World War II was a tiring time for America, but not just for the brave soldiers fighting the war, the civilians living on the home front were going through a rough time as well. Anyone who could had to work to support the war effort, and luxuries were virtually impossible to come by. Food, clothes, and gasoline were rationed, and families donated pots and pans to be used as scrap metal for military supplies. The Childrey House World War II Homefront Museum, located at 309 East Main St. Haw River, NC, pays homage to these dedicated civilians whose loyalty paid huge dividends in the war. Public viewing is allowed in five of the nine rooms in the Childrey House, each reminding visitors that the war was present in every aspect of life. Two blue stars were hung in the windows, which were displayed to represent members of the family fighting overseas, and the table in the living room held a newspaper that featured funeral announcements for fallen soldiers. The house allows all comers a glimpse into the life of a civilian during World War II and displays what a home of this time-period would look like. It is fascinating and an enjoyable experience for tourists and history buffs alike. Call (336) 578-0784 with any questions.