The Artists' Voice is an Association of Professional Visual Artists based in the Adelaide Hills.  The Artist's Voice was founded in 1997 when a group of local artists met representatives of the Mount Barker Council.  The aim of the first meeting was to provide opportunities for artists to share resources and to support each other.  The group's first success came with its involvement with the inaugural Heysen Festival in Hahndorf also in 1997.  Since then the group has had a close association with the Hahndorf Academy where it holds regular exhibitions and meetings.

If you require additional information or wish to join the Artist's Voice, please contact:
The Artist's Voice, PO Box 494, Mount Barker, South Australia, 5254

Our Aims Are:

  • To provide a point of contact for emerging and established visual artists.

  • To provide opportunities for artists to show their work through regular group and/or solo exhibitions at various venues.

  • To share ideas, resources, experiences and enthusiasm at regular gatherings.

  • To encourage best practice and the pursuit of excellence from our members.

  • To raise awareness of local art and local artists within our community.

  • To support local organisations and events through exhibitions, displays and demonstrations.

  • To interact with educational organisations and assist senior school exit students to maintain an active interest in the visual arts.

Joining Artist's Voice

If you wish to join the Artist's Voice, please submit the following Information to:
The Artist's Voice, PO Box 494, Mount Barker, S.A. 5245:

  • Name, Postal Address, Phone, Email, Areas of Interest - Painting, Sculpture, Photography etc, Experience, Qualifications etc. - Please attach CV.

Admission to the Artist's Voice

The criteria of work required for admission to the Artist's Voice includes:

  • Is the work submitted original, not copies of other art works.

  • In the case of painting, drawing or mixed media: - Does the work indicate that the artist has a mature grasp of media, techniques and composition?

    In the case of sculpture: - Does the work show developed modeling, carving or construction skills?

    In the case of photography: - Does the work show individuality of vision significantly beyond that of a snapshot?

  • Does the work demonstrate an original or individual approach?

  • Has at least some of the work been presented in a manner suitable for exhibition?

  • Does the C.V. show a level of formal art education or experience of professional exhibitions?


Between 6 and 8 group exhibitions are held each year.  Some are thematic while others are linked with recognized events such as SALA, Adelaide Festival of Arts, the Fringe or the Heysen Festival.  Opportunities also exist for members to mount solo or small group exhibitions.  Our exhibitions include painting, drawing, sculpture and print making in a variety of medThe Artists' Voiceia and styles.

The Artist's Voice exhibit on a regular basis in the upstairs gallery of the Hahndorf Academy.   It is definitely worth the climb up the stairs to view the exhibits.

To see our current exhibitions,