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Talking about Tangermünde, Anhalt, Sachsen-

12.1    Tangermünde on the western bank of the Elbe River.

Situated 100kms west of Berlin and 300 kms from the village of Nickern, [where Carl FAEHRMANN's  future wife, Johanne Eleonore LIEBELT came from] also in Brandenburg, Preussen.

Tangermünde has a 1,000 year long history and in the 15th century it was an affluent member of the Hanseatic League.  This  is when the brick Gothic buildings, the town hall [Rathaus] and St Stephen's parish church arose, surrounded by an almost entirely preserved city wall, with well fortified gates and castle complex   [ünde]

Tangermünde was almost completely rebuilt in a variety of Fachwerk homes after a devastating fire on 13 September 1617.  This uniqueness makes this city an extraordinary destination and it would also inform the workmanship of any master carpenter who did his apprenticeship within its walls. 

St Stephens Church [tall spire above, centre] is a Lutheran Church, built in several stages, nothing is left of the original construction, because it was burned in the town fire of 1617.  The church has a 'Scherer' organ built in 1624, one of the top organs in Europe.  [ünde]





                      St Stephens Lutheran                






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12.2  Fachwerk buildings and homes in Tangermünde








Lutheran St Stephens Kirk, Tangermunde.

Above - Inside the Lutheran St Stephens Kirk is a bronze baptismal font that was cast 514 years ago and was possibly used and known by many FÄHRMANN babies.

Above - I met with an archivist at the Tangermünde Library and Elise found this original record for me.  It is a record of where folks lived in the city.


For more information & records on FAEHRMANN ancestors & those still living in Tangermünde.

Visiting the St Stephens Kirke Archives, Tangermünde with Pastor.....