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Auguste Martha WIETH / Johann Friedrich Wilhelm FAEHRMANN

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ownership of

69 Auricht Rd, Hahndorf

1907- 1979

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In 1882 when Martha WIETH married J.F.W. FAEHRMANN he came to live with her on the 2 acres & 3 perches of land that Martha had inherited from her own mother Johanne Luise LUBASCH  [married to Gottlieb WIETH] which became 59 Auricht Road.   That parcel of land stretched from the 'Paechtown Rd' [now Auricht Rd] to the 'Mt Barker Road'.     See SAILIS Certificate of Title 16/15 regarding 59 Auricht Rd, Hahndorf.

The year before her old neighbour Mrs GETHINGS died, [1908] Martha WIETH purchases 3 acres from her [Jane Trevanion TOLL the wife of Robert GETHING]  which parallels her current land ownership at 59 Auricht Rd, in terms of that it also reaches from the 'Paechtown Rd' [now Auricht Rd] to the 'Mt Barker Road'.  This left Jane GETHING, now no longer living at 'St Julian's' with the remainder of her farm 46 acres, home & barn to be sold by her executors in 1909 to George WEATHERALD.     See SAILIS Certificate of Title 399/137 below.

This article is in regards to the family history, 17 years after this 3 acre purchase, when in 1924 Martha parts with a tiny portion of her land from CT 399/137, in fact '125 x 200 x 200 x 250', about 1 rood & 15 perches [1 rood is 40 perches, Martha sells 55 perches and there are 160 perches in 1 acre, therefore about  1/4 acre] to her older brother Oswald Gottlieb WIETH.  This property became 69 Auricht Rd, Hahndorf and when the freeway was built it became the final house on the left of Auricht Road which then became a dead end.  See SAILIS Certificate of Title 1344/71 below.

The land retained by Martha WIETH was: See SAILIS Certificate of Title 1344/72.


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Table of Contents

1.    Certificate of Title 1344/171

2.  Certificate of Title 1344/172


1.    1924  SAILIS Certificate of Title 1344/171

Authors Summary: 

1/4 acre, 69 Auricht Rd, Hahndorf, Certificate of Titles 1344/171 

1924   September 19, Martha Auguste WIETH [married J.F.W. FAEHRMANN]  transferred 1/4 acre to her elder brother Oswald Gottlieb Edmund WIETH [married M.J. LEUNIG], bootmaker of Ambleside.

1930   October 23, Oswald Gottlieb Edmund WIETH dies aged 73 years.

1931   February 10, transferred to Oswald's only surviving children:  Roy Henry WIETH traveller 40 years of age, & Herbert Edmund WIETH labourer 36 years of age of Ambleside as tenants in common.

1934  June 25, transferred from bachelor Herbert Edmund WIETH to the 2nd wife [Ellen Alice May McNALTY] of his brother Roy Henry WIETH

1934   September 26, transferred from Roy Henry & his wife Ellen to Gordon William Dedlef FAEHRMANN, plasterer, of Ambleside who is a son of Oswald 'Ossie' FAEHRMANN & Veronica GRELL.

  • Roy Henry WIETH is a first cousin once removed to Gordon William Dedlef FAEHRMANN.
  • Gordon William Dedlef's  father is Oswald 'Ossie' Friedrich FAEHRMANN who was born in 1883 at 59 Auricht Rd, Hahndof.
  • Oswald Friedrich FAEHRMANN is the eldest child of Auguste Martha WIETH &  J.F.W. FAEHRMANN & they had spent all of their married [Martha lived there all of her life] life at 59 Auricht Rd.
  • In 1934 Gordon William Dedlef FAEHRMANN is 25 years old & marries Jessie May WALLACE in 1935.
  • Gordon William Dedlef great uncle is Oswald Gottlieb Edmund WIETH the older brother of Auguste Martha WIETH.

1978  December 22,  see CT 4147/250 see below

This Certificate of Title now describes this land as Government Road, Allotment 4, portion of section 903, Hahndorf.

1979  August 27,  transferred to Jessie May FAEHRMANN [nee WALLACE] the wife of Gordon William Dedlef FAEHRMANN.

1989  Jessie May FAEHRMANN lived in this house until she died 22 April 1989.

1989  November 3, transferred to Jessie May's daughter, [executor of will] Kathleen Jessie FAEHRMANN [married P. TULK].

1990  May 7, transferred to R.V. PALESY & C.A. PALESY of 69 Auricht Rd, Hahndorf.


2.   1924  SAILIS Certificate of Title 1344/172

Authors Summary:

[3 acres - 1/4 acres] = 2 acres, 2 roods, 25 perches 69 Auricht Rd, Hahndorf Certificate of Titles 1344/172

One of the boundaries of this parcel of land can be found by standing on the corner of Windsor Avenue & the Main Street of Hahndorf, it also coincides with entrance to the Hahndorf Aged Care Facility.

1924  September 19.  After selling 1/4 of an acre to her older brother, Martha Auguste WIETH [wife of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm FAEHRMANN of Ambleside, Carrier], is left with a  portion of section 3812, 2 acres 2 roods & 25 perches but Martha dies 3 years later on 25 November 1927.

1929  July 11  transfer to the executor of her will Georg Ewald KAESLER of Ambleside, machinist.

1935  September 11 Martha's husband J.F.W. FAEHRMANN dies.

1936  February 14 transfer from Georg KAESLER to Martha's 52 year old bachelor son, named after his father, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 'Bill' FAEHRMANN of Hahndorf, gardener who dies in 1974.

1971   May 25  as with the original 2 acres & 3 perches belonging to 59 Auricht Rd, [1971 CT 16/15] as well as the 1/4 acre in the above [1934 CT 1344/171], this land of over 2 acres is also transferred to Gordon William Dedlef FAEHRMANN of Paechtown Road, Hahndorf, Plasterer and Jessie May FAEHRMANN his wife'.

1973   December 21 transfer to Gordon Steward PLAIN & Agnes Lillian PLAIN of portion of the within land.  see new CT Vol 4147/248.   

              1975   July 14 Gordon William Dedlef FAEHRMANN died. 

 1977  June 8  transfer to Robert William GREGORY & Hugh Cowel NIELD.

 1978   December 21 transfer to Jessie May FAEHRMANN of portion of the within land, allotment 4 portion Section 903.  see above new CT 4147/250.          


see CT 4147/249 =  1979 August 27 Robert GREGORY & Hugh NIELD appear to be the owners of all the land as seen in CT 1344/172.


This original land purchase by a female in 1907, Auguste Martha FAEHRMANN, remained in her family of descendants until 1989, 82 years. Martha's granddaughter Jean FAEHRMANN [married R. REDDY] wrote about her grand mother and great grandmother in 1990.