The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Waters

SHIP CITY OF ADELAIDE – passengers from London and Plymouth 24/8/1874

From London

LADNER, John Thomas (//c1852-20/3/1917) Born Cornwall, England. Died Cross Roads Moonta SA. Miner; Moonta Mines. Son of John Ladner. m (2) 8/6/1877 Rev’d O Lake residence Moonta Mines, Mary Jane nee RULE (//c1858-28/12/1940) Died North Yelta SA. Parents – James Rule & likely Jane nee JENKINS perhaps b 30/3/1858 Kooringa. She m (2) 11/3/1920 Methodist Manse Moonta, George BARTON (//c1845-27/9/1932) Died Cross Roads Moonta SA. Son of George Barton.

LADNER, Mrs JT nee Mary ? (//c1856-//1874) Died at sea.

LADNER, Mary Ann (//c1874-14/12/1874) Died Moonta Mines SA.

Family of John Thomas Ladner & Mary Jane nee Rule

Edward Earl Ladner b 21/5/1880 Moonta Mines SA.

Rosalinde Annie Ladner b 23/4/1882 Yelta SA.

Alice Etta/Hetta Ladner b 13/2/1884 Yelta SA. d 19/12/1948 Adelaide (of Enfield), aged 64 m 29/5/1907 Methodist Church Yelta, John Thomas Waters 24 Son of Joseph Waters.

Edith Jane Ladner b 5/3/1886 Yelta SA.

Edward Henry Ladner b 5/3/1886 Yelta SA.

Beatrice Mary Ladner b 20/10/1888 Yelta SA.

Francis Daniel Ladner b 5/1/1891 Yelta SA.

Mabel Gertrude Ladner b 27/10/1892 Yelta SA.

Eva Aline Ladner b 10/2/1896 Yelta SA.

Ida Myra Doreen Ladner b 12/10/1902 Yelta SA

Joseph Waters Family

Joseph Waters (//c1851- perhaps/likely 19/12/1917) Born perhaps Cornwall/Devon, Co Cork, Ireland or perhaps SA. Died Wallaroo Mines SA. Parents – Joseph Waters & unknown mother at this stage. Could have come out with parents or by himself or with other relatives later.

A Joseph Waters and his wife Elizabeth came to SA 13/9/1851 Reliance

WATERS, Joseph (//c1817-//) Ag labourer from Cornwall, England.

WATERS, Mrs Joseph nee Elizabeth ? (//c1820-//)

WATERS, Elizabeth (//c1850-//1851) Died at sea.

Perhaps Joseph Waters b 25/8/1854 SA (place not specified) to Joseph Waters and Elizabeth Ann nee STEPHEN – this is 3 years short of his age on his marriage certificate and death certificate, which both indicate he was born c1851.

SHIP BRITISH LION – c428 passengers from London & Plymouth 15/7/1866

REED, Captain Thomas P the 1st RN Reserve captain to come to SA. Voyage conditions Observer 21/7/1866 p327c, p328h.

*MAYNE, Thomas H Surgeon-Superintendent (//-//) Burra Mine Surgeon returning from sick leave in Europe .

*REED, Miss (//-//)

WATERS, John (//c1845-//) Schoolmaster from Co Cork, Ireland. Good condition during the voyage.

WATERS, John (//c1847-//) Gardener from Co Cork, Ireland. Good condition during the voyage.

WATERS, Mary (//c1849-//) Milliner from Co Cork, Ireland.

WATERS, Joseph (//c1850-//) Draper from Co Cork, Ireland. Good condition during the voyage. This is a better candidate as far as age goes, but whoever heard of a draper becoming a miner; moreover, I can find no possible candidates for the rest of these people. Likely the whole family took advantage of the government-paid passage and then went to another colony after landing in SA.

m 4/1/1877 Bride’s father Richard Nicholls’ residence Wallaroo Mines

Elizabeth Ann nee NICHOLLS (//c1856-7/3/1926) Died Newtown near Kadina SA (of Wallaroo Mines), at the residence of her son Charles Waters. DN Chronicle 20/3/1926 p867e. She was the widow of Joseph Waters at the time of her death.

