The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Stoneham


Grandparents – Charles Stevenson and Emma Isabella nee Hales – no trace of their respective families or of arrival in SA. No trace of their marriage in SA either. Charles Stevenson was a labourer at Pt Wakefield – probably also at Glanville and North Adelaide.

Two girls born to this couple in SA. No other family as far as can be determined.

Elizabeth Emily Stevenson b 5/1/1874 Glanville

Lavina Elder Stevenson b 25/6/1876 North Adelaide

Family of Elizabeth Emily Stevenson

Elizabeth Emily Stevenson 19 Father; Charles Stevenson

m 7/10/1892 Registry Office Pt Wakefield

Henry Paul Barker 25 Father; Henry Barker. Henry Paul Barker was a butcher at Pt Wakefield. Either he or his eldest son was a butcher at Pt Broughton in later years. Another HP Barker was living at Semaphore by 1930. Too many Barker names to try to establish whether HP Barker had parents, brothers and sisters in SA. HP Barker was not born in SA, as far as I can determine.

Henry Percy Barker b 15/2/1893 Pt Wakefield

Alfred Leonard Barker b 10/5/1894 Pt Wakefield

Florence Barker b 1/11/1895 Pt Wakefield

Edward George Barker b 9/2/1897 Pt Wakefield

Frederick Charles Barker b 25/11/1898 Pt Wakefield

Clarence Albert Barker b 3/8/1900 Pt Wakefield

Sydney Roy Barker b 27/10/1901 Pt Wakefield

Karl Norman Frank Barker b 23/2/1905 Moonta

Norman Barker b 23/2/1905 Moonta – is this another child or a confusion in the registration of the birth of KNF Barker?

Family of Lavinia Elder Adelaide Stevenson

Lavinia Elder Adelaide Stevenson 21 Father; Charles Stevenson

m 8/9/1897 Bride father residence Pt Wakefield

Donald Andrew Stoneham 25 Father; Dawson Stoneham. DA Stoneham was a blacksmith at Pt Wakefield. He did not appear to have any parents or brothers and sisters in SA.

Beatrice Ada Maud Stoneham b 14/1/1900 Pt Wakefield

Frederick Albert Stoneham b 15/12/1901 Pt Wakefield

Violet Esther Nellie Stoneham b 15/4/1903 Pt Wakefield

Bessie Ivy Hilda Stoneham b 20/8/1907 Pt Wakefield

William James Stoneham b 13/8/1909 Pt Wakefield

Mabel Mary Gertrude Stoneham b 4/71/1910 Pt Wakefield

Queenie Adeline May Stoneham b 5/3/1912 Pt Wakefield

Raymond Lawson Stoneham b 2/5/1914 Pt Wakefield

Ronald Arthur Stoneham b 21/7/1917 Pt Wakefield