Burlington Police Department

The Burlington Police Department
267 W. Front Street 
Burlington, NC 27215 
Phone: (336) 229-3503 
Fax: (336) 229-3146 

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Image courtesy of the Burlington Township Police Department


                                                                                                                               Image Courtesy of Tim Brabandt

Quick Information:

The Burlington Police Department is located in Burlington, North Carolina in the United States of America. One of the best ways to learn about the Burlington Police Department is to visit their website. The Burlington Police Department has a reputation for respect when dealing with citizens. They express this in their Mission Statement, "Policing With a Purpose," and their code of ethics. Most of the information listed is directly from the Burlington Police Department Website. Their Mission Statement is listed below:

Mission Statement: 

"The Burlington Police Department is committed to improving the quality of life, in partnership with our community, through fair and professional police services.”

We value and recognize the importance of our employees and their contributions.

We take pride in the dedication, loyalty, integrity, professionalism, and leadership of our employees. 

We are committed to providing each employee the necessary training, resources, and opportunities for them to achieve their full potential. 

We value and recognize the importance of all members of our diverse community, and their contributions and concerns. 

We respect the rights, liberties, and dignity of all; serving with compassion, respect, and courtesy. 

We believe that citizen involvement is crucial to improving the quality of life in our community. 

We recognize the value and importance of professionalism, planning, teamwork, and integrity in providing quality police services. 

We continuously seek to improve our ability to provide public safety through proactive crime prevention and community policing strategies, use of technology, and compliance with standards established by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies."

(The Above Information Was Taken Directly From the Burlington Police Department's Website)

Policing with a Purpose:

  • Nurture and Protect Democracy

  • Ensure Justice and Fundamental Fairness

  • Spirit of Service

  • Protect of Service

  • Protect the Community from Harm

  • Treat all individuals with Dignity and Respect the ethical foundation of policing

(The Above Information Was Taken Directly From the Burlington Police Department's Website)

Interested In Becoming an Officer?

Here Are Some Requirements to Join:

  • Applicant is at least 20 years old and possesses a valid driver's license; 
  • Has completed education up to at least a high school diploma, GED, or other qualified certification;
  • Possesses the minimum required standard of both vision and hearing, or is corrected to possess such; 
  • Adequate physical condition and ability to pass regular fitness assessments;
  • Has good moral character and is willing to be subjected to a background test;
  • After employment, must have ability to be a resident of department's jurisdiction.

(The Above Information Was Taken Directly From the Burlington Police Department's Website)

How to Contact Some Different Organizations That Are Part Of and Affiliated with The Burlington Police Department:

Burlington Police Department    
      Emergency   911
      Dispatch (Non-emergency)  336-229-3500
      Information Specialist (M-F 8a-6p)  336-229-3503
      Warrant or Subpoena Service       336-229-3503 or 336-229-3520
      Detectives     336-229-3530
Alamance County Sheriff’s Office  336-570-6311
      Jail   336-570-6317
      Handgun Permit(s)   336-570-6388
      Concealed Carry Permit(s)      336-570-6388
 North Carolina State Highway Patrol  
      Dispatch    1-800-445-8621
Alamance County Office     336-570-6809
North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles  
      Drivers Licenses Section   336-570-6811
      Vehicle Registration  336-228-7152
Clerk of Superior Court (Alamance County)  336-570-5200
Alamance County Central Communications (C-Com)  336-570-6777
Probation and Parole Office  336-570-6840 or 336-570-6847
Magistrates Office  
      Burlington Office  336-229-3508 (Press 1)
      Graham Office  336-570-5219
District Attorney Office   336-570-5210
Worthless Check Program  336-570-5210

(The Above Information Was Taken Directly From the Burlington Police Department's Website)


Image of Burlington Police Department Headquarters at 267 West Front Street Burlington, North Carolina.

Image Courtesy of Tim Brabandt 

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The Burlington Police Department also has an employee recognition program. Last month P01 Matthew Stone and Officers L. Brown and D. Sartwell were nominated for their actions of intelligence and heroism. To read more about this please follow this link.