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Visiting Akron

Akron, in case you don't know, is not the world's most tourist friendly place. Sure, we get visitors and tourists, but due to some "strange quirk" of personality, location, and weather, our fair city is quite reserved and conventional. Finding the good places to go, and things to see sometimes takes months of living here. We at AkronWiki aim to change that!

Akron Wiki Guide to Rochester

This page is a guide for people visiting Akron. It won't take you to five-star hotels, or dinner at $200 a plate. It will show you the highlights of the city through the eyes of our contributors, who love this city like the back of their hands.

Sites to Visit

A good place to start is Discover Akron/Summit

Other Akron Wiki Pages with events

Other Guides

Compared to dedicated sites, a wiki sometimes makes a poor format for gathering, organizing, and presenting geography and guides. Here are worthy alternatives.

  • - Travel wiki provides much of the most basic information about the area and traveling to it. An excellent guide for a business traveler.

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