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El Centro de Español was first created by Elon University in 1998 as a co-curricular, non-credit bearing learning program. By visiting El Centro, students can immerse themselves in the rich Hispanic culture via one-on-one or group conversations with native speakers, or through the use of music, movies and resource materials for studying. El Centro offers a way to internationalize faculty, staff and students by teaching language and culture and development through conversational learning.

El Centro also functions as an excellent place for people who share an interest in learning about the Latino/Hispanic culture and improving their own language abilities. With a strong mission to educate about global diversity and specifically the Latino/Hispanic culture, the participants at El Centro plan and take part in cultural events to provide cultural education and interaction with the Elon University community.

Aside from the educational service that El Centro provides, it has also become a "Latino International Center." The international Latino students and faculty often use it as a place to meet up and hang out. The comfortable, friendly and laid back atmosphere make El Centro a home away from home to many international students. Many friendships have been made there with both staff and other students through studying together, meeting for lunch, conversational classes or just hanging out and watching Spanish movies.

As the staff at El Centro strongly believe in the importance of a second language to achieve a diverse university community, they offer an open door and a very welcoming environment to all who share the same interest. El Centro also encourages participants to get involve in community service that related to Spanish language learning and Hispanic culture understanding.

The setting of El Centro allows participants to experience authentic Hispanic/Latino culture. Right after you walk in, there are comfortable sofas that truly makes you feel at home. Television at El centro is always on with varieties of Spanish TV shows that are being showed. In this place, no matter how well you speak Spanish, people are always welcome to come. The Spanish speaking countries’ flags are one of the most noticeable decorations in this space. El Centro makes you feel like you are a part of the community regardless of your race, cultural background or fluency of Spanish.

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