Taken By: Elizabeth Scott

Have you ever wanted to go to worship on Sunday morning, but have never known where to go? Throughout Alamance County, there are several churches of various denominations. The common belief throughout the south is that Southern Baptist and Baptist churches are the only churches that can be found; this could not be further from the truth as it is just as easy to find churches of other denominations as well. Since the town of Elon is not particularly large, the majority of the churches within the town are close to Elon University.

Some of the churches throughout Alamance County are First Baptist Church of Elon, Powerline Church- The Nazarene, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church, and Master’s Church. These are just some examples of the churches that can be found just about one mile from Elon University. From this list, the many different religions are obvious and there are a variety of churches to fit any belief. The south is known for having a strong religious foundation, so it would only make sense to have churches on every corner.

You can drive around Alamance County to find the church that feels right and represents your beliefs, or just walk up and down the streets because you will be sure to find one church that will work for you. Taking your time while choosing a Church is important because it is a very personal aspect of ones life, and there are many churches that could be just right, you just have to be patient.