Cedarock Historical Farm: Still Standing

The original farmhouse today  


4242 R Dean Coleman Road

Burlington, NC 27215

(336) 570- 6769

            While out and about in Burlington, North Carolina, one can easily visit the nearby Cedarock Historical Farm. The Cedarock farm is a clear example of what life was like in 19th century North Carolina, with a large farm house and large amounts of farming supplies. The significance surrounding the farm rests within its history.  John and Polly Garrett were the owners of the farm in 1830. Both had large families that were residents of Alamance County; and once they got married, they built themselves a farm house. The log cabin is one of the oldest buildings standing in the area, and is definitely a sight worth seeing.  In 1835, the second story was added to the house, and this is where Polly, John and their four kids resided. Their kids' names were David, Henry, George and Sophie. Interestingly enough, the family owned five slaves who made up a family of their own. Although the family were slaveowners, they had very few laborers considering the time period.  ​Paul Garett did most of the work to produce wheat, corn, oats and potatoes.  ​The land surrounding the house, which is all still savored to this day, is overall around 115 acres.  After the American Civil War, the value of the Cedarock property decreased from its original worth of $1,150.  Due to its current worth and state of the farm, it is still important today and has been preserved.

            To preserve the historical value of the lasting estate, volunteers regularly help with the farm's upkeeping. Because it is a farm, and it has valuable merit to our local community, it is very important that volunteers are available to help out. Cedarock Historical Farm hopes to attract potential volunteers through the farm's history, the lessons that the farm has taught, and the rural skills that can be learned through volunteer work. The farm itself has a mission statement that reads, "preserving the farm, advocating for the farm, supporting the farm, and teaching about the farm".

            Because of the history of the farm, many local community events are held throughout the year to celebrate its presence.  Throughout the fall, the farm has open houses where demonstrations are held to show what farm life was like during the 1800s.  Every September there is a quilting event where members of the community come together to discuss their personal relationship with quilting. 

            If one is interested in volunteering at the farm, there are multiple positions available. Such positions include tour guide, public relations worker, researcher, vegetable garden maintainer, carpenter, painter and writer. Overall, a range of volunteers are needed to help preserve the history behind the farm. Therefore, it is important the farm finds helpful and dedicated people to maintain it. If interested, call 336-376-6871. If one is simply interested in seeing the beautiful farm and just wants a tour, call 336-570-6759 at Cedarock Park. Also, call the number above if interested in becoming a member or making a donation!​

Website used: http://www.alamance-nc.com/d/recreation-and-parks/parks-and-centers/cedarock-park/cedarock-historical-farm.html

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