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Published (including self-published) books that are at least partially set somewhere in Alamance County.

Kimball, Franklin. Critters of Cane Creek. New York:. iUniverse, Inc., 2007. Alamance Libraries

"Critters of Cane Creek is about a family of animals who were affected by the Quaker Friends that settled the southern part of Alamance County. The main character is a squirrel by the name of Aubrey who will entertain you with historical events that happened as he was growing up. Aubrey and his best pal, Kyle experience the settling of the area and evade the cook pots of the humans as they share with the reader a funny and amusing look at history in this area of North Carolina.The lives of the Critters covers the period from the first Friends who came to Cane Creek to the occupation of the Meeting House by Lord Cornwallis and his British troops after the Battle of Guilford Courthouse."

Marlette, Doug. The Bridge. New York: Harper Perennial, 2002. Alamance Libraries

"Pick Cantrell is a successful newspaper cartoonist whose career has hit the skids. Fired from his job in New York and in the grip of a midlife meltdown, he returns with his wife and son to a small North Carolina town, where he confronts the ghosts of his past in the form of the family matriarch and his boyhood nemesis, Mama Lucy. While attempting to renovate an old house and repair his damaged marriage, Pick discovers his family's ties to the historic home and his own connection to a place he belonged to long before it ever belonged to him. What follows is an extraordinary story within a story, as Pick uncovers startling truths about himself and about the role his grandmother played in the tragic general textile strike of 1934, one of the least-known major events of American history."

Patten, Frederick Van. Winter Soldier: A Novel. New York: iUniverse, Inc., 2003. Amazon

"When Philip Muts moves to Philadelphia for a less-than-exciting job as a clinical psychologist, his first challenge is a case needing quick resolution. Philip's patient is a delusional soldier named Paul Handy who claims he's reincarnated from a Revolutionary War assassin. He's called Hollywood Handy for the fantastic tales he tells, and Paul's commanding officer thinks he's faking his mental illness. With the help of Mary Scots, US Army nurse, Philip begins a frustrating journey to uncover the disturbing truth that's painfully locked up inside his patient. Philip discovers the complex parallel life that Paul lives through reflective trances with his two-hundred-year-old doppelganger. The Army wants a clean bill of mental health so it can proceed with a court martial, but Philip resists as he digs deeper into the mysterious suffering of Paul Handy. Philip's creative psychological detective work leads to a startling resolution in this fast-paced, suspense-filled novel."

Rochelle, Larry. Occupy Fearrington., 2012. Amazon

"It started as a joke, but when Anna's young body was found in the turtle pond, no one was laughing. Funny how a beautiful but dead body can upset a small village."

Shaw, J. Thomas. The Rx Factor. Minneapolis, MN: Langdon Street Press, 2012. Amazon

"After emerging from a five year hangover on the Bahamian Island of Exuma, Dr. Ryan Matthews begins his quest to find the truth behind the real cause of the death of his family. Sobered up by the sensational murder of the family of the new women in his life, Jordan Carver, Ryan sets off on a thrill ride of adventure, marred in danger, with villains at the highest level of both the corporate and political worlds determined to bring him down. To discover the truth and expose one of America's best kept secrets, Ryan will have to bend the rules, break the law and maybe even kill."

Waterman, Jonathon. Plutonium’s Revenge., 2011. Amazon

"Krypton Software has learned of the Nationwide software contest their biggest competitor is sponsoring. And with Paul Pontiac and Tim Hegler being not only co-developers of the best-selling PC Game Titan Industries offers, but also members of Gibsonville High School's Computer Club - the executives at Krypton are out to steal Gibsonville's entry -No Matter The Cost!Come join the exciting corporate espionage adventure within the pages of:Plutonium's Revenge - Where Death, Deception, and Corporate Espionage Meet!"


Alamance County Courthouse is (probably) the setting for the song Graham County Courthouse by BIG Something.