876-1880 Freeling Hotel Freeling

m Maria nee WARNER/WANER (//-//) Some link with the FREESTUN family.

TUIT, Henry J (//-//)

1924-1924 Crafers Hotel Crafers

TULLEY, Claude William (//-//)

1943-1944 Commercial Hotel Morgan with Arthur Morrison Cowan

TULLEY, James (//-//)

1879-1879 Burton Hotel Manoora

1880-1880 Princess Royal Hotel O’Connell St

TULLOCH, Thomas (//-//)

1883-1886 Commercial Hotel Morgan

TULLY, Claude William (//-//)

1944-1947 Angel Inn Gouger St

TUNSTALL, James Walter Disher (//-//)

1881-1887 Goodwood Park Hotel Goodwood

1889-1890 OG Hotel Klemzig

1890-1891 OG Hotel Klemzig

TUNSTALL, Mrs JWD nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

1889-1890 OG Hotel Klemzig

TUNSTALL, Thomas (//-//)

1862-1863 Rob Roy Inn Halifax St

Perhaps Settled Adelaide by 1855

Perhaps m Mary Ann nee KIDNER (//-//)

TUNSTEAD, James (//-//)

1866-1869 Fountain Inn Millbrook [Parkside]

1869-1879 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

TUNSTEAD, Mrs James nee Deborah ? (//-//)

1879-1881 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

TURBILL, John Isaac (//-//)

1865-1868 Worlds End Inn Magill

1872-1872 Worlds End Inn Magill

Perhaps Settled Adelaide by 1853 Magill by 1858 Is he also to be identified as John Turbill who settled Dry Creek by 1850 and m Mary Ann nee WILLIAMS?

m Mary Ann nee BURDETT (//-//)

A son of Arthur Amos Turbill – Leslie Albert Turbill m 1/10/1904 Freemasons Tavern Adelaide, Annie Amelia nee DYBING (//c1882-//) Parents – Alex Dybing &

TURNER, Charles (//-//)

1939-1939 Crown & Sceptre Hotel King William St South

1940-1940 Crown & Sceptre Hotel King William St South

TURNER, Ernest (//-//)

1895-1898 Pier Hotel Moonta Bay

Settled Davington by 1894 then Publican Moonta Bay 1895-1898

m Ellen nee COX (//-//)

TURNER, Frances Gertrude (//-//)

1920-1921 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

1922-1922 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

TURNER, Frank H perhaps Frank Holbrook (14/6/1882-//)

Born Findon SA. or Frank Harrold (13/5/1884-//) Born Parkside SA.

1929-1930 Crown Hotel Truro

1930-1935 Railway Hotel Bute

1935-1937 Crown Hotel Truro

Parents – Robert Newman Turner & Louisa Maria nee FOORD or Hamlet Turner & Mary Ann nee GODDEN

TURNER, Frederick Albert (//-//)

1904-1906 Grand Junction Hotel Quorn

1906-1909 Sliding Rock Hotel Sliding Rock Hotel closed

TURNER, Harold William James (//-//)

1930-1949 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

1949-1950 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

TURNER, Henry J (//-//)

1923-1923 Burra Hotel Kooringa with William Jones

TURNER, Hugh (//-//)

1848-1849 Prince Albert Hotel Hindley St

Prince Albert and the Adelaide Hotel appear to be the same premises on Pt TA 71.

TURNER, Jack Wilfred (//-//)

1949-1951 Commercial Hotel Morgan

TURNER, Mrs Louisa Elizabeth (//-//)

1899-1907 Royal Hotel Ardrossan

TURNER, John (//c1835-25/6/1892)

Born Burrington, Devon, England. Died Mt Torrens SA.

1875-1892 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

TURNER, Mrs John nee Mary Ann GIBBETT (//c1835-12/8/1920)

Born Devon, England. Died Mt Torrens SA.

1892-1920 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

TURNER, John Castle (//-//)

1900-1901 Leigh Creek Hotel Copley [Leigh Creek]

TURNER, John Fifield (//-//)

1853-1858 George Hotel Gawler Plains The only publican

m Mary Ann nee PORTER (//-//)

TURNER, Richard Charles perhaps (19/1/1858-//)

Born Gawler SA.

1896-1905 Wellington Hotel Currie St

Perhaps Parents – Richard James Turner & Sophia Squibb nee HELMORE (//-//)

m Ellen Frances nee SULLIVAN (//-//)

TURNER, Robert (//c1816-22/4/1883)

Born Littlebourne, Kent, England. Died Payneham SA, at his residence the Duke of Wellington Hotel, Payneham Rd.

