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 'Photographic Collections & Other Archival Materials' belonging to

Glenn LIEBELT, Lorraine KRAMM, Kathryn SCHMEISS & the LIEBELT family reunion committee

and a number of articles by the author (Janis Haynes).



Aim of this Article

       These articles are for the purpose of displaying, preserving, extrapolating on & sharing these collections related to our STEINBORN & LIEBELT ancestors in Prussia, & descendants in Hahndorf, South Australia.

1.   Parents:  Johann Christoph LIEBELT 1775-1846 & Anna Elisabeth STEINBORN  1769-1857

Were your ancestors on the 'Zebra'?

A stroll through their villages, what buildings would be recognisable today?

Nickern, Brandenburg, Prussia now Niekarzyn, Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland     Photographs of Niekarzyn, 2023.

Schönborn, Brandenburg, Prussia now Kępsko, Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland    Photographs of Kępsko, 2023.

LIEBELT Cemetery Tour.   This article links the first 3 generations of descendants to burials in the Hahndorf Cemetery, 172 Snelling Rd, Hahndorf, using the LIEBELT Family History book.  The only 1st & 2nd generation not to be buried at St Michael's Church Cemetery in Hahndorf was Anna POHL, buried in 1884.  I begin with research on the first 12 burials, [8 of which were babies or young children] in the Cemetery beginning April 1883, the surnames being KUCHEL, RICHTER, PADE, FISCHER, GALLASCH, STREMPEL, NEARY, AUBERT, KRAMM & BOLTE.  Systematically I then follow, through the LIEBELT Family History book, the 3 LIEBELT son's families, color coded, to identify their burial site, along with headstone photographs.

2.   1st son: Johann Gottfried LIEBELT ca1798-ca1841 & Anna Elisabeth POHL ca1799-1884

1st son's 1st child, 1st son's 2nd child, 1st son's 3rd child

3.   2nd son: Johann Christian LIEBELT 1801-1858 & Maria Elisabeth KUCHEL 1798-1879

​2nd son's 1st child:    Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT 1823-1893 & Johanne Karoline LUBASCH 1827-1902.

This article explores the land and homes that the 10 children of LIEBELT & LUBASCH moved to, after they were married.  Their parents home still remains & is off the Echunga Road, and many of their children moved very little distance when they took up their own farming properties.  17 historic photographs are accompanied by maps, sections & current day photographs.

'Lorraine KRAMM Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material'

 The LIEBELT Bible.   This Family Bible has a handwritten name and date on the inside cover, 'Bertha LIEBELT, 1893', making it 130 years of age.  It is held in the guardianship of  Lorraine KRAMM from Mt Barker. The actual age of the book has not yet been determined. There are 15 historic small photographs embedded in the back of the book, and 8 births recorded under 'Family Records'.  There are two swatches of Silkworm threads between the pages.

Fine Silkworm threads

Photographic Collection

'Kathryn SCHMEISS Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material'

Elsa KRAMM, Autograph Book from 1891

Elsa KRAMM, Autograph Book

Elsa KRAMM Birthday Book



2nd son's 2nd child:   Johann Christoph LIEBELT 1825-1910 & Johanne Luise LIEBELT 1824-1898 [1st cousins]

Hahndorf Pioneer Photo, 6 men   Photo, 6 men, average age 77 years, THIELE, LIEBELT, JAENSCH, van der MOLEN, JAENSCH, ALTMANN, arrived in South Australia via the 'Prince George', 'Zebra', 'Zebra', ship deserter, 'Zebra' & the 'George Washington' then married LUBASCH, LIEBELT, LUBASCH, LIEBELT, PAECH, REIMANN.  I explore the links & relationships between all 12 Hahndorf pioneers. [Part of the LIEBELT Family Reunion Committee Collection].

2nd son's 3rd child:   Johanna Eleonore LIEBELT 1833-1914 & Johann Carl Friedrich FAEHRMANN 1823-1896.  This link will take you to the two 'Photographic Collections & Other Archival Materials'  belonging to Beryl BENHAM & Alan REDDY.  It will also introduce you to the FAEHRMANN relatives still living & those past, in Tangermünde Germany, where Johann Carl Friedrich & Otto August Ferdinand FAEHRMANN were born, both of whom settled in South Australia.  Villages in the area of Tangermünde are profiled, 'Frau FAHRMANN' letters from the Lutheran Archives are translated, Carl as the master carpenter is scrutinised, did he really build the Paechtown homes for the Paech's,  the FAEHRMANN documents held in the State Library are revealed, as are the Summerfeldt/Caloote school records from 1881-1938.

4.   3rd son: Johann Christoph LIEBELT 1805-1866 & Anna Dorothea WOLF  1808-1864

3rd son's 1st child:  Johann Friedrich August LIEBELT 

3rd son's 2nd child:  Johanna Luise LIEBELT

3rd son's 3rd child:  Johann Gottfried LIEBELT

3rd son's 4th child:  Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT 1840-1900  [First Liebelt to be born in South Australia]. &

Glenn LIEBELT is their GGG Grandson & also the GG Grandson of Gottlieb & Auguste Sophie Louise MEYER

'Glen LIEBELT Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material'

Glenn LIEBELT's Photo Album.  52 photographs in an old 'book photo album' found in an attic, more than 90 individuals in the photos, many of whom have now been identified.

The house that Johann Christoph LIEBELT & Anna Dorothea WOLF built, Blakiston.

Publication Collection.  22 German books out of 24 publications, 21 books were published before 1900.  Six of the oldest books are dated from 1709-1835 & could have been on the 'Zebra' in 1838.  Includes several rare & unique books. At least 7 of the books belonged to Friederike MEYER

1840 Documents & Portraits a small study using Lutheran Archives documents as well as  portraits belonging to Friedericke Wilhelmine STERNICKE & Heinrich August Eduard MEYER found in the Glen LIEBELT Collection.

3rd son's 5th child: Johann Christoph LIEBELT

3rd son's 6th child: Anna Dorothea LIEBELT

5.   LIEBELT Family History book 1975  by  F Liebelt & A Wittwer

part 1:   1st son     Johann Gottfried LIEBELT

part 2:  2nd son   Johann Christian LIEBELT

part 3:  3rd son    Johann Christoff LIEBELT

6.   LIEBELT Family Reunion Committee

 (7) Historic photographs that were in the possession of the 'LIEBELT Family Reunion Committee' in 2022.   

(6) Hahndorf Pioneers, all born in Prussia, historic photograph & an exploration of the individuals.

7.    Hahndorf Pioneers 21 males

8.   Hahndorf Cemetery Register of Leases 2022 

9.   Hahndorf pioneers agreement 1 August 1839

10. Hahndorf Pioneers contract offered to Captain Hahn, 1839