LOCATION:   77 Main Street, Hahndorf

Tribal Art -  Australia, Africa & Papua New Guinea

Phone:  (08) 8388 7218

Tineriba Tribal Gallery  (Est. 1993)

Tineriba Tribal Gallery has been exhibiting art for over 25 years from many tribal cultures, including Papua New Guinea and Australia, and shown work from Africa, North America and Indonesia.  The gallery retails pieces to local collectors as well as many international dealers, State and National Museums and Galleries.  For local visitors and collectors a range of historic and tribal literatures are on display and sold. 

This gallery was established to showcase and retail tribal art and artefacts which had been collected over a period of 50 years from many different cultures.
The following areas are represented :-

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Aboriginal Australia
  • Africa
  • with minor representation from the N-W Coast of North America, the Indonesian archipelago and Solomon Islands.

The good items come with extensive documentation.   While space limits what can be displayed, selected items are packed and shipped to dealers, collectors and museums world wide.  Important and unique items, as well as exhibitions, are supplied to major institutions.

Tineriba Fine Arts  (Est. 2000)

Tineriba Fine Arts is a Gallery specialising in Australian Aboriginal art.  Over the years Tineriba has collected some of the very best art from many well-known, now famous artists.  As Tineriba was one of the first galleries in Australia specialising in Aboriginal Art, it stocks an unsurpassed range of traditional and contemporary art from all areas around the country, including local urban art.  As a result it often supplies art for travelling exhibitions and to many State and National Galleries.  Tineriba has art for the visitor, the collector and the serious investor.

While this gallery specialises in fine, investment quality Aboriginal art, it is also building a stable of good, contemporary Australian artists.   Because the collection has been built up over a period of 30 years the variety of Aboriginal art available is unsurpassed by any gallery in Australia.
Specific categories include :-

  • Kimberley art
  • Western Desert art
  • Art from Arnhem Land and adjacent islands
  • South Australian urban Aboriginal art
  • the largest range of Aboriginal art books in S.A.

Tineriba also represents a number of local non-Aboriginal artists, some of whom have gone on to national and international careers.
There is a treasure trove of knowledge on Aboriginal and contemporary Australian art.