1851-1853 Woodman Inn Grenfell St

1854-1860 Bucks Head Inn North Tce .

1861-1871 Buck’s Head Nelson St, Stepney He owned this hotel

1872-1872 Brecknock Arms Hotel King William St South .

1861-1871 Bucks Head Inn Stepney

1873-1883 Duke of Wellington Hotel Payneham

To SA 1849 with S Mayfield - died only days apart. Neither man on the shipping lists.

To the Barossa goldfields 1871-1872 - no success.

Wife - Eleanor Turner (//c1806-13/12/1878) Died Payneham SA, at her residence the Duke of Wellington Hotel, Payneham Rd.

Apparently no family.

Obit Chronicle 28/4/1883 p395c-d

TURNER, Thomas (//-//)

1889-1889 Gorge Hotel Pt Germein Gorge Hotel founder

TUXFORD, John LeFevre (//-//)

1840-1842 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St

1852-1853 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St

1873-1874 Cramptons Family Hotel Norwood

1876-1887 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St

TUXFORD, Mrs JL nee Clara EVANS (//-//)

1887-1910 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St

From Little Mipenden, Bucks, England. Her sister, Mrs T Honnor nee Jane Evans (eldest daughter), of Great Mipenden, Bucks, died 24/12/1883 (only two daughters in the Evans family) Observer 13/12/1884 p1128b

TUXFORD, Thomas William (//-//)

1914-1915 Globe Hotel Bowden

TUXFORD, Walsingham Weston (//-//)

1850-1852 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St St .

1853-1876 Sportsmans Hotel Grote St St .

TUXFORD, William (//-//)

1893-1895 Old Colonist Hotel Norwood

TUXFORD, William Wedd (//-28/1/1878)

Died Adelaide SA, at his residence the City Arms Hotel, King William St.

1875-1878 City Arms Inn King William St .

Brother to John Lefevre Tuxford and another; also to Mrs J Williams. Obit Observer 2/2/1878 p6d

TUXFORD, Mrs WW nee Matilda (//-//)

1878-1879 City Arms Inn King William St . Hotel closer.

TWEEDIE, George B (//-//)

1911-1911 Largs Bay Hotel Largs Bay

1911-1912 Ozone Hotel Kingscote

1912-1915 Loxton Hotel Loxton

TWEEDIE, Mrs Margaret (//-//)

1914-1914 Royal Hotel Hindley St with Mrs Elizabeth A Neilson.

TYDEMAN, James (//c1840-13/2/1895)

Died Tapleys Hill SA, at his residence the Victoria Hotel.

1870-1873 Emu Inn Morphett Vale

1873-1895 Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill

Prob brother to publican William Godfrey Tydeman.

TYDEMAN, Thomas (//-//)

1869-1870 Emu Inn Morphett Vale

TYDEMAN, William Godfrey (//c1828-//)

1862-1862 Lows Inn Mt Barker

1864 Auctioneer Woodside

1869-1869 Emu Inn Morphett Vale

1869-1871 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

11/5/1861 Alexander Low licensed victualler Mt Barker to William Godfrey Tydeman storekeeper Mt Barker £380.

3/11/1863 Lease to Roderick McKenzie saddler Mt Barker five years at £33 a year. Tydeman went to Macclesfield as a storekeeper. An auctioneer.

His wife, Martha Maria Tydeman, died 26/8/1864 Mt Barker, ‘after a long and painful illness … dearly loved and respected by all who knew her’, aged 36.

m (2) 29/5/1865 Presbyterian Manse Mt Barker, Charlotte nee Jones (//c1834-//) Daughter of William John Jones.

Probably a brother to James Tydeman of the Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill.

TYDEMAN, William Herbert (//c1872-18/3/1905)

Died Bletchley SA.

1895-1896 Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill

Son of previous publican James Tydeman and Mary Elizabeth nee Copping.

TYLER, Richard H (//-//)

1898-1899 Sandy Creek Hotel Sandy Creek

TYLEY, George (//-//)

1882-1884 Queens Arms Hotel Brown St

1884-1887 Leasingham Hotel Leasingham

1887-1887 Hawkstone Arms Hotel Mitcham

TYLEY, Jabez (//-//)

1876-1876 Salisbury Hotel Salisbury

TYMMONS, James (//-20/9/1889)

Died Adelaide SA, at his residence Brown St. Retired at the time of his death.

