Settlers to South Australia - Unplaced Persons not in Shipping and other Lists

The following list of Settlers to South Australia was compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian) and consists of those individuals not yet included in the Shipping Lists or other appropriate Lists.  The lists may include certain additional information regarding the people and families concerned.

Please Note (disclaimer):

These Lists were created basically 'as is' from Reg Butler's unpublished computer working files as at c2014. 

Although it is certain that when compiling such data Reg took all available means to ensure accuracy, it is emphasized that not all of the data has been verified.  As a result. the Lists created may be incomplete, not state sources used, and might contain errors.  It is therefore left to the reader to determine the validity of all such data.

Under no circumstances will Reg Butler correspond about or discuss any of the material or data included in any pages containing information extracted from his computer files.
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Names Beginning - O*

OAKDEN, John Jackson (//-//)

Sheepfarmer 1849

OAKDEN, Phillip (//-//)

Brother-in-law to Osmond GILLES.

OARSNAN, Martha (c1791-?/12/1840)

Died Hindmarsh SA. Is the surname really ORSMOND? Mother to Thomas Orsmond?

O’HEA, Henry Augustus (//-3/12/1849)

Died Valparaiso, Chile. Surgeon; Adelaide (TA 24 North Tce) 1839-1843. Lived variously in Chile, New Jersey USA and Edinburgh, Scotland. In SA by 1840.

O’HEA, Mrs HA nee Charlotte Amy ? (//c1814-24/10/1860)

Died Adelaide SA, at home Bank St. m (2) 22/4/1852 Adelaide, John BROWN Esquire of Bank St, Adelaide.

O’HEA, Allen (//-//)

Chemist; Castlemaine (Mostyn St) Vic 1855

O’HEA, James WW (//c1836-4/5/1853)

Died Castlemaine Vic, of typhus fever.

OHES, Robert Frederick (//-//)

yd of the Rev’d H Ohes. m 18/9/1843 Adelaide, Ellen SHORT

OLDFIED, John K (//-//)

At the Vic goldfields in 1853. His sister, Mrs Elizabeth JAMES lived in Noarlunga in 1853. Doubtful whether JK Oldfield ever lived in SA. Observer 11/6/1853 p190a.

OLDFIED, Joseph (//c1828-14/12/1902)

To SA 1854 Marion. Stone mason, builder; Glen Osmond. Anglican.

OLDFIED, Mrs Joseph nee Sarah LINDSAY (//-//)

OLDFIED, Robert (//c1850-//1916)

O’NEILL, Margaret (//-30/12/1897)

m 6/4/1842 Adelaide, William Homer Junr.

ORMEROD, George (//c1822-10/4/1872)

Born Rochdale, Lancs, England. Died Robe SA, at home ‘from general debility and a mental malady, the result of an overwrought brain’. To Vic 1842 then Narracoorte Station 1845-1846. Obit Observer 27/4/1872 p268c


Licensed teacher; Inverbrackie 1849/50.

OSBORN, C (//-9/9/1849)

Died Guichen Bay SA, by drowning in the cutter Thomson wreck.

OSWALD, John (//-//)

Farmer, bullock driver; Payneham 1840s. Accident, when his dray ran over him and badly fractured his left arm and thigh 3/1/1848.

OUGHTON, Mr (//-6/10/1847)

Died Murray River, SA Company Station. Supposed to be a deserter from a ship.

OWEN, George James d 18/12/1854 at the Adelaide Gaol Observer 23/12/1854 p572e.

OWEN-SMYTH, Charles Edward (1/1/1851-//)

Born Ferrybank, Co Kilkenny, Ireland. Architect Education Department then Superintendent PBD; Adelaide. To SA 1876 Biog Observer 12/10/1895 p720a.

OWERS, William

From Braintree, Essex, England. Plumber; Pt Adelaide. His sister, Mrs Mary Ann GARDNER c/- Charles Swindon sheepfarmer Gilbert River Observer 10/9/1858 p294c.


Names Beginning - P*

PAINE, Edward (//-//)

From Laughton, Sussex, England. To SA c1847-48. Their brother Trayton Paine at Ballarat Vic.

PAINE, Chotfield (//-//)

Observer 23/12/1854 p568c.

PAINE, Henry Hammond (//c1779-6/3/1853)

Died Adelaide SA, at the Colonial Hospital. Country editions The Register carrier for many years. Formerly RN coxwain (often for Nelson). Brother to Thomas Philip Paine of Edgerow Islington, Middlesex, England.

PALLETT, Samuel (//-//)

In SA by 1841.

PALMER, William (//-//)

of Spring Vale SA was at the Bendigo diggings by July 1851. He had a wife who stayed home.

PANKHURST, John (c1801-29/12/1849)

Died Noarlunga SA, as a result of an accident to his horse and cart. Carrier; Noarlunga 1849.

PANRUCKER, James (//c1819-31/3/1874)

Policeman; Adelaide. m Maria Matilda nee SHAWE (//c1827-4/8/1899)


Dentist; Adelaide (old Court House, Currie St) 1849.

PARIS, Monsieur (//-//)

Dancing master par excellent of Adelaide 1851. Gave his 1st grand ball for pupils 8/10/1851. SA Gazette 11/10/1851 p329 col a.

PARKER, J (//-//)

Unclaimed letter August 1838.

PARKES, Robert (//-//)

Overlander in HK Jarvis’s party 1847.

PARKER, Michael Maxwell (//-//)

From Llandforde??, Salop, England. In SA by 1853. His sister, Mary Parker, was living with Thomas EDWARDS at Balhannah/Oakbank Observer 29/10/1853 p354b.


At the Vic goldfields by early 1853. Observer 12/3/1853 p86c

PARKHURST, Mrs JH (//-//)

PARKHURST, child (//-//)

Two youngest died by early 1853

PARKHURST, child (//-//)

Two youngest died by early 1853

PARR, Mary Anne (//-//)

In Adelaide by 1854. Cousin to Joshua JEFFRIES from Stamford, Lincs, England Observer 12/8/1854 p340c.

PARRY, William (//-5/6/1846)

Died Adelaide SA, by a dray accident on the Port Rd. Carrier by dray; Pt Adelaide.

PARRY, William (//-//)

Settled; Salisbury. Vic goldfields 1853.

PARRY, Mrs William (//-//)

PARSON, Mr (//-//)

Adelaide School, Currie St. A teacher for over 24 years 1843.

PARSONS, John (//-//)


PARSONS, Mrs John nee Ellen ? (//c1830-13/3/1874)

Died Adelaide SA, in the Hospital from shock and injuries as the result of an accident when the Adelaide-Burra train became derailed near Roseworthy; family had links with Kapunda and were travelling to Riverton.

PARTRIDGE, Josiah (//c1805-27/11/1897)

Died Mt Malvern SA. Solicitor from Stroud, Glos, England. Began practice in Grenfell St, Adelaide, during Dec 1838. Barrister, solicitor, farmer; Adelaide. A widower. m (2) 25/6/1840 Holy Trinity North Tce Adelaide, Mary nee GILES.

PASLEY, Walter (//-//)

Farmer; Waterloo Plains 1854. Quaker. His mother had m (2) Benjamin HEAD.

PATCH, George (//-//)

Private 96th Regiment assaulted a police officer late 1841.

PATON, John (c1810-16/5/1877)

Died Glen Osmond SA. From Scotland. To SA c1849. Gardener; Glen Osmond (Ridge Park). No descendants.

PATON, Mrs John (c1808-4/8/1897)

Died Glen Osmond SA.

PAULL, Samuel (//-//)

From Dillington near Ilminster, Somerset, England. At the Vic goldfields by early 1853 Observer 12/3/1853 p86c

PAVELIN, Edward (//-//)

Lime kiln operator, wine cooper, livery stable keeper (SA Arms Hindley St); Adelaide, by early 1838. Adelaide TA speculator.

PAYNE, Daniel Vere (//c1818-15/6/1839)

Born Exeter, Devon, England. Died Adelaide SA. Storekeeper; Adelaide (Grenfell St). Son of Dr Payne, theological tutor to the Western Academy, Exeter. ‘Without a relative in the colony, he has nevertheless left many sincere mourners to whom he had greatly endeared himself by his remarkable amiability and Christian deportment.’ Southern Australian 19/6/1839 p96e.

PAYNE/PYNE, Joseph (c1808-?/12/1840)

Died South Tce, Adelaide SA.

PEACOCK, J (//-//)

Opened a young gent’s academy at 70 Hindley St, on 10/9/1838.

PEAKER, Sarah (c1812-6/5/1903)

Born Penryn, Cornwall, England. m (1) 20/7/1840 Adelaide, John Henry Bacon. m (2) Joseph Applebee.

PEARCE, William (//-//)

Of Rundle St, by 1845.

PEARCE, Mrs William nee Sarah ? (//c1807-3/2/1845)

Died Black Forest SA, ‘after a lengthened mental affliction’.

PEARSON, George Thomas (//-//)

Son of HG Pearson Parliament St, London, England. Family friendly with JH Angas of Tarrawatta Observer 13/8/1853 p262c.

PEDLER, William (c1824-8/1/1885)

Miner; Paringa Mine Callington. m 8/5/1848 St James Blakison, Jane Lovell.

PEEK, William Paley (//-//)

Auctioneer, land agent; Adelaide. 1st in partnership with Nathaniel HAILES. Peek bought John Richardson’s premises, but not the goodwill 1840.

PENALUNA, Thomas (//c1819-28/8/1877)

Born England. Died Gawler SA. Carpenter; Gawler. Methodist. To SA 1854 Taymouth Castle. m (2) 3/2/1870 Mrs Lucy GENT nee COLLENETTE Father; Thomas.

PENALUNA, Mrs Thomas nee Avis MANKEY (//c1818-6/9/1867)

Died Gawler SA, ‘of heart disease’. Sister to fellow passenger Thomas Mankey later machinist Gawler.

PENALUNA, John James (//c1844-//1884)

RC m Margaret DUGGAN

PENALUNA, Olivia (//c1845-10/8/1908)

Born Carharrack, Cornwall, England. m 13/8/1863 Gawler, Philip Cheek.

PENALUNA, Elizabeth (//c1848-//)

PENDLEBURY, John (1/6/1811-22/1/1890)

Born Lancs, England. Died Norwood SA. Anglican. m 15/9/1833 Manchester, Lancs.

PENDLEBURY, Mrs John nee Charlotte PENDLEBURY (//-30/8/1893)

PENDLEBURY, Walter Henry (27/6/1834-30/6/1913)

Born Manchester, Lancs, England. Died Yellanjip Vic. Farmer; Yellanjip. Anglican. m 15/10/1855 Adelaide, Jane Elizabeth nee JEFFREY (3/11/1830-9/2/1896) Born Wilton, Wilts, England. Died Warracknabeal Vic.

PENDLEBURY, Thomas (//1837-27/3/1910)

Born Pendleton, Lancs, England. Died Vic. Farmer; SA, Vic. Anglican. m 11/5/1861 Mt Gambier, Frances Maria nee BAKER (26/2/1849-1/3/1922) Born Glastonbury, Somerset, England. Died Vic. Father: John.

PENFOLD, Joseph Senr (c1783-18/6/1849)

Died Adelaide SA.

Baker; Adelaide (Currie St) Register Reel 9 p94 col 1.

PENFOLD, Mrs Joseph nee Mary Ann ? (c1783-29/7/1851)

Died Adelaide SA.

PENFOLD, Matilda (c1827-//)

m ? MANN.

PENFOLD, Joseph Junr (c1830-//)

PENFOLD, Charles (c1830-//)

PENNEY, Richard (//-//)

Surgeon; Encounter Bay, Adelaide.

PENNY, John Kemp (//-//)

Adelaide Times printing office employee; Adelaide 1854.

PENNYFEATHER, James (//c1821-11/2/1847)

Died Adelaide SA. Possibly brother to Mrs August Kavel nee Catherine Ann Pennyfeather.

