All That Jas

Elon, NC


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JASsin' It Up                                                                                            

All That JAS’s story began in 2001 when owner, Michelle Graybeal, began attending cheer competitions in the hopes of selling her cheer apparel. She made everything from pom-poms to customized cheer uniforms. Six years later,  she finally opened up her store in Burlington, North Carolina. In December of 2007, she moved her store to its current location in Elon, North Carolina. This move presented a unique opportunity for the store to shift focus from cheerleading apparel to college and greek apparel.

Because about thirty-five percent of all students at Elon University go greek, All That JAS begun to create Greek themed apparel. All That JAS’s primary customers are Elon students, involved in the twenty-three sororities and fraternities socially. There are also fifteen other organizations through greek life that do not deal with social aspects at Elon University like service and academic as well. These have also been huge customers for All That JAS. It has become a major resource for bulk orders for sorority/fraternity fundraising, ranging from cups to lettered sweatshirts. The brands sold at All That JAS include: Lilly Pulitzer, Guy Harvey, and Kate Spade among others. Arguably, the stores most popular items include custom monograms, embroideries, and letter shirts. You can even bring in one of your own shirts to get customized!

Customer Feedback:

"I bought an Elon "Spirit Jersey," and it's my favorite thing to wear. They have affordable prices and all the workers are really personable" (usually students at Elon University). -Abby Palmer, Freshman

"Although I am not affiliated, I bought a lot of my friend's Christmas presents at All That JAS, and it is one of the only stores on campus that is not a restaurant where I can go and buy clothes and accessories." -Chloe Allen, Freshman

"All That JAS has been so helpful with fundraising events and philanthropy work, because it helps to spread the word of all the different philanthropies on campus through greek clothing." -Mackie Stille, Sophomore

"I ordered a monogramed hat.  The staff was very friendly and accommodating and made sure I was happy with the product.  I would definitely recommend All That JAS for personalized items, apparel and gifts." -Nichole McCormick, Freshman

However, All That JAS offers plenty of gift ideas and custom shirts for family, friends, and yourself that do not participate in greek life as well.  Customizing apparel and accessories is a quick and easy process.  They email you when your order is ready.  The shop also takes orders online and over the phone from all over the country. Selling only genuinely Greek Licensed Products, it has made quite a reliable name for itself in Elon, North Carolina. It should also be noted that every year, its presence in the Elon community becomes more pronounced.        

*Come check it out at 108 N. Williamson Elon, North Carolina!

Taken by Juliette MacRostie             

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