The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Stopp

BARQUE HERDER - passengers from Bremen 21/9/1851

VON HAGEN, Captain Passsengers mostly miners. Seaman Claus BACKMANN died 19/10/1851 Pt Adelaide SA, of an accident ‘a little beyond Hindmarsh’, from drunken driving of a dray.

LOEWE/LOWE/LÖWE, Carl August (//c1817-//)34 Publican and road worker from Lonauerhammerhütte (Harz), Hanover.

LÖWE, Mrs CA nee Caroline Luise Rosalie HARTMANN (//c1823-//)28 Daughter of Johann Jacob Hartmann. m (2) 2/6/1873 Rev’d J Jefferis residence North Adelaide, Johann Friedrich Julius STOPP.

LÖWE, child (//-//)0

SHIP STEINWÄRDER - passengers from Hamburg 16/9/1853

JORGENSON, Captain At least 130 passengers still to find.

STOPP, Johann Friedrich Julius (//c1836-//) Ore sorter from Clausthal (Harz), Hanover. Waterworks turncock; Unley 1895. m 2/6/1873 Rev’d J Jefferis residence North Adelaide, Mrs CA Lowe nee Rosalie Hartmann.

BARQUE EMILY - passengers from London & Plymouth 8/8/1849

WILSON, Captain William

WALTON, John Allsop (//c1825-15/9/1866) Died Walkerville SA. Father; William

m 26/8/1856 Parsonage Glen Osmond, Sophia Jane nee ROBERTS (//c1836-26/11/1907) Died Walkerville SA. Father; William Walton d 9/9/1863 Walkerville, aged 82.

Lavinia Roberts Walton b 31/12/1857 Walkerville

William Walton b 2/6/1859 Walkerville

Hannah Walton b 24/9/1861 Walkerville

John Andrew Walton b 16/7/1863 Walkerville

Frederick Walton b 20/8/1865 Walkerville

BARQUE SULTANA - 140+ passengers from Plymouth 3/2/1854

TAPPER, Captain William

COFFEE, Thomas (//c1810-8/7/1856) Died Upper Dry Creek SA. Labourer from Ireland. Labourer; Dry Creek. RC.

COFFEE, Mrs Thomas nee Ellen HEHIR (//c1817-22/2/1896) Died North Adelaide SA.

COFFEE, Mary (//c1844-//)

COFFEE, Margaret (//c1848-//)

WOODFORDE, John (//-//)

1902-1902 Jetty Hotel Whyalla Hotel founder 4/12/1902

WOODFORDE, William John (//-//)

1887-1892 Extension Hotel Pt Augusta