Grocery Stores1 are a critical element in most of our lives, the first place many head when a storm is going to hit the next day. We are fortunate in the Akron area to have high quality, bargain, and specialty grocers to choose from. We have concerns about loss of grocers in some neighborhoods and concerns about "super stores" driving smaller grocers out of business. Sometimes we forget the outcome of our "voting" with our feet or with our pocketbooks.

When grocery shopping in Akron, have a lot of choices, including chains, family run stores, organic, ethnic and everything in-between.

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Large Grocery Stores - Local

Large Grocery Store Chains - National

  • ALDI - discount retailer, more than nine locations throughout the area
  • IGA
  • Save-A-Lot

National Chain Stores Carrying Groceries

Other Grocery Stores:

Farmer Markets (an abbreviated list)



East Asian

Meat Markets:

Fish Markets:

Dairies and Creameries:

Specialty Shops

Gone but not Forgotten

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