1886-1889 Elephant & Castle Hotel West Tce

TYNER, John Page (//-//)

1921-1923 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

Lived; Mt Gambier 1900s

m Ethel May O’NEIL

TYRRELL, Patrick (//-//)

1874-1880 Morning Star Inn Kapunda

TYRRELL, Reuben (//-//)

1862-1863 Prince Albert Inn Pt MacDonnell Hotel founder


Names Beginning 'U'

UHLENDORF, Ludwig (//-//c1854)

1853-1854 Cornish Tavern became King of Hanover Hotel Rundle St

Most probably died c1854. His widow looked after the hotel for a period, then she handed over the business to her new husband, Adolph Bartels.

UHLENDORF, Mrs Ludwig nee Rudolphine Friedericke Auguste (c1837-1/12/1862)

1855-1855 King of Hanover Hotel Rundle St .

m (2) 8/4/1855 Adelaide, publican Adolph Bartels.

UHR, Wentworth Darcy (//-//)

1891-1892 Botanic Hotel North Tce

UMLAUF, Heinrich Henry (//-//)

1897-1897 Crafers Hotel Crafers

UNDERDOWN, John Maloney (//-//)

1943-1945 Hotel Centralia North Tce .

UNDERDOWN, Mrs Thelma May (//-//)

1943-1945 Botanic Hotel North Tce

UNDERDOWN, Lycurgus (//-//)

1866-1866 Hindmarsh Hotel Pirie St

S1870-1872 Royal Exchange Hotel Melrose

UNDERDOWN, Lycurgus Richard (//-//)

1897-1903 Warrina Hotel Warrina

UNDERDOWN, Mrs LR nee Diana Spring ? (//-//)

1903-1903 Warrina Hotel Warrina

Hotel closed

UNDERHILL, Mrs Alma (//-//)

1931-1937 Bristol Hotel Franklin St With George M Annesley.

UNDERWOOD, Alfred (//c1868-//)

1893-1907 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

1906-1910 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

Son of Henry Underwood

m 14/6/1893 St John Mt Pleasant, previous publican Selina nee Tee

UNDERWOOD, Mrs Alfred nee Selina TEE (//c1861-//)

Daughter of George Tee.

UPHILL, George (//-//)

1846-1847 Saddleworth Hotel Saddleworth

1854-1858 Crown Hotel Mt Barker

1859-1863 Globe Hotel (Pridmore Tce-original Adelaide Road) Mt Barker. He founded this hotel and was its only publican.

Husband of Sarah Emma nee HARMER

Mt Barker, Scrubby Ranges at the Tinpot, Allendale.

UPTON, Margaret (//-//)

1869-1869 Seaside & Family Hotel Brighton

UPTON, Thomas (//c1807-3/6/1867)

Born Aslockton, Notts, England. Died Adelaide SA, at his residence Frankis Tce, 'after a long and painful illness'.

1859-1860 Nottinghamshire Arms Inn Rundle St hotel founder.

1860-1862 Sir John Barleycorn Inn Rundle St

1863-1863 Heart and Hand Hotel Edwardstown

1863-1863 Heart and Hand Hotel Edwardstown

1863-1865 Sir John Barleycorn Inn Rundle St

1866-1868 Liverpool Hotel Glenelg Hotel founder

1866-1868 Liverpool Hotel, Glenelg

Apparently, he had some other business on TA 83 on land leased from Thomas Martin for a period in 1863.

UREN, Alexander W (//-//)

1880-1881 Willaston Hotel Willaston

UREN, Frederick James (//-//)

1901-1903 Burra Hotel Kooringa

1903-1905 Sir John Franklin Hotel North Kapunda

UREN, Harry Clifton (//-//)

1943-1944 Hotel Bay View Whyalla

1945-1947 Angaston Hotel Angaston

1947-1949 Angaston Hotel Angaston

UREN, Horatio (//-//)

1912-1918 Flagstaff Hotel The Sturt [Darlington]

1929-1931 Bedford Hotel Woodside

UREN, Percy A/W (//-//)

1927-1928 Travellers Rest Hotel Lyndoch

UREN, MA (//-//)

1928-1928 Railway Hotel (Lyndoch) Hotel closed 19/8/1928.

UREN, Richard (//-//)

1901-1902 Old Queens Arms Hotel Wright St

URQUHART, Edward (//-//)

1868-1869 Norwich Arms Inn Flinders St

USHER, Arthur John (//-//)

1884-1884 Mt Bryan Hotel Mt Bryan Flat

1884-1884 Prince Albert Hotel Gawler

1885-1886 District Hotel Auburn

1888-1891 Globe Hotel Rundle St

1892-1894 Barrier Hotel Pt Pirie

UTTLEY, William Henry (//-//)

1880-1881 Exchange Hotel Government Gums [Farina] with ? Roberts