PEPPERELL, Richard (//-/9/1845)

Died Rivoli Bay SA, by shooting himself in a suicidal act. Publican; Adelaide by 1840

PEPPERELL, Robert (//c1809-5/8/1883)

Butcher then Publican; Adelaide (King William St) by 1845 m Mary ? (//c1806-1/8/1883)

PERCY, Sophia (//-//) m 4/2/1842

Rev’d TQ Stow home Rundle St, Alexander BROWN.

PERKINS, William (//-//)

At the Vic diggings in Dec 1852. His unnamed parents lived at Lyndoch. Observer 11/12/1852 p400a.

PERRY, Isaac (//-//)

Settled; North Adelaide, McLaren Vale. At the Vic goldfields Nov 1854 – had not contacted his family since Dec 1853 Observer 25/11/1854 p520c.

PERRY, Mrs Isaac nee Jane BRACE (//c1822-30/11/1890)

Died McLaren Vale SA. Daughter of Thomas Brace. m (2) 21/4/1867 St Peter Glenelg, Henry Ewin SCOTCHER (//c1840-23/2/1872) Died McLaren Vale SA. Father; Henry. m (3) 22/3/1881 Wesleyan Parsonage Kapunda, Walter DUNSTAN (//c1819-8/11/1899) Died SA. Father; Bennett.

PERRY, family (//-//)

PERRY, Page Clarke (//1810-//)

School teacher; Pt Adelaide 1848. m 1850, Margaret Harriet nee HUMBERT (//-//).

PETNEY, Joseph,(//-//)

At Lyndoch Valley by 1853. Brother to William Petney formerly of Adelaide but now at the Vic goldffields Observer 2/7/1853 p214a

PETRIE, John (// -//)

Charged 19/12/1849 for desertion from the 11th Regiment.

PETTY, J (// -//)

Ornamental wireworker; Adelaide (Leigh St) 1851. He had just returned from the Vic gold diggings. Observer 10/7/1852 p217.

PHILLIPS, Samuel Livesey (20/5/1808-22/11/1860)

Born Southwark, Surrey, England. Died Hindmarsh SA, at his residence. Flour miller (partners J Steven & JW DeHorne), shipping agent; Adelaide (Noarlunga and City Mills), Pt Adelaide. Adelaide office in the Hindley St Exchange Rooms. Anglican. m 15/9/1840 Adelaide, Mary Ann nee HARDING. From NSW c1839.

PHILP, William (//c1805-15/4/1884)

Died North Gumeracha SA. At Tea Tree Gully by 1842.

PHILP, Mrs William nee Mary WENDON (//c1811-19/2/1896)

Died Hundred of Yongala SA.

PHOENIX, James (//-//)

At Terlinga Station Dairy by April 1847.

PICKERING, Joseph (//c1827-/9/1877)

Died Burra SA. S-E explorer with Captain Sturt then Shoemaker; Burra from 1845. Oldest surviving foundation tradesman Obit Observer 29/9/1877 p266c. To SA 1837. m 24/2/1851 Sarah Ann nee GALLACHER/GALLAGHER (//c1831-//)

PICKETT, Thomas (//-/11/1851)

Died Hallett Springs SA, through falling (while in a drunken stupor) into the fire of a vacant hut about 3 miles from Kooringa. Reputed founder of the Burra copper deposits. Inquest.

PICKHAVER, Thomas (//-//)

To SA c1852

PICKHAVER, Mrs Thomas nee Mary ? (7/4/1827-30/7/1900)

Died Semaphore SA.

PICKWORTH, William John (//c1790-22/4/1865)

Died Unley SA, at home. Settled; Unley. An old colonist.

PICKWORTH, Mrs WJ nee Ann ? (//c1801-27/4/1849)

Died Unley SA.

PICKWORTH, William Henry Junr (7/3/1824-5/3/1849)

Died Brighton SA, from accidental drowning due to an epileptic attack.

PICKWORTH, Jane (c1834-/11/1840)

Died Adelaide SA (South Tce). Probably a daughter of WJ Pickworth.

PIKE, Isaac (//-//)

Of Prospect. At the Bendigo goldfields 1853 Observer 11/6/1853 p190a

PIKE, Joseph (//-//)

Lived; Adelaide (Eliza St) On Vic goldfields 1854 Observer 13/5/1854 p184e.

PIKE, Mrs Joseph (//-//)

Very ill while her husband away on the Vic goldfieds.

PINCELL, Lawrence (//-//)

Waggon builder, wheelwright; Gawler 1844 SA 26/1/1844 p31c.

PITMAN, Joseph (//-//)

Carpenter and builder; Adelaide (Rundle St), insolvent 1845.

PITT, John (//-28/3/1855)

Died Adelaide SA, by committing suicide through cutting his throat in a house of ill fame Currie Sts. Captain; Ship Mermaid. Observer 31/3/1855 p103e. Observer 7/4/1855 p113g.

PITT, John (//-//)

Tailor; North Adelaide.

PITT, Mrs John nee Elizabeth ? (//c1804-28/12/1854)

Died Adelaide SA, in the Lunatic Asylum. Inquest Observer 6/1/1855 p3f.

PIZEY, Septimus V (//-//)

Son of the Rev’d Edward Pizey, Vicar of St John’s Wolverhampton, Co Warwick, England. His youngest brother, Robert, died of sunstroke on board ship between SA and Britain 1868.

POLLARD, Edward Hutchinson (//-//)

Member of the Harbour Survey Company late 1838. Merchant; Adelaide. Speculated in Adelaide TAs. Likely to have left SA early.


cook and steward Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

POMERY/POMEROY, John (//-//)

POPE, Abram (//c1817-25/8/1896)

Died Barossa SA. m 2/6/1845 St John’s Adelaide, Sarah nee Charlesworth.

POPE, Samuel (//c1823-2/12/1892)

Died Barossa SA. m Anne ? perhaps Samuel (//c1821-//) m 13/4/1851 St George’s Gawler, Ann nee COOMBE (//c1825-//)

POPE, William (//c1812-26/1/1857)

Died Munno Para SA. m Charlotte nee DAWE (//c1818-//) m (2) 6/4/1861 Ebenezer Chapel Gawler Plains, William HERRING (//c1828-//) Father; Nicholas.

POPHAM, William Home (//-21/10/1871)

Born Ireland. Died Gawler SA. To Australia c1848 perhaps to Vic. Surgeon; Glenelg, Gawler. Anglican. m (2) 29/10/1861 Mrs Arthur TULLY nee Martha.

POPHAM, Mrs WH nee Esther VENT (//c1827-3/9/1860)

Died Gawler SA, of congestion of the brain. Daughter of Francis William Vent of Plumstead Common, Kent, England. His wife, Martha Vent, died of congestion of the brain.

POPHAM, Francis William Home (//c1848-27/1/1903)

Born at sea, in the English Channel. Died Victor Harbor SA. Surgeon; Gawler. Anglican.

POTTER, Mrs Ann nee NASH (//-//)

m (2) 28/6/1842 Adelaide, Edward PRICE.

POTTER, Norwood (//-//)

Daguerreotypist, landscape painter; Adelaide (Rundle St) From the School of Mons de Poilly, Montevede. To SA late 1849.

POWYS, L (//-//)

Signed the SA proclamation of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne Oct 1837.

PRANKERD, Peter Dowding (//-//)

To Sydney NSW late 1839(1849?), then Adelaide early 1850 Observer 19/12/1891 p1179b.

PRATT, William (//-//) 

In SA by Dec 1847.

PRATT, Mrs William nee Marinne ? (//-//) 

PREECE, Thomas (//-2/2/1844)

Died Greenhill Creek SA, of heat stroke contracted while fighting a fire on WRS COOKE’s section. SA 6/2/1844 p42c

PREECE, Mrs Thomas (//-//)

PREECE, child (//-//)

A cripple.

PREECE, child (//-//)

PREECE, child (//-//)

PREECE, child (//-//)

PRENDERGAST, Elizabeth (c1822-19/3/1877)

Died Black Gully SA. m 16/5/1843 Adelaide, James LEVETT.

PRETTEJOHN, Nathaniel the Elder (//c1795-16/1/1847)

Tenant; Section 434, District B 1845. Farmer, publican; Reedbeds, Cowandilla, Adelaide. Anglican. m

PRETTEJOHN, Mrs Nathaniel nee Mary ? perhaps GILLARD (//c1803-5/2/1876)

PRETTEJOHN, Mary Jane (//-//)

m 27/4/1849, William Matthew Edwards Prob left SA

PRETTEJOHN, Nathaniel the Younger (//-//)

Farmer; Reedbeds. m 19/4/1853, Sarah nee DEAN

PRETTEJOHN, John Gillard (//-//)

nb Farmer; Reedbeds. m 13/10/1864 Ritchie residence, Roper St, Adelaide Elizabeth Heath HYNE of Franklin St, Adelaide.

PRETTEJOHN, Elizabeth Ann (c1836-1844)

PRICE, BJ (//-10/9/1882) Died Kapunda SA.

m ? Carruthers, d of John Carruthers. Formerly at Mt Barker.

PRIDGETT, James (//-//)

In SA by early 1853.

PRIDGETT, Mrs James nee Mary Ann (//-//)

PRIDGETT, Brother to James (//-//)

PRIDGETT, Mrs nee Biddy ? (//-//)

PRIEST, Thomas Henry (//-//)

Born Bristol, Co Gloucester, England. Died SA. Merchant; Adelaide. m 15/7/1854 Adelaide, Isabella ROBSON, daughter of the late John ROBSON of Swalwell, Co Durham, England.

PRINCE, George (//-//)

PROBYN, Edmund (c1816-11/2/1894)

Died Kensington SA. Farmer; Sheaoak Log, Adelaide, Kensington Park. Anglican, Methodist. m 27/2/1845 Adelaide, Sarah nee French.

PREVORAH, Henry Penrose (//-//)

late of Tungkillo m 23/3/1852 St John’s Adelaide, FOY, Ann second daughter of Captain Foy of St Day, Gwennap, Cornwall, England.

PRITCHARD, William (//c1825-//)

Born Marlborough, Wilts, England. To SA 1857 Biog Observer 14/4/1923 p812b

PUTTOCK, Charles (//-//)

On the Vic goldfields by 1853. He had a sister living at Bowden Observer 20/8/1853 p270e. Probably a relative to William Puttock of Bowden.

PYMBLE, James (//-//)

pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

PYNE/PAYNE, Joseph (c1808-?/12/1840)

Died South Tce, Adelaide SA.


Names Beginning - Q*


Names Beginning - R*

RAE, Robert (c1792-5/12/1849)

Died Adelaide SA, at home Grote St. Builder from Manchester, Lancs. Built The Grapes, Grenfell St (TA 153). m (2) 20/10/1846 Adelaide, Mrs Charlotte Ann Peterson nee Poole (1803-14/1/1865).

RAE, Mrs Robert (//-//1839)

RAE, son (//-//)

Helped build The Grapes.

RAE, James (//-14/8/1858)

Died Adelaide SA, WD Poole residence Grenfell St (possibly a step relation).

RALPH, James (//c1807-//)

died August 1840 at the Immigrant Depot, aged 33.

RAMSAY, William (//c1836-//)

To SA 1862 Morning Star. Settled; Houghton, Highbury, Hope Valley, Talia. m 9/1/1867 Mrs Robert Milne’s residence Drumminor nr Adelaide, Eliza nee TROUP Father; George.

RANCLAUD, Charles (//-//)

At Kapunda 1853. Observer 19/3/1853 p94c. Brothers.

RANCLAUD, James (//-//)

Left for Vic diggings in 1852.

RANDALL, Thomas (//-//)

found guilty of assault upon a policeman 17/4/1838.

RANDELL, Thomas Senr (//-//)

Sawyer; Adelaide (West Tce) 1847-1848

RANDELL, Mrs Thomas (//-//)

RANDELL, Thomas Junr (//-//)

At Vic goldfields 1853.

RANDELL, Ephraim (//-//)

labourer Sturt St, Adelaide. There by 1840.

RANKIN, Andrew (//-//)

Born Manchester, Lancs, England. Settled; Happy Valley.

RANKIN, Mrs Andrew (//-//)

Linked with Mrs Jabez BARTRAM formerly of Norwood Observer 31/12/1853 p438d.

