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Mission Statement

"To serve customers the highest quality food in the least amount of time in a professional well run way, overall to be the best in the QSR business."


1989, Greensboro, NC

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 Cook-Out is a fast food franchise located throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Maryland. It is well-known for its tasty and homey food, which is especially good for a fast food take-out location, and its very competitive prices: people young and old love to eat at Cook-Out. It has become a staple for Elon Univeristy students in Alamance County to frequent. Whether in the mood for thick-as-ice cream milkshakes or trays of delicious combinations of flavors, Cook-Out is there for anyone to drive through and enjoy. It competes with other fast food restaurants, like Biscuitville, Chick-fil-A, and Skid's. There are also many local restaurants in the area.

History of Cook-Out:

Cook-Out Restaurant is a privately owned chain of fast food restaurants that originated in Greensboro, North Carolina, founded by Morris Reaves in 1989. The current CEO is Jeremy Reaves, Morris's son. There are 170 locations in throughout the South. Cook-Out is expanding to other states and is on the rise. It is the only fast food restaurant with a "double drive-thru." Cook-Out is also religiously based.


The Food:

The food consists of typical fast food options like hamburgers, chicken, barbecue, and hot dogs only using fresh and local ingredients unlike other fast good chains. It is cooked outdoors style, as its name implies. The prices are reasonable, ranging from a hot dog that costs $0.99 to a BBQ plate that is $3.99.

Cook-Out also sells Cook-Out Trays, boxes with a main dish, two sides and a drink. This allows for great versatility and many different options for every person.

Cook-Out Menu

The Milkshakes

Cookout has nearly 40 different flavors of milkshakes on the menu, featuring a variety of flavors and combinations. The options are endless. There is no doubt with one of their famous Cook-Out milkshakes that your sweet tooth will be cured! Visit their website for a complete list of Cook-Out shakes or stop by one of their locations to experience one yourself!


Fun Facts:

On the food packaging, there are a variety of religious phrases printed, such as “Good Bless America” and “John 3:16” on the cups, “God Bless the USA” and “Galatians 6:10” on the French fry bags, and “THANK YOU GOD FOR AMERICA” and “Psalms 119:165” on the bags.

Cook-Out in Burlington


Relationship with Elon University

Cook-Out is a favored dining spot among students at Elon University, due to it's proximity to campus, low prices, and late night hours. The restaurant sports numerous Elon stickers on both of it's drive through windows, but unfortunately for students, does not accept Phoenix Cash, the university's swipe card cash.


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