Perhaps Richard Nicholls who arrived in SA 25/6/1855 Velocity, and perhaps eventually made his way to Wallaroo.

NICHOLLS, Richard Senr (//c1816-//) Miner from Devon, England. Methodist.

NICHOLLS, Mrs Richard nee Mary ? (//c1819-//) Perhaps Mary Ann nee LOCK

NICHOLLS, Mary (//c1841-//) Servant from Devon, England. Perhaps Mary Ann Nicholls m 12/10/1858 Bride father Richard Nicholls residence Charlton [north of Wirrabara], George SLADDIN (//c1832-//) Father; James Sladdin

NICHOLLS, Jane (//c1843-//) m 11/12/1862 Bride father Richard Nicholls residence Kanyaka, Joseph ROWE (//c1840-//) Father; John Rowe

NICHOLLS, Richard Junr (//c1845-1/5/1866) Died Wallaroo Mines SA.

NICHOLLS, William (//c1847-//) No clue as yet.

NICHOLLS, John (//c1851-//) No clue as yet.

Perhaps also

NICHOLLS, Elizabeth Ann (17/12/1855-7/3/1926) Born SA place not stated. Died Newtown near Kadina SA (of Wallaroo Mines), at the residence of her son Charles Waters. DN Chronicle 20/3/1926 p867e.

Family of Joseph Waters & Elizabeth Ann nee Nicholls

Gertrude Waters b 21/12/1876 d 19/3/1877 Wallaroo Mines SA.

Henry Waters b 11/2/1878 Wallaroo Mines SA. m 8/12/1906 Bride’s father Francis HARWOOD residence Kadina, Lily nee HARWOOD (//c1884-//)

John Thomas Waters b 6/1/1883 Wallaroo Mines SA. d 26/6/1950 Enfield m 29/5/1907 Methodist Church Yelta, Alice Etta nee Ladner

Joseph Ernest Waters b 4/9/1884 Wallaroo Mines SA. d 8/1/1968 Magill (of Thebarton). m 23/12/1914 Rev’d GD Verco residence Kadina, Gertrude Marion nee KUHNDT (//c1894-//) Father- Johann Ernst Kuhndt

Richard James Waters b 17/7/1886 d 14/11/1886 Wallaroo Mines SA.

Charles Waters b 17/8/1887 Wallaroo Mines SA. m 14/7/1906 Rev’d GB Moysey residence Kadina, Amy Lillian nee BESSELL (29/1/1886-//) Born Hundred of Boucaut SA. Parents – Thomas Bessell & Mary Elizabeth nee WARREN.Quite likely that the Charles Waters family left SA after his mother died – much investigation required here.

Mary Jane Waters b 10/6/1889 d 7/5/1890 Wallaroo Mines SA.
William Stanley Waters b 17/9/1890 d 22/4/1891 Wallaroo Mines SA.

Gertrude May Waters b 27/11/1891 Wallaroo Mines SA. d 13/8/1956 Springbank (of Nailsworth). m 23/11/1922 Salvation Army HQ Adelaide, Charles Sydney WATKINS (//c1891-19/3/1941) Died Keswick SA (of Wallaroo). Father – Thomas Watkins.

William James Waters b 7/9/1894 d 19/1/1895 Wallaroo Mines SA.

William James Waters b 6/9/1898 d 11/2/1899 Wallaroo Mines SA.

Family of John Thomas Waters & Alice Etta nee Ladner

Alison Eva May Waters b 12/5/1908 Wallaroo Mines SA.

John Allen Nicholls Waters b 1/10/1909 Wallaroo Mines SA.

Kathleen Mary Waters b 27/10/1924 Moonta SA.