RANKINE, James Berkley (//c1815-/11/1845)

Died Glen Osmond SA, from suicide whilst suffering from temporary insanity. From Kirkcudbright, Co Kirkcudbright, Scotland. Of respectable family and had a good education. SA 28/11/1845 p378e.

RAWLINGS, Joseph (//-//)

convicted of breaking and entering 12/2/1851, and sentenced to 10 years’ transportation to VDL.

RAWLINSON, Thomas (//c1809-19/6/1849)

Died Burra SA, ‘as a result of an accident’. Carter/farmer; near Burra.

RAWLSDON, James (//-//)

At Burra in 1849.

RAYNER, Henry (//-//)

SA gold miner with his unnamed father at Golden Point Forest Creek Vic. His unnamed sister died Pt Lincoln 1853. She had children Observer 1/4/1854 p122c.

REE, Robert (c1792-5/12/1849)

Died Adelaide SA, at home Grote St.

REEDIE, John (//-29/3/1852)

Died Black Forest SA, at the Forest Inn, of paralysis after a fall from a gig. Observer 3/4/1852 109. Believed to have owned a house in Grenfell St. Thought not to have any relatives in SA.

REEDY, Samuel (//-/6/1846)

Servant; Adelaide (Commercial Inn). REES, George V (//-15/9/1881) Died Wilmington SA, by hanging himself in a stable. Knockabout hand; Wilmington.

REES, Margaret (12/12/1819-26/8/1885)

m 1/6/1841 Adelaide, Robert Fiveash.

REGAN, William (//-//)

Of Bowden. Bankrupt June 1842.

REED, Charles (//-//)

Farmer; The Pinery near the Gawler Road 1844.

REED, Mrs Charles nee Catherine ? (//-//)

REED, child (//-//)

REED, Betsy (//c1840-18/10/1845)

Died The Pinery SA, from accidental burns from an open fire.

REED, TS (22/5/1818-//)

Born Bristol, Glos, England (Wellington Place). To SA 1866. Chairman Destitute Board; Adelaide. Biog Observer 17/10/1903 p338d.

m 1844.

REED, Mrs TS nee ? HANSON (//-//)

Youngest sister of SIr Richard Hanson.

REID, Jeanie (//-//) m 15/4/1844, James KIRKLAND

REID, William Smith (//-//)

Publican; Grace Darling Hotel Brighton.

REID, Mrs WS nee ? (//-//)

REID, Maria Godwin (11/3/1838-//)

Court case Observer 9/12/1854 p547c.

REID, Jane Hodges (//c1842-//)

REVELL, Ann (//c1830-14/8/1871)

Died Pt Adelaide SA, at home St Vincent St. m 16/7/1849 SA, Francis Reynolds.


Licensed teacher; Kooringa 1849/50.

RICHARDSON, George Senr (//c1802-3/9/1856)

Farmer; Brownhill Creek. Likely arrived early 1850s. Also perhaps grandfather to George Richardson the Younger – the father not yet found.

RICHARDSON, Mrs George nee Sarah KING (//-//)

RICHARDSON, George Junr (//c1850-//)

m 9/1/1870 St Michael’s Mitcham, Christina McCulloch nee DAVIE (//-//)

RICHARDSON, Charles Adolphus (1/12/1856-//)

Born Brownhill Creek SA. m 22/7/1880 Bride’s father Nichols Stantiford’s residence Mt Lofty, Elizabeth Dorcas STANTIFORD (//c1858-//)

RICHARDSON, John (//-//)

Auctioneer, sharebroker, general agent; Adelaide. Probably arrived 1830s.

RICHARDSON, Mr (//-//)

A druggist from Preston, Lancs, England, in SA by Oct 1845

RICHARDSON, William Senr (//-11/8/1893)

Shoemaker, farmer??; Sevenhill. Married twice - 1st wife died in Ireland. To SA 1859 James Jardine. (perhaps - does not match shipping lists)

RICHARDSON, Mrs William nee Mary Ann ? (//-28/2/1862)

Could be wrong death date.

RICHARDSON, William Junr (//c1835-//1865)

RICHARDSON, Nathaniel (//c1835-7/6/1908)

Born Co Wicklow, Ireland. Died Penwortham SA. Shoemaker; Penwortham. Anglican. m 27/2/1867 St Barnabas Clare, Alice nee Temperly.

RICHARDSON, Thomas (//c1837-//1912)

RICHARDSON, Mary Ann (//-//)

Confusion with Marion etc.

RICHARDSON, Rebecca (//c1845-//)

RICHARDSON, Ann (//c1854-//)

RICHARDSON, Edward (//c1855-//)

RICHARDSON, Sarah (//c1857-//)

possibly m James Temperly??

RICHARDSON, Arthur (//c1859-//)

RICHES, Alexander (//-/9/1839)

Died Granite Island SA, by drowning. John Dutton charged with manslaughter.

RICHMOND, John (//-//)

RICHMOND, Mrs John (//-1/4/1845)

Died Prospect Village SA.

RIDER, T (//-//)

Lithographer, copperplate and wood engraver; Adelaide (Rundle St) opp Sir John Barleycorn Hotel BN SA 9/3/1849 p76b

RIDER, Mrs T (//-//)

French & English staymaker; Adelaide (Rundle St)

RIDGE, George Luke (//-//)

Merchant; Adelaide (The Exchange Bazaar) 1850.

RIPLEY, John Stride (//-//)

From Wandsworth, Surrey, England. In SA by 1854. Friends with emigrants George Hope of Adelaide and John Ayling of Kensington then Lyndoch Valley Observer 3/6/1854 p220c.

RIVETT, George (//-//)

Discharged soldier of the 96th Regiment 1846.

ROACH, Joseph (//-14/2/1860)

Died Adeladie SA, of injuries after falling from a dray on the corner of Morphett St, and Light Square. Carter; Adelaide. Brother called John.

ROACH, Leonard (//-//)

Draper; Adelaide (Rundle St 1852). His 2-year old daughter, Elizabeth South Roach, died 23/11/1852, aged 2 years.

ROACH, William (//-15/2/1845)

Died near Walkerville SA, at CJF CAMPBELL’s home Kelvin Grove., from an accidental fall from a horse while in a state of intoxication. Servant; Kelvin Grove near Walkerville. SA 18/2/1845 p55c.

ROBERTS, Harriet (//c1807-6/6/1847)

Died Thebarton SA, at home of intoxication. Lived next to Dumbleton’s Hotel, Thebarton 1847.


quarters in the Exchange Room, King William St, Adelaide 1847. Possibly a brother/relation called Edward ROBERTS at Greenock Creek.

ROBERTS, Mrs (//-//)

Toy Shop; Adelaide (Hindley St) 1852 Observer 2/10/1852 p321c.

ROBERTS, William (//-//)

Publican; Marino then Farmer; Noarlunga.

ROBERTS, William (//-//)

Farmer; not known. Observer 12/2/1853 p57d

ROBERTS, Mrs William nee Maria ? (//-//)

ROBERTS, Marianne (//-//)

m Sidney TEAKLE (//-//)

ROBERTSON, John (//-11/10/1870)

Died Salisbury SA, at home Strowan Grove. In SA by 1839.

ROBERTSON, Mrs John nee Isabella Ida HORN (//c1813-5/6/1856)

Died Salisbury SA, at home Strowan Grove, ‘after a long illness’.

ROBINS, RM (//-//)

Member of the Hindmarsh Lodge, Hindmarsh Dec 1838.

ROBINSON, Charles (//-//)

Plumber, painter, glazier; Adelaide (Rundle St next to the market) SA 2/4/1840 p75c. Left SA owing money by Sept 1841 SA 24/9/1841 p310d.

ROBINSON, Mrs Charles nee Ann ? (//-//)

Is this Mrs Robinson the milliner of Rundle St, Adelaide 1840?? Here by March 1840

ROBINSON, Francis (//c1801-25/7/1855)

Died Hindmarsh SA. Labourer; Hindmarsh. m (2) 22/12/1852 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Mrs Elizabeth BLACKMORE (//c1803-15/4/1870) Died Hindmarsh SA.

ROBINSON, Mrs Francis nee Margaret ? (//-//)

She fled SA in 1841 with £170 and her lover, William WRIGHT for Pt Phillip.

ROCHDALE, John (//-//)

Teacher; Adelaide 1838.

To Australia – perhaps Vic c1840 China then to SA mid 1840s.

ROE, John (//c1817-17/9/1890)

Died Nona SA, ‘accidentally killed’. Farmer; Pekina, Hundred of Ninnes Observer 27/9/1890 DN p600b Obit 605a.

ROE, mrs John nee Bridget RENNISON (//c1819-19/3/1898)

ROE, child (//-//)

Mrs Parnell Kadina, Mrs Brinkworth Gulnare, Mrs Brinkworth Georgetown 1 spinster, 3 sons 1890

ROE, child (//-//)

ROGERS, Isabella (//-//)

Prize for best SA domestic servant 1842. Mrs McLeod of Tarranga near Willunga employed her SA 4/11/1842 p349b.

ROGERS, William (//-23/11/1839)

Died Hindmarsh SA, from an accidental gunshot wound. A young man. SA 25/11/1839 p157d.

ROLLAND, Alexander D (//-//)

In SA by 1849.

ROLLASON, Henry William (//-//)

former farmer Sheldon on the Torrens, later Reedbeds; then Hindmarsh out of business; then brewer Thebarton; later storekeeper; Adelaide (Hindley St) ; then potter Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 1847.

ROLLASON, Joseph (//-//)

To SA c1837

ROLLASON, Mrs Joseph nee Mary WOOD (//c1807-9/12/1863)

Died Aldinga SA, of dropsy. Sister to Thomas Wood farmer and publican Myponga and William Wood of Fishmonger Hall, City of London, Middlesex, England.

ROSE, Henry George (//-//)

builder Pt Phillip, then brickmaker Nelson, New Zealand; but now of Pirie St, Adelaide insolvent 1847.

ROSEWARNE, Henry and John

were at Forest Creek and Bendigo by 1853. Mother lived at Kooringa Observer 2/7/1853 p214a

ROSS, George Pollock (//c1815-28/10/1851)

Died North Adelaide SA, of consumption. 2nd son of George Ross of Co Roxburgh, Scotland.

ROSS, B perhaps Bryce (//-//)

Proprietor Commercial Exchange Rooms, Adelaide 1848 SA 28/4/1848 p132b

ROSS, William (//-10/8/1899)

Died Crieff, Co Perth, Scotland, 'after two months of horrible hardships and privations'. Presbyterian minister; SA, NSW, late Lancefield Vic DN Observer 24/8/1901 p828b.

ROULSTON, Fanny (//-//) and Joseph (//-//)

Brother and sister from Raphoe, Co Donegal, Ireland. Fanny c/- James Wright storekeeper Clare Observer 6/8/1853 p253f.

ROUND, Thomas Charles (c1826-29/3/1849)

Died Adelaide SA, the Robert Thomas residence Hindley St, ‘of consumption, after a protracted illness’.

ROWEL, James (//c1817-5/2/1842)

Died Adelaide SA, in the Hospital. Farm servant.

RUE, Matthew (//-//)

Settled; The Hermitage Houghton.

RUE, Mrs Matthew nee Sophia Melley ? (//c1804-17/1/1896)

Died West Thebarton SA.

RUE, James (//-//)

Had left home perhaps Vic by 1854 Observer 16/12/1854 p556c.

RUSK, Richard (//c1820-28/2/1896)

Born Brookborough, Co Fermanagh, Ireland. To SA Oct 1848. Labourer; Bowden, then Farmer; Prospect, then Gardener; Walkerville

RUSK, Mrs Richard nee Ann SWINDLE (//c1814-7/1/1906)

Died Walkerville SA, at home. ‘of a most hospitable and generous disposition’ Obit Observer 13/1/1906 p93a

RUSSELL, John (//-//)

Placed an advert in the Register 17/11/1838 for tenders to build 30 cottages on TA.

RUSSELL, Robert (//-//)

Probably died NSW.

