Town of Elon Police car.                                             (Image courtesy of


Mission Statement

“The members of the Elon Police Department conscientiously strive to become a more professional, efficient, and innovative law enforcement agency. We are committed to providing our Community with the highest caliber of police services and are dedicated to setting the standards of excellence.”


         The Town of Elon Police Department is in charge of various facilities in Elon, N.C. that can be reserved for special events. Such facilities include the Picnic Pavilion, Picnic Shelter, Heritage Place Community Center, and Gazebo. These places can be perfect for anything from family picnics to wedding ceremonies. The rental fees vary depending on the specific venue.


         Because Elon is such a small town, the Elon Police Department makes every effort to keep it a tight-knit community. One way the Department accomplishes this task is by hosting events – specifically for families with younger children. For example, the Elon Police Department is holding a Halloween event on October 27th in Beth Schmidt Park. The event is geared toward young families, as the night will feature a movie, ghost stories, haunted trail walks, and a campfire. Families are invited to stay overnight in tents and sleeping bags for the true pre-Halloween experience. Events such as this one are part of the Elon Police Department’s sincere effort to preserve the wonderful vibe throughout the Elon community.