Elon Local News


Elon Local News (also known as ELN) is a student run organization at Elon University. Formerly known as Phoenix14News, ELN "is the nation’s hottest college newscast. Original ideas are pursued each week and live action broadcasts bring you stories that matter." The professionalism brought by the news team at ELN is why it is one of the premier reporting organizations on Elon's campus and also why in 2011, Elon Local News won a College Emmy for Best News Boadcast.


Elon Local News is run out of the studios inside the McEwen School of Communications building. The Elon School of Communications is one of 18 accredited communications programs for private universities in the US by the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Media


Elon Local News offers 4 different television programs that students of all types get involved with. Normally the majors involved in Elon Local News are: Journalism, Broadcast & New Media, Cinema, Strategic Communications, Communication Science and Sport & Event Management. These four stations are ELN, ELN Morning, ELN Radio, and elonlocalnews.com Exclusive.




Students on air

ELN is the biggest production of Elon Local News. It produces a 30 minute news broadcast that airs live at 6 pm ET every Monday on ESTV Ch.5. Their coverage covers all of the most recent and important topics on Elon's campus, as well as in the surrounding area of Burlington and Alamance County. The anchors for ELN are maintained for the fall and spring semester; They're chosen by auditioning on tape and then the tape is sent to a news director with no affiliation to the program and they chose the two best candidates. Other than the news anchors, the other positions that are permanent are the News Director, Senior Executive Producer, Assignment Manager, and Sports Producer. Those are the only permanent positions at ELN while the other students involved switch positions from week to week.


ELN won a College Emmy in 2011 for Best Broadcasting which is a tremendous honor. They organization has also been recognized on several other levels: 

  • 2005, recognition at the 20th annual Aegis Awards
  • 2006, 27th annual Telly Award
  • 2007, Radio-Television News Directors Association of the Carolinas (RTNDAC) Award for "Best Student Television Newscast".
  • 2008, Radio-Television News Directors Association of the Carolinas (RTNDAC) 1st place award for Best Student Sportcast and 2nd place award for Best Student News Story
  • 2008, 29th annual Telly Awards.
  • 2008, Broadcasting Education Association, 3rd place for TV Newscast.
  • 2009, Broadcasting Education Association, #1 College Newscast in the Nation, and Best of Festival.

The Studio where ELN is televised 


The organization has been overseen by Professor Rich Landesberg for the past 7 years. He attributes the success of ELN to "great student leadership who take their jobs very seriously, and the take ELN as a pre-professional experience and use professional ethics." Elon Local News also has an in depth sports program which covers all of Elon's athletic results. This segment is covered in the final 5 minutes of every episode which highlights the games that have occurred in the past week and also those games to look ahead to in the upcoming weeks. ELN has also sent students to cover national events such as the Democratic National Convention and other important topics in the surrounding area. All of their programs are available to watch online at http://elonlocalnews.com/eln/.


Looking forward into ELN's future, Professor Landesberg says"the ideas going forward are really generated by the students, they own it, and have pride in it. The future may bring a Spanish channel, weekly morning shows, extended coverage with more frequent newscasts and definitely more specials."  To the better Burlington and Alamance county, Professor Landesberg wants to let it known that "Burlington and Alamance county are under served by local media. We are good with print, but not with broadcast and part of the future of ELN is that we get more coverage into Burlington and Alamance county and provide better service for our local community." 


ELN has had several students intern at high end broadcasting stations such as 60 Minutes, NBC News London, Sunday Morning in New York, CNBC, and a multitude of others. 


Follow ELN on Twitter at: @ElonLoclNewas.


ELN Morning

ELN Morning is Elon's first ever morning show and airs every Tuesday at 9:50 am on ESTV Ch.5. It "combines hard news, entertainment, weather, sports, cooking and more into a face-paced and informative morning news program". This program airs live at the same time as College Coffee, with a reporter at the Elon tradition explaining what is happening and also interviewing students and professors alike. This is the first year ELN Morning has aired and to try and increase their audience, they are constantly attempting new specials that try to "combine student journalists’ interests with information worthy of bringing our audience."


Follow ELN Morning on Twitter at: @ELNMorning.


ELN Radio

The mission statement for ELN Radio is "Broadcast. Connect. Establish."

ELN Radio is a radio news broadcast that airs for a half hour every Wednesday at 6 pm on WSOE 89.3 FM. The goal for ELN Radio is to "update Elon University and the local area on relevant facts, news, entertainment and commentary while maintaining the outstanding standards of its parent organization." ELN Radio is run by a partnership between Elon Local News and WSOE, The Only Alternative. ELN Radio broadcasts meaningful and relevant information to Elon University and the surrounding community through a number of multimedia platforms. ELN Radio consists of a Leadership team which is under control by the executives of Elon Local News and WSOE.


ELN Radio employs resources from both Elon Local News and WSOE. The talent is integrated into the ELN newsroom in order to "to utilize the help of reporters, producers and more to collaborate on story ideas and to create strong content" The WSOE and talent then go on air to broadcast quality content on radio and also contribute to the show's content. The content of the show includes: daily headlines, current events, campus news, local and national news, sports news, weather, and commentary on current topics. 


Follow ELN Radio on Twitter at: @ELNRadio.


Elonlocalnews.com Exclusive

Elonlocalnews.com Exclusive is an online show every Thursday that runs for 10 minutes. This show is a pre-recorded show in which students are able to get a feel for being in front of the camera for the first time, and also lets ELN get out on air again with updates that have happened since their show on Monday. All episodes of the online show are available to watch on http://elonlocalnews.com/exclusive/