RUSSELL, Mrs Robert nee Ann ? (//c1802-14/5/1873)

Died Adelaide, at home Franklin St, formerly of Kent Town. m (2) William Pile MACKIE bootmaker; Adelaide (King William St TA 78) in SA by 1844

RUSSELL, Eliza (//-//)

m 9/5/1854 Adelaide at home King William St, Frederick READ from Budgham, Norfolk, England later Farmer; Lyndoch.

RUSSELL, Robert George (//c1826-1/1/1885)

Died Adelaide SA, at home Cardwell St. Bootmaker; Adelaide (Sturt St TA 530). Anglican. m 18/1/1847, Emma BROOKS (//c1828-30/12/1892)

RUSSELL, Mary Ann (//-//)

m 3/9/1856, John Finnis.

RUSSELL, Ludovina Catherine Rosina (//-//)

m 30/11/1854 Holy Trinity Adelaide, James JAMES of Plympton, Glen Osmond, North Adelaide, later Kent Town. 4th daughter.

RUSSELL, Elizabeth (//-//)

m William FOTHERGILL Merchantman captain. Son - William Mackie Frissell F (//c1858-3/4/1924)

RUSSELL, Jane (//c1829-17/4/1863)

Died Strathalbyn SA. m 11/1/1847 Adelaide, Edward Waddy

RYLAND, Eliza (//-//)

Died Immigrant Depot, West Tce, Adelaide SA.


Names Beginning - S*

SABBEN, William Thompson (//-//)

Barrister; Adelaide 1849. Late of Melbourne Vic.

SACH, Septimus Decimus (//-/12/1885)

aged 57. Began business in Pt Elliot 1851.

SADGROVE, JH (//-//)

Publican; Bowden (Jolly Farmer).

SALTER, Mr (//-c8/2/1845)

Died ‘in the desert’ between Yankalilla and Encounter Bay SA, of delirium tremens’. SA 18/2/1845 p55c.

SANDERS, Jemima (//-1/10/1845)

Died nr Gawer SA, by taking poison. Wife of a shepherd for John Reid of Gawler.

SANDERSON, John Henry (//-//)

Settled North Adelaide. Son of Francis Sanderson, Killingworth House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Co Northumberland.

SANDERSON, Mrs JH nee ? (//-//)

SANDERSON, son (//-//)

SANDERSON, son (//-//)

SANDERSON, Frederick James (//-//)

m 1/11/1855 Christ Church North Adelaide, Sarah YOUNGHUSBAND, eldest daughter of William Younghusband MLC, North Adelaide. 3d son.

SANGER, Daniel (//-//)

Returned to England.

SANGER, Mildred (//-//)

Boarding house keeper; Adelaide 1854. Brothers, probably from Bristol. Quakers. Related to Susannah THURLOW.

SAVAGE, Mr (//-//)

To SA mid-1846 from VDL He invented ‘in one piece of mechanism a reaping and thrashing machine, which will prove of eminent service in this province, where labour is necessarily so dear at a time when most required. Mr Savage’s invention is a vast improvement upon Ridley’s, which has been for the past two seasons worked successfully in SA’ SA Gazette 8/8/1846 p123.

SAYER, Thomas (//-9/9/1849)

Died Guichen Bay, by drowning in the cutter Thomson wreck.

SAYERS, Zachariah Senr (//-//)

Grocer; Adelaide 1849.

SAYERS, Mrs Zachariah nee ? (//-//)

SAYERS, Zachariah Junr (//-//)

Grocer; Adelaide. m 23/9/1873 SA, Alice Catchlove (nb)

SAYERS, Clara (//-//)

m 16/8/1848 Adelaide, Godfrey Francis CHAMBERLAIN

SCANLAN, Mr (//-//)

SCANLAN, Mrs nee Ann HOPGOOD (//-16/1/1895)

Born Scotland. Died Mt Lofty SA, at home Woodhouse. m (2) Richard HANSON.

SCANLAN, William Charles (//c1843-25/11/1852)

Died Thebarton SA, as a result of an accident from an upturned cart which his step-father had been driving.

SCARLETT, Henry (//-//)

Charged with theft Jan 1849.


formerly publican Gawler (Golden Fleece), and late schoolteacher Gawler insolvent 1845.

SCOBIE, James (//-//)

His mother dangerously ill at Magill Observer 5/11/1853 p364f.

SCUTCHINGS, James (//c1802-26/4/1877)

Died East Auburn SA. Lived; East Auburn.

SCUTCHINGS, Mrs James nee Jane ? (//-//)

SCUTCHINGS, Mary Jane (//c1829-27/12/1868)

Died Norton Summit SA. m 28/9/1846 Adelaide, John BARNETT.

SCUTCHINGS, Charles (//c1832-//)

m 17/10/1854 Penwortham, Elizabeth nee HODGE (18/3/1838-19/11/1894) Teamster; Auburn.

SCUTCHINGS, son (//-//)

SEAGRIM, Thomas Samuel (2/6/1816-6/7/1879)

Born Middlesex, England. Died North Woodside SA. Shepherd; Inverbrackie then Labourer; North Woodside. m 18/5/1849 St John’s Adelaide To SA c1846.

SEAGRIM, Mrs TS nee Catherine MACKENZIE (28/6/1825-13/9/1911)

Born Co Orkney, Scotland. Died West Adelaide SA, at her son-in-law Robert Watkins’ residence. To SA c1847. Probably Domestic servant; Inverbrackie.

SEARLE, Cooper Head (//-//)

teacher; Adelaide (Adelaide Grammar School and Classical Academy, Rundle St) Insolvent 1847. Perhaps came from Sydney NSW.

SEARLE, Mrs CH (//-//)

SEARLE, daughter (//-//)

SEARLE, James (//-//)

Farmer; Searle Grove the Reedbeds near Pt Adelaide ‘an opulent farmer’ in SA by c1849. Observer 2/7/1853 p218c. Family of 22 children.

SEARLE, Mrs James (//-//)

SEARLE, William Henry (//-//)

Settled; Unley. On the Vic goldfields by 1853 Observer 20/8/1853 p270e.

SEAVER, John (//c1812-11/3/1862)

Died Adelaide SA, by hanging for murder in the Adelaide Gaol. Policeman then Labourer; Adelaide 1862 Biog Observer 8/2/1862 p54a.

SEAVER, Mrs John nee Caroline ? (//-//)

Servant; Government House Adelaide during Governor MacDonnell’s term Biog Observer 8/2/1862 p54c.

SEDGLEY, William (//-31/7/1854) RC

m 14/7/1846

KEOGH, Anne (//-//)

SELTH, Rawden McLean (//c1813-27/7/1861)

Born Deal, Kent, England. Died Adelaide SA. Baker; Adelaide (Hindley St), Hilton, Norwood. Anglican. m 13/8/1841 Adelaide, Mary Ann nee DAY.

SEYMOUR, Elizabeth (//-//)

Living in SA. Niece to Mrs NORTON of Coromandel Valley Observer 24/3/1855 p100h.

SHAHEL, Edward (//-//)

From London, Middlesex, England. m 25/6/1851 Holy Trinity, Adelaide, Harriet MELANG.

SHANKS, Peter Campbell (c1810-23/6/1877)

Born Glasgow, Co Lanark, Scotland. Died Adelaide SA. Baker; Adelaide (Waymouth St) insolvent 1845. Anglican. m 30/6/1840 Adelaide, Mary Ann nee WHITE.

SHARPE, Lancelot (c1806-20/3/1839)

Accountant; Adelaide. Anglican.

SHARPE, Mrs Lancelot nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

m (2) 19/11/1844 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Emile Dubois.

SHAW, Robert (//c1806 or 1810-26/6/1860)

Died Adelaide SA, suddenly at home, the Rob Roy Tavern Halifax St.

SHEEHAN, Bridget (//-//)

From Newfoundland and London, England. To SA May 1853. Cousins in Adelaide. Observer 11/3/1854 p94c

SHEEHAN, Robert Sen (//-/5/1902)

Died Murtoa Vic. Farmer; SA, Mortoa Vic. To SA 1849. Observer 31/5/1902 p225c

SHEPHERD, George James (//c1813-17/10/1870)

Died Norwood SA, at home Kennsington Rd, of ostermyclitis. To SA c1838.

SHEPHERD, James (//-//)

Baker; Adelaide (Hindley St) 1840

SHEPHERD, Jane (//-//)

m 27/4/1842 Adelaide (Rev’d Robert Haining), Adam YOUNG.

SHEPLEY, William John (//c1855-25/1/1886)

Died Terowie SA, ‘suddenly on Monday night’. Manager of the National Bank, Terowie. Brother-in-law of HHO HOPKINS, late of Nairne, and son of Enoch Shepley of Coromandel Valley.

SHERATT, TB (//-//)

From WA by 1848. Lived at the Southern Cross Hotel, Adelaide.

SHINGLE, Mary Ann (//-//)

Servant to CW STUART.

SHINNICK, Michael (//-//)

Blacksmith; Adelaide (Currie St) 1850 Observer 13/4/1850 p4d.

SHIPWORTH, Henry (//-19/2/1849)

Died Dry Creek SA, accidentally. Teamster; Burra ore route.

SHUEARD, Robert Senr (//c1812-8/9/1896)

Died Uraidla SA, at home Forrest Road. To SA 1838 from Hobart VDL. Market gardener; Uraidla. Obit Chronicle 11/1/1896 p67e

SHUEARD, Mrs Robert nee Mary Emily Duncan DUCKHAM (//c1820-7/10/1895)

Died Carey Gully SA.

SHUTTER, Stephen (//1812-6/7/1859)

Born Bath, Somerset, England. Died Gawler River SA. Anglican. Farmer; Fairfield Farm, Gawler River. m 31/3/1849 Gawler, Louisa nee HIGGINS.

SIEVRES, S (//-//)

Signed the SA proclamation of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne Oct 1837.

SIGRIST, Bernard (//c1849-//)

Born London, Middlesex, England. To sea aged 14. To SA 1870 Harriet King. Master mariner; Pt Adelaide. Biog Observer 13/1/1894 p64a.

SIMMS/SIMS, Anthony (c1817-/7/1840)

Died Immigrant Depot, West Tce, Adelaide SA.

SIMMS, Thomas Charles (//-7/3/1850)

Carpenter Brown St 1847 then Publican; Windmill Hotel, Prospect.

SIMMS, Mrs TC nee Esther/Hester COOK (//-//)(//-//)

SIMMS, Thomas John (//c1829-16/9/1867)

Died Kadina SA. Publican; Windmill Hotel North Rd 1850s then ? Cordial manufacturer; Kadina. m 21/9/1854, Mary nee Hall.

SIMPSON, Joseph (//-//)

Settled; Gawler by 1853. Cousin to John and Thomas BAXTER on the Vic diggings Observer 2/7/1853 p214a

SIMPSON, Daniel (c1809-12/10/1841)

Died Pt Adelaide SA. Shipbuilder, Hog Bay Whale Fishery proprietor; Pt Adelaide. Anglican.

SIMPSON, Mrs Daniel (//-//)

SKINNER, Charles (//-//)

Born Devon, England. To SA by 1850, when his brother Isaac emigrated Stag.

SLADE, Frederick (//-18/12/1853)

Died near Thurk Station SA, from drowning in a lagoon Observer 30/12/1853 p440f. Travelling shearer.

SLAPE, Ann (//-//)

Living at Kensington in Nov 1852. Brother James Slape in Melbourne Vic at that time. Observer 23/11/1852 p384a.

SLATER, W (//-//)

His wife, Ann, died in Feb 1840.

SLATER, William (//-//)

m 9/3/1839, Caroline nee Cowles.

SLEEMAN, Jonathan (//-//)

Wellsinker; Adelaide. Anglican. m 8/4/1860 Pt Adelaide, Julia nee CODAY

SMART, Samuel (//-/3/1865)

Died Melbourne Vic. To SA 1838. Sheriff, solicitor; Adelaide, Cowandilla. Formerly Under Sheriff of NSW and the three men probably thought that he would recognise them, as they were escaped convicts from NSW.

SMART, Mrs Samuel nee Mary Ann ? (//-7/4/1851)

Died Cowandilla SA.

