420 E. West Ave, Burlington NC

Monday: 1-6

Tuesday: 12-6

Wednesday: 11-6

Thursday : 12-6

Friday: 11-7

Saturday: 11-5

Sunday: Closed

Mariam Cain
Payment Method

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover

Price Range:  10 cents- $900

Wheelchair accessibility
There are no ramps to get into the store, and the store is relatively small and narrow.


            When first seeing this place from the outside it seems as if it is just a small convenience store.  It looks like a small party store that would have a variety of items.  As you get closer to the door, however, you realize that there are pictures of prom and wedding dresses all over the door.  This makes you realize that this is no ordinary party store.

            At the front of the store they sell your average convenience store items, like gum.  As you move farther back into the store, the type of items sold changes drastically.  The items change from little trinkets to huge prom dresses.  As you move even farther back, this changes again to wedding dresses.  There is a fairly large selection of dresses for such a small store.

            The variety of items sold at this store is the reason for the large price range.  The gum at the front of the store can be as cheap as just 10 cents.  But the wedding dresses that are found at the back of the store can be up to $900.  This may seem a bit strange, but it leaves this store convenient for a large amount of desires.

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