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Festivus is an Elon student festival, which takes place in late April every year. Established in 2003, Festivus takes place at the Sheridan apartments.

The Sheridan Apartments (Courtesy of Beau Scheier)


A large lawn at the complex is covered with tarp, and then drenched in water. This combination of lawn and water creates an extremely muddy environment. Students of the university flood this space and play in the mud pit- wrestling and sliding about.





A North Carolina style BBQ'd pig is cooked each year at Festivus. This is also free, and is paid for with donations from the past 12 months.


Beer is available for Festivus attendees above 21. The beer is free, and approximately 24 kegs are used each year.

Mud Pit

The mud pit is located in the same field each year. It is regularly hydrated and maintained by members of the Festivus team.

Pre-festivus mud pit (Courtesy of Beau Scheier)



Festivus is organized each year by the Festivus Committee.

According to The Bro Bible:

 “The party began nine years ago. Its name naturally stems from George Costanza’s famous telling of “The Story of Festivus” on Seinfeld...Festivus was so named because the motto, “a Festivus for the rest of us,” reflected what the Founders (who were described to me in a way that requires a capital “F”) wanted out of a party. These Founders were non-affiliated Elon bros, and they wanted to create a full-blown campus-wide Event, open to literally any student, Greek or not. This Event would take donations throughout the year for the beer and the pig, and one of the main attractions would be mud wrestling"  (


Harris Fishman, Personal Communication, October 8, 2013