SMITH, Aaron (//c1829-20/1/1874)

Died Mintaro SA. Butcher; Kooringa then Mintaro. m 4/10/1851 Kooringa, Elizabeth nee WALKER

SMITH, Mrs (//-//)

Boarding house keeper; Adelaide (Blue Cottage Waymouth St opp the new Government offices) 1839 Southern Australian 9/10/1839 p164d.

SMITH, Francis (//-//)

Supposed to come out in a ship called the Lady MacNaghten in Dec 1837. No such ship. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871.

SMITH, G (//-//)

Supposed to have come out in a ship called the Lady MacNaghten in Dec 1837. No such ship. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871. Not the Gumeracha G Smith, as he died before the banquet held.

SMITH, George (//1794-6/7/1871)

Died Gumeracha SA. Post master, coach driver; Gumeracha.

SMITH, Mrs George (//-//)

SMITH, Eliza (//-//)

m 28/10/1854 Gumeracha, Elliott Charles RANDELL.

SMITH, Mary (//c1827-16/4/1871)

Died Mannum SA. m Thomas George RANDELL.

SMITH, Walter (//-//)

Coach driver, gold miner; Gumeracha, Mt Pleasant, Blumberg. m (1) 9/3/1864 St Paul’s Adelaide, Margaret (//c1835-//) do late Robert DONNELLY , of Adelaide. m (2) 25/7/1868 St Paul’s Adelaide, Elizabeth (//-//) 1st d of Mark LOWE, Edwardstown.

SMITH, Grieve (//c1820-26/1/1858)

Born Budle Hall, near Bamburgh, Co Northumberland, England. Died Stanley Flat SA, from the effects of sunstroke. Farmer; Stanley Flat. G & HE Smith, brothers to Mrs William PINKERTON and JC SMITH. Children of Grieve Smith farmer Budle Hall, near Bamburgh, Co Northumberland.

SMITH, Henry Edward (//c1826-14/7/1860)

Died Adelaide SA. Second Inspector of Schools; Adelaide.

SMITH, John (//-//)

Shepherd; Rivoli Bay, Mr DAVENPORTT’s station 1847

SMITH, John (//-//)

Shepherd; Rivoli Bay, Mr DAVENPORTT’s station 1847

SMITH, Henry (//-//)

m 8/10/1845 Adelaide, Charlotte Strong. Baker; Adelaide 1847. Here before 1845.

SMITH, Marie Josephine (//-4/12/1893)

Died South Kensington, London, Middlesex, England, at her eldest son Sir F Villeneuve Smith’s residence 19 Harrington Gardens. Relict of the late Frances Smith Esquire JP, of Campania Tas, formerly of Lindfield Sussex, England DN Observer 13/1/1894 p72b.

SMITH, Owen (//-//)

Lived; Adelaide (King William St South) 1853. A link with Henry Wight BURN Observer 6/8/1853 p253f

SMITH, William (//-//)

Of the auctioneering firm of Smith & Vallance. Bankrupt 1841.

SMITH, William (//c1793-29/3/1848)

Born South Shields, Co Durham, England. Died Pt Lincoln SA, ‘an old and much respected colonist’.

SMITH, William (//-//)

Adelaide Town Surveyor by 1848. Lived; Hartfield, Black Forest.

SMITH, Mrs William (//-//)

SMITH, daughter (//-//)

SMITH, Annie Copland (/12/1843-3/5/1848)

Died SA.

SMITHSON, J (//-//)

Painter, glazier, paperhanger; Adelaide (Waymouth St) Perhaps related to Mr BELL carpenter Waymouth St.

SMYTH, George (//-//)

From Dublin, Ireland. Barrister; Adelaide (Freeman St) 1850.

SOLOMON, Mrs E (//-13/7/1875)

Died aged 101, supposed to be the oldest lady in SA.

SOLOMON, Saul (15/1/1836-//)

Born Knightsbridge, Middlesex, England. Died perhaps WA. To Vic early 1850s- Ballarat, Bendigo then Photographer, politician; Adelaide (Rundle St) then Publican; Mt Gambier. To WA. Retired; Northam Biog Observer 15/1/1927 p158b.

SOLOMON, Thomas (//-//)

To SA from VDL c1837-1838.

SPARKS, George (//-//)

Of Echunga 1853. At the Bendigo goldfields. Wife and child at home Observer 2/7/1853 p214a

SPARROW, Frances Goldsworthy (c1821-12/10/1840)

Died New Port Adelaide SA. Anglican.

SPEARS, James Ray (//-//)

In SA by August 1846. Probably the mate of the ship Hawk.

SPENCE, Mr (//-//1853)

Died Melbourne Vic, of suicide, by cutting his throat after his clerk embezzled 14.00 oz of gold. Draper; Adelaide (tent emporium in Hindley St near King William St late 1840s) then Melbourne Vic Observer 2/7/1853 p216f.

SPICER, John William (//c1804-19/10/1849)

Died Little Para SA, suddenly of natural causes. Schoolmaster; Little Para Special Survey.

SPIKES, John (//-29/10/1852)

Died Dr Rankine’s Creek SA, fatally gored by a bullock at the Crafers Hotel. The whole family was on its way to the Vic gold fields from Bowden. Mrs Spike and the children returned to Bowden Observer 6/11/1852 p362e.

SPIKES, Mrs John (//-//)

SPIKES, child (//-//)

SPIKES, child (//-//)

SPIKES, child (//-//)

SPROULE, Robert (//c1803-13/6/1853)

Died Pt Adelaide SA, of a fit while in an intoxicated state. JP from Castle Devon House, Co Westmeath, Ireland. Labourer; Pt Adelaide. Lived alone in the Pt Adelaide swamps. Observer 18/6/1853 p199e.

SQUIBB, William Riccard (//c1806-11/5/1885)

Born London, Middlesex, England. Died Houghton SA. Teacher; Adelaide (Hindley St 1842, Currie St 1844) then Houghton 1847, postmaster, preacher; Adelaide, Houghton. At Houghton by 1839 (silly because the town not laid out until 1841). m (2) 10/11/1868, Jane COWELL

SQUIBB, Mrs WR nee Priscilla Eliza ELLIOTT (//c1806-4/8/1865)

Died Houghton SA, of dropsy.

SQUIRE, Francis (//-//)

Settled; Edwardstown. To the Vic goldfields Observer 5/11/1853 p364f.

STACEY, Thomas (//-//)

Farmer; Willunga.

STACEY, son (c1837-6/4/1848)

Died Willunga SA, as a result of an accidental gun explosion.

STACEY/STACY, Anna (//c1833-21/9/1840)

Died Adelaide SA, in the Hospital, as a result of burns.

STAFFORD, Obadiah (//c1821-25/3/1875)

Policeman; Harrogate. m

STAGG, Joseph (//-18/11/1840)

Died Adelaide SA, by execution at the Gaol. Horsebreaker etc; Islington 1840. Accused of murdering John GAFTON.

STARK, Robert (//-//)

At the Vic goldfields mid-1855. Prob their father, R Stark of Gawler asking that they return home Observer 14/7/1855 p228h.

STARK, William (//-//)

STAY, Thomas S (//-//)

Grocer; Adelaide (Devonshire & Cornwall House, Hindley St) Opened Jan 1840.

STEAD, Matthew (//c1821-24/2/1903)

Died Wepowie SA. m (2) 8/10/1892 Alexander Bethune residence Chain of Ponds/Maidstone??, Mrs WHIMPRESS nee Caroline PHELPS (//c1828-27/8/1896) Died Petersburg SA. Father; John. m (3) dnr Mrs REYNOLDS nee Jane Megaw.

STEAD, Mrs Matthew nee Jemima ? (//c1826-19/7/1867)

Died Finniss Point SA.

STEDMAN, Warneford Savignac (//-//)

m 26/6/1852

STEDMAN, Mrs WS nee Sarah Anne HOLLOWAY (//-18/2/1853)

Died Gawler SA.

STEDMAN, Warneford Holloway (3/2/1853-24/2/1853)

Born and died Gawler SA.

STEEL, Fanny (//-//)

2nd daughter of W Steel Esquire, Co Down, Ireland. m 2/3/1849 Holy Trinity Adelaide, PO LACKAY of Kensington.

STEELE, William George (//-//)

Born Banbridge, Co Down, Ireland. Licensed teacher; Adelaide, Golden Grove. Presbyterian. 20/5/1847 Adelaide, Mary nee McKENNELL (//c1811-1/4/1858). Born Edinburgh, Co Midlothian, Scotland. Died Golden Grove SA, ‘of consumption, respected by all who knew her’. Father: George.


labourer Currie St, Adelaide, and later of Bay Road insolvent Oct 1843.

STEPHENS, George (//-26/12/1847)

Veterinary surgeon; Adelaide (South Tce). Wife and 3 young children.

STEPHENS/STEVENS, Henry (//c1837-3/5/1844)

Died Adelaide SA, by drowning in the Torrens. Lived in Currie St. SA 10/5/1844 p151b

STEPHENS, John (//-//) To SA Oc 1848.

‘A prisoner of the Crown illegally at large’. He passed himself off as a horsebreaker.

STEPHENS, John (//-//)

of Adelaide. Died by 1870; perhaps Nov 1850?. Then lived North Tce. Eldest son Charles m Frances Hawson; 2nd daughter Emma, m Charles Penny in a double ceremony 12/1/1870.

STEPHENS, Richard (//-//)

An Adelaide businessman in late 1838.

STEPHENSON, Robert (//c1820-23/12/1860)

Born Hammersmith, Middlesex, England. Died Keyneton SA. Government surveyor; Adelaide, Norwood. m 14/1/1851 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Anne Taunton nee Scammell

STEPHENSON,Thomas (//c1812-28/8/1890)

Born Saundersfoot, Co Pembroke, Wales. DIed Saundersfoot, Co Pembroke, North Wales, heart disease.Retired sea captain; Adelaide, Littlehampton (Dr Forster’s residence). Anglican. To SA c1865. Obit Observer 13/12/1890 p1133e.

STEPHENSON, Mrs Thomas nee Frances V ? perhaps RIGBY ?(//-//)

STEPHENSON, Edward Rigby (//c1847-15/5/1865)

STEVENS, William Stockforth (//c1822-9/3/1862)

Died Walkerville SA. Refused a licence to establish the Buckingham Arms, at Gilberton, in Sep 1849 because the building was not finished.

STEWART, Charles William (//-//)

Farmer; SA, by early 1838.

STEWART, John (//-//)

Carpenter; Adelaide (opp Sturt Hotel Grenfell St) 1853. Observer 6/8/1853 p253f.

STEWART, Mrs John (//-//)

STEWART, Duncan (//-//)

At the Vic goldfields 1853 Observer 6/8/1853 p253f

STONE, Edward (//-//)

Accused of being a runaway convict. ‘I am no convict, or ever have been.’ Register 29/9/1838.

STONE, John (//-//)

Unclaimed letter August 1838.

STONE, Joseph (//c1819-27/7/1911)

Born Kensington, Middlesex, England. Died Eastwood SA (of Semaphore). To Aust 1835 as a trader between Sydney, Hobart and Pt Adelaide. To SA early 1840s. Stevedore, shipowner, sheepfarmer; Pt Adelaide. Congregationalist Obit Observer 5/8/1911 p762a.

STORR, Samuel (//-10/6/1839)

Died Adelaide SA, at his residence Hindley St, ‘after a short illness’. Late of Van Diemen’s Land.

STRANGE, Frederick (//-//)

Naturalist. Member of Sturt’s 3d expedition. Observer 31/5/1902 p225b

STRANGE, Mrs Frederick nee Rosa ? (//c1824-21/5/1902)

Died Sydney NSW.


Tea merchant, iron monger; Adelaide (Rundle St), next to Primrose’s Brewery. Began business 3/8/1849.

STRIDE, Edward (//-//)

Shot a pigeon belonging to HR Wigley mid-1838.

STUART, Donald (//-//)

Hotel keeper; Adelaide

STUART, Mrs Ellen (//-25/4/1843)

Died Adelaide, at her residence Rundle St. From Kirkaldy, Co Fife.

STUBBS, Mrs Elizabeth (//c1772-5/4/1842)

Died nr Pt Lincoln SA, at Mr Biddle’s sheep station, from an Aboriginal attack. Housekeeper to Rolles BIDDLE, whom Aborigines both murdered in early April 1842.

