The following information is a copy of JK Stokes data on Mount Barker as contained in her Rootsweb ( Genealogy Website  and has been included here with permission.  No alterations or additions may be made to her information without further permission, although relevant comments and/or additions are welcome to be added at the bottom of each page.  (copied July 2014)

STEVENS, Charles Henry and descendants

There were three Charles Henry Stevens' - grand-father, father and son who lived in the Mt Barker area in the early days.

Charles Henry Stevens - (the grand-father above)

Was born at Leominster in Herefordshire in 1817, the son of Charles Stevens and Mary Harris.  He married at Hope-Under-Dinmore in Herefordshire in 1843 to Eliza Jones.  They had 12 children altogether - three born in Herefordshire, one in Ayreshire in Scotland and the rest in South Australia.  Their children were - Eliza, Charles Henry, Sarah, James, William, Elizabeth, Joseph, Louisa, Susannah Matilda, Thomas David, Alfred, and Emily Ann.  Charles Henry Stevens & Eliza Jones, along with their first four children migrated to South Australia in 1851 aboard the ship Adelaide.  They were my 4 x great-grand-parents.

Their second child is the one from whom I am descended.

Charles Henry Stevens - (the father mentioned above)

Was born at Hope-under-Dinmore in 1844.  He married twice during his lifetime - the first time to Jane Catherine Webb at Blakiston in 1866, and secondly to Jane Anne Alexander at Mt Barker in 1877.  His first wife, Jane Webb, was the daughter of Henry Webb and Catherine Choat Dyer from Clare in County Suffolk.  His second wife, Jane Alexander, was the daughter of Thomas Alexander, who had migrated to South Australia quite early in the piece, and who was a large land owner in the Mt Barker district - the area known today as Alexander Farm is built on his original property.  Charles Stevens & Jane Webb had 4 children prior to her death in 1877 - Charles Henry (the son of the three generations), Fanny Eliza Catherine, Lucy Ellen Eveline, and John Herbert.  After Jane's death, Charles married Jane Alexander and had a further 11 children - Eliza Jane, Thomas Alexander, Ellen Louisa, William James Richard, Florence Emily, Stephen Wellington, Alfred Amos, Rose Margaret, Stanley Wallace, Robert Oliver, and Eunice Adelaide.  Charles Henry died at Mt Barker in 1934 and is buried at Meadows with his second wife.  His first wife is buried at Macclesfield. Charles Stevens & Jane Webb were my 3 x great grandparents.

Of the children from the first marriage:-

Charles Henry Stevens - (the son mentioned above)

Was born at Macclesfield in 1867.  He worked as a farmer for all of his adult life.  He married at the home of Mrs Thomas Morley in Littlehampton, the mother of his bride, in 1892.  His wife was Mary Ann Morley.  Together, they had 6 children - the eldest born prior to their marriage - Hannah Elizabeth Morley, Ann Elizabeth, Emily Jane, James Thomas, Walter William Morley and Annie Susannah.  Charles died at Meadows in 1899 and his wife at Hay Valley in 1913.  Charles Henry and Mary Ann were my great-great-grandparents, and their daughter Hannah Elizabeth was my great-grandmother (she married Walter John Hillman, son of Leonard Hillman and Susan Cock).

Fanny Eliza Catherine Stevens was born at Ashbourne in 1869.  She married William Joseph Morley, the son of Thomas Morley and Sarah Bott, and the brother of Mary Ann Morley who married Charles Henry Stevens above.  They had two daughters - Alice Jean and Kathleen Salmar.  Fanny died at Mt Barker in 1936 and William in 1959 at Kenton Valley.

Lucy Ellen Eveline Stevens was born at Macclesfield in 1872.  She married Edward James Thompson, the son of Theodore Horatio Thompson and Johannah Collingridge of Mt Barker and Wistow.  They were married in 1898 at Meadows.  They had 7 children - Edward Norman Charles, Mary Evelyn Johannah, Alfred Willie James, Frederick Walter James, Clifford John Webb, Malcolm Ronald, and Fanny.  Lucy died at Flaxley in 1931 and her husband in 1925.  Both are buried at Zion Hill Cemetery, Wistow.

John Herbert Thompson was born at Macclesfield in 1874.  He married Claria Remnant, the daughter of Charles Remnant and Elizabeth Thompson, and the grand-daughter of Theodore Horatio Thompson & Johanna Collingridge of Wistow.  They were married in 1904 at Payneham and had 6 children, but none of their offspring lived in the Mt Barker area.

Of the children from the second marriage:-

Eliza Jane Stevens was born at Macclesfield in 1879.  She married in 1911 at Goodwood to Jabez Mahlon England and moved to Mt Barker where her descendants still live today.  They had 4 children - Keith, Ida Coral, Eileen May, and Mahlon.  She died in 1946 and her husband in 1937 and both are buried at Mt Barker.

Thomas Alexander Stevens was born at Macclesfield in 1880.  He married Fanny Haines, the daughter of William Haines and Mary Ann Bott of Nairne.  They had 3 children - Emily Madge, Charles William, and Edward Thomas.  All of their children lived in the Echunga area. Fanny died in 1934 and Thomas in 1969 and both are buried in Mt Barker.

Ellen Louisa Stevens was born at Macclesfield in 1882 and she died at Green Hills in 1897.  She is buried at Macclesfield.

William James Richard Stevens was born at Green Hills in 1883.

Florence Emily Stevens was born at Green Hills in 1884.  She never married, but did have a son named Frank who was born in 1916 at Mt Barker.  She died at Unley in 1950.

Stephen Wellington Stevens was born at Macclesfield in May of 1886, but lived only two days and is buried at Macclesfield.

Alfred Amos Stevens was born at Macclesfield in September 1888.

Rose Margaret Stevens was born at Green Hills in 1889.  She married in 1915 at Myponga to Herbert Haskett, the son of James Haskett & Caroline Maslin.  They had 3 children - Lindsay Andrew Elliott, Herbert, and Caroline.  She died at Eastwood in 1959 and her husband died at Hindmarsh in 1933.  Their grandson, also named Lindsay was an Ambulance driver in Mt Barker for many years.

Stanley Wallace Stevens was born at Meadows in April 1891.  He died in February the following year, having lived only 9 months.

Robert Oliver Stevens was born at Meadows in 1893.  He married in 1917 at Willunga to Violet Elsie Rachel Reed.  They had 2 children - Leslie Raymond and Harold William but none of their descendants came back to Mt Barker.

Eunice Adelaide Stevens was born at Meadows in 1887.