The Alamance County Fire Departments operates much like many other fire departments throughout the United States. Each major town or region within the county has their own established fire department, which receives their funding directly from the county.

There are four departments that are staffed by full time firefighters. The four different departments are the town of Burlington’s Fire Department, Graham Fire Department, Haw River and Mebane. These departments are the most funded and serve the largest areas within Alamance County. To supplement these full time fighters, Alamance County has seven volunteer fire fighting departments who serve small areas of the county as well as backing up the career firefighters.

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The Alamance County Fire Departments' role is to provide protection for the community from fire, assistance during natural disaster and prevention of further injuries after an accident occurs. Similar to many low population regions, the fire department also helps out with medical emergencies by supplying paramedics.

Stations within Alamance County typically are on the smaller side, staffing a fire chief, two shift captains, five drivers, a fire inspector, and then backed up by volunteers. Their fleets usually consist of around two or three fire engines as well as specialty equipment such as hazmat suits and air compressors.