STURGES, William (//-//)

Life sentence for murder - Norfolk Island 4/11/1841.

STURGES, Mrs William nee Harriet ? (//-//)

SUTTON, JG (//-//)

Supposed to come out in a ship called the Fergusson in April 1840. No such ship. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871.

SUTTON, John (//-//)

Supposed to come out in a ship called the Fergusson in April 1840. No such ship. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871.

SWIFT, Charles (//-//)

Licensed teacher; Kensington 1849/50.

SWINDEN, Charles (//-//)

Sheep farmer; Gilbert River. m 25/9/1847 Gawler Park, near Angaston, Mary Nattle nee FOOTT, eldest daughter of Nicholas Foott.

SYME, Grant (//-//1869)

From Scotland c1861. Died SA. Inquest. Labourer; Norwood. Letter Chronicle 4/12/1869 p6e.

SYME, Mrs Grant (//-//)

SYME, son (//-//)

SYME, daughter (//-//)

SYME, daughter (//-//)

SYMES, Colmer B (//-//)

Congregational Minister; Adelaide (Stow Church)

SYMES, Mrs CB (//-30/1/1879)

Died Exeter, Devon, England, 'in delicate health during her residence in Adelaide'. Obit Observer 29/3/1879 p14b.

SYMONDS, F (//c1795-13/3/1885)

Died Chain of Ponds SA. A JP.


Names Beginning - T*

TAIT, Mr (//-//)

Of Glenelg in early 1853. His son, James Tait, had left Launceston VDL for the Vic diggings about that time Observer 26/3/1853 p102b

TALLACK, F (//-//)

School master; Ardtornish School, Dry Creek. Returned to England 1849 (Register Reel 9 p140)

TALLACK, Mrs F (//-//)

TALLIS, George (//-//)

Assistant Colonial Surgeon; Adelaide. Biog Observer 8/2/1862 p54b.

TAPLIN, Charles (//-16/10/1847)

Died Adelaide SA, by drowning in the Torrens River. Private 11th Regiment; Adelaide.

TAPPER, Richard Charles (//c1820-13/11/1851)

Brickmaker; Balhannah. Anglican. To SA by 1849

TAPPER, Mrs RC nee Mary Ann ? (//c1818-3/1/1866)

TAPPER, Richard Thomas (//-//)

TAPPER, William (//-7/3/1885)

Died Uraidla SA. m Elizabeth nee PURCELL (//-//)

TAYLOR, Charles Harry (//-//)

Settled; Salisbury. Missing on the Vic goldfields ‘a very long time’ Observer 2/9/1854 p376c.

TAYLOR, Mrs CH (//-//)

TAYLOR, George Earle (//c1833-3/1/1900)

Youngest son of Charles Taylor of Totnes, Devon, England. m 13/2/1860 St Paul’s Adelaide (1st marriage celebrated there), Emily nee Catchlove (nb), 2nd daughter of publican Henry Catchlove

TAYLOR, Henry (//-14/1/1905)

Died Thebarton SA, at home Chapel St, aged 84. To SA 1840 DN Observer 21/1/1905 p126a

TAYLOR, James (//-//)

Settled; Little Para near Salisbury 1853. Brother-in-law to George MORWICK from Co Orkney, Scotland, on the Vic goldfields in 1853 Observer 6/8/1853 p253f

TAYLOR, John Thomas Edward (//c1819-14/3/1855)

Died Auburn SA, accidentally from falling down a well. EIC Sapper and Miner. Superintendent; Bon Accord Mine then Land agent; Kooringa, Auburn. Inquest Observer 24/3/1855 p96h.

TAYLOR, Mr (//-//)

Of Pt Adelaide 1854. Husband of the former Mrs Celia WILLIAMS whose first husband was an EIC officer in India during the 1830s. Friends with the William BRUCE family of Calcutta, whose two sons emigrated to SA Observer 25/3/1854 p116a.

TERRELL, Abraham, Joseph, Samuel, Thomas, William Senr, William Junr

of Kapunda at Forest Creek in 1852/3Observer 29/1/1853 p35

TERRELL, Samuel (//-//)

Captain; Montacute Mine (Victoria gold mine) 1853 Observer 12/3/1853 p89d

TERRELL, Mrs Samuel nee Sarah TRENGOVE (//-//)

TERRELL, Richard (3/2/1848-//)

Born Montacute Mine SA.

THAWLEY, William

of Gawler, supposed to be at the Bendigo Diggings. His mother, brother and sisters arrived SA 1/11/1853/1854 and wish him to return home Observer 2/12/1854 p532c.

THOMAS, Charles Henry (//-//)

Former British Army Medical Staff official. Imprisoned for 4 years for stealing a watch from the Aldgate Pump Hotel. Aged 71.

THOMAS, Elisha (//-//)


THOMAS, Elijah (//-//)

At the Vic goldfields in 1852 when their brother[half brother?] William MARTIN died in SA on 16/12/1852 Observer 25/12/1852 p416b.

THOMAS, GW (//-//)

His sister-in-law was Lady Grey, wife of the Governor. Did GW Thomas marry a Miss Spencer?? He had a beautiful Burra Burra malachite brooch made up at Pace the Jeweller’s of Rundle St for her. SA Gazette 16/5/1846.

THOMAS, John (//-//)

Settled; Skillogolee Creek. To Vic goldfields by 1853 Observer 13/8/1853 p262c.

THOMAS, William (//c1785-27/3/1872)

Died North Adelaide SA, at home Melbourne St. A colonist of 35 years.

THOMAS, William (//c1854-//)

Born Co Glamorgan, Wales. To SA c1862 with his parents. Bookseller, ironfounder; Kapunda Biog Observer 13/1/1894 p64a.

THOMPSON/THOMSON, George (//c1835-//)

Disappeared from his work at Pt Gawler c1853. Mother very sick at that time Observer 29/10/1853 p354c.

THOMPSON, John (//-//)

Settled; Adelaide by 1846 Mt Barker by 1849 Woodside by 1855. Apparently lived and died near Woodside.

THOMPSON, Mrs John nee Miriam ELDRIDGE (//dnr-18/1/1884)

Died Echuca Vic, at Thompsons Temperance Hotel, after a long illness DN Observer 16/2/1884 p342b.

THOMSON, Bryce (//-//)

In SA by 1839. Baker Hindley St, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

THOMSON, Thomas (//-//)

Operated a wine shop in partnership with Robert D Innes until Dec 1838 - Thomson carried on the business by himself.


Of Kensington. Organised a ball at the Temple Tavern (Gilles Arcade) June 1846 SA 30/6/1846 p206b

THORNTON, Benjamin (//-//)

Settled; Old Tiers 1853. On the Vic goldfields 1853 Observer 2/7/1853 p214a

THORNTON, Mrs Benjamin (//-//)

THURLOW, CT (//-//)

Of North Adelaide. At Fryer’s Creek Vic 1854 Observer 11/3/1854 p94c.

THWAITES, Thomas Skilbeck

Tinsmith; Adelaide (Government Domain) 1845 then Adelaide (Rundle St) 1846-48


nee Elizabeth Ann PORTER

TIMS, Robert (//-/5/1885)

Died Strathalbyn SA. Station master; the Finniss. Son of the late Keeper of the Mt Gambier Gaol. Estate worth £40.

TINLINE, George (//-//)

To SA 1830s. Biog Observer 7/5/1910 p47c.

TINLINE, John (//-//)

Brewer; Hindmarsh 1844 in partnership with Mr CRAWFORD Brewer; North Adelaide (Kermode St)

TITHERINGTON, John Brisbone (//-//)

Baptist Minister. He operated a boys’ school, Montefiore, in North Adelaide, in partnership with EW WICKES - opened 25/3/1847. Late of Stepney College.


Teacher of prep boys; Montefiore School; North Adelaide (Jeffcott St)

TOAY, Mrs (//-//1871)

Died Adelaide SA. Widow from Cornwall, England. Wesleyan Methodist (Pirie St Church). ‘Many would recollect her tall stately form at their meetings’ Obit Observer 6/5/1871 280e. To SA 1849

TOAY, daughters (//-//)

TOD, Patrick James (c1815-30/5/1855)

Died Cairo, Egypt, ‘of cholera’. Agent, landowner; Pt Adelaide, Adelaide, Gawler, Mt Barker. Pt Adelaide agent for the 1st spring cart public conveyance between Adelaide and the Port 21/5/1838. One of the original proprietors for the establishment of Gawler. m 20/1/1849 North Adelaide, Louisa nee Hack, daughter of JB Hack.

TOD, Robert (c1798-12/11/1864)

Died North Adelaide SA, at home Gover St, ‘after a lingering illness’.

TOD, Mrs Robert nee Cowan ??? (//-//)

TOD, Anna Guniel (//-//)

m 2/9/1858 Freeman St Congregational Chapel, James Greenwood, son of Rev’d J Greenwood, Petersfield, Hants.

TOD, Marion Cowan (//-//)

m 8/7/1858 Freeman St Congregational Chapel, William Oldham.

TOD, Emily (//-10/8/1857)

Died Kapunda SA.

TODD, E (//-//)

Undertaker; Adelaide (Hindley St) Feb 1842

TODD, Samuel

member of the SA School Society, early 1838.

TOLL, John Rundle (c1800-22/3/1864)

From Birmingham, Co Warwick, England. Died Blakiston SA. Miller, farmer; Pt Adelaide (Hart, Ewbank & Hughes), Nairne (Union Mill). Anglican. Took William Moyse as his assistant from Pt Adelaide to Nairne.

TOLL, Mrs JR nee Charlotte Sophie ? (c1803-17/7/1869)

Died Pt Adelaide SA, at home her son-in-law Dr Gething.

TOLL, Jane Trevanion (//c1831-15/3/1908)

Died Croydon SA. m 29/12/1860 St James Blakiston, Robert Gething.

TOLLESON, Frederick (//c1819-11/4/1902)

Died Adelaide SA. Blacksmith; Adelaide (Hindley St), then Wallaroo 1846. Presbyterian. m 4/5/1846 Adelaide, Mrs Mary Ann OAKLEY.

TOLLISON, Frederick

pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

TOMLINSON, Abraham (//-//).

Settled South Tce, Adelaide 1830s.

TOMLINSON, Ellen (c1810-/ 7/1840)

Died Adelaide SA, at home of severe burns from an open fire. Much addicted to intoxicating drink.

TOMLINSON, son (//-//)

TOOLE, Thomas (//-//)

Overland Stockholder & cattle dealer; SA - depastured his herds behind Mr GLEESON’s Southern Australian 9/10/1839 p164a

TOSELAND, George (//-//)

From Papworth, Co Cambridge, England. In SA by early 1853. Brother of William Toseland who emigrated 1846 Canton

TOTHILL, Charles

stockholder Murray River 1845.


tenant farmer Section 1001, District B 1843.

TRELEAVEN, Thomas (//-//)

Superintending miller, BA Kent’s East Park flour mill 1841; Publican; Adelaide (The Grapes, Grenfell St, City Arms, King William St).

TRELEGGON, Isaac (//-//)

Share farmer for CS HARE at Mintaro, at the Bendigo goldfields Dec 1852. Observer 11/12/1852 p400a.

TRENOUTH, William (//-//)

Bricklayer & plasterer; Adelaide (Sturt St) 1849.

TREVERTON, Francis (//c1833-/3/1905)

Born Falmouth, Cornwall, England. Died Kapunda SA. To SA c1852. Miner; Kapunda. Obit Observer 18/3/1905 p537b


m 21/3/1839 SA, Alexander Dawsey.

TROTTER, William George (//-//)

At the Vic goldfields when his wife d 6/6/1853 Tanunda Observer 6/8/1853 p253f.

TROVEY, Charles L (//-//)

In SA by June 1841. Stockholder; South Yorke Peninsula 1846.

TRUSSELL, George (//-//)

From Essex, England. Opened a stock valuation business at the Southern Cross Hotel, Adelaide, during Dec 1838.

TUCKEY, James (//-//)

Settled; Alberton. At the Vic goldfields by 1853 Observer 13/8/11853 p262c.

TUCKEY, Mrs James nee Mary Ann Esther ? (//-//)

TULLEN, James Chappel Bailey (//c1849-25/2/1852)

Died Salisbury SA, from drowning in a well. Observer 28/2/1852 p69e.

TURLEY, George (//-//)

Carpenter; Burra - left there 1/3/1852 for the Vic goldfields. Observer 25/9/1852 p313b.

TURLEY, Mrs George nee Fanny ADAMS (//-//)

TURNER, George (//-//)

To SA c1851. Son of James Turner innkeeper Charlotte St, Bagnigge-Wells??, London, England. A Mr Aish of William St, Norwood, had a letter for George Turner from his father Observer 10/6/1854 p232c.

TURNER, Robert (//c1816-22/4/1883)

Born Littlebourne, Kent, England. Died Payneham SA, at his residence Duke of Wellington Hotel, Payneham Rd. Publican; Adelaide, Stepney, Payneham. To the Barossa goldfields 1871-1872 - no success. Obit Chronicle 28/4/1883 p395c-d To SA 1849 reputedly with Shepard Mayfield - died only days apart. Neither man on the shipping lists.

TURNER, Mrs Robert nee Eleanor ? (//c1806-13/12/1878)

Died Payneham SA, at her residence Duke of Wellington Hotel, Payneham Rd.

Apparently no family.

TURPIN, Adam (//-//)

Accompanied Capt Sturt in inland exploration. Tendencies to lunacy August 1847 ‘committed to gaol for a fortnight for safe custody’.

TWEDDALE, James (//-//1849)

Doctor of medicine; Adelaide (Rundle St).

TYTE, Samuel (//c1827-6/6/1849)

Died Adelaide SA. Watchmaker; Adelaide (King William St).

TYZACK, Mr (//c1793-/12/1885)

Died the Semaphore SA. To SA 1840.


Names Beginning - U*

UMPHELLY, Edward William Umphelly (//-//)

In SA briefly during late 1839; bought TA 741 North Adelaide and other land in SA. Mortgaged his land with John Pigou Esquire of Bombay, Bengal for £1,150 at 10% to raise the money to buy the schooner Sullworth from him. EW Umphelly had to sell his assets, because he could not repay the loan.

UNSTEAD, Charles (//-//)

Prob an employe of Henry COLLINS painter Pt Adelaide 1853 Observer 9/7/1853 p222a.

URIDGE, George

(at Gregory’s Boardinghouse Pt Adelaide) and Stephen location unknown SA 1853 Observer 29/10/1853 p354b.

USHER, George (//c1825-3/9/1855)

Died Dry Creek SA, at the Stockade Establishment, of consumption. Clerk to CS Hare Esquire, Comptroller of Convict Establishments. Youngest son of John Usher, Woodhall, near Haltwhistle, Co Northumberland, England.

UTHER, John Samuel (c1807-30/9/1849)

Died Kermode St, North Adelaide SA. Storekeeper at Fordham’s Hotel, Adelaide, mid-1838. Engaged in the Van Diemen’s Land sheep export trade.


Names Beginning - V*

VALLANCE, Hugh (//-//)

Auctioneer and general agent; Adelaide (Hindley St) in partnership with William Smith. Specialised in goods from Van Diemen’s Land. Bankrupt in March 1841; again 1843. SMITH, William and VALLANCE, Hugh, auctioneers and general agents Hindley St, Adelaide, trading as Smith & Vallance insolvent 1843.

VALLANCE, Duncan (//-//)

Farmer; Dry Creek, Marrabel, Spring Creek. Roman Catholic. 2/11/1850 Adelaide, Alice nee CALLAGHAN (//c1823-28/3/1870)


Cornish miners; Burra. Eldest son, James Villis Junr, died, mining accident 11/5/1849 (Register Reel 9 p153)

VENN, Robert Charles (c1816-1/9/1870)

Born Rotherhite, Surrey, England. Died Adelaide SA, at his residence Currie St West. Butcher, ship chandler, publican; Pt Adelaide, Adelaide. Anglican. m (1) 24/7/1839 Adelaide, Elizabeth nee Evans. m (2) 15/1/1853 Dalkeith Farm Noarlunga, Ann nee Harriot.

VILBRO, Louis Brode (//-//1845)

gentleman Walkerville.

VINECOMB, William (//-//)

Farmer; Coromandel Valley. 1848.

VINECOMB, Mrs nee Elizabeth MOORE (//-//)

VINECOMB, Elizabeth Mary (c1830-4/7/1848)

Died Coromandel Valley SA, as a result of a bullock dray accident.

VINECOMB, son (//-//)

VOSS, Carl (//-//)

Cook aboard the Skjold. Spoke at a meeting 21/4/1847 Hamburg Hotel re German emigrants.


Names Beginning - W*

WADE, Charlotte (c1812-/10/1840)

Died Hawdon St, Adelaide SA.

WADE, William (//-//1845)

Stockholder; formerly of Gippsland, later of Adelaide.

WAITE, Thomas (//-//)

Formerly of Bishopsgate, Camberwell, Surrey, England. Worked on the Niver Niver cattle station in SA. Is he the man who died 23/6/1850 at Walkerville? Appeared to be linked with Anna Catharine UPJOHN?? Observer 31/7/1852 p246.

WAITE, Walter William

m 21/8/1847 St John Halifax St Adelaide, Mary nee PRATT.

WAKEFIELD, David (//c1832-26/4/1904)

Died Macclesfield SA. Farmer; Echunga, Bugle Ranges, Macclesfield. m 23/7/1853 St James Blakiston, Sophia nee YEATES. Children of C Wakefield.

WAKEFIELD, Harriet (//c1833-//)

m 5/10/1852 St Mary Echunga, Thomas Adamson.

WAKEFIELD, William (//c1827-//)

Farmer; Echunga, Bugle Ranges, Belvidere nr Strathalbyn. m 27/3/1853 St James Blakiston.

WAKELIN, Samuel (c1821-10/10/1898)

Born Hoo, near Rochester, Kent, England. Died Cowell SA. Farmer; North Rhine, Clarendon, Cowell. m 16/11/1869 North Rhine, Elizabeth nee MCCONNELL (c1834-9/8/1904) Died Parkside SA.

WAKELING, Mrs James nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

Returned to Britain, where she m (2) c1855, William DOVELL merchant Titchfield Tce, Regent’s Park, Middlesex.

WAKELING, John William (//-//)

uncertain whether his mother had married James Wakeling before emigrating. m 10/2/1857 Holy Trinity North Tce Adelaide, Lydia Pitfield STANIFORD.

WALDON, George (//-//)

Joined the SA police force in Dec 1838.

WALKER, John the Elder (//c1818-20/1/1891)

Born Greenwich, Kent, England. Died Birkenhead, Pt Adelaide SA ‘after a long and painful illness’. To SA 1839 John (no such boat fits). One of the 1st lightermen at Pt Adelaide. Transported wheat and grain from Pt Onkaparinga to Pt Adelaide. Large family at Birkenhead. Owner; Fleur de Maurice. Strict integrity, commonsense and genial companion Observer 24/1/1891 p174d

WALKER, John (//-//)

Died mid-1870s. Settled; Burra, then Bendigo Vic.

WALKER, Mrs John nee Christiana ? (//-//)

Died probably Stawell Vic.

WALKER, Elizabeth Nicholson (//c1829-26/2/1891)

Died Adelaide SA. m 4/10/1851 Kooringa, Aaron SMITH

WALKER, son (//-//)

WALKER, John (//-//)

Farmer: St John Wood, Nailsworth. A son, William Walker, had remained in England; lived in Pimlico. Observer 11/9/1852 p297c.

WALKER, Mrs John (//-//)

WALKER, Thomas Hurworth (//-//)

Mounted policeman; Kapunda then To Vic goldfields. His brother, George H Walker, lived in Sydney Observer 12/11/1853 p372f.

WALKER, William (//-c16/12/1853)

Died Prospect SA, from injuries received when he fell under the wheel of his employer James Harrington the limeburner’s cart Observer 17/2/1853 p419f, 24/12/1853 p429e. Labourer & driver; Prospect (Harrington’s limeburning yards)

WALKER, Mrs William (//-//)

She was expecting a child at the time of her husband’s death.

WALKER, WH (//-//)

By late 1839.

WALKER, Mrs WH nee Jane ? (//-//)

WALLACE, SW (//-//)

Music teacher; Adelaide (King William St) 1849. Lived next to Dr Bayer.

WALLINGTON, Captain EW (//-//)

ADC to SA Governors. Obit his father Sir John Wallington Observer 14/5/1910 p88d.

WALSH, Philip (//-//)

In the service of Mr MCLEOD of Tarranga. He went missing in April 1842. Mother was Mrs RILEY, who lived in Arden St, Thebarton, next to Mr FURNISS the pieman.

WARD, Bernard (//-//)

Unclaimed letter August 1838.

WARD, David (c1811-30/7/1871)

Died Adelaide SA, at home Gilbert St, of disease of the kidneys. 23 years foreman Letchford & Tidmarsh soap/candle factory. To SA 1830s/1840s.

WARD, John Senr (//-//)

m 1840 Kidderminster, Worcs, England.

WARD, Mrs John nee Ann BULLOCK (//-//)

WARD, George Ernest (//c1840-//)

Cabin boy; SS Admella then To NSW Eden, Bega (Kameruka Estate)

WARD, John Junr (//c1849-//)

Storekeeper. To NSW.

WARE, Robert (//c1814-18/11/1869)

Died Adelaide SA, at the Lunatic Asylum, from the effects of sunstroke while on on the 1st expedition to Adam Bay in the Northern Territory. Labourer; Enfield. m 20/11/1839 Adelaide, Hannah nee MORRISS. Their son, GL Ware lived in Halifax St, Adelaide 1869.

WARK, Bernhard (//c1821-20/6/1888)

Died German Town Pt Gawler SA.

WARK, Mrs Bernhard nee Johanna ? (28/2/1805-9/3/1878)

Died Pt Gawler SA. To SA c1847.

WARLAND, William H (//-//1859)

Died NSW. An uncle of James and Edwin Warland of the Mt Barker District. Left a fortune in Chancery. Did he come to SA? Observer 31/1/1891 p221c. Also MBC.

WARREN, Caroline Elizabeth (c1822-8/8/1905)

m 11/11/1844 Sturt, William E Black.

WARRENER, Thomas (//-//)

Farmer; Mt Barker (Warrener Creek) 1842.

WASLEY, Stephen (//c1818-4/4/1859)

To SA c1849. His mother and sister arrived SA 1852.

WATERS, James (//-//)

Lived Solomon Place, Adelaide. To the Vic goldfields early 1850s Observer 23/4/1853 p134b

WATSON, Mrs (//-//)

Servant; Adelaide (Government House) 1841. m 25/10/1841 St John Halifax St Adelaide, James BENSTEAD.

WATSON, Mr (//-//)

Brother to Edward Watson. Brothers to Vic goldfields Jan 1852. Observer 28/2/1852 p70d.

WATSON, Mrs nee Mary ? (//-//)

WATSON, Edward (//-//)

Adelaide 1852.

WATSON, Mrs Edward nee Keturah ? (//-//)

WATTS, HP (//-//)

late 47th Regiment, in a petition to Governor Hindmarsh in July 1838.

WATTS, John (//-//)

Shepherd; Rivoli Bay, Mr DAVENPORT’s station 1847

WATTS, Richard (//-//)

Stonemason from Islington, Middlesex, England. Stonemason; Beulah Road Norwood by 1854. Father of George Watts of Kyneton Vic Observer 9/12/1854 p544c.

WEALE, Thomas (//-//)

In partnership with James Moran as carpenters and joiners, from April 1838, in premises on the Park Lands, opp the Commissioners’ Stores.

WEALE, perhaps Mrs Thomas (//-//)

Lived; Archer St, North Adelaide Jan 1853.

WEAR, William (//-//)

Butcher: Adelaide (Grenfell St 1847: Hindley St 1848)

WEBLING, AC (13/1/1837-//)

Born Peckham, Middlesex, England. Died SA.

To SA 1862. Marine Survey Dept; Adelaide, then Lighthousekeeper; SA coast then Harbourmaster; Glenelg, Corney Point, then Retired; Ansell Semaphore.

Biog Observer 15/1/1927 p158C-D.

WEBSTER, Edward (//-//)

Signed the SA proclamation of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne Oct 1837. Pt Adelaide surgeon.

WEEKS, William

Overlander in HK Jarvis’s party 1847.

WELLMAN, Solomon

Storekeeper; SA, by early 1839.

WELSH, William (//-//)

Private 96th Regiment deserter late 1841.

WERE, Charles Junr

Proprietor; Britannia Windmill, North Adelaide 1846.

WEYMAN, David (//-//)

Observer 19/2/1853 p62e

WEYMAN, Mrs David nee Grace ? (//-//)

WHEATLY, Joseph (//-//)

Unclaimed letter August 1838.

WHEEL, D (//-//)

Stockman; Mt Barker (Duncan McFarlane’s Station) 1842.

WHEELER, Joshua (//c1820-//)

Labourer; Burra 1851.

WHELAND, John, WILD, James and HOWARD, John

Encounter Bay New Fishery, partnership dissolved 19/10/1843.

WHITBY, Mrs (//-//)

Private school teacher; Adelaide 1848.

WHITE, Mrs E (//-//)

Wife of the Rev’d E White Chaplain to the Establishment of Bengal EIC. Gave birth to a daughter at Kensington SA 15/3/1842 p82d.

WHITE, George (//-//)

Lived: Unley 1852. Wife called Elizabeth White. To the Vic goldfields 1852. Observer 21/8/1852 p273b.

WHITE, Thomas (//-//)

WHITE, Mrs Thomas nee Elizabeth (perhaps LYNCH?) (//-//)

Had left her husband by 1852 to live with Daniel ASGOOD Observer 6/11/1852 p361e.

WHITFORD, James (//-//)

Brothers, Wesleyan Methodist preachers who went to the Bendigo diggins 1852.

WHITFORD, John (//-//)

Brothers, Wesleyan Methodist preachers who went to the Bendigo diggins 1852.

WHITTAKER, Thomas (//-//)

Working cutler; Adelaide (Hindley St) 1843.

WHYTE, James, FREW, James, Rankine, Robert

at Mt Crawford, as stockholders and farmers 1844.

WHYTE, John (//c1828-/2/1902)

Born Kinross, Scotland. Died Glenelg SA, at home. Obit Observer 22/2/1902 p374e.

WICKHAM. William (c1825-7/5/1847)

Died Moorundie SA, by drowning in the Murray River. Eldest son of JB WICKHAM. A double tragedy - JD CARTER, brother-in-law to A TOLMER, also died.

WICKLEY, Henry R (//-//)

Signed the SA proclamation of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne Oct 1837.

WICKSTEAD, Charles (//-//)

Brother to Richard Wickstead.

WICKSTEAD, Richard (//-//)

Possibly from near Whitington, near Chesterfield, Co Derby. m 3/6/1847 SA, Emma nee NEALE.

WIGLEY, JGM (//-//)

Solicitor; Adelaide 1850. Late of the New Inn, London, Middlesex, England.

WIGRAM, RJ (//-//)

In SA by August 1841. Apparently linked to the pastoral industry.

WILDE, James (//c1809-18/4/1849)

Died Adelaide SA. Lived; Adelaide (Leigh St) early 1840. Owned much real estate at Kooringa.

WILEY, Henry (//-//)

Farmer; Skillogolee Creek, Mt Gambier. m 20/12/1847, Mary BARTEL She is not yet placed in a family.

WILKINSON, George Blakiston (//c1817-//1888)

Encounter Bay survey party 1843. Farmer, author; Yankalilla. m 21/12/1843 Adelaide, Mary nee ROBERTS


To SA 1854. Returned to England RMS Oruba 14/1/1891 to retire.

National Bank manager at Kooringa. Chief Manager of the bank in Adelaide after EM Young retired. Became Manager of the Bank of Adelaide in 1879; then Superintendent c1889. Wesleyan. YMCA work Observer 17/1/1891 p126e

WILLIAMS, Charles ON //-//)

Aide-de-Camp to Governor Robinson 1884. Son of Colonel Williams of the Indian Remount Service.

WILLIAMS, Henry (//c1803-12/3/1879)

WILLIAMS, Mrs Henry nee Elizabeth ? (//c1818-15/8/1865)

Is this the Eliza Williams who deserted her hushband? SA 8/4/1842 p109a.

WILLIAMS, James (//-//)

Won the prize for being the most meritorious shepherd in SA SA 4/11/1842 p349b

WILLIAMS, James (//-//)

Publican; Dry Creek SA 2/1/1849 p3c

WILLIAMS, Lucy Charles (//-//)

o.d. of the late Richard Williams solicitor Caernarvon, North Wales m 17/11/1846 Thomas B Kelly VOWNOG

WILLIAMS, William (//-//)

At Gumeracha by early 1853. He had a brother, Edward Williams, at the Vic goldfields. From Rame, Wendron, Cornwall, England Observer 30/4/1853 p150a

WILLIAMSON, Martin (//-//)

Unclaimed letter August 1838.

WILLMOT, Robert (//-//)

Unclaimed letter August 1838.


Occupier; pt Section 1570, District of Adelaide 1845.

WILLS, Charles Senr (//c1821-18/11/1903)

Gardener, Darley on the Torrens then Gardener, vigneron; Langton Garden Fourth Creek. Anglican. In SA by1849

WILLS, Mrs Charles nee Elizabeth HAIME/HAIMES/HAINES (//c1817-6/4/1901)

Was she connected to the Tea Tree Gully Haines family?

WILLS, Charles Junr (//c1845-15/6/1866)

Died Fourth Creek SA, at his parents’ residence Langton Garden, ‘of heart disease … beloved by all who knew him’.

WILLS, Mary Ann (//c1847-1/6/1923)

m 6/8/1868 St Martin Campbelltown, Edward Parsons.

WILLS, Elizabeth (//c1851-//)


WILSON, Allen (6/4/1820-6/1/1890)

Born Lydd, Kent, England. Died Mt Barker SA.Farmer; Two Wells, Westbrook Mt Barker. Anglican. m 15/2/1843 Ludlow House, Gumeracha, Ellen nee REEVES. .

WILSON, James Senr (//-//)

At Mitcham 1853. On Vic goldfields 1853 Observer 5/11/1853 p364f.

WILSON, Mrs James (//-//)

WILSON, James Junr (//-//)

WILSON, family (//-//)

WILSON, John Waker (//-//)

Convicted of counterfeiting coin 17/3/1845. Transported to VDL for 10 years.

WILSON, William (//-//)

WILSON, William (//-//)

WILSON, William (//-//)

WILSON, W Wilfred (//-//)

Solicitor; Clare early 1850s.

WINCEY, William (//-2/7/1854)

Died North Adelaide SA, at home Brougham Place. Accountant; North Adelaide, Adelaide (Angas St) then Agent; Adelaide, North Adelaide. Methodist.

WINCEY, Mrs William nee Frances Eleanor FAULKNER (1/5/1800-7/1/1887)

Born Tortola, West Indies. Died Gawler SA.

WINCEY, Frances Maria (//c1835-19/10/1895)

Died St Leonards SA, at the Grammar School. m Alfred DAY. Mother of Mrs WK SMART. DN Observer 26/10/1895 p824b

WINCEY, William Faulkner (//c1837-31/10/1894)

Born Cornwall, England. Timber merchant; Kapunda, Gawler. m 17/8/1859 St Matthew’s Kensington, Mary Jane nee WEAVER (nb)

WINDOVER, William (//c1818-//)

Butcher, storekeeper; Burra by 1850. m 6/10/1850 Kooringa, Philadelphia nee Collins

WINSBREY, Thomas (//-//)

Left Adelaide in Feb 1852 for the Vic goldfields. Another member of the family called E Winsbrey. Observer 21/8/1852 p273b.

WINTON, George (//c1819-24/9/1906)

Died Lyndoch SA. Farmer; The Sturt, Lyndoch Valley, Sandy Creek. m (1) 16/8/1848 St Mary Sturt, Sarah nee WATERS (//c1828-24/7/1878) Died Sandy Creek SA. m (2) 18/1/1883 Holy Trinity Lyndoch, Mrs William Yates nee Jane/Jean London.

WISE, George Gordon (//-//)

From Hobart VDL. Settled; Belle Vue Sturt River by March 1848. m 10/6/1847 St John’s Adelaide, Mary Sanders

WISE, Henry (//-//)

Convicted of larceny 15/6/1847. Transported for 7 years to VDL.

WITT, James George (//-//)

formerly storekeeper Adelaide (King William St) and Bunbury WA insolvent 1845.

W0LFF, Frederick (//-//)

From Petersfield, Hants. In SA by 1845, and afterwards disappeared.

WOOLLEY, Benjamin (//-//)

Settled; Bowden.

WOOLLEY, Mrs Benjamin (//-//)

WOOLLEY, family (//-//)

WOOLLEY, Robert (//-//)

At the Victorian goldfields when his brother Benjamin Woolley died 1854 Observer 16/6/1855 p190e.

WORMLEIGHTON, John (//c1809-29/8/1872)

Died SA. From NSW by 1871. Carpenter; North Adelaide. Congregational.

WORMLEIGHTON, Mrs John nee Maria AUGHEY (//c1843-//)

Father; William Aughey. m (2) 14/6/1879 Rev’d Lawrence G Carter residence North Adelaide, Thomas Henry Moyses. To SA 1858 Stamboul.

WOTHERSPOON, John (//c1802-12/11/1850)

Born Edinburgh, Co Midlothian, Scotland. Died Adelaide SA, at home Grenfell St. Managing Director SA Marine & Fire & Life Assurance Co, Grenfell St, Adelaide 1845.

WRIGHT, Jane (c1796-?/12/1840)

Died North Adelaide SA.

WRIGHT, William (//-//)

Mariner; Kingscote, Adelaide. Bought LG to TAs 905, 906, 919, 920, 921, in North Adelaide 1837.

WRIGHT, Mrs William nee Phoebe ? (//-//)

WRIGHT, William (//-//)

Overlander; Burra 1847.  For Town Acre 17

WYATT, John (//-//)

Millwright; Adelaide (Robert St 1841), then Founder; Adelaide (Grenfell St 1842-1847) perhaps Publican; Woodman Inn Grenfell St 1846-47.


Names Beginning - Y*

YARLEY, Henry (//-//)

Cooper; Adelaide (from 1849 opp Mr Stewart’s Timber Yard, Hindley St) To SA c1839. ‘The oldest cooper in the colony.’

YATES, James (//c1806-16/1/1853)

Died Adelaide SA.

YEARDLEY, Alfred (//c1829-30/11/1848)

Died Burra SA, from injuries sustained after falling under his dray. Labourer, bullock driver; Burra.

YEATMAN, Henry John (//-//)

Mine surveyor & draughtsman; Burra Mine 1850.

YOUNG, Edward (//-//)

Hindmarsh; May 1849

YOUNG, Mrs Edward nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)

YOUNG, John Thomas Senr (//c1805-24/1/1851)

Born Bantry, Co Cork, Ireland. Died Adelaide SA, at home North Tce, of dysentery. Snuff & tobacco maker; Adelaide (North Tce). Possibly a cousin to Dr TY Cotter, Colonial Surgeon. Probably to SA 1830s, then to Sydney, and returned to Adelaide.

YOUNG, Mrs JT (//-//)

YOUNG, Kate (//-//)

YOUNG, John Junr (//c1839-//)



Mt Barker Courier 25/12/1885  -  Mr Richard Eve, who was churchwarden of Silsoe Ampthill (England) from 1817 until the date of his death, died last month. He carried around the plate until he was 95 years old.

List of people living in the Tiers -  SA 18/9/1846 p6a

SA 24/11/1846 p158a  -  Miss Jenny, who has been employed and carefully instructed at Government House, as to have been eulogised by Governor Grey in the Council during an assertion of the educational capabilities of the younger natives, is now sojourning with her lubra’s tribe in Gawler Town. They have introduced dialogues into their corrobberees