Hillel is the Jewish community on many college campuses, including Elon University.  Elon Hillel is a resource for Jews on campus to allow students to make connections, friendships, and receive support.  Hillel builds a dynamic and exciting community on Elon’s campus.   The Jewish community is very dynamic and growing.  There are currently about 120 new Jewish students who are now freshmen at Elon University.  


Within Elon Hillel, there is a board of 18 students who work to make Hillel an active, welcoming, and wonderful community. The president is Melissa Kansky, the vice president is Emily Cable, and the treasurer is Garret Mann.  Millie Rosen is the social programing chair and Rachel Stanley is the immediate past-president.  Kimberly Gersh is the general programing chair, Caitlin Byrne is the holiday chair, and Ilana Israel is the social media manager.  Mason Sklut is the public relations chair, Kyla Sokoll-Ward is the social action coordinator and Shoshana Trager is the Jewish religion and spiritual life chair. They also have engagement interns who seek new students to join the organization. The interns host many events for first year students to attend and socialize and its a great way to meet Jewish students on and off campus. 


Elon Hillel offers numerous exciting opportunities such as spring break trips, birthright trips to Israel, internships, and much more.  Every year many Jewish Elon students travel to Israel on birthright as a group.  Spencer Kaplan is in charge of birthright trips as well as Israel Outreach. In order to learn more about the Taglit-Birthright Israel trip, contact Ginny Vellani. Her email address is gvellani@elon.edu. Hillel also offers a number of alternate spring break trips in which students participate in community service and creative learning programs.  In the spring of 2012, Hillel offered a trip to Nicaragua where students engaged in hands on community service work.  In the winter term of 2013, Hillel is going to West Palm Beach, Florida to work with Habitat for Humanity.  In addition to travel, Hillel offers many opportunities in regards to internships, jobs and study programs.  For example, Machon Kaplan offers a Justice Policy Work/Study Internship at the Religious Action center of the Reform movement, which is a six week program in Washington D.C. geared for students invested in Judaism and social justice.  Additional job and internship opportunities can be found by following the following links:

 www.jewishjobs.com,  http://www.hillelatbinghamton.org/index.php?submenu=jobsandinternships&src=gendocs&ref=jobsandinternships&category=JobsandLinks



Additionally, Elon Hillel gives students a place to gather and celebrate Jewish Holidays and traditions.  Diana Abrahams is the Shabbat coordinator and AJ Kesseler is the Shabbat dinner coordinator.  Every Friday, Hillel hosts a Kabbalat Shabbat program.  Other very popular activities are bagel brunches, Hannukkah Party, Lunch ‘n Learn programs, Jewish- Christian dialogues, Passover seder and meals, building the sukkah, Purim, and Yom HaShoah programs.  Every Sunday Hillel hosts a bagel brunch welcome to all students in the Mosely center.  The bagel brunch coordinator is Carter Kozak.  A major aspect of Elon Hillel is that they gather for all the major Jewish holidays, thus giving Jewish students a welcoming place to come together in worship and celebration.  As a result, being apart of the Hillel community on Elon University campus makes being away from home for the holidays easier.  Services on the High Holy Days are free and open to the community.  There are a number of services held mainly in the Whitley Auditorium.  Hillel also hosts unique programs during the High Holy Days such as Yom Kippur Yoga and Reflection, held by Ginny Vellani.  On Passover, Hillel hosts two seders, a lunch, and dinner. This shows just how accommodating the center is for religious students. Every holiday is covered and you can get accommodation to miss class for important holidays such and Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah


Currently, a Hillel house is being built across the street from the tennis courts and is scheduled to open January, 2013.   Below, is a picture of what will be the new Hillel house as of January, 2013.


In order to donate to the Hillel community at Elon University, click on the following link: http://www.elon.edu/e-web/students/hillel/DONATE.xhtml. This page explains current needs and thanks donators for their generous contributions. 

Elon Hillel is a great place for any student to go to. If you are into the Jewish aspect that is always available, however, Hillel is also a great place to go socialize and especially study. There are numerous rooms in the building that are secluded and a great quiet place to study.

Elon also has complimentary washers and dryers for any with swipe access to the building which is easy to sign up for. 

The Hillel center also hosts a great bagel brunch every sunday. There is complimentary bagels, lox, and fruit for everyone as well as beverages. All you have to go is show up and you don't have to be Jewish you just have to be with someone affiliated with Hillel. You should always bring as many people as you can because the food is plenty and its a shame when it goes to waste. 

The center is completely kosher so if you keep kosher you can always eat there. The fridge is always stocked with food and students affiliated with the organization are